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Hey my name is Taylor & im 23. I recently had my divorce finalized after being separated for almost a year. What lead to the divorce was I found out my husband was cheating on me. His reasoning was he was sexually attracted to bigger women. Although I've been a thicker girl my whole life who tried dieting, it never worked because I LOVE FOOD! I decided to not only get revenge but to also stop stressing about my calorie/carb intake and start eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted all the time and started to gain weight and realized I am sooo much sexier being a BBW! I'm now happier, less stressed, my titties have become plump and luscious, I am starting to slowly get an ass, my thighs are thicker and sexier and best revenge yet is my pussy is fatter, warmer and juicier. 😛💦 My husband tried getting back with me after seeing about a 50 pound weight gain and I walked away confident as hell! I have found so much comfort and motivation on this site and am so glad I am able to share my sexy, growing body with you all. I haven't been very active but I am making it a priority to post videos or pictures EVERYDAY! I am also excited for the holidays as there will be lots of yummy food to help me continue my weight gain journey, and also make videos more fun and themed! Hope you all enjoy!


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Is there any video or picture requests from yea?

ALSO... Don't forget to check out my most recent video or picture set.! They are soooo HAWT. 



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