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Best Served Wet

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Phew, that was a long chapter. The final part of this chapter will be done within a day or two, I hope.

Now, once I finish this story, I wonder which of the following concepts people might be interested in as a story for 2020?

1. Gluttony Girl: a young succubus is conjured to New York by one of the last survivors of the great Mage War. He hope to use her gluttony to foil an evil cult's plans to conquer the Earth. But first, she will need to be trained up.

2. Tales from Fateros: In the game of fatties, you win or you burst. (Has anyone written this as a story, yet - apart from the obvious answer).

3. Joshua Whale in: The Fattening Fifties

4. Donuts and Duchesses, continued.

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Wow! So many possibilities for your current story! How does Tina react to her humiliation? What happens to Chloe? Now that Tina's not able to be the captain anymore, are her appetites totally and wonderfully out of control? Does Tina go back to her friends earlier in the story and indulge, to drown her sorrows? I've noticed that no one has put on a swimsuit lately... The competition may be the first ever where both contestants have to be fished out of the water because they're so out of shape... Can't wait to see what happens next...

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Hi all. Thanks for your replies! I'll reply to them later. First, here is the conclusion of Chapter 10!


Chapter 10: Floatation Devices (part 6/6)


Two hours later. Near midnight.


Urrp!” Someone belched.

It must have been one of the three disgustingly-stuffed blondes. Francesca Serviss sneered inwardly, and indulged herself in the sixteenth and final slice of the rather delicious blueberry cheesecake she'd been working through. After finishing the slice in three bites, she patted her trim tummy contentedly. Fran was enormously gratified to note the evening's enormous binge had taken no toll whatsoever on the exquisite tautness of her body.

The vapid Katie Kane, by contrast, was slumped with her Supergirl skirt draped unflatteringly over her gravid, bulging gut. She was groaning with very serious discomfort. And she looked seven months pregnant, after polishing off half the stack of ten empty cheesecake boxes lying nearest to her. Francesca was both elated and appalled to see a teardrop roll down the peroxide blonde's cheek. Apparently the dumb bimbo had stuffed herself so stupid that she was crying over the painful consequences of her gluttony!

Katie Kane kept writhing on the sofa. One moment, she was arching her back and lying over the armrest, trying to push out her distended tummy far enough to achieve a little relief for her overfed guts. The next, she was snuggling her face into the grotesquely-oversized boobs of her irritating companion, Chloe Southern.

Francesca was pleased to see how stuffed Chloe Southern had grown during their evening's post-auction cheesecake binge, to which Francesca had contrived to lure the two girls she hated the most. Some idiot English girl had tagged along with them as well. Fran fervently hoped that the twenty-thousand-plus calorie binge she'd arranged for Chloe Southern would do some damage to the Californian hottie's impressive fitness. In fact, Fran was desperate for quick results in that regard! She'd been genuinely shocked, as well as disgusted, at witnessing the depths of Tina Reilley's descent into flabby-bodied feebleness. And it was absolutely imperative for Tina to triumph over the irksome honey blonde in the summer swimming time trials: the college's very financial survival depended upon it!

Of course, the sight of Tina's newly-fat ass had held a silver lining for Fran: she'd been rather delighted at the reminder of just how impressive her own athletic longevity had been! After all, Fran had retained the fitness of a competitive swimmer into her late twenties, and the fact Tina Reilley had allowed her body to go to utter ruin so much sooner provided a welcome reminder to Francesca of her own glorious athletic prowess. Not that Fran needed a reminder: the gloriousness of her physique was amply attested by her record-breaking price-tag at the Valentine's hottie auction!

The vial of expensive Fitness Essence that had recently been delivered to Professor Serviss by the apothecary, Anneka Anville, might have contributed something towards the present glory of Fran's athletic figure. But not much, as far as Francesca was concerned! She would have conceded that she'd grown rather puffy after the Christmas holidays, and that the potion had helped to relieve her water-retention problem and the smidgeon of associated bloating from which she had been suffering. But Fran would have denied the potion had magicked away a hundred pounds of stretch-marked blubber. And she would have totally denied that her present, flawless complexion and perfect skin were in any way an improvement over the good looks she'd naturally retained into her forties.

Fran considered her recent – and now reversed – weight gain to be a minor, temporary swelling caused by her fundraising responsibilities. Her role as the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Endowments had required Fran to to attend a lot of fattening dinners, among which the Gainesburg Brasserie dinner with Katie Kane was the one of which she most hated reminders. The excruciating memory of that dinner was, in fact, the very reason Fran had arranged to invite Katie to tonight's cheesecake binge. Fran was hoping to see Katie eat until she became very sick, as karmic punishment for the way Fran had been forced to eat enormous puddings until her skirt burst wide open!

Annoyingly, the person suffering the most from the cheesecake binge was neither Katie Kane nor the irksome Chloe Southern. It was the posh English bimbo, named Tottie, who had stuffed herself stupid with sinfully delicious cheesecake despite claiming to be “slightly dairy intolerant.” If Fran had been dairy intolerant, she certainly wouldn't have been so stupid as to stuff herself with a whole 14-inch chocolate cheesecake, and then continue glutting herself on a slice her after slice of the multitude of different flavours offered by her companions, until she'd crammed down the equivalent of three entire cakes! Or perhaps even four. Tottie's disgusting and stupid binge had left her body in ruins! Her bare tummy was swollen like she was on her way to the delivery ward, as her gurgling guts struggled to deal with the dairy overload she'd stupidly ingested. Tottie was lucky that she'd drifted to sleep in her armchair, because if the noises coming from her belly were to be believed then she would otherwise be in utter agony!

The Emma Frost outfit was outrageously unflattering for a young woman in Tottie's bloated state. Only the halter-neck top was in any way suitable for her swollen body: it certainly showed off Tottie's tits to full effect. Fran didn't hate Tottie as much as the other two girls, although she disliked her posh accent, so she didn't mind crediting the English girl for having a very tidy bosom that was of reasonable proportions – i.e. not any larger than Fran's own. That had been the one downside of the Fitness Essence: Fran's immense, milfish bosom, which had grown huge over the last fifteen years thanks to her prosperous lifestyle and ample dietary intake, had slimmed down magically to a perky 36C. Which meant Fran was now outclassed by the busty Katie Kane, and ludicrously outgunned by the overgrown Chloe Southern.

Chloe Southern might be might bustier than Fran now was, but Fran was satisfied to see the blonde was also nicely stuffed. The blonde's stretchy white lycra bodysuit was accommodating a great deal of cheesecake. Unlike Katie and Tottie, however, Chloe didn't seem to be in any discomfort from the evening's consumption. It was as if the ex-swim-captain's metabolism was actually able to handle five whole cheesecakes... A fact that was exceedingly irksome to Francesca Serviss.

The Professor's main objective of the evening had been to push cheesecake onto Chloe until the blonde lost her self-control in the same way she had in her first semester... That would be ideal, for Fran's plans, because then not only would Chloe be less likely to regain enough fitness to beat Tina in the summer time trials, but additionally it might cause the blonde to suffer a social fall from grace. And Fran would very much like her most trying student to lose her popularity: it would serve her right for sitting around and being such a distraction for all the boys during Fran's lectures. None of them had listened to a word she had said this year!

Chloe burped contentedly. Her belly was swollen, but it was nothing like as bad as her friends. Chloe just looked a bit expanded, but she was fluffed up evenly from just below her tits down to her crotch and didn't seem at all uncomfortable.

Still hungry, Chloe?” Francesca inquired.

Hmm. Maybe... My boyfriend likes to feed me, and he's gotten my tummy used to being spoiled before bedtime. But this was a lot of cheesecake, Fran! I should probably take Katie and Tottie back to their rooms now.”

Fran scowled at the blonde's absurd concern for her friends. Was she too stupid to realise she was being offered free, delicious cheesecake? (And, indeed, free cheesecake for which Fran had paid handsomely – contrary to what she had told the trio of blondes, she hadn't left their pre-arranged binge to the random chance of being handed 24 big cheesecakes in a locked room by some dumb waiter.)

Nonsense, Chloe! Oof! Hiccup!”

Fran winced as a little sensation of discomfort rippled upwards from her tummy. Perhaps the cuirass hadn't been properly tailored.

Urp! Pardon me!” Fran said. “It would be a crime to let cheesecake this good go to waste, Chloe! Let's finish it off, then you can take your friends to bed.”

Well, I don't know!”

Chloe!” Fran snapped. “Look at these unopened boxes! We have four whole cheesecakes left – chocolate, strawberry, banana, and apricot – and we're not leaving this room until they're done! You aren't quitters over her in Gainesburg, are you? Because I can assure you you'd never get into Berkeley with an attitude like that!”

Well... I guess I could eat some more. I won't be able to eat for Beck later if I do, but I guess he'll love what it's doing to my belly.” Chloe replied.

Chloe patted her belly. She was imagining how much Beck would enjoy caressing it's cheesecake-packed bulge later... Hopefully not too much later – all the sugar and cream was making her horny.

Actually, Fran, where are you putting all this cake? I love your cuirass, but it must be tight as hell right now!”

Fran preened and patted her tummy.

Oh, well I hate to be immodest, Chloe, but if you ever get into as good shape as me, you'll find your body can soak up an awful lot of calories without any impact... And my fitness regime will deal with all of this tomorrow, no problem!”

Fran gestured dismissively at the ravaged, empty cheesecake boxes strewn around her soft chair. Chloe arched an eyebrow sceptically: they'd been eating multiple whole cheesecakes, and even the most cursory awareness of fitness and nutrition would be enough to know a girl couldn't exercise that off in a day... It could take Chloe a week, frankly, and she was way more muscular than Fran. Fran was about to repeat her ludicrously arrogant claim, but she was interrupted by a loud gurgle and a sensation of heaviness from her bowels.

Suddenly, Fran felt her cuirass tighten. It was shrinking from ass to tit, crushing her body within it's vice-like grip so she had to exhale suddenly.


Fran gasped. The burp had released the momentary pressure. She fanned her face with a paper plate. She was determined to ruin Chloe's diet as much as possible this evening, and if that meant cramming down some more dessert in spite of the discomfort from her poorly-made cuirass, so be it.

Cheesecake?” Fran offered a choice of boxes to Chloe.

Um. Sure...” Chloe replied. She picked the chocolate cheesecake box. Bah! Trust her to choose the most delicious for herself, Fran thought, taking the apricot one.

Fran reached into the 24-pack of beer that was resting by her chair. She'd coaxed Katie and Tottie to drink five each, but unfortunately Chloe had declined after her second beer and was not persuadable to drink more – she'd switched to water instead. Still, that left more for Fran to enjoy! Such a pity she was down to the last couple of bottles.

Chloe folded her long legs and sat cross-legged on the sofa, then shifted her red cape so she didn't get crumbs on it as she dug into her new box of cake. She'd also taken off her gloves, and kicked off her tight blue gogo boots to get more comfortable. Fran hid her disdain for the blonde's casual posture.

Fran finished her beer and opened another to wash down the second half of the 14-inch diameter apricot cheesecake: it was irresistibly creamy and delicious, and it began to slip down rapidly. It was just a shame there wasn't another---

Oof! Urp!” Fran belched.

The cuirass felt tighter around the Professor's bosom... One of its straps must have slipped tighter again, due to the poor tailoring! Still, Fran noted the result wasn't all bad. The tight leather around her bust was giving a very generous boost to her cleavage... It was bringing her almost up to the amount Katie Kane would have to offer if her Supergirl top was cut as low as possible!

Francesca found consuming the second half of the apricot cheesecake much more of a chore than the delicious first half. It was getting distinctly harder to cram down each mouthful, and there were awfully many to swallow to keep pace with Chloe... Of course, the tightening straps of the cuirass were to blame. And it was no help that Chloe had not been doing her share of consumption earlier in the evening: the chocolate one was Chloe's sixth cheesecake, whereas Fran was working diligently through her seventh! Fran resolved to give a lecture on work ethic in one of her upcoming classes – she would find a way to make Chloe Southern feel bad about making her companion shoulder an unequal share of the eating burden.

The strange thing was that – despite Anneka Anville's extremely clear verbal description of the Fitness Essence's very finite capability – Francesca was blithely washing down her seventh large cheesecake with her twelfth beer, and simultaneously thinking about giving a lecture in a few days time whilst wearing her Wonder Woman outfit...

It would be glorious, Fran daydreamed, to show off that it was she, the senior Professor of media studies and Deputy Vice Chancellor, who had so wowed the Spring Ball.

Anneka Anville would have been appalled by the self-indulgent Professor's bad memory. When Ms Anville had handed over her first vial of saleable Fitness Essence to Fran, she had clearly explained several things about the herbal tonic, which Francesca Serviss had almost completely ignored. First, the Essence was only to be taken as a single dose, and not more than once per month. Second, its miraculous slimming effect was expected to wear off overnight. Third, the elite physique produced by the Essence was not to be taken as an excuse to overindulge, because the tonic could only temporarily soak away fattening fare from its user's tummy. Not only would any excess consumption on Fran's part resume its natural position within her belly as the tonic wore off, the reappearance of all the food from an evening of gluttony could lead to extreme bloating and subsequent weight gain! Anneka Anville had patted her own hefty belly to emphasise the warning on this important point. Fourth, and finally, Anneka had told Fran not to mix the Fitness Essence with either the Pep Potion or the Lust Potion – strictly speaking, Anneka should have warned not to mix the Essence with any other product containing Pumpkine Spice, because the effects might be unpredictable; but since Anneka thought she was the only person selling the stuff she had paraphrased her instruction.

There were two unfortunate omissions in Anneka Anville's advice. The first was due to her limited knowledge of shadowy global food companies. She had known that her sister Agatha owned the family company, “Aunt Anville's Olde Pumpkine Spice Factory,” and that she sold her own, crude version of Pumpkine Spice to a big food company. But Anneka had assumed the spice was just sold in packets as a powder, as it had been when she was young. What Anneka didn't know was that Sarnath Foods was the buyer, and they had learned to enhance the addictive properties of the Pumpkine Spice by mixing it with highly refined sugars. She also didn't know they'd been augmenting their new line of cheesecakes with the resulting concoction, making their calorie-dense cakes irresistibly moreish with the aim of cornering the market for fattening junk food! If Anneka Anville had know that, she would have warned not to eat Sarnath Foods cheesecake in combination with her own herbal tonics – or, indeed, at all.

Anneka's second oversight was that she hadn't tested the Fitness Essence in a very rigorous way. She would have tested it at greater length, but Fran Serviss had been harassing her over the thousand dollars she'd paid in advance, and was threatening to talk to her lawyer if she didn't get her potion immediately. Under the circumstances, Anneka had finished her latest batch of the potion, and had been delighted when she confirmed its miraculous slimming effect lasted for several hours and that temporarily-banished weight then returned without any additional flab – provided the dose limit was observed. And that was about it. She'd inadvertently discovered the agonising bloating that resulted from gorging oneself while the Fitness Essence was in effect, because Anneka Anville had a sweet tooth and had taken full advantage of the dessert menu at the Gainesburg Brasserie during her test. Anyway, owing to the lack of testing, Anneka didn't know that the Fitness Essence's power could be burnt up in much less time than several hours if its effect was drawn upon too intensely. This could happen, to give a couple of examples, if a user depended too heavily on the tonic to sustain an enhanced level of athletic performance, or if they really glutted themselves stupid with something like half a dozen whole cheesecakes. The latter issue was the one Fran Serviss was managing to discover for herself.

Urp! Ohh! Urrrrp! That's better.” Francesca attempted to persuade herself, patting her bulging bust to encourage the gas out of her gurgling digestive system. “This beer's so gassy! OoooH!”



Chloe looked up from her banana cheesecake, which she was finishing.

You Okay, Fran?” Chloe asked.

Francesca didn't feel Okay. Her body felt she was bursting out of the too-tight cuirass. Her poor guts had really been made to suffer for that twelfth beer! How dare Chloe turn down her servings, and deviously compel Fran to guzzle them! Her cuirass just wasn't suitable for it.

You look kinda swollen up.” Chloe pointed out.

Urrrp!” Fran burped in between ripping out some farts. “Quite – Urp! – Fine, Chloe! This Strawberry cheesecake doesn't taste as delicious as the others... Urp! I --- Burp! --- Think I may save the rest for later. Urp! Urrrp! After all, I've eaten more than you, Chloe! That makes me the winner tonight! Again! Buuurrrp!

Fran gazed at Chloe's enviable body. Damn, it was totally unfair! The honey blonde beauty didn't seem uncomfortable at all in her scandalous lycra bodysuit. Whereas Fran's leather cuirass was agonising! And those long, powerful legs must give her quite the advantage in the pool. Also, Chloe's tits were miraculously buoyant, and the secret of how she'd got such a marvellously supportive bra into the outfit whilst simultaneously giving every impression that she was braless was... Infuriating!

It was after looking back from Chloe's crossed legs that Fran noticed the state of her own. Cellulite! No! There was a clear dimpling of cellulite marring her thighs! And there was more of her thighs that there should be, to boot! And, worse, her calves were bulging through the straps of her expensive leather sandals. Dammit!


You sure?”

Fran felt a little dizzy... It was probably...

Fran swooned back into her armchair.



Fran daydreamed. Well, in fact, it was a bit of a nightmare.

Francesca pictured herself in front of a mirror, earlier in the evening. She knew she was dreaming, because although she was wearing her favourite, luxurious black silk robe, her body was very fat. The display on her bathroom scales was reading an impossible number: 262 lbs! Goodness, her dream-body wasn't just disgustingly fat, but morbidly obese!

The robe slipped open, revealing an ugly sight: having not yet donned her bra, her hefty breasts hung like pendulous bags of suet, her nipples sagging almost to her belly button! And what a horror! Fran's belly was grotesquely fat! It even sagged over her pussy. The rest of her body was awful too – the rubbing, meaty thighs, the flabby arms, and the bloated face. But the belly was the worst!

In the next part of the dream, a little bottle of orange medicine appeared. Fran watched herself pour a generous spoonful into a champagne flute, and top it up with a little non-alcoholic fruit cordial. Swallowing the liquid produced a miracle!

Fran watched as her dream-self retired to her silken bed for a light snooze. When she stepped out with a yawn, a fabulous sight awaited her in the mirror!

Her body was perfect! Beyond perfect, in fact! Not even at her fittest had her abdominal muscles been so pristinely cut! And her high cheekbones, elegant face and perfect complexion were as excellent as they had been as a Freshman! Wonder Woman herself could have done no more justice to the spectacular size six outfit hanging in her walk-in closet.

How fabulous!

What elation!


Who is flicking water at my face?




Chloe Southern!” Francesca snapped!

The blonde looked sheepish as her fingertips dripped cold water back into her pint glass. She'd clearly been splashing it over Fran's face for fun. What impudence! Didn't the stupid blonde know she couldn't do that to an important Professor! Oh...

Ah. I mean, Chloe, what are you doing?” Fran asked in a less Professorial voice.

Oh, good, you've come around! I took off your belt and unpopped your cuirass straps – you looked like you were having problems breathing.”


Fran farted as soon as she finished her burp. The room smelled a little sulphurous. But... Her tummy did feel a bit less agonised. Perhaps, in the circumstances, thanks were in order.

Oh. Well, thanks.”

Fran gazed down at her swollen tum. Gods! She looked like she'd been stuffing her face with cheesecake for the whole night. Her taut dome of a belly must hold over ten pounds of cream! It certainly felt as if it did.


I think I'd better be off home.” Fran said. “You can clear up this stuff – or just leave it!”

Oh. Okay. I'll take Katie and Tottie back to their rooms.”

Buuurrrp! “You do that, Blondie!”

Fran staggered to her feet. Her legs felt weak. She stumbled a bit as she found her way to the door. Chloe didn't offer to help her: apparently she couldn't be bothered, even though she'd easily managed to lift Katie and the vastly bloated English girl, one with each arm.

Fran farted. It was a blessed relief her leather corset was hanging undone, or she would have suffocated for certain, so tightly stuffed was her gut. She huffed and sweated her way down the corridor. She turned into a side corridor just in time to avoid her worst embarrassment of the evening being noticed by the straggling drunk revellers on their ways to bed. Because, at that moment, she just looked like a drunk Wonder Woman who had stuffed herself stupid at a party. Whereas moments later she would be unrecognisable. It was fortunate, in a way, that she'd had enough of her cuirass straps undone that her outfit was able to flop off onto the floor, leaving her completely naked – if it hadn't, she would surely have asphyxiated from the dire process that was about to come!

Gainesburg College had a clock-tower. It began to chime midnight.


Francesca staggered against a wall. She clutched her belly. It was swelling! It was already so tight it felt fit to bust. Her taut dome of a belly inflated – first to the size of a volleyball, then to a balloon. Then it kept going! A beachball! Fran felt she must surely burst, and felt her bottom blast out gas at the same time as she burped so violently and constantly she felt sure she must pass out from lack of breath.

The bloating continued! It was agony, but somehow Fran's gut didn't burst. Her belly didn't escape unscathed, though. Angry, red stretch marks and lines raced up her sides, thickening from narrow grazes to inch-wide strips of wreckage – so many stretch marks anyone would think Fran had been through six big twin pregnancies, rather than just one.

Flab welled up from nowhere, at the same time. Fran winced as she saw the bulging rolls of fat reappear on her belly. Just as bad, she felt her thighs touch, and then the ghastly sensation of raw, rubbing flesh all the way down to her knees! Her calves were agony – the sandals!

There was an intermittent snapping, tearing sound. One of Fran's sandals burst open around the legs. The shoe flapped loose and later it fell off and was collected by an admirer who resolved to return it to the super-sexy Wonder Woman who had been wearing it at the Spring Ball.

In the corridor, leaning against the faded wallpaper and clutching a curtain for support, the surpassingly fat woman who was Professor Francesca took the place of the lithe Wonder Woman whose cuirass had flopped on the floor.

Her belly was in agony! She was immensely bloated, facing the consequences such an epic binge it would take a week to digest, assuming she didn't burst from constipation beforehand!

Fran farted repeatedly in the hope of relieving the agonising pressure in her guts. It didn't help much, but if she kept farting that hard all night long it might be enough to keep her from bursting.

Gone was Francesca's perfect physique, with a sixpack cut like diamonds. In its place, Francesca's gut had transformed back into a bloated bulge with the size and shape of a super-giant pumpkin!


* * *

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Fantastic chapter! 

Loved the imagery of Fran's return to form: snapping clothes and increasing stretch marks as she still denied being obese. Not a fan of farting so much, but it's not that distracting.

I'm guessing Tottie and Kate will have major rebounds. They were already barely holding onto their partial losses and two weeks of calories of magically addicting pure fat and sugar are going to send them shooting right back up, especially as they don't have any athletic  or social events to train for.

Chloe has possibilities. If her boob growth calorie soak spell is active still, this could give her truly enormous boobs, ones that would interfere with exercise. Or the magic in the cheese cake could interact badly with her muscles, causing laziness, rapid metabolic decline and muscle loss. 

And of course, Chloe's just seen evidence of some one else using magic. That could prod her to improve her own powers, necessitating fat gain.


Also theory: the fruit cocktail causes you to be oblivious to your own weight gain.

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Thanks for your comments! Here are some of my thoughts.


Loved the imagery of Fran's return to form: snapping clothes and increasing stretch marks as she still denied being obese. Not a fan of farting so much, but it's not that distracting.

Thanks! I have to say I think she deserves it. 


I'm guessing Tottie and Kate will have major rebounds. They were already barely holding onto their partial losses and two weeks of calories of magically addicting pure fat and sugar are going to send them shooting right back up, especially as they don't have any athletic  or social events to train for.

Seems very likely! Of course, Fran will be furious with Tina, and would likely send to a boot camp to train for the summer time trials - if the Professor wasn't simply too lazy to do anything beyond complain.


Chloe has possibilities. If her boob growth calorie soak spell is active still, this could give her truly enormous boobs, ones that would interfere with exercise. Or the magic in the cheese cake could interact badly with her muscles, causing laziness, rapid metabolic decline and muscle loss.

Mmm. I think you have a memorable Powergirl quote about "going up six cups sizes in a year" and Chloe has only gained five so far this semester, so she has scope to fill out some more before she can't squeeze into her white lycra bodysuit, which is her new favourite outfit. Fortunately, it's very stretchy. Finding an excuse to make Chloe super-busty, at the same time as and "despite" her being an elite swimmer, was one of the my most important goals in this story! She's still likely to be a world-class swimmer, even with huge boobs -- it's more that the extra drag might be the difference that means she doesn't win the Olympics (of which, hopefully, more in the future). That said, I'm wondering if the extra buoyancy might actually be useful in some way. I've been reading that bodyfat is something Olympic swimmers actually need for buoyancy, and it's not a problem for them to have some (hence why I like them so much).  

Chloe's actually highly resistant to the effects of Pumpkine Spice. Tina had to use loads of it to affect her. 


And of course, Chloe's just seen evidence of some one else using magic. That could prod her to improve her own powers, necessitating fat gain.

Hmm. I tried writing a version where Chloe explicitly used detect magic and learned that Fran (as well as the Sarnath Foods cheesecake) was radiating lurid alchemical magic (which was rapidly burning out, in Fran's case). But it didn't make sense to me for Chloe to think of casting the spell -- she's not especially smart, and she pretty much just thought Fran suddenly became bloated because of her gluttonous gorging. Some characters would have been smart enough to realise that was because of an enchantment wearing off. Amy would have been smart enough to think of using detect magic. Stacey would have been smart enough to trick Fran into revealing the truth without needing to use a spell. I don't think Chloe was, although she does think the situation was weird. With hindsight, she might think of checking for magical auras next time...


Also theory: the fruit cocktail causes you to be oblivious to your own weight gain.

Yep! Its mainly an appetite stimulant, but girls who are already quite vain become even more oblivious to their gluttony when they guzzle it. Fran, for example, is so spectacularly vain to begin with that it hardly makes any difference; Tina is pretty vain, and becomes much more careless about her calorie intake.  



Wow! So many possibilities for your current story! How does Tina react to her humiliation? What happens to Chloe? Now that Tina's not able to be the captain anymore, are her appetites totally and wonderfully out of control? Does Tina go back to her friends earlier in the story and indulge, to drown her sorrows? I've noticed that no one has put on a swimsuit lately... The competition may be the first ever where both contestants have to be fished out of the water because they're so out of shape... Can't wait to see what happens next...

Thanks! The Summer Time Trials, at which Gainesburg will compete against their arch-rivals, Largeville, will be coming up soon, so we shall see the chubbettes squeezed into their swimwear. Whether the obesity crisis caused by Sarnath Foods (not only in Gainesburg, but perhaps also in other sleepy college towns), will result in the event looking more like a pregnant bikini contest than a serious sporting competition, who can say? Tina hasn't lost the swim-team captaincy, by the way - she's too politically well-connected - she's just got fat because of her natural gluttony being enhanced by the fruit cocktail. The upshot of that is that the Dean will probably be obliged to put Chloe back as something like vice-captain, on the principle the college's team needs at least one girl who's actually good. And Chloe is actually really good -- she went to Gainesburg because they offered her more money than Seattle and a few other major universities (unlike most of the other girls in this story, she's not rich), and she likes the weather... and the cute boys, and the laid-back ambience. 


I'd vote for #1 if given the chance


Definitely 4. But I would also like to see 3. It sounds interesting


I want more of that Duchess.

Thanks! Well, I do want to write more Donuts and Duchesses... Staceline does not yet own even one Empire, and her boobs and ass could definitely bulk up... I'll have to await inspiration about some plot, as there's a lot of different threads that could happen. 

Gluttony Girl would turn out to involve a character from the conclusion of Best Served Wet, and I have a thought for a couple of chapters. And I'm convinced Joshua Whale just writes himself. Anyway, I guess everything depends on if I can still find time and ideas.

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Chapter 11: Flagging Figures (part 1)


A Tuesday afternoon, two weeks later


The monthly academics' meeting of Gainesburg College was held in the spacious Helena Gainesburg Salon. A portrait of Helena together with her husband, Samuel Gainesburg, hung dustily on the oak-panelled wall.

Professor Francesca Serviss popped a chocolate truffle between her lips and savoured its sweet richness. The opportunity to indulge in a platter of chocolate truffles and other handmade delicacies was usually the only highlight of academic meetings. Today, however, Francesca was enjoying not only her truffles, but also the lavish praise which the Vice Chancellor was heaping upon her! This was because the much-needed Joshua Whale donation was being officially revealed to Gainesburg's senior staff. And Fran was rightly basking in her peers' praise for her part in securing the ten million dollar legacy that would stabilise the college's finances.

Fran preened. She wore a luxurious new black dress, and its voluminous and flattering folds had plenty of stretch. The expensive new outfit allowed her to recline on her wooden chair without the fabric pulling on her swollen pumpkin of a belly. The antique chairs in the Salon were far too narrow and small for modern standards, and Fran found it very unpleasant to sit on one after a big lunch unless she wore something that allowed her to lie back and digest in comfort.

One person who was finding the meeting less enjoyable was Professor Pamela Fowler of the Anthropology department. “Fatty Fowler,” as Fran thought of the gerbil-cheeked, bespectacled brunette, looked very uncomfortable. That was partly because her tight, orange business dress was straining to accommodate the forty pounds of flab the anthropologist had packed on since buying it last year, but also because she she hated hearing about Fran's fundraising triumph. The new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jolyon Champagne, was effusively expressing his elation about the Joshua Whale Legacy – the first great success the college had secured following his bold investment in the Gainesburg Sports Programme.

Of course, Fatty Fowler picked at any teeny flaws she could find.

Jolyon Champagne finished his presentation with a flourish, and invited questions from the fifty-or-so Professors in attendance. Pamela Fowler raised her fat hand to ask one!

I say, Jolyon! Hearty congratulations to you are most certainly in order!” Said Pamela. She conspicuously didn't mention Fran.

Hear hear!” A few Professors exclaimed. Pamela continued.

I'm sure I speak for all our colleagues when I say how pleasing it is to see the Sports Scholarship Programme begin to pay dividends, exactly as you predicted in your inaugural speech as Vice-Chancellor! But I hope you won't mind if I address a couple of niggles in the terms of the Whale Legacy? You know I'm a discerning woman when it comes to details...”

Bah. Fran humphed. Fatty Fowler was no more discerning about contractual details than she was about her food. She must have spent ages scouring the legal document in order to find anything to moan about...

Oh, address away, Pamela!” Jolyon Champagne replied in his rich, sophisticated voice.

My first concern is at the renaming of the Aquatics Center. While it is, of course, appropriate to rename a College building to honour a major benefactor... Well, how can I put this?”

Howsoever you like, Pamela.” The Vice-Chancellor replied, raising a chuckle from his audience.

Professor Pamela Fowler decided to put it bluntly.

Don't you think The Whale Pool is a rather unflattering name for our beautiful new, Olympic-standard facility? Were I a hotshot young swimmer again, I hardly think I'd want to strap on my swimsuit and show off my stuff in a place called the Whale Pool! If we aren't careful, people might refer to our fine young athletic ladies and boys as Whales, and we can't have that!”

Hotshot young swimmer indeed! Francesca sneered. Pamela Fowler was 47 years old. The one time she'd raced against Fran, in Fran's freshman year at Berkeley, Fatty Fowler had lost badly, because she had grown very unfit due to extreme overindulgence and lack of training over the summer vacation. She'd quit competitive swimming immediately after.

Hmm.” Jolyon pondered. “I think you do have a good point there, Pamela! Perhaps...” Jolyon glanced at his secretary, who nodded back. “We will have an opportunity to discuss this tactfully with our esteemed Benefactor before anything is finalised. I'm certain he'll be amenable to an alternative phrasing: perhaps the Joshua T Whale Aquatics Center! I don't know why we didn't think of that earlier.”

Fran glowered. Joshua Whale had found the name The Whale Pool very drole, and she didn't fancy Jolyon's chances of persuading him to amend it.

Very good, Jolyon. Next, my second concern is that we are treating the Legacy as a fait accompli, whereas it is actually still contingent on future events!” Pamela sniffed.

Bah! Francesca muttered.

Fatty Fowler was referring to the race Joshua Whale had proposed to wager his legacy upon, in which Tina Reilley must triumph over Chloe Southern in order to secure the ten million dollar donation for the college. The race had been agreed over the well-lubricated lunch at Joshua Whale's ocean-front house. Tina's superior ability in the proposed 800 metre freestyle event, for which Joshua Whale had already commissioned a special trophy, had seemed a shoe-in at the time. Unfortunately, the following six weeks had turned out to be plenty of time for a lazy, gluttonous coed such as Tina Reilley to grow fat and unfit! Tina's disgusting overweightness at the Spring Ball had earned her a stern rebuke from Professor Serviss. The swim-captain had certainly not enjoyed that dressing-down, which took place a few days after the ball, once Fran had recovered from the severe tummy ache caused by Anneka Anville's badly-prepared Fitness Essence.

Fortunately, Fran had identified a solution to the Reilley problem. First of all, she'd chastised Tina severely. Then, Fran had dispatched a note to the Dean of Sport, explaining in confidence that the college's financial survival depended on his putting Tina Reilley on a strict remedial diet accompanied by an extremely intense regime of fitness training. Fran had smirked to herself at the thought of the plumped-up swim-captain having to spend hour after hour slogging away on the College's aerobics machines, without the merest crumb of tasty cheesecake to enjoy afterwards, as punishment for her reckless loss of self-control. Most likely, the Dean would get Tina back in shape in time to beat Chloe Southern. But, just in case, Fran had dreamt up an additional measure to guarantee Tina's victory in the Joshua Whale 800 Metre Freestyle.

Francesca had placed an order with Anneka Anville for a fresh vial of the Fitness Essence. If necessary – i.e. just in case Chloe Southern continued to exhibit the alarmingly excellent fitness she'd displayed at the Spring Ball, and Tina still sported a flabby gut – Francesca had resolved to give Tina a big dose of the Fitness Essence to ensure certain victory. It would obviously be cheating... But no-one would ever know! And Fran would be happy to pour a whole bottle of the stuff down Tina's throat, side-effects be damned, if it ensured a ten-million dollar donation – and humbled the irksome blonde to boot!

The Vice-Chancellor and Professor Fowler finished exchanging their opinions on the proposed race. They hadn't really said anything important. They'd agreed that simply asking or bribing Chloe Southern to throw the competition would probably be fraud on the College's part – and might well lose them the donation if Joshua Whale caught wind of them doing it. They'd also agreed that Chloe, whom they only knew from her starring role as the blonde super-hottie in the College's successful promotional photographs and related publicity events, was a serious competitor. The notion that the Whale Legacy depended on someone beating Chloe Southern in a race left the assembled College Professors in a state of unease. But the assembled Professors resolved to do nothing for now! Hopefully, Tina would win the race. If not, perhaps Joshua Whale could be cajoled into handing over the cash in any case...

The Vice-Chancellor came to the final matter on the afternoon's agenda.

Just before we finish, I have a second item of financial good news!” Jolyon Champagne announced.

The secretary handed the Vice-Chancellor a letter. Champagne cleared his throat.

We have been selected to take part in the Fitter Campuses Initiative!”

This news produced blank stares. The Vice-Chancellor realised he might have to explain what this meant. Disappointingly, his academic staff didn't seem to bother keeping up to date with government programmes.

The Fitter Campuses Initiative is a federal government programme!” Jolyon Champagne enthused.

As a successful career academic, Professor Jolyon Champagne adored big government programmes. The bigger the better, as far as he was concerned. He was irked that his colleagues failed to share his glee, and had not responded when he paused for applause. He harrumphed and continued to tell them more of his good news.

Which is being co-funded by a number of our nation's most forward-thinking and public-spirited mega-corporations!” Professor Champagne continued.

Mega-corporations were even better than the federal government, in the Vice-Chancellor's opinion. If the delightful fact of their involvement in a funding scheme didn't get the bovine Professors of Gainesburg College cheering him to the rafters, nothing would. He sighed inwardly, when they didn't.

The mission of the Fitter Campuses Initiative is to combat the rising tides of Obesity and Overweightness that are currently scourging our nation! I'm sure you are all aware of these problem from the national news networks and media! But now, thanks to our wonderful new Sports Center, which I have championed, Gainesburg has been selected to lead the nation in promoting healthy lifestyles and sporting activities!”

Selected by whom?” Someone asked out loud.

Oh. Hmm... By the steering committee of the Fitter Campuses Initiative. Does that answer your question, Humprey?”

Well, not really, Vice-Chancellor. What do they want us to do?” Inquired the same questioner.

Good question. In the remainder of this academic year, very little! This year, we simply have to put forward a few of our usual suspects to participate in some publicity photo-shoots for the Fitter Campuses Initiative – the same sort of thing we've done so successfully already, in our own college advertising. You know the sort of students they want: Chloe Southern, Katie Kane, Tiffany Thompson, Tina Reilley, that lot. All in a days work for them, thanks to our well-drafted sports scholarship contracts!”

Oh. So they just want to procure some cheap college hotties to put in their Facebook ads?” Humphrey asked bluntly.

Ahem! Perish the thought! We will be helping one of our nation's leading corporations to promote healthy lifestyles and sports throughout our great republic! Not just procuring hotties!” Jolyon responded hotly.


Yes, that's right! And, furthermore, we will be well compensated for participating in this admirable federal initiative! There is a budget of fifty thousand dollars per year from Washington...”

This didn't impress anyone. But the Vice-Chancellor had caught their attention with the word 'budget'.

... And, our local partner, Sarnath Foods, is sponsoring us with an additional budget of five million dollars over five years! To develop our fitness programmes and encourage public participation in sport, and that sort of stuff. And, just incidentally, they want Chloe Southern and co. to feature in a national network TV advert with one of their new brands of health food – Fittie Snax, I think it's called. That'll be in the summer vacation, and so the Aquatics Center will be available to feature in the national network television advert, and it will make a wonderful backdrop to the story about our prominent fitness initiative – and we will be delighted to offer its use to Sarnath Foods in recognition of their generous financial support.”

The assembled professors nodded in agreement. It didn't seem like any of them had been asked to do anything for the money – yet.

Five million dollars!” The Vice-Chancellor repeated, to encourage his staff to grasp the key point.

Five million dollars was indeed enough to impress the Gainesburg professors. They started to chatter happily. No doubt they were contemplating what they might do with their share. Finally! Jolyon thought.

Oh. There's just one more thing, before we finish.” Jolyon Champagne announced, now the Professors had bought into the idea of taking Sarnath Foods' money in return for some simple services.

As part of our new mission in promoting healthy lifestyles – as well as Fittie Snax, of course – to health-conscious consumers of all generations, and not just to the youth market, Sarnath Foods has asked us to nominate one or two academic staff to compete against our students in the summer time trials at our Aquatics Center. Their aim is to showcase how Fittie Snax are a delicious training aid for folks of all ages. And I do want volunteers, because this will provide excellent publicity for the College! Sarnath Foods are going to hire a film crew, who will livestream the event as part of their viral marketing strategy! All we have to provide is---”

Bikini-clad hotties.” The grumpy engineer, Humphrey, finished Jolyon Champagne's sentence for him.

--- All we are providing is the elite sporting spectacle of our summer time trials, Humphrey! At which, yes, our young ladies will indeed be present, wearing their official Gainesburg-branded swimwear. And our fine young men will be present as well, no doubt displaying their own talents as well as  showing their ample support for our very successful female sports scholars. Let's not forget our fine young men! And---”

They want some Professors to take part too? In sport? Against fit nineteen year olds? It'll be an embarrassment! And for a reality TV show?” Asked Humphrey.

Livestream.” Corrected Jolyon.

Francesca Serviss had listened to just about enough of the annoying Professor Humphrey. He was so negative! If only he had some imagination – or if he knew about the Fitness Essence in Fran's bathroom cabinet – he wouldn't be so gloomy at the prospect of a senior academic competing against the students in the pool. Indeed, Fran had no doubt she could beat some of today's flabby, undisciplined specimens without even needing the boost provided by Anneka Anville's magical tonic. But with the aid of the potion that had transformed her into a such a spectacular Wonder Woman at the Spring Ball, and helped her to win the Hottie Auction, Fran was certain the Sarnath Foods swimming competition presented her with an opportunity for great personal glory. As well as the chance to take Chloe and Katie down a peg or two!

Jolyon!” Francesca Serviss called out.

All eyes in the salon turned to regard the morbidly obese Professor of Media Studies, whose pleated black dress could disguise neither the enormous size of her gravid belly, nor the gurgles it had been producing as she'd ploughed her way through chocolate truffles for the past hour.

Yes, Francesca?”

I take it that Sarnath Foods will provide a budget, to allow any Professor who takes part in their competition to focus on her training for the next couple of months, in the run-up to the summer time trials?”

Yes, I'm sure they will, Francesca.”

Well. In that case, Jolyon, I accept their invitation to take part! It'll be my pleasure to give Chloe Southern and Katie Kane the kind of ass-whopping that only a true swimming champion can dish out!”

Across the room, Pamela Fowler rolled her eyes theatrically at Francesca's grotesque vanity.


* * *

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Right! I forgot to take my laptop with me for Christmas, so this is later than I'd intended, but anyway...


Chapter 11: Flagging Figures (part 2)


Three months later.

Two days until the Gainesburg College summer time trials.


Beautiful puffy clouds in a blue Florida sky provided a lovely backdrop for a bevy of exquisitely-coiffured hotties to pose in their red, racer-back bikinis.

The athletic blondes, and a red-head, paraded in front of an outdoor pool. They were carrying an assortment of bottled energy drinks, nutrient shakes, and individually-wrapped high-protein snacks. On command, they walked one-by-one with a seductive sway into the view of a video camera, delivered a few lines of advertising about their supposedly-favourite Fittie Snax product, and then dived into the pool.

Hi there! My name is Katie 'Sugar' Kane, and when I'm training in the pool twice a day, two hours at a time, Fittie Snax energy drinks give me the boost I need, when I need it!”

So said a peroxide blonde hottie, before holding up a bottle of lurid orange drink and smiling cheesily.

Heya! My name is Tiffany 'The Body' Thompson, and Fittie Snax choco-flavored nutrient shakes helped me win a modelling contract with a top London agency!”

So said a tall girl with a very English accent, before patting her muscular but well-rounded bottom. Beneath her two-pack abdominal muscles, her soft lower belly jiggled.

Hello. My name is Tina 'Fireball' Reilley, and Fittie Snax protein bars keep the girls on my swim-team in the tip-top condition I demand of them, so that we can win our competitions against any opposition!”

So said the red-head, pointedly making clear she was the team captain, and more important than the other two.

So, one more time, girls” Katie Kane said, swishing her peroxide blonde hair and giving a dazzling smile, “what's our favourite brand of sports food?”

Fittie Snax!”

Fittie Snax!”

Fittie Snax!”

A wind blew across the pool. The sudden chill on her wet skin made Katie's nipples go hard. She got the impression the cameraman was lingering on her all the longer because of it. Her Gainesburg-College branded red bikini, which was for promotional purposes and unsuitable for racing, left nothing to the imagination. It was fortunate, she supposed, that the Fittie Snax orange drink she'd sampled a few days ago had made her feel so sick she hadn't been able to eat much since, so that she was looking hot and slender.

And, cut!” Called out the man in a canvas director's chair.

The hotties relaxed.

The two blondes carrying bottles of energy drink threw them onto the lawn, and tried to forget the experience of pretending it tasted good.

Urgh! I can't believe you made me drink that stuff! It tastes like petrol!” Exclaimed the very English girl with blonde highlights in her cropped black hair. Then she spat a glob of orange goo onto the grass.

I know!” Concurred a petite blonde girl, whose swimsuit was emblazoned with the name Jasmin 'Genie' Jones, in addition to the Gainesburg College logo. “That stuff is foul! It gave me a migraine.”

The English girl nodded vigorously, aiming her criticism pointedly at the director.

Yeah! And I threw up so much after I ate one of their protein bars last week, I lost five pounds! And I'm supposed to be gaining! For my Galactic Models contract! Galactic Models is the new front-line plus agency in London, owned by Kordelia King herself, in case you didn't know. And Kordelia told me she wants my ass ten pounds fatter by next month! Giving me a dodgy protein bar that makes me sick is totally unacceptable! Ugh! And it's gonna take a gallon of very expensive icecream to get the taste of that energy drink out of my mouth!”

The director sighed, and snapped his fingers at someone in the distance.

In response to the finger-snapping, someone strode over to the set, and the Gainesburg girls' complaints mysteriously evaporated. Probably because the director's assistant, a buff young blond with movie-star good looks, was also a very serious hottie! So hot, in fact, that Gainesburg's slutty, bikini-clad sports scholars had spent the day competing not-so-subtly amongst themselves to be the most charming one who would receive the reward of taking him to bed.

It was a contest Katie Kane had decided to win, and, true to form, she was the girl who led the hot assistant away from the set to get coffee. They walked towards some partially-erected marquis tents, being set up to host guests at the upcoming summer time trials, where coffee was available.

As they walked and talked, Katie allowed herself to be mollified by the very handsome assistant, whose name was Chard.

I'm really sorry about the product, Katie. Apparently they're going to fix the flavor before the release date. That's what the company rep told us, anyway. But we're just film crew, so don't hold me to it!”

Oh, don't worry your head about it, Chard! I'm sure I'll have forgotten the taste by tomorrow.” Katie said.

Katie was about to suggest that a good way to help her forget the horrid taste of the energy drink would be for Chard to come for dinner at her place later, where she would cook Italian for him, but unfortunately he changed the topic before she could mention it.

Oh, Katie that reminds me. You're Chloe Southern's friend aren't you?”

Erm, yes.” Katie replied.

Chloe Southern had been conspicuously absent from the Fittie Snax photo shoot. She was supposed to be in Miami, at an Olympic qualifying competition. Chloe had been the only Gainesburg sports scholar who'd qualified for that particular, national-level event, and Katie had squealed with delight when her best friend had told her the news. Katie had been even more thrilled when Chloe had informed her, by text messages sent in between races, that she had easily qualified for a list of events too long for Katie to remember with any accuracy. Of course, qualifying times weren't enough to actually get onto the US squad – but, what the hell, they were awesome!

As a matter of fact, Katie also knew that Chloe had decided that she'd racked up all the qualifying times she'd targeted, so she was free to return from Miami a day early and celebrate with her boyfriend. Chloe's idea of a celebration was a night with no sleep and constant sex, and she'd got Katie to sneak Beck Bronte into her room without telling anyone else that she was back. Katie had her fingers crossed that Chloe would finish fucking Beck in time for him to recover before the time trials, which were now only two days away: he was Gainesburg's fastest male swimmer, and they were going to need him on top form if the college was going to beat the visiting Largeville team. On the plus side, at least Chloe was giving him some good cardio training.

Chloe's supposed to get back from Miami this afternoon. Do you happen to know when she's arriving?” Chard asked. “There's some time pressure on us, because we've got to get her through makeup and into a bikini in time to film her by the pool in the evening sunlight.”

Oh. How romantic!” Katie simpered at the cute assistant, and gave her tits a wobble to emphasise just how much she had to offer if it should happen that he felt like asking her to be romantic. Annoyingly, Chard didn't seem to notice.

Yes! It's the key part of our storyboard for the advert. If she can't do it, we'll need you to step in. If that's okay with you, Katie?” Chard said, in his serious, yet enticing voice.

Okay?” Katie mused.

Katie would be more than okay at having Chard film her in the golden evening sunlight, posing seductively in her skimpy bikini by the pool – or even, if he preferred, completely naked. Perhaps he'd like to have sex with her by the poolside, afterwards? Her mind wandered.

Katie? Would you be willing to step in for me, if Chloe doesn't get here in time.” Asked the cutie.



Oh, yes. Definitely!” Katie consented. 

Great! Thanks, Katie!”

But there's one thing.”

Uh. Sure. Shoot!”

If I do, you have to come for dinner at my place later. Italian. I'm a great cook! Look...”

Katie Kane shook her torso again and wobbled her tits from side to side. This time the cute assistant noticed her. Katie smirked to herself and licked her lips at the hard-on she saw forming in his shorts.

I didn't grow these by eating rabbit food.” Katie pointed out.


* *


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Chapter 11: Flagging Figures (part 3)


Shit! I'm late!”

An Amazonian blonde with arms like well-fed boa constrictors crashed out of the shower in the spacious bathroom of her boyfriend's house, and attempted to get her hair washed, conditioned, blow-dried and styled in five minutes. It should have been physically impossible.

Chloe Southern's hair was naturally a sunlit golden blonde, but endless exposure to chlorinated pool water meant she needed to use a lot of product to keep it that way. Shampoo and conditioner took long enough, but it was drying and brushing her shoulder-length hair that was the real time-sink. Fortunately for Chloe, she had help on hand.

Lartceps Srotivres.” Chloe snapped.

A half-dozen disembodied green hands materialised around Chloe's statuesque body. They whisked around the bathroom, picking up cosmetics, her hairdryer (which she'd bought for Beck's house after she'd discovered, to her horror, that he didn't own one) and hair brushes. It'd taken Chloe ages to train the magic floating critters to style her hair properly, but it'd been worth the trouble ten times over.

Probably, to be on the safe side, she should have locked the bathroom door. Chloe was pretty sure her Beck was out for the count. She'd fucked him senseless. And that was on top of the wrestling she'd added to their lovemaking sessions a month ago, as soon as she was confident she'd grown strong enough to outmatch her boyfriend. Knowing he needed to be fit for the time trials, Chloe hadn't squeezed him too hard today – her full strength could do some serious crushing damage, if she tried – but she'd certainly left him thoroughly drained.

Door.” Chloe pointed at the door, indicating she wanted her floating critters to secure it with the bolt.

One of the magic green hands whisked obediently over to the bathroom door, and helpfully opened it. Chloe's eyes widened in alarm: her boyfriend was snoring in his bed in the next room! Chloe's heart rate settled down once she was sure he hadn't noticed the cloud of supernatural servitors helping his girlfriend with her cosmetics. She really hadn't wanted to take the risk of him being awake and seeing her getting her hair styled by the weird conjured assistants. She much preferred letting him think she was the only girl in Florida who could fix up her hair with lightning speed, all on her own.

No!” Chloe hissed. “Shut it!”

The floating hand obligingly closed the bathroom door.

Good hand. Now lock it... Ouch!”

A different hand fussed with one of Chloe's combs. Apparently it still believed that tugging hard on a knot of hair was acceptable. Chloe glared at it, and the thing floated back apologetically.

Chloe grabbed her college-branded bikini top from the towel rack, and mentally prepared herself for a struggle. She'd neglected to re-order the top in her latest cup size, and squeezing into it might be a challenge.

She'd been good. Really good. Chloe sighed. Well: she'd been quite good.

Faced with the temptation of using breast-growth sorcery to mitigate the effects of being fed kilos of peanut butter and ice cream by her feeder boyfriend, during their epically fun sessions of sex and food, Chloe honestly didn't think any other girl in college could have resisted better than her. She'd really meant to stop at growing six cup sizes in the semester! After all, that was what her new favourite outfit – the Powergirl costume Katie had bought for her – was designed for. (Albeit, the costume had probably been cut with the expectation of its wearer using a push-up bra with an enormous amount of padding, rather than actually being a 40G cup.)

However... Chloe had discovered that breast growth sorcery seemed to leave a long residual dose of hormones in her body, and hence that if she didn't burn every single excess calorie in the gym the very next day after she ate it, her boobs would greedily soak up any survivors. The experience of her boobs growing a little huger every week, and the thrilling, sexy way she spilled ever further out of her capacious and low-cut tops, had also been a major disincentive for Chloe to insist on strict nutritional discipline when her boyfriend was stuffing her with chocolate cake and obviously enjoying the way she savoured every delicious swallow. Consequently, Chloe guessed she might have gone up a teeny bit more than one extra cup size, and conceivably as much as two more cup sizes. But it was hard to be sure exactly how much, because all her outfits, including the Powergirl one she wore out to parties and in private for Beck, were very stretchy or low-cut, or both. And she hardly ever wore a bra, since her breasts had a nice Amazonian buoyancy and she didn't need one, so she wasn't certain that a 40H was too tight for her. It was possible, though.

The good news from Chloe's perspective was that having humongous boobs didn't slow her down in the pool as much as she'd expected. She'd actually improved her times a lot over the semester. Weight training and her impressive muscle development were obviously a big part of that, but the surprising thing was that once she'd grown accustomed to her boobs' enormously enlarged bulk they were actually pretty helpful in the pool. They were, literally, big floatation devices, and Chloe had learned to modify her stroke pattern to take advantage of the way they made her float higher in the water, resulting in more time to breath. It had been tricky to work out how to take advantage of that in the butterfly, but the technically-challenging stroke was Chloe's speciality and it had been a point of pride for her to figure it out. She was – obviously – experiencing more drag too, but the girls she'd competed against in Miami had stopped sniggering when they realised their overgrown competitor was nonetheless a lot faster than they were. Actually, not all the girls had sniggered at her huge boobs: Chloe had caught up with an old friend from the California junior circuit, who hadn't laughed at all and had been eager to see them (and touch them) in the shower. Chloe had been happy to show her, although she'd been missing her boyfriend badly by that point.

The team in charge of Gainesburg College's sportswear department hadn't found Chloe's breast growth spurt at all funny. It had made a heap of work for them, ordering whole sets of gear in progressively larger bust sizes, and eventually having to put in custom orders for tailored swimsuits. Luckily for Chloe, racing swimsuits were not hard to get made in custom sizes for professional athletes, and the college's specially-branded sexy red bikinis “for promotional purposes” weren't her problem. In fact, the college's promotional swimsuits were so skimpily tailored that the College could not really complain they were having to outlay much money for extra material on Chloe's behalf. However, the stores woman still complained bitterly about having to get off her butt to put in a new order every few weeks.

Eventually, Chloe finished adjusting her bikini straps to her satisfaction. She'd barely squeezed herself into her top, and there were zero millimetres of extra give anywhere. Even so, the taut strings dug deeply into her ample boulders, and were sure to leave an uncomfortable mark if she wore it for more than an hour or so. At least she was perky enough that the non-supportiveness of the top wasn't an issue.

Chloe dematerialised her spectral assistants with a wave of her hand. Most of them had been trained to put things down once they were done fixing her hair. One of them had forgotten to put down a hair brush, but Chloe snatched it out of the air as it fell.

Feeling sufficiently washed, primped, and brushed to face the world, or even a television camera, Chloe walked past her sleeping boyfriend and headed out of his room.

Bleep bleep.

Oh.” Chloe collected her phone. She didn't have anywhere to put it, so she stuffed it between her boobs while she let herself out of the college house. She scooped it out and consulted her text messages once she was outside and walking through the warm afternoon sunshine.

There was a text from her best friend.

Hey Chloe! Please can you stay in bed with Beck for a couple more hours, and tell them you're stuck in traffic. It's really important for me! XXXXX Katie

Chloe glanced around. She hadn't gone far enough across college for anyone to notice her, yet. And, to be honest, she didn't give a shit about the Fittie Snax commercial – her scholarship terms obliged her to take part, but she felt like her gold medals from Miami represented more than enough work for the college on her part. And, to be even more honest, although she'd been in bed with Beck for a night and a morning, she still felt like she had a lot more affection to give him, and she would be very happy to do so as soon as he woke up.

Um, well... Anything for you, Katie!”


* *

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Oh this is looking like a great set up, I'm looking forwards for everything to go to hell in the most deliciously fattening way. I'm wondering if the new health stuff will cancel out Chloe's magic or if they lower metabolisms or something in that nature.

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Chapter 11: Flagging Figures (part 4)


White afternoon sunlight blazed over Cancun.

On a strip of very exclusive and expensive beach-front restaurants, a grossly corpulent woman wearing a too-tight XXL yellow sun-dress and costly designer sunglasses waddled from a newly-opened patisserie back to the sun-lounger she had reserved on the private beach in front of her six-star hotel. She heaved herself down with a groan, and patted her overstuffed belly, before raising a finger to gesture for the cocktail waiter. She was in dire need of a digestif to settle her tummy. It was all rather unfair! It was rotten luck that not only had a fabulous new bistro opened on the very same day as a much-anticipated bakery, but that they had both chosen to do so on the final day of her stay in the exclusive Cancun resort, immediately before she would have to return to dreary college life in Florida.

The well-muscled young waiter hustled across the platinum sand in the direction of his most frequent customer. He noticed how tightly the enormous sun-dress, which had been voluminously loose when she purchased it from a beach store at the beginning of her long vacation, was pulled around the rich woman's gravid belly. It was inconceivable that she was going to order yet more food. And yet, Miss Serviss had been stuffing her face pretty much non-stop for the past eight and a half weeks. Apart from occasional breaks whenever she tempted a buff young man to her room to have sex... But the hunky waiter knew from personal experience that she didn't usually cease her binge eating even whilst being pumped silly by a young stud. Indeed, on her luxuriously soft bed, he had personally fucked her until orgasm while she simultaneously gorged herself on an entire coffee and walnut cake, a whole extra-large stuffed crust pizza, and a gallon of chocolate chip icecream.

Yes, Miss Serviss?” He inquired. “Would you care for your usual afternoon snack?”

Oof, I couldn't possibly, Todd!” Francesca Serviss replied with a burp. “I'm absolutely stuffed!”

Francesca patted her taut gut, which gurgled in discomfort from its struggle with what must be fifteen pounds of expensive and very fattening lunch. Then she continued talking to Todd, while licking her lips lasciviously.

You see, Todd, La Tarterie is every bit as great a bakery as I expected after I attended their preview feast! And at today's grand opening they have no less than twenty-four signature pastries on sale! It would be an absolute crime to not to sample each one before I depart for Florida tomorrow. Alas, after tasting one of each on top of the beef ribs and pan-fried foie gras lunch with all the trimmings at the new Qahuna bistro, plus a bottle or two, I barely had room for seconds! And it was such a pity I could only manage a third portion of just four of their most exquisite tarts! After that, my poor tummy has grown as tight as a drum, and I couldn't manage another bite!”

Oh, I see. So is there something else you might enjoy this afternoon, Miss Serviss?”

Fran smiled suggestively.

Just a Margarita and a chocolate icecream for now, Todd. BUUurp! Then, in a little bit, perhaps you would like to drop by my room and... Help me splash a little more sun lotion on my belly? I think it needs a little extra before I strip out of this beach dress and get back to tanning in my bikini. Don't you agree, Todd?”

The hunky waiter, who had become acquainted with Miss Serviss on Tindr, a few hours after she'd arrived at the exclusive hotel at which he worked, agreed. He'd grown used to how much sun lotion he had to slather on her fattened-up body to get her ready for a day of sunning herself on the beach: but the constant expansion of her beach-ball belly kept surprising him. Of course, she must be packing on a pound of flab a day with her eating habits – or even more, given how she insisted on having her “protein shakes” made by adding a mixture of heavy cream and honey to her “Fittie Snax protein powder.” It was “to improve the taste,” apparently.

Certainly, Miss Serviss. Perhaps I could be persuaded... In return for the usual tip?”

Fran snorted. She wasn't pleased at having to tip money to attractive young men in order to bed them. However, she was too horny to care, and she badly needed a belly rub; and, in any case, her costs on this holiday were all on expenses.

Two hundred for the afternoon? Very well, just bring me the receipt.”

Certainly, Miss Serviss... Shall I see you in half and hour?”


Call it fifteen, Todd. I need a darn good belly rub pretty soon, or else I'll never be able to face dinner at the Seaview restaurant later!”

See you soon.”

Francesca Serviss lay back and burped as her waiter-cum-masseur buzzed off. She patted her gurgling belly, and marvelled at how she still felt a bit hungry. It was probably a little side-effect of the Fitness Essence. After all, it had come with some sort of advice to use it sparingly, which Fran only recalled because Anneka Anville had cheekily phoned her up at the start of her vacation to remind her of the fact! Fran had decided that, while such a limit might apply to a gluttonous fatass like Anneka Anville, it did not apply to a successful athlete such as Francesca Serviss. After all, during her college-funded eight-week “training sabbatical,” Fran had been using the Fitness Essence to train... Well, to be precise, she'd taken a dose on her first full day in Cancun, and she'd been so delighted by the astonishingly excellent times she'd subsequently clocked in her hotel's Olympic-standard swimming pool that she'd declared her training holiday a complete success. There was no need, after all, for the lengthy pool sessions and ocean swims that she had told the college she would be undertaking – because her times were already of Olympic qualifying standard! It was truly astonishing to think that she was able to perform at such an excellent level, especially considering that she was a woman of (ahem) more mature years than Chloe Southern, Katie Kane, and Tina Reilley. And yet, in the upcoming summer time trials, she would soon leave every one of them trailing in her wake! It only remained to be seen which of those young ladies could heave her body into the distant second place spot!

After declaring her training sabbatical a success, Francesca had mainly used a dose of the Fitness Essence on Friday and Saturday nights as a dating aide in the night-clubs and hotel bars of Cancun – with many memorable successes! Of course, with her Wonder Woman outfit squeezed around her perfected figure, Fran had not been surprised at her frequent successes in luring one, two, or even three super-buff young cuties back to her luxury suite. They'd certainly given her plenty of enjoyable cream pies of a type different from the ones she enjoyed with her usual lunch on the beachfront. And there was still some of the Fitness Essence left for the Gainesburg College summer time trials, at which Fran anticipated a complete and crushing victory.


Ooh! Ugh!” Fran groaned.

Her belly felt enormously bloated, for some reason, and she could sense a big batch of gas building up.


Darn!” Fran exclaimed.

It was rotten luck! Fran had been very much looking forward to a little passion with Todd later this afternoon. After sex and a big belly rub, she'd been planning to order room service to send up a coffee and walnut cake, a pizza, and a gallon or two of milkshake to enjoy before a second round of sex and then dinner. But the sudden discomfort from her gurgling belly was threatening to spoil her plans... There was no way she could really enjoy an afternoon of sex and fine dining if her tum was going to be so gassy! Fortunately, a solution was at hand!

Fran shifted her legs over the side of the sun lounger, and heaved herself up, ignoring the way the fabric of the sun lounger had left its impression on her tree-trunk sized, cellulite-clad thighs. She picked up her designed beach bag, and began the long waddle back to the elevator to her penthouse suite. In her bathroom cabinet, she had the perfect thing to solve a little bloating problem! She'd discovered the effect quite by accident, and had congratulated herself on discovering a property of the Fitness Essence of which Anneka Anville herself was seemingly ignorant!

Fran huffed and panted as she stepped into the air-conditioned coolness of her six-star suite. After the arduous trek from the beach in the hot Cancun sun, sweat was dripping down her body, and the sun-dress had stuck slickly to her bulging, uncomfortable gut.

Then there was one thing even more annoying: the dumb maid had tidied the room, but had neglected to restock the minibar! “Blast!” Fran exclaimed. She'd been looking forward to a couple of bottles of Champagne with Todd, but there was only one left in the chiller! Of course, there were a couple of Chardonnays she hadn't touched last night, but they were hardly a substitute. Still, needs must!

Fran unpopped the cork from her room's last bottle of Champagne, and took a swig from a screw-cap bottle of mediocre Chardonnay while she hunted for where the maid had left the Champagne flutes. She found them in a display cabinet, and finished off the the still wine while she waited for the bubbly to settle in the glass. After all, it looked very gassy, and although its fizzy aroma was delicious, she didn't want to overbloat her stomach... It was already painfully full, and she had a lot to eat.

It was, in a way, a good thing that the maid had not yet restocked the room's minibar. It meant there were only four pints of icecream left, and a half dozen chocolate bars, a few plastic-wrapped muffins, two foil-packaged cheesecakes, and that sort of thing. Fran had polished off the rest on the previous day. That was actually good, because she was feeling extremely bloated after having two five-course lunches and fifty pastries at the newly-opened food outlets near the hotel, and she wouldn't be able to cram much more into her tummy... But Fran also knew from experience that it was best not to have temptation on hand when she took a spoonful of Fitness Essence – so she would need to consume all the food and drink in her room in advance!

Of course, the clever part of Fran's plan depended on the wonderful property of the Fitness Essence that she alone had discovered. Her experience at the Spring Ball had taught her not to eat to gross excess after taking Anneka Anville's magical tonic, and she had mostly obeyed that lesson. However, her indulgent holiday, during which she had frequently eaten a lot prior to taking a dose of Fitness Essence and going clubbing, had revealed to Fran that if she consumed food before taking a dose of the liquid Fitness, the tonic would immediately metabolise the contents of her tummy as it took effect! She'd been pleasantly surprised, one Friday, to find that this saved her the trouble of digesting an enormously heavy meal, and freed her up for a night of athletic lovemaking. Of course, the instantly-metabolised calories had returned to Fran's body as added flab the next morning, along with the modest amount of chub which Francesca admitted she had already been carrying... But still, its magical ability to relieve bloating was quite a boon! It was, Fran might have admitted were she less vain, also responsible for her gaining over a pound a day during her Mexican “training Sabbatical.” But she wasn't about to admit that – proclaiming instead that her burgeoning weight was the result of increased muscle mass resulting from her weight training regime and sensible use of Fittie Snax protein shakes.

Fran crammed the minibar's last Mars bar into her mouth. The four pints of icecream had been no trouble for her – it was a delicious brand, and she'd swallowed every spoonful with relish. But the cheesecake was very bloating, and it was giving her an agonising tummy ache. It was fortunate that she'd soon be able to relieve it with a dose of the Fitness Essence! There was a just one glass of Champagne left after that... And half a bottle of the good brandy. And a few vodka miniatures. It was very fortunate that the Fitness Essence also provided Fran with a super-metabolism that quickly cleared her head, or otherwise she might be a little tipsy when Todd showed up!



Fran gorged and gorged. Even by her standards, she had to admit she was having quite a binge this afternoon.

Francesca's already bloated tummy ached and gurgled as she gorged herself right up to her limit. She must make sure she consumed all the tempting food on hand before she used the Fitness Essence to relieve the bloating of her tummy! Otherwise, since it was a potent appetite stimulant, there was a risk she might overindulge herself once it was in effect, and she wouldn't want that! Not when she wanted to squeeze back in to her ultra-tight Wonder Woman costume and fuck Todd senseless... Fran's tummy swelled ever bigger, too fat for even the once-loose XXL sun-dress, but Fran didn't care!


The seam down the back of her dress gave way completely.

Oof! Just one more molten-chocolate muffin to go!”

Eventually, Francesca Serviss stared drunkenly at her dual reflection in the mirror of her bathroom cabinet. Two vastly chubby faces, smeared with chocolate and cheesecake, looked unsteadily back.

With full concentration, Fran opened the cabinet, and, on the third attempt to pick it up, delicately took hold of the little bottle of Fitness Essence. Her eyes widened in alarm. There was very little left! Perhaps only two doses.

Oooh! My tummy!”

There might only be too doses left, but Fran felt in too much agony to bother finding a correct size teaspoon to measure one out. Not that – in her drunken state – she would have been able to pour an accurate amount anyway. Instead, desperate to relieve the enormous tummy ache which had been almost unbearable even before she began her minibar binge, Fran greedily unscrewed the bottletop, and raised it to her lips.

Bottoms up!” Fran said to her reflections, and downed every last remaining drop of the magical Fitness Essence.


* *


Oooh, my tummy!” Francesca moaned.

She lay on her back, naked, in the soft bed which shook beneath Fran as Todd vigorously pounded his well-endowed self into her. He slowed down a little... Apparently the position they'd found that was comfortable for Fran, with her legs spread open over the bottom of the bed, and Todd kneeling down on the marble floor to pound into her as her belly towered over her like she was nine and a half months pregnant, was quite demanding on his stamina.

Don't slow down!”

Phew! Are you sure? You sound pretty uncomfortable!”

No! Just keep rubbing the belly, and put the vibrator back on my belly button!”

Alright, Miss Serviss!”

Oh! Oh! Uh! Yes!” Fran moaned ecstatically. “Yes, Todd! Yes! Keep fucking me! Yes! Fuck me slim again! Oooooh!”

Fran gasped and moaned as she came hard! At the very moment of her climax, she felt an enormous load of Todd's cream splurt deep inside her. It was fortunate, she considered, that she was on the pill. After all, although she was of mature years, and her husband was unlikely to get her pregnant again, the sheer amount of Todd's cum that was churning around inside her belly might be enough to do the trick.

It was also fortunate – for Todd, Francesca considered – that the Fitness Essence had been at least a partial success.

True, Fran has screamed in shock as her head cleared after taking the tonic, and she realised that the deflating effect which it was supposed to exert on her pneumatic curves had stopped before she had reached her desired end-state of being a super-slim, super-athletic sex goddess. In fact, when it came to her belly, which was still of a size like she was ready to deliver twins, Fran felt absolutely enormous! Worse, she'd run out of the tonic, so she didn't even have the option of taking an extra dose (because, clearly, its potency had decreased during its time in storage)! The bathroom scales had read an unbelievable 210 pounds!

Todd had ungallantly suggested, when he'd belatedly entered her luxury suite, that Francesca looked about a hundred and fifty pounds slimmer than she had at the beach, and asked if she'd taken some sort of laxative. Fran had been furious – she'd been expecting that she'd be able to squeeze herself into her Wonder Woman outfit, but she looked far too grossly pregnant to have any chance of ever wedging herself into such a size six costume ever again! Her belly had borne the brunt of the Fitness Essence's inadequacy. It was huge!

Nonetheless, Todd was clearly enjoying their lovemaking session. Huge though her belly may be, Fran noticed that her stretch marks had been smoothed into pure, creamy-bronze skin, and so although she looked like a pregnant woman, it was a sexy pregnant woman on her first pregnancy – and a young woman to boot, with a slim face and a fine complexion! Fran's boobs were excellent too: they'd maintained most of their mature bulk (an H-cup!) while recovering a great deal of youthful buoyancy. So, although the weren't as perky as Wonder Woman's, they were fantastic for a connoisseur of big, voluptuous women... Which Todd obviously was. In fact, he was clearly in hog heaven.

And Fran's sex drive was improved too. The tonic, it was true, had only partially strengthened her body, and her limbs were still too plush with flab for her taste - but she no longer felt out of breath, and, aside from the big belly, and her still-full booty, the rest of her body was in the sort of shape she would expect to win a bikini contest in any typical beachside resort.

Hmm.” Fran pondered. She was enjoying the sensation of her vibrator being applied to her taut belly button. It jiggled her bulging and somewhat food-stuffed tummy in a most pleasurable way.

Todd panted, as he recovered from shooting his immense load.

Well, don't stop fucking, Todd! I'm paying you for this, remember. Even though I think you're enjoying this session rather a lot!”

Todd obliged by getting hard again and squeezing back into Fran's unexpectedly muscular core.

That's better, Todd. Now: keep fucking! We're going to have to do a lot of sexercise before we're finished! I wish to be able to fit into my size six swimsuit tomorrow, and that means we have to burn off quite a few calories!”

Todd groaned. Miss Serviss was clearly quite mad. He didn't mind fucking her: it was more fun than hanging around the pool waiting on guests for low wages, and the hotel didn't mind as long as he persuaded her to order lots of room service, which, of course, she always did. But she had been stuffing herself non-stop with expensive, fattening food for the last eight weeks, and yet she seriously thought she would be able to lose weight in time for some swimming competition she claimed she was taking place in a couple of days time... Anyway, at least she had fabulously enormous boobs.

Todd splurted another load into Fran's already cream-filled tum. He hoped she was using plenty of birth control, because she was certainly a glutton for his cream...

Oh! Yes, Todd! Oh! Don't stop now! A few more of those, and I'm sure I'll have my girlish figure back in no time!”

Todd felt himself harden again, and realised he had another load to shoot. However, this time, he withdrew all the way from Francesca, and walked around the bed so his could aim at her face. He saw her mouth open as she licked her lips greedily.

I have a better idea, Miss Serviss. Open wide!”

Fran unhinged her jaw just in time to receive a river-like torrent splurt into her mouth from Todd's rock-hard self. She swallowed... And swallowed. And swallowed. Then she gasped for air. If she hadn't grown accustomed to chugging a whole litre of egg nog from the carton (supplied in her minibar), she didn't think she could have managed to swallow all of Todd's cream without spilling any on her makeup. But she'd done it. She'd taken in every little drop. Her tummy gurgled. Damn! After all that cream from Todd, Fran had a taste for something sweet. Fortunately, Todd had already planned something suitable!

Todd had, in fact, planned out a way to have some enjoyment from his greedy guest, without having to exert himself so hard that he wouldn't be able to enjoy sex with his girlfriend later.

Oh, by the way, Miss Serviss... Because this is your last day at the hotel, I took the liberty of asking the kitchen to prepare a whole serving platter of each of your favourite foods... They knew you love their cakes, with clotted cream, but they didn't know which one is your favourite, because you always eat every crumb... So they prepared all fourteen different ones for you! I have them on a dessert trolley outside your room... That's why I took a little time to get here earlier... Would you like me to bring them in, Miss Serviss?”


Disaster! Fran felt her tummy gurgle with insatiable greed. Oh no! If she ate fourteen cakes, it was sure to undo the weight loss she'd achieved in her afternoon's sexercise session with Todd. But... Her appetite was just so enormous! It must be Anneka Anville's poorly-made tonic!

Ooh! I mustn't! You see, I'm watching my waistline, Todd!”

Nonsense, Miss Serviss. You know you love cake! And there's a gallon of clotted cream to accompany them!”

Oh! But I'll spoil my girlish figure, and look plump in my swimming costume!”

You've already spoiled your figure with your non-stop binge-eating, Miss Serviss. But, if I may make a suggestion?”

Oh, go on! As long as you fuck me to help me stay trim after all the cake!”

That's exactly what I was going to suggest, Miss Serviss: every time I finish feeding you a whole cake, I'll shoot a big load inside you! By the time you've eaten all fourteen cakes, with the gallon of clotted cream, we'll have had so much sex you won't know if there's more cream in your tummy of the clotted variety, or of mine!”

Oh!” Fran exclaimed. She was very aroused, and couldn't wait for the first load of cream. And... her tummy gurgled: she couldn't wait for the first cake, either.

And the first cake, Miss Serviss, is a double-sized coffee and walnut cake. Are you ready for it, Miss Serviss?”

What Fran meant to say was: “Oh, I fear you're plotting with Chloe Southern, an irksome student, to spoil my poor figure!"

But what Fran actually said, with a greedy lick of her lips, was.

Oh, fuck it! Call up room service and tell them to send another two gallons of clotted, Todd, because this woman is hungry for cream!”


* * 

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This is a doozy of a story but I’m a little confused. I must’ve missed something somewhere, but how exactly did Chloe get super strong and muscular again? I thought she was getting fat, but like I said, I probably missed something where you explained things. 

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1 hour ago, Lt. Chubs said:

This is a doozy of a story but I’m a little confused. I must’ve missed something somewhere, but how exactly did Chloe get super strong and muscular again? I thought she was getting fat, but like I said, I probably missed something where you explained things. 



When she used a  strength spell to temporarily get super strength, it left a lot of hgh in her system that aided her training. I hope it wears off soon.

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1 hour ago, Lt. Chubs said:

This is a doozy of a story but I’m a little confused. I must’ve missed something somewhere, but how exactly did Chloe get super strong and muscular again? I thought she was getting fat, but like I said, I probably missed something where you explained things. 

Thanks! (I had to look up Doozy, as I'm English, and so I've learned a new word today. Good times.)


When she used a  strength spell to temporarily get super strength, it left a lot of hgh in her system that aided her training. I hope it wears off soon.

Yes! She first used a Strength spell back in Maine (in December / Chapter 8), to rescue her friends from the ghost of Aurelia Anville. This flooded her body with hormones. Additionally, she's been using a (less radical) strength spell when she works out (Chapter 10, Floatation Devices, Parts 1, 3), so that (a) it helps her build muscle so she gets super-strong, which is important to her because she wants her swim-team captaincy back, and also (b) it burns off a huge number of calories which means she can let her boyfriend feed her pounds and pounds of peanut butter, Nutella, and icecream every night, an activity for which she now has a kink. There's been a 2 month gap (to the Spring Ball in Chapter 10) and a three month gap (to the summer time trials around May/June) in which there's been time for this to happen. 

Separately, Chloe also discovered the breast-growth chapter in the Booke of Darke, which she has obviously also benefitted from (Chapter 10, part 1). So much so that, although it's right to call her strong and muscular, she definitely can't be described as thin. And... She's quite enjoying being "fleshy."

Hopefully I'll get some of Chapter 12: Best Served Wet, done soon. 

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14 hours ago, flyer33 said:

Thanks! (I had to look up Doozy, as I'm English, and so I've learned a new word today. Good times.)

Yes! She first used a Strength spell back in Maine (in December / Chapter 8), to rescue her friends from the ghost of Aurelia Anville. This flooded her body with hormones. Additionally, she's been using a (less radical) strength spell when she works out (Chapter 10, Floatation Devices, Parts 1, 3), so that (a) it helps her build muscle so she gets super-strong, which is important to her because she wants her swim-team captaincy back, and also (b) it burns off a huge number of calories which means she can let her boyfriend feed her pounds and pounds of peanut butter, Nutella, and icecream every night, an activity for which she now has a kink. There's been a 2 month gap (to the Spring Ball in Chapter 10) and a three month gap (to the summer time trials around May/June) in which there's been time for this to happen. 

Separately, Chloe also discovered the breast-growth chapter in the Booke of Darke, which she has obviously also benefitted from (Chapter 10, part 1). So much so that, although it's right to call her strong and muscular, she definitely can't be described as thin. And... She's quite enjoying being "fleshy."

Hopefully I'll get some of Chapter 12: Best Served Wet, done soon. 

Okay, got it, that makes sense. But I must confess, I’m with Batman76 on this one - hopefully its effects wear off soon and Chloe starts to chunk up a bit. 

I really like the character you’ve created with Professor Serviss too. Her wanton gluttony combined with her arrogant attitude really make her adorably detestable. Not to mention that big, sexy gut she’s got. Good work, please keep it up. 

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Interlude (end of chapter 11)



In the dead of night, a storeroom door opened and admitted a sneaky young figure wearing loose black clothing. Her black face veil did not, however, conceal her blazing red hair. Presumably, the intruder was not an expert in the arts of stealth: a fact corroborated by the way she had needed to use a borrowed key, obtained from an important person by persuasion, to access the kitchen storeroom.

Tina Reilley flicked on the old electric lights, to reveal the spacious spare room which was being used as huge overflow pantry for comestibles that did not require refrigeration. Here and there were great wheels of cheese, stacks of crackers and water biscuits, boxes of chocolates, and crates of wine, all of them ready for feeding the invited hordes at the next day's Gainesburg College Summer Time Trials.


A table in the corner was stacked to capacity with plastic bottles of lurid fluorescent drinks, each one so strongly colored that it seemed to drink in the ambient light and blaze with monochrome chemical incandescence.

So this is where those fucking Fittie Snax drinks have got to!” Said Tina.

The bottles indeed bore a luscious bikini-clad silhouette somewhat resembling Katie Kane: the new Fittie Snax logo. But these were no ordinary Fittie Snax products. These bottles had been branded with custom names of Gainesburg's top female swimmers, so that they could be drunk tomorrow, just before the final race of the day, as part of Sarnath Foods' advertising campaign. One bottle of disgusting orange goo was named “Tina Fireball Reilley.” Another, located after a few moments search, was labelled “Katie Sugar Kane.”

The sneaky red-headed swim captain eyed Katie's promotional bottle of energy drink triumphantly. Then, Tina Reilley drew a small vial from within the black folds of her outfit. Under the flickering electric light, a keen-eyed observer could have read the label, handwritten in the spidery scrawl of Anneka Anville. It read: Danger: Fatness Essence! It had cost a fortune: both in money, and in the effort that Tina had invested to discover that the compound even existed. But it no longer mattered to Tina Reilley that she had spent over two thousand dollars on the vial: what mattered was that she knew it would work! By pumping the college's Sarnath Foods representative for information, which had required extensive fucking (luckily, Tina had been getting her figure back lately, due to the oppressive diet her coach had required her to follow), Tina had learned that the Fittie Snax contained an addictive appetite stimulant based on something called Aunt Anville's Olde Pumpkine Spice. The name Anville had struck a chord: it must be the very same Anville who ran the Gainesburg Apothecary! Well, that guess had not been quite right, but by calling in more favours, Tina had ascertained that Ms Anville's Pep Potion – the product with which Tina had successfully sabotaged her rival's fitness last semester – was based on the very same ingredient. Tragically, Tina had been unable to get the mule-headed Beck Bronte to spike any more of the Pep Potion into Chloe Southern's protein shakes this semester [he'd called her bluff about possessing blackmail material on him, when she tried], and so more drastic methods were required. Fortunately, Tina had also discovered, from the formerly fat wife of the Mayor of Gainesburg, that Anneka Anville had stronger potions for sale than the slowly-fattening Pep Potion. In this way, Tina had learned of a potion called the Fitness Essence: but it was dangerously unstable and toxic! Tina had realised just how the Mayor's wife had been able to slip into so many slinky cocktail dresses of late: it was by taking a very short term magical potion, which, when it wore off, was causing her to bloat into massive obesity. The effect was so severe that Tina knew for a fact that, whenever she was bereft of its slimming magic, Gainesburg's first lady now had to wear outfits that were six dress sizes huger than her previous size 18! There could be no possibility of Tina taking such a toxic potion to temporarily boost her fitness: the hideous effects of the Pep Potion last semester had been bad enough! And Tina's post-Christmas weight gain had underscored to her just how prone she was to plumping up if she let her guard down!

Instead, Tina's prying had uncovered a much more useful secret. The Fitness Essence, which produced a few hours of amazing athletic enhancement at the cost of ruining one's figure in the long run, was produced by distilling the fatness-inducing alchemical essence out of Pumpkine Spice! That meant that Anneka Anville must have not just a potent fitness tonic in her possession, but also its compliment: an instant fat-making drug! Or, if you will, a Fatness Essence! On reaching that conclusion, Tina had cackled in triumph! The mercenary herbalist, of course, could easily be persuaded to sell in return for enough money.

There was no way, Tina was now certain, that she could beat the recently Olympic-qualified Chloe Southern in a fair 800 metre freestyle race. Tina's fitness hadn't fully recovered from her months of binge-eating prior to the Spring Ball, and she was still feeling fluffy around the edges; meanwhile, Chloe Southern had just beaten most of the East Coast's fastest collegiate swimmers in Miami, over pretty much every distance and style on the books. However... There was also no way that Tina Reilley, who was in every respect the daughter of the rich lawyer and rising politician, State Senator Karen Reilley, would take part in a fair race if she could do better by making it a foul one!

First of all, Tina had rigged the race schedules. She was, after all, Gainesburg's swim-captain, and it couldn't have been easier for her! After all, she had every legitimate reason to nominate Chloe Southern – Gainesburg's best swimmer, male or female – to compete in all the toughest races against Largeville's fastest swimmers. And Tina had scheduled those races to take place in quick succession, immediately prior to the important Joshua Whale 800 metre freestyle, which would be the only race in which Chloe would be competing against Tina. Meanwhile Tina had nominated herself in a number of trivial races, like the uncompetitive 100 m backstroke, and she intended to idle her way through them rather than draining herself with a real effort.

Second, and this was Tina's real source of glee and confidence, she had arranged a promotional Fittie Snax photoshoot immediately prior to the great finale of the Summer Time Trials: the Joshua Whale Freestyle. And, at the photoshoot, the Gainesburg Girls would each be given a limited edition bottle of Fittie Snax energy drink, branded with their own name, to drink and invigorate themselves for the important race to come. But Tina was about to make sure that the energy drinks would do absolutely nothing to strengthen her rivals!

With a massive smirk on her face, Tina unscrewed the cap of “Katie Sugar Kane's” Fittie Snax drink, and then carefully set down the vial of Fatness Essence on the table next to it, before drawing an eye-dropper from her pocket.

Hehe! One for you, you fat New Jersey bitch!” Tina cackled. “Too bad you aren't from the Upper East Side, like me: I might have let you off if you were from a decent neighbourhood! Shame your mob family don't even live in the city!”

Tina allowed a drop of the potent Fatness Essence to drip into the energy drink. It momentarily billowed a different orange colour through the drink, but the lurid Fittie Snax colouring soon made the adulterant quite un-noticeable, as soon as it mixed.

Tina screwed the cap back on Katie's drink, and resumed rummaging through the table.

Where are you, you fat loser?” Tina asked rhetorically. “Oh! There's one of you!”

Another drop, this time added to “Tiffany The Body Thompson's” red-coloured drink, made Tina smirk even more. Of course, Tiffany had been stuffing her face ever since she'd won some sort of plus-modelling contract in her native London, and Tina wasn't that bothered about beating her in a race. But still, it didn't hurt.


Tina cried out in triumph.

Chloe Riptide Southern! There you are!”

Tina's grin widened to the limit of what was humanly possible, as she set down the eye dropper, donned some gloves, and tipped into Chloe's drink the entire content of the Fatness Essence vial!

Bwahaha!” Tina cackled orgasmically.




After a little while, Tina stopped cackling. She pocketed her vial and eyedropper, and made sure the caps of the adulterated energy drinks were all screwed tight. Then she headed out of the store room, flicking off the light and locking the door as she went.

She just paused for one reason... To pick up a delicious-looking box of Belgian chocolates. After all, Tina reasoned, she deserved a little treat as a reward for her hard work and cleverness! And she'd been forced to stick to an absolutely disgusting diet, high in fibre and low in sugar, for the past several weeks, which was an outrage for a girl of her high status.

Hehehe! Mmm! Delicious!” Tina murmured, as she began to savour the fine chocolates. Then, perhaps a little imprudently, she decided to head back to the store room to collect just another couple of boxes: after all, she had to keep up her energy levels for tomorrow's coming race!


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Right! Onto  final chapter! This first part sets up the story, and those of you hoping to see Fran get her just desserts will want to go to part 2, which I hope to finish shortly.


Chapter 12: Best Served Wet (part 1)


The day of the Summer Time Trials.


Jolyon Champagne, Vice-Chancellor of Gainesburg College, shifted nervously in his plastic seat. He had a breathtaking view of his state-of-the-art Aquatics Center's beautiful, Olympic-standard swimming pool, from the vantage point of the marble-floored Fittie Snax Corporate Hospitality Balcony. But he couldn't really enjoy it. There was far too much to worry about! He had to entertain the Mayor of Gainesburg and his lovely, svelte wife, Natasha. And the Vice-President of Public Relations from Sarnath Foods needed to be buttered up at the same time. On top of that, Jolyon was keeping his fingers crossed that the livestream wouldn't go down – or become too pornographic! The video feed currently being relayed to the big screen was ignoring the ongoing mens' race, and focussing instead on Gainesburg's female swimmers as they relaxed, snacked, unwound, and massaged each others shoulders between races.

The cameraman seemed especially interested in Chloe Southern and her huge, partially swimsuit-clad breasts – when had they grown so gargantuan, Jolyon wondered, and how the hell had she set all the college's speed records while dragging such oversized buoys through the water? And how, by the Gods, was it possible to show that much cleavage in a racing swimsuit? The neckline of her customised, blue, Gainesburg-branded competition swimsuit was far from low-cut, but Chloe's basketball-sized boulders managed to distort the lyrca so much that she nonetheless rocked a good five inches of cleavage. And hers was a deep, deep cleavage: and a fatal drowning hazard for any passing, red-blooded male.

Chloe Southern herself was eating a banana, refuelling after winning a tough 100 metres breast stroke race. And, as was her way, the statuesque, ultra-busty and generally very curvy blonde was dribbling Nutella onto the banana, then licking the fruit's tip clean before taking each bite. Judging by the way she did so, whilst laughing at a tall, bottom-heavy brunette's jokes, and simultaneously adjusting her swimsuit by stretching out the shoulder straps and trying to stuff her overgrown breasts more evenly into the cups, Chloe Southern was oblivious to the fact she was being broadcast around the world. Whether, if she had noticed herself on the big screen in the visitors' lounge, she would have adjusted her breasts' positioning more discreetly, or whether she could have found a way to add even more erotic charge to her actions, would have to remain a question for the ages.

Jolyon gulped. He hoped Joshua Whale wasn't watching the livestream. The old devil would probably have a coronary if he saw his blonde chosen champion exposing her vast assets so provocatively, and yet so innocently!

Bah! Joshua Whale! Why did the old codger have to have had such a good eye for a winner?

Jolyon Champagne had practically swooned when, a day ago, he'd received word from Miami that Chloe Southern – the only genuinely great sports scholar Gainesburg had ever recruited – had smashed half the state records in her Olympic qualifying heats, despite being in what the national sports representative described as “very curvy condition.” The representative, who had telephoned to explain the good news to the vice chancellor in person, had openly said he had been baffled that Jolyon didn't sound more elated by his student's outstanding achievements. Jolyon had croaked that the news had come as rather a shock. And a shock it was! It was a shock that meant he was certain to lose the ten million dollar cheque from Whale! The money depended on swim-captain Tina Reilley winning an 800 metre race against the ultra-fast blonde whose team-mates had recently changed her nickname to “Riptide!” Without the donation, the college would face financial ruin and the horror of professorial salary cuts – and most savagely to Jolyon Champagne's generous multi-year package, in all likelihood, since he was the man responsible for the debt. And with that realisation, Jolyon Champagne had crossed a moral Rubicon! He had surreptitiously contacted the ambitious Tina Reilley, whom he knew from her reputation in the Politics department to be a ruthless competitor, and had offered her whatever she wanted if only she would win today's damned race, by fair means or foul! And that had been that... After a little while, Tina Reilley had called him back, and said that all she needed (in addition to the promise of a prestigious college prize) was to borrow the vice chancellor's master key. He'd been happy to oblige. He just hoped he never got caught.




Meanwhile, in the luxurious parquet-floored VIP changing room of the Aquatics Center, Francesca Serviss was having a little trouble squeezing into her size six competition swimsuit!

Burp! Come on!” Exclaimed Francesca, trying to tug the tight lycra over her pot-belly, which protruded a good six inches over the bunched-up fabric..

Professor Serviss was most put out that, despite having taken seven spoonfuls of the Fitness Essence after breakfast (from the new bottle she'd intended to administer to Tina Reilley, until Fran's own supply had run dry in Mexico), which had transformed her once again into a fittenned-up young super-hottie, she was having problems squeezing her pot belly into the unforgiving lycra sportswear. It crossed her mind that perhaps she shouldn't have stopped on her way to the aquatics center at her favourite diner. But the Essence had made her ravenously hungry, and she had simply had to stop to indulge in a second morning repas. She'd enjoyed the massive “Olympian Challenge Breakfast” with several extra fried eggs on the side. Then Fran had ordered several more platters, and had only, eventually, left the diner because she was so late for the Time Trials that she had missed the first couple of events. But she'd gorged herself silly, and, despite the figure-controlling effects of her magic potion, the hefty extra breakfast had left her feeling – and looking – very blown out. In fact, she was too fat to get into her swimming costume! She intended to complain to Anneka Anville, but first she had to get ready for a race.

Okay then, just a little more!” Fran said to her pot-bellied, naked reflection, after stripping out of her half-donned bathing suit to assess the situation.

Fran lifted her towel out of her sports bag, and picked out the little orange vial of magic potion from its zipped compartment. Then she took a big swig, and waited expectantly, patting her tummy in anticipation of the marvellous slimming effect.

Nothing. Well, except for a rumble from her bulging but nonetheless very hungry tum.

Blast it! Well, a little more then!”

Fran uncorked the vial again, brought it to her lips, and then greedily drained the lot. It was, after all, delicious.

Mmm! That hit the spot.”


This was more promising! Fran laughed delightedly as the bulge of her repeatedly-overstuffed tum began to decrease. And, this time, the blubber didn't stop shrinking until, once again, her rock-hard six-pack of finely-honed abdominal muscles came back into view! And, as an extra bonus, she felt a tremendous surge of strength coursing through her veins.

Wow!” Fran exclaimed. Taking a whole bottle of the Fitness Essence at once certainly did have a puissant effect! Chloe Southern was in for a shock! And so, frankly, was Natalie Coughlin or whichever other US swimmers currently held the most world records. Francesca felt fabulously strong! So strong, in fact, she was practically drunk on the sensation, and nearly walked out of the changing room without bothering to slip into her swimsuit. Luckily, she remembered just in time, as she was opening the door to the pool – not that any males in the audience would have minded if she'd forgotten: not if it meant they got to see the full glory of her perky-breasted, ultra-fit, Wonder Woman-esque physique!

With the blue Gainesburg College swimsuit safely slipped over a torso stronger than structural steel, Professor Francesca Serviss smiled delightedly as she strode confidently towards the Joshua Whale Pool, and to athletic glory!




No fucking way!” Yelled a girl with a very English accent.

Tiffany “The Body” Thompson's cry of shock was not enough to disrupt her ultra-busty blonde companion's attention. This was because Chloe “Riptide” Southern was busy laughing helplessly, having been incapacitated by the absurdity of the story which her English friend had been explaining, apparently with complete seriousness (best of all, as far a Chloe was concerned, Tiffany didn't seem to realise that her British attitude to her story was hilarious).

Not formally introduced!” Chloe managed to splutter in between laughs, as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Tottie.... Mwa.... Ha..... Ha... Oh shit! I can't breathe. Hahahahahahaha!!!”

I'm glad you find my life funny, Chloe, but look! Over there! This is serious!”

Chloe shed some more tears of laughter as Tiffany tried to shake the blonde's shoulders enough to bring her to her senses.

Mmmm! Haha. Hehehehhe!” Chloe managed to take a breath. “How does England even survive? Not formally introduced!”

Chloe. Look!”

Bwahaha! But, seriously. Heh! You should either shoot him, or, heh, marry him. And if you don't shoot him, can you please introduce me to.... MWAHAHA! To him... Formally, please?”

Shut up, Chloe! We have a problem!”

Yeah, you have a prob---- What? Why? So? Serious? HAHAHA!”

Look!” Tiffany pointed.

She was aiming at someone on the opposite side of the pool from the home-team seats where she and Chloe were wrapped in towels, awaiting their next race.

What is it, Tottie? Did someone fall down the well? Mwahahahaha!”

Tiffany sorted out her thoughts into the form of a complete sentence.

Chloe: look at the girl I'm pointing at, please! The brunette. The one who's 5'8'', with the sixpack you can see through her swimsuit, who – and this is what I want you to notice – is lining up for the next race, in the lane allocated to – if you will check the board – Professor Serviss!”

Huh?” Chloe looked up.

Chloe could see a hotshot swimmer she took to be one of Largeville's finest. The visiting team were good. Traditionally, Largeville thrashed Gainesburg in the pool every year, but it was a tradition Chloe was determined to reverse. And she'd already won three of the races that she needed to if she was to pull off her plan. In fact, to be absolutely candid, Chloe was pretty certain she could score enough points on her own to beat the visiting Georgian team – provided at least one Gainesburg males won at least one race, and she was pretty confident Beck would do more than that. She'd certainly given him a hell of a pep talk last night... As a point of fact, Chloe and her team-mates had seriously looked into whether she could be nominated to race in any mens' events, because there was no doubt she was fast enough to win some of them: but the answer had been that she couldn't, if she also competed in the corresponding female race. And Chloe had – voluntarily – let herself be entered to race in so many of the girls' events that the workload would have been suicidal for anyone who wasn't on the verge of Olympic greatness.

Oh.” Chloe said. “That's not Prof Serviss. That's got to be one of the Largeville girls. Yeah: she looks really ripped! But she's out of luck! She's in the 200 metre butterfly, and that's my second best race!”

Tiffany pulled a face.

Chloe! It isn't a Largeville girl. It is Prof Serviss! Look more closely! Honestly.”

Alright, you British fruitcake. Let's... Hmm.” Chloe stared across the pool. The resemblance to the Professor, apart from the fact that the girl was twenty years old and ripped to hell, was... Striking. And... There was something else.

Shit!” Chloe exclaimed.

Tiffany said out loud what Chloe had just realised.

Yeah – that's Prof Serviss! And, it's also the Fran who won the Spring Ball! How is that possible, Chloe? I mean, Prof Serviss has been away this semester, but she's a super-fatty! How can she have got herself into that kind of shape? She's fitter than us, and we're professional athletes!”

Um...” The word shape had triggered an idea in Chloe's mind. She mentally kicked herself for being slow, because she'd only just remembered that her Booke of Darke had whole chapters on the subject of shape. And the thought – that Fran Serviss was using some kind of fitness-boosting magic – had only clicked into place when Tottie mentioned the word shape.

And, I don't want to be rude, Chloe, but she's ripped! You know, I won't be angry if you don't beat her: I mean, you do have the buoys to worry about!” Tiffany finished.

Shut up, Tottie! Butterfly is my speciality! This is the race I'm most confident about. I don't care how in shape anyone else is. I set the Florida state record, like four days ago!”

Tiffany gave a non-committal noise, and patted her blonde friend's shoulder.

Well, you go get 'em, Riptide!”

Chloe stood up and dropped her towel on her chair, then started towards her lane. She glanced back.

Thanks, Tottie!”


* *



Chloe's head broke the water a fraction of a second after she slammed into touch pad at the end of the pool. She wiped enough water clear from her face so that she could see the timing board, and waited as she panted for breath. Her heart pounded: the result was going to be a close call! Damn! She'd expected to ace this one. And, as a matter of fact, she wasn't looking to see if she'd beaten Largeville – whose fastest girl was twenty metres behind her. Impossibly, and Chloe could hardly believe it was a question, she wanted to know if she'd beaten a 42-year-old, recently obese Professor of Media Studies, who hadn't been seen in the gym for the last fifteen years.

No fucking way!

AHAHA!” Exclaimed the super-hottie in the lane adjacent to Chloe. Fran Serviss apparently had enough breath for gloating, which was more than Chloe did. “LOSER!”

Chloe's lungs hurt. She'd pushed herself so close to her limit in the last fifty metres that she could barely face dragging herself out of the pool, and instead she floated and gasped for air. At least her huge boobs were helpful for that: they floated very nicely indeed! Chloe knew for an absolute fact, without looking at any official race timer, that she'd finished faster than she had in Miami, and that had been her most impressive state record. She could barely believe she had just been beaten, over 200 metres, in her favourite style.

Hope that wasn't your best event, Southern? Because I have plenty more in the tank!” Yelled the nearby gloating voice of Professor Serviss.

It's my second best event. How the fuck did you do that?” Chloe gasped.

Wahaha!” Cackled Francesca. “Why, with, discipline, hard work, exercise, diet, and talent, Chloe! You should try one of them, some time!”

No fucking way!

Chloe panted and coughed up some water. She felt... Not angry, but curious. She knew she'd just won her race by any fair standard – but she also strongly suspected her own personal rule of never using magic in an competitive race couldn't possibly be a rule that was followed by everyone. And the big curiosity arising from that suspicion was that Chloe hadn't previously thought anyone else could use magic: she'd pretty much thought that you had to have received an old book from your ancient aunt in Maine named Miranda Southwick. And that she was the only person who had.

Okay: never using magic in public was one thing, but...

Tceted Cigam. Chloe subvocalised. The spell to detect magic was so basic she could pretty much cast it by thinking hard. It was, literally, the most unobtrusive spell in the book, and using it didn't put her at any risk of being noticed.

Chloe's sorcery made her blink, as the world around her shifted colour. Or, to be precise, it gained an extra set of colours, which somehow her brain could process on top of the normal ones. Sure enough, Fran Serviss, the super-fit young woman in the next lane of the pool, radiated a blaze of light that Chloe could only perceive as “magic-cyan” with an intensity so bright it made her eyes water.

What the fuck?” Chloe asked out loud, involuntarily.

Francesca cackled, as she reached to pull her taut, fit body out of the pool to get ready for the next race.

I'll tell you what the fuck, Southern! You lost, because you're too fat and unfit, and those ludicrous airbags of yours are too big for serious competition! You should retire, and concentrate on a career in professional lactating, or something you actually have the physique for!” Fran smirked gleefully as she needled the student she most hated.

Fuck you!” Chloe retorted crudely, and pulled herself out of the water.

Oh! Language, Southern!”

Fuck. Right. Off! I know you're cheating! And I'm going to beat you!”

Hah! In your candy-induced fever dreams, Ms Southern! I'm just better than you! Fitter, stronger, and more talented! You'd just better get used to losing! Assuming you have the courage for a rematch? What's next, the 400 metre freestyle?”


Are you in it?” Francesca inquired. “Or are you a quitter?”

Chloe's eyes narrowed. Her brain had done some catching up. In terms of magic: if Fran Serviss was inept enough to have an unmasked magical aura, it meant she hadn't Mind Blanked herself – something Chloe had learned to do trivially and routinely. Also, once Chloe's augmented eyesight adjusted to the glare from Fran's lurid aura, she couldn't help but notice that it had a bright light like a bonfire in more than one way: it was bright, because it was clearly burning up some kind of fuel... And fuel, in Chloe's limited but adequate knowledge of chemistry 101, could run out!

Chloe took a breath.

Oh. It's Game. Fucking. On. Professor!”

Oh really, Ms Southern?” Fran inquired sarcastically.

Chloe let her voice run cold. Actually, she couldn't have stopped it if she tried.

Yeah. And I should warn you: I'm not gonna let you win the next one! That last race, I was saving myself so I can beat Tina later. The next one? I'm not gonna hold anything back. So, bye bye, Professor S!”

Grrrr! What appalling cheek you have, Southern! But I have bad news for you.! Fran gloated. “You're going down, Fat-Tits!”

Chloe laughed, icily.


* *


Focus, Chloe! Do not go all out again against Prof Serviss! You have to save some energy to beat Tina!”

The swimsuit-clad, peroxide blonde with the New Jersey accent focussed all her persuasive powers on trying to make her best friend do the sensible thing. Namely, to stop wasting her energy on trying to beat the hyper-fit Professor Fran Serviss. Unfortunately, Katie Kane got the impression that, despite the fact she was using her secret shoulder-massage technique which normally turned other human beings to putty in her hands, her best friend Chloe was ignoring her. The icy, distant voice and the tense back muscles were a dead give-away.

I'm gonna beat her!”

Chloe! Listen to me. It doesn't matter! She's obviously been using some kind of performance-enhancing drugs this whole semester, or something, 'cos there's no other way to explain the shape she's in. And it doesn't even matter if you come second! Just beat the Largeville girls and save something for whopping Tina's fat ass! I mean, you even beat Serviss in the 800 metre butterfly! Just let the rest go!”

Chloe screwed her eyes closed and tried to concentrate.

Shut up, Katie!” Chloe yelled.

Katie Kane stopped talking. She was kind of shocked – her best friend had never snapped at her before. Not even once. She guessed Chloe was under a lot of stress, so Kate decided to do as her friend said, be quiet, and concentrate on massaging Chloe's tense neck.

Meanwhile, Chloe Southern was in a world of her own.

It was, indeed, annoying to lose race after race to Fran Serviss, with the exception of Chloe's absolute best event. It was some compensation to know she'd pushed the alchemically-assisted Professor hard in every event, and that Fran had burned off a big fraction of her magical aura to stay ahead of Chloe – without the Professor seemingly being aware of how little magic power her enchantment had left for the next race. But, while the race results were a source of mild irritation for Chloe, they weren't what was making her feel dizzy and scared. Those sensations were due to something else entirely.

For the second time in her life, Chloe's mind was filled with malevolent, hissing voices, reading out what she now recognised as a litany of dangerous spells. This time, she knew the voices weren't coming from behind her – because Katie would have said something. Instead, Chloe was certain they were emanating from the darkest recesses of her mind. And what was scaring her the most was that they were obviously the purest evil! What was making Chloe dizzy was the effort of ignoring them: if it took any more concentration she was going to get a nosebleed.

Ygrene Niard! Tsabkrad! Ciripmav Hcuot! Etavrene!”

Shut up!” Chloe yelped.

Sorry, Chloe! Shush! Shoosh.” Katie murmured soothingly.

Chloe seemed to come around. “Oh, I'm sorry, Katie! Not you!”

Weirdly, Katie's voice seemed to displace the malevolent voices, or at least quietened them.


Yes, Chloe.”

Can you tell me a story?”

Oh, sure! What, a new one? Okay. I'll tell you about the time Mom was teaching me to cook, and she told me I'd need to learn – get this – because all the nice mafia boys would only be interested in me if I was amazing at cooking pasta...”


* *


The 1500 metre freestyle.


Chloe stared ahead of herself with an expression of Zen calm. She'd managed to wall off the voices in her head, and it was comparatively easy to ignore the nearby triumphalist cackling of Professor Serviss, who was gloating about how she was going to beat Chloe in this race – just as she had consigned Chloe to second place in nine of the previous events of the day – due to Fran's superior “natural talent, hard work, iron discipline, diligent exercise regime, strict diet, and perkier, more streamlined bosom!”

Chloe gazed dead ahead and breathed. Fran seemed to have no inkling that she had exactly thirty-one lengths of her fitness-boosting enchantment remaining – an observation which Chloe was pretty certain about. Francesca also seemed to have no idea that she would burn them up in twenty-nine lengths – one short of the end of this race – if Chloe pushed her brutally hard for the first 1450 metres. Of course, Chloe's muscles were already aching from the fatigue of a dozen races, and her biceps cried out at the prospect of being tortured through another event at beyond-state-record pace. Chloe didn't care.

A loud pulse from the loudspeakers behind each athlete signalled the start of the 1500 metre freestyle. Chloe dived from her blocks and pushed herself straight to sprint speed. And then she concentrated on her stroke pattern, and on trying to gulp down air in the right breathing pattern for a 400 metre race... Just a bit less than four of them, and she'd finish this race in quick time, right?




Oh no! That's not possible.” Katie buried her face in her hands.

Katie was not a bright girl, but after a few years in the pool she'd learned to count split times. And she felt her tears welling up as she realised that Chloe had pushed herself up to an impossible sprint speed that no girl could sustain over fifteen hundred metres – and all in a hopeless attempt to beat Prof Fran Serviss, whom Katie was certain had been cheating in order to steal the victory Chloe deserved.

From the adjacent plastic chair, Jasmine “Genie” Jones from Kentucky patted her emotional team-mate's shoulder. Katie sniffed, and let the tears roll down her face.



In a battle of pain versus Zen, Zen was supposed to win. Chloe Southern was pretty sure about that. Unfortunately, that was the full extent of her knowledge of eastern philosophy, and it didn't seem to be enough. She was pushing herself harder than she ever had in her life, but her limbs hurt badly and she was weakening. Her arms felt like they'd been cast from red-hot jello, and her lungs burned even worse. It was probably because she'd pushed herself far too hard, and she had nothing left for the final two lengths of her race. She gasped desperately for air with every stroke, but felt her strength fading rapidly all the same, as if she'd already put in her final effort to reach the finishing bar.

Fuck it! Chloe hurled herself hard into the penultimate turn. She was barely a bodylength behind the grossly fat-headed Fran Serviss. And Chloe loved swimming: in the last ten years of her life she'd done literally tens of thousands of miles in the pool, and that was something that just wouldn't have happened if she didn't love everything about the way she could fly through the water when she set her mind to it. And she loved racing too. She'd won a lot of competitions. And she'd lost a few fair competitions too. But she'd never once lost a race against a blatantly obvious cheat. Chloe surfaced and forced herself to keep up an impossible stroke rhythm... She might be badly in oxygen deficit, but Chloe Southern still had a vast supply of rage to draw on...



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