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11 minutes ago, xXWWhiteXx said:

One detail - there is chapter 8 and then chapter 10 but with Interlude between - is this intended or i missed something?


Ah, well spotted! My mistake - The Ladies Who Came to Dinner is actually Chapter 9. Chapter 10 will be entitled Floatation Devices. 

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5 hours ago, flyer33 said:

Ah, well spotted! My mistake - The Ladies Who Came to Dinner is actually Chapter 9. Chapter 10 will be entitled Floatation Devices. 

Hopefully soon.

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On 10/30/2019 at 8:40 PM, Batman76 said:

Hopefully soon.

Let's give it a shot, if open office is feeling helpful! I for one certainly hope Tina gets a taste of her own medicine in this one. And... Since I'm the author...



Chapter 9: The Ladies Who Came To Dinner (part 2)


Twenty minutes later...


Tina Reilley preened, admiring her impressive, lithe body in the gold-trimmed mirror of her en-suite bathroom. She'd been shown to a guest room so that she could fix up her ruined hair before lunch. And, she had to admit, she'd done a spectacularly good job of salvaging it. The complex hairdo had been great, but the simple ponytail into which she'd tied back her straight, auburn hair after a quick shower was every bit as eye-catching and charming. While she'd been attending to her beautiful hair, her dress had been dried by the efficient household staff. Fortunately, the lightness of its fabric meant that it had only taken a few moments on low heat in a drier in order to return to its correct state. In next to no time, Tina had perfected her make-up and was ready to head down for lunch. The lunch gong was due at 1pm, and she would be bang on time.

The house had a clever layout and Tina descended straight from the upstairs corridor into a high-ceilinged, semi-circular lounge with panoramic views over the beach, where she joined Professor Serviss and Joshua T. Whale Jr at the coffee table. Professor Serviss was slurping a large mug of thick drink – a fattening hot chocolate, Tina suspected, which was the very last thing the obese Professor should be drinking.

The auburn-haired swimming captain had found it both tragic and revolting to see how the once-fit Francesca Serviss had reacted on learning that lunch would not be served for another half hour after they arrived, rather than straight away. The Professor had seemed to go limp, and clutch her belly as it rumbled louder than an avalanche in the Swiss Alps. And she'd looked pathetically grateful when the butler had offered to bring her a hot drink and some biscuits to tide her over until lunchtime. Tina noted there was an empty packet of oreos lying on the tea tray, and suspected Fran had eaten all six.

After exchanging pleasantries with her host, Tina Reilley accepted a champagne flute containing a non-alcoholic cocktail. The drink was peach and mango with a hint of tangy spices, and it's exquisite flavours made Tina's mouth water. Tina disdainfully observed that Francesca had already accepted her second glass of the delicious stuff together with three flutes of the sparkling wine which the maid had also offered from a tray. Their host, Joshua Whale, was sticking to sherry.

The lunch gong sounded. And not before time – Tina felt very hungry! She realised her rapid metabolism must have built up quite a calorie deficit during the long car ride and beach walk, and she was eager for the multi-course lunch that was on its way.

One thing stood between Tina and lunch. And that was Fran Serviss. The Gainesburg Professor was idling on the soft white sofa, seemingly not aware that their lunch was ready to be served! Joshua Whale had risen with the aid of his walking stick and headed over, but Fran was not budging. With a gasp, Tina realised why. Francesca Serviss was too fat to get up!

Oof!” Francesca uttered, shifting her bulk from side to side on the sofa as she tried to find a position from which her feeble muscles could produce enough leverage to heave her up.

Ooooof! My legs are extremely stiff after that beach walk, Tina! Would you mind?” Francesca asked rhetorically.

Professor Serviss lifted both her arms towards Tina, who grudgingly obliged by bracing herself, taking a vice-like grip on Fran's hands, and heaving like she was trying to pull a heavy boyfriend out of the swimming pool. Tina felt her gym-honed back muscles straining with the effort – which meant Fran must have been even fatter than she looked: perhaps as much as 250 lbs of gelatinous blubber.

Oooh! Oooooogh!” Fran groaned, as Tina's crushing grip and youthful strength did all the work of prising her fat ass up into a standing position. “Much obliged, Tina!”

Tina was utterly appalled by the Professor's awful physical condition. Fran had boasted, while they'd been driving over in the limo, that she had been her college's swimming champion for three years running. Fran had then recounted endless stories of her sporting accomplishments, such as the time when she was a graduate student and had won a state bronze medal at the relatively advanced age of 27. Tina could scarcely believe that Fran had gone on to become such a slave to her gluttony and sloth that fifteen years later she could barely walk two miles down the beach without passing out, and then literally couldn't get her fat ass up from the couch without the aid of a strong assistant.

Tina followed Fran to the dining table, noticing how the shimmering gold dress failed to conceal the hefty girth of the obese Professor's wobbling ass. It was a rather nauseating sight, and Tina took a different route around to the window-side of the dinner table so she didn't have to look at it.

Yuk!” Tina muttered under her breath.

If a great Renaissance artist had composed a series of paintings on the seven deadly sins, and Francesca Serviss had been available to pose as a model, there was no doubt she would have been the centrepiece of several famous works. Gluttony, of course, she would have embodied perfectly: all the way from the bulging cheeks of her overly made-up face, via hefty boobs that were far too flabby for the amount she'd put on display, and her swaying gut which jiggled as she walked and had rumbled constantly in the car, to her ass which spilled out of the back of her chair and her thunder thighs which oozed over the sides. Sloth would have been a cinch for Francesca to pose for – even a slow painter could have captured her likeness during the lazy years she must have idled away on the sofa and in bed, in order for her once-strong muscles to atrophy away into their contemporary state of uselessness. And Pride, of course, in her importance as Deputy Vice Chancellor for Endowments, and in her lavish lifestyle and expensive clothes – or would that be Greed?

Anyway, Tina's musing was cut short because a basket holding three freshly-baked bread rolls arrived, along with home-made salted butter.

Tina tried to take a roll, and felt a flash of fury well up within her as Francesca took two – one in each hand – and started to munch on them before even setting them on her side plate.

There was only one bread roll left, and Tina's tummy rumbled in protest at its severe hunger as the swimming captain politely offered it first to Joshua Whale. Fortunately the old millionaire smiled indulgently at both of his guests, and offered the roll to Tina, who quickly buttered it thickly and wolfed it down.

Tina looked up from picking crumbs off her side plate to find the maid – a plumply pretty brunette wearing a low-cut black outfit with a matching lacy white apron and stockings that had obviously been specified by her employer – pouring her a large glass of white wine from a bottle with a handwritten label.

Tina scowled and started to gesture for the maid to cease pouring the wine, but stopped herself. After all, the wine appeared very fine indeed, and it would be no problem to indulge herself just for one day in January... Tina had allowed herself a small number of sinfully boozy days over the vacation. On most of those days the booze had been socially obligatory, because she had been attending parties hosted in lavish brownstone mansions on the Upper East Side. The Christmas parties had been perfect venues for Tina to flirt and scope-out the wealth and political connections of the most eligible bachelors in Manhattan high society. Apart from that, Tina had been careful to stick to her diet over the festive season. She was in no doubt her rivals for sporting triumph would be falling behind on their training and figure-maintenance regimes during the holiday – in the irksome Katie Kane's case because Tina had made sure to spike her blonde competitor's drinks with plenty of the weight-gain tonic which had, after several more vials than Tina had anticipated, achieved such pleasing results on Chloe Southern. With just a little more scheming, Tina was certain of securing her college's highest sporting honours. Then she would be perfectly placed to use her champion status – along with her natural charms and wit – to secure a wealthy and well-connected husband who could give her a good start in her political career.

Just a little.” Tina instructed the maid.

After enjoying a large glass of the delicate French white, and a small refill from the bottle so that she could savour another few sips before Francesca gluttonously guzzled the lot, Tina suggested a topic of small-talk.

So, Professor, have you made any New Year's resolutions?” Tina asked.

Francesca didn't look pleased to be asked, because she had just noticed the large bowls of French onion soup arriving and seemed eager to dive in.

Oh, just the usual, Tina!” Francesca said, patting her tummy which rolled forwards over her lap. Tina was shocked that a woman in such awful, bloated shape would be dim enough to draw attention to her fat potato-sack of a belly. “A bit of a January diet and some exercise. I had a few more big family dinners than usual this year, and it'll be good to get back into bikini shape for the summer!”

Tina rolled her eyes before she tucked into the thick cheese topping on her hefty bowl of soup. There was no way Francesca Serviss would be in any kind of shape for wearing a bikini in public this summer – nor probably in any summer ever again. Even if she were to follow Tina's gym regime, which would be an obvious physical impossibility for the flabby-limbed academic, it would take her a solid year to shed enough blubber to look good on the beach. And even if Fran managed that, she'd probably be covered in stretch marks that would require an ocean of fake tan to conceal... The thought made Tina feel mildly sick. Fortunately the onion soup was delicious and took her mind off it. Happily, the soup had arrived with a doorstop of fresh bread and another generous scoop of the home-made butter.

Joshua Whale followed up Tina's query.

What about you, Tina? Do you have any resolutions this year? I'm certain you don't need to worry about doing any more diet or exercise than you already do, so what do you hope to change for the better this year?”

Oh, I'm going to step up my weight-training this year, Joshua.” Tina stated smugly. “I'm planning to set some new college records in the pool this summer, and I want to strengthen my legs to be the best I possibly can be!”

Tina slurped her tasty French onion soup, and joined Fran in having her bowl refilled – just by half in Tina's case, and only with a small extra chunk of bread – when the greedyguts Professor asked if there was any more and was told by a beaming Joshua Whale that there certainly was!

It was absolutely true that Tina would need to do more weight training in order to beat any of the Gainesburg College swimming records. Pretty much every college record had been set on the first day of the previous semester, by Chloe Southern at the inaugural time trials of the Gainesburg College Aquatics Center. The only women's pool records that had been broken since then were also Chloe Southern's, cutting a few fractions of a second off of her breast stroke times after some weeks of training. No-one else in the pool, whether a college sports scholar or a visiting competitor, had got close to her times either at the first time trials or since. This had absolutely infuriated Tina Reilley.

The auburn-haired new captain of the women's swimming team had selected Gainesburg College because it would set her up perfectly for a successful career in politics. Gainesburg College had a brand new, state of the art aquatics center, but not much of a reputation for sporting achievement and few sports scholars who were any good. Therefore it was perfect for Tina Reilley. Thanks to the rigorous training regime she'd followed due to her ambition mom, Tina had expected to easily become her college's champion sports star – and at an institution whose exceptionally large sports investment was certain, in the future, to secure the college a reputation for sporting excellence. Being the inaugural champion at the new Aquatics Center would be an achievement that would stand Tina in good stead in the political arena – after all, she would be not just be a hot, fit winner but also a visionary who had helped to make the college's sports programme great! But Chloe Southern had presented an almost insurmountable barrier to Tina's ambitions.

To state it with minimal praise – and Tina would certainly do no more – Chloe Southern was close to being an all-round invincible competitor in the pool. The rangy blonde stood a clear five inches taller than Tina, and Chloe's much longer limbs, harder muscles, and humungous aerobic capacity meant that Tina couldn't beat her and indeed lagged seconds behind the blonde in any endurance race. That had been how Tina had discovered the marvellous Pep Potion at the Gainesburg Herbal Medicine Store. She'd been looking for a good stimulant that wouldn't be detected by a drugs test but which would improve her times significantly, and the name of the herbalist, Anneka Anville, had been praised by various people who seemed to be in-the-know.

The Pep Potion had helped Tina to swim a bit faster, but the side-effects had been hideous: Anneka had warned Tina about the appetite stimulation, but Tina hadn't expected to be addicted to triple-helpings of creamy pudding with every meal for a whole week after she'd swallowed a teaspoonful of the herbal product. But the costly Pep Potion hadn't been useless! With just a little bit of blackmail, Tina had compelled Chloe's main squeeze to spike the blonde Californian's protein shakes with the stuff. The effects had been initially disappointing for Tina: Chloe might have been spotted slurping a few more milkshakes than usual after being given triple the dose that had temporarily spoiled Tina's sixpack, but the effect on the blonde's extreme fitness had been zilch and her abdominal muscles had remained invincibly ripped in the shower room. But Tina had persisted – she'd trusted the Potion's effect, and after dumping a couple more vials of the stuff every week into Chloe's drink, Tina had finally been delighted by the result. Chloe had got herself a reputation for partying and drinking hard, and after a couple of months she'd developed a soft belly, thicc thighs, and an impressively round (although annoyingly attractive and bouncy) bottom. She'd also been impressively hungover on the final time trial of the semester – which had elated the victorious Tina. That having been said, Chloe had still beaten most of the part-time swimmers, who had scholarships in other sports and were making up the numbers in the pool, despite the blonde looking red-eyed and still visibly drunk after a couple of hours sleep, and this had prevented Tina from calling the day a perfect one. Oh, and Tina had publicly stolen Chloe's boyfriend, and kicked her from the swimming squad as soon as Tina had been announced as the new captain, which had both been delicious.

What do you think, Tina?” Asked Joshua Whale.

Tina stopped smirking at her happy memory of the last semester, and wondered where the conversation had got to.

I was just thinking the fish course was excellent.” Tina said.

The comment elicited convivial laughs, because it apparently wasn't the answer to the question at hand. The fish course – a big medley of crab pate on six slices of toast adjacent to a mound of rolled smoked salmon and shrimp on a bed of chilled pasta and pickles slathered in rich mayonaisse – was excellent though.

We were just wondering...” Francesca Serviss added in a tone she reserved for students who were trying her patience, “what you think about the idea of racing against Chloe Southern this summer?”

As soon as she finished asking her question, Francesca resumed mopping up the mayonnaise from her platter, using an extra bread roll she'd obtained from somewhere.

Tina snorted.

Chloe Southern. Pah. Piece of cake.” The red-head sneered.

Good! Then it's settled! Ah very much look forward to seeing how our wager turns out!”

Tina looked confused. She hadn't been paying attention, and pretended she'd been so impressed by the food she'd missed a bit of the conversation.

Humph!” Francesca replied haughtily. “I don't know, Joshua! It seems young ladies these days are always thinking with their stomachs, never their minds!”

Tina glared back at the hypocrisy, but Fran was too busy having her wine glass refilled to notice. There was a new, different bottle of white with the fish – Fran had finished off the one that had accompanied the soup – and Tina accepted a small serving of the tangy new wine as Joshua explained what she'd missed.

You see, Tina, Ah was just saying to Francesca that Ah pride myself on bein' a fair-minded man. Although Ah was very disappointed with you both when I heard that Chloe Southern was no longer on your team, Ah do think that anyone deserves a chance to justify themselves.”

What's to justify? Bitch made herself fat.” Tina dismissed the point. 

Well that's as may be, Miss Reilley. But Ah believe that Ah know talent when Ah see it! Of course, Ah may be wrong, and if Ah am then Ah wouldn't want your beautiful college and wonderful sports programme to miss out because of it. Which is why Ah proposed a wager to Ms Serviss...”

Fran held out a wine glass to the maid for a refill. The Professor's cheeks were looking flushed and red – redder than could explained by her hefty use of blusher to ameliorate her blubbery cheeks – and she was displaying far too much delight at the fact the maid was offering a choice of two different wines to accompany the main course, and left both bottles on the table.

Joshua very cleverly suggested a race!” Fran chirped, drinking a big glug of her red wine. “Oh! This one is excellent! Very oaky! I love it!”

Is it that strong, Professor?” Tina asked sarcastically.

I'm sure I wouldn't know, young lady. Now shush!” Fran replied with a bit of a slur. “You see, Joshua very generously allowed that – since he doesn't know our college as well as we hope he one day will...”

Fran's voice trailed off. She'd tried and failed to formulate a complex sentence through the wine-haze.


Ah said.” Joshua touched Fran on the arm and continued for her.

Tina was disgusted to see Fran looked rather turned on by the wheezy old man's flirtatious touch. Anyway, Joshua Whale carried on Fran's explanation...

Maybe you were right to ditch the beautiful Ms Southern. It's possible, but I'd need a lot of convincing for you to show me that it's really so. But Ah'm willing to be shown, if it's really the case...

The deal will be back on – by which I mean I will donate the ten million dollars to your college – if you can prove to me that your new ladies captain, which is of course you, Tina, really is better than the gorgeous Ms Chloe Southern!”

Tina almost snarled.

The way Joshua Whale emphasised the word gorgeous for Chloe and not Tina was utterly intolerable, in Captain Tina Reilley's view. It painfully exposed one of her grievances about not being selected herself to be the star of the of the Gainesburg College promotional pictures. The photographer had selected Chloe Southern without a second glance at any of the other girls in the studio. In fact, Tina had been given less prominence than even the useless Katie Kane, and that really riled her! Indeed, that was the whole reason Tina had chosen to dump a load of the expensive herbal weight-gain tonic into Katie's drinks. It certainly wasn't from any kind of fear of the peroxide blonde's athletic prowess: as far as Tina was concerned, she was already better than Katie in the pool, and in any case Katie was a lazy chubbette with no chance of improving her times. Unfortunately, Katie Kane had the kind of dumb, girl-next-door-cum-prom-queen good looks and dazzling smile which meant people gave her praise like gorgeous and beautiful instead of correctly giving their admiration to Tina. Hence Tina's scheme to remedy the situation by ensuring Katie Kane fattened herself stupid... And it was a plan that was certain to succeed: unlike the metabolic monster that was Chloe Southern, Katie Kane had zero tolerance for either alcohol or the gluttony-inducing effects of the Pep Potion, and a teensy dose had made her start ballooning nicely before the vacation. Tina looked forward to seeing what effects had been wrought over the holiday season by the hefty dose of half a vial she'd got Katie's boyfriend to slip into her milkshake just before Christmas.

Of course I'm better than Chloe Southern!” Tina screeched loudly in reply to the pompous millionaire, in a way that stopped the conversation dead. “And Katie Kane! In every way!”

Joshua T. Whale leaned back in his chair, looking startled.

Tina was too angry to apologise for screaming at her host over an expensive lunch. Fortunately, the now-drunk Francesca Serviss defused the situation.

Hah! Hahaha! You'll have to forgive our rude student, Joshua! She's spirited, like a champion racehorse!”

Oh.” Joshua Whale Jr smiled benevolently, musing about racehorses he had once owned.

But it's what makes her a great athlete! She'd nearly as great as I was in my youth!”

Was. Tina sulked to herself.

Francesca continued talking drunkenly, before filling her red wine glass up to the brim and then sharing the remainder with her host and lastly with Tina. Tina noted she poured it into the wrong glass.

Oh, look, Josh-osh... Josh-ewa! The main course is arriving! And my Goodness its a Big One!”

Yes, it certainly is a big one, isn't it!” Joshua smiled. “But I've always loved turkey! And I hope you ladies still have a big appetite too! If not... Perhaps you'd like another glass of the peach-and-mango cocktail to help digest your first courses?”

Tina leaned back in her chair and tried to straighten her mind. She had eaten and drunk quite a lot, and she accepted the offer of another glass of the spicy non-alcoholic cocktail. It had been the most delicious thing so far, and its refreshing coolness certainly helped her forget how full she was starting to feel. It looked like there was plenty more to come.

There were two empty wine bottles on the table, and two more open, and Tina had consumed a glass or two of each. She felt tipsy. Fran had guzzled the lion's share, plus three flutes of champagne earlier, and she was as pissed as hell. Joshua Whale had been drinking steadily, and seemed convivially drunk enough to not mind the way Tina had snapped at him.

Tina watched as two chefs lifted a platter bearing a giant roast turkey onto the dining table which just seated herself, the fat Professor, and the old multi-millionaire. It was a ludicrous meal, Tina reflected, as they started to carve and dish out giant servings of meat and stuffing, and huge dishes of roast potatoes, vegetables, additional sausage stuffing and festive accompaniments, and offered a whole bird's worth of gravy from a great big jug. Fran accepted everything greedily, then sloshed gravy on the top until her plate began to spill, and Tina didn't say no to anything as she felt her youthful appetite was holding up well.

Do you like Brussels sprouts, Francesca?” Joshua inquired.

No! Never had a taste for 'em!” Fran boomed. “I'll only have a dozen or two!”

What about you, Tina?”

Oh, I like them well enough. Just a few: I want to save room for another slab of the cranberry jelly. And the meat is delicious. The gravy tastes so fattening, though!”

It's my chef's secret recipe!” Whale exclaimed. “He makes it with lard!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The plates were biggest Tina had ever seen. And she'd been to some extravagant restaurants. But the food prepared by Joshua Whale's kitchen staff was utterly outstanding to such a degree that Tina eventually found herself asking for more, even though she knew in the back of her wine-filled brain that she'd eaten a lot, in fact, far too much.

Meanwhile, Fran did most of the work polishing off the two bottles of wine that had come with the main course, and then cajoled Joshua Whale into cracking open another red from his cellar. Fran had cackled and asked for “A good one, this time!” And she'd cheered when he agreed, and as the waiter uncorked it she'd leaned over and given him a sloppy kiss... The process had been too much for the bloated Professor's new party dress.


Whoops!” Francesca burped as she tried to right herself in her chair after the sloppy kiss. “Ooof! M' dress must've caught on something when I leaned, and there's a little tear in the seam at the side! See!”

Fran struggled drunkenly to show the gaping hole in the left side of her dress to the table, revealing a stretch-marked roll of white flab to everyone in the process. Tina looked away in revulsion.

S'not 'cos I've got so fat it's burst again like in the Brasserie! Noooo! There's plenty of room for my tum in this fabulous, expensive new dress!”

That was an obvious lie, Tina thought. Fran's dress had previously been able to deceptively conceal the Professor's burgeoning weight – but that had been before the huge meal and not after she'd been stuffing herself like a pig and gorging on endless extra helpings of everything.

Now, as she drunkenly ordered a waiter to serve her a third slab of roast turkey and extra creamed potato to soak up the pint of gravy she wanted with it, Francesca Serviss' dress did not have “plenty of room.” That's why its seam had split. It was because she was grossly fat. Her bloated gut was fully obvious through her dress because it pulled the gold fabric taut around her distended beachball of a middle. In fact, the former swimmer looked like a fat soccer mom had found a large party dress that she could just about squeeze into after her fourth pregnancy, and then got pregnant with twins and come back to the dress eight months later and rolled it on. That was how bloated Fran had allowed herself to grow, and that was how tight her party dress had become. So, no, it didn't have “plenty of room.”

Of course there is, My Dear!” Joshua agreed. “But hold off on fourths and save some room for dessert! We have a trio of them – a bit of an obstacle course, if you will – and not to mention we have a different bottle of dessert wine chosen with each of them!”

Dessert Wine!” Fran exclaimed. “I love dessert wine! It's just sooo sweeet!”

Tina also loved dessert wine. The only problem was that her abdomen felt tight-to-bursting, and she wasn't sure she could swallow another mouthful of anything unless she burped or farted first... She farted. It was a heavy fart and it prompted Fran to laugh loudly, but it didn't seem to make any more room. It was almost as if all the food she'd packed in, including a big second helping of the roast turkey with all the trimmings and extra gravy, were able to expand to occupy the little space she made. It was grossly unfair!

Fortunately, help was at hand. A rather hunky waiter – why had Tina not noticed how charming he was, before – proffered a champagne flute of the chilled, refreshing peach-and-mango non-alcoholic cocktail. She accepted it gratefully, and was delighted by just how well the digestif helped assuage her feeling of overfullness. She even smiled alluringly at the waiter and got him to give her a second glass.

Tina felt ready for dessert, and although Fran could barely sit upright in her seat it was served, along with glug after glug of dessert wine, poured into three different glasses. The wines were strong. Time passed, and the Gainesburg ladies gorged. Tina felt her heart pounding as her body reacted to the sugar-rich, thick dark chocolate fudge of the chocolate tart, her favourite dessert. It was enormous – an entire tart fit for six, but she'd finished it. And on top of raspberry cheesecake and a wedge of cherry gateaux sufficient to feed a table of four. She wondered how Fran's body could handle the strain caused by so much blood sugar – but then the fat older woman was extremely fat, so the sugar was probably much more dilute in all the blubber. Plus the gallon of wine she she must have drunk must surely be diluting the sugar...

Tina realised she desperately had to pee.

Where's restroom?” Tina struggled to ask, as her dessert wines were refilled.

She was given directions and stood up unsteadily. It was lucky Tina was very drunk, or the next part would have caused her to scream uncontrollably.


Bwa! HA! HA! Hahahaha!” Francesca cackled drunkenly, falling sideways into Joshua Whale who joined in the chortling.

Tina's skimpy red size six party dress, of which the flimsy material must have been damaged by getting rained on and then dried, tore open a seam at the back as Tina's strong muscles lifted her unsteadily to her feet.

Shut up, Professor!” Tina retorted. “I need to pee!”

You need to go on a diet!” Professor Fran shot back. “Look how fat you've got!”

Arrgh!” Tina retorted incoherently.

Ladies, please!” Joshua beamed. “A little decorum!”

Tina tottered to the large, marble-floored restroom, and saw her reflection in the mirror.

It was true! She did need a diet! A very strict diet!

Tina clutched her distended abdomen. She looked as bloated as the Professor! It was impossible! She gave a little drunken scream!

Then Tina collected herself.

She was just bloated. Yes, her stomach distorted her dress like she was heavily pregnant, but there was a giant difference between her and the Professor. Francesca Serviss was super-fat, as a result of years of unrestrained gluttony and laziness. Tina, meanwhile, was just super-bloated, because she'd eaten a stupidly huge meal and – unlike Fran – her system wasn't used to it, and her belly stuck out and made her look fat. But it would be back to normal in a day or two. The rest of her body – and this was easy to check because her dress showed off everything – was lithe and taut with hard muscle. Oh no...

Eeeeek!” Tina screeched.

Yes, her dress did leave everything on display.

But the size-six party dress had been cut to be tight on a skinny girl. And it was extraordinarily revealing – micro-length, in fact.

And there was only a single way a tight, micro-length dress made of thin, gauzy fabric that ruffled but didn't stretch could accommodate the belly of a seven month pregnant woman. And that single way was to rise up...

And, in the case of Tina's micro-length dress, the riding up of her hemline had gone far too far.


Tina screamed in pitiful realisation that the charming, hunky waiter had got more than an eyeful of her normally-spectacular body, because she'd walked to the restroom with her party dress hoisted up so far, around the swollen bulge of her belly, that her tiny red lycra thong – along with the lower part of swollen gut – was on full display to the world!




At that moment, Francesca staggered into the restroom, and pushed past Tina to use the loo. Once she'd finished, Fran washed her hands before turning drunkenly and laughing uncontrollably at Tina's state of undress!

BWAHAHA! Mwah Hahahaha!” Cackled the pissed Professor, jabbing a finger into Tina's hugely swollen belly.

Tina felt an agonising pain in her middle and burped.

She looked up in time to hear Francesca deliver a cutting remark it seemed like she'd been wanting to make for ages.

Bwahaha, Tina! It looks like somebody's been eating too much pudding!”


* *


The rest of the day passed without Tina's embarrassment getting any worse. It just remained saturated at a very high level. There had been coffee liqueur to drink, and chocolate mints to eat, as she sat with her thong on display and her drum-tight tummy complaining to her.

Eventually, even the delicious peach-and-mango non-alcoholic cocktail didn't help Tina feel better. She went to bed with horrible constipation and awoke late with a raging hangover.

The Professor had got so drunk she basically passed out on the couch and was carried to bed by a pair of strong servants, after Tina arranged for the two Gainesburg Ladies to stay the night, and be taken back to the limo via boat the next morning.

Joshua T. Whale Jr waved them off at the jetty, having gifted each of the badly-hungover college ladies a bottle of the delicious peach-and-mango non-alcoholic cocktail, to be kept refrigerated and enjoyed in small amounts. He also said how much he was looking forward to attending the agreed special event at the Gainesburg College summer swimming time trials, at which Tina Reilley would race against Chloe Southern for honour – and for Francesca Serviss' hoped-for big donation. Tina had been too hung-over to sneer dismissively at the challenge.

Francesca had slept most of the way back to Gainesburg, and groaned about her aching tummy whenever she stirred.

However, Fran did remember the key details of the lunch with Joshua Whale. She called Tina to her office another day later, and hypocritically lectured the young woman about the perils of making a pig of herself. Tina had felt furiously angry when Fran told the red-haired swimming captain that she still looked puffy in the face and bloated around the tum, 48 hours after their lunch, and instructed Tina to make sure she struck to a strict diet and training regimen for the entire semester. After all, there was an important wager to win!

But Fran and Tina made up at the end of their meeting. They were in many respects like-minded ladies, and it was important for such women to make friends with each other and stick together. Fran opened her office fridge and the two Gainesburg swimmers – the present captain and the Professor who had once been a great champion – toasted their future success by clinking a pair of champagne flutes each filled with a generous measure of the delicious non-alcoholic peach-and-mango cocktail.


* * *

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13 hours ago, Batman76 said:

Delicious. Seriously some of the very best stuffing depictions I've ever seen.


Let's see it add up...

Thanks very much! I'm personally looking forward to seeing what sort of shape Tina is (or isn't) in, now that she's been given a whole bottle of her own medicine, when she has to race against Chloe. It's looking more complicated that I'd thought to arrange the finale, so here are the titles of the remaining chapters, which might take a while to write. These chapter outlines are pretty likely to change, as I'm not sure what will fit. I've put some options next to the chapter titles - feel free to comment if there's a particular sort of thing you'd like to see, or if you've any different suggestions. 


Chapter 10: Floatation Devices - Chloe's friends have returned to college after their fattening Christmas vacations, and are impressed by her mostly-recovered fitness and suspicious about her bustier figure. [Options: (1) A milkshake-drinking competition with the Gainesburg chubbettes; (2) A Valentine's day auction at which the ladies compete to attract the highest bids from their would-be dates; or (3) Chloe messes about on campus with some magic.]

Chapter 11: Flagging Figures - The College's dire financial position looks set to be salvaged when a big global food company offers to support a "staff versus students fitness competition" in order to promote their new range of superfoods. [Options: (1) An eccentric French pornographic film director is hired to produce promotional photographs; (2) - very likely - Francesca Serviss decides to compete against what she sees as the lazy, unfit younger generation ]

Chapter 12: Best Served Wet - The summer time trials are at hand, with Joshua Whale poised to present a lavish trophy to the winner. [Options: (1) Erm....; (2) Uh??]


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On 11/1/2019 at 8:53 PM, Batman76 said:

Why not do all the options?


Besides time constraints that is.

Hmm, well I'm not sure if I want to use all of them because I don't know how to fit them all together, whereas I could probably string together a few things in a plausible way using time-skips. But I'm happy to make the story a bit longer, if people are happy to read some more about the Gainesburg chubbettes and their (mostly) losing battles with weight gain before we worry about the conclusion. In which case, I wonder which characters people might like to read more about?

In any case, here is the first part of Chapter 10. 



Chapter 10: Floatation Devices (part 1)


Gainesburg, mid-January in the New Year.

A fresh breeze blew through Gainesburg College as the students finished repopulating their accommodation before the spring semester.


Chloe Southern hunted through the clothes she'd decanted from her sports bag onto the bed (an annoyingly small bed compared to the one she'd enjoyed in her New England hotel) in her college room. Somewhere in her luggage was a stylish new tank-top that would fit properly around her overgrown shoulders. There had to be, because she'd bought three in the store in Portland, where she'd done some shopping before catching her flight back to Florida.

Chloe had enjoyed three weeks with her awesome relatives, which had passed without further incident other than Destiny ripping her sweat pants due to overeating during a New Year's party with the neighbours. Chloe had spent the afternoons in the privacy of her hotel room, letting the Booke of Darke show her whatever it felt like showing her about how to be a sorceress. The Booke, on being told they would soon be flying back to Florida, had made some suggestions about appropriate winged steeds that she might summon up. It was particularly fond of something called a Byakhee. When Chloe had said the picture looked a bit unsubtle, the Booke had made her read the warnings plastered all over the first chapter on polymorph spells... And when Chloe had then tried to explain airplanes, the Booke had promptly demonstrated that it was able to temporarily polymorph itself into an innocuous paperback, and it was in the form of “Advanced Sex Tips For Girls, Volume X” in her inside jacket pocket that she had brought it back to her college room where it had promptly resumed its massive bulk and taken up residence in her swimwear drawer. Then Chloe had attempted to find some cute warm-weather clothes.

As a 6'1'' blonde athlete with big, lean shoulders and a wide chest, Chloe was used to her tops being tight. In fact, she adored clothes which clung to the contours of her chest and her perky breasts, stretched taut when she breathed normally, and threatened to let her spill out whenever she took a deep breath. And so did her boyfriends, in her considerable experience. But there was a difference between a top being tight, clingy, and figure hugging, and being so tight that its seams tore when she tried to pull it over her muscular frame. Sadly, her new size-ten tank tops, in pink, black, and white, all felt like the latter type, and it was only with extremely-careful handling that she had managed to wrestle the pink one over her boobs in one piece. Chloe had refused to go up to the size 12 which her chest really demanded, because she had finally sculpted her belly back into a condition she was happy to show off and there was no way she was going to let loose clothes hide the fact.

Chloe giggled happily at her reflection. The way her top clung to her ample rack was beyond indecent, more-so because she hadn't felt like wearing a bra. She was just back from Maine and into low-necklines for the first time in weeks, and she definitely was showing off a lot more cleavage than she remembered. Possibly the bulking-up of her chest muscles she'd achieved in the gym over the vacation were responsible – at least in part.

Hmm.” Chloe examined her muscular arms and thighs in the mirror with a discerning eye.

Okay Chloe.” She told herself. “If you don't flex then you can pass for just being a bit more of a beefcake than you used to be. If you flex... Someone's going to ask what steroids you were taking... So, even when you're feeling like a really dumb blonde, be careful not to do that.”

Chloe genuinely had worked hard in the gym, and was not going to hide it.

But Chloe's recovered fitness had one other cause, apart from hours in the gym, which she had resolved not to tell anyone about – except for her best friend, Katie Kane, who was brighter than she seemed and surprisingly good at keeping confidences. Chloe had decided she definitely wouldn't be telling anyone except Katie that she seemed, somehow, to have returned from New England as a powerful witch or sorceress or something. It wasn't like anyone would believe it anyway, unless she did something careless... Of course, that meant no cool Fireballs, but Chloe was sure she could still get away with some of the more subtle effects from the Booke of Darke.

For example, Chloe had discovered some pretty impressive – but arguably natural – side effects from her single use of the piece of sorcery entitled Giant Growth. Basically, it had left her muscles sore for a week like she'd been working out way too hard and was very lucky not to have sprained anything in the process. And it had left behind more growth hormone – Chloe desperately hoped it was a natural-ish effect and wouldn't make her fail a drugs test – than her body had ever encountered before... Her muscles had wanted to do nothing but lie resting on the couch for a week, soaking up protein and calories and bulking-up faster than could happen to a fifteen-year-old boy who'd just got into sports and weight training and was sticking religiously to the gallon-of-milk-a-day diet. Chloe had a pretty good idea how fast that was, because her own younger brother had been through it and she'd been extremely annoyed when he suddenly became very buff over a few months and surpassed the strength it had taken her literally years of training to achieve. Of course... The boot would be on the other foot the next time she saw him, and she'd resolved to repay him double for the pasting she'd received on the day she'd discovered she could no long kick his ass.

Combined with her gym training and her aunt's calorific food – you had to eat big to get big, right – Chloe was feeling super-buff. Her reaction, when she'd discovered that she had a magic spell that left her body processing the equivalent of several months of weightlifting, had been that Christmas had come (a day or so) early. Apart from ruining her beloved pink tank top, which she had attempted to sew back together, until Felicity had taken pity on Chloe's useless needlework and fixed it for her, Chloe had enjoyed an utterly amazing few days. She'd discovered she'd lost eight pounds overnight, which had turned into twelve pounds after she'd spent three days on the couch with her aching muscles throbbing and recovering. And that was twelve pounds of net weight loss despite doing nothing but eat like a beast, including over Christmas Day. And she'd actually shed more than twelve pounds of body fat, because at the same time her muscles had swelled up to an insane degree. All while her Aunt Flossie had been feeding her relentlessly. Chloe had done a Christmas Day swim in the Fatucket river wearing a skimpy stars and stripes bikini, and her only concern hadn't been her belly, which looked respectably slim even if she was not near to her leanest, but the fact her biceps made her look like she'd been taking dodgy supplements at some backstreet gym.

Apart from the Giant Strength spell, Chloe had tested out one other magical spell from the Booke of Darke that might have had a teeny and, in her firm opinion, barely noticeable effect on her body.

Chloe had discovered – in fact it had been enthusiastically pushed in her face by the Booke of Darke – an entry-level spell that a witch could use to obtain a perfect, generously-proportioned and firm bosom. Breast enlargement, Chloe had learned, was a topic that spread over several chapters in the Booke. And it was alluded to in other places besides... Anyway, since it was clearly of very great importance for a sorceress to have an epically impressive rack, and Chloe guessed she qualified as a sorceress, she had felt obliged to read at least a few of the Booke's suggestions on the subject... In any case, she'd had no choice but to read it. The Booke had stubbornly refused to change pages until she'd read out loud all about bust-enlarging magic. She'd started to suspect it was perving over her voice. And her suspicions had been confirmed by the way it had trembled when she'd tried reading out a particularly salacious paragraph, about ways to achieve enhanced orgasms, in a cut-glass English accent she'd copied from Aunt F's favourite television character.

Chloe had prudently decided to test only the most modest bust-enlarging spell in the Booke. She chosen it partly because it promised to redistribute body-fat from the area of her choice – in Chloe's case that meant the fat that was obscuring but not completely hiding the lower-half of her fairly beefy sixpack – to assist in building the perfect, extremely perky, bosom. The spell had left Chloe feeling insatiably hungry for days, much to her aunt's delight. It had also, over a few nights, resulted in her outgrowing all her bras. But it didn't matter that she'd outgrown all her bras, because her breasts had also become so firm and buoyant she no longer needed one under any circumstances, and could certainly now use her boobs to hold up a backless dress that lacked any other means of support. Frankly, even if the dress had five kilos of aerobic weights strapped to it. And she'd grown from a 40B to – well, she wasn't certain but she assumed a 40C, although she meant to get measured at some point. As a professional swimmer with a huge band measurement, to accommodate her capacious lungs, Chloe was accustomed to needing professional advice on bra sizing.

Chloe finished dressing and headed across the manicured college grounds to the Aquatics Center.

Chaos followed close behind.

The rest of Chloe's outfit had been easy for her to pick. Mostly because there was very little of it... Just a pair of tiny denim hot pants that she now squeezed into snugly without a hint of a muffin top, and ankle-length white socks and trainers.

Chloe had been a hot blonde with no shortage of admirers for her body, even at her thiccest. Now she was back to around her original college shape as a 10/10 hottie who just happened to also be an Olympic-level competitor in the most notoriously sex-obsessed discipline: swimming. And the college quad was occupied by horny boys who had been separated from their girlfriends over the vacation and hence – theoretically, at least – were in a sex-starved state. Chloe smirked when a scuffle broke out as she walked past a table and two football players bashed into each other in an attempt to catch up with her. One of Chloe's natural gifts was long legs, so she easily side-stepped the fracas, and managed to cause a second one by swaying her tight buns seductively as she walked in front of the captain of the boy's rowing team – whose brawny girlfriend took violent exception to his distraction.

Apart from that, Chloe's walk to the Aquatics Center was pretty standard. A boy carrying a stack of history books fell over in front of her, and she helped him pick them up before patting him on the back and sending him on his way. She politely didn't mention the way he had to hunch over afterwards, to accommodate the raging hard-on in his pants. And a maths major she knew slightly walked into a lamp post while he was staring in Chloe's direction and wasn't paying attention to where he was walking. And for some reason a lawn sprinkler went off as she took a short-cut over some grass, spraying her with cold water and leaving her nipples protruding through her wet tank top, which stuck to her body so slickly that her lack of a bra became even more blatantly obvious than it already was. Chloe had no idea what caused that particular watering malfunction, but a group of sniggering boys behind a nearby wall seemed to enjoy their front row seats for the exhibition.

The Aquatics Center was not particularly busy. The adjoining gym had a few unfamiliar faces trying to sweat off some of the holiday pounds, but Chloe didn't see many of her fellow sports scholars – which suited her. She wasn't actually completely certain she was still allowed to call herself a sports scholar, since she'd been kicked from her own team, but she had a contract with the college that ran until the summer, so she was entitled to book time in the Olympic pool and she did.

Chloe changed into a swimsuit from her personal locker and dived into her lane of the nearly-empty pool. The water felt good. It was sweltering hot in comparison to the Fatucket river. And the deep, still pool was easy to swim in and amenable to more competition-style rhythms. Chloe kicked up her swimming effort until she found the right level for a 10 km training session. Two-hundred lengths later she realised 10 km hadn't been enough to wear her out – she'd been doing gym work but her pool muscles had been given a long vacation – and she added another five and recalculated how many length she needed to do in each style.

Afterwards, Chloe lay on her back by the side of the pool gasping for a minute. She'd pushed herself to almost race-speed for her last eight-hundred metres, and was pretty pleased by her time: nine minutes flat which was solid for the end of her training session.

Her recovery was interrupted by one of her former team-mates.

Fuck me, Chloe! You're in amazing shape! Happy Fucking New Year!” Exclaimed a tall brunette with a genuinely posh English accent.

The willowy, 5'10'' freestyle distance specialist – although she looked less willowy and much more puffed-out than she had before Christmas, presumably due to all the lavish English banquets she'd got to stuff herself with over her vacation back in Buckinghamshire – sounded sincerely impressed. Although... Chloe could never tell when Tiffany was being sarcastic.

Thanks, Tottie!” Chloe replied, to her English friend, Tiffany “Tottie” Pippa Thwaite-Thompson. “I did a lot of free-water swimming up in my folks place in Maine. It was fucking cold, but swimming upstream in a river is really good practice.”

My God, Chloe! I don't care about your split times. I mean your tits look fantastic! And the rest of your figure! Seriously!”

Chloe stood up to hug her English friend. Tottie was one of the few decent female distance swimmers in the college – as well as being probably the easiest girl to get into bed in the entire sports scholar programme, which was quite an achievement and something of which Tottie was justifiably proud.

Chloe!” Tottie leaned in to whisper in the blonde's ear. “I desperately need your plastic surgeon's number!”

Chloe whispered back. “Um. Sorry, Tottie, this is all me. I'm from California, remember?”

Bull! Shit! Chloe! Those are implants, and they're amazing! Plus, you've had some lipo, right, and... I'm not asking to be mean like Tina, Chloe... I'm asking...” Tiffany softened her whisper even more. “Because I think I need a little work done myself! I ate too many fucking mince pies at Lord and Lady Bonbon's stately home over Xmas!”

Sorry, Tottie! This is me. Here, feel if you don't believe me!”

Chloe was pretty sure it would take nothing less than a detailed squeeze of her boobs to convince Tiffany that she was silicone-free. What Chloe hadn't reckoned with was just how sensitive her tits still were after their sorcerously-assisted growth spurt.

Uhn! Ah! Stop, Tottie!” Chloe cried out in a mixture of pain and intense arousal.

Tiffany raised a skeptical eyebrow.

Oh, I'm really sorry, Chloe. Are they still sensitive after the surgery?”


Right. I'm sorry if that hurt them. Look, you've convinced me they're not implants, but now I just think you've had the fat sucked off your hips and squirted into them – plus I now think your surgeon is a god, not just a genius. So, Chloe... His phone number? By email later?”

Tottie! I'd give you what you want if I could” Chloe replied.

Tiffany looked up pleadingly at her tall blonde ex-captain.

Please, Chloe! I'm desperate! I've put on eleven pounds over the vacation, look!”

Tiffany grabbed a roll of belly fat through her swimsuit.

Tottie, you look great! Really! Like any boy's wet dream. As you know very well. Plus, eleven pounds is nothing – its a couple of week's work for us. You know that. I mean, you know I put on over two stone last semester, and I look okay now, don't I?”

Oh, Chloe! Don't make me beg on my knees! I'm not you. It looks bad when I gain weight! I look really bloated and my tummy get fat! With you, you just got Florida's best ass and most lickable thighs when you gained!”

Chloe patted Tiffany's back and tried soothing her by stroking her hair. Surprisingly, it seemed to work.

Sorry Tottie. There's no surgery involved here...”

Tiffany looked unconvinced, but she was wavering. Chloe tried giving her a mostly-true story.

I think I may have added some upper body muscle. My aunt's food was really heavy, and I have bulked-up. Honestly, Tottie, you're reading this wrong if you think I know some surgeon.”

Aw! Noo!” Tiffany looked downcast.

Honestly.” Chloe replied.

You mean: I have to lose all this the hard way?” Tiffany asked, patting her post-Christmas tummy.

Sorry, Tottie”

Tiffany sniffed.

But, we could work out together, if you like? Do you wanna meet up for circuit training tonight, say 9 pm?” Chloe offered to her Brit friend.

It would be nice to catch up with Tiffany, plus they could burn 800 calories easily enough, which might make Tiffany happy...

Aw, hell no, Chloe!” Tiffany replied. “Pub crawl tonight with the football boys. You should come! It'll be totes amazeballs!”

Um. I'm meeting Katie later tonight.”

Bring her! There's enough boys to go around. Even I can't manage a whole team. I don't think... Actually, Chloe – don't worry if you can't make it, I'll manage!”

That said, Tiffany Thompson dived into the pool and began a pretty casual workout.

Chloe headed off to shower and dress, and check the meaning of totes amazeballs on urban dictionary.

* *


Chloe swallowed the last of her greenish protein shake, then switched around the now-empty pint glass on the table in front of her for the much more inviting quart glass containing one of her favourite things in the whole of Florida: the Devilish-sized Triple-Chocolate Double-Fudge Malted Thick Milkshake at Devilish Milkshakes.

Uhn!” Chloe moaned. Slurping her milkshake through three huge straws was like sex, only slightly easier to obtain with a credit card...

Oh, Gods!” Chloe continued to moan.

Her whole body felt like it was being drenched in chocolate.

Uhn! Oh! Ahn!” Chloe gasped between desperately long gulps.

Hey Chloe!”

Chloe opened her eyes and refocussed them on the real world just in time to stop herself having a noisy orgasm in public, in front of her friend Amy, who was a chubby, black-haired philosophy major.

Chloe panted a little, and replied.

Hey, Amy!”

Good choice of milkshake, Chloe!” Amy enthused. “Snap!”

Amy was holding an identical milkshake. She put her massive drink on Chloe's table, together with her large slice of chocolate cheesecake, and hopped up onto a chair.

Oof! These chairs are high!” Amy opined. “Well, for some of us anyway.”

Yeah.” Chloe agreed. “I think they're built for boys.”

Good height for you, though.”

They're okay! Happy New Year, Amy!” Chloe smiled.

Happy New Year to you too. You look amazing, Chloe!”

Thanks, Amy. I kind of got fat last semester... I'm totally cutting out beer this one, and I might even get my sports scholarship back... Maybe.”

Hah! You don't know the meaning of fat!” Amy chuckled. “Fat is when your mom tells you off for gaining twenty pounds, and it's the second twenty pounds you gained in college because its what you gained since she saw you at mid-semester when she didn't notice the first twenty, and then you put on another ten over Christmas. That's fat, Chloe! As you can see ably demonstrated for you here, by my gut! Urp!”

Chloe laughed.

Yeah, well. That's not a problem if you're the star of the Philosophy department, right? It's a bit different for me: I'm only here because I'm paid to do sport... Well, and fuck boys, effectively...”

And to star in our very sexy college promotional posters. Don't forget those!” Amy added.

Oh yeah. They might want me to have a sixpack for those too.”

Amy took a break from her milkshake and leaned back in her chair gasping. Chloe wondered if the malt was giving Amy the same orgasmic experience it was giving her. On the whole, Chloe decided, it was probably having more effect. Amy was much shorter than Chloe, but also a lot heavier. Amy was 5'4'', and Chloe would have guessed she was a bit over 200 lbs. Actually, Amy's weight was a rapidly changing number, or more precisely it was a rapidly increasing number while she was at college, so it wasn't possible to keep an exact figure in mind. So the sugar and chocolate from the malt probably had a lot more Amy to soak it up than there was Chloe... However, Amy didn't have huge muscles that could soak up sugar like a big sponge, whereas Chloe did, hence Amy probably got a bigger sugar rush which was why she had stopped drinking and was looking flushed.

Amy recovered enough to resume drinking and talking, and start eating her cheesecake.

Chloe! You looked like liquid sex when you had the bum. Seriously, my boyfriend said you were even hotter with the curves you had in December than you were in the promo poster. And I believe him. Anyway, I'm completely straight, so I have to bow to his very fallible judgement. Oh, and by the way I don't mind at all that my boyfriend thinks you're hot, because he's totally not in your league!”

Amy laughed and ate cheesecake.

I like nerds...” Chloe complained. “If they're buff.”

He's not!”


Urp!” Amy burped, flushed, and panted as her body tried to handle her very-rich drink.

After a desperate struggle, Amy gulped down the last of her quart of malted thick milkshake with its dangerously large chocolate content. Then she stared at the last quarter of her big slice of cheesecake and admitted defeat.

I can't finish this, Chloe. I'll pass out if I try. Do you want it?”

Um. I don't know, Amy. I'm trying to watch my figure!”

Eat the fucking cheesecake, Blondie, before I do and collapse in a coma!”

Oh, okay, Amy.” Chloe assented.

Mmm.” Chloe mmm'd.

Oh, this is really good. Oh, fuck! I was trying to stop eating this stuff. Oh, Amy! If I lose my figure again I'm blaming you. And this cheesecake.”


Do you need a moment there, Chloe?” Amy asked.

Chloe felt like she was about to orgasm. She wished she had a boyfriend on hand...

No, I'm okay!” Chloe recovered enough to say.

This cheesecake is fucking awesome!” Amy said.

Yeah. Do they make it here? I know they make the milkshakes, but these are bought in, right?”

Amy grabbed a menu and skimmed it with her practiced eye for written detail.

Yeah. It's just bought in from a company."

What company?” Chloe asked. “We could order these for parties.”

Great idea.” Amy said. “The company that makes the cheesecake is called Sarnath Foods, LLC. They don't seem to have a website, which is a bit weird.”

Sarnath Foods?” Chloe asked.

L.L.C.” Amy replied pedantically.

* *


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Oh man I am so stoked whenever this is updated and it never disappoints.

And now an evil food company? Oh this is great. I'm hoping we see every girl there with a weight problem and Chloe's fat content shooting right back up.

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On 11/5/2019 at 4:07 AM, Batman76 said:

Oh man I am so stoked whenever this is updated and it never disappoints.

And now an evil food company? Oh this is great. I'm hoping we see every girl there with a weight problem and Chloe's fat content shooting right back up.

I have especially crafted this second part of Chapter 10 to conclude with a plot twist that will, I hope, certainly not disappoint!


Chapter 10: Floatation Devices (part 2)

Late afternoon sun flooded Devilish Milkshakes with golden light. The milk bar occupied a corner between Gainesburg's Main Street and Washington Boulevard. On the Main Street side the windows were lined with high tables and high, hoop-backed chairs. The lone pair of patrons on that side, shading their eyes from the sun, were a busty blonde in a skimpy pink top and hot pants, and her short, plump companion in a dinosaur-print dress. On the Washington side a different clientèle lounged on sofas, all of them hard-drinking fatties and most of them college nerds, slurping gluttonously from pints and quarts of exceedingly-fattening, thick milkshakes.

At the table opposite the tall blonde, Amy Ackermann pushed her half-full quart glass of milkshake across the table and gave a prolonged groan. The plump philosophy major leaned backwards in her tall chair, burped heavily, and patted the stegosaurus print that stretched over her gurgling belly. From her friend's point of view, Amy's gut sounded like a very realistic dinosaur, although Chloe didn't claim to be much of an expert on anything as academic as dinosaurology.

Anyway, Amy appeared so dazed from her sugar high that she might topple onto the milkshake bar's hard flagstone floor. Her blonde companion, Chloe Southern, surreptitiously shifted her position. She was ready to pounce out her own seat at a moment's notice and catch Amy, in the event that the over-sugared short girl actually did pass out.

Ohhhh! I shouldn't have bought that second malt!” Amy moaned.

Well, I hate to say I told you so, Amy, but...”

Shut up, Chloe! I don't want to hear you say you told me I shouldn't buy a second Devilish-sized Triple-Chocolate Double-Fudge Malted Thick. They're just soooooo good!”

Okay, I won't say it.”

Urrrp!” Amy burped. A dribble of chocolate goo escaped down her plump double chin.

Chloe blew at a strand of her sunrise-blonde hair and glanced around the bar. She was pretty sure she was going to have to carry Amy back to her room to sleep off her overindulgence. Amy had chugged three pints of the sweetest and most chocolatey milkshake on the bar's menu, washing down a very big portion of chocolate cheesecake in the process, and she was clearly suffering and even trembling slightly from the consequent colossal sugar high.

And there was still almost a whole pint of the orgasmically delicious milkshake in her glass. Chloe regarded the undefended chocolate milkshake and licked her lips hungrily. Her body had soaked up her own drink in post-swim recovery mode, and it wanted more...

Urgh! My tummy feels bad!” Amy moaned. “Do you think if I drink the rest of this malt it'll feel better... Well, Chloe?”

Um. Maybe not, Amy. Look, it's your arteries on the line, but I wouldn't recommend it.” Chloe said.

Oh!” Amy said, as she dozed off into a sugar-induced slumber.

Chloe salivated heavily. She was staring single-mindedly at her friend's chocolate-rich milkshake, and about to make a move to swipe it from the incapacitated Amy, when she noticed in the corner of her vision that a girl she really didn't want to see had appeared in the milk bar and was watching her with a sneer!

Hey Sixpack!” Said Tina Reilley, who appeared to have dispatched her new boyfriend to buy drinks while she gloated at Chloe.

Chloe snapped her attention away from the super-sweet milkshake on the table and towards the not-so-sweet new captain of the Gainesburg College women's swimming team. Tina Reilley, who had kicked Chloe off the squad after taking her captaincy, was standing hands-on-hips and staring haughtily down her nose at Chloe Southern. Something about the bulging tightness of Tina's black tracksuit around her hips, and a smear of burger sauce on the zipper, registered in the back of Chloe's brain. Tina looked... Very puffy... Tina's cheeks looked chubbier and less angular than normal, and her stretchy pants seemed to be pinching quite a muffin top. But the information was moved aside by a torrent of adrenaline as Chloe's body reacted involuntarily to the sight of the meanest girl in Gainesburg.

Tina.” Chloe said. “Happy New Year!”

Chloe drew herself up in the milk-bar chair so that she matched Tina's height. Chloe had enough height advantage that she was could stare back at an equal level without needing to stand. She got the impression Tina was looking over her body, as if the red-head was trying to find something to criticise. Chloe tensed all of her core muscles, and prayed Tina wouldn't be able to find much residual bodyfat to insult her over. Eventually, after looking over Chloe's hot-pants clad, Amazonian body with a critical eye, Tina had to resort to a pretty weak critique.

Fuck off, Chloe.” Tina replied. “Oh My Gods! Your tits have gotten even fatter over Christmas!”

Um. Is that meant to be a bad thing, Tina?” Chloe asked back.

Shut up, Sixpack! And you'd better not be drooling over your friend's milkshake: it would be really tragic if you've become such a helpless fatty you're thinking about stealing food from a sleeping fat girl!”

Okay, Chloe knew that bit was partly true, and kicked herself for getting caught drooling by Tina. Chloe thought of the perfect, mature and demure response to Tina's catty remark.

Um, maybe, Tina. But, you know what? Yeah, I think my boobs have grown bigger over the vacation. It's at least a whole cup size... I just hope the boys will still like me despite them being so very big and full... What do you think?”

Chloe folded her arms under her ample rack. She hoped the pose would be sufficiently challenging to make Tina buzz off... Chloe was substantially bustier than Tina, and even before the vacation Chloe would have comfortably won any competition about who had the best tits. Right now, after Chloe's recent, substantial growth spurt, the competition would be more like watching the New York Giants take on some high school side.

Tina scowled hard. Chloe's rack did seem to have grown even bigger over the vacation. Of course, it could be all the muscle Chloe seemed to be packing, which suggested she'd been taking a fuck-load of vitamins and pumping iron, which might also explain why she she had so much clearly-defined muscle on display...

Tina tactically changed the subject.

Huh.” Tina replied. “Well, be careful they don't grow any bigger, Sixpack! After all, the fatter your tits get the more they're going to slow you down in the pool. Oh, and that reminds me, Sixpack! You're going to be racing against me in the summer time trials, and it'll be embarrassing for everyone if you lose by an even more disgustingly huge margin than you did in December!”




Chloe's jaw dropped open.

Wait! Summer time trials? You mean I'm in the time trials?” Chloe asked in a hopeful rush. “Do you mean you're putting me back on the team? Oh, that's so fantastic!”

Tina sneered back and dragged out the moment.


Yeah, Sixpack. You're back on the team---”

Chloe felt her heart race and laughed happily.


Shut up, Sixpack! It's only for the college time trials. And it's only because we have a rich old guy who's going to give Gainesburg a pile of money for the pleasure of watching me thrash you in May.”

Uh huh? You wish.” Chloe said, arching a skeptical eyebrow and still looking cute in the process. And hungry for victory.

Chloe noticed Tina gulp slightly: clearly the prospect of having to race against Chloe, at least in a non-hungover state, wasn't as trivial as the New York girl would like to suggest. Tina continued talking.

So obviously I've got to let you back in the pool so I can beat you... But don't get your hopes up, Sixpack: I'm not putting you on the squad for any other competitions. Look at it from my perspective: what captain would want to have blonde slut around who'll fuck all the boys on her team senseless before race day if she's allowed anyway near them in swimwear?”

Oh, whatever, Tina. I get more than enough sex anyway.” Chloe exaggerated. The truth was she hadn't had sex for two entire days, since her last whole day in Fatucket when she'd let Chase fuck her all day long, even breaking a rule and letting him go on top for as long as he could handle. She'd found that part surprisingly enjoyable. But she was going to need to sort out a new boyfriend within hours rather than days if she hoped to keep her libido well-slaked. She owned a powerful personal massager but even it could only do so much. However, there was no need to let Tina know that.

Chloe continued. “If I'm back on the team: cool! Who cares why? So... Who's this rich guy, Tina?”

Never mind who.”

What? I'll find out from someone, you know...”

Well, you do that, Sixpack... Suffice to say, he's old and he's a lecherous idiot. But he's rich, so if he wants to give the College ten million dollars to watch me beat you in a race then, heh, so be it! Oh, and I'm going to get me a slice of that sweet moolah. Just you watch!”

Ten million---”

It's a legacy donation, Chloe! The old man's about to croak, and the last thing on his bucket list is handing over a pile of money so he can be our guest of honour and perv over a load of college girls in swimsuits! And he's gonna be watching me beat you in the pool...”

Chloe snarled.

You know what, Tina --- Shit! What's that?”

Chloe was suddenly distracted by a weird, loud hissing sound that originated behind her and caused goosebumps to run down the back of her neck and her blood to run cold. As she looked frantically for the source of the noise, she forgot entirely about Tina... And as she did so, the hissing died away, leaving a few final echoes Chloe thought she recognised as syllables: Tsalbkrad; Attednev; Mitciv fo Thgin.


Chloe had minimal idea what she'd just heard, or where the fuck the disembodied whispering had come from – there was no one behind her – but it had sounded malevolent. No-one else in the bar seemed to have heard it. Silence returned, broken by a mild insult.

Sixpack... You're weird!”

Chloe turned back around to see Tina shaking her head in dismissive annoyance at Chloe.

Um. I was going to say I'm going to thrash you in the pool! But, I thought I heard something...”

Tina shrugged.

Whatever, Sixpack. Get back to stealing your friend's fattening malt-shake!” Tina snarked. “After all, I wouldn't expect a blonde Californian slut like you to watch her nutritional intake prudently, the way I watch mine!”

Chloe wanted to leave... But, a moment later, after she awakened Amy from her sugar coma to help the plump girl back to her room, she was glad she hadn't stormed out straight away. Because Tina's ego was left quite badly punctured by the question which her latest boyfriend called out across the milk-bar.

Hey, Tina?” Called a hulking football player, who had reached the front of the drinks line and was about to order for himself – and for Tina.

He sounded like a moron, and when Chloe heard the question he shouted across the room she laughed into her hand and decided he probably was.

Did you want two slices of the chocolate cheesecake along with the two Devilish-sized Triple-Chocolate Double-Fudge Malted Thick Shakes you asked for, or just one?”

Tina's eye's bulged and her face contorted into a furious scowl that she aimed in her boyfriend's direction. He had given Chloe the perfect fuel for a countersnark

Chloe didn't miss her opportunity, as she eased Amy out of her chair and offered a supportive arm to help the plump philosopher back to her room.

Yeah... You're really watching your calories, Tina. All ten thousand of them a day, I'd guess!”

* *


The evening air on Main Street cooled quickly as Chloe assisted Amy back to campus. The blonde started to think that hot pants and a tight tank top might have been too skimpy an outfit for January: she felt quite chilly and her nipples were hard. On the plus side, she got to enjoy drawing quite a few lustful gazes from all the cute boys she walked past on campus, and she took Amy on a detour around the quad so she could show off to a few more while the evening's golden light lasted. 

Hey, Amy, are you still awake?” Chloe asked as they neared her accommodation.

Judging from the way Chloe was having to use one arm under her short friend's shoulders to support most of Amy's considerable weight, it felt doubtful that Amy was particularly awake. But apparently that didn't stop Amy from being able to talk...

Yeah, Chloe. Are we done taking detours yet?” Amy replied.

Yeah, we're going home and I'm going to put you in bed so you can sleep off your milkshakes. But can I ask a question first?”

Chloe wanted a second opinion about whether Tina, the college's mean queen bee, had porked up into a fatty over the vacation, or if it was just wishful thinking or bad lighting.

Yeah... I know what you're going to ask, Chloe.”

Chloe felt confused. She was used to Amy being smarter than her, but this felt ridiculous. The short girl had her eyes closed and was half asleep. If she could think faster than the tall blonde despite that, it was going to be embarrassing.

Aww... What am I going to ask, Amy?”

You're going to ask if Tina's turned into a fat pig.”

Chloe sighed.

How the fuck do you know that? You literally slept through the whole conversation.”

I'm smart, Chloe! And I listened to some of it... Before I passed out from all the malt.”


Well, you happen to be right, Amy. But, come on, her track-suit was giving her a muffin top. Tell me she's fat, don't ya think?”

Meh.” Amy said.

What do you mean, meh?”

I mean bof, Chloe, if you know French. I mean, by my standards, Tina is a rail-thin fittie. But that's not what you wanted to hear, is it?”

No! It isn't. Come on... Give me something to work with here, Amy. The bitch kicked me off my own swim team. Can't you tell me she at least put on some weight over Christmas?”

Amy patted Chloe on the shoulder comfortingly, grunting with the effort of stretching her arm up far enough to do so.

Oh, hell yeah Chloe! Some weight, then some more... Like ten pounds.” Amy laughed.

Yay!” Chloe exclaimed happily.

Happy, Chloe?”

Yeah, so happy! That makes her fatter than me.”

Amy sighed and wished she was in bed. Sometimes it was such a burden, being brighter than everyone else. Still, Chloe was nice, so...

Chloe... Don't let this go to your head, but she's only an eight out of ten, and she makes you look like a blonde Miss Universe with big breast implants.”

Amy winced as she watched Chloe leap up an indecently-high distance and punch the air in delight.

Super-yay! I'm Miss Universe with huge tits!” Chloe yelled out. When she heard the echo from the campus buildings, she checked around in embarrassment and hastened Amy into her room.



Hey, Chloe! Eat this! It's free cheesecake they were giving away at the airport, and I'm gonna be sick if I eat any more...

There was this super-cute boy handing them out in some kind of promotion... And, so – obviously – I flashed my tits at him and he gave me three! But, I kinda wish he hadn't... I ate so fucking much in New Jersey, and now I feel super-fat. Do I look fat to you? You look fucking amazing by the way! Like: Xena, Warrior Princess meets Aphrodite after breast implants... Erm: those are real and you've been working out, right? Your arms are... So jacked. But, still in a cute way, I mean!”

That was the hyperactive rush of peroxide blonde enthusiasm with which Chloe was greeted, before she could get a word in edgeways, by her best friend, Katie Kane. Then they exchanged kisses on the cheek. Then Katie hugged her and kissed her affectionately a few more times for good measure.

Katie looked, and felt... Very curvy.

Happy fucking New Year! To use a quote from our favourite Brit.” Chloe said.

Oh! Tottie! Is she back too?” Katie asked, pushing a box containing a whole mango cheesecake in Chloe's direction.

Yeah, Katie. Saw her in the pool earlier.”

Pool. Oh, shit. I'm not in pool shape, right now!” Katie moaned.

Oh, I don't know, Katie.” Chloe replied, patting her friend's curvy ass. “I'm pretty sure boys will fight for your favour if they see you in a bikini right now. That's the power of a classic hourglass figure...”

Hmm. True!” Katie agreed. “But only so long as they keep looking at my tits and don't see the tummy... It's definitely... A bit big, now...”

Chloe made a non-committal shrug. In fact, Katie did look plump – not just her usual curvaceous and slightly chubby self, because her tummy was now bulging quite obviously, as if she was three months pregnant. The way the rich New Jersey girl had squeezed herself into one of her sparkly silver dresses didn't help. She'd chosen the outfit in a size too small, to emphasise her alarmingly hourglass shape, in the previous semester. And now it strained around every curve... And Katie had all the curves a very healthy and fertile young woman could ever need. Plus, now, a well rounded – but still gorgeously cute and well-proportioned with her hips and bust – tummy.

The thing was, Chloe had learned to be very gentle with Katie, because the slightest criticism from a friend had been known to set the rich girl sobbing uncontrollably.

I think you look delicious, Katie!” Chloe enthused honestly. “But, if you like, we can hit the gym for circuit training tonight?”

Katie frowned. Still looked cute though. Chloe wished she could learn how Katie did that.

Oh! I don't know, Chloe. I heard there's a pub crawl with the football boys, and I wanted to go along... But... If you really want to hit the gym, sure, I'll go with you. Just... Maybe...”

Chloe looked down as Katie slid the cheesecake box towards her over the kitchen table.

Would you mind...” Katie asked. “Eating some of this before we go? Like, maybe at least half of it... It's just you look fucking amazing, and I'm not sure I can work out beside you looking like this.” Katie patted Chloe's relatively hard abs, then her own plush underbelly. “The boys in the gym might think I've gotten fat.”

Chloe drew in some breath through her teeth.

Oh, I don't know, Chloe. I already drank a big fuckoff milkshake and ate a big piece of choco cheesecake earlier...”

Oh, please!” Katie started to sniff, and clutched her tummy, looking sad for herself.

Okay, okay, Katie! I'll eat some of the mango cheesecake.”

At least half?” Katie gave a tiny, manipulative sob.

Okay, okay, half a cheesecake.”

Aw. That's so nice of you. It's real good, Chloe. And I've eaten two! But I can't eat any more today. I feel a bit sick...”

Who'd have guessed?”

I know right! I swear these new Sarnath cheesecakes are just soooo good! You just never want to stop eating!”

Chloe set to work on Katie's cheesecake gift, and had to agree. In fact, each mouthful made her want to moan orgasmically... She had to control herself: she wasn't in bed with a boyfriend, and the luxurious rush of sweet flavours and highly-refined sugars from the cheesecake was giving her utterly outrageous urges. Katie looked on sympathetically as Chloe ate, and occasionally scooped out a finger loaded with cream and slurped it. Chloe patted her friend's shoulder.

Soon, the twelve inch diameter cheesecake was done. Chloe looked as the residual crumbs with mild horror.

Shit! I only meant to eat half!”

Oh, that's alright, Chloe! It's soooo good. And it's better for me if you eat it all! I already ate a whole chocolate one and a whole lime one as well, after all...”

You ate some of this one, too!” Chloe commented on the several, increasingly-large scoops Katie had extracted with her bare hands. She immediately regretted saying so.

Katie gave a single sob.

Oh! Chloe! You're right.” Sniff. “I'm gonna make myself fat – I mean even fatter! And Coach is gonna hate on me – he told me to lose weight over the vacation, and I'm sure I gained a stone instead. You know my family are all great cooks, right, and I so love pasta...”

Shush. Shush. It's Okay, Katiebuns.” Chloe soothed her friend using all her skills. She stroked Katie's shoulder, and then her back when Katie leaned in for more soothing.

Oh, you're the best friend ever, Chloe!”

Yeah, yeah.” Chloe agreed.


Chloe wondered what was coming next. Katie sounded like she'd remembered something completely different.

Oh no! I forgot. Chloe! You know you're my best friend?”

Yeah, Katie. We are best friends. I know.”

No, you don't understand. You're my best friend, and I had this plan for us...”

Plan, Katie? You?”

Yeah! It was gonna be amazing! I had this plan to buy us matching costumes for the Spring ball: you know, the one with the Valentine's day auction!”

Oh. That ball.

The February ball was the social highlight of the Gainesburg College spring calendar. It was a legendary event, and the entire student body poured as much effort into their outfits – usually fancy dress – as they ever did for Halloween. And, of course, there was a lot of making out with few strings attached... And, by tradition, the hottest girls in college would auction themselves off as Valentine's day dates. Attracting the highest price of the night was a hotly contested honour. And Katie had been daydreaming about the whole ball almost forever... Or, anyway, for at least several days near the end of last semester.

I ordered us matching outfits online, Chloe! They're so perfect! They're from a real New York couturier and everything. And they're soooo us!”

Chloe's interest was piqued. Her rich, peroxide blonde friend might not have the sharpest mind on the East Coast, but she did have a great sense of fashion. Outfits that would impress her that much – and which wouldn't cost Chloe anything – were something she would very much like to learn more about.

Oh, yeah, Katie. So what did you have in mind? What could two tall, blonde, professional athletes possible dress up as that would impress you so much? I mean, you're gorgeous, cute, and 5'9'' which is the perfect height for a girl next door, and I'm 6'1'' and a bit stronger, and a more yellow blonde... So what did you have in mind?”

I'll give you a clue, Chloe.” Katie suggested coyly.

Okay.” Chloe accepted.

It involves capes!”

Katie clapped her hands excitedly.

Capes? Like, you want us to go as super-heroines?”

Exactly! You got it, Chloe! You're so smart. Which, by the way, is perfect for your character!”

What character, Katie? Who do you want to dress me up as?”

Katie clapped her hands again.

Oh, Chloe, you're not just dressing up. You are this character! We're cousins, and you're my big cousin.”

Okay. And who are we, Katie?”

Look, Chloe... I'm so sorry, but I don't want to get your hopes up.”

Why not, Katie?”

Well... I kind of sent the designer our measurements... Only, I'm too fat for my costume now, and this was back in December so you were much curvier. And, although the outfits are lycra, it's very important for the characters that you're bigger and curvier than me. And I just don't know if we can pull it off...”

Chloe patted Katie's shoulder reassuringly. 

Um. We are professional athletes, Katie... We'll hit the gym – we've got three weeks, and if I hit the weight room all-out, and we make sure you push hard on the aerobics, we'll make it, and I'm sure with your fashion sense we'll look fantastic.”

Katie stopped sobbing completely, and looked up happily at her friend.

You really think so, Chloe?”

I know so, Katie.”

Okay, fantastic! In that case, there's just one more thing we need to do... We need to get you an awesome pushup bra! Your character has huger boobs than me, and I'm a 38DD so we need to make you look like... Maybe... Three cup sizes bigger...”

Chloe gulped. That was a lot to pull off. Still, she thought... If the outfit was as good as Katie said, there were ways... After all, growth spurts could still happen to an already-busty eighteen-year old, right?

Fine, Katie! So, spill the beans. Who are we going to the ball as?”

Katie clapped her hands in happiness, and chirped.

Well, Chloe. I am going to be Supergirl...”

Uh huh. From TV. And?”

You, Chloe Southern, are my big cousin Powergirl!”


* *


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27 minutes ago, Batman76 said:

Jesus fucking Christ, flyer you magnificent bastard.

Thanks! Hoped you'd like it. I'm going to re-read your stories now, to remind myself what PG and Supergirl look like... Looking forward to that. Just out of interest, at what point in the last section did you guess who Chloe and Katie were going to the ball as? I left the names for the end so people can have a bit of time to guess...

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2 hours ago, flyer33 said:

Thanks! Hoped you'd like it. I'm going to re-read your stories now, to remind myself what PG and Supergirl look like... Looking forward to that. Just out of interest, at what point in the last section did you guess who Chloe and Katie were going to the ball as? I left the names for the end so people can have a bit of time to guess...

When you said girl next door. I can answer any questions of course

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11 hours ago, flyer33 said:

Tsalbkrad; Attednev; Mitciv fo Thgin.

Darkblast; Vendetta, Victim of Night.

So let's guess what this could mean: It could mean that Tina is cursed, hence her bloating up over the break when her whole image was as the skinny one and knowing she had a time trial. This would point to maybe Whale cursing sexy college athletes to fatten them up probably as he was angry over Tina firing Chloe, as he'd seemingly done with the professor who appears to have gone from middle age spread to lard ass.

Or it could mean that they're all cursed due to exposure to the cheese cake. Every girl who's had some Sarnath food is going to be rapidly struggling with their weight, including a soon to be rebounding Chloe.

Or it could mean that Chloe had accidentally cursed Tina earlier.

Or best of all, all three.

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Floatation Devices (part 3)

The cute sales model shifted his too-small white caterer's hat, which itched due to its embroidered Sarnath Foods logo, and wiped his brow. He was sweating profusely. It wasn't the Florida heat that was affecting him. He'd been touring the east coast since before Christmas, handing out free cheesecake, protein bars, and energy drinks as part of the big company's promotion of its new product lines. And, in his role as a promotional-caterer / male-model eye candy, Alex found the pleasantly warm morning in the pretty Florida town of Gainesburg a welcome break from biting cold.

What was really making Alex sweat was the Gainesburg college girls. They were hot! Well, lots of them were hot. And they knew it. It seemed like the college's sports center had released a bevy of 9/10 hotties from their morning workouts, and then they'd immediately all piled into Devilish Milkshakes – the local partner store that was hosting Sarnath Foods' promotion. There, the hotties had immediately started chugging chocolate milkshakes and devouring high-calorie cheesecake with complete disregard for whether they were taking in appropriate nutrition for their exercise-honed bodies. Judging by the way some of the girls combined cut, muscular arms with curvaceous figures, noticeable tummies, or cutely-chubby faces, today wasn't a one-off for them. But the Sarnath Foods promotion – a free cheesecake to take home for each customer, along with a large slice to enjoy now – had driven the hotties wild. They'd been practically throwing themselves at him, trying to sweet-talk him into handing over second servings. They'd pouted and draped themselves over him provocatively, and promised Alex they'd be sooo grateful to him for a little more cheesecake, and that their bodies could handle it because of their athletic training. Alex had lost count of how many phone numbers had been pressed on him by horny coeds as they schmoozed him into handing over extra slices of cheesecake... Or, in a few cases, another box of cake. He'd given the hottest girls the extra cheesecake they craved, after a bit of faked resistance and telling them how he was only breaking the rules for them because they were so gorgeous. In fact, Alex was sure no-one at Sarnath Foods cared how their promotional cheesecake was dished out, and they wouldn't find out anyway because his boss had taken the day off, along with the company rep, to go and enjoy the town.

Alex checked his phone during a lull between bursts of customers arriving at Devilish Milkshakes. He'd grabbed a few selfies, and was wondering if any of the college girls in them would really meet him for drinks later... And which ones to choose. “Tottie” was a tall 9/10 and the slutty way she'd kissed him on the lips after she'd taken a second box of cheesecake had made her seem super-easy. “Katie” was even hotter, and her curves were a more impressive hourglass in comparison to Tottie's classic willowy good looks... He'd let Katie take three boxes of cheesecake home, in the hope the busty blonde would remember him. So, Katie it was, if she took his call later...

Life, for a boy working as a Sarnath Foods promotional model, was good!




Meanwhile, in a spacious apartment occupying the top floor of a gabled house a few streets away, overlooking the Gainesburg College campus...


I can't believe he gave you three! What a chump! I swear, I was going to fuck him later – he was pretty cute, am I right?”

Yeah, he's a cutie, Tottie! I mean, he is a model.” Replied a blonde coed to her indignant British friend.

But, such a dick move! He only gave me two!” Tottie complained.

The two college friends had each opened a box of cheesecake, and dug in as soon as Tottie set out some plates and cutlery on her window-side dining table.

What can I say, Tottie? My boobies look amazing today!”

The British girl was forced to agree that Katie Kane's black halter-neck top did show off the New Jersey blonde's fabulous boobs to full effect. And the rest of her tight, designer sportswear looked great too.

Yeah, agreed, Katie! You look fabulous. But... Talking of fabulous boobies, what's the inside scoop on Chloe? She's fucking massive! Her tits are almost as big as yours now! And she says they're all natural... And they don't feel like implants. Oh – she let me feel them, by the way. Hope I'm not treading on your close friendship there?”

Nope. She let me play with them in the shower room! And I can confirm they really are all Chloe. And they feel sooo good!”

Jealous, Katie?”

Oh no! I think she deserves them! Chloe's so nice. And, it's absolutely perfect, because they're going to work so well with our Spring Ball costumes!”

Oh?” Tottie leaned across the table with interest. “Who are you going as?”

Katie smirked happily.

Supergirl and Powergirl!”

Katie swapped plates with Tottie as the speechless English girl recovered her composure. Her jaw had dropped.

That's fucking amazeballs, Katie! You're both perfect! You'll win the charity auction for sure!”

Iknowright! It was such a fantastic idea!” Katie exclaimed.

I mean – you're Supergirl, right?”

Katie mmm'd her agreement, so she didn't have to interrupt her mouthful of New York cheesecake.

Which is perfect, because you're so cute! But you're also an awesome athlete, and you'll really rock the cape and the skirt... And the Supergirl symbol stretched over your boobs---”

Will be to die for! I know!" Katie clapped enthusiastically. "And Chloe's perfect too!”

Yeah, she can really pull off the six-foot blonde bodybuilder look. And she'll be so hot with bare thighs... God, I wish I had legs like her! No wonder she's so fucking fast.” Said the willowy 5'10 English girl. Tiffany seemed blissfully unaware that her own relatively low-effort training regime might also have something to do with the speed difference.

I know. Plus, right now she barely needs a pushup bra to fill up the boob-window. I'm gonna put in her one anyways... But... She even says she feels like her boobs are still growing... Which will be so fantastic. Honestly, I can't wait for the ball! The cute boys aren't going to know what hit them!”

They really aren't! I just hope they have some admiration left for little me!”

Tottie, you're going be the most popular girl there, as always! Who are you going as? If I may ask?”

Oh, I was thinking of Selena Kyle... The leather catsuit's quite bodycon, which I could do with at the moment...”

Tottie gestured over the wreckage of the cheesecakes on her table with her fork.

... For some reason. Although I might go blonde, step up the ab crunches and go as Emma Frost. What do you think!”

Oh! Tottie! That's so you! You've got the posh accent! And boys already do whatever you say... You've got to be the White Queen. Please!

While it might be true that Tiffany “Tottie” Pippa Thwaite-Thompson could make boys do anything she asked, Katie Kane could make almost anyone do whatever she wanted.

Emma Frost it is then.” Tottie agreed with a grin. “I'm gonna have to go on a fucking diet...”

Oh, tell me about it!” Katie concurred. “Chloe's been busting my ass on the aerobics machines for the last five days! Ever since I told her about our ball costumes. And you do not want to know what she does to me after...”

Oh, I think I do, Katie!”

One fucking green protein shake, and one regular-sized – not Devilish-sized – milkshake, and no cheesecake for my recovery meal. I swear my body is in starvation mode, and I feel as weak as a kitten. And this was badly needed!”

Katie pointed her fork at her own empty plate, before spotting a blob of cream on it which she promptly licked clean.

Oh, poor you, Katie!” Tottie sympathised with the slightly-chubby blonde swimmer.

I know, right! I think one cheesecake is a good number of calories after a big gym session. However, as it's been five days...”

Katie tore open her second box, and hefted a whole orange, apricot and white chocolate cheesecake onto her plate, which she generously pushed half way across the table.

I'm gonna need some more. Never know the next time Chloe's going to let me sneak off after gym!”

Tottie felt her belly gurgle in slight pain. It didn't seem very happy at the prospect that the avalanche of fat and calories she'd just dumped into it was going to be followed up with a second course... She'd always been a teeny bit dairy-intolerant, which sometimes led to unflattering bloating. And bloating didn't help the way Tottie tended to put on weight around the tummy whenever she indulged in creamy foods on a regular basis. And that was too bad, because she found Devilish Milkshakes to be rather addictive. Still, the cheesecake was one of the most excellent she'd ever tasted, and it had been free! And, there was no sense skipping over free cheesecake this good and eating it when it was less fresh tomorrow... So, with a slight wince as she thought of the number of sit-ups she would need to do to repair the damage to her overfed middle, Tottie opened up her own second box of cheesecake and set about keeping up with her very hungry and slightly starved-looking friend, Katie Kane.

Oh, where did Chloe go after gym? She should have come with us to Devilish!”

Uhn! So good! Um, she went to buy more whey protein and peanut butter... After all, if you're gonna try to lift the same weights as a boy, you've got to eat like a boy, right...”


* *


Chloe had needed to buy more whey protein and peanut butter – as well as bananas, frozen berries, yoghurt, mangoes, and whole milk, all of which she required to make the protein shakes she was chugging by the quart after her heavy weight-training sessions. Plus, she needed similar things after her pool sessions, and after the extra aerobics she'd been doing alongside Katie to help keep her peroxide blonde friend stay on course to look great in her Supergirl outfit. And Chloe really wanted Katie to look fabulous in her super-heroine outfit. Almost as much as Chloe wanted to do justice to the Powergirl costume that was now hanging in pride of place on the side of her closet.

It would be the understatement of the year to say Chloe had fallen in love with Powergirl the moment Katie had shown her some comic book covers. She'd especially loved the covers by Bart Sears and Alex Ross. The Kryptonian from Earth-2 was a towering six-foot blonde with the body of an ardent bodybuilder, breasts that surely qualified as a wonder of the galaxy, and she was as gorgeous as she was physically invincible. And she was confident, aggressive, and hilarious in whatever proportion she wanted – she was as good a heroine for comedy stories as for, drama, horror... And she had laser eyes, x-ray vision and icy hurricane breath! In short, Chloe found everything about Powergirl inspirational and awesome. Hell, Chloe even felt like she'd spent half her life trying to shape herself into a reasonable homage to Powergirl's virtues – at least as far as hair color, height, physique, and sexual confidence were concerned. And, with the help of the Booke of Darke and her sorceress powers, Chloe was certain she could do still better. Even the laser eyes and the icy hurricane breath might be within her reach... Well, the Booke said they were, but on the other hand they weren't exactly the kind of subtle power that Chloe could use in public... Perhaps if she had some kind of secret identity...

Anyway, Chloe hunted through the shopping bags that sat beside her on the bench in the tranquil arboretum of Gainesburg Park. She found what she was looking for: protein bars and a big jar of peanut butter, and began eating the latter by industriously scooping it onto the former.

Chloe was very hungry.

It was partly the natural side-effect of working out under the influence of a modest strength-boosting charm. Chloe was hungry because her muscles were growing very big and strong, and they demanded protein and fuel in large amounts. Even without magical assistance she could now train with the same weights as most of the boys on the swim team. Actually, as a matter of fact she'd been almost strong enough to do that ever since she'd started in college, owing to her years of daily gym work. It also helped that Chloe's natural physique was way up in the top fractional percentiles of female athletic ability whereas her male team-mates were pretty unremarkable college swimmers. More impressively, with a short-duration Ox Strength spell added, Chloe could bench press weights that would blow away the football team boys in their toughest lifting sessions – if she'd been careless enough to do it in normal gym hours when they might notice. And these workouts left Chloe's muscles hungry for protein. Very hungry. Hence the eating of peanut butter from a 40 oz jar. Well, that was part of it.

Chloe had fallen so far in love with Powergirl that she'd decided – to the Booke of Darke's enthusiastic approval – that she would love to have equally epic, effortlessly buoyant, overflowing breasts. Fortunately for Chloe Southern, the perfect spell for promoting the natural development of such perfect, Kryptonian breasts was on hand after a very brief hunt through the index of her book of magic. Strictly speaking, the page she'd found described a method for growing boulder-sized breasts fit for an Amazon warrior queen or demigoddess, whose armor had been designed by an illustrator with a big-breast fetish, rather than a Kryptonian super-heroine. But the pictures suggested an excellent fit to Chloe's desired result... So long as she limited the number of nights she applied the growth incantation to a modest amount. Say, three nights spaced over two weeks ought to be more than enough. And she resolved to review her progress after two applications, because she wouldn't want to overdo it...

And so, Chloe had re-read the relevant chapters of the Booke carefully and – after reassuring herself that she could probably reduce her boobs down again if the effect of their considerable extra bulk on her swimming speed proved unbearable – she'd incanted the spell. And then, in the desperate hope of assuaging the waves of relentless hunger which had struck her as she finished incanting the magic, she'd eaten all the food in her refrigerator, and run to the store for several more blocks of raw butter, bread, and jars of peanut spread. She'd kept eating until she was utterly stuffed. She'd eventually managed to fall asleep despite the combined pain of her overstuffed stomach and her aching, swelling breasts. And she'd had to wear a loose, black workout top today because her boobs were too sore to tolerate anything tight. And she'd worn a towel up to the pool because she'd gone up at least a cup size overnight and her boobs were shockingly swollen and clearly still bulking-up. In fact, they felt noticeably bigger after her pool session than before she'd dived in. And Chloe felt proportionally ravenous.

Chloe had felt a bit bad about sneaking off to the park after her morning gym session with Katie. She knew she ought to keep an eye on Katie. Her rich friend didn't have a huge amount of self control. And, if Katie was allowed to go to Devilish Milkshakes unsupervised for her post-workout protein shake, it was unlikely she'd skip cheesecake like she was supposed to as part of her Supergirl-outfit diet. Still, Katie had been working out hard for five days and a couple of slices of cheesecake wouldn't have much impact on her body, and a small cheat day would probably help her stay motivated...

Anyway Chloe had needed to sneak off to the Gainesburg park. Chloe was a very healthy young woman, and she worked out a lot, and she was currently eating large amounts of wholesome food with plenty of vitamins and protein, as well as using breast-growth magic... And all this had consequences for her sex drive. This was all-the-more true because Chloe was a girl with a relentless and huge appetite for sex, even under adverse conditions. Well, it probably would be. To be honest, Chloe had never encountered anything her sex drive had considered adverse conditions. So her libido had been beyond relentless, and huger than huge, for as long as she could remember. What she did know was that right now her prolonged bedtime sessions with her personal massager were not cutting it, and so she'd called up her ex-boyfriend, Beck Bronte, to see if he wanted to make up with her. If he did want to, Chloe had already resolved to fuck him so hard from noon to midnight that he'd never forget the day. Then she was planning to be nice and offer him the choice between a few hours sleep or fucking all night long.

This was based on the assumption that – since Chloe had ascertained Beck was currently single – he wouldn't turn down the opportunity to get back into bed with a Chloe who was looking increasingly like Powergirl's stunt double. It seemed like a safe bet. But Chloe was feeling so horny it was hard for her to think straight, so she stressed over the possibility of rejection while she waited. Then Chloe had a revelation: Powergirl would never think like that! She'd be resolute, and determined, and perfect, and she'd definitely get to have sex. Chloe decided she should think more like Powergirl.


* *


Hey Chloe!” Said the buff, blond swim-team captain carrying flowers and chocolates.

Chloe had been reclining on her bench. She'd pulled her top tight around her boobs, which hadn't been difficult despite the fact it had been extremely loose the day before. She'd also tied it around the waist so it showed off her abs: they weren't cut like diamonds, as Powergirl's ought to be, but she had an impressive sixpack nonetheless. Chloe had also made sure to pose with her long legs and muscular thighs on full display... She wanted to look alluring to Beck, without seeming too desperate to make up with him. She clearly managed the former, judging by the bulge in his pants, but the excited way she jumped up when she heard him call her name might have spoiled the latter.

Thanks for letting me see you... I got you---” Beck tried to continue.

Chloe sprang to her feet energetically. Acting on impulse, and feeling unexpectedly pleased that her former boyfriend sounded happy to see her and was carrying chocolates, Chloe ran towards him and jumped at his chest. She managed to wrap her legs behind his back with sufficient grip that all he had to do was stay standing under the weight of Chloe's impact. Happily for Beck – because Chloe would not have let him hear the end of it if he'd stumbled – he was strong and buff and up to the task of holding onto 170+ lbs of muscular, super-busty blonde who'd made an unexpected jump at him.

Hey Beck! Nice to see you!” Chloe enthused, leaning in and kissing Beck on the lips.

Chloe! Wow! You're...”

Chloe looked happily into Beck's eyes. She secured her arms around his back, like she expected to be carried around for some time.

Heavier than I look? It's probably the boobs! You're going to love them! Here, feel!”

Chloe hugged her engorged boobs into Beck's face. They were hugely swollen, and sensitive, and the experience made her feel insatiably horny at the same time as Beck grew rock hard. Eventually she leaned back a little so Beck could talk for a bit.

I wasn't going to say heavy, Chloe.”

Huh! You were thinking it, Beck! Don't lie: you're not cute when you're lying to me... Which I expect you to promise to never do again, by the way...”

I promise, Chloe! I was trying to say you look absolutely amazing! Do you want to be put down somewhere?”


Oh. Are you sure?”

Oh, so now you think I'm heavy, Honey?”

Um, no...”

Good for you.” Chloe replied. “Now, Beck, I hope I'm making it clear to you that I want you back as my boyfriend, provided you are on your best behaviour. Is that Okay, Honey?”

Beck grunted with effort as Chloe adjusted her position. The way she was leaning back and squeezing him with her strong thighs made her very awkward to carry... Plus, her astronomical tits were heavy... But they'd felt soooo good in his face!

Uh. Yeah!” Was all Beck could manage.


Chloe leaned back some more, scissoring herself hard around Beck's abs, and let her cute, buff boyfriend handle the strain. She squeezed her crotch into him.

Are you sure you're not trying to be put down somewhere, Chloe?” Beck asked.

Hmm, nope.” Chloe responded, then put on a thoughtful expression. “Well, maybe on my bed. You'll need to put me down there, Honey, because you'll need both hands free to slather my boobs in warm massage oil. They need it desperately, Honey! They're very sensitive today. So you're going to have to be exceptionally gentle when you lick them! I, um... um... uhn!”

The way Chloe squeezed herself around Beck had made him very hard, and he realised he was going to cream his shorts in seconds if she didn't ask to be put down... But he desperately didn't want to put her down. Except on her bed like she'd just demanded...

Beck improved his grip on his very horny and now not-ex girlfriend. She was an over-six-foot blonde musclebound athlete, so even if he was smart enough not to call her heavy she wasn't exactly light... He fixed his grip just soon enough that he didn't drop her in ecstasy as her horny embrace, and the feeling of her epic tits as she leaned forwards suddenly and squeezed them into his face, made him cream himself hard.

Beck panted for breath.

Uhn!” Chloe moaned. “Oh, Beck, that was very good for me! I hope it was good for you?”

Beck realised Chloe's hot pants, pressed against his torso, were very hot and very, very wet.

Uh! Chloe, did you just?”

Yeah!” Chloe gasped. “Really needed it! Haven't had sex for almost a week! Take me to my room: I need more! Much more!”

Beck didn't need a second instruction. He was just happy to do what he was told by the blonde he adored. Not that she made his life easy... Chloe refused to be put down, but she did clamber around onto Beck's back and then climbed onto his shoulders.

That should make it easier for you to carry me, Honey!” Chloe said, once she'd re-wrapped her thighs around Beck's torso.

Chloe even generously leaned forwards for balance, and rested her boobs for a while on top of Beck's head, which she explained might make her easier to carry. It didn't. Then she decided she could steer Beck like a horse, using her thighs, and made him turn around and collect her groceries when she remembered them as they were leaving the park. Beck was okay with that... She promised to let him spoonfeed her peanut butter during sex, and that made anything worthwhile. He did wonder, with Chloe feeling at her horniest, how long he'd last before she made him pass out from exhaustion – but he certainly had a raging hard-on at the prospect of finding out...


* * *

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6 hours ago, bigboy1992 said:

This story is awesome. I love your writing.

Thank you very much! I'm enjoying writing it - and I do have most of a plan for how to finish this story (with a sequel possible), and I hope to do so around Christmas. It's feeling a lot trickier to tie things together in these later chapters than it was to write some of the early ones. In comparison, the Joshua Whale chapters practically wrote themselves... (Maybe I should give him a prequel series!)


Goddamn that was good.

Fingers still crossed Chloe hits some diet pot holes, like the cheese cake being extra addicting to witches.

Thank you! Well, for anyone who's hoping for Chloe to grow curvier, you may be happy to learn that Beck feels the same way, and that Chloe is a very obliging girlfriend...

Here's the (short-ish) penultimate part of chapter 10. In the final part, the college's hottest hotties will compete to auction themselves off for the highest price.



Chapter 10: Floatation Devices (part 4)


Three weeks later...

The night before the Spring Ball.


Chloe Southern lay back on her pillow and panted. It was midnight. She was in a blissfully oversexed state and her body was slick with massage oil, which her well-endowed boyfriend had slathered over her in between sessions of sex and feeding her with a lot of icecream, bananas, and peanut butter. Chloe had rediscovered just how much Beck enjoyed feeding her – as well as how much she herself was turned on by letting her appetite loose during sex with a buff stud – and she felt rather stuffed.

Uhn, Beck, no more! You know I have to squeeze into my Powergirl outfit tomorrow, and it's already so tight! And not just around my tits...”

You sure, Honey? You only have two spoonfuls left...”

Ugh! Alright, you horny feeder! But... Have you really just fed me a whole 14 oz jar of peanut butter?”


I mean, it's okay, Beck. I know the whole feeding and weight-gain thing makes you so hard, and it's going to the right places, and all this high-energy food makes sex sooo good! I mean, you've pretty much blown my mind with sex every night until I can't take any more... and this is me we're talking about! I didn't know I could even get this satisfied! I mean, I honestly don't think I could handle another one of you.”

Uhn! Honey! Your body is so hot, and your rack is out of this world!”

Mmmm. If you promise to keep talking like that, Beck, you can feed me again tomorrow! I just hope Katie doesn't get jealous about what it's doing to my ass and thighs... Oh, and you have to tell me the moment I start looking like a plus-size bodybuilder... I do need to stay light enough to squeeze into a swimsuit and win races, y'know.”

You're so hot, Chloe! But...”

What is it, Beck? Is my tummy too stuffed for you? Do I look so pregnant you're finding it difficult to get turned on enough to keep fucking me?”

No, way, Honey! But, you should probably know... Tonight I fed you a 40 oz jar of peanut butter, not 14 oz...”

Oh... Shit!”

Chloe felt her belly. She couldn't easily see past her tits while she was lying down, so she'd been assuming that since she only felt comfortably well-fed she hadn't let Beck stuff her that much. Her belly felt a bit distended, and rather solid from being filled with heavy, rich goo, but her abs were still there. Her tummy gave a contented little gurgle.


It's okay, Beck... Maybe leave the last two spoonfuls in the jar? You've fed me a fuck-ton more calories than I thought. Even my boobs might have problems soaking it all up.”

Sure thing, Honey.”

Beck resumed massaging his girlfriend's shoulders. He was drenched in sweat and completely exhausted, and hoped his sexually-insatiable blonde girlfriend was nearly ready to sleep. Well, he mostly hoped that she was. But, on the other hand, she was an irresistible sex goddess. With her epic boobs, and blonde demigoddess good looks, Beck could never in a million years say no to having sex with Chloe whenever she asked, even if it meant collapsing unconscious and sleeping through training sessions afterwards. The fact that Chloe was not only a super-hot blonde, but she also let him indulge his feeding fetish to its limit by spoon-feeding her multiple pounds of high-calorie gunge whenever they shared a bed, was icing on an already perfect cake. On top of that, she was outrageously skilled in bed. She'd been able to make him have multiple earth-shaking orgasms that were harder than any he'd ever dreamt were possible. And she seemed to have new tricks to try each night. In short, Chloe was the girl of Beck's wettest wet dreams – but Beck was completely spent. There was no way he could stay conscious if Chloe asked for even one more kiss, let alone an orgasm.

Hey, Beck?”

Yeah, Chloe?” Beck replied slowly, knowing for sure the blonde was about to demand more sex.

I said skip the last of the peanut butter. I didn't say you had to quit with the icecream...”

Chloe licked her lips, and then kissed her boyfriend.

Mmmn! Honey! You're so hot... But you've finished them.”

What?” Chloe groaned. “Both of them?”

Uh huh. You're getting really good at being fed, Chloe!”

No shit! Tell me again how much weight you've made me put on since I started dating you again?”

Chloe wrapped her well-muscled boyfriend's arms around her Powergirl-sized tits and squeezed.

Uhn! I think twelve pounds, Chloe!”

Think? You know it, because I tell you my weight every day... For some reason that seems to really turn you on... Strange, huh? Still, it's a nice easy way for me to make you rock hard, right?”

Uh huh! Twelve pounds. But a lot of it is muscle, Chloe, and your boobs are getting really huge... So... I think your hips and ass still need to round out some more...”

Chloe shifted her position, until she had her boyfriend nicely trapped between her Amazonian thighs. He felt too exhausted to resist whatever she wanted to do, and what Chloe wanted to do was try out several more sex tips from her book. Some of which would be extremely demanding on her partner. She hoped Beck's heart could take it – despite his being an ultrafit athlete, it felt like a risk, given how far she'd already pushed him tonight and how much further her excessive libido would like to go. But Chloe was extremely horny, which she reminded herself was partly because Beck had just fed her a vastly excessive amount of high-calorie peanut butter and icecream without telling her clearly how much it was, so she decided to make him take the risk. After all, she'd studied spells for resuscitation just in case they were needed for a situation like this.

Oh. Really? Well, since my thicc thighs and ass turn you on so much, Beck, I guess there's only one thing we can do...”

You mean you're ready to sleep, Honey?”

Nope... You know eating makes me horny... And since you've just made me pack away several thousand more calories than I meant to... I think we're going to have to fuck until we both come another, oh... Three times each?”

Uh! Chloe, I'm so tired!”

I know, Beck, but you should have thought of that before you fed me so much peanut butter... You know gorging myself on excessive calories make me want sex. But, because you're very tired, and I'm such a nice girlfriend, I'm going to go on top for the first two times...”

Beck, a highly fit, semi-professional athlete, moaned in pleasure and pain as Chloe rolled on top of him. Then she squeezed her body all over him, and smooshed her epic boobs in his face, and licked, and moaned orgasmically until he grew rock hard and had no choice but to comply with Chloe's relentless desire to pump him hard and fast in cowgirl until they both came epically. Beck had lost count of how many huge orgasms Chloe had soaked up so far, but apparently it wasn't enough and she soon resumed pressing herself all over him in a new position he couldn't begin to describe until she drew another orgasm from his body.


Beck felt as if feeding Chloe had unleashed a monster... A very, very sexy monster. Maybe some kind of succubus. With that thought forming hazily in his mind, of Chloe sitting on him with horns and trying to fuck him unconscious, Beck slumped back onto his pillow and fell into a comatose sleep.

Hey, Honey! Was that good for you? I just want a little more, Honey...” Chloe shook Beck's muscular body, and found to her disappointment that she'd overexerted him again.

With a sigh, Chloe rolled over her sleeping boyfriend and hunted through her drawer for her personal massager.

Aw, shoot.”


* *


The night of the Spring Ball.



An ultrafit hottie slid her knee-length Wonder Woman sandals over her exquisitely-toned calves. Then she smirked at her reflection and admired the way her leather cuirass had fastened around her perfect size 6 physique, and her black curls shone glossily. Then she headed out across the floodlit campus. There was a charity auction to be won, and the ultrafittie looked forward to crushing the hopes of her chubby competitors as soon as they caught sight of her hard body and invincible physique.

As the Wonder Woman-impersonating fittie approach Colonial House, the nexus of all student parties at Gainesburg, she passed a row of food vans that were drawing a huge custom from the gluttonous student body. The scent of the gooey burgers, gyros, thai curry, pizza, and other junk was irresistible. Her tummy rumbled loudly. She was very peckish. Yes, Anneka Anville had mentioned that she hadn't completely ironed out the side-effects of her Fitness Essence. Although the weight-gain side effect had been removed, apparently – provided not more than one dose was used per month – the herbal tonic was still a potent appetite stimulant.

Of course, a robust appetite was certainly to be expected when one had a physique as perfect as the hottie in the Wonder Woman outfit. In fact, when one possessed such well-cut muscles, a gooey deluxe burger from the famous Steak & Honour van would be just the thing to keep one well-fuelled for a successful evening of flaunting one's figure. Yes, Professor Francesca Serviss smirked to herself, a nice $15 burger would be just the way to start her triumphal evening at the Gainesburg College Spring Ball...




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Knowing how much I've enjoyed Donuts and Duchesses I held off on reading this for while in order to let some chapters build up.  Simultaneously loving the story and happily awaiting it's continuation.  If I had a comment to make, it's that Chloe seems a little too "live and let live", particularly given the weighty significant nature of her powers.  She and several of her friends have been actively sabotaged and manipulated by a Grade-A, power-hungry pseudo-socialite attention whore supported by a vain, self-indulgent, adulterous Vice-Chancellor.  I can't wait to see if Chloe finds a little mean-streak in herself to, at the very least, extract a suitable pound of flesh for her besties if not for herself.

All that being said, this is great fun to read and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what's in store.

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Knowing how much I've enjoyed Donuts and Duchesses I held off on reading this for while in order to let some chapters build up.  Simultaneously loving the story and happily awaiting it's continuation.  If I had a comment to make, it's that Chloe seems a little too "live and let live", particularly given the weighty significant nature of her powers.  She and several of her friends have been actively sabotaged and manipulated by a Grade-A, power-hungry pseudo-socialite attention whore supported by a vain, self-indulgent, adulterous Vice-Chancellor.  I can't wait to see if Chloe finds a little mean-streak in herself to, at the very least, extract a suitable pound of flesh for her besties if not for herself.

All that being said, this is great fun to read and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what's in store.

Thank you! I'm happy you're enjoying Best Served Wet. I do hope to write a bit more Donuts and Duchesses after I finish this one.

I think you're onto an interesting point here. Chloe is a very easy-going person, which might not be a personality trait that can survive forever in someone who has discovered magical powers that allow her to bend reality to her will with ease. I love your description of Tina Reilley and Prof Serviss, who I agree are grade-A bitches... Now, if Chloe was a very smart philosopher, along the lines of Plato, she could argue that the best revenge is a life well-lived: and what could be better in life than growing an epic rack? Chloe probably isn't that deep a thinker, although she does intuitively believe that bad-karma catches up with people and hence she tries to be nice to people. That said, Chloe might take the gloves off if she knew Tina was still using her tricks on the other girls on the swim-team. But Chloe doesn't currently know about that (yet?), and indeed neither does Katie. Depending on how the next chapters play out, they may or may not find out – I'll think about it, but I've no idea how it'll go.



A prequel series of Joshua t. Whale sabotaging the cheese cake curves if Golden age starlets would be fantastic.

A Joshua Whale prequel in fifties Hollywood. Oh ho! I'd need to read up on the era... The studios didn't by any chance have weight clauses in their starlet's contracts, did they? And were there any fad diets which a fading star might resort to in order to regain her figure? Was it the era when people would use those strange steam-cabinets in order to slim down, and might a particularly gluttonous woman be caught stuffing herself with fattening food whilst using one to mitigate the consequences?


Anyway, I hope I didn't say this would be the very final part of chapter 10. There will be a little bit more stuffing in the final part, because this part is already too long. In this part, Francesca is benefitting from Anneka Anville's improved Fitness Essence. Since the Essence is just a modified version of the Pep potion, it's unlikely to be free from side-effects, but Fran is too indulgently short-sighted to consider this. 


Chapter 10: Floatation Devices (part 5/6)


Party music boomed across Gainesburg College. Much of it emanated from the grand, faux-colonial student house. The building's floodlit, faded grandeur overlooked the college lake, and faced proudly towards the modern parts of the college on the opposite side of the water. The clubroom of Colonial House was the focus of the campus's biggest party of the year so far, and students spilled out through its French windows which had been thrown open to accommodate the event.

A green expanse of manicured wilderness abutted Colonial House. Upon the lawn, a horde of greedy students thronged about the food vans parked on the lakeside path. The evening was cooling towards 50 degrees, and the organisers had wisely fired up the heat lamps above the wooden outdoor tables so the scantily-clad revellers could gorge themselves in comfort. Their outfits – superheroines and superheroes was the evening's theme – were all too thin and skimpy for the weather of the cloudy February night.

One could go further, and say the outfits were also far too tight and skimpy for most of their wearers. It was obvious most of the first years had aced their Freshman fifteens during the last semester, then enjoyed an indulgent Christmas vacation that had left them with muffin tops and abundant curves of which they had lost none in January. The sophomores and older students were heavier still – the Freshman year contained a significant influx of Gainesburg sports scholars, whose acres of sluttily-exposed bare flesh were still decently muscular and toned despite the numerous pounds of weight gain they'd accumulated from the Gainesburg lifestyle. In contrast, many of their seniors were fatties, plain and simple, who had squeezed and poured themselves into bursting catwoman costumes and other popular cosplay outfits with varying degrees of bodycon capability. There were several Black Widows, who had splashed out on leather catsuits and benefited greatly from the waist-cinching capacity of taut leather. Capes were popular, and provided a measure of concealment for the fatter asses on parade in the Gainesburg Justice League.

One costume choice which was not at all suitable for girl with a muffin top was that of Emma Frost: the White Queen's midriff-baring, white, shimmering leggings combined with a scanty halter-neck top and pushup bra were unflattering for a girl who had lost her fourpack and had needed to skip two meals to even show off a two-pack of abdominal muscles above her plush lower belly. That was, however, exactly the fashion in which the British swimming scholar, Tiffany “Tottie” Thompson, had chosen to flaunt herself – having gone blonde especially for the ball. Tottie's racy outfit and provocative flaunting had certainly gained her plenty of admiration. Indeed, in only half the night she'd filled her dinner date calendar to bursting. She just hoped her tummy wouldn't be bursting or her figure too badly spoiled by the onslaught of calories that were sure to hit her body like the Juggernaut if she indulged in a full five-course meal with each of the buff young men she fancied fucking. Of course, she could always add more aerobics to her training regime to compensate, but the prospect didn't fill her with enthusiasm.

Tottie was not particularly optimistic about her chances of attracting the winning bid in the evening's charitable auction, at which she would be on offer as a hot date. One of the drawbacks of having fucked half the boys on campus for free – or more accurately for the price of a five-course dinner plus multiple wines – was that Tottie had significantly depleted the reservoir of boys who had any reason to bid several-hundred dollars to take her on a date. Additionally, Tottie was confident that her friends, Katie Kane and Chloe Southern, would win tonight's hotly-anticipated auction by a landslide. Their only likely competition was Tina Reilley: not because the bitchy captain of the swim team was one of the hottest girls in college – indeed, Tottie and a handful of other sports scholars scored more highly in the brutally honest, post-drinks judgement of the Gainesburg mens' sports clubs (which Tottie frequently attended in her semi-official capacity as the easiest girl in Florida) – but because Tina had a knack for manipulating the actions of wealthy males. However, Tina was currently going through something of a fat-month – or, more accurately, since she'd been this way all semester, a fat-year – and at present she was simply too bloated to win any kind of beauty contest. (It was very likely, Tottie reflected, that Tina's blown-out figure was responsible for the unrepressed anger and harshness with which she'd recently been yelling at Tottie, and the other swim-team girls, for slacking on their training sessions.)

In comparison to her swim-team captain, Katie Kane was smoking hot. In the last three weeks, Chloe had only allowed Katie to sneak away to enjoy the occasional slice of cheesecake with Tiffany after the morning gym session. And therefore, with the aid of some slightly-contouring shapewear and an excellent bra, the super-blonde Supergirl from New Jersey looked a million dollars with her hourglass figure tightly clad in her swishy red miniskirt, cool cape, and tight sweater. To be honest, Katie Kane had massive tits compared with Supergirl, and the S emblem on her top was stretched to the limit of recognition, but Tiffany suspected that would only raise Katie's value at auction.

Meanwhile, if Katie Kane looked a million dollars as Supergirl, then Chloe Southern looked in all ways a billion dollars as Powergirl. Certainly, if cup-size was proportional to female attractiveness – and Tottie had enough experience not to argue the point – Chloe's recent, superhuman spurt of breast-growth, which had equipped her with an epic rack fit for the greatest Kryptonian superheroine, had blessed her with boobs that would win her tonight's auction all on their own. Of course, Chloe was a 10/10 super-hottie in any case, with her great looks, fabulous and natural blonde hair, and perfect skin having easily made her the leading choice for the college's promotional photographs, even back when she was merely somewhat busty. And that was before Tottie even thought about Chloe's physique. In fact, Tottie was a little concerned that she'd make herself too wet and horny to remain in public if she started thinking about Chloe's Amazonian thighs, bulging biceps, and overall toned body. Because any such thoughts would inevitably lead Tottie to contemplate the irresistible, buoyant lushness of Chloe's round ass, which the superbuff Beck Bronte's feeding sessions had added to the hot blonde. (And hadn't Tottie been as envious as hell when Chloe had described those feeding sessions to her, and Katie, in pornographic detail – at Katie and Tottie's insistence, of course?)

In summary, Chloe's bodysuit was tight, framing a taut, Amazonian body with a degree of lush curves and a slight tummy bulge under her steely sixpack that hinted at an insatiable sexual appetite. Oh, and the red cape, the matching gold clasp, and the blue, waist-cinching belt and go-go boots all managed to look somehow kinky and sexually-suggestive on Chloe Southern. It felt to Tottie – who was sufficiently bisexual and experienced to consider her instincts correct – that Chloe radiated the impression of having only deigned to squeeze into her very tight Powergirl costume as a suggestive prelude to sex, as if she knew that dressing herself as the fabulously well-endowed comic-book superheroine would be a massive turn-on for her partner(s). Tottie fanned herself with a paper plate: if that was Chloe's desired effect, it was certainly working on the Brit! Also, the way Chloe bulged out of her boob-window was positively indecent!

Phew!” Tottie panted to herself.

Need a moment?” Asked a chirpy-voiced short girl, who sported a very hefty belly squeezed into a purple-sequinned Catwoman mini dress that had been designed for a plump girl about two dress sizes slimmer around the middle. She was slurping a massive chocolate milkshake.

Oh, Hi Amy!” Tiffany said.

Tiffany felt her tummy rumble. Skipping meals was not something she enjoyed at all, but the pants of her Emma Frost costume had exacted a demanding price for fastening around the Brit's slightly-fleshy tummy. Absolutely no swelling could have been accommodated.

Hey, Emma! Have you seen Kara? I mean, Supergirl?”

I know who you mean!” Tiffany protested.

Oh. I said I'd keep an eye on her for Powergirl. PG had to go put Nightwing – I mean Beck, by the way – to bed. I think she fucked him too many times today, and the poor boy was nearly asleep on his feet!”

Oh, no! Poor Beck.” Tiffany sympathised. “Does he need someone to look after him? I could... Keep him warm or something, once Chloe comes back. Boys need to be kept warm, don't they, when they're recovering from having too much sex?”

Amy slurped bubbles of air mixed with sugary chocolate milk from near the bottom of her huge plastic cup. Then she sucked some air through her teeth sceptically.

I think that's the last thing he needs, to be honest, Tottie. I mean, seriously, you girls on the swim-team are brutal! Just for comparison, I get my boyfriend to do me maybe three, four times a week, and that's just twice per session, and then he's spent. No wonder you girls get through so many boys! No offence intended!”

None taken!” The Brit replied salaciously.

Amy set down her milkshake, wiped a drip of chocolate milk from her chin, and adjusted her sparkly half-mask and cat ears. Tottie thought the philosophy student looked a little flushed and unsteady, and wondered whether Amy was already on her second big milkshake of the evening. Certainly, Amy's sweet tooth, combined with the fact Devilish Milkshakes were catering, was certain to tempt the plump young woman into severe overindulgence. And Amy's purple dress was already pulled so tight that it made her look heavily pregnant. She must have packed on over sixty pounds since starting college. Any more indulgence tonight, and Amy's dress, which had been slack at the end of the last semester, would bust a seam. Tottie wondered if she should say something, but decided not to. After all, Tottie had needed to skip two meals to squeeze into her party costume, so she was hardly in a position to give nutritional advice.

Great! I'm gonna go look for Katie in the cheesecake line, and --- Oh, here she is! Hey Katie!”

Katie Kane looked up from her food as if she'd been caught doing something naughty. Judging by the three large slices of cheesecake she was carrying on her paper plate, perhaps she had. She looked relieved when she realised Amy and Tiffany did not have Chloe with them.

Hey Amy!” Katie enthused.

Are you gonna eat all those?” Amy inquired.

Erm.” Katie replied. The answer was obviously a yes, but Katie had been brought up to be polite. “No. Help yourselves!”


Tiffany groaned. Her tummy would be un-suck-in-able after this. She sampled a little of the New York cheesecake. Yes: it was indeed as addictively delicious as ever! She felt her tummy begin to bloat in anticipation.

Y'know.” Amy burped. “I'm really doing you two a favour here! I mean, the more of this stuff you two eat, the harder it's gonna be for you to suck in when you're doing your catwalk run later. And, isn't it coming up soon?”

Tiffany's belly gurgled hungrily as she rapidly ate cheesecake, and she suppressed a scowl. Katie looked unconcerned.

It's no problem. This Supergirl skirt is very forgiving! Plus, I've paired it with some waist-sculpting underwear, for the perfect Kryptonian figure. But Tottie might want to leave me some of her cheesecake – she has a bare tummy to show off, after all!”

Tiffany growled. The American girls backed away slightly from the growling Brit. It was difficult to read her tone, and better to be on the safe side: on the rare occasion Tottie had been moved to ire, she had proved capable of thermonuclear sarcasm.

Abruptly, the eighties music that was resounding around the lake faded away. The DJ started up the Wonder Woman TV soundtrack in its place.

The cute Supergirl, the convincing Emma Frost, and the extremely fat Catwoman looked up from gorging themselves on cheesecake to take in what was happening.

The Spring Ball organisers had done something similar a few times in the evening. They'd played an Avengers theme in admiration of an especially buff football player who had impressed them greatly with his excellent Captain America cosplay on the red carpet. Chloe and Katie had received a similar treatment with the Supergirl TV theme, although Katie had been disappointed their music wasn't as epic as the Avengers. They'd played a blast of 16-bit Street-Fighter soundtrack for a girl cosplaying as Chun Li. And now they were playing the Wonder Woman TV theme.


Shit!” Catwoman cursed.

She'd had to drop a piece of cheesecake from her mouth and recover control of her jaw to say it, and, of course, it took the two swim-team blondes standing next to her a lot longer for their brains to catch up with Amy's thinking. The reason for Amy's exclamation was, of course, that the latest hottie who was being honoured with her own theme song – a 5'7'' super-hot brunette with a leather cuirass more expensively tailored than Katie's entire outfit – had an absolutely perfect physique. She was in far better shape than Supergirl, and out of Emma Frost's league.

Yep.” Emma Frost confirmed.

Supergirl tried to subtly set her cheesecake plate down without anyone noticing. All of a sudden, she felt not just cutely-chubby but rather fat.

She'd ripped! And you're boned!” Amy summarised the situation to Katie.

No!” Katie gasped.

Tottie gave Katie a consoling stroke on the shoulder. “You know, Katie. I've always said one has to recognise one's limits, and... Well, whoever she is – and I have no idea how I don't recognise her – that woman is way past ours!”

Shit.” Katie suppressed a sniff, not wanting to cry in front of her friends. She'd been certain that Chloe and she would be the hottest girls at the Spring Ball... Wait: Chloe!

Chloe's hotter than her!” Katie asserted in a high-pitched version of her voice.

Meh.” Amy responded to Katie's claim with a cold-eyed analysis.

Yes and no, Katie. You see, Chloe is hotter than yon Wonder Woman – in a wet-dream sense. But Chloe is over six foot tall and hence she is what some refer to as Too Swole To Control. Whereas Ms 5'7'' Perfect-Physique over there is arguably better girlfriend material. That's because a lot of boys might prefer her because she's classic-sized, while still offering an amazing body and great looks. How can I put this more simply? TLDR: she's a fucking hot, hyper-fit 10/10, much like Chloe, but she's also more petite than Chloe so lots of boys will find her less intimidating. Hence she'll get higher bids at auction. Econ 101.”

Shite!” Tottie swore. “You're right, Amy.”

Yeah, obviously.” Amy agreed.

Okay, well, I don't think she's from our college, so I say we pull rank and get her kicked out of the ball.” Tottie reasoned.

You wanna argue with Superman and Batman over there, drooling over her legs?” Amy asked.

Yea... No.” Tottie concluded. It was true: the student body was cheering loudly for Wonder Woman and would not respond well to such a hottie being ejected from the red carpet.

Katie had a different question.

Seriously, who is she? How can there be a girl in college this hot, and we don't know her? She isn't on any sports team, or Tottie and I would know her.”

Unless she rocked up this week on some non-standard academic schedule.” Tottie added.

Do you know her, Amy?” Katie asked, after a pause that suggested – not too unreasonably – that it was unlikely.

Huh. No. Thank you very much for asking, Kara. As it happens, Ms Buns-and-Legs 2019 is not a nerd from the library. ”

Is she staff?” Tottie asked herself.

Noo... I don't think so. Anyway, look at her: she's our age.” Amy answered.

Hmm. Yeah.”

The new hottie finished flaunting herself in the faux-impromtu fitness routine she'd performed in time to the old TV music. She even flicked her snazzy glowing whip around a buff Superman, and yanked him onto her boobs to produce a finishing pose. The display elicited rapturous applause. Damn: Katie remembered receiving quite a few cheers and whoops earlier in the evening, but not that much applause.

The super-hot 6'1'' blonde Powergirl that was Chloe Southern appeared behind her friends.

Hey, girls! What's up? Is that cheesecake?”

Katie and Tottie groaned. Amy patted Chloe on the side of a boob, which was all she could reach without stretching. Damn: those tits are bouncy! Amy thought.

It falls to me, Chloe, as your smartest friend, to inform you that you and Katie have a competitor this evening. And she's so fucking hot you're probably gonna lose!”

What?” Chloe asked distractedly. She'd been looking around for food. Putting Beck to bed and then getting dressed again had left her hungry. Her metabolism was accustomed to being fed pounds of peanut butter by about this time in the evening, and her belly was missing it.

Amy pointed at the ultra-fit Wonder Woman, who was taking a preliminary saunter down the floodlit stage which had been set up to serve as a small catwalk between the lake and Colonial House. 

Chloe gradually caught up with her friends' thinking.

Oh, shit! Is it me, or is she really hot? Whoa: Nice Cuirass!” Chloe said.

I can confirm...” Amy started.

Oh, shut up, Amy!” Katie interrupted. “Chloe: you're hotter than her. You have literally five times as much rack! You can beat her. You just need to, you know, push them out a little more when you do your catwalk thing!”

Amy and Tottie shared a sceptical look. It was true that Chloe was a lot taller than the Gainesburg Wonder Woman, and sported a more all-round impressive body. But there were other factors in play. Certainly, there was nothing more that Chloe could gain by showing off extra cleavage – her boobs had already transcended all scales of epic-ness over the last few weeks, and there were no more points to be scored! Tottie mused for a moment on what it might feel like to have Beck Bronte licking breasts as big as Chloe's, or maybe having him and a friend each suck one... Then she felt very jealous.

Thanks, Katiebuns.” Chloe said.

Katie stroked Chloe's shoulder soothingly.

The four friends stared for a while as the Wonder Woman strutted on the catwalk, and flicked her whip a few times.

Tottie took a hefty breath and scowled. She mentally prepared herself to ask a stupid question. Fortunately, the posh Brit had years of experience.

Is that Professor Serviss?” Asked Tottie.

Raucous giggling followed from the other three. Tottie bore it stoically.

I mean it! Wonder Woman over there looks quite a bit like Fatty Serviss. Except not fat.”

No, Tottie!” Amy exclaimed authoritatively. “Professor Francesca Serviss is the fattest lardass this side of the Grass-Fed Hippos Weight Loss Retreat and Spa For the Morbidly Obese. And she's in her forties, at minimum.”

Hmm. Does she have a daughter?” Katie asked.

Don't know. Not in college. It's possible.” Amy said.

The TV music for Wonder Woman restarted, in response to the horde of cheering, drunk students who were demanding an encore. Amy shoved her friends in the direction of the catwalk, sensing they were losing their own opportunities to flaunt themselves.

Hey, get over there and start wiggling your asses down the catwalk! She's upstaging you!” Amy instructed her friends as she pushed them.

Tottie groaned. She was going to be the most out-of-shape girl on stage. Then she brightened up considerably when she saw that Tina Reilley was approaching the catwalk from the other direction. Tottie smirked with the realisation she was in fact going to outclass at least one of the other specimens on auction tonight.

As a red-head with a taut, athletic body, Tina Reilley was a natural Black Widow cosplayer. At least, she must have thought so when she ordered her costume about a month ago, prior to embarking on a diet heavy in cheesecake, malt, and chocolate, and light on green vegetables, clean carbs, and lean meats. The self-centred swim-captain had really given in to her inner glutton since the Christmas vacation! As far as Tottie was concerned, this was both bad and good. The bad part was that Tottie's mid-morning visit to Devilish Milkshakes, a relaxing highlight of her day, had been spoiled on an almost daily basis this semester by the bitchy Tina Reilley's unwelcome intrusion. This was because, at the same time as Tina was fluffing up from all the fattening junk she'd allowed into her diet, she'd started taking great pleasure in publicly shaming any of her swim-team subordinates whom she caught overindulging themselves in anything similar. Since Tottie's daily routine involved a break for some fattening cheesecake and a milkshake or two, she'd been receiving regular abuse from the ladies' swim-captain – often at the very same time as Tina herself dispatched her latest boyfriend to buy her a huge tray loaded with even more decadent fare. Tottie had been called a “fatty,” a “porker,” and a “bloated Brit.” Even more annoyingly, when Tottie had hit back she'd found her sarcastic come-backs had sailed over Tina's head completely, and the Brit had been left eating cheesecake to console herself while hoping for her swim-captain to receive come-uppance for her bitchiness in some other way. And the boot was finally on the other foot tonight!

Tonight, Tina Reilley had just about shoe-horned herself into an expensive Black Widow catsuit, but the leather was straining like the skin of a bursting sausage! She was clearly walking with small steps because the leather cladding around her bulging thighs and bottom was too tight to accommodate a normal stride without splitting! And her middle – although it was pulled into something resembling a size-six silhouette by the stiff leather – had formed a big roll above the waist, and a flabby bulge around her hips. And Tina's boobs were clearly bulging because her low neckline was one of the few places in the painfully-tight outfit where her recently-accumulated flab was able to find any escape. Even worse – or more deliciously, as far as Tottie was concerned – Tina's cheeks were noticeably puffed-out so that she looked even chubbier than Katie Kane! Except without the New Jersey girl's associated cuteness.

Hey, Tina!” Tottie smirked.

Tottie.” Tina replied, briefly scowling before resuming her pageant-competitor smile. “You've quite a muffin top going on there! Are you sure you're really supposed to be offering yourself up in the Hottest-Girl Auction?”

Who, me? Oh, I'm just here because I have a sexy posh English accent! But what are you doing here? I mean, let's face it, you're hardly as fit as Katie or as busty as Chloe this semester!”

Tottie turned away before Tina responded. Tottie was a product of generations of aristocratic breeding, and when she wanted to be completely oblivious to a growling sound which emanated from behind her, she could be. It was probably something to do with having dogs around the stately home. 


The hottest hotties in Gainesburg assembled at the Colonial House end of the Spring Ball catwalk. They posed sluttily in front of the alcohol-fuelled audience as they prepared themselves to strut towards the lake and back in the name of good old-fashioned bawdy entertainment, and also for prestige and honour – as well as for charitable fundraising, of course.

Hey, Jon!” Tottie ingratiated herself by kissing the Master of Ceremonies on the cheek when she was the first girl called up to be presented for auction. She was seventy-percent certain she'd fucked him at some point in the last semester. The emcee certainly blushed and tripped over his first line when she kissed him hello.

Tot... Erm. Hello Tiffany!”

Oh! Call me Tottie!” Tottie spoke into the microphone, breathlessly.

Hello, Tottie! So, how does it feel to be tonight's first auctionee in the 2019 Valentine's Hottie Contest?”

Oh, all the better for having you introduce me, Jon.” Tottie said flirtatiously, drawing laughs and raised beer glasses from the vociferous audience.

Jon recovered his cool. “Well, Tottie, thank you for being here! Now, as you know, you're taking part in a long, proud Gainesburg tradition! Ever since 1961, the hottest girls in Gainesburg have been auctioning themselves as Valentine's dates, and the winners have gone onto some pretty great things... So, no pressure then, Tottie!”

Jon waffled on for a while. He did a fair job of making the crowd impatient for the hotties to strut their stuff. All the while, kegfuls of beer were served and guzzled.

... Every man in Gainesburg wants the honour of placing the highest bid of the night, and every girl wants to be the winning lot! Isn't that right?”

Yeah!!!” The student body roared its agreement. Almost all of them were drunk, and a good few dozen were waving Gainesburg-branded auction paddles...

But...” Jon paused dramatically. “Since every one of our super-heroines tonight are super in every sense, the Organising Committee have asked me to administer a few special tests to you girls, so we can find out just which of you is the most super of all... Are you up for that, Tottie?”

Oh yes, Jon!” Tottie enthused.

Very good! Then, without further ado, let me explain the special tests...”

Tottie's brow creased in concentration as she strained her brain to remember the three special tasks which she would need to perform for the emcee and the raucous audience of horny boys and laughing girls.

The first test was for Tottie to walk to the lake-end of the catwalk and back, while performing one or more high-kicks or martial arts moves of her choice en route. Tottie smiled as her mind raced, trying to plan out a suitably impressive routine whilst also remembering the next two tasks.

The second task was to give a big sloppy kiss to the Master of Ceremonies, which would be rated by the audience. Tottie found that one easy to remember, and was certain she would score highly.

The third task – which felt a little more exploitative than first two – was for Tottie to demonstrate that she possessed a level of fitness suitable for a super-heroine by bending over and touching her toes without bending her knees (obviously, showing her ass to the audience in the process). Obviously, for any girl with a strict fitness regime involving daily yoga, it was a piece of cake... Tottie was fairly sure she could do it.

Tottie set off down the catwalk.

High-kicks, huh?” Tottie murmured to herself. Then she addressed the audience with her loud, crisp voice.

Do you guys want to see some high kicks?” Tottie yelled.


Well try these for size!” The Brit screamed back.

Tottie could kick at head-height. She did do yoga and intense exercise on a daily basis, after all. But her leggings felt very tight tonight, and she'd probably enjoyed too many glasses of wine to pull off a spinning triple-kick without falling off the catwalk, so she settled for chaining a double kick, leading with her right leg then pirouetting onto it and following up with her left, at chest height. The crowd seemed to like it, judging by their roar of approval.

Thanks, boys!” Tottie cooed and blew the cheering crowd a kiss. Probably that caused quite a lot of the boys in the audience to imagine it was a personalised kiss intended for them – she'd certainly enjoyed one-night stands with enough of them to raise the possibility.

What was task two? Oh, yes.

Tottie smooched the master of ceremonies on the lips like she was a girl tasting water after three days in the desert. She put all her slutty experience to work, and earned her due rewards: a massive cheer from the crowd, and quite a large hard-on in Jon's pants, which she touched softly with her knee, just long enough to bring the audience's attention to it and cause a gale of laughter.

What was task three, Jon?”

Bend over, Tottie.” The host reminded her, after the crowd laughed some more.

Oh yes... You mean, like this? I just hope this doesn't make my ass too big! What do you think, boys?” Tottie called out.

Bending over and wiggling her ass at the crowd did, in fact, give Tottie a mondo muffin top. She'd simply stuffed herself with too much cheesecake, and shirked too many exercise sessions for matters to be otherwise. But the boys seemed to appreciate what the cheesecake had done to her ass!

Tottie smoothly straightened herself back up after the slutty demonstration of her fitness and flexibility. She was pretty happy with her performance. She resumed her position in the line-up of hottie auctionees, and wished Katie Kane good luck as she passed by to take her place on the catwalk.

Tottie mused. She'd be very happy with herself if she broke five-hundred dollars in the auction. Plus, she hadn't fallen off the stage or fallen out of her halter-neck top – which would have been embarrassing, even if giving the boys an eyeful of her perky tits might have done some good for her sale price. Tottie's brain was drenched in the adrenaline rush of the catwalk, and she gave a sparkling smile as she stood back and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Now, Katie Kane was bustier and cuter than Tottie. The English girl was certain that Katie would not struggle to draw a nine-hundred dollar bid tonight. Tottie assumed Katie's price would be in line with previous records at the auction: Katie Kane would probably have been the hottest girl ever auctioned at the Gainesburg Spring Ball if she didn't happen to be lining up against both Chloe Southern and Wonder Woman tonight. No wonder the boys roared so loudly! Of course, they were also getting epically drunk. Tottie had been concerned that the bar might run out of beer by the time she was ready for some – she'd strictly restricted herself to drinking wine, which was less bloating, until after the auction.

Katie finished her catwalk session with a display of shadow-boxing, then kissed the emcee and flicked her cape aside to give the audience the best possible view of her fantastic ass and legs. Then she dazzled everyone else on stage with her sparkly smile as she lined back up beside Tottie. Katie patted her tummy and nudge Tottie to show it off – obviously the New Jersey girl was delighted at how well her lightly-contouring underwear had prevented her cheesecake binge from showing on the catwalk.

Turning her attention back to the show, Tottie smirked evilly. The next girl up was Tina Reilley – as Black Widow – and there was no amount of shapewear that could hide the flab she'd added to her frame in the last two months.

Haha!” Tottie whispered to Katie.

The night was about to get even better for Tottie – and much worse for Tina.

Task number one, performing high-kicks, was out of the question for a girl clad so tightly in leather as Tina Reilley. The fluffed-up bitch could barely take full length strides, her catsuit was so taut. She settled for showing off some karate chops, which were nowhere near as good as Tottie's kicks, in the Brit's opinion. That didn't stop Tina's cronies in the audience from cheering loudly over the noise of the drunks, but it did perhaps give the swim-captain a false sense of capability... Which turned into a big problem after she finished giving Jon a domineering kiss.

Tina took a deep breath, sucking in her diaphragm as much as humanly possible, before beginning her third task: the demonstration of fitness and flexibility that involved touching her toes. She began to bend. She got almost half way before Tottie heard it.


It was a tiny sound, but Tottie knew what a burst thread sounded like.

Tina grunted on the stage. But with her cronies cheering in the audience, she wasn't about to take the safe option of opting-out of the task which Tottie and Katie had performed quite easily. Her chunky ass bulged within the straining catsuit as she forced the leather to stretch further and further...

Soon, Tina's face had gone beetroot-red with exertion. Tottie thought she heard the red-head emit a gurgling belch, which prompted the Brit to grin broadly, but then came a sound at which Tottie's heart raced with delight”


Tottie practically fell over laughing! Katie Kane actually had to kneel down to recover her composure. Further down the line, Tottie could see Chloe giggling uncontrollably, and Wonder Woman's mouth gaping open in a wolfish grin of evil delight. Tottie laughed even harder when she caught something Wonder Woman muttered under her breath.

Somebody's been eating too much pudding!”

The seat of Tina's catsuit had split all the way from her crotch to the middle of her back. All of a sudden, an ass eight-inches too fat for Black Widow rent the catsuit wide apart, putting a square foot of Tina's creamy white butt on display to the world.

Best of all, in Tottie's view, was how Tina's method for avoiding a visibly panty line in her skintight catsuit was so cruelly exposed, along with the entirety of her fattened-up rear!

Tina Reilley's outfit had split spectacularly around her ass, and it was too bad for her that she was wearing no panties at all!


* *


Tina's howl echoed around the Gainesburg College lake for quite a while before it faded away into the laughter and hubbub of the drunken student body. But Tottie was certain it would live on much longer as one of her more treasured memories.

Anyway, the rest of the auction went as Tottie expected. She was elated by her own sale price of seven hundred dollars. Too bad that, with Tina having fled the stage, Tottie scored the lowest price of the four remaining hotties on offer. Katie Kane scored an impressive sixteen-hundred dollars from an attractive looking rich boy, briefly taking the record for the highest bid in Spring Ball history. Chloe Southern then smashed that record: her looks were 10/10, of course, and the way she'd pulled off a triple-kick at head height had impressed Tottie greatly. Of course, Powergirl's leg-baring, lycra costume was by far the most suitable outfit for such athletic demonstrations, but still... Oh, and Tottie had practically fainted at the way Chloe's ass had looked when she did her flexibility-demonstration. And her boobs had, just about, stayed in her top – Tottie suspected there must have been miles of double-sided boob tape involved.

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman's perfect body, expensive outfit, and alluring whip routine had drawn an even greater bidding frenzy from the affluent section of the Gainesburg College audience. The evening had culminated with Wonder Woman – who had introduced herself as a mysterious “Francesca, from Berkeley” – smashing Chloe's winning bid of $1900. Technically, only students were supposed to take part in the charitable auction, and Tottie suspected the rules had been bent to allow a wealthy stranger to bid on Francesca, but anyway she had surpassed Chloe's price during normal bidding, before her eventual buyer entered a breath-taking record bid of $3000.

As soon as the hottie auction drew to a close, Tottie was curious to find out who the mysterious Francesca really was. Katie Kane, who followed hot on Tottie's glittering high heels, was curious too – but her top priority was giggling about Tina's fat ass!

Did you see Tina! My Gods, what a sight! When did she pack on all that weight?” Katie asked.

I know, Katie! What a rip! I had no idea her ass had got so huge!”

So do you think she'll be giving us a break in the gym after tonight? She's been driving us pretty hard recently.”

I know! She shouts at me whenever I touch cheesecake! What a fucking hypocrite!” Tottie said.

Chloe never shouted at us!” Katie sympathised.

I wish we had Chloe back as captain.”

Tottie and Katie had been trailing Francesca / Wonder Woman into Colonial House, hoping to strike up a conversation. It seemed Francesca had overheard Tottie's last remark, and she turned around as she approached a door to a side room that she was about to unlock.

I don't know about that, girls!” Said Francesca. “According to some of the folks I was talking to earlier tonight, Chloe was quite a slack captain!”

Noooo!” Katie exclaimed, defending her best friend. “Chloe was an amazing swim-captain. We even beat Largeville College last semester, when we had Chloe in charge of us!”

Technically,” Tottie pointed out, “Chloe beat Largeville on her own. She was even faster than most of their boys!”

Yeah! Chloe's a great swimmer!”

Wonder Woman did not seem to approve of their display of loyalty, but it seemed that she was interested in chatting to Katie and Tottie about other subjects.

Well, I suppose I wouldn't know.” Said Francesca. “And it's obvious Chloe is a lot trimmer than Tina tonight! It must be quite worrying for you two to see your team captain in such disgraceful shape! As for me, I hardly know her, but I have to say I was absolutely disgusted by what that girl's allowed to happen to her body by giving in to such wanton gluttony!”

It is a lot more than I expected!” Tottie said. “I know she's been pigging out a little, but--”

A little? It looked to me like she's turned into the human equivalent of a pig farm! If I was in charge of sports in your college, I'd be very concerned that your team captain's turning herself into such a fatass she won't be able to win important races! Of course, I'm assuming you have some big swimming events coming up?”

Katie responded. “Yeah. Hmm, I guess I might be able to beat Tina myself at the moment... But, I don't know – the major time trials are this summer. And that's a long way away. Maybe she's just fluffed-up temporarily...”

We can only hope so!” Exclaimed Francesca vehemently.

Katie and Tottie exchanged a glance, both wondering what possible reason Francesca might have for wanting to see the unpleasant Tina Reilley win anything.

Anyway! Katie and Tottie: why don't you come with me into this side-room?” Francesca unlocked the door. Tottie felt suspicious, but it turned out to be a quite generous invitation from the Berkeley girl.

You see, I was very successful in charming a young man named Alex earlier this evening. He was distributing cheesecake at the Devilish Milkshakes stall, and he was so impressed by my fabulous physique he promised to lock away some of his best stuff in here for me to enjoy later. After all...” Francesca explained.

Francesca patted her cuirass to emphasise the no-doubt rock-hard tummy muscles within.

... One cannot afford to indulge oneself in fattening cheesecake before a beauty contest, can one? Whereas, after my success, I think I deserve a little treat. And I'd love you two to join me to celebrate... If you think you can keep up with me. But I should warn you girls: this body can handle an awful lot of fuel!”

Francesca struck another pose, emphasising her lean, taut body.

Tottie was still a bit suspicious, but Katie was feeling hungry.

Why thank you, Francesca! I am feeling super-hungry after the show. I've been dieting for weeks to fit into this outfit... And I love cheesecake!”

What about you, Tottie?”

Oh, well, thank you, Francesca, if there's enough to spare.”

Francesca opened the door to reveal a snug room with a sofa, and a coffee table stacked high with whole boxes of cheesecake. There must be two dozen of them, Tottie thought!

Francesca waved the other two girls towards the ultra-fattening cakes.

Girls: I don't that's going to be a problem! Oh, and why don't you text Chloe and invite her along as well. Maybe this'll put a dent in her---- erm, I mean, I'm sure she'd love to join us! Best not invite Tina though: I think she needs to lose a bit of weight!”


* *


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