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Venus Williams

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Venus Williams thickened up a lot during the 2018 tennis season, her size peaking at the year end US open grand slam. She shed her skinny frame in favor of a curvy, large, and dominating figure on court. Her body has changed quite a lot due to upping her calorie intake and spending a lot more time in the gym to get the thick and curvy look. She's in favor  of having a big booty and I think it's great she's taken initiative to put on weight, she looks better than ever. She's gone from being one of the slimmest to one of the biggest girls on tour. She has since slimmed down a bit in 2019 but here are a few comparison pics from 2017-2018 (This transformation is quite amazing for an athlete and really underrated):








Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 4.12.14 AM.png


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So glad, I'm not the only one to notice this. Particularly so on her big arse and belly. I heard that Venus is a huge eater too, so maybe that caught up a little too. Seeing her big, sweaty bum lumbering slowly around the court at the US 2018 was a sight to behold. 

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