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John Smith

The FABULICIOUS Zazie Beetz!!

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5 hours ago, John Smith said:

Of course.


But she NEED A BATH.

scared denzel washington GIF


Yeah that sprinkling with a few drops of water thing admittedly would be a big turn off........There is nothing worse than a pretty woman who is musty 😂😂😂

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39 minutes ago, John Smith said:

“Slaying the red carpet, but still need a red-flagging shower though.”





Ha.......Every time I see her now I’m going to think did she take a shower today 🤔🤢😂😂😂

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Just want to throw something out here because you guys are getting kinda' mean about Beets and I really like her. Just because a woman doesn't want to shower twice a day doesn't mean she's musty or reeking and being African american it's really difficult to take care of their hair in particular. I have a black friend who spends 7+ hours just to detangle, wash and condition her hair. IMHO if you're going to admire someone on here, you should admire them, not spend your whole time focusing on a single quote that could easily have been taken out of context and has nothing to do with this fetish or weight admiration. This whole thread went from admiring this woman's beauty to ragging on her bathing habits in the course of one post and all the mean comments kind of ruin the experience of browsing sexy pictures. 

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