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Hello All!!! 

I want to share my story with you! 

I’ve always loved food, food makes me happy. I love it much more when I’m high as it increases my appetite and the flavors are so rich!!!! 

I’ve always had an amazing appetite but growing up I was always insecure. Due to my family, friends and society, it never felt right to indulge. I’ve had boyfriends love my curves  in the beginning... and once I got comfortable and ate and gained they’d suggest a weight loss competition. It was really crushing ... they would love my curves in private but hated them in public. 

It wasn’t until I found my boyfriend that I discovered that my curves could be loved, that they could be bigger, and that our relationship would be fine!! 

It all started when he cooked an amazing brunch. Crab legs, stuffed clams, garlic bread, salad, steamed veggies. Just so much food for us two... let’s just say I ate most of it!!! We thought we were foodies... turns out we had a thing! On one of our very first dates we had Italian ... I ordered a calzone with a side of lasagna... so good I couldn’t move much after our meal. The next time we went out for a dinner date at a swanky lounge we loved loved the Mac and cheese so much we ordered another side of it... we ate every last bite we didn’t notice the lounge had closed and the staff was watching me indulge. Every bite I was fed I moaned the food was just too good!! 

Now we are very much into food but we’ve discovered my boyfriend is a feeder and I am an amazing Feedee, I am growing I am a proud gainer!  Follow my journey and watch me grow!!! I will share my food, my weight, my clothes. Follow the amazing Curvy Cannabis Cat! 



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CURVY CANNABIS CAT HAS BEEN GROWING AND GAINING .... Watch the Curvy Cannabis Cat take you on a body tour as she takes her measurements all while Indulging WINGS. Talking to you while she models last summers clothes, wanting you to see how much she's truly grown!!! 11:22 minutes of fun for you ❤️  For only $9.99 Every purchase makes the Curvy Cannabis Cat Fatter ❤️ 

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If you loved the Measurements B/A &  WING FEST Video  .. HERE IS THE SEXY JUCIY PHOTO SET From BTS. The Curvy Cannabis Cat was very turned on and wanted to show off her Juicy, Hanging, Round Belly ❤️ 

Enjoy 70 Photos of sexy outift changes & MORE 😛 for $ 6.99TREAT YO SELF ❤️


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