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Normalizing material: Rihanna over 200 lbs

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I think it helps when I can point our other larger women, and their positive reception, to my wife. The more used she is to changed goal posts the better

The new that Rihanna is over 200 lbs is very useful in that regard. 



of course the way she is photographed and the fact she is 5’8" means she doesn’t look fat (yet) but believe me, if you have a woman around 200 lbs and she has doubts, telling her Rihanna is 200 lbs (and sharing some of the positive reactions) will help

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You do really trust a speculative, click-trolling bait made by The Sun...


She's not weighing 200 pounds at all and even if she does, it wouldn't change nothing because in first instance, that's just but numbers she may either shed off from or bypass.


Secondly, Rihanna - like most women - has body self-image issues, let alone severe ones: it's been nearly an entire decade she reportedly struggle for sculpting a buxomly figure out of her once lithe, boyish figure amd everything she does, she quickly mamage to shed it off. The first time she worked out for her role in the film Battle Royale, she enjoyed her more mildly thick-legged, strongly athletic pear silhouette, then she begun to pile a bit more flesh on and at the moment she went from that from spurting a D cup, she slimmed down.

She had severely thicken up a second, then a third time and at the moment everyone begun to nickname her 'Thickanna' and praise her somewhat chunky lower frame, she turned into a starving waif in a matter of months (no jokes) . People begun to worry about her sanity and the next few trimestriers thereafter, she reverted back to her 165-lbs 'Thickanna' mode: the next year, selfies of hers parading a thicker-and-thicker figure were blazing out the World Wide Web. An another year later, her conspicuous cleavage and unknown-sized (**whispers** that was obviously a size 12) red dress while parading for the premiere of Valerian started a bodyshaming backlash about her turning into a "Plus Sized" artist (as if that was the end of the world if a woman get healthy) . Next Fall thereafter, people were reportedly comparing her with a Dascha Polanco at her starting famed years - with reason - and to speculate she was about 29 pounds bigger then her weight remained steady. 

One post-Holiday and a family tragedy later, she was spurting a choblet and a set of wobbly arms at the Grammy 2018, then boom! she slimmed down again, fattened up again and the cycle goes on. 


Why? Because she's a self-alleged glutton as she once stated: even when she won't, she effortlessly pack a lot of pounds and she struggle with that. The more she reach a new physical milestone, the more she's uneased about it: she long disliked her puffier cheeks and fledling choblet, doctorated for long most of her selfies just to appear well-toned and thinner and it's just recently she stated to have made peace with her rising-and-waning little belly pooch.

She's not currently weighing 200 pounds at all. She was hovering into this ramge but in late Fall '17 - Winter '18 then once again in July-August '18 and since then, she managed to not vet any bigger again. And I doubt she would ever does at the peak of her fame, simply because the business world hold, woefully, some in-depth underlying prejudices against bigger women of colour in position of fame or power. She's maybe an unofficial rival for Bey, but I doubt she would ever become a rival for Jill Scott and Lizzo and as well before a very long.

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The Kardashians ended up the eras of the androgynous waif figure and "fit" bodies by making trendy aesthetics standards that Western society long abbhored because when that wad not them, that was deemed negatively "ethnic" ... and there have still a lot of women who squint awkwardly about the normalization of fuller-figured bodies, nonetheless.

Some women assume their appareance depends of the vogue of the moment. Others are simply stick to what they used to be raised in.

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