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Hello all! My name is Elizabeth, Betty for short!

I'm not really sure where to start or what to write, so....Background!! 😜

I started getting into stuffing and BBW back in college when I dated a guy who (after some coaxing) admitted to having an interest in bigger girls, (which I was not) and who was turned on by my big appetite. Even at 18 and 120lbs I could out stuff the biggest eaters in my life and I have always loved the way it felt to be full to the brim, but I hadn’t explored deeper into what about being full I enjoyed until I met this guy. 

Without even meaning to, I started gaining weight and his response was markedly noticeable. It made me feel sexy to see his reaction and how my body was changing, to see the lumps of my ribs turn into to soft rolls, my sharp hips bones rounding and filling out, my thighs starting to rub together. Before I knew it, I’d gone from a 32A cup and size 1 U.S. to a 40DDD and size 16 and was sitting at 200+ lbs. Admittedly the stretch marks took some getting used to, especially since they HURT at first, but now they're kind of like badges of honor, and I enjoy earning them.

Despite feeling sexy with my new curves, I was very afraid that no one would want me if anything happened to the relationship that started my transformation (Which hasn't happened) and looking in the mirror certainly triggered feelings that weren’t what you’d call attractive. That’s when he introduced me to this site, encouraged me to get involved with the community and suggested I document my transformation. I really like it here and after lurking for a long time, I finally decided to muster up the courage to post a few pictures of my gain so far. 

I have always enjoyed and been intrigued by modeling so there’s never been a shortage of selfies on my phone (looking for something to upload I found 200+ just on my phone >.>), but I’m kind of new to posting stuff, especially that shows off my weight, (so please be gentle with me 😜 ). I'm posting a few pictures and I’d love some feedback, so let me know what you all think!

The first two pictures are sort of in the beginning of my gain, the second two pictures are during, and the last was from a couple days ago and I just thought it looked cute ;D

I hope you enjoy!!






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On 8/10/2019 at 12:13 PM, ssbbwlove said:

Welcome to the community! Can’t wait to see you grow!

Thank you! I'm excited to see where it goes, I'm hoping to get to 240 and then see how I feel :)


On 8/10/2019 at 8:44 PM, cai man said:

Welcome BustyBetty210! 😊

You're beautiful that way! Very sensual and sexy! :wub:

Thank you! I actually love the outfit in the pic with the pigtails, I wish it fit me still ><


On 8/11/2019 at 8:02 PM, The-thickening said:

Wow you look amazing! I’m just starting my gaining journey, I hope I look as good as you some day!

Aww! That's so sweet! I appreciate that so much! Thank you and please feel free to pm me about gaining if you want to talk! :)

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