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The Mystery

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17 hours ago, Maxarator said:

"Robbin, pass the weight repellent bat-spray!"

She's gonna need it...


Chapter 11: The Fit One, Fat

The walk out to the car was one of the worst experiences in Sarah's life.
Every step required her thighs to be forced to rub past each other, a near waddle taking much longer than her old stride. Hard earned runners muscles had turned to complete mush in a few hours and the extra 70 pounds of fat weighed heavily on every joint: pressing on her knees and ankles, pulling at her shoulders and neck. Each time her foot hit the ground she felt horrible tide of jiggles shoot from ankle to jowl and a tug at her slumped shoulders from her heavy breasts which were foolishly unsupported. Hips swayed side to side, a basketball sized ass swinging involuntarily as she moved.
The short stroll to the check out line seemed long as a marathon to the former runner. Sarah's deep and measured breathing was now shallow and short, the layer of fat on her lungs preventing a deeper inhalation. Due to her weakness, the packed cart felt like ti weighed a literal ton and her gut kept bumping into it.
'How is this happening?' Sarah asked quietly, cold sweat from fear and hot sweat from effort pouring off of her.
'I don't know, but we'll fix all of it okay?' Jessica reassured her, tugging up her pants.
The French teacher swallowed as she realized that Jessica didn't look quite so bulbous. Maybe it was due to her decreased body fat but mostly it was because that she was just as comparatively fat as Jessica. No...no the plus size model who couldn't go an hour without eating was due to her height, comparatively thinner. And Jessica had muscles while Sarah...
'I'm goo,' the blonde whimpered as she pinched the ample fat under her arms, finding no muscle beneath it,  'I'm...nothing but pudge. Jess it's like I've never worked out...'
'Sarah, you're going to recover it all, alright?' Her friend told her, putting a hand on her pillowy shoulders, 'I'll get you back in shape.'
The checkout line was a nightmare. Unaccustomed to her new dimensions, Sarah's suddenly shelf deep and desk wide backside knocked several bags of candy and as seen on TV crap off the shelves of the narrow aisle. As she loaded food item after food item, heavy bags and heavy cans and heavy steaks onto the conveyor her buttery arms began to burn with effort and her gut, bigger than it had been in her pregnancy adn twice as soft, kept bumping into the cart. 
'Sarah, you're looking great!' A voice came from the till as Sarah got to the register, 'that baby weight's finally dropping!'
'Uh thanks,' the panicking and freshly obese teacher said, her voice now timid, 'Hillary you look...'
Hilary had been the second tallest girl in their class, a fit and leggy 5'10 until a broken condom had derailed her promising basketball career. The last time Sarah had seen Hilary had been running, where the psychoticly fit redhead had sprinted by her, near zero fat body a machine designed to work out. Ripped, fatless, statuesque and gaunt, Hilary had had almost no breasts due to her devotion to cross fit and corded muscles.
'Great,' Sarah said, almost wincing to see the ghost of Christmas future in front of her.
Hilary was pouring out of a size XL work shirt and her formerly fatless legs were stretching out leggings to transparency. Jowls rippled down to her boobs, more than a foot of milk pale, freckled cleavage pouring out of the far too small cups and forcing the top three buttons far apart. An equally pale double gut hung out of the shirt, striated with angry purple stretch marks and going down to mid thigh knees. 
'Oh yeah, I've lost ten pounds thanks to this new diet candy,' the blimp of a store manager laughed, popping a candy into her mouth, 'a few more years and I'll get back to my ball playing weight!'
Sarah reeled in horror that the obese woman was loading several packages of the same candy into her cart. she paid without another word, the cost ludicrously cheap, breath rising rapidly as she made the cart go and realized that many of the fat women she'd seen didn't look so big anymore. The walk to the door yawned, no longer a short walk for a fit runner but a long slow waddle.
I'm huge. I'm fat. I'm going to get fatter and fatter and fatter...
Jessica met her at the door after checking out her own items and Sarah had to almost jog, whole body wobbling to keep up.
'What the hell is this?' Sarah whined, 'this isn't right. Holy shit how am I going to fix this?'
'I...we need answers,' Jessica said as they entered the parking lot, 'we start googling everything we can about Omna-dairy and werewolves and everything when we get back to your house.'
Sarah reeled as they entered the summer morning, the not-quite heat hitting her like a sledge hammer. Her skin, which had gone from runners tan to couch potato pale, began to redden and its sweat began pouring off if her. A loud rumble, almost animalistic came from her stomach, a hunger pang bad as a contraction.
'Maybe we should call Tommy,' the tall model continued as they reached her car and she began unloading bullets and weights, 'we need all the help we can get, don't you think?'
'I don't think that's a good idea,' the teacher said sadly.
Jessica turned, seeing Sarah stuffing a king sized candy bar into her mouth with one hand and opening a bag of chips with the other. 
'I don't want anyone to see me like this,' Sarah whined through her full mouth as she opened a soda bottle, shirt beginning to ride up.

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Chapter 12: The Unsuccessful Search, Successful

Google, that great ocean of information proved itself dry.

Well, not dry but filled with nothing but garbage after six hours of searching.

'Creepy pasta, creepy pasta,' Jessica sighed, scrolling through her laptop, 'shitty creepy pasta. If you're going to title it as thinking your dog isn't a dog, don't have it turn into a wendigo at the end stupid...find anything?'

Hunger rippled through the super model's stomach. A glance at her watch showed it was half an hour until she was supposed to be again. The same glance showed that the band was hanging loose on her wrist, when usually it cut into her soft forearm. She tightened the band, sure she'd done it yesterday, and realized that definition was returning to her forearm again. With a sigh she stood up, tugging up the pants that were hanging off of her and tightening her belt which was retreating notch by notch.

'You find anything Sarah?' Jessica asked.

The French teacher was mid bite on a candy bar, six inches of chocolate covered nougat goodness hanging out of her mouth. Her face was wrapped in the type of orgasmic glee Porn starlets would find over the top until she opened her eyes and realized what was happening and went into a church lady frown. The overweight teacher bit off the candy bar and handed it over to Jessica, letting out an annoyed grunt as she swallowed.

'Just more calories,' the teacher sighed, looking down at the mountainous bulges of her butter soft body, 'as if I didn't need them...'

Modest breasts had puffed up into the E cup size range and the mid thirties perk range. Beneath them her flat waist was now a beer keg filled to the brim with margarine spread that sprawled onto lap, filling up more than it ever had. Hatred surged inside the once svelte runner and she pinched the doughy sprawl, finding it marshmellow soft and surprisingly heavy as she hefted it up and down, finding a red mark left by suddenly snug sweats all along the milky sphere. Her phone she realized was resting on top of the gurgling ball and had been there long enough to turn off.

Jessica sat down next to her, putting a hand on her now creamy soft knee, 'We're gonna fix this Sarah...I have no idea how, but we will.'

Time stretched on after the model inhaled the snicker. Sarah couldn't get comfortable, body parts she hadn't even had before were pressing in on each other. This included her clit, which her belly kept pressing into her underwear. She could suck it in for a little while but her stomach muscles were too weak to hold it up for long and she'd soon be back to slightly horny squirmishness.

And she was hungry, hungry all the time and tired too. She got up with grunt, having to push herself to her puffy feet and tried pacing around, feeling her entire body jiggle and her gut bounce up and down. The old sense of momentum she got from pacing was gone, replaced with a desire to just lay down and eat something.

Hard, active, self denying Sarah was gone, soft, lazy, gluttonous Sarah was here now. Well over two hundred pound's Sarah, who was about to burst out of XL sweats and a t-shirt. Fat ass small town Sarah who'd let herself go and was never going to be thin again. Soon no one would ever

She slammed her ass down on her the chair again, feeling a tidal wave of fat go through her body and the chair groan. A butterfinger bar, fully wrapped fell onto her thigh and she began eating it in frustration. The very fat girl didn't even notice until she balled up its wrapper.

'No, we're not just going to fix this,' Sarah spat, pulling out her phone and scrolling through more and more useless google searches full of creepy pastas and crypto zoology sites full of lies and ancient aliens and whacko religious group of one branch or another, 'we're going to fix it and then I'm going to punch the ever living fuck out of...holy crap I found it.'

It turned out to be a website about new england folk tales, something poorly done and last updated ten years ago. It had gifs as a permanent header it was so old. But...

'And it came to past that during the drought of 1689 when the harvests near failed, Allison Milgrave, fairest beauty in all of the colony began to grow most rapidly gross,' Sarah read out, 'and was mocked most hardily in church as a glutton punished for her sins.'

'Milgrave?' Jessica asked, 'someone else related to me had this happen to them?'

'And not just that. Listen to this,' Sarah began after taking a long slug of mountain dew, 'And the devil, laughing at the sin of covetousness, went to the ugly and outcast women of the town and made of them great beauties to take their souls,' Sarah kept reading, 'even as the fair maids of the town grew round as balls. Yet brave and godly men were in the colony yet...' fuck it cuts off.'

'It cuts off?' the model snapped, 'of course, is there anything else?'

'It has a source, apparently its from a book, 'Legends of the Witch Hunt' I"m searching for it now...fuck its out of print,' Sarah hissed, eating chips, 'not even on Amazon. Hold on, I'm going to search some library data bases...fuck.'

'Does the town not have it?' Jessica asked.

'I wish, the school library has the only copy,' Sarah sighed, 'which means...fuck we're going to have to see Dana.'

'Dana? What's wrong with Dana? Sweet, cute little nerd girl who...oh right,' Jessica said.

'Who's going to see me like this,' Sarah groaned, 'who's going to see me as a two hundred and twenty pound blob.'

'It can't be that bad Sarah, after all she already knows you were...like this if everyone else's behavior is anything to go by,' Jessica said, 'and how that works, well I don't know how that works...but ...'

'It was six months of fat jokes after I started showing,' Sarah sighed, 'and now I'm fifty pounds heavier than that...'

'You can stay here if you want, I'll be right back,' Jessica said, standing up with ease.

Sarah took in how the heavy set woman's gut was massively receded, how her double chin was just a hint, how her arms were looking less thick and more strong. And how her own body was so enormously bloated, so puffy and soft and weak. She was noticably fatter than she'd been at the store, she was getting fatter by the hour...

'Jessica if you leave, I'm afraid I'll be too fat to get out of the house when you get back,' Sarah told her frankly, 'I'd rather take some fat jokes than you come back to find me with an extra four hundred pounds. I keep eating even when I don't think food is around me...and how bad could it be?'


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Chapter 13: The bitchy one, bitchy

'You notice that there are a lot of well...chubby people out today?' Jessica asked as her rental drove by a waddling redhead who's clothes were being swallowed up by pale folds of freckled flesh.

'That girl weighed a hundred and twenty pounds a month ago,' Sarah marveled as they passed Amber, taking a bite of a candy bar.

The cross country star had just gone over three hundred pounds, an immense shapeless blob of rolls and freckles that had to be going about two miles an hour. She was sucking in air through her mouth and losing a pint of sweat every minute, her perfectly round face was beat red with exertion and her thighs equally crimson with friction. Her eyes had gone piggish, swallowed by fat, and her breasts had turned into floppy pancakes bouncing above a sea of crevices.

The red head slowed to a halt, bending over and putting her hands on her knees. Utterly exhausted, she turned around and started waddling for home giving up on the clearly useless fight against obesity. She was maybe a hundred yards from her drive way.

'She's bigger than either of us,' Jessica whistled, turning onto the main street as Sarah finished and looking at her obese friend downing another snickers, 'Sarah, you know you're eating again right?'

'No I'm...goddamn it!' Sarah yelled looking at the wrapper in her hand, 'where did that even come from!?'

'Do you not realize that you're doing that?' Jessica asked as they went by the high school, where the award winning cheer team was far away from ever doing an acrobatic stunt again.

'Not at all, its purely automatic. I'm just sitting there day dreaming and all of a sudden you're telling me I'm eating...Jess, did I get fatter?' the butter ball teacher asked, pressing a puffy hand against her waist which she could swear cut more into the seat belt.

'A little?' Jessica told her as they pulled into the library.

Jessica sprang up from her seat, having to pull her pants up so they didn't fall off her hips. The plus sized model was still plus sized, but her latest layers of soft chunk had boiled off. Muscle tone was showing again and her almost too big features were now comfortably within plus size. Hints of an hour glass were beginning to appear at her waist as her belly shrank first.

Sarah rolled out of her chair with a grunt. She had to haul herself out of the luxury rental using both hands, gut flopping out over her too tight sweat pants as her knees popped loud as gunshots. The teacher let out a disgust, both of effort from moving her obese figure and disgust at how far she'd fallen.

'I can't do this Jess,' Sarah confessed, shoving her nearly doubling belly back into her pants, 'I didn't work so hard to stay in shape to turn into this big sack of...oh God I"m so sorry.'

Jessica looked at her, 'Hey, you need to vent. This is weird enough to go through without worrying about hurting my feelings right now...and I sympathize. I know what its like to lose your body, I at least had some time to get used to the idea. I'm more worried about ...turning into a monster.'

'We're gonna fix that, alright Jessica?' Sarah assured her, 'we're going to fix all of this.'

After the walk across the parking lot, which took forever in Sarah's eyes and surprisingly short in Jessica's, they finally reached the sliding doors of the library. Blessed air conditioning rolled over the teacher's already sweating frame as the smell of old books hit her. Looking around she saw no one, and immediately started waddling towards the local history section, only for a high pitched voice to hit her ears.

'Sarah, Jessica, did the reunion start early?' a sickeningly sweet voice asked.

The teacher's shoulders immediately slumped, not that they were high anymore with their load of fat. Biting her lip, and consoling herself that at least that bitch Dana would be fat, she turned around and saw the librarian was pushing a cart of heavy books. And that couldn't hide how rail thin she was.

'Oh its so good to see you both like this!' Dana grinned evilly.

Curly brown hair in two girlish pig tails. A sweet little face: blue eyes, pale skin and freckles. 115lbs of slender curves on a 5'2 frame, their skinny perfection complimenting a mid thigh skirt and an elegant blouse. Frame inappropriate DD cups kept the upper button from closing, a pair of implants paid as hush money from one of the town's wealthier men to keep quiet about an affair. An expression straight from hell.

'Yeah, you too Dana,' Jessica told her, 'you look a little ...different than high school...'

'Oh I was a late bloomer,' the formerly board flat woman lied easily, 'and you! You were so brave to decide to model like this. It must be so hard to go on a catwalk in a bikini looking like that!'

'It's not as easy as it looks,' the model said, but the gorgeously cute librarian had already turned to Sarah, 'and Sarah! You barely ever come by here anymore, its like you're avoiding me!'

'Why would you get that idea,' Sarah said bitterly, 'but anyway we're just here for a book...'

'Oh which one? Let me help you out,' the short woman began, 'I bet I can guess...'

'We're looking for local history for...a presentation at the reunion,' Jessica said, dragging Sarah away far more easily than her super chubby body would suggest, 'we don't want to bother you...'

'Oh local history? Which one?' Dana asked, 'I'll look it up for you, wouldn't want you two to have to kneel down or walk all the way over there.'

'Legends of the witch hunt,' Jessica gave in as the short woman went behind her desk with a click of her stiletto heels, 'its pretty old but...'

'Hmmm, our copy is at the central dispatch,' Dana confessed, 'but I can get it shipped out here by friday. How's that?'

'I guess its not that bad a wait,' Sarah said, hunger pang hitting her belly.

'Sure, let me go call it in,' the librarian smiled, 'there's some seats over there for you two to take a load off your knees. Go sit down, I'll order you guys a pizza and you can eat while we catch up. Well, with Jessica anyway, I already know all about Sarah...'

She clicked away into the backroom, Sarah's eyes on her tight round ass.

'She's lying,' the blonde woman whispered as soon as Dana was inside the back office.

'How can you tell?' Jessica asked, turning towards her,  'she seemed like her old, fake sweet self save for the bolt ons.'

'Two reasons, one her mouth was open,' the French teacher explained quietly, 'and two, Dana has an ass flatter than a pancake. She's a skinny bitch but not one that exercises ever, she always ate like a pig back in high school, remember? She was the classic girl who eats whatever she wants in high school who gets fat later but now she's the only one who isn't? That seem right to you?'

Sarah's gut groaned again and she made a curious gesture with her hand. Fingers flexed out into an open palm, pinky to index finger, and when she closed a brand new king size butter finger was in her fist. Jessica's eyes bulged to see it but Sarah didn't even notice as she unwrapped it.

'That she stayed skinny until senior year was a miracle, but that she's skinny now when ever one else who hasn't been scratched by a werewolf monster or working for this weirdass dairy company is ballooning?' Sarah asked, taking a bite of her candy bar and waddling towards the desk on tip toe, 'Come on.'

'Sarah, you just...did you just not notice that?' the model asked in disbelief.

'I noticed that the only copy of the book says its checked out,' Sarah whispered, pointing at the computer with the hand that held half a butter finger while her free hand tugged her pants against the droop of her belly, 'not at the central library at county. And how is it supposed to get here if the town's closed off by the state troopers?'

'Great point, but Sarah, you're hand!' Jessica insisted quietly, 'that candy bar...'

'Oh crap,' the teacher hissed, looking down at the candy bar stub and her even bigger belly, 'fuck it it doesn't matter. Come on.'

Jessica looked her friend up and down. The teacher was looking...big. She'd been two hundred or so at the store and had added at least thirty pounds since then thanks to her apparently magical candy bars. Well fitting size large sweats were now painted on, several inches of muffin top showing as her shirt was pushed up by her gut and down by the spread of her increasingly substantial breasts. Sarah might weigh more than the model now, given how her own jeans were hanging off her hips.

The two tip toed to the door of Dana's office, putting an ear to the door.

'Yes, both of them are here,' Dana said, 'Sarah's clearly been awakened, she's gotten fat as a pig already, she'll reach the new average weight by nightfall at this rate. The other one though...she's infected. Her pants are falling off of her and her eyes, I'm guessing she's got three days. Does that interfere?'

Sarah looked over at Jessica's baby blues, which had taken on a greenish cast since last night. Green? Why would they turn...blue and yellow made green didn't they? Oh fuck.

'No babe, they don't have any idea of what's going on I'm sure, the idiots,' the librarian laughed, 'yeah, send me a pizza guy with some laced pizza. I can have Sarah up to three hundred before that dumbass knows what's happening. Its not like she notices anything, moron never noticed her husband's car parked here for every weds the past five years. No sweet heart it never means anything to me, its just a way to hurt her.'

Sarah's teeth gritted as a suspected affair was confirmed to her. She looked at Jessica and motioned a gun. The model shook her head and bid her keep listening.

'And he's a lard ass too, not a real man like you,'  Dana went on, 'and who else could give me an ass like this? You can bounce a quarter off this thing. We've got to try that thing with me on top and the handcuffs again...maybe make it rounder...'

'WTF' Jessica mouthed to her as the phone hung up and Sarah's face went dark with anger.

'Well girls, the book will be here friday. And I ordered us some pizza so we can...,' Dana said as she opened the door, trailing off as she noticed the two fat women right at the door of her office.

'I think you have some explaining to do, Dana,' Jessica said, barging into the office and forcing the much, much shorter woman back, Sarah following in.

'Yeah, like why did my husband have his dick in your bony ass?' Sarah asked, 'and why am I getting fatter? And who were you talking too?'

'And what the hell are werewolves doing here?' Jessica said, shoving the librarian back over her desk with ease, 'and why am I turning into one?'

'Girls, girls, I can explain,' the over matched librarian stammered in fear as she fell behind the desk, 'its all just...hold on.'

She pulled a small pistol out from under her chair and shot Jessica three times in the chest. The model looked at the holes smoking in her top, then at the blood that dribbled from them. Jessica looked at Sarah, opened her mouth to say something and went limp and collapsed.

'I always hated that stupid bitch,' Dana smiled, 'always rubbing her long legs and big tits into every one's face.'

'You...you shot...,' Sarah tried to say over the ringing in her ears.

'When she started getting fat, you won't believe how happy I was,' the librarian continued, 'the perfect woman blowing into a butter ball. I noticed before anyone else did, you know that? How her instagram post showed her abs filling in day by day, how her dress was just a little snug on that talk show. Oh it was like christmas come early but then, when everyone should have laughed at her, they all said she was gorgeous! Her views per day went up! How is that fair?'

Sarah stumbled over to her friend, tears starting to stream down her face. She grabbed the model's wrist, feeling nothing. Jessica's eyes stared blankly at the ceiling.

'I know you have to understand the injustice of it all, how perfect Jessica could do no wrong did a wrong and it became right! I know you had to hate her too, you were her crony since you were five, always hiding behind her and needing her and picking up her dregs until I took them all,' Dana laughed, 'although that part was always fun.'

'Jess...get up...please,' Sarah begged pushing weakly at the body as the teacher ranted.

'It stayed fun even when it wasn't her scraps,' the librarian went on, stepping closer to Sarah, 'did you know your husband was fucking me? Even before you got pregnant and chubby he was dumping loads into me every weds right when you were teaching the freshman. It always made me laugh.'

'Come on...Jessica...,' the teacher sobbed, pain twisting in her gut, 'please don't leave me alone again...'

'Of course this complicates things a little. I can't shoot you because they need the stupid bloodline of your witch ancestor and you can't be let out into public to eat yourself to the big 500 on friday, but well, you can guzzle milk shakes in the holding pens while everything gets set up,' Dana giggled, kicking Sarah hard in the gut with her heel, 'until then I'll just have some fun with you.'

The crying woman lurched to the side, clutching her stomach in physical agony.

'Surprised you can feel it through all that blubber. Like the leg muscles? Brand new, I always hated running but now I don't need to,' Dana laughed insanely, 'and the tits? They're real now. All because I know how to pick the winning side and you happened to be born named Maserbaur.'

Sarah tried to kick her, she'd done martial arts with Jessica back in middle school but that had been fifteen years and a hundred and thirty pounds ago. Dana easily blocked it and kicked her again and again, laughing madly.

'I've been wanting to do this for years,' Dana laughed, raising her leg back, 'since I was the skinny little nerd girl and you and your pals were the hot athletes. Where was my fucking banner for getting state in quiz bowl? Why didn't I get a damn video at home coming for the science olympiad championsips? All the damn jocks and popular girls get celebrated and fucking zeppelin tits over there and you had the nerve to not even be stupid!'

'Dana...you're a bitch,' Sarah gasped, palm opening and closing into a fist.

Invisible force slammed into Dana, sending her slamming into a bulletin board. The librarian slid to the grown, unconscious. Sarah looked at her hand, currently holding a can of coke that was still cold. She dropped it and sobbed, deep horrible cries she wasn't even sure she could do any more.

The teacher laid there for several minutes, sobbing her eyes out until she heard a cough and three metallic rings. She looked up to see three flattened bullets rolling across the floor and Jessica sitting up, looking about two hundred pounds and very confused.

'Did I miss something?' the model asked.



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Chapter 14: The Answers, Answered.

Dana woke up when something cold, sweet and sticky was splashed onto her face.

The librarian sputtered awake to find an enormous head ache waiting for her. Immediately she went to touch her head and realized her hands were bound tight to the arms of her office chair with electrical cords. A loud pop and a hiss sounded in front of her as she was spun around to see a bulbous Sarah standing in her office.

'Are you drinking coke while you're torturing me?' the librarian spat, wincing at the pain of talking.

Sarah looked down at the soda in her hand, another example of unconscious food summoning. The teacher glared at it and then took a long drink, chugging the carbonated sugar water down and down until it emptied. With a satisfied sigh she crushed the soda and tossed it over her shoulder, waddling forwards gut first. Sarah was getting bigger by the moment, her gut wobbled left and right with her steps, marshmallow fluff pouring out from the half foot gap between painted her painted on sweat pants and grossly undersized t-shirt. Her face was heavy, robbing her of her natural intelligence and she'd begun breathing through her mouth without realizing it. As the soda became extra fat, she had a brief memory of cutting practice in college to go gorge in the food court, resulting in a thirty pound freshman gain.

'It really hits the spot,' Sarah said, patting her beach ball belly which began to crawl forwards, her sweat pants growing tighter with the creak of seams, 'you know since becoming a fat girl, I've learned I took a few things for granted. Seeing my feet, not sweating all the time, my knees not hurting...'

She summoned another soda into her hand, 'and you know, I'm not naturally thin Dana. I was chubby in elementary school, do you know that? My parents are fat, I always knew I'd get heavy if I didn't watch myself. But you?'

'What are you talking about, you fat sack of shit?' Dana snapped, 'I'm gonna have a swat team kicking down the door in three seconds and your ass is going to be-'

The Soda was opened and Sarah forced the 12 oz can into Dana's mouth. Liquid sputtered out but Sarah had enough experience bottle feeding a baby to get most of it down.

'What the fuck was...ugh...ugh...,' Dana groaned as her unearned leg muscles lost definition and her short skirt tightened, going from unattainable size zero to easier to comprehend size two, 'why'd you bother doing that?'

'So Dana, I'm guessing you've put on a couple pounds over the last couple months or so, right?' Sarah asked smiling, 'late twenties spread starting to stick to you. Must be strange to feel it, given that you've always eaten like a pig and been skinny. But no one is noticing it, right?'

'What are you...what's...,' Dana stammered only for Sarah to summon another can of soda, 'who was that on the phone?'

'Go fuck your-' the prisoner began only to have more soda pour down her mouth.

A tight skirt became painted on, while her blouse buttons began to gap. Dana's pointy chin softened and her DDs began to tug at her bra.

'You know you're kinda getting thick, but you thought you could pull off that skirt still,' Sarah kept talking, 'and it was a bad idea wasn't it, Dana? Buttons are getting tight aren't they? You're what, twenty pounds over your old maximum? And you're wondering, why am I so afraid of her pouring soda down my throat?'

The librarian gasped, looking down at herself, wondering why she'd thought it was a good idea to shoe horn herself into this skirt. Yeah she wasn't fat but she wasn't 110lbs anymore and...

'I'm doing this to you,' Sarah teased, poking Dana's stomach and pinching an inch, 'I'm going to make you fat unless you tell me everything you know!'

The librarian's eyes widened, 'You...you fucking fat bitch!'

A whole liter of coke appeared in Sarah's hand and to her horror, Dana found herself thirsty for it. She sucked it down, not even trying to spit it out and felt a strange warm feeling flush over herself. Nipples hardened and her vulva moistened, sudden arousal mixed with the uncomfortable pinch of her close suddenly becoming painfully tight. Her button popped off as her meaty fupa forced down the zipper and pant seams failed as chunky hips filled out suddenly.

'One ounce per pound, looks like I was right,' Sarah smiled evilly, pinching the fat rolls ripping through Dana's panties, 'and you Dana, are chunky. Say by town slut, hello dumpy nerd girl physique you always deserved.'

She flexed her hand again, a two liter appearing in it.

'This is a two liter Dana, you know what that means? It means you graduating up to 200 lbs. Right now you're about 150, pretty hunky for your height. Especially your legs, you're a serious pear anymore,' the obese teacher leered, pointing out the cellulite patches mushrooming through Dana's pantyhose, 'but over 200? You'll be big at 200 and I'll keep going, four hundred, five hundred, until you've got a one hundred BMI, until you need a motorized cart and an oxygen tank just to get around.'

Dana's face paled in fear, her mouth going dry. She could see Sarah's bulk in front of her, a promise of what would come and see her own no longer slinky figure tearing out of her clothes. A smell hit her: tomato sauce and pepperoni over grease and the captive smiled.

'I work for the guy about to walk in here and shoot your fat ass,' Dana smiled, only for Jessica to back in through the office door carrying pizzas.

'Holy shit but I cannot wait to eat these,' Jessica groaned, sitting them down on Sarah's desk and tearing into the food like a wild animal.

The plus sized model was only barely over weight now. Her jeans were strapped onto a only slightly paunchy waist, hanging from her strong, shapely legs. The puffiness of her chest and shoulders had gone down, exposing firm muscles and restoring her tits back towards her old world class standards. She was wearing a jacket stolen from Dana's office and it actually fit her. Her face, albeit increasingly covered in pizza stains, was nearly modelesque again.

'As a former fatty Dana, I've got to tell you,' Jessica said through the delivery, 'learn to dress for the figure you have, not the one you want.'

Jessica threw the jacket to the side, revealing her strong torso. Only E cup breasts were swimming in her cups and her waist was now distinct again, the pot gut she'd been carrying, just heavy enough to look lazy had receded noticeably. She'd gone from growing out of plus size model territory into an athlete in the off season, who'd let their diet go bananas while still working out. Her eyes were very green now instead of blue and the skin of her chest was soft, smoothed and distinctly non-bullet holed.

'The pizza guy bought the whole thing hook line and sinker,' Jessica said, shoveling another slice of meat lovers into her mouth, 'I just played up the whole hungry hungry addicted model thing and boom, free food. I waited until he drove off by the way, so you've got no back up coming.'

The chunky librarian looked at her captors, Jessica eating like she hadn't in years and Sarah unconsciously munching on another candy bar with the menacing two liter in her hand.

'Alright, their name's Cromwell...,' she began.

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