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Alicia V. - Philadelphia News Anchor

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33 minutes ago, NikeLove1986 said:

Caption this pic 

Botched GIF by E!


When you finished all the pizza and everyone is up in arms as to who ate all of it😋

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On 3/8/2021 at 9:05 AM, DRCURVAGEPHD said:

notice holds paper so don't show belly button indentation made by tight outfit hate to use the word wears girdle in any case stay tuned should be some spring outfits soon

No question there is a very tight girdle or spanx and even a waist cincher as outlined in this photo. Everything is tightly packed in, nothing moves during her dance steps.  No jiggle or wobble.  When she skips the waist cincher is when the muffin top rolls spill over.  A great B/A video would be the dance routine with and without the shapewear.     The belly and ask undulation would make you dizzy.


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Yesterday's St. Patty's Day broadcast was one for the books. 2 stories she covered revolved around food/snacks!! Very interesting topics I'd say but I don't think anyone's complaining. Hope yall enjoy!!Here are brief rundowns of each story🤩🤩🤩:

Topic 1(Eating habits during the pandemic):

"This pandemic has brought on new ways of eating, am I right(she made a hand gesture as if she admitted herself she fell victim to this too)??"

"Cooking more at home, maybe snacking more throughout the day since our pantries are close by"

"...(facts, statistics jibber jabber). Did you put on the so called Covid-19(using it in reference similar to the Freshman 15)?? Maybe it wasn't 19 pounds but you're not alone"

"...(weight gain facts, statistics, tips to get back on track) I just want you to know none of this applies to today on St. Patrick's Day. The Irish soda bread or corned beef and cabbage because its a holiday so get to that getting back on track tomorrow."

Topic 2(a potato chip company's 75 year anniversary): 

Not as big as the first one, but just for yall to know of. One of the anchors following the story had said "I love any potato chip story" to which alicia responded "yesss they've become very popular during the pandemic."















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8 hours ago, wakpak33 said:

These next 2 shots tho



Idk how it is but these shots really show off her meaty arms man they lookin big!

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a little friendly local comparison i think is weather lady over at telemundo 62 violeta yas especially when yas goes sleeveless i couldn't get any captures to show if anyone can take a look and post some  violeta  see qualifies to be here

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