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Kris Nakagawa and Aja Kong: The Rise Of The Gaijinzilla and Queen Kong.

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Authors Note: Hey guys and girls, I'm sorry for just spamming the My Stories section with rasslin' related fics, but, honestly, I have a lot of passion for professional wrestling as well as big girls and this one is a little bit different as it focuses in the 1990s at the height of the insanely popular Joshi movement (basically, Japanese female pro wrestling where even the most mediocre of wrestlers were still light years of what most of North America was offering at the time, cheers Moolah!) but Kris Nakagawa is an OC of mine based on Bull Nakano, Kris' whole thing is that she's a Japanese born girl who was raised in America, hence the Gaijinzilla nickname since Gaijin is slang for foreigner in Japan. So Kris has an American accent and speaks English as a first language, but she just happens to look Japanese and, also, this one'll be out of kayfabe since I find that is more fun to write. Hope you all like this and any criticism or thoughts is appreciated. :) 



Kris and Aja at 19 in the late 1980s.


Kris and Aja in the early 1990s when they're both in their early 20s. :D)

'Come on, you're an American, you might look Japanese, but you're not Japanese.'

'You're never going to make anything in this industry.'

'You should just go back to America and let the real women lead AJW into the future.'


Those words were swimming around the 18 year old Kris Nakagawa's head as she continued to sweep up the dojo, everyone else was in bed considering it was 2am, but Kris was ordered to stay up and continue to sweep up. This wasn't something that the Japanese born Sacramento native expected, she knew that the training at the Japanese dojos could be; she could deal with waking up early and getting the shit kicked out of her, because everyone else was getting the same treatment. 

However, Kis was the only one who was being beaten up by her fellow students in the dojo, also, her teachers knew about these beatings that were going on independently of the beatings that the trainers were giving Kris. However, they weren't big fans of Kris because of the fact that she was a foreigner and they were all basically hoping that Kris would get fed up of all of the abuse and just leave.

But the 18 year old with medium length, black hair had stayed there for a full year and was pushing herself through, she didn't want to give them the satisfaction of getting her to leave, this was Kris' dream ever since she was a 6 year old girl in California; she wanted to be a pro wrestler. She even moved back to Japan at the age of 16 and moved in with her aunt and uncle, who lived in Osaka and were only too happy to support their niece in her path of becoming a Joshi wrestler.

That said, the one thing that had changed was Kris' body, Kris had started out as being quite scrawny, arriving at the AJW dojo at 17 years old and 130lbs, but now she was 18 and 170lbs but considering the abuse that she had been getting, she found herself getting larger due to her coping mechanism of eating when she was angry. Honestly, Kris thought it was her being 'Americanised' due to living in California since the age of 1, but she would regularly gorge herself on bowl after bowl of noodles, eating at a astonishing pace until she felt her engorged stomach lurch and swell like a balloon.

While this meant that the fat jokes also increased from her tormentors at the dojo, Kris was also kept in shape thanks to the rough and hard training she was getting, so she had a lot of muscle underneath her increasingly big and chunky body. She was by no means out of shape and could be compared to a sumo wrestler; also, at least Kris had one legitimate friend in the dojo, Aja Kong, the daughter of a black American serviceman and a Japanese woman who was also bullied because of her skin tone. 

The two had known each-other since they both joined the dojo in the same week and agreed that they wouldn't let the bigots win, no matter how bad things got, but Aja was also showing the same interest in food that Kris was showing and, as a result, they were both getting larger and larger, but never going into being 'unhealthy' levels. But, as Kris continued to sweep up, she was just happy that she at least had one friend that believed in her, as well as her uncle and aunt.

A year later, 1990.

There was no way that even the bigoted and hateful coaches could deny it, Kris and Aja were as talented as could be, they had both seriously bulked up, with Kris' lower-half having thick legs that looked like tree trunks and just an overall rotund look for someone only 19 years old. Aja was more like a boulder, just round all over; but they both had not only overcame the bigotry that their trainers and their fellow trainees subjected them to; but they were finally going from young girls, rookies who would watch the veterans matches, to being in the ring.

The two were clad in matching black bodysuits, almost bathing suit like attires that was typical of the AJW wrestlers to wear; honestly, they both looked like it wouldn't be too long before they outgrew them due to how skintight and snug the outfits were around the two heavyweight young women. Kris was weighing in at an even 200lbs, with her meals getting bigger as she got closer to actually being ready for in-ring competition. Aja also weighed in at just under that, weighing 195lbs and her body was straining against the bodysuit that they had both been crammed into.

They also had a tag team name, Team Kaiju Monster Army, one night, Kris and Aja were brainstorming what their names would be over 15 bowls of sushi and Aja came up with Aja Kong as a reference to King Kong. Kris needed a similar name and came up with the Gaijinzilla, referencing her own ample body and as a way to own all the hatred she recieved for being more American than Japanese. 

Their two opponents were two of the main bullies who had teased and mocked both of them, honestly, the two girls were shocked that Kris and Aja had put up with years of hazing and discrimination, but now it was time for the two monsters to get thier own back; Honestly, the two girls were both slender and small, the tallest being a mere 5ft5. It looked like Kris and Aja could eat their opponents for a snack. 

The bell rang as Kris started off with one of the people who had tormented her years and, as a response, Kris got into the stance of a sumo wrestler, slamming her feet down on the ground in a wide stance as her ample belly shook with gusto as did her tree trunk thighs. "Come on, motherfucker!" Kris yelled in her American accent, giving the double middle finger to the girl as she stuck her tongue out. 

This match was going to be a squash match, anyway, but Kris and Aja weren't going to legitimately shoot on their former tormentors, they were professionals after all, as the scrawny girl tried to dropkick Kris, hitting 'The Gaijinzilla' right in the chest, but, all that happened was the girl just fell flat on her back, she had just bounced off of the 200lbs Osaka born Sacramento raised 19 year old.

Aja and Kris looked to each-other and couldn't help but laugh in a malicious way, they thought that they might as well heel it up considering they already outweighed their opponents by a comical degree. "Come on, you fuckhead!" Kris again called out in English, slapping and brushing her boot up against the first tormentor, only to get a response that she wasn't expecting; as the girl yelled in Japanese.

'You fatty, you can't work, you're just an out of shape piggy.'

That kayfabe breaking remark frustrated Kris, but she was honestly not that surprised, Kris just rolled her eyes only to get the girl dropkicking Kris again, all it did was cause Kris to stagger and her ample body to jiggle like jello. When the girl ran off the ropes, Kris showed her how well she could work as she casually leapfrogged over the girl, who rebounded off the other rope and came back at Kris, who nailed the much lighter girl with a huge dropkick, kipping up to her feet and yelling out to the fans.

"America, Ichiban!" which was Japanese for 'America is number one!'

Long story short, Kris and Aja just obliterated the two tormentors and looked like they they were final bosses from a video game, which was the entire point, however, they weren't finished impressing everyone yet as they continued their run as the top monsters of All Japan Women as the 1990s rolled around.

1994, Monsters Collide: Gaijinzilla vs. The Daughter Of Queen Kong.


The 24 year old 'Gaijinzilla' was 300lbs, she had a big, sumo style stomach that jutted out and shook from side to side with every move, her face was round, a second chin on her still pretty face, her legs were just getting more huge, almost scraping together, they were that massive; Kris' arms jiggled with the slightest of movement. Kris just looked a combination of monstrous and beautiful, she had taken to wearing facepaint over her round, plump face, she wore tight t-shirts that could barely fit (they were large, but not on Kris' massive frame) and a black bodysuit that she wore the t-shirt over. 

That said, Aja, also in her mid 20s, was massive in her own right, she was 275lbs and her gear was a lot looser, she wore a pleather style pants, a top that was trying it's hardest to cover her stomach up as well as black kickpads and, like her Californian raised best friend/on-screen rival, she too wore face paint on her round face. The Sumo Hall venue was packed to the rafters, women's wrestling was as huge in Japan as Kris and Aja were and it really meant a lot to both of them that the two girls who were the black sheep of their training class were now main eventing one of All Japan Women's biggest shows.

The bell rang as the two monsters just roared and charged at each-other, their huge bodies bashing into each-other in a vain attempt to get the other to move, the two didn't budge an inch as they just glared at each-other, Kris beating her chest, sending her 300lbs body into a wave of wobbles as she mocked Aja's 'King Kong' vibe. The lighter, but still huge Aja responded by headbutting the Gaijinzilla as Kris just shrugged it off and headbutted Aja in response. 

To say the fans were invested in this hoss battle for the ages was an understatement, the two women were technically heels, or in Aja's case a tweener, but the fans had a massive amount of respect for both of the monsters just slamming into each-other and roaring like demons. The two were just nailing each-other with stiff, brutal strikes, each one sending the respective woman's fat body into a series of ripples, especially Kris'.

Kris panted a bit as she nailed Aja with a gigantic dropkick that actually sent Aja staggering against the ropes; as Kris' stomach heaved due to the sheer amount of bulk she was carrying around, Kris again charged at Aja, looking to send Aja over the top rope and out of the ring, only for Aja to catch a charging Gaijinzilla with her spinning backfist signature, that had put away many opponents. But Kris was one of the top monster heels in Joshi, so she wasn't going down so easily.

That said, Kris did manage to nail Aja with a monstrous lariat, using her fat, doughy arms to just slam into Aja; but, all the while, Kris was selling like the backfist had taken it's toll on her, but, in kayfabe, The Gaijinzilla's hatred of Aja was overpowering. The two out of control, overweight monsters continued to just have a wild, insane brawl that wasn't technically sound, but it didn't need to be considering the two titans were just having a slugfest and the fans were eating it all up.

The match ended after 15 minutes where Aja nailed Kris with 5 spinning backfists in a row and, Kris, knowing that she was beaten, was on her knees, looked up at Aja and just gave her the double middle finger before nailing Aja with one final lariat before she got snuffed out with a huge backdrop driver in which Kris was dropped right on the top of her spiked, blue hair, which, at this point, was messy and covered in sweat. 

As the two obese young women laid in the center of the ring, both spent from their all out war as the Japanese crowd was on their feet, cheering for both of them, it was safe to say that Kris and Aja had both earned a victory meal fitting of two main eventers.


Hope you guys liked this, I mean, I think it might be a bit disjointed but I was just going off the cuff, so if it doesn't make sense then I apologise, but I hope you still find it interesting and I hope I did a good job describing the weight gain of Kris and Aja. :) 


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