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Six Months to Gain

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This is the first story for me to post here.  I've posted several at FF under the name fatforfun.  But I've gotten to like the community here, so I thought I'd post this newest story on here.  I'll be posting in installments.  I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

I never expected to hear from Denise again.  We had once dated for about 4 months.  When I met her, she was a tall red head with green eyes, five feet ten inches, curvy, about 170 pounds.  I was immediately attracted to her.  She had a playful personality, she was more than pretty, and her curvy body held the promise of growth.  That was what led to our break up.  I like chubby girls, and more than that, I like fattening girls up.  When we started dating, I took her to nice restaurants and encouraged her to order heavy meals and follow up with a dessert.  I’m a pretty decent cook, and when she came over I made sure that she got a major dose of calories.

Over the course of our four months, she gained 20 pounds.  Her breasts were overflowing her bras, which we both liked.  Her hips were thicker and her belly was starting to round out nicely.  Which I liked and she didn’t.  That’s when we had The Honest Talk.  I told her that I liked her with the extra curves, and truth be told, I wanted her to keep gaining.  Sex was fantastic with her, and I loved kneading her new layer of plumpness.  Facing the 200 pound mark, Denise panicked about the idea of becoming a really fat girl, and broke up with me.  I was sorry to see her go, but I couldn’t make myself not be a fat admirer and feeder.  And she knew it.

So we went our separate ways.  That was a year and a half ago.  Atlanta is a big city, and we lived on opposite sides of town, so it was easy for both of us to pick up on our lives without running into each other.  So I was very surprised when I got a text from her.  “Can you meet me at the Crafty Drafty?  I have a proposition that I think you’d like.”  I was intrigued.  She knew my predilections, and wanted to meet me?  And our break up had been cordial.  We liked each other, it was she just that she couldn’t reconcile my love for fatness with her desire to stay slim.  Relatively slim, anyway.

We agreed to at 5:30 that afternoon, a Friday.  The Crafty Drafty is a southside brew pub, with better than average pub grub.  In fact, it was one of the places that had helped put 20 pounds on her.  I wondered what she would look like.  I expected to see her back at her 170 pound weight, or maybe even lighter in reaction to her experience with me.  I walked in and spotted her at a small table in the back.  I immediately got two surprises.  One, she wasn’t alone.  Sitting with her was a guy.  It was hard to tell his exact height since he was sitting down, but I got the impression that he was fairly tall.  He had dark hair and eyes, and he was definitely chubby.  He had a large round belly that rested on his lap.  Speaking of chubby, that was my second surprise.  Denise hadn’t lost the weight.  In fact, looking at her I thought that she had probably hit that dreaded 200 pound mark.  She looked great.

Denise saw me and waved me over.  “Jim,” she said as she gave me a warm, nicely squishy hug, “it’s really good to see you.”  I sat down and she introduced me to the guy.  “Jim, this is Brad, my fiancé.”

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Chapter 2

So that was my third surprise.  My fat phobic ex-girlfriend had not only gained weight, but was now engaged to a guy who looked to be carrying a good 50 extra pounds around his middle.  Not that I’m criticizing.  I’ve got a medium build with no belly, not because I really work at it but because I just don’t get into eating that much and I’m fairly active.  But I certainly don’t look down at anyone else for gaining weight.  So we shook hands, I sat down and ordered a beer from the waitress.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why we wanted to meet with you,” Brad opened.  “I won’t keep you in suspense.  Denise told me about you being a feeder.  I want you to fatten her up.”

I looked over at Denise.  She smiled and nodded.  “That’s right, Jim.  We both want you to make me as fat as you can.”

“So here’s the story,” Brad said.  “When Denise and I met, she was a good 20 pounds lighter.”  Which put her at about 180, I thought, so she had lost about half of what I’d put on her.  “Of course, I had this belly,” he said, patting his paunch, “but it didn’t scare her off.”

“As a matter of fact,” Denise chimed in, “I found that I actually like a belly on a guy.”

“Here’s the situation, Jim.  Denise and I love each other and we want to get married.  But there’s a problem with my mother.  She controls the family estate, and it’s a big one.  She doesn’t think Denise loves me for me.  She thinks she’s after our money.  And she’s ready to cut me out of the will.  Mom and I argued and argued about it and here’s what we came up with.  If Denise was to get fatter than me, it would be proof to my mom that she really loves me.  Mom is sure that no girl would get really fat on purpose, even to get her hands on my inheritance.”

“I really do love Brad,” Denise added.  “I’d get fat for him anyway, if that’s what he wanted.  And it turns out, I really like being bigger.  I just hadn’t been able to admit that to myself when you and I dated.”

Back to Brad.  “Here’s the deal, Jim.  Mom is sending me to Aruba to oversee our oil operations there.  It’ll be for six months.  We agreed that while I was gone, Denise would get really fat.  At least 50 pounds, but the more that she gains, the more that my mom will be convinced.  So we want her to stay with you and you put as much weight as you can on her.  I know that it won’t be cheap to feed her, so I’ll put $1000 dollars a month in your account.  Hell, let’s make sure she eats well.  $2000 a month.  We’ll weigh her before I leave and again when I get back.  You’ll get another $1000 for every pound she’s gained.”

My head was spinning.  This was major fantasy come true.  I would get paid to fatten up this beautiful woman, no strings attached.  But there was an issue.  Denise was engaged to Brad.  “This is a really tempting offer, Brad.  But there’s a problem.  Denise and I were, uh, intimate when we were together.  I’m really attracted to her physically, and the fatter she gets, the more I’ll be attracted to her.  I don’t think you can trust me to keep my hands off of her.”

Brad let out a laugh.  “Hah!  That’s no problem, Jim.  Hell, I figured on the two of you going at it like rabbits.  Wouldn’t be natural if you didn’t.  I know that once I come back, she’ll be mine.  With a brand new fat body,” he said, patting her small belly.  “Besides, she eats more when she’s sexually satisfied.  So keeping her that way will help put the weight on her.  So now, Jim, what do say?”

What could I say?  Six months of fattening up Denise, with great sex getting greater as she got fatter.  And a big paycheck at the end.  How could I turn this deal down?  “Brad, Denise, you’ve got yourselves a deal.”

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