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This girl is so freakin' cute I just had to share. Cute face, soft pale skin, loves to show off her squishy double belly and definitely loves to eat, what's not to like? She's one of those chicks you where you can tell she just loves being a fat piggy. For the record, the name she has chosen for online identity is Japanese (Rika) but she is 100% Chinese.

Her Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/rikarika_707/
Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rikarika_707/


















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Thanks for sharing! Her taking her belly out of her jeans shorts is hot. The video here is incomplete though, hence the need to post the complete one here. First, she let her belly out and it spills like jelly: damn, her belly is huge! Then, she pull down the sides of her shorts and a lot more spills out!😲




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"In the past five years, in order to prevent misunderstandings, I want to say that I really did n’t intentionally gain weight. I just have a good appetite. I have to eat almost 4,000 yuan per month. This is relatively expensive in China. And I really hate sports ... I almost didn't move, and I still want to emphasize again, my blood sugar, blood pressure, lipids are all normal, I didn't hurt myself, I just enjoyed the food 😋"

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27 minutes ago, Gusto said:

I have to eat almost 4,000 yuan per month. 

Just after she dared to write "i rEaLLy dIdN't iNtEnTiOnAlLy gAiN wEiGhT" while admitting she merely spent about 500 USD in FOOD!

anderson cooper whatever GIF

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