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The Million Calorie Challenge

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To all of the awesome feedees on Curvage, I propose a game.


The Million Calorie Challenge:

1.  Write down the number of calories that you had today.  (Optional: describe what kind of food you had today and/or post pictures of meals or your belly after eating them).  It's on the honor system, but if you just had a great stuffing day and your calorie count is ridiculous (or you just passed someone in the ranks), some proof would be good.

2.  Add it to your total from your last post.

3.  Every now and then, I'll go through the posts and do a ranking/standings.

4.  The first feedee to get to 1,000,000 calories is the winner and gets Curvage bragging rights for eternity.

BONUS RULE #1 (because I wrote this : P):  Because it enhances appetite and lowers metabolism, diet soda is worth the same number of calories as the equivalent regular soda.

BONUS RULE #2:  If you're a feeder who is fairly involved in feeding someone (buys their food, etc.), you can play this game for your feedee.  However, no guessing on food items is allowed!


Example Post (with totally made up numbers):

I had a breakfast sandwich (400), eggs (200), and a Starbucks coffee (400) for breakfast; 3 McDoubles (300 x 3), a large fries (500), and a Sprite Zero (0/350) for lunch; a chicken parmesan (600) with pasta (500) and three glasses of Diet Coke (0 x 3/300 x 3) for dinner; two brownies (250 x 2) for dessert; and a bag of chips (250) and a bag of popcorn (300) for a snack.  That's a total of 5,800 calories today.

Adding that to my previous total of 121,400, I'm now up to 127,200 calories!


Doing the Math (Assumes a daily calorie expenditure of 2,500/day and 3,500 calories/pound):

Finish this in just over a year (386 days), and you should gain 10 pounds.

Finish this in one year (365 days) and you should gain 25 pounds.

Finish this in eleven months (330 days) and you should gain 50 pounds.

Finish this in nine months (274 days) and you should gain 90 pounds (and possibly a baby, too : P).

Finish this in just under nine months (260 days) and you should gain 100 pounds.


If this takes off, maybe we can find some people who would be willing to donate to a prize pool and provide even more motivation for the feedees in our community.  : D

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The most glutonnous feedist model ever known in History devours 25,000kcal at a daily basis. Arnold Scharzenegger at his primes used to eat a 80,000kcal meal once per week and Dwayne Johnson over 20,000kcal of pastas at he same frequency.


No one ever consumed such amount. If 3,000kcal of food may oftentimes equal to 1kg (~2,21-lbs) , we're talking about 73lbs or more in various aliments.

Eating a three-quarter of 50kg steal while competing? Feasible but only for those who maturally had a hard stomach. But in various aliments?? That's humanly impossible: whomever of fool enough to try such feat might pass out permanently before even to hit the 100,000kcal milestone, for amything less better as succumbing to various forms of intoxication. 

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