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Progressive weight gain


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By gift I assume you mean a .gif so that you can actually watch the gain take place in a single image. What you'd need to do is take all of the photos and crop them/resize them as needed so that each image is roughly in the same area so that when they're being seen chronologically they're not jumping around all over the place. Once you've got your images and you're happy with them, name them in a way that you know what order they're meant to go in - in this case it should go from earliest photos to latest photos. 
Making the .gif takes a bit of legwork if you're doing it yourself because you'll have to have a compatible program that can make .gif's like Photoshop and I'm not sure exactly what you're working with. As an alternate there are a lot of .gif making sites that will produce a moving image once you've uploaded the files and they do the rest.

Just a note as well, you might find it easier to just put the images together in a slideshow video in any basic movie editing suite - this will ensure that there isn't any loss in quality (depending on the image size and quantity, .gif images can produce lot of processing artifacts which are undesirable) 

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