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The Girl Behind the Counter

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Really enjoying this story. Very unique to have a non-FA as the protagonist. I especially dug the contrasting sizes of Katie and the hostess, here's hoping she sticks around.

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As Katie lumbered away to the dining area, I stared down at my drink menu in earnest, thinking that I might need a few to get through what I hoped wouldn’t be a terribly long meal. Of course all of the drinks were stupid expensive… the liquor license was probably how the buffet predominantly made its money so I doubted that anything strong would be included in our “free of charge” offer. At least there were a few strong ones that I liked and recognized.

Not knowing who exactly to flag down for a beer, I looked up and around. Most of the servers around me seemed already occupied. There weren’t too many; the ones on the floor were busy with taking orders or clearing plates. I looked for somebody that I could flag down. Craning my head, I debated actually raising my hand like I was still in grade school. Fortunately enough, though, it was only a few more seconds before a member of the staff must have recognized my minor distress and began quickly sashaying over.

It was the attractive hostess from earlier. Looking back at where she had been taking phone calls, another employee looked to have taken her position. Did that mean that this girl was going to be serving us? If so, this meal might be a lot more bearable than I thought.

She reached my table and stood at attention. “Anything else to help you?” she asked.

Even through that off-putting, artificial accent her voice was still soft and sensual. It wasn’t as bright and melodious as Katie’s was but she sounded sweet. She was likely still apologetic from earlier.

“Umm yea,” I said, returning her smile. “Can I get two Stuttweisers? Both for me,” I clarified.

“Of course, yes,” she replied, quickly jotting my request down. “Anything else?” I shook my head. God this girl was pretty. I hoped that I hadn’t been too aggressive when I had “defended” Katie earlier.

“Hey umm listen,” she spoke up suddenly. She’d dropped her accent again and was now bending over to lean in close to me. “I REALLY feel terrible about how I spoke to your girlfriend, dude.”

She even smelled amazing… For someone who spent her days surrounded by food, the smell of her perfume… or was that her shampoo? I couldn’t tell and I didn’t care. But what had she just said?

“Oh umm,” I muttered with an embarrassed smile, “she’s not my girlfriend.”

The waitress raised an eyebrow but I continued.

“Its a first date,” I smiled.

“Oh,” she replied. “Well, you have quite the taste in women,” she said, looking off to the side.

“Umm not exactly. Blind date,” I added. I didn’t want her to think I’d actually be caught dead making moves on a girl as… uniquely proportioned as Katie was. “I hadn’t actually seen her before,” I lied.  Well, to be fair, it was only half a lie.

“Okay,” the gorgeous waitress continued, not lowering her brow yet. “And how’s that going?”

“Oh its,” I tried to stammer. “It’s uh… going great. A little different than I expected, honestly.” I gave a weak smile to try to cover up my disappointment. It must have been that pathetic look on my face that betrayed my real answer, though.

“Ooh, roadblock, huh?” She looked up over to the serving area, likely at my “blind date” just to get another quick view of her. I didn’t take my eyes off of the waitress, knowing what woman I would much rather have in my focus right now. “Well,” she lightly shrugged her shoulders as she assessed my situation, “You’re a good guy. If she doesn’t work out, I’m sure there’s another girl right around the corner.”

Or right in front of me. Taking my drink order. My libido was getting the better of me.

“I’m uh, pretty sure she doesn’t work out,” I said, trying to see if I could make her laugh, albeit at Katie’s expense.

Now both her eyebrows rose in surprise.

“Naughty!” she wagged her finger at me in a way I could only describe as adorable. She was chuckling, though, so mission accomplished.

Her smile lingered as she continued to speak to me, her teeth dazzling white and mesmerizing me as she continued.

“You’re pretty funny, though,” she said.

“I try,” I responded. Was this… working? I was trying to be as casual as possible, but it seemed like this total freakin’ catch was picking up on what I was putting down. Her eyelashes were practically fluttering as she chuckled at my response.

She was just a little bit red in the cheeks when she made her reply.

“Yea, you definitely do,” she said, eyes tracing me up and down as she scanned my physique, lingering briefly on my pectorals before she resumed eye contact.

“I’ll send Lee around with your drinks, but I’ll make sure to check up on you guys later,” she cooed, her voice far softer and gentler now, as if she was having a far more intimate conversation than what the subject material would suggest.

“I look forward to it,” I scanned her name tag, “Sakura.”

The girl straightened back up and rolled her eyes.

“Courtney,” she chuckled, “when I’m not at work.” She winked and sauntered off, a bit of a new sway in her hips as she filled my beer order.

My heart rate was a little elevated. Maybe we’d have little more opportunity for conversation if I took her up on that. Only… I was already currently in the process of meeting a girl after work. Meaning, the last thing I should have been doing in the first place was macking on an entirely different one, even if it was so far unbeknownst to the first.

Katie sure was taking a while getting her food… Maybe she was just a picky eater or didn’t know what she liked. Sushi certainly was a change of pace from Italian food. At the very least, it was probably significantly less fattening… though that was probably balanced out by the fact that the establishment that we were dining at had no limits on portion size.

In truth, I heard her before I even had to look up to confirm. Her abnormally heavy footsteps were a dead giveaway.

I sighed and steeled myself, putting the menu down.

“You’re not hungry tonight, sweetie?” I heard from across the table.

I looked up to see my date standing there in all of her glory. Her chest was rising and falling gently; she wasn’t completely out of breath just from the walk to get her food and back but it was clear to me that any amount of walking left her at least somewhat winded.

“Cuz I’m not waiting for you,” she said jokingly, already reaching for a California roll all the same before she had even sat down. She shrugged her shoulders. “Told ya I was hungry,” she smiled.

Yea, no kidding.

The Fujiyama’s buffet had plates for their diners to put their food on, obviously, but also had plastic trays on which to put the plates. The trays were just large enough to accommodate multiple plates and Katie had clearly taken advantage of that. She had not two, not three, but four plates practically careening off the sides of her tray until she placed it down on the table in front of her. She paused for a second and peered over her shoulder, getting ready to sit down. Rather than try to ease herself down as she had done earlier, she just relaxed and plopped right down, hitting her personal bench with such overwhelming force that it let out yet another very audible creak and a groan in response.

The bench voiced further protest as my “date” shifted her immense weight to make herself comfortable. She didn’t seem to notice or mind, though. She merely smiled, zeroed in solely on the smorgasbord of food in front of her. She was literally salivating.

Katie must not have known what to try, because she had gone with a portion of as many different things as she could fit on her four plates.

“This looks sooo good…” she whimpered. Without any further hesitation, she grabbed a California roll and slipped it effortlessly into her mouth. She chewed only for moments before hastily plucking another one from one of her many plates just as deftly.

“Mmmmm,” she muttered.

It was only a couple of minutes before she had cleared all five rows of sushi off of one plate and began to just as voraciously attack the next. Boy, Katie sure wasn’t lying when she said she was hungry… I noticed right away that she didn’t bother using her chopsticks; she merely plucked each morsel off of her plate and into her waiting maw, chewing and swallowing so quickly I hardly thought she was even taking the time to taste each morsel. Holy crap, I mean the food wasn’t going anywhere. All conversation and witty banter from earlier ceased to a halt as Katie fully preoccupied herself with scarfing down raw fish like she was being paid by the plate.

As Katie continued to dig in, a male server, Lee, I presume, arrived with my drinks, mercifully sparing me the displeasure of having to continue to watch Katie make a human conveyor belt of herself. I drained the first glass in one go and had to keep myself from slamming it down on the table. Not that Katie would have noticed, invested as she was in her meal.

Only a few more minutes had gone by before the next plate was left just as empty.

“Oh, this is so good…” her words came muffled out from between her full cheeks. She smiled and looked at me as she ate. “Where’s yours?” she asked, noting my lack of food.

“Oh, I was just, ah, waiting on my drinks,” I answered.

“Oh,” she responded, chin still bobbing up and down as she chewed. “You didn’t get me anything?” She pouted her lips after she asked me, which only looked comical with the way her cheeks were bouncing as she processed another mouthful. This girl just didn’t stop, not even to carry on conversation. The way she threw fish into her gullet so maddeningly efficiently made me think of a documentary I had watched out of boredom a couple of weeks prior about the hunting and feeding rituals of marine mammals. Anatomically, she would have even given half of those animals a run for their money, especially in the “blubber” category. “Didn’t think I was thirsty?”

“Oh, well, I-“ I began to stammer. In the midst of a momentary head rush, I was starting to think that I had chugged that first beer just a little too quickly.

“No no I’m just kidding,” she giggled. “I’m like a serious lightweight anyway.”

‘Yea, maybe for a pregnant manatee…’ I tried not to roll my eyes and focused on raising my drink menu back to its… “upright” position..

Katie suddenly stopped eating. Her hands lowered down to her fluffy sides and her jaw dropped as she looked across the table to me.

“Umm wow,” Katie muttered. “Okay.”

I looked back up at Katie in alarm. Fuck. Shit. Had I said that out loud? I had totally said that out loud… One drink in and my tongue was already loose enough to get me into trouble. This was bad. I had been making snide comments in my mind and jokes at Katie’s expense all night. It must have been only a matter of time before I accidentally let something slip.

“Ouch, dude!” Katie said. “That was… a little… harsh,” she broke eye contact to look down as she whimpered.  Her mouth was still curled into a grin, but it was visibly a little more forced.

I was dumbstruck. Katie and I were used to ribbing each other in our flirty back and forth but I had never dug in to her about her weight. Well, I had never known there was any ground there, until tonight. Despite this, I was more than aware from her body language across the table that I had accidentally gone too far.

“Yea um,” I chuckled nervously, trying desperately to course correct, The beer was not helping. “I mean like, um,” I attempted, my voice trailing off more as my excuse went on. “I mean like in the most positive way possible.” Smooth, David.

I looked over at her from the top of my menu, praying to god she wasn’t crying again. Instead, she looked back up to me, her sparkling green eyes clear and dry but her smile having disappeared entirely.

“What’s positive about weighing as much as a manatee?” she asked, brow slightly furrowed in both offense and confusion. “Oh, I’m sorry, a pregnant manatee?” She crossed her arms in anger, propping up her plush bosom as she glared at me from across the table.

My heart was racing. I desperately tried to think of anything to say, cute or not, to try to steer the conversation back to its previous lightheartedness.

“Uh, I don’t… umm… I’m sorry?”

Katie saw the look of distraught dismay on my face and her brow slowly softened. I saw her shoulders get less tense, and she cut me off, lest I stammer on.

“Okay, no,” her shoulders rose and fell in a big sigh before she continued, “you’re right. It was just a joke.” She uncrossed her arms and reached for another tempura roll with one hand and lifted it to her mouth, flicking her long brown hair out of her face with the other. She continued to speak as she chewed, clearly something she was an adept at. “Ife jusht,” she swallowed, “I’ve just been putting on like a fuckton of weight lately and I know its my fault…” She pouted her lips genuinely as she reached this time for a dragon roll. “I probably do weigh as much as a fucking manatee.”

“Oh, no way dude,” I corrected her. “It was just a lame joke.” She looked up at me and for a second I thought I saw her eyes turning red again.

“I’m like, the heaviest person I know, though,” Katie mused, more to herself than to me.

“Uh, h-here, I’ll prove it!” I said. With one hand, I quickly whipped out my phone. If anything, just for an excuse not to make eye contact. I fumbled it out of my pocket, hastily typing in a quick search with one hand. I was still carefully positioning the drink menu on the table. The last thing I needed to be was… distracted; if I was going to lie to this girl about her weight, I was going to need the billowing, jiggling sea of black and white striped adipose that was Katie’s legging-clad legs to be preferably out of view.

“See?” I flipped the phone around deftly to show her. “It says the average manatee weighs at least nine hundred and twenty pounds.” I laughed at how ridiculous the number sounded when I said it out loud. “Pretty sure that number’s a little too high. Right?”  I chuckled out loud to her, waiting for Katie’s smile, waiting for some sassy comeback only she was witty enough to think up. At the very least, I waited for a sigh of relief and a more relaxed demeanor. Instead, I could see an entirely different expression begin to take form from across the table.

Her eyes had widened in dismay, and she had stopped chewing as vigorously, her mouth eventually slowing to a halt. I could see her lips start to tremble as she fidgeted with her hands nervously, and the familiar sound of wood creaking told me that she must have been squirming in her seat.

“Yea, that’s… totally, um,” gulp “that’s totally too much…” Her eyes darted every which way but at me or her plate. She smiled weakly, unconvincingly. “That’s a fucking really huge number…” Not touching any more of her food, she began anxiously twirling her hair with her right hand.

“R-right,” I said. Had I actually made it worse? Truthfully, I had no idea how much Katie weighed… I was honestly just trying to make things better.

Katie looked at me finally, my face a jumbled mess of anxiety and panic. I could tell that I had upset her again. She cleared her throat and pushed her tray away from her, more than three quarters of the contents already consumed.

“I uh- I’m not that hungry tonight,” she let her hands rest at her sides. Or, rather, on her sides.

“Oh, are you sure?” I tried my best to sound concerned as I slipped my phone back into my pocket. “I thought you said earlier-“

“I know, I know,” she interrupted. At this point, she leaned forward onto the table and rested her elbows on the surface, cradling her adorable face in her petite hands. She let out an audible groan before continuing , head still cupped in her hands as she looked down in embarrassment. “I just… need to stop eating so much.”

Well, OBVIOUSLY, Katie! This, even I was still sober enough to keep in my head. Katie clearly knew she had a serious problem with her caloric intake but it was not my place to comment on it. Not here and now, anyway. Instead, I tried to play dumb.

“Oh, why not?” I asked, trying to feign concern. “Are you… is it because you’re feeling sick?”

She sighed again, this time more aggressively. I could already hear the frustration in her tone.

“No, David!” She lifted her head out of her hands to look directly at me. Her voice was quavering, and, sure enough, tears that had not yet fallen were beginning to pool in her delicate green eyes.

“Its because I just found out I’m fatter than a fucking manatee!”

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This story is so fun and different. I like how you made the protagonist hard to root for—even though he is like 20 people I know when it would come to these situations. 

Only thing that lost me is that Katie weighs 1000 pounds?? The way you describe her is 400 or maybe 500 (Sadie-esque)....

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I spent some time in my head toying around with what a person like this might actually weigh lol. Sadie can (mostly) squeeze through a single door. This is supposed to be a girl who can barely fit through a double door so you have to imagine she's a lot wider and hence a lot heavier. I was using Randalyn as more of a reference, since Sadie is still pretty big all over but Katie is only supposed to be chubby on top. Randalyn is 320ish pounds and can easily overflow just one chair, so you have to imagine how much more a girl would weigh if she had a similar body type but took up four.

But between squeezing through double doors, needing three extra chairs, being wider than the entire sidewalk and needing more than three feet when turned sideways, I think I've described her so far as being much, much wider than Sadie is.


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1 hour ago, Chickenshack said:

I spent some time in my head toying around with what a person like this might actually weigh lol. Sadie can (mostly) squeeze through a single door. This is supposed to be a girl who can barely fit through a double door so you have to imagine she's a lot wider and hence a lot heavier. I was using Randalyn as more of a reference, since Sadie is still pretty big all over but Katie is only supposed to be chubby on top. Randalyn is 320ish pounds and can easily overflow just one chair, so you have to imagine how much more a girl would weigh if she had a similar body type but took up four.

But between squeezing through double doors, needing three extra chairs, being wider than the entire sidewalk and needing more than three feet when turned sideways, I think I've described her so far as being much, much wider than Sadie is.


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On 8/3/2020 at 10:42 PM, Chickenshack said:

I spent some time in my head toying around with what a person like this might actually weigh lol. Sadie can (mostly) squeeze through a single door. This is supposed to be a girl who can barely fit through a double door so you have to imagine she's a lot wider and hence a lot heavier. I was using Randalyn as more of a reference, since Sadie is still pretty big all over but Katie is only supposed to be chubby on top. Randalyn is 320ish pounds and can easily overflow just one chair, so you have to imagine how much more a girl would weigh if she had a similar body type but took up four.

But between squeezing through double doors, needing three extra chairs, being wider than the entire sidewalk and needing more than three feet when turned sideways, I think I've described her so far as being much, much wider than Sadie is.


Will you continue this story?

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Against my better judgment, my jaw dropped for the second time that evening. How? How was that possible? It almost made me feel bad for the girl, if she was really forced to carry around that much weight around everywhere she went. It was suddenly hard to blame her of being so out of breath all of the time…

I was interrupted from my ruminating by the soft sound of Katie’s whimpering. She was doing her best not to cry, I could tell, and had resumed looking down and away rather than at me. I gulped.

“Hey,” I said, switching into damage control mode. Her eyes didn’t raise back up to meet mine but I continued. “Its no big deal,” I leaned forward and reached across the table to take her hand in mine, pushing her leftover sushi plate to the side. “I mean, you’re the sweetest, sexiest, prettiest manatee I’ve ever seen,” I added, trying to make light of my earlier insult.

Sure enough, Katie slowly tilted her head back up to look back at me, the corners of her mouth curling upward even though the accumulation of condensation in her eye had already begun its slow trickle down her soft cheek.

“Yea, well,” she sniffled, voice cracking, “how else do you think I got pregnant?” She wiped away a single tear and giggled before placing her other hand on top of mine. Even laughing, I couldn’t help but notice her eyes dart back downward for a moment, stealing a quick glance at her abandoned plate. It made me feel guilty, like my comment was the one reason she had stopped indulging in what had seemed to be a new and very enjoyable experience for her.

I laughed for a few seconds at Katie’s joke, genuinely. Even when she was emotionally distraught, her sense of wit and timing didn’t escape her, a real testament to the head she had on top of her shoulders.

“Katie,” I said softly, “I am really, really sorry about-“

“No, I’m sorry,” she interrupted, “again.”

“W-why?” I smiled.

“Because I’m making everything about me,” she answered.

I laughed, a bit incredulous. “What makes you think that?”

Katie sensually traced her fingers along my hands as she pulled her arms back towards herself and straightened up in her seat. Her “personal” bench was not happy with the sudden redistribution of weight and made its protests known with its customary creaks and even a soft snap; I looked to Katie alarmed for just a split moment but she didn’t seem to notice. Instead, she sighed and gave a weak shrug, a somewhat pleading look in her soft eyes.

“I mean,” she explained, “I’ve seen what I look like in the mirror, dude.” She smiled remorsefully at me and I gulped and smiled back, unsure of how to react. I had honestly hoped we’d go the entire night without acknowledging the manat- err, elephant in the room, but Katie was opening up to me now and if I didn’t at least listen, she might resume crying again.

“People are always staring at me in public and, like, I get it,” she continued, “but any time its a cute guy you… kinda hope he’s staring for the right reasons, you know?”

I didn’t, but I nodded anyway.

“And now here I am,” she rested her head in her hand and began twirling her hair again, “finally on a date with a super cute boy who thinks I’m sexy,” she batted her eyelashes at me as she playfully flicked her tresses around, “and I can’t even get out of my own head.”

I tried my best to smile reassuringly but had nothing to say. I elected instead to buy myself some time by reaching for my second beer.

I could feel pangs of guilt rising up from my stomach and the beer was hardly helping to wash any of it down. I almost felt as though I’d accidentally led her on; well, I had… At some point, I was going to need to tell this girl the truth, that coming out here tonight was feeling more and more like a mistake… that I was one of the guys who fell into the camp of staring for the “wrong” reasons. But I certainly didn’t have the heart to do that now. At the same time, I couldn’t keep ducking behind my menu all night to avoid her full profile.

My head was spinning with conflicting ideas. Part of me was running through every possible excuse that I could fabricate in order to cut the evening short and delete Katie’s number while the other was weighed down by the guilt and subsequent anxiety that would surely result if I so callously walked out on her.

“I’m NOT going to freak out over one bad joke,” she concluded softly, still swooning at me. “Its not your fault you have a shitty sense of humor,” she finished with a sardonic chuckle.

She was smiling again now, at least. She wiped her eyes one last time for good measure, their familiar captivating sparkle returning as the redness and puffiness receded. I stared in to her pupils and then at her plump, pink lips, and then at her eyes again. She seemed to take notice, as she licked her lips enticingly while her eyelids slowly lowered to give her a more seductive stare.

I sighed inwardly. Ducking behind the drink menu it was, then. I lifted it up so that the top of the brim came just below Katie’s boobs, slinking forward slightly until I couldn’t see anything below her seductive cleavage. Katie gave me a quizzical look from across the table.

“Awfully thirsty tonight, aren’t we?” she asked innocently, her cheerful spirit slowly returning to her. “That menu seems like your best friend.”

Uh oh.

“Oh no,” I stammered, desperate to keep my cover, both in the metaphorical and the literal sense, intact. “I uh… just need to unwind a little,” I tried my best to smile casually.

Katie giggled.

“Well, go get your food, too,” she cajoled me. “So I can at least live vicariously through you.” She laughed softly, lightheartedly, at her own joke but I could see her steal another furtive glance at her unfinished dinner. With Katie’s belly and hip blubber safely back out of view, I couldn’t help but pay more attention to the subtlety of her facial expressions.

There was an undeniable longing in her pretty gaze when she glanced at her remaining food, moreso than when she looked at me. She clearly wasn’t satisfied, likely only restraining herself from resuming her meal out of embarrassment due to my earlier remark.

The reluctant look in her puppy dog eyes certainly wasn’t helping with my guilt trip. I seriously didn’t want to sit there all night and watch her pay more attention to a plate of food than she did to me, plus I figured the sooner she was satisfied the sooner we could draw the night to an end and I could put as much distance as possible between myself and the half-whale across from me. Oh right, Jesus, no more marine mammal comparisons, even if I thought I was only making them in my head… Sighing internally,  I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat. Against my better judgment, I reached over to her tray and slid it back in front of her calmly. Katie looked up at me, surprised.

“Hey,” I said, trying to smile encouragingly, “You don’t have to stop if you don’t want to.”

Katie blushed again. “Yea, I don’t want to stop, I just need to,” she half-smiled.

“Nobody’s going to judge you,” I said reassuringly. “I’m pretty sure the one time you’re allowed to eat all you can is at an ‘all-you-can-eat’ place,” I joked.

Katie appeared to mull it over for only a few moments, grinning at me.

“Any less would be doing the establishment a disservice,” she giggled, returning my banter. Gingerly, she reached slowly for another sushi roll and lifted it to her mouth, chewing it sensually and sighing. As quickly as the first roll had touched her tongue, she was already reaching for another one. And then another. Without much ado, she was right back to her earlier pace, each remaining row of sushi slowly diminishing as she plucked roll after roll from in front of her.

“It is a buffet, right?” I told her, although she was far too distracted now to reply. Good, I thought to myself. At least she wouldn’t take long… Putting my menu down, I slipped my jacket off and placed it on the chair behind me and then stood up to make my way to the serving area. I figured I could at least get something starchy to soak up some of the alcohol while Katie finished her meal.

“Oh!” Katie stopped suddenly, “Since you’re going up there,” she flashed me a shy, almost guilty look, “would you mind?”

“Wha-what?” I stammered. “You mean, did you want something else?” Damnit…. I might not have been getting out of my “date” as soon as I had hoped.

“Yea,” she let out one of her soft giggles. “Umm,” she delicately lifted her final plate of sushi off of the tray and then quickly offloaded the empty ones as well, sliding the now unencumbered tray back my way. “I kinda lied. I’m still hungry,” she blushed at me.

At this point, I honestly couldn’t believe this girl. I mean, in the months that we’d been flirting, I’d come to learn that Katie had plenty of brains on top of her looks… so surely she had to understand that she wouldn’t weigh as much as a Seaworld attraction if she just cut back a little. Even if she wanted to “put it out of her head” for the evening, she had to know that she was in for an ocean of regret the following day. To be fair, I wasn’t expecting to see this girl on the following day anyway, so that was none of my business. I just wanted her to enjoy her night; I owed her that much. Holding back a grimace, I stoically bit my tongue and did my best not to appear nonplussed or judgmental.

“Yea, its no problem,” I fibbed. “I can get you another couple rolls or-“

“Yea, if you could just get me like, kinda what I got the first time?” Katie quickly cut me off, her sweet, sing-songy voice ever-so-slightly elevated in volume. I was caught off guard by her sudden forcefulness and hastily agreed.

“Sure-“ Wait, what she got last time? As in the same amount?

“Thanks!” Katie beamed at me, nudging the tray farther across the table in my direction. Her other hand was already reaching for her lone plate, eager to ferry the last few remnants of a once-proud edible potpourri to their waiting doom. Awestruck, I took the tray from her and did my best not to look completely dumbfounded. But, apparently, I failed at that.

“Don’t look at me like that!” she playfully swatted at me, chuckling nervously. “Like you said,” her voice wavered as she tried not to act embarrassed, “it… is a buffet, right?”

I nodded, assuring her that all was good and not to worry as I started to head in the direction of the serving trays. She smiled and uttered a quick “Okie!” before returning to her food.

As I walked past her, I did my best to keep my eyes level because… well, because.

If anything, having an excuse to be away from the table for so long was at least a bit of a reprieve. “Out of sight, out of mind” had never taken on a more literal meaning before, and as long as I didn’t have to think about Katie’s tragically distributed adipose I could at least focus on the things that I liked about her, maybe psych myself back up before I had to return to the table.

It was simple; all I had to do was keep my eyes forward. As I walked away from her with her behind me now, I tried to picture her gorgeous smile in my head, think of her beautiful eyes and the way they bore into my very soul, her perfect makeup and her perfect hair. Think of her adorable laugh and the way it sent her chest bouncing up and down alluringly, the way her ass and hips bounced up and down whenever and wherever she waddled… No, dammit, focus!

I couldn’t help it. The mass of wobbling, jiggling, double-door jamming blubber that was cruelly molded onto my otherwise dream girl was permanently etched into my memory, making her more the stuff of nightmares if anything. Gulping and not being able to overcome my curiosity, I turned my head and glanced over my shoulder.

Geez… Sitting down, it was even worse.

Katie stood at around five foot seven by my estimate, only a little above average for a girl, and I was absolutely sure that despite that, she was actually wider horizontally when she was sitting down than she was tall standing. There wasn’t an inch of space left on the bench she was seated on; her overblown, jiggly hips spread out when she sat and hung over both sides even, bulging outward even more than normal.

It wasn’t just the bench’s sides that were eclipsed. Katie’s butt stuck out so absurdly far behind her that it drooped over the back, somehow hanging downward and surging out backward at the same time, defying gravity but only partially so. I really could eat an entire dinner off of her shelf if I wanted to, even one big enough for her. It left me silently wondering if she often found herself needing chairs that were not only armless but backless as well.

Furthermore, was the bench supposed to bend like that? Katie might have been spread out over the entirety of the bench’s surface area, but her center of mass was still focused right in the middle. The wooden seat was definitely sloping inward, and all of a sudden all of the creaks and cracks that I had heard throughout the meal began to make much more sense. The bench might have been built to almost handle Katie’s width, but her weight was starting to look like a different story. Looking back, maybe I should have said something… but my focus at the time was on trying to put Katie’s inhuman derriere out of my mind.

With all of my might, I managed to pry my eyes away from her blimp of a butt and turn back around, lest she catch me staring again and misinterpret my voyeurism as admiration a second time. I was getting to the self-serving area anyway, and had to turn my attention to refilling Katie’s tray.

What the Hell had she even gotten? I had hardly had a chance to take a mental photo, she had guzzled it all down so fast. My plate was easy enough to assemble; I really didn’t have much of an appetite, almost blindly tossing some exotic roll or other onto a plate of my own just to keep the appearance that everything on my end was natural. The tray, on the other hand, I tried to load with plates covered with as many different varieties of sushi as possible, at a complete loss what Katie liked. Honestly, she seemed to eat just about everything with the same fervor; it might be easier to figure out what she didn’t like. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I had a full tray with an assortment of different delicacies in front of me, as well as the meager plate that I had taken for myself. I was silently wondering to myself what would be the most efficient way to carry Katie’s veritable smorgasbord back to our shared table when I was interrupted by a low, appreciative whistle coming from next to me.

“Whoa,” I heard to my left, cutting off my train of thought. “You’ve got a pretty big appetite. What is it, bulking season?” I smiled and turned my head, already recognizing the voice.

Oh hey, Courtney.

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Guest Joe7

Yes please do continue the story. You should have her def break the bench at some point after eating a 2nd round would make sense 👌

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Guest Joe7

Are you going to add more to the story?

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On 10/9/2020 at 1:29 PM, Chickenshack said:

I'm working on a few stories simultaneously, on top of real life stuff, so I have to divide time between multiple projects, sorry. I have a rough outline of the next few chapters, so the story will continue for as long as anybody's interested in it.

So this is what it feels like to be George R. R. Martin... Just kidding.


“How’s it going, Cherry Blossom?” I greeted Courtney, calling her by the English translation of her work name as a dig.

“Oh, you’re so worldly. A man of culture,” she sarcastically admired.

“Yea,” I scoffed, flashing her an even wider grin, “more like I just watched too much anime as a kid.”

“Oh my God, same here!” Courtney laughed. “You totally didn’t strike me as a nerd,” she leaned in as she added.

“Well, appearances can be deceiving,” I offered. Yea, that had certainly been a theme of the evening.

“Oh,” Courtney cocked an eyebrow, “so you’re actually not an athlete then?”

I chuckled a bit more confidently, glad someone had finally noticed the intentional effort that I had put in to the choice of clothing I had picked that day.

“No, as a matter of fact, I am.” I think I might have been puffing my chest out subconsciously as I beamed. “How’d you know?” I asked. “Actually, I guess its pretty obvious,” I gave her a goofy grin and started mock-flexing my bicep for her.

“Or,” she smirked, breaking her line of sight away from my upper arm to roll her eyes at me, “it could be because you were wearing a varsity jacket when you walked in.”

“Oh, haha, right,” I chuckled weakly, ego deflating a little.

Courtney laughed to herself and continued the conversation.

“But,” she told me, “I also happen to be a former runner myself.”

My ears perked up.

“Oh, really?” I smiled, genuinely interested.

“In an age gone by,” Courtney sighed, chuckling to herself. “I still go jogging every week over at Applegate Park. Do you know that one?”

My eyes lit up and I nodded.

“Sure!” I said. “I run through there all the time. It’s on my route.”

Courtney grinned, clearly engaged now.

“The lake there is really sweet, right?”

“Yes,” I agreed, “I go out of my way just to run past it all the time.” Courtney giggled, seeming more and more like she was forgetting that she was on the job with each passing verbal exchange.

“How come I’ve never seen you around?” I asked. Honestly, why hadn’t I? Courtney certainly had the curvy-fit physique to go with her previously attested-to lifestyle and my eyes were quietly undressing the alluring waitress in front of me in my mind and re envisioning her in her running attire, her long, slender legs snaking up to her very firm but round behind. Definitely a sight that I would have remembered.

“More like,” she playfully responded, “why haven’t I ever seen you around there?” She half smirked as she said it. “I’m usually down there on Sunday evenings, running all by myself and hoping nothing jumps out and kills me.” There was a certain suggestive look in her eye as she said that last part, as if she were cluing me in as to a deeper meaning.

There was hardly any doubt about it anymore. This girl was trying to poach me in the middle of a first date. During her night shift, no less.

Well, fortune favors the bold, I suppose.

I smiled weakly and cleared my throat, unsure of how to react to the line she might have just subtly dropped. Her casual smile coupled with the ways her eyes naturally narrowed gave her a rather seductive expression even when she wasn’t trying, or maybe she was. Either way, I was furtively entranced and felt the focus of my inner lust once again shifting away from the girl I had shown up with to the girl who had just shown up next to me.

“All by yourself?” I replied as she nodded slightly. “Well that sucks, because Sundays are always my off days.”

“That explains it,” Courtney smiled wider, nodded bigger.

“Otherwise, you know I’d gladly accompany you,” I said, adopting a more lighthearted tone. “You know, keep you safe from all of the Applegate Park ninjas?”

She laughed loudly, more boisterously in response to this before quickly covering her mouth and guffawing silently.

I grinned at her while she quickly regained her composure.

“Ninjas?!” Courtney sputtered, still laughing out loud.

“Hey, you technically never know when they’re there,” I replied, pointing a finger at her like I was addressing the viewer in a “The More You Know” segment.

Recrossing her arms, Courtney nodded in agreement.

“Otherwise, they’d be shitty ninjas,” she added.

Exactly,” I concluded causing her to laugh once more. I was surprised by Courtney’s sense of humor. She had a certain wit to her, with a certain dryness to it that denoted a sense of groundedness more than it did a sense of cruelty. It certainly reminded me of another girl I knew…

My smile abruptly faltering much to Courtney’s subtle surprise, I turned around and looked over my shoulder back to where we had been seated.

Katie had her back turned to us, meaning that her oversized, bench-bending butt was in clear view. I wondered if she was curious as to what had been taking so long with her next tray of sushi, if she had any idea that I was over by the dragon rolls getting just a touch too chatty with the waitress that had accidentally insulted her earlier as opposed to spending that time ferrying over her second course. I did deserve some slack, honestly. On top of the one comparatively paltry plate of food that I had gotten for myself, I was still at a loss as to how I was going to heft all of this back without dropping or squishing anything. I looked at my date’s tray, then back to my date, then back to the tray… Courtney seemed to notice my apparent shift in focus and cleared her throat rather loudly, eager to snatch my attention back.

“Well, any time you want to lend me your noble and heroic protection,” she said flirtily, “I would love to steal you on one of your off days.” She inched a bit closer to me, dark almond eyes level with mine.

“I umm-,” I stammered, instantly flustered and entranced again. “I’m sure I could find some way to make the time,” I finally managed, quite hot under the collar.

“I’d even say let’s make it a date,” she cocked her head playfully to one side and then stood on her toes to peer over my shoulder, “but you seem to have plenty of those lined up right now,” she smirked.

I chuckled at her joke, but inwardly, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. It had taken me months to work up the courage to ask Katie out and here was a girl shooting her shot after barely knowing me for more than ten minutes. It might have just been how enamored I was by her physique at the time, but I chose to only see her forwardness as a sign of bravery and tenacity more than anything else. Sure, she might have been demonstrating that courage while I was already on a date, but, as far as Courtney knew, Katie and I had literally just met and there was no romantic buildup or budding interest between us.

“Yea, you should try blind dating some time,” I responded, simultaneously avoiding a direct answer to her comment while also reinforcing my earlier lie. “Right now, I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to haul all of this back to my table,” I shrugged.

Courtney rolled her eyes and sighed, still smiling softly but clearly a bit bothered by my coyness.

“I’ll help you, dude,” she slid the tray over to her and looked it over, eyebrows raising as she looked over its overflowing contents.

“Oh,” I waved her off, “I couldn’t ask you to do that.” Meaning I really didn’t want to bring the two girls back in close proximity of each other. The awkwardness of this evening had only been mounting with each minute that went by.

“Its literally my job, man,” she brushed it off, chuckling. “Did you forget where we are?” Courtney gestured to her name tag, the name Sakura heavily emboldened against the small fake piece of brass.

She had a point there. I nodded, trying my best to hide any apprehension while I mouthed a weak “alright”. Courtney definitely wasn’t being coy or candid with her game, and I was worried as to whether or not she would at least dial it back when in Katie’s presence. Unless she wanted me to get into trouble.

Courtney only giggled, turning around to face away from me with a gentle pirouette.

“Just give me a second to umm… tie my shoelace.”

Sticking her left heel out straight in front of her with her back still turned to me, Courtney straightened her legs and reached downward with her hands. My jaw dropped almost in time with her upper body as Courtney bent over directly in front of me, giving me a full view of her perfectly shaped ass as it stuck out not inches away from my own hands. She even backed up slightly, as far as she dared, fully testing the seams of the tight denim jeans that made up the bottom half of her work attire.

I just stood there, speechless, marveling. Courtney’s cheeks filled out her jeans and then some, the curvature of her derriere in her bent over position put on hypnotic display as the form-fitting blue fabric left little to the imagination. She took her sweet damn time tying her shoelace as well, swaying her hips side to side in rhythm with some song she had fabricated in her head. It gave her butt a seductive wiggle from left to right that left my pupils roaming back and forth, side to side with its enrapturing sway.

She stuck her flawlessly sculpted behind out in front of me for a few more seconds, a few precious, revered seconds, before straightening back up and spinning around. She made eye contact directly with me, wearing by all accounts the biggest smirk I think anyone had ever seen while she picked up Katie’s tray one-handed without looking.

“All ready! Thanks for being so patient,” she winked sensually at me as she said this, knowing full well where my eyes had been glued to for the entirety of her little “stunt”. I was completely speechless at that point, swept up in a lust and arousal so encompassing it was like my libido was a canoe trying to navigate a maelstrom.

Courtney took my bewilderment and pounced on it remorselessly.

“Oh, poor baby,” she cooed, smirk morphing into a shit-eating grin, “did you get distracted by something?” As if that were a fair question. Courtney knew full well what I had been subjected to all night with Katie and what she was working with by comparison. The whole thing had just been a “preview” of what I could have had instead, and she knew that I knew that. Hell, her damn shoelace hadn’t even been untied! I had managed to catch at least that much out of my peripheral vision, even though my main focus had clearly been elsewhere.

Still at a loss for words, I smiled weakly and cleared my throat.

“I just… ummm,” I tried and failed to respond, merely clearing my throat a second time as if that would have helped.

Courtney just rolled her eyes at me.

“We should talk more later,” she enticed. It certainly wasn’t a no from me, even if the English language was failing me in the current moment. “But right now, you have a blind date with a… ‘fascinating’ young lady who I’m sure would be really understanding if you just let her down gently.” She looked off to the side as she said this, as though what she were suggesting was as casual as any other thing.

Courtney straightened her posture and clicked her heels together, and instantly I could see her sheath her charm and reassume an air of professionalism.

“Honestly, dude, don’t feel too bad for her,” she said, voice lowered even though Katie was still a fair distance from the two of us. “At our old place,” she continued, leaning in towards me, “I used to see people get catfished on blind dates all the time so I know it sucks. But, like, its not your fault someone else lied about their appearance, its their’s. You know?” I nodded, for lack of anything smarter to do.

To be fair, Katie had been honest about her weight from the very beginning. I just chose not to believe her, a decision that I had been regretting ever since I saw her waddle up to me in front of the parking lot.

“And, like,” Courtney continued, laughing as she spoke, “how did she not think anybody would notice all of that. I swear,” she smiled, “I thought she was trying to smuggle a fucking manatee in her pants.”

“I know, right?” I exclaimed, laughing in turn. Jesus Christ, at least I wasn’t the only one. Truthfully, I did feel bad for laughing at Katie behind her back but something about hearing the familiar phrasing forced a chuckle out of me. “If she is, I think it might be full-term,” I added, rewording my comment from earlier.

Courtney laughed with me, again louder than she meant to before toning it down with a hand over her mouth, overloaded tray still deftly balanced in the other.

“That’s so mean!” she whispered through her fingers. “At least you’re enjoying yourself,” she added.

“I try,” I shrugged. The truth was, I should have felt worse about making jokes at the expense of Katie’s weight, especially given what she had shared with me just minutes earlier, but I was too distracted by trying to make Courtney laugh, especially with how embarrassed and aroused her ostensible shoe-tying had left me. I was desperate to save face, and as long as Katie was out of earshot, it was no harm, no foul, right?/

Courtney giggled for a moment before looking at me more sincerely.

“Just hold out for another, like, half hour and we can laugh about this whole thing when you call me later, okay?”

She didn’t wait for my response this time, wasting no more time in heading toward Katie and my shared table with her tray in hand.

“Just follow me,” she said, slipping past me, a now very noticeable sway to her hips as she sashayed off towards Katie. “Try to stay focused this time,” she turned over her shoulder to catch me ogling her perfect butt a second time and winked again, chuckling to herself as she turned back around.

I picked up my plate and followed, trying my very damnedest to look at anything other than the alluring ass gyrating away in front of me. I gulped quietly, still quite a bit hot and bothered by “Sakura” and her earlier display.

Yea, this girl was going to get me in trouble, alright.

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I'm currently finishing up some commissions, some of which are pretty long, so I'm saddled up with writing projects right now. If there is something that you would like to see, or for me to write personally for you, feel free to DM me :)

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On 11/22/2020 at 9:27 AM, Chickenshack said:

I'm currently finishing up some commissions, some of which are pretty long, so I'm saddled up with writing projects right now. If there is something that you would like to see, or for me to write personally for you, feel free to DM me :)

Courtney feeding Katie PLEASE not how you make it work but please make it work haha 

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I followed in the wake of Courtney’s swaying backside, doing my best to look in any direction other than directly in front of me but failing spectacularly. That extra sashay in her step didn’t go to waste, as I spent the entirety of our short trip watching her booty bounce up and down, wiggling enticingly but not to any sort of ludicrous degree like Katie’s thunderous, jiggling, behemoth buttocks.

Coming into view, my “blind date” was still perched on her bench, overflowing it in every direction and eclipsing the entirety of its surface. It was a sight that I still hadn’t gotten used to, and the outfit that she had chosen for the evening wasn’t helping at all. The black and white pinstripes running down her expansive legs weren’t exactly flattering; they certainly weren’t thinning, although I doubt any pair of pants or skirt would be on Katie’s unique figure.

I wasn’t sure if Katie had noticed, but the shirt that she had chosen to wear was inadequate for her as well. It had already failed to cover Katie’s muffin top when she had arrived, but seemed to have ridden up even further without Katie’s notice as she devoted more of her attention to her meal. Approaching from behind, I could see that her flabby love handles were fully exposed, wrapping all the way around to a copious amount of back fat that sat atop the center of her massive ass. She had taken off her hoodie while I was up as well; that might not have been the best idea, given it allowed one to fully take in the sheer absurdity of the contrast between the two halves of her figure. Katie’s shirt actually fit just fine at and above the sternum level. It was just tight enough in all the right places, pressing against her full, eye-catching chest and tapering down her soft, smooth, tan arms. But Katie’s extreme shift in mass began at her middle with a rather tubby and protuberant belly, a bulbous, distended paunch that was propped up by her pillowy thighs when she sat.

Katie was very thick in the middle, no doubt, even though her love handles didn’t come anywhere close to matching her preposterously wide hips in width. Her midsection attempted to serve as a sort of inadequate transition from her chubby and voluptuous top to her clownishly oversized and super-morbidly obese bottom one. Seated in front of Courtney and me with her back still turned, she was shaped less like a triangle or even a pear and more like someone had stuck a traffic cone on top of an extra-wide bean bag chair. Even though I had just been making Katie the butt of my fat jokes just moments earlier, I really did feel bad for her. Carrying more than eight hundred extra pounds on her frame must have been difficult enough for the poor girl, but to have it so bizarrely distributed… Katie carried seventy percent of her weight below her waist, twenty percent in her zaftig, droopy middle, and only ten percent above her sternum. It was no wonder she had such a difficult time finding adequate clothing.

Even if Katie had tried her hardest to yank the hem of her shirt down, there was no way it would have reached her belly button. She hadn’t at least had the fashion acumen to tuck her belly into her leggings so that her paunch wasn’t so visually pervasive but that was likely because she couldn’t; all available space in her leggings was fully occupied by the most astoundingly fat ass any pair of leggings had likely ever had to contain. At least, I hoped so… Katie’s “condition” wasn’t genetic, was it?

I had no time to ruminate on what Katie’s mother or female relatives looked like as we arrived at our table, Courtney first, to catch Katie by surprise.

“Oh!” Katie perked up, eyes darting quizzically between the two of us. I wasn’t sure how long it had taken me to get her food and flirt with Courtney, but in the time I had been gone, Katie had picked all four of her plates clean, stacking them up neatly and pushing the empty tray off to the side. As we came around, she tried futilely to pull her shirt down to cover her exposed flesh but, like I suspected earlier, it only sprung back up to right above her oozing love handles, leaving them in clear view along with her sloping stomach.

“Oh I- just in time,” she chuckled nervously.

Courtney placed the tray down in front of Katie with all of the grace of a dancer.

“Didn’t mean to keep you waiting, miss,” she cooed. She continued to speak casually, the accent and its subsequent facade having been officially cast to the wayside for the rest of the evening, it seemed. “Is there anything else you need?”

Katie returned a smile that seemed a bit less sincere and narrowed her eyes slightly.

“No thanks, you’ve been great,” she said, voice dripping with venom. Was she still upset about Courtney’s earlier comment, or did she know that the two of us had been flirting?

“Well, let me know if anything changes,” she flashed Katie a genuinely sympathetic look, “Try to have the best night you can, okay sweetheart?” Katie looked back at Courtney silent, confused at the… odd choice of wording Courtney had used for her blessing but the much, much thinner woman sauntered off with barely another word, not even a glance at me, as if our earlier hot exchange had never even happened.

I took my own seat across from Katie as she huffed, already making to pick up the first piece of her second round of sushi with her dainty fingers.

“I hope she doesn’t come back,” Katie muttered to me, still looking down at the table.

“What?” I tried my best to play dumb. “You don’t like her?”

Chewing on her first sushi roll, Katie turned her head to watch the waitress’s retreating form. Finishing her first piece and already reaching for her second, she swallowed and sighed, looking up at me with a begrudged expression on her adorable features.

“I’m just-“ she looked away from me momentarily, embarrassed. “I’m just a little jealous, I guess,” She looked back at me and smiled. “I mean, have you taken a good look at her ass?”

“Of course not!” I blurted out a little to quickly, alarmed by the question. Katie raised a curious eyebrow. “I umm…” I grinned unconvincingly, “I’m far too much of a gentleman,” I tried to play it off.

Katie chuckled, still chewing sensually as we continued our conversation.

“Yea, all men are such gentlemen,” she rolled her eyes. “I wouldn’t blame anyone for staring, I mean, I just was,” she confessed wistfully. “That’s the kind of girl who could stop traffic if she bent over in the middle of the street,” Katie continued to muse aloud, having no idea just how accurate her assessment of Courtney’s hindquarters was. “I mean, so could I,” she added with a mirthless giggle, “but probably for different reasons.”

I did my best to force a chuckle at Katie’s joke, even though I couldn’t have agreed more at that point. Her classic self-deprecating humor suddenly made so much more sense to me now, and I was starting to notice that it was the closest that Katie ever came to vocally acknowledging the elephant in the room: her elephant-sized ass.

“Hey, um,” I cleared my throat, “there’s nothing wrong with the way you look,” I lied. I tried to sound encouraging, even though the words were riddled with sycophancy and doubt. How anyone could actually see nothing wrong with having a body like that was beyond me. “You know comparison is the thief of joy, right?” I shrugged my shoulders weakly.

Katie snorted, almost spraying rice on to the table.

“Okay, Shakespeare,” she hassled me. “Gawd, you sound just like Carol,” she jokingly griped.

“Carol?” I asked. “Who is that? Your sister?” Truthfully, I didn’t care; I was just eager to change the course of the conversation.

“Oh- no,” Katie blushed, cheeks still bobbing up and down as she finished her first row of lobster rolls and moved onto the one adjacent. “I’m an only child. Carol… She’s um- she’s… my sponsor.”

I took a sip from my second beer, not having actually touched my food yet.

“Oh, for, like, an endorsement?” I asked her.

“No, just- forget I even brought it up, okay?” Katie laughed nervously. “She would probably want to murder me if she saw me right now, though…”

I gave Katie a quizzical look while I took a larger gulp of my beer. I was likely going to want another one soon. Maybe it would be best to call someone other than Courtney over…

“You mean, somebody other than me wants you dead?” I joked with her, trying to stay focused on the girl in front of me. “What’d you do this time?”

Katie giggled, momentarily putting her hands down on the table and pausing her feasting.

“Okay,” she let out a big sigh, readjusting her immense weight again to make herself comfortable. I could only imagine the way that the sharp wooden corners of the bench she was overflowing must have dug into the giving, yielding flesh of her ass and upper thighs. Her bench made its usual groans and splintered complaints, protesting its unfair burden that was only technically getting even heavier as the night went on.

Katie could certainly eat, that much was for sure. All of the rows of sushi that she had put away thus far, and she didn’t look the slightest bit satisfied. She sighed and spoke to me solemnly, clearly opening up about something that served as a sore subject.

“I’m part of this counseling program that’s like,” her gaze cast itself downward as she struggled to find the phrasing she wanted. “It’s like Overeaters Anonymous but for, like… people with more… “severe” issues with self-control,” she rolled her eyes. “My mom makes me do it.”

“Oh,” I said, not really knowing where to go from there.

“Yea, its really lame,” Katie continued for me. “Its all this ‘willpower’ and ‘power of restraint’ stuff that doesn’t freaking work,” she griped lightly, lifting another sushi roll to her lips. “I’m supposed to be on some stupid diet right now, actually,” she admitted. “I’m pretty sure fish is on it, though,” she ruminated aloud, already chewing and swallowing her next piece and swiftly moving on to her second. Before long, that row was cleared as well and Katie hadn’t wasted a single motion in immediately transferring her hand to plucking its way down the second. There were four rows of sushi per plate and four plates piled on her tray, same as last time, and plate one was cleared and cast aside so quickly that I thought that Katie might have been going for some kind of record. Yea, even if fish was allowed on her diet, I was sure that it certainly didn’t call for this much.

I picked meagerly at my plate while Katie chowed down, my heart not really in the meal or the prospect of the rest of the evening, for that matter. I glanced around the restaurant momentarily, scanning for any signs of Courtney. I couldn’t see her, which was fine; maybe she had gone back to the kitchen or something. I gingerly picked up a California roll and put it in my mouth, chewing halfheartedly and not really caring for the flavor. It tasted good, no doubt, but, as from earlier, I hardly had any appetite anymore. Which was fine, because the girl sitting across from me scarfing down tempura like shrimp was going extinct had clearly brought a big enough appetite for the both of us.

Katie was halfway through her third plate before she even bothered to look up at me again, breaking her trancelike concentration on her dinner to look up and see that I had barely touched mine.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Katie said through a full mouth, pace not diminishing even a bit despite the look of concern on her face. “You’ve barely touched your food. I would say that its going to get cold, but,” she dropped another piece of sushi onto her tongue, “I guess its supposed to be,” she finished with bulging cheeks.

“Oh I…” I struggled to come up with an excuse, “I don’t really like sushi,” I told her.

Katie raised an eyebrow.

“Then why,” she asked, mid-chew, “did you want to come to a sushi place?”

I deadpanned, at a complete loss for a followup lie. Had I really not thought of that before I opened my mouth?

“I uh, thought I’d give it another try,” I stammered. “You know, at a new place?” Katie nodded understandably. “But I’m still not a fan.” I wrinkled my nose and shook my head in mock disgust.

Katie scoffed at me, clearly not sharing my sentiment.

“Speak for yourself,” she retorted with a friendly smile, “I think that this tastes great. I eat, like, way too much pizza, anyway.”

“Does Karen know about that?” I teased her, eager to take the subject of conversation off of me and put it back on her.

Katie chuckled loudly and playfully flipped me off with her unoccupied hand.

“First of all, its ‘Carol’, and I never should have even brought her up,” she said. She let out a small, light burp and excused herself before continuing. “And yea, I mean I figure she must,” Katie explained to me. “Just saying, I’ve been her “little” at our meetings for four years now, and I’m bigger every year. Plus I own a pizza place, so I guess its not super hard to do the math there,” she raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

“Wait,” I stopped her for a moment, “you own Finoli’s?”

Katie just laughed, moving her third empty plate to the side and centering the remaining one in the middle of her tray.

“Duh dude, you didn’t know that?” Her eyes were alit with incredulity. “Why do you think I’m there all the time?

“I don’t know…” I admitted. “I figured you were just working there while you got your undergrad or something.”

Katie frowned and wrinkled her pretty brow.

“Nah, campus wasn’t for me. I did a six-month business program online and got my certification from home.”

“Oh,” I replied, “well, I don’t know anything about starting a restaurant business, so that’s impressive.”

Katie chuckled to herself, eyes rolling slightly.

Inheriting a business,” she corrected. I looked to her for clarification.

“Finoli was my mother’s maiden name,” Katie explained. “Grandpa didn’t have any sons, so he left the restaurant to Mom and my dad took it over once they got married, but he never changed the name.” Katie smiled as she reached for yet another sushi roll. “I was pretty much born and raised in that restaurant. I still can’t believe that its mine now, but Daddy wanted to move to Florida.”

“So its just you running the place now?” I asked. I wanted to keep the conversation going as casually as possible; Katie was almost finished with her fourth plate of sushi, or technically eighth, and I was eager for the meal to be over so that I could bring the evening to a close and head home, relax, maybe even give that waitress a call if she managed a way to discreetly slip me her number. All was going easy now, Katie was almost finished and I, at the very least, hadn’t gotten absolutely nothing out of the excursion. Even if I didn’t get Courtney’s number tonight, she had told me where I could find her outside of work. I was pretty sure that I was done asking out girls while they were working their restaurant shifts, for obvious, nine hundred pound reasons.

Katie, who was none the wiser to my inner machinations answered sweetly, sincerely.

“Yea, just me and the crew,” she replied, gulping down another cucumber roll. Just half a plate left to go… “Mom went with Dad so I have the house and the restaurant all to myself!” Katie said proudly. “The one thing that I have to do is call my mom once a month to let her know that I’m still going to my stupid meetings,” she frowned to herself as she ate her next sushi roll, “but other than that I’m a free woman!”

“That’s awesome, Katie,” I complimented.

“Yea?” Katie smiled ruefully. “Sometimes I think that I’m too lucky, you know?” She wiped her mouth off and cleared her throat.

“What do you mean?”

“Like, I had this really sweet life handed to me. A lot of people struggle or take a really long time to figure out what they want to do, but I kinda just had everything set up for me.” She cocked her head to the side and half-smiled. “Like, I have my own business without trying, I have this super nice house that I could never afford in my life, but I never worked for any of it.” She shrugged. “It almost makes me feel like I should be doing more with my life, but I don’t know what.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “You have plenty of time to figure out what you want to do. At least it seems like you’re in a pretty good spot for now.”

“Yea, tell me about it,” Katie grinned. “Huge empty house, I decide my own salary, I get all the pizza I can eat…” Her grin faltered at that last line. “That’s probably not the best thing for me, though,” she admitted.

“Oh, well, uh why is that?” I tried my best to play dumb. She was almost done with her damn sushi… We were so close to calling it a night so that I could thank Katie for the evening and then make up some excuse to peel out of Fujiyama’s and never run by Finoli’s windows again.

Katie sighed and looked at me, finally finishing her last line of sushi, a procession of spicy tuna rolls, before smiling somberly.

“Its just…” she gave me a soft, sad look.

I put on my best “oblivious” face and acted like I didn’t know what she was talking about. I debated cutting her short to ask for the check, but then I remembered that there wasn’t one. Instead, I returned to my beer, figuring I’d at least get my money’s worth before paying up front. Maybe Courtney would scribble her number on the back of my receipt or something…

“It’s just…” Katie continued, “Okay, remember that SpongeBob episode where Squidward eats all the Krabbie Patties?”

I pictured what she was talking about in her head, seeing the obvious reference, but kept up my false air of obliviousness all the same.

“Umm, sure?” I feigned ignorance.

“Well, I hated SpongeBob just because of that episode.”

“Seriously?” I asked.

Katie sighed again and rolled her eyes.

“Krabbie Katie was my nickname in high school,” she said to me straight-faced, remnants of hurt and corresponding anger inflecting her tone. “People thought that they were hilarious.”

“High schoolers always do,” I cast an apologetic smile.

“But they were right,” Katie continued, stifling another burp with her hand. “Except for me its pizza and ice cream instead of hamburgers.”

“We uh, we all have our vices, right?” I let out a faint, half-hearted chuckle.

You’re right,” Katie smiled, “sure. But look at what its doing to me.”

“What its… what do you mean?” I gulped. I was apparently too dumb to successfully play dumb, and I could tell by the look Katie shot me in return that she wasn’t buying the act.

“Look,” she said gently, more pleading than demanding, “I really appreciate you being chill and not wanting me to be embarrassed, but…” she hesitated, “can I ask you something, and then you can be one hundred percent honest with me and I promise, promise I won’t get mad?”

Finishing the last of my second beer, I placed it back down on the table and nodded, knowing I couldn’t be rude. No one ever said “no” to that question… What was the point in even asking it?

Katie shifted nervously, the corresponding chorus of creaks accompanying her movements across and over her bench’s surface. Her soft, green eyes had a tender, heartfelt look, a look that made her appear delicate and vulnerable to me. She drummed her fingers on the table nervously before mustering up the bravery to speak.

I was dreading the inevitable question, or any version or deviation of it, but knew it was unavoidable. I just wanted to leave, for Christ’s sake, but the caress of Katie’s sparkling green eyes and their sweet somberness kept me glued to my seat. Even though I was ninety percent sure what she was about to ask me next.

“Okay, honestly, baby,” she said to me, putting her hands atop her colossal hips and glancing down at herself, as if in an attempt to take all of her own zaftig form in. She sighed and looked back up at me with that same pleading expression, as if she had been equal parts desperate and distraught to know the answer to the question she was finally going to ask me, the elephant that she was finally going to put on the metaphorical table.

My heart was beating faster, as I’m sure hers was. She took one big sigh and leaned in slightly, saying to me in the most delicate of whimpers.

“Do you think my butt’s too big?”

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Guest Joe7

If she breaks the bench in the next part perfect 👌

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I froze, eyes going wide. It might have also had something to do with the beer that I had just slammed down, but my head was swimming. I was finally being put on the spot, and it was the last spot that I wanted to be in at the moment. Even so, now was my chance to finally voice what had been on my mind since the evening began. It was right to be honest with her; Katie had only been entirely up front with me, and I could tell that this was a crucial subject of conversation for her. Lying not only wouldn’t help anything, it would just make things even more awkward in the long run. Plus, the way she was reaching out to me… the softness and vulnerability in her eyes, the desperation for reciprocated longing and aesthetic acceptance, the courage that she must have mustered to even ask such a question. Katie might not have turned out to be my “dream girl” after all, but she was still somewhat of a good friend, certainly a good person. Frankly, I really felt like I owed her the truth, and it was now or never.

“No, of course I don’t,” I fibbed, grinning awkwardly. Okay, never mind.

“Are you sure?” Katie asked weakly, not entirely convinced. “You don’t have to lie to me…” she added, looking down and frowning.

“I’m not lying to you,” I blatantly lied. My hands were already fumbling for my menu again, as though obstructing her bottom half would do me any good now. “Honestly, I didn’t even notice before now.”

At least that was technically true. Holding the menu up in what I was now starting to inwardly call “flight position”, I took in the girl in front of me, trying my best not to instantly fall back in love with what I had in front of me, but failing all the same. Even if I could never reconcile with her lower half, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the upper one.

“I think its pretty hard not to notice, dude,” Katie said with an unsure chuckle, “I almost didn’t think I was going to make it through the doorway over there,” she notioned over to the double-doors of the Fujiyama entrance.

“Well, uh… you know they always build everything smaller in Japan.”

Not my strongest line, and Katie must have agreed by the way she rolled her eyes at me.

“Yea.. that must be it.” At the very least, she was smiling again.

“Well, what matters is what you think about yourself, right?” Truth be told, I was more than aware of what Katie seemed to think about herself, and that it wasn’t entirely positive. Still, I saw it as a way of taking the spotlight off of me, putting the focus back on what she thought instead of what I did.

Katie’s facial expression contorted into somewhat of a cross between a grimace and a grin.

“I think I probably should have tapped out like, five plates ago,” she admitted. “My hips might thank me later,” she patted the tops of her supersized saddlebags, still out of my view, for emphasis. Even out of my line of sight, I could hear the audible “slapping” sound of her flat palms sinking into the ocean of adipose that completely engulfed and enveloped her upper legs. I tried not to imagine the subsequent jiggling… Eyes, up, Dave. Eyes up. I was glad that it was just a few more minutes before I could put this whole night behind me.

“Well, it is all-you-can-eat, right?” I tried to joke with her to lighten the mood. “At least nobody can say that you didn’t read the sign.”

Katie genuinely giggled at that one.

“You know… you’re right,” she clapped her hands together. “Screw diets, and screw what Carol thinks. At least tonight,” she reasoned, “I should stop eating when I want to.”

I blanched when I heard that, although I did my best not to show it. Wait… Was she saying that she wasn’t done yet?

“Oh,” I said, looking at the second empty tray my date had just devastated, “are you um.. are you not full yet?”

Katie loosed something crossed between a snort and a snicker from her sweet lips before sighing reluctantly.

“I’m like, never full,” she admitted, subconsciously placing a hand on her billowing tummy with a pouty look. “Its a problem.” She gave me a shy look. “Umm, its only seven fifteen. You didn’t have anything else to do tonight, right?”

Well, I had been inwardly debating whether or not I should give a completely different girl a call, but Katie obviously didn’t need to know that.

“No, I was actually about to call the waitress back over myself,” I decided at that moment, figuring yet another beer and an opportunity to interact with the server I was now partially smitten with might be in order for the time being. “The night is young, right?”

“Right,” she blushed, a bit embarrassed. “Call her back over here…” She didn’t seem terribly excited at the prospect of Courtney making her way back to our table, but that was sort of the point of waiting until she got up and left first. Courtney still had me a bit… intrigued, lets say, although I was still certainly loathe to have the two of them within earshot of each other.

“You okay?” I hazarded asking Katie, seeing the apprehensive look on her face.

“Oh, no! Yea, everything’s fine.” She then fidgeted a bit. “I umm… I actually have to use the bathroom, first,” she explained.

“No problem,” I told her, although my mind was a bit preoccupied with the mental image of how exactly she fit herself into a normal-sized bathroom stall.

“Let’s just hope the handicapped one isn’t occupied,” she said more to herself than to me as she prepared to rise again. The process was just as arduous for her as the last time, maybe even harder given the quantity of the meal that she had just consumed. She couldn’t help but grunt and grit her teeth in concentration as she did so, lurching herself forward in one awkward, ungainly heave. Whether standing caused Katie or her under equipped bench to groan louder, I couldn’t entirely be sure. Watching her rise truly was fascinating, I’d admit. Even before she stood, there was a fixed look of determination in her eye, almost as if she knew that the struggle that she was about to subject herself to would be about as much as she could bare. I almost debated offering help at first, but wasn’t sure if she might feel embarrassed if I did. Plus, I might have prided myself for being in shape and strong, but I doubted that I was that strong.

Katie was able to rise into a standing position, albeit after a few brief moments of struggle, and, while she wasn’t exactly winded, I could hear her resume the gentle, resolute wheezing that I had come to know her for.

She glanced around for a moment; I wasn’t sure if she was scouting around for the restrooms or if she was scoping out where Courtney might have sashayed off to. Katie had been clearly showing signs of envy earlier…

After a few moments, Katie felt comfortable enough to begin sidling out from behind the table. On top of the usual dance that her thighs performed whenever stirred to movement, her exposed, fuller tummy jiggled to and fro as she shuffled sideways. She tried again in vain to pull her shirt back down, with both hands this time, but the hem yanked itself right back up, seemingly determined to settle itself just right above Katie’s belly button. Katie grimaced and pouted again, but didn’t say a word. Her  soft, surging middle was fully exposed, love handles, back fat and all, and there wasn’t much she could do about it, to her clear chagrin.

“This stupid outfit…” I heard her murmur softly to herself. I pretended not to notice, instead pouring my immediate attention into the menu that no longer shielded me from Katie’s moderately obese midsection and her ludicrously obese lower half. This “menu shield” thing could only work for so long before it became noticeable. Sure enough, a casual glance upward showed that Katie was, indeed, looking me right in the eye with a quizzical, unsure smile.

“I uh, I guess I’ll get another drink,” I explained to her, looking to justify any out-of-the-ordinary behavior before it came up.

“Well, take it easy, dude,” Katie giggled again, brushing a strand of silky brown hair from her face. “I didn’t see any “all-you-can-drink” signs anywhere.”

I laughed halfheartedly.

“I won’t tell Carol if you don’t tell Coach,” I offered with my most convincing grin.

Katie cocked her head and laughed, rolling her eyes a bit.

“Right. Deal,” she answered. “I’ll be back super quick, babe.”

“Take all the time in the world,” I smiled, meaning every word.

None the wiser, Katie winked at me and began her cumbersome process of rotating so that she could face the direction that she wanted to waddle in. There was a bump and an ‘Oof!’ as her hefty hip made heavy contact with the table. She took a deep, knowing sigh and then awkwardly shuffled back away from it to give herself the necessary amount of space to maneuver. Similar to when she had had to squeeze herself into the restaurant earlier, I wondered how often Katie’s hips bumped or banged into her surroundings, or even barred her entrance into certain buildings or locations entirely. I felt bad for her once again. The soft, yielding flesh of her billowing sides was probably prone to bruising from frequent accidental contact. I wondered to myself how often Katie accidentally knocked over objects at hip level when she slowly wiggled by, similar to the chair from earlier. Hell, I wondered how often she accidentally knocked over people. I could picture the look of embarrassment that she would have had on her face; Katie was a sweetheart, certainly of the apologetic sort, and I could picture her adorable face pouting and pleading while she profusely apologized to any victim of her huge, haphazard hips, some inattentive child or a stiff old lady or something like that, far too inflexible herself to actually bend over and offer any assistance to help them back up.

No wonder Katie felt the way that she did about her own body. The idea that her fantastically expansive ass was not only a burden on herself but on the people around her… particularly any potential love interests… I suppose that it was the feeling of sympathy, having almost progressed to a feeling of guilt, at that point, that had kept me from advertently blurting out the obvious: “YES, your butt is too big for me Katie and YES, you desperately need to lose weight!”

Somewhere buried underneath that sympathy, though, were the niggling words Courtney had whispered to me earlier. “Its their fault, right?”

In truth, as Katie wobbled away, swinging one ungainly foot outward and forward past the other, I wondered silently just how much of her overly excessive adipose was actually her fault. Anyone who had reached that girl’s incredible size should have realized long ago that maybe, just maybe, “all-you-can-eat” actually wasn’t something to be taken literally, sign or no.

But Katie had said earlier that she had… what was it? “Severe issues” with willpower when it came to food. I still wondered exactly what that might have meant, even though it appeared that I was experiencing it firsthand. She still wasn’t full… even claimed that fullness wasn’t a sensation that she was familiar with. She must have been exaggerating… but, considering everything on this girl below the sternum was pretty absurdly exaggerated, I had to actually consider that Katie’s considerable appetite might actually keep the two of us here for a while.

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I surreptitiously scanned the dining area, much as Katie just had, while gingerly lifting another sushi roll up to my mouth. I chewed the piece somewhat disinterestedly. Courtney came in to my line of sight after a few seconds; she was back at the front desk, energetically articulating something to another diner in a way that I could tell indulged in her “Asian waitress” act. I had no idea how to call her specifically over, so I sat there, fidgeting with a chopstick in one hand, more pecking at my remaining food than eating it.

And there I sat for the next few minutes or so. Courtney didn’t come back over in that time, although I certainly wouldn’t have minded. Instead, I sat there with nothing else but my thoughts, quietly contemplating the awkward situation that I had been progressively digging myself deeper and deeper into as the night went on.

It was, of course, the combined chorus of Katie’s thighs swishing together, her heavy breathing and her even heavier, quaking footsteps that alerted me to her return. Having heard her before I saw her, I looked up to my date and practically had to hold my eyes in place to keep them from rolling.

Katie had somehow returned with a tray that was even more overloaded that the first two. There were the customary four plates loaded to the edges with her assorted sushi rolls, but on top each array of rice and fish was an overloaded hamburger of some sorts, maybe a fish burger, given the theme of the location, dripping with mayonnaise, tarter sauce, cheese, dressing and whatever else she had managed to cram in between two woefully inefficient sesame seed buns.

“Dude,” Katie said elatedly, “did you know they had tilapia burgers here?” She side-shuffled in between her bench and the table and laid her fares down on top of it. “And salmon burgers. I got one of both!” One of both. I looked at the spread across from me, clearly noting that there was not one of each, but in fact two.

“With and without cheese,” she hastily added, as if that explanation justified her clear, unbridled overindulgence. She didn’t bother trying again to lower herself down gradually; she was likely too tired and a little too stuffed at that point to bother. Instead, she just plopped herself down somewhat nonchalantly, all nine-hundred and twenty plus pounds of her, onto a seating platform that let out such a resounding crack that I would have likened it more to a screech. Just as before, much to its own inanimate chagrin, the noises seemed to go completely unnoticed by anyone but myself.

Even Katie had to have heard her bench’s clear sounds of protest, but instead, she smiled to herself, clearly far more preoccupied with the smorgasbord in front of her, round three if anyone was keeping track. She certainly must not have been. Katie tucked into her tray with just as much gusto as the previous two, starting with the salmon burger first and pausing in between bites only to wipe away the myriad of different sauces dripping from the sandwich and subsequently down her chin.

Katie was… a glutton. There was no other word for it. It wasn’t only the voracity and speed with which she chomped her way mercilessly through her first sandwich, downing it so quickly that I thought she might have been a competitive eater in a past life, it was the passion with which she savored every bite. Willpower or no, this was a girl who clearly enjoyed eating far more than she disdained the corpulent consequences that it had on her figure.

“Mmph,” she muttered through full cheeks, “I know I’m being so bad right now…” Again, it seemed less like she was talking to me and more out loud to herself. She certainly wasn’t making eye contact across the table, instead zeroing in and fixating on cramming the second of her four burgers into her mouth.

This time I did actually roll my eyes, Courtney’s words still echoing in the recesses of my mind.

“Its their own fault, right?”

Burger number two disappeared just as quickly as number one. The supporting rolls of sushi underneath both sandwiches vanished with appreciable rapidity as well. Katie ate like a woman on a mission, with me left with nothing to do but stare and marvel at her capacity the entire time. Like before, casual conversation came to a halt as Katie demolished the tray in front of her, the only sounds coming out of her preoccupied mouth being moans of satisfaction or the occasional small burp followed by a quick but courteous “excuse me”.

Watching the rapidly diminishing bounty in front of me with hardly anything to consume of my own, I was beginning to feel more than a bit awkward sitting there. I was really starting to with that I had that beer…. Or maybe even something stronger. I’d reached a point where I wouldn’t have even minded getting up and asking for it myself, if anything, just for a break in the monotony of having to listen to Katie make a pig out of herself. It turned out that, in a few minutes, Katie herself would be providing that “break”, or, rather, the bench she was spread out across would be, but in a more literal sense.

Katie was about more than halfway done with her third overloaded plate before she bothered even looking up to address me, almost as though she had forgotten that there was a cute guy sitting across from her at the table.

“What happened to getting another beer?” she asked through full, vigorously bouncing cheeks. “Change your mind?”

“Oh, well, uh,” I looked side to side briefly, “nobody came around. I might have to get up for it.”

“No worries,” Katie licked her lips. “I was actually thinking about getting a glass of wine with my next round.”

I gulped audibly when I heard her say that. Next round? She wasn’t even finished with this one and she knew that she still wouldn’t be done after this? Maybe Katie really was never full… I debated surreptitiously checking the time on my phone, just to see how long I could anticipate having to stick around. Maybe I could even make up a family emergency as an excuse to duck out early?

No… I had already told enough lies that evening and didn’t want to push my luck any further. I would have killed for some sort of diversion, though…

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“Can I take a look at the drink menu?” Katie asked.

“Oh, sure,” I said, snapping back into focus. I held the menu out for her; Katie had to seat herself a noticeable length farther away from the table, seeing as her thighs had no chance of fitting under it, which meant that she had had to lean forward all night to reach the food in front of her. Any time she shifted her weight too far forward, or in any particular direction, for that matter, her movement was accompanied by the creaks and groans of surprisingly sturdy wood as her bench, quite possibly the most valiant of benches, came closer and closer to its breaking point, its load-bearing capacity far since exceeded since the night began.

Even with both of us stretching our arms across the table, the menu was just out of Katie’s reach. I stood up slightly to close the distance and Katie accepted it from me with a thank you before returning  to a more upright, comfortable position. That latest shift in her considerable bulk seemed to be just a little more than the thick, sturdy wooden plank could take, and with another loud crack, I could visually perceive her lower about another half an inch as the bench bent and sagged in the middle even further. Even if she didn’t pay attention to the sound that it made, she could still feel herself drop down by a bit, surely. Indeed, this time the bench’s over encumbrance didn’t escape Katie’s notice.

“Oops!” she muttered. “I umm, I think this chair might be a little flimsy,” she finally acknowledged. Right. Of course, it was the “chair’s” fault.

“Well umm,” I pondered, “maybe they have a different one somewhere.”

“Ugh,” Katie sighed, “maybe, but I don’t want to call that waitress back over.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, are you sure that you’re comfortable?” I asked, genuinely concerned for Katie’s safety. Plus, I was looking to avoid the scene that she might cause, plus the hit my wallet might take, if she ended up breaking any furniture under her massive, billowing ass.

“Yea, I think so,” Katie replied. “I mean,” she smiled at me coyly, sensually, “I’d be comfortable sitting in your lap too. Cuddle a little bit?”

I stared at her, trying to smile back, but I’m sure she saw my obvious apprehension.

“I um, yea…” I stuttered, not knowing exactly how to phrase a polite refusal without hurting her feelings, “we both might be too heavy for the one chair.”

“Oh, right, good point,” she stated dejectedly, her smile fading. “But I’m not too heavy for you, right?” Katie asked me shyly, looking for some shred of positive reinforcement.

Of course she was… Did she forget that she just told me earlier that she weighed over nine hundred twenty pounds?

“I mean,” she tried to add, “I might be a little bit, but I’m really soft and… and cushion-y, sort of…” she patted her immense thighs for emphasis, smiling weakly as they jiggled for a few moments afterward. “And you’re really strong, right?” She looked up at me. She had that hopeful look in her eyes again, like she was desperate to confirm that she had finally found an attractive man who actually appreciated her ludicrous figure. Unfortunately, I was one hundred percent sure that I was not that person.

“Well,” I tried to save face, “I’m just not that fond of public displays of affection, you know?”

“Oh, yea, right…” she responded somberly. “Well, maybe later,” she shifted her weight nervously again, and we both heard another loud crack and the sound of splintering wood emanate from directly beneath her. Katie’s eyes grew wide with trepidation. “Umm, I think I should get up anyway. Er, just to stretch my legs a bit.”

“Sure,” I agreed, for lack of anything better to say.

Katie snagged a few more sushi rolls and popped them into her mouth before wordlessly making an attempt to rise under her own power.

What Katie likely didn’t account for was the fact that she had already had enough trouble getting to her feet each time she had tried to stand on her own previously. Sure, she had managed it each time, but what she hadn’t factored in this time around was that she had been drooping lower and lower to the ground, which only served to make the process more difficult.

Sure enough, Katie put her hands on her knees, rocked back and forth a few times and, with one mighty lurch, heaved herself upward… only to rise a few inches, struggling as hard as she could, before falling back down with a resolute “Oof!”. This time, though, the bench had finally had more than it could take. It held for just another moment before loosing a series of snaps that echoed loudly enough to be heard throughout the entire restaurant, and then finally succumbed to Katie’s weight. Katie let out a yelp of surprise as she suddenly disappeared from my view, crashing down to the floor and splitting the bench directly down the middle.

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