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Anyone (feeder) into tracking/numbers?

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I have a spreadsheet with data on her weight going back 10 years. I started it a couple of years ago and backfilled it with info we have here and there.

I like to use it to make charts, like the attached one which shows her growth over the past 2 years.

I also use it to figure out how much she might weight. I had her on wifi scales for a long time but as the weight goes up, her standing on scales slows down her growth, so I've put them out of sight. Now I use calorie counting to figure out where she is. I have her BMR at standard but suspect her BMR is much lower so that she actually gains more and faster than what I think.I need to wait for a weigh-in to compare my prediction with the reality, and then I can calculate her real BMR better. Like a correction factor.

She's going to spend a week or so with friends and I don't know how I'm going to handle that with the data. Maybe just skipped those days? Or do you have a better idea?


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Honestly, I'm into keeping track of a woman's weight -- but not to the extent I want to log/track it or analyze it in any way.  (I'm not even really much of a math or numbers guy to begin with.)

It's kind of a tough thing to find "sexy" to begin with, I suppose -- since there's so much stigma about even asking a woman her weight in the first place, and THEN finding a woman who is comfortable with it enough to regularly weigh herself and let you see the results, even if they're going up instead of down.

It's just a "stat" I really like to know about a woman, though, so I'm one of those people who just comes out and asks (although always in a context where I explain how I *like* seeing big numbers). And I don't think I can remember a single time a woman refused to tell me, in person.  (Obviously, some women online don't want to reveal it in a message post if they have hang-ups about it. That's a whole different thing.)

Back when my wife was lifting weights, I could get her to hop on the bathroom scale every week or so and show me her progress. But that's because she understood that muscle is denser than fat and if you take in enough calories to "bulk up", your weight should be going up and that means progress. (She went from the upper 230lb. range to a little over 260 during that time.) Then she started dealing with some pain in her hips and leg and stopped the workouts. She also stopped the weigh-ins at that point and got on kind of a weight loss kick since then, to my disappointment.  She yo-yo's though....  At 5'9", she weighed a little over 300, some years back. But as long as I've really known her, she's been between about 225 as the absolute lowest and usually someplace between 240-250 according to our scale.  Interestingly though? She looks noticeably thinner now than she used to (especially in the legs, as she used to have some nice thick thighs which don't have much of that thickness anymore). But she just went to a doctor's visit and I saw the paperwork that claimed she weighed 261 there.

So ... possible our scale is off and she's been more like 260-280 all along?

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