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The Thin College

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6 hours ago, Jotunthewriter said:

I don't know, the last chapter quiet fucked it up for me and this is just following it's trail. 

Things might be rather morbid, but things are always darkest before the dawn. I promise you: the dawn is coming! (I heard that in some movie) 😆

5 hours ago, high said:

Quite a thrilling chapter!

😮 I'm curious if I can manage to make the next chapter even more thrilling? I think I can! Things will calm down after that, though 😌

56 minutes ago, swahilimonkfish said:

I keep trying to think of a way of commenting that does justice to this chapter. But all I've got is....

Daaaamn, bruh!

dayum GIF

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Guest Loljuicepwn

Very well written and love the premise, just wish Jason had used the app more subtly for a while - make gains seem more natural over time to be less suspicious. I did enjoy Zultan more for this reason. Still looking forward to see where it goes.

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20 minutes ago, Loljuicepwn said:

Very well written and love the premise, just wish Jason had used the app more subtly for a while - make gains seem more natural over time to be less suspicious. I did enjoy Zultan more for this reason. Still looking forward to see where it goes.

He technically hasn't been found to cause weight gain yet 😈 All he has to do is escape being framed for peeping! He'll do so next chapter hehe

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8 hours ago, jeffreyfaderfa said:

The wait is killing me, please upload soon. Need to see Jason upcoming rampage, I’m guessing 

This week is quite hectic! I'm stuck in the woods half the time because we're short on manpower, but don't worry! I know exactly what the next chapter will have, and it's a huge plot-twister 👌 I got four days off this coming weekend, so maybe I can get two chapters done! That is, once I'm done sleeping overnight with the deer-ticks 😬 

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On 5/21/2019 at 11:37 PM, high said:

So you're either a park ranger or a lumberjack with a very active imagination, right?

No, hehe 🙃 

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Ha! I'm back after sleeping in trucks for three nights! Now then, this chapter raises the stakes quite a bit higher, so be ready for the plot throwing you a few curve-balls 😈

Chapter Twenty-Five

               For a brief, terrifying moment, I was suspended mid-air between the Dean’s window and the tiled-roof below. My feet stumbled on contact, sliding against its angled surface before stopping their approach to the edge. It was my latest, nerve-chilling scrape with death or worse, but I was far from numbed to the shock.

               A garbled screech sounded from behind me, and I twisted myself around, craning my neck to peer up the clock-faced tower where the Dean’s office perched atop Central Hall like an eagle’s nest. A single, orange light glowed from inside her open window I had sprung from, where she was still swearing profanities, frustrated with my escape from her claws. There was no one else in the building besides her, but I had to flee the premises before she mustered enough of her senses to call the police. There was no time to lose!

               Cautiously, I scrambled to the roof’s edge, only to come face-to-face with a terrifying, two-storey drop to the ground below. I felt my legs shake with fear at the mere sight of a mortal drop, but the screaming behind me was subsiding.

               “Get back here you miserable little… shit!” the sound of feet scrambling on the carpet alerted me to see her massive shadow playing against the light.

               I had to get down. This wasn’t a time to fear falling, especially if my only other choice were to climb back into the Dean’s office. My darting gaze caught sight of a drain-pipe strapped and bolted to the wall; it would have to do.

               “Don’t you d – get off that wall!” the silhouette of the Dean’s widened frame blotted the light from the window. “You’re going to stay here and explain what you… how you… urgh!”

               I flinched at the sound of something hitting the roof with a sharp thud, as I swung down from the top of the pipe, I saw a broken, black high-heel shoe fall from the roof’s edge and land in a bush. Adrenaline pumping through my body, I managed to stretch my right foot to rest on a nearby window-sill, enough to rest a fraction of my weight against as I scrambled for a good grip that didn’t exist.

               “Come back… you come back! Jason! Get back here and change me back Jason Alban! Change me baaack!

               And as she screeched her last shrill cry, my fingers lost their grip for a brief, paralyzing moment. Only squeezing the drain-pipe with my thighs saved me from falling to my death as I began to slowly slide downwards, the friction of painted aluminium burning raw against my fingers. A hard, metal bolt struck my palm, and my hand came loose. My rapid slide became a tumble, and I was freefalling backwards again. My gaze arched skyward as my back collided with dozens of rough twigs. I had crashed into the hedge ringing Central Hall; and my arms were completely scratched. I winced skywards, staring up past the high wall towards the stars. It was odd, I thought as I began to move my limbs, that the three-storey building didn’t look as high from this hedgerow as it did from the roof… and then a searing pain made me stop moving altogether. Something was wrong with my elbow.

               “Oh… oh shit,” I grimaced as I tried to take weight off the joint. “Please don’t be broken…”

               It hurt enough for me to want to lay still, but I knew that police would be approaching soon. I had to move, but where? I was a wanted man, and trapped on an island with a hostile, female population. My only weapon was my fattening app, and I had used virtually all my fat reserves to escape the clutches of –

               “Oh, fuck!” I wailed. “Fuck! She still has my phone!”

               My phone, with which I could track my progress and calculate my moves, was resting squarely atop her mahogany desk three storeys above me. Even if I wished to get back up there, Central Hall was locked for the night!

               Groaning, I rolled myself off the rough branches and stumbled across the grass as I cradled my elbow. Where was I to go? What was my next move? Without my phone, I was nearly helpless. Tonight could be my last as a free man, and yet there lingered a faint hope in my heart. Sucky might still choose to somehow save me. Like a guardian angel, she had appeared several times, twice blessing me with powers gleaned from mysterious rings. Surely, she would not let all this end now? If I could just see her again, I might be rescued.

               With a mounting sense of urgency, I staggered away from Central Hall. My phone was beyond my grasp, and it was too dangerous to assume she would possess someone nearby. I only had one slim, feasible option: a Skype call from my laptop, which was in my dorm room.


               When I finally pushed my way through the doors of my dorm, the lobby was shrouded in a deeper darkness than even the outdoors. The prefects had switched the lights off; the nightly, weekday campus curfew was in effect. Yet in spite of effectively blinding me, the darkness could not prohibit me from feeling my way across the hall, counting each door until I came to mine, clasping the door handle and sliding in, still grimacing from the pain of my stiffening, broken elbow. With my good arm, I shut the door behind me, being sure to lock both the handle and the bolt.

Then I sighed, some of my tension relieved. I had made it to my room unseen, but this would be the first place the police would come; I had to be quick.

“Don’t turn that light on.”

Shocked, I turned to face the inside of my room. Atop my desk, my two laptops lit themselves to life, their login screens emitting an unnatural blue light that made me squint uncomfortably.

“Sucky?” I stumbled my way to the desk, grabbing my chair for support. “Sucky, it’s all over! I was getting Emily some alcohol and the Dean caught –"

“Shhh, hush darling,” Sucky’s voice was characteristically sensual. “We don’t have much time, so we’ll have to make do with a little quickie.”

“But how am I going to –”

“Hush,” Sucky purred, the sound of her breath washing over the mic like waves. “Just listen to the sound of my voice. Are you listening?”

Trembling with adrenaline withdrawal, I felt my body loosen. “I’m listening.”

“Good… get the bottle from under your bed.”

Confused, I began to carefully reach down to search for anything, since I never put liquor in such an obvious hiding place, but almost immediately, I felt my fingers brush against cold glass and found a bottle of Jack resting just under the bed’s frame. I stared at the half-filled bottle, watching the brown liquid slosh within. I definitely hadn’t put it there.

“Sit down,” Sucky said comfortingly. “Unlock your screens for me already.”

Obliging her, I set the bottle on the desk and typed in my passwords, bathing the dark room in brighter shades of light. Sucky grinned at me from the larger screen, sitting cross-legged on a chair before her own desk. She was possessing someone new this time, smaller and younger than Zoltan. When I finally realized that she was in the body of Kristen the Sorority Prefect, it made my skin crawl. Why would she torment me with the sight of the woman who had sent a mob of sorority girls on my tail?

“The cops will be seeing you soon,” her glowing, pink eyes burned with intensity.

“I know,” my legs shook beneath the desk.

“Relax… just follow my lead. You’re almost ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“Don’t think… feel,” she leaned in closely, the top of her cleavage visible. As I watched, her tits jostled unnaturally against each other. This time, she seemed to embrace it. “Take a swig.”

Frowning, I unscrewed the bottle and gulped a mouthful of hot, bitter whiskey.


Four swigs later, and my head was swooning as I stared transfixed at Sucky’s body sway and twist in an entrancing display of skin and dance. My other laptop screamed a never-ending playlist of seizure-inducing music videos, light flashing across the room like lightening.

“Drink, Jason,” Sucky rubbed her hands over her bare midriff as her hips rocked back and forth. “Strip yourself out of your thoughts and bare yourself before me. Let me feel your naked instincts.”

Even as psychotic light displays played across my other screen, I stared ever-more intently at her navel as it stretched and convulsed hypnotically between flexing abs. Had I been sober, I’d have been too shy to stare for so long, but the more I drank, the more right it felt.

The music blared-on.

Wenn du dich mit dem Teufel ein lässt,

Verändert sich nicht der Teufel,

Der Teufel verändert dich.

“Drink,” Sucky breathed.

Der Teufel verändert dich.

Drinking was getting easier as my blood saturated with intoxicating liquor, but that didn’t keep me from spilling some over myself. It also didn’t keep my head from tingling.


Eerie violins scraped in the background as I gripped the desk to keep from falling. The music barely registered in my consciousness as I struggled to watch Sucky gyrate across my screen.

So full of ‘em drugs,

I might throw up,

I knew I shouldn’t of.

Someone was banging on the door.


I swung the bottle into my face, half the contents got in my mouth, the rest sputtered everywhere. I heard the bottle hit the floor, and I almost fell after it.


Sucky was leaning so close towards the cam. When did she get so close? Every inch of her skin was vibrating with intense, barely-contained energy. It was so hypnotic; I could stare at it all night, except my head was banging… the door was banging…

“… look at me. Look at my eyes…”

Her eyes were pure, piercing pink. The screens shattered, the music ended, and she was gone.

I covered my eyes with a startled, anguished cry. My eyes were burning!

“Police!” someone was yelling. “Open the door!”

Then I fell sideways onto the floor, elbow convulsing with pain as my body writhed and twisted. I yelled helplessly as I felt myself squeezed and contorted by some unknown, magical force, until even my voice was squeezed into a squealing whimper.


When the door was finally blown out of its hinges, I was lying on my back staring at the ceiling fan, still shivering from the shock of intoxication and whatever had happened. Two female police officers loomed over me, shining flashlights in my face. I stared at the black holsters, batons, handcuffs, and OC spray hanging on their belts. My eyes struggled to focus.

“Are you alright, ma’am?” one of them leaned over me.

Ma’am? I tried to reply, but all that came out was a strange squeak that wasn’t my voice.

“Where is Jason Alban?” the other officer asked firmly, hands on her belt.

“Ma’am,” the first crouched down and waved her hand over my face. It was difficult to see anything except the flashlight in the darkness, but I could smell her coconut perfume wafting around me. “Are you alright? Can you talk to me and tell me what happened?”

“Look at this,” the second officer walked out of sight, aiming her light at my desk. “Bottle’s empty. Computers are all wrecked, like he was trying to destroy evidence.”

“Hey,” the first officer put a steady hand on my shaking shoulder. “We’re going to take you back to the police department. We just want to ask you some questions about what happened – alright? You’ll be safe there. Can you stand?”

Gulping, I lifted my arm towards her. It was slender and smooth, much more so than it had been, and the fingernails were thinner and longer than before.

“H-help me,” my voice was completely wrong. What had happened to me?

“Okay, I’m going to help take you to the car. Did he hurt you? Are you broken?”

“I… no,” suddenly, I realized that my elbow wasn’t in pain anymore. The various scrapes and cuts I’d gained in the last few hours had vanished. “N-not at all…”

“I got this Julia,” the second officer said. “You go on ahead; I’ll radio this in.”

“Got it,” the Julia nodded. “Alright, I’m going to pick you up and carry you to the car. Ready? And… up we go.”

“Julia” didn’t look particularly strong or tall, which made her ability to lift me so easily that much more shocking. The rapid ascension into the air just made my drunken mind that much dizzier. Flashbacks of my fall from Central Hall made me grip her back with alarm as she stood erect and began walking us out of my room.

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59 minutes ago, >_< 0_0 said:

Ha! I'm back after sleeping in trucks for three nights! Now then, this chapter raises the stakes quite a bit higher, so be ready for the plot throwing you a few curve-balls 😈


         "Don’t think… feel,”



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6 hours ago, hundzabrutus said:


Whaaaat? I was actually semi-quoting a song by Ghostemane that sampled whatever this movie is -- I had no idea where it came from! Actually, that's kind of a window into the kind of music that I listen to so I can get into a "Jason" mood to write this story. The song is... let's see here... Lady Madini. I can link some of the music videos Jason's probably watching if there's any curiosity on that front 😗 

6 hours ago, ulvrik said:

ohhh this IS a plot twist!! love it!!!


1 hour ago, Toby The King said:

ooh I like this! I didn't expect this at all

Oh, I'm very glad people like this chapter! There wasn't any weight gain, per se, but I figured the plot needs some building before the bodies get built any further, you see 🥃

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That is a seriously jaw-dripping left-field plot deviation, and I love it! I love the way your story is constantly fidgeting, never content to settle into a rhythm before the rug gets pulled from underneath us. Really expertly done mate

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3 hours ago, swahilimonkfish said:

That is a seriously jaw-dripping left-field plot deviation, and I love it! I love the way your story is constantly fidgeting, never content to settle into a rhythm before the rug gets pulled from underneath us. Really expertly done mate

Funny enough, I'm left-handed, so that means I actually hit a lot of left-fielders in real life 🏃‍♂️💨

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Jason finds himself in the awkward situation where he needs to pick a new name for herself 😜🤪

Chapter Twenty-Six

               Tired, drunk, and shocked, I struggled to remain conscious as my head lolled towards the roof of the police unit as Julia steered. Someone was saying something from the radio and she replied curtly. Somehow, the hair on my head was snagged behind my back. The last of that bottle of liquor must’ve been kicking-in because the slight, tugging pain barely registered in my head.


               We were in the interrogation room now. I couldn’t remember entering the police department, but I knew it was a small, one-storey building with no more than seven people in it most of the time. I was probably the first call they’d had in weeks, and certainly the most exciting one.

               But what exactly was going on? I leaned on one elbow over the plain, wooden table in front of me, intimately staring at the knots of wood beneath my fingers – my long, slender, little fingers. Even with so much alcohol flowing through me, I knew something was amiss. I could feel that my centre of gravity was off, and my clothes felt strangely loose. Frowning, I looked down my torn jacket, laying a hand on my stomach and sliding it slowly upwards –

               The door behind me creaked open, and I craned my neck back to see Julia slide into the room.

               “So how are you feeling?” she asked as she circled the table and sat back against the seat opposite mine. “Do you want coffee? Or are you too sick?” she lifted her arm back into view and lay a steaming mug on the table before me. I stared at the black drink before me with half-focused eyes, wondering how I didn’t notice her bring it in.

               And now she was sipping her own coffee. At least, that’s what it looked like. It was hard to tell with this mop of hair on my head constantly swinging in my field of view. I tried and failed to pull it off me, frustrated with how firmly it was glued to my head.

               “I know you must be going through a lot,” Julia said as she blew into her mug. “But don’t worry. We’re going to keep you safe –”

               Then I had a panic attack.

               “Hey, easy,” she slid her hand towards me. “Don’t worry, I’m here. Breathe. He can’t hurt you here – “

               “It’s my hair!” my voice was shrill as I held my hands in front of my face, silken, brown locks slipping over my shaking palms. “It’s mine…!”

               “Whoa, hold on. Slow down…. you need to breathe.”

               “But my…!”

               “Listen – listen! Look at me. Look in my eyes.”

               In my terrified state, I managed to look towards the source of her voice. She was looking at me, her face set firmly as her hand reached towards mine. Still panting, I let the hair slip away so she could grab it.

               “It’s going to be alright,” she squeezed my fingers tight. “We’re going to find the man who did this to you and lock him up real tight. All we’re going to do is ask you some questions about what happened. Sound good?”

               “No…” I moaned, hiccupping slightly. “Don’t… lock him away!”

               “Whoa, you’re going to be sick? Okay, let’s get you to the trashcan…”

               “I-I don’t feel so g –”

               Before I could realize what was happening, I leaned sideways and threw-up everything I had in me. Putrid whiskey mixed with gastric acid gushed past my over-stretched throat towards the floor. I coughed horribly as I leaned over my own mess, only to convulse again, slamming my head against the side of the table.

               “I got you,” Julia was behind me now, holding me up so I wouldn’t collapse on the floor. “It’s okay,” she said as she rubbed my back. “Don’t worry about talking just yet; we need to wait until you’re sober.”



               I woke hugging my knees in a foetal position to find Julia pushing gently at my shoulder. Struggling to move, I discovered that my entire body was wrapped in a blanket. Apparently, I was on a couch in the building’s break room.

               Now that I’d sobered-up, I could focus my eyes enough to see that Julia was a sight to behold, with blonde hair wrapped tightly into a professional bun. Though she still wore her full set of police gear over her blue uniform, she looked competently strong.

               I groaned as I lifted myself to a sitting position, a throbbing hangover pulsing in the sides of my head. “What… time is it?”

               “Seven AM,” she smiled softly. “How do you feel? Sober?”

               “Yeah…” I shifted free of the blanket, staring down my front. I was still wearing all my clothes, but now that I could think, I could sense that I was different. As I breathed, my breasts brushed themselves against the fabric layers concealing them. My jeans fit awkwardly, my legs having shrunk while my hips had inched slightly wider. “This all feels so strange, though… um, the hangover, I mean.”

               “You think you can answer a few questions then?”

               “Uh… sure.”


               We were in a different room now, a modestly-sized office with the window blinds drawn low.

               “Excuse the mess,” Julia edged around a pile of papers next to her trinket-laden desk and sat opposite me.

               “No, don’t worry,” I said as I crossed my legs absentmindedly, bewildered by the hollow gap between them. “It’s alright. There’s so much worse going on…” I could cross my legs so tight together now...

               “Great,” Julia smiled as she pulled a small recorder from her desk. “Let’s get this over quick so I can end my shift and get some sleep.”

               I looked up at her. “You were up all night?”

               “You know it. Twelve hours on, twelve hours off, two days at a time. You ready?”

               “Uh, sure.”

               “Don’t be alarmed; just have to get formalities out of the way…” she extended her finger and pressed the record button down. “…you have the right to remain silent,” her voice was stern, but she cocked her head as if bored from reciting a phrase long remembered. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?

               “Uh… yes,” I could feel my body begin to tremble.

               “Don’t worry; you’re not in trouble. First off, what’s your name?”

               “Name?” I blinked. I couldn’t tell her I was Jason Alban, could I? I needed a new name, but what? “My name is… Jane.”



               “What’s your last name?”

               “Jane… Wick. Jane Wick.”

               She raised her eyebrows, but didn’t question it. “So what were you doing in Jason Alban’s room last night?”

               “Last night?” My mind struggled to concoct a suitable lie. “Uh… I can’t say that I remember. I was drunk, after all. Really drunk.”

               “Okay. So you don’t remember how you got in his room?”

               “No… well, actually… he did invite me there. Jason’s a pretty cool guy and I think he’s pretty handsome – I mean, he’d never do anything wrong, you know. He’s just so kind and –”

               “What did he invite you there for?”

               “He didn’t say…? I mean, it’s not what it sounds like! He wasn’t trying to do anything wrong. See, I was the one who brought the whiskey bottle because, uh… I’m twenty-one, and he’s not – well, he hasn’t told me if he’s twenty-one, but I can totally handle a bottle on my own.”

               “Hold on,” Julia held up her hand. “Let’s backtrack a little bit. Do you remember anything that happened in that room?”

               “Um… no.”

               “Do you remember coming here?”

               “Kind of… it’s hard to remember anything. I just… I remember throwing-up? And I remember you carrying me out of the room, sort of. I still feel really strange…”

               Frowning, Julia stopped the recorder, her thin, plucked eyebrows furrowed with worry. “Jane… whatever happened in there, it was real bad. The computers were smashed, that bottle was on the floor, and you were nearly passed-out. Listen… I can’t tell you for sure what happened in there, but what I can tell you is that we’re looking for Jason.”

               “Why? What did he do?”

               “I’m not allowed to tell you. But –”

               “But he wouldn’t do anything wrong! Jason’s a good person – I know him!”

               “We’ll find out when we find him. Jane…” Julia leaned closer, putting her hand on mine once again. “This is off the record. It’s just you and me. This case is a serious one, more serious than drinking underage. Frankly… I couldn’t care less about the drink because what matters now is finding Jason. So can you tell me where he could be? Please?”

               “I wish I knew where he was,” I said quietly. “He’s just been going through so much pain, and no one loves him,” tears were beading in my eyes, but I fought back against them. “He needs help…”

               Julia stared into my eyes, and as I stared back, I saw her face harden for a single, discerning moment as she judged my words, then she sighed, took her hand off of mine, and leaned back in her chair.

               “We’ll find him soon,” she nodded emphatically. “This island’s not that big.”

               I nodded back and began to relax. As my worries ebbed like passing waves, my instincts surfaced, ever-present like shining-rocks in the sand. “I’m a little thirsty… do you want some coffee?”

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Great work as ever, you seemed to have great fun with the gender reversal. The leg crossing was especially funny. And you've managed to balance the rising tension well so far.

Got to admit, when Jason declared that Jason was Jane Wick I laughed. And when Jason declared that Jason was pretty handsome, I cringed. He's such a weirdo lol

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So she (?) Has to get the phone back and keep fattening people up and less importantly, fake an identity so she's not homeless etc .


If Jason had been thinking, hed have fattened the Dean and told her to drop charges or else face obesity...before switching gender.

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"Julia stared into my eyes, and as I stared back, I saw her face harden for a single, discerning moment as she judged my words"  

Something about this statement really sticks with me.  There is more there than just a police officer's "Gut" feeling here, I think.

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