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3 minutes ago, Mr.Grignard said:

Couple things: firstly, my drawing was way off, but honestly I figured it would anyway, and I actually like what you’re doing for the “classic imp”design so far. Secondly, holy s#$t! Jane can fly now! Among other things, possibly. I’m not sure if it was intentional, or if it’s just me, but I felt like the tone shifted from scary to comical as soon as Jane transformed. Part of that is because it wasn’t explicitly stated if Jane changed in size, so I’m just imagining a tiny imp girl rag dolling a bunch of police officers. Especially that one part with Robbins and the door. 

Actually, it was meant to be slightly comical. Transforming into a demoness isn’t something that happens everyday, and Jane doesn’t think we’ll under pressure. The result: a Jack Sparrow sort of escape. “Imp” is hard to define; my mind instantly thinks of the Harry Potter ones from the old video game. Jane was already small, and the latest transformation hasn’t made her any bigger (yet), but the next chapter will include a mirror scene so we can get a better idea of what exactly she looks like.

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7 hours ago, Mr.Grignard said:

I was picturing something like this, but red and with wings:



I was heavily inspired by drawings like these. Jane is just slightly shorter and has wings that hang like Batman’s cape when they’re not flexed — ok now I’m really tempted to draw her, but if I do, I’ll be really tempted to draw chubby college students too


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So, last night, after waking up at three AM from a spider encrusted fever dream, I found myself thinking about this story to calm my nerves, and I started thinking, about the island’s security system and how it works, since it’s been mentioned the island has “defenses” that keep out Genies like Sucky, and something about it doesn’t add up. First and foremost, the defenses repel “bad” spirits. That much is obvious. But this implies that good spirits are still allowed in, possibly, and it also only seems to work if certain people are allowed to pass through it. I doesn’t seem like Sucky got to the school before Jason did, based off the way the staff talk about her, how long Jason was at the school before the magical hijinx started, and the fact that Sucky refers to herself as Jane/Jason's shadow. This suggests that the weird barrier protecting the campus and the artifacts can be side stepped by bad spirits if they have someone to smuggle them in. But only a specific type of person can be used as a conduit, hence why this school is obsessed with keeping the students and the school “pure”. They're trying to stop hostile entities like Sucky from getting back inside, while letting in beneficial spirits attached to good little Christian girls obsessed with staying thin like Brook, Brenda, and Emily ( yes, those first two are sarcastic). They’re only interested in a specific kind of student to consolidate their control over the relics, but they still have to keep up appearances and pretend to be a public school to keep their facilities running despite their inherently small pool of applicants. So they let some boyish, nerdy, Christian, nobody from the sticks who was intelligent enough to justify his initial attendance but would be relatively easy enough to bully off campus and replace, when they don’t need him anymore, all so they could use government funding to pay for an athletic program he can’t participate in. Wow, it sounds really harsh when I put it like that. Anyway, that’s the real reason the guardians can only pull resources from their pool of former alumni, why they immediately singled out Jason as the source of the leak, and why he was the only male student on campus in the first place. If they actually start letting people (men and “unworthy” women) into the school Willy nilly, I think incidents like the ones Sucky and Jane are causing would be a lot more common. 

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16 hours ago, Mr.Grignard said:

Hey... I know this is a dumb question but... is Emily an angry drinker? Asking for a friend.

Nah, I’m not spoiling anything by saying she isn’t. Emily isn’t an angry person. Since it’s not that important to the plot, I’ll break it down: she was watching over a ** friend at a party who had too much to drink, so she helped her home while managing to peel the bottle from her hands. She held onto it for days, unsure how to get rid of it without getting in trouble, so she opted to sip it slowly. The taste was strong but interesting, so she wouldn’t mind drinking for it’s own sake.

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Oh! How intriguing. I might be remembering this wrong, but I think she already mentioned something along those lines to the prefects when they “confiscated it”. I mean, not that I pegged Emily for a liar or anything. Still, interesting bit of back story. 

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Another chapter! I wrote this with the Arkham City OST stuck in my head. Can you tell?

Chapter Seventy-One

               But now what?

               I was a red-skinned, winged demoness clutching a girl between my arms and legs like a body-pillow, and I was currently flying just over the low-lying fog layer blanketing most of Biltmore Island. Only the ridgeline of the highest hilltops remained visible, mist snaking around a thousand fir trees thrusting towards the cell tower on the island’s summit. It was beautiful, but all I could think was how frosty the air was on my naked chest. If only I could hug Cindy closer for warmth. A little warming layer of chub didn’t sound so bad anymore.

               Could the cell tower be where I roost myself? My days of hiding in plain sight were clearly over; it was time for me to find some sort of lair – which the tower certainly wasn’t, but it would be a good place to sit and think my next move.

               First things first, I needed the rings back. That’s why I had Cindy in my clutches, for she was still wearing them all. Maybe I could threaten to drop her off the side if she didn’t give them back? It was a fair plan, and I mused heavily on it as I began to circle the tower lazily, admiring the gleam of sunlight against its metallic, skeletal frame.

               No. Cindy could easily be tempted to throw the rings beyond hope of discovery. In fact, it might be too dangerous to let her down anywhere in the open at all, much less threaten her. Best to play nice.

               “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked.

               Muffled screaming was all I heard. Oh right… we were flying fifty miles an hour.

               “I said… whatever. I can’t scream. I’m taking us down.”

               Down where? Somewhere she couldn’t throw the rings too far. Somewhere isolated and warm, preferably with a locked door that I could still enter. Only one such place came to mind.

               Veering away from the tower, I zipped downhill past the tops of fir trees back towards campus. The Delta Sigma mansion’s rooftop poked out of the fog from its own hilltop, the Jungle greenhouse’s glass panes glimmering against the cold sunlight.

               “I’m not sure if you can hear me, but I’m taking you home, okay?”


               It took some trial and error, but I managed to get us hovering just outside Cindy’s window. Cindy, to her credit, was too smart to scream for help when I could just drop her.

               “Um… is it unlocked?” I asked.

               “Huh?” her voice was shivering.

               “The window,” I replied. “I’m cold.”

               “Fly me closer. I’ll pry it open.”

               A tense moment followed in which I nearly clipped my new wings against the wall and dropped us after all, but managed to grab hold of the window sill as Cindy’s white knuckles eased the opening wider. My thighs wrapped around her waist was all that were saving her, and I squeezed hard as I could to keep them that way.

               At last, we half-crawled, half-tumbled our way over her desk and onto the floor. I stood awkwardly and brushed perspiration off my red legs. I felt my wings relax, draping themselves over my back like a cape. Maybe I could wrap myself into a wing-burrito to keep warm? I was still shivering.

               “Fuck, it’s cold,” Cindy said as soon as she could stand up. With frostbitten hands, she pushed her palms down on the window and shut it tight. “You know that you’re fucked, right? They’re going to catch you eventually, and when they do, they’re gonna add kidnapping to your list of crimes.”

               “Oh, sure they will,” I rubbed my bare arms to warm myself up. “I kidnapped you all the way back to your own room.”

               Cindy didn’t answer, but now that she’d finished sealing the window, that put her on the opposite side of the room from the door. I stood in the way just in case, though I was shivering too hard to put up a fight.

               “Hey,” I broke the silence. “Do you have a shirt or something I could wear?”

               “No way I’m giving you any of my shirts. Those wings will tear holes through the back.”

               “And that’s your fault.”

               “How is it even my fault?”

               “I told you not to hex me like that!”

               “So why should I care? You’re just a creep around in a girl’s body. A stalker. A fucking demon psychopath.

               “Me? A demon? You did this to me!” So forceful was my tone that Cindy fell back against her bed. “Every time I tried to love someone; they just stab me in the back – throw me away like trash! And every time my life gets worse…” my clawed hands were shaking as I spoke. Meanwhile, Cindy stared coldly, arms stiff behind her as she leaned back against the bed she had guided me to only the night before.

               “Have you tried not secretly fattening-up your crushes?”

               It was my turn to be speechless. I was sure she would snap some more snark, but she just waited for me to speak up. Maybe she was afraid of me? I didn’t feel threatening, not with my arms wrapped around my bare breasts.

               “I did,” I said quietly. “I tried to talk to girls, but everyone resented me. I know I was socially awkward, but I was trying not to be. I used to try talking to everyone in the Student Union every day just so I could practice. And what did I get out of it? They started calling me ‘Stalker Jason.’ Yeah, I know about that nickname, but what I don’t know is why the hell everyone would call me that! How am I supposed to get a girlfriend with everyone gossiping shit?

               “Everyone was snickering behind my back, running away if I got too close. Then she came.”


               “I don’t know. She was the only one who was left to talk to. She told me where the rings were. She showed me how to use the fattening app. So I started using them without knowing why. I still don’t know why, but it’s all I have left… there’s nothing left…”

               “I can think of a million things better to do than making us fat for revenge,” Cindy replied.

               “Like what?” I snapped; fangs bared. “Tell me right now what I should do. You want me to go back to jail? Want me behind bars so you can curse me even more? What should I do?”

               “I… I don’t –”

               “There’s only one thing I can do,” I unfolded my arms and leaned forward between her thighs, letting my half-naked form overwhelm her. “And to do it, I need those rings back. Now.”

               “Th-they’re not yours –"

               “Give them to me!” I unfurled my wings for shock effect, but knocked something off her desk, making us both jump.

               Cindy didn’t move. In fact, she dared not look me in the eyes, opting instead to stare at my blood-red breasts hanging just under her chin. She was petrified, so I pulled her arm close and began to pluck the rings myself.

               “I’m taking one of your sports bras too,” I said, more to break the silence than anything else. “They should fit around the wings fine. But before I do that, I need to know something: last night, when you invited me to karaoke, when you told me my songs were beautiful, when you took me up here to this room, did you love me, or were you just using me for a one-night stand like Kristen?”

               “Fuck you, Jason.”

               “Jason’s gone,” I pulled the Theodora Ring from her belly button and replaced it into my own. “My name is Jane.”

               “Sure, whatever,” she drew in a long, rattling breath, and stiffened nervously. “So are you going to make me fat again?”

               I lowered my head, not looking at anything. “I don’t want to. I never did, because even though I knew that deep down you probably only wanted to use me, I still wanted a chance to love you… no, I don’t want to.”

               “Yeah, you do.

               I raised my head to meet her neon-pink gaze and knew that Cindy was gone. “Sucky.”

               She grinned as she arched her back and spread her fingers over the bed like an overeager **. “How you doing, love?”

               “Why did you betray me like that? Why did you teach Cindy how to use the rings?”

               “Shh… come closer to me,” she gently held my hand and guided me closer. I felt her other hand snaking its way around my bare waist.

               “You would’ve left me in that jail cell –”

               “Hush darling, don’t you see? Teaching Cindy how to use my rings is how I freed you. After all, what else would she use them for, but vengeance?”

               “Couldn’t you have possessed one of the cops and freed me that way? If you did, I wouldn’t look like… this…” my wings twitched slightly as I felt her hand sliding up my spine.

               “You’ve grown so much,” she closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against my stomach. “In so many ways. It is almost like old times. Soon we will be together again, my love.”

               “I’m a freak. You came to me when I thought I had nothing left to lose, and every day I lose something more. Why? Why are you doing this? I’m not even human anymore.”

I was resting my hands on her shoulders in spite of myself. As I sighed and stared at the posters on the wall, she took one of them and put it against her head. It was now, as her other hand spread between my shoulder blades, that she spoke.

               “I have never helped you,” Her words stung, though I already knew the words were true. “You have grown and matured on your own. Like a seed, I planted you and gave you water. It is you who have stretched your stalk high and your roots deep. You have spread your leaves one by one, and have become strong, my love.”

               “But why did you do it?”

               “A plant does not know why it grows. It merely exists.”

               “I’m not a plant.”

               “Metaphors, darling,” she grinned, and I could feel her cheek flex against my stomach as she did. “But you know as well as I that they are hunting you, and if they only knew, they would be hunting me as well. It is why I can only be your shadow, and vanish with the first hint of light. Be strong, and defeat them all. Only then can we be together, at last. Only then will we meet face to face, flesh to flesh.”

               “Well,” I sighed, holding her head gently against me. “It’s that or jail.”

               Slowly, Sucky peeled herself off of my, leaning lustfully back against the bed as she reached into her back pocket and withdrew Cindy’s smartphone. Eyes gleaming, she traced her thumb over its surface, and to my surprise, it unlocked to reveal a very familiar screen: the Fattening App.

               “Look,” she held it to my face. “You two share the same account, for it tracks the rings.”

               My jaw dropped as I stared at the numbers. This was unbelievable! When Cindy had hexed me to absorb all the pounds I’d earned, it had generated an absolutely massive profit of 2,378 pounds – over a ton! I had nearly a dozen new hexes to use! This was power on an unimaginable scale!

               But my jubilation was cut short when I saw the weights of those I had fattened. Brenda, Kristen, Miss Buxley… most of them were fine, having returned to their normal weights. But the cheer squad was a different matter entirely. Through a clever web of hexes, I had made them all share weight equally, the heavier cheerleaders leaking weight into the lighter ones. But now that the extra weight was gone, the cheer squad had become emaciated. Each of them now weighed 124.4 pounds. The shorter girls were fine, but the taller ones were skin and bone! I had to save them as soon as I could!


               “You’ll have to tell me why I’m doing this eventually.”

               “Of course, but for now there are more rings for you to find – as well as a necklace. You know now that each sorority has one; that makes your search easier.”

               “How did you find out?”

               “Well, there’s always a shadow somewhere in the room,” she smirked as she thrummed her fingers over her flat stomach. “And why dwell on such things when our time together is so short? The police will surely check this room soon. Why don’t we have a little fun first? This poor belly is flatter than a projector screen. Why don’t you fluff it out some? I know you want to.”

               I didn’t want to. I was telling Cindy the truth. I didn’t want to sabotage these girls’ figures. I just wanted love. Mutual love. It was something I had never felt. Besides, I’d told Cindy I wouldn’t fatten her up…

               “You seek answers? Then make this body swell – make me even fatter,” Sucky slapped her stomach. “Feed me. Make me huge, and you might learn why I shake as I grow.”

               I was curious about that. Sucky’s body-parts shook with minds of their own at times. But it didn’t seem right to use Cindy’s body as an experiment, even if she had tried to hex me… even if she had helped send me to jail…

               Sucky leaned forwards again, wrapping her arm around my waist and drawing me close. Her other hand gently plucked at my Feasting Ring and led the finger to her mouth.

               “Don’t be afraid,” she cooed. “I’m with you now,” and she slipped my finger between her plump lips and closed her eyes.

               I summoned five pounds’ worth of pudding into her mouth.

               Sucky smiled as she felt its texture, and I twitched as her tongue brushed against my fingertip as she began to swallow. It was enough to make her moan. Suddenly, her neon pink eyes flashed open, staring up at me and silently begging for more. I summoned five more pounds’ worth of pudding, then five more. Her cheeks ballooned cartoonishly, her mouth full as a chipmunk’s, but not a single drop escaped her lips. She swallowed it all, gulp by gulp.

               Then, as her cheeks deflated, a curious sound could be heard from her stomach. Sucky reached down to lift the hem of her shirt to reveal soft yet firm abs, inhaling deeply through her nose as she shifted her hips on the bed. I stared down at it with morbid curiosity, wondering how a firm, flat stomach would expand into a soft gut. It began near her navel, a soft bulge just beneath it that spread wider and deeper with each breath. Like a sack of water it bulged outward even as it covered the abs one by one, rising over the navel and forming a ring of fat. The lower belly turned into a small pooch that dug under her jeans and pressed them up from underneath.

               It was all so overwhelming and arousing. What lingering reservations I had were quickly muted and forgotten, replaced by a morbid curiosity and urge to see her body swell riper and fuller. It’s why I summoned a handful of starbursts onto my upturned palm, each worth two pounds, and it was why I held it before her face like a child feeding carrots to a horse. I flinched as I felt her tongue brush against my skin, devouring the dozen-or-so treats, but I dared not shut my eyes or look away from her softening figure.

               She was back to her former size; the freshman fifteen having made a comeback in her developing potbelly. As I watched, the modest mounds of her breasts followed in its wake, visibly straining against wired-bra cups contained in a soft cotton shirt. Her upper-arms softened, inflating with a coat of fat that traced over her shoulders and past her armpits to merge with the side-rolls rebelling against her bra straps. The groaning and rumbling in her body grew steadily louder as her growth slowly gained speed, akin to the steady fizz of dishwasher bubbles after the faucet is turned off. Ominous stretches and pops became more frequent as her clothes struggled to hold on.

               It was then that her belly moved suddenly and made me flinch. The fat bounced against her jeans, almost as if something was kicking from the inside. Failing to burst free, it jumped over the hem instead, sagging over the straining button as the zipper pointed stiffly forwards. The lovehandles followed, wrapping over the sides. The fat in her thighs quivered beneath the taught denim, straining ominously.

               “No holding back,” Sucky gasped, tits punching against her shirt. “I won’t hold them back anymore. I want more. Give me more!

               Just beyond the door was the faint echoes of knocking from downstairs. Someone who didn’t live in Delta Sigma wanted to come in. Police?

               “More,” Sucky’s belly pressed hard against the jeans and sent the button flying as the zipper pried open with a mighty rip. “More.

               There wasn’t much time. If she wanted more, it had to be quick. I summoned gumdrops into her mouth, each worth ten whole pounds, making her cheeks swell as she chewed fervently. Her belly lurched, inching over her thighs in a bounding low-crawl. Its navel was deep, almost like an eye. I couldn’t help but feel as if it knew I was near…

               The jeans popped and ripped from every seam, warm, jiggling flesh spreading outwards over the bed. Her butt rubbed against the blanket, creasing its surface as the mattress began to sink and squeak.

               Sucky grinned after swallowing the last morsel, and her chin doubled as her chubby face bulged. “Is that all? Is this all you will give me? Let me have it all. Let me show you my true power!”

               Footsteps were approaching from the stairs just beyond. The blip of a handheld radio betrayed the police’s identity. They would be coming soon.

               Screw it. One five hundred pound belt-buster bomb coming right up. A muffin was what I thought of first, but I wasn’t sure why I bothered since I materialized it straight in her lap-sized gut. Her transformation accelerated as if someone had stuffed a hose up her ass at full blast. The bed creaked as dozens of pounds packed into her frame by the second. So sudden was her growth that she fell back against the bed. Breasts the size of watermelons rolled backwards over her head as the massive belly beneath them rose ambitiously towards the ceiling, only to spread lazily to the sides of the bed.

               “Police!” the door knocked. “Open up!”

               Beneath the rippling waves of fat, I heard a muffled scream and I knew that Sucky was gone.

               “Kick it down!”

               A sharp, steady slam began as law enforcement moved to break in. I stared at the fraying wood of the door, glanced back at Cindy struggling against her own bulk, and realized the situation I had gotten into. It was time to leave.

               “Shit…” I scrambled towards her dresser and frantically searched its contents. “Shit, shit, shit. Almost forgot the sports bra…”

               The door was hit again – this time there was a hole. It wouldn’t be long now.

               “Sorry Cindy,” I hastily fit my arms into the first pair I could grab and zipped the front over my modest bosom. “I was telling you the truth when I said I didn’t want to do this to you… but Sucky wanted to. She has a way of making one’s life harder, you know?”

               “Help me!” Cindy managed to scream through her own cleavage.

               A bought of sorrow hit me to see the woman who might have loved me helplessly swollen. It was all my fault. Sucky wasn’t the only one who made lives worse. I would help her before I left –

               With one hand shoving the window open, I pointed back at my latest victim and hexed her a blessing: Cindy’s excess weight will shed randomly to half the student body.

               The door burst from its hinges. Tatts barged in with booted feet, followed by Julia. Neither had sidearms drawn.

               “Stop!” Tatts reached for a can of OC spray. “Stay where you are demon-fuck! OC, OC, OC!”

               “Oh no…” was all I managed to say as I tumbled through the window. A burning cloud of demon-piss followed close behind. The spread of my leathery wings blocked most of it, but they still burned as I soared for the cover of the fog. I burst free of the misty cloud cover quickly; the white sun searing my eyes.

               So I was free again, at last. Now there was so much for me to do. I had a kingdom to rebuild, and I wasn’t sure where to start. Wherever I went next, it better be someplace warm.

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25 minutes ago, Mr.Grignard said:

Huh. That went well. Better than my plan at least, which was to just dump her in a random tree and steal her cellphone.

What? But you don’t know her password 😆 you’d have to constantly tap the screen until the battery dies 😅

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In this chapter, Jane low-key embraces her new demoness identity 😈
Chapter Seventy-Two

               The sports bra was nowhere near enough. Skimming just above the fog layer, mist moistening against my chest, I hugged myself for warmth as my teeth chattered and my legs shivered. I had to get inside. I needed to get warm – I couldn’t scheme like this!

               But that was almost impossible now that I was a bona fide demon girl. The first girl who spotted my horns sticking out from some corner would scream so hard the police would come running from a mile away. How could I not be caught again? They’d found me at Cindy’s place easily enough – had she somehow called them with her phone without me seeing? Where was I going to get clothes? How was I going to eat? Where would I even sleep?

               It was getting hard to focus, but my spinning thoughts hit a single idea over and over again like a broken record: Emily. She was the closest thing I had to a friend. She’d stuck with me no matter how crazy life had gotten.

               But no. Emily was as religious as I was, and unlike me she went to church. How would she react when she saw what I’d become? Besides, it was her idea to make me turn myself in, and that’s how I’d become a monster in the first place! She would scream the moment she saw me sneaking into her unlocked window –

               Wait. Her window was unlocked! I was almost certain! Maybe I couldn’t count on her anymore, but that window was my only chance at warmth. Besides, judging from the sun overhead, she was at cheerleading practice… cheerleading…

               I smiled with chattering fangs. I had a plan after all, and with it I would strike two birds with one stone.

               Central Hall’s Victorian-style clock tower stuck through the whisping layers of fog, striking 1:30 and echoing faintly through the sky as I circled it counter-clockwise like a vulture. The Sigma Omega lighthouse was to my right. A slight turn to the left, and I was beelining straight for Olds Dorm.


               Olds Dorm beckoned through the parting clouds like the gates of heaven. Emily’s window was on the wall facing the street, but there was no sign of anyone. It was class time. I smiled as I began descending. Damn! Keeping my body rigid and level in mid-air was wrecking my back!

               I actually hit the wall a little too hard, like a kid who doesn’t know how to stop skating. It was just so cold and wet! The sooner I got in, the better. The room I could see through the glass pane was dim, but empty. I would be able to slip in unnoticed. As an added bonus, there would only be one prefect on duty, which meant they would be studying at the front. The coast was completely clear for me to crawl over Emily’s quilted bed, slip through the door into the hallway, and creep into Brooke’s room. I smiled as I shut her door behind me – who bothered locking their door when there were prefects guarding the dorm?

               The first thing I noticed was the smells. Brooke’s room was even cleaner than Emily’s, and scented with recently-burned, regulations-defying incense. It was so strong that my nose started clearing itself. There were also an unusual number of self-motivational posters all over the place – what was it with evil girls and feel-good quotes?

               Whatever. First things first, it was time to find some clothes that would keep me warm. Brooke’s drawers were stuffed to the brim with designer outfits and spare cheerleading uniforms. I traded my shorts for some white jeans that mostly fit my form. As for shirts and jackets, well… a gentle flap of my new wings reminded me why they wouldn’t fit me. I doubted I had the skill to cut holes for them either – not with my bare hands anyway. If only I could find some scissors around here…

               Muffled footsteps approached from the carpeted hallway outside, followed by a heated conversation between two voices I recognized. Mary and Brooke were coming! I hastily pushed all the drawers closed again before tucking myself into the darkest corner of the closet. With bated breath, I peered through the thin strip of light between the sliders and waited for them to come in. I had spent all day either in jail or running from it, so I was in no mood to start all over. Best to wait and listen.

               The door slammed open.

               “Watch it! That’s my door!” Brooke snarled.

               “It’s the college’s door, so whatever,” Mary huffed. The bed springs creaked lightly as she seated herself.

               “Whatever? What has gotten into you this time?”

               “I’m waiting for you to tell me what you did. We’re in your room, so you can say anything you want. Go ahead.”

               “Ugh. I didn’t do anything.”

               “Then how do you explain… this?” the smack of Mary’s hand on her own thigh almost made me flinch. “Why are we thin again?”

               “Dunno. Why was I constantly gaining this whole time? Dunno.”

               “But you sure knew how to put your fat onto others, huh?”

               “Can you at least be happy that we fit into our cheer outfits again? I never should’ve told you…”

               “Yeah, well, fess up! I know you went to Central Hall for some kind of meeting. What did you talk about?”

               “…how do you know that?”

               “You think I’d just sit around and get fatter and fatter? You think I’d listen to you tell me you can move fat between people and be okay with that?”

               “Did you stalk me?”


               “… bitch?”

               “So let me be straight with you. There’s something going on in this college and whatever it is it’s getting worse. First we all lose weight as if nothing happened, and then we have girls screaming in the library because they’re ripping out of their jeans! Brooke, you obviously tried to fix things and screwed it up. You need to let me know what you did or I swear I’ll snitch.”

               “I snitched myself, okay? What do you think we were talking about up there? And I really don’t know what’s going on.”

               “You expect me to believe you’re not the one who did all this?” Just like you expect me to believe you weren’t the one fattening me up?”

               “This shit again? We’re not talking about this.”

               “I’ll tell –”

               “I said we’re done! Get out of my room!”

               “Don’t point at me! What, you going to make me fat again? Well, it won’t work! I know you need fat to –”

               “Get out! Get out of my room! Prefect!”

               “This isn’t over…”

               As the door slammed, Brooke paced angrily across the room, cursing under her breath.

               I remained perfectly still within the darkness of the closet, doing my best not to let my wings twitch or brush against the hanging shirts draping on either side of me. All I could see through the crack was Brooke’s outline passing back and forth before the bed creaked again. I could hear her tapping a barrage of texts on her phone.

               Was this my chance to confront her? It was why I was here (well, besides stealing clothes), but now that the opportunity was here, I was getting cold feet. What if the prefect came to investigate? What if the dorm wasn’t as empty as I thought it was?

               But no! I shook my head and felt my horn snag a spaghetti strap. These were not the thoughts I had to dwell upon. I had a plan to execute and if it worked, I would have the upper-hand again. I couldn’t hide in this closet forever and Brooke wouldn’t be sulking in her room much longer either. The time was now. I just needed to take a deep breath and focus on not flubbing my act.

               I heard the distinct crinkling of an open bag of chips. Brooke was snacking again – I could see her sitting at her desk with her back to me. She was eating pretty fast as she scrolled idly on her phone, which meant she wouldn’t hear me as I slowly opened the slider and took my first creeping steps… until she did.

               Brooke spun in her seat and faced me, gaping at the sight of my monstrous, feminine form. “Ohmigawd what the fuck –” she braced herself against her desk like a cornered fox. The phone dropped to the floor, forgotten.

               “Brooke Deeters,” I grinned. “Long have I awaited meeting y—”

               “… Jane?”

               Shit, that was fast. How did she know it was me? Was it my voice? Didn’t matter – I had to keep in control. “So you recognize the flesh, but not the soul,” I replied, trying to sound dark and mysterious.

               “… are those my jeans? Were you hiding in my closet?”


               With a jerk, I flexed my wings wide, stretching them from door to window. Something crashed and fell onto the floor, but at least I didn’t yelp.

               “I’ve done more than hide in your closet,” I pointed at her with a clawed, red finger. “For I have seen the skeletons in your closet – the closet of your tainted soul.”

               “Okay, what the fuck are you talking about?”

               “You see, my spoiled brat, I was not just another one of your throwaway lackeys. No, I am the demoness of original sin – of which you have so, so many.”

               “So you were the one who’s been fattening-up the campus,” Brooke’s eyes widened as I slowly approached her. “You… you did this to me…”

               “No, Brooke,” I towered with my full height over her as she cringed against the desk. “You have done this to yourself. You did this to them, envious of their looks, wrathful of new squad members and coaches,” I chuckled as she backed away even as I leaned into her face. “…and greedy for more. Dare I say…” I grabbed the bag of chips and gave it a rustle. “Gluttonous for more…”

               “I dunno what you’re talking about,” Brooke stared towards me as she said the words, but not at me.

               “Please,” I purred. “I’ve been with you all these days. There’s no need to lie to me. Besides… perhaps your desires could still be of use to me. I am a demoness of original sin, after all.”

               “But you know something?” Brooke’s eyes flashed with defiance even as her voice quivered. “They’re onto you. The staff knows what’s up with these fat spells you’re making, and when they find you, you’ll wish you’d never met me.”

               “Oh, my sweet, innocent sugarplum,” I bit my lip as I traced a claw down her cheek. “I am leagues ahead of them. You see, I was there in the conference room listening to their plans – and watching.”

               “C-creep,” Brooke’s jaw shook as she tried her best not to hyperventilate. Her breasts – regrown to their natural C-cup size when her weight returned to normal – heaved against the V-neck of her outfit. I withdrew my claw from her cheek, letting her wait for my next move before bringing it to her bare, trim waist.

                “You must be so proud to have such a fine figure,” I traced my finger down the canyon of her abs. “Slim waist, strong thighs, a firm butt and toned arms – not to mention the hooter boobs. Years of workouts and stretches made this body into what it is today. I bet you keep a close watch on your diet to stay 125 pounds. Well…” I shook the bag of chips again. “At least you used to. What happened, Brooke? Why are you always stuffing yourself? Is it because you think binging has no consequences?”

               “I’ve been trying to grow my boobs back, okay?”

               Oh yeah! I’d almost forgotten that she’d accidentally wished her boob-fat on Mary once upon a time, but I couldn’t lose my cool. Had to stay in character.

               “I like it,” I smirked. “Why stop now? Go ahead. Treat yourself.”

               “Like hell I’d listen to y—umph!” Brooke was interrupted by the mouthful of chips I summoned directly into her mouth, swelling out against her cheeks as her teeth clenched in protest.

               “I insist.”

               Chewing just enough to free her tongue, Brooke snarled in reply. “Fuck that – I think I feel full already.”

               “Good point,” I smirked with my hand on her stomach. “You have been stuffing yourself, haven’t you?”

               Eyes wide, Brooke stared down herself as her stomach swelled taught against my palm. I was filling it with rich, fattening treats – to the brim.

               “Cheer practice really works up an appetite, doesn’t it? And speaking of cheer practice, did you notice that your outfit isn’t fitting quite right?”


               “That’s right! You don’t quite have the ab definition you had when the semester started. In fact, is that a roll of flab peeking-out over your little skirt? That’s quite the ** belly you’re growing. Delicious.”

               Brooke swallowed half her mouthful of chips before responding. “Y-you think this bothers me? It just pisses me off.”

               “Why? These tits are coming-in nicely,” I gave one melon-sized orb a pat and watched them wobble in her shirt like water balloons. “It’s what you’ve been trying to do all this time.”

               “Exactly,” she snarled. “Which is why I can do this –”

               Sudden pain in my stomach made me wince. A quick glance down confirmed my suspicions: Brooke had shifted all her new belly fat onto me – except instead of making me gain, it just made me more demonic. Twisting tattoo patterns twirled around my right forearm, glowing a dim gold as if aflame.

               “Do not use the dark arts on me!” I snarled. “I was there when they were written!”

               “Fuck…” Brooke muttered. She stayed silent for a moment as her belly slowly reinflated. Meanwhile her tits and hips were bigger than ever. Only a moment ago, her shirt was loose enough that her cleavage was comfortably loose. Now her breasts squeezed tightly against each other, rising through the v-neck like rising dough. Below, her muscular thighs had filled-out into seat-crushing pillows that squished against the desk behind them. Her matching skirt and top began to creak and strain. She was only going to get bigger and she knew it; and yet she’d regained some of her confidence and looked me in the eyes. “You know I’m just gonna push all this fat onto someone else, right?”

               “I do. In fact…” I wrapped my arm around her widening waist and leaned close. “… I’m counting on it.”

               “Okay, what the hell?” Brooke’s chin doubled as she edged away. “You have a thing against hot girls like me or what?”

               “As a matter of fact, you’re more beautiful than ever before – but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’ll admit,” I shrugged and gave one of her huge, globular ass cheeks a squeeze. “But more importantly, I need you to fatten as many people as you can. It’s what you’ve done before, but you’ll be doing it for me instead of yourself. Do this and I will be merciful. Do this and I will craft you a figure so beautiful it would be beyond your wildest dreams.”

               “Like, your beauty standards or mine?”

               “I promise a deal with a demoness is not like a deal with a devil,” I shrugged. “Consider this…” I stroked her rounding belly with the tip of my ringed finger to keep feeding it treats so it would keep growing until I was ready for it to stop. “… accept my offer right now and I will shrink you to a less embarrassing size. Then -- after you’ve proven your loyalty to me – I will begin shaping you as you see fit.”

               “Well, that’s not a bad idea,” Brooke flinched as she felt the bulge of her belly fat press against my rubied abs. “Except the staff knows what’s up. Soon as anyone around me starts jiggling, my ass is on the line.”

               “Do you think you’re the only one with powers?” I smirked as I shook her beach-ball belly and made her whole body wobble. “Do you think you’re the protagonist of your own little story? I’m afraid you’re just a side character. There are others with powers on this island – and there’s about to be more. You can fatten others to your heart’s content, so long as you’re smart enough not to get caught.”

               “Who?” Brooke asked as her shirt’s side seams strained. “Who do you want to be fat?”

               “Be creative,” I replied. “Who do you hate? Who’s wronged you? Talked behind your back? Gave you mean looks? Given you bad grades? This island is yours, Brooke. What do you say? Do we have a deal, or do I make you so big you won’t fit through the door? Think of what the squad will say then.”

               “Okay, okay. I’ll play along. Can you shrink me now?”

               “Of course,” I gave her belly a pat. “You’re shedding the pounds even now.”

               Brooke didn’t know, but her excess weight was already beginning to leak into the rest of the cheer squad. Cindy may have hexed me to absorb all the excess weight on campus, but my old hexes were still active. Now that Brooke was serving me, I could afford to stop stuffing her fat stomach with fattening food and let the leaking effect take its natural course. At the rate she was shrinking, I estimated the cheer squad to be satisfyingly husky within the next few minutes – that would definitely cause a stir. Anything to get them off my trail…

               “I’ll be leaving you with a healthy amount of chub to play with,” I sighed as I stepped away towards the door. “That way you’ll be able to share it. But that can wait…”

               “What are you doing over there?”

               “Just locking the door. I’m not finished with you just yet. You see…” I faced her and spread my hands. “My new form does not fit my old clothes. As my servant, I want you to clothe me, feed me, a “makeover” if you will. I haven’t forgotten when we met; I know you’ve got an excellent sense of style.”

               She stared at me for a moment, mouth agape in the midst of her chubby cheeks and double-chin. It was as if she’d finally seen so much insanity that her mind just couldn’t react anymore to anything. For that moment, the only thing moving was her shrinking body, then – as her face slimmed and sharpened into the one I knew too well – she broke the fakest-looking smiles I’d ever seen.

               “Of course! We can touch-up your lashes, maybe curl your hair a little bit… you’ll be glowing in no time!”

               “That’s great! Also, I’m spending the night here.”

               “Um… what?”

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2 hours ago, CoastalBunny said:

I knew good things come to those who wait, but guess we didn't have to wait long this time!

Tempted to draw the evolution of Jason/Jane 👌

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2 hours ago, >_< 0_0 said:

Tempted to draw the evolution of Jason/Jane 👌

That’d be cool!

Also just had a thought that whenever Brooke pushes weight onto anyone else on the cheer squad, the pounds will eventually make their way back to her. So nothing changes, except Jane has more pounds at her disposal. Brilliant!

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Oh yeah. I forgot about this. There’s still not much on it, but I did promise to show you my deviant art account, too. It’s got a sequence I drew for this series based on a theory I had (which may or may not be dead yet).

Also, this is kind of a minor detail, but the way Jane described Brooke's room reminded of me of one of Mimi's internal monologues. Don’t think it was intentional but it reminded me to get back to work on part two when I finally get some spare time.


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8 hours ago, Mr.Grignard said:

Oh yeah. I forgot about this. There’s still not much on it, but I did promise to show you my deviant art account, too. It’s got a sequence I drew for this series based on a theory I had (which may or may not be dead yet).

Also, this is kind of a minor detail, but the way Jane described Brooke's room reminded of me of one of Mimi's internal monologues. Don’t think it was intentional but it reminded me to get back to work on part two when I finally get some spare time.


Took a look around your profile and I recognize a couple of the pics! Definitely a very avant gard style (is that how you spell it?). Will need some help with nailing exactly what some of them are.

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This chapter was really fun to write 😏 we get to see a side of Brooke that we haven’t seen before... I don’t necessarily mean physically, but — okay I’ll shut up.

Chapter Seventy-Three

               “Okay, so I got a serious question,” Brooke asked.

               I paused before answering, keeping my head as still as possible. I was getting my hair braided, after all. Even now, I could see Brooke looming behind me in the vanity mirror and feel her hands tugging my locks of hair.

               “You may ask. What do you wish to know?”

               “Do you always sound so dramatic?”

               Another pause. I needed to phrase myself carefully.

               “Is that truly what you’re concerned about? Perhaps I should give you something else to –”

               “Okay, I know you can talk normal, Jane. You were nothing like this when we met.”

               “Look, I’m a demoness and I can talk any way I want, damnit!”

               “Totally,” Brooke clapped my shoulder with her hand, smirking smugly. “So how did you become one?”

               “I was always a demoness,” I lied. “From the day I was born.”

               “You looked pretty normal to me when I saw you in the locker room.”

               “And you looked pretty thin back then. In fact, you’re looking a little slim as it is.”

               “Hey,” Brooke leaned close, pressing her plush, pudgy belly against my head as she did the finishing touches on my braids. “Do you really think this bothers me? Sure, I care about squeezing into my cheer outfit, and listening to my ‘friends’ laugh at my fat ass behind my back really grated my nerves, but I own this. I make these curves work. Besides, anyone talking shit about me gets a taste of her own medicine eventually.”

               It was a good thing my skin was red, else she’d see I was blushing.

               “I’ll make you eat those words,” I did my best to not think about how warm and soft her belly was against my neck, or the way her shirt was riding up to expose an inch of smooth, bronze flesh. “L-literally.”

               She leaned forwards to speak in my ear, which only pressed her belly further against me. “You’re really into this, aren’t you?” she looked into the mirror as she did so, and our eyes met through the reflection. “You like fat girls, don’t you?”

               I was speechless. No one had ever said it out loud – not even me – but she was right, wasn’t she?

               “I knew it,” Brooke said smugly. “Well, what are you waiting for? Give me just a little more fat. Top me up. I’ll get the boobs I’ve always wanted and then I can wish this belly fat on some sucker. That’s what you want, right?”

               “All in due time,” I managed to blurt.

               “Whatever,” Brooke slapped my shoulder again. “Anyway, braids are done. What you think?”

               I turned my head to the side and ran my clawed fingers over the handiwork. Brooke had braided my hair straight across the sides of my head until they met together in the back and trailed down my back. It effectively kept the sides of my hair in check while letting the rest of it hang free from the back.

               “It’s… it’s wonderful,” I replied, finally giving-up on trying to sound intimidating.

               “It’s called a ‘crown braid,’” Brooke turned away as she was talking. “It should hold like that until you undo them. Speaking of which…”

               “Where are you going? What are you doing?

               “Relax,” she said over her shoulder before pulling her shirt over her head, revealing her bronzed, well-defined back flanked by small love-handles. “I’m not leaving my room; just changing into something more comfortable.”

               “But it’s not even 3pm yet,” I said, eyes glued to her cheeks wobbling into view.

               “So? Practice is over and I have no classes after this. I’m putting on my onesie.”

               The onesie in question was a white and red Christmas-themed outfit covered in huggable fuzz.

               “You see,” she explained as she fit her feet into the leg sleeves. “This outfit works best because it always fits me. Ass still pops, though.”

               “I see that,” I replied stupidly.

               “Not that that’s a problem, right?” she asked, back still turned to me as she buttoned herself in. “It’s not quite as big as it was before I suddenly shrunk today, but it’s grown a bit bigger.”


               She turned to me now, walking up slowly. Only half the buttons on her front had been done, leaving open a wide front that put her huge boobs on display. Squeezed and supported with pink, lacey bra cups, they only looked even bigger. A few inches of upper belly were also visible, enough to showcase how smooth and undefined it had become.

               “You did this to me,” she breathed, reaching behind my head. “It was you all along, wasn’t it? Every time I tried to lose weight, every time I pushed my belly fat onto someone else, a little bit would come creeping right back,” for emphasis, she gave her little belly pooch a rub. “But that’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? To keep making me fat so that I would make others fat. Well? Am I right?”

               Pinned between her and the desk, I found myself more flustered than ever. A wild mix of emotions were coursing through me, none of them matching. Brooke was a shallow, evil bitch of a cheerleader, but she was also blonde, hot, and tantalizingly ripe...

               “But I don’t mind,” she smiled as she snaked her arms around me. “It helped me learn real quick who my fake friends were. Soon as I heard them talking shit behind my back, I gave them something else to talk about. Seeing a bitch who called you a pig pork up herself is real satisfying. Besides, the more belly fat I lose, the more my weight settles in all the right places. What do you think?”

               “I… I’m not thinking.”

               “Then… what do you feel?”

               I didn’t answer. Instead, my whole face went slack as my gaze fell into her deep cleavage. Her face slackened as well, and within the next moment we were wrapped in each other’s arms.

               Just as quickly, I felt her hands probing for my back pockets and pushed her away.

               “Sorry love,” I cocked my head. “But I’m keeping your phone on me. I don’t trust you.”

               The blonde bombshell glared at me, mouth agape. It was her turn to be at loss for words. Finally, blushing as her hands shook, she forced a single word out.


               “Lovely words, though,” I grinned, revealing sharp fangs. “Is it true? You like getting fat? Maybe I can make it happen.”

               “Fine! You can do whatever! I don’t fucking care…”

               “Brooke, you know how it is. I can’t trust you to not betray me to security. As long as I’m here, your phone stays on me.”

               “I need my phone, damnit!” Brooke stomped her foot.

               “You need patience, my young apprentice. Maybe I should teach you a lesson. How big would you have to get before your belly creases across the middle?”

               “Okay, okay, fine! Keep my phone. Just don’t make me pop out of these buttons; this is my favourite onesie.”

               “Of course. You can still have it back once I leave tomorrow morning after bed. Oh, and you might gain another ten pounds in the next few seconds. That’s my bad. Got ahead of myself there…”

               “Ugh, I swear to god, some of this better go to my boobs.”

               “You should swear to me instead,” I smirked as her belly protruded another inch.

               “So you’re saying you’ll do it? You’ll make my boobs bigger?”

               “What did I say? Be patient. The tree has to grow before it bears fruit.”

               “Um, ew? Okay, move away from my desk so I can at least get some studying done.”


               Long, awkward hours passed, and I began to regret not having my own phone. It was still buried in a can on the beach just in case the Proctor used its location to find me. But what was the point of burying it if they already knew I was a demoness? What was the point if I could just fly away from whoever chased me? What was the point if I could turn my pursuers into butterballs? In any case, it wasn’t like I could get it now; there was no doubt in my mind that Brooke would betray me as soon as I left her. I just wanted to sleep in a bed at this point. At least she didn’t have a phone either.

               The phone in question was constantly buzzing against my cheek through the back pocket. Tempted as I was to know who was texting her and what they wanted, she’d chosen the option of hiding her messages from the lockscreen.

               So we suffered together, with Brooke studying various textbooks and writing on her laptop as I awkwardly watched by her side. It had been awhile since I’d done any kind of homework at all, so it surprised me how interesting it was to read someone else’s. By the time the sun was setting, I was helping her with macroeconomic theory.

               “I’m burned the fuck out,” Brooke sighed, stretching her arms upwards and arching her back enough to reveal a sliver of plush belly fat. “So are you really sleeping here or…”

               “Yes,” I nodded quickly. “That’s been the plan.”

               The way she craned her head and moaned, I couldn’t tell if she was whining or just stretching harder than I thought. “Can I at least shower first? The bathroom’s literally a couple doors down.”

               “I’m afraid I can’t let you leave until I do,” I shook my head and folded my arms, briefly distracted by how awesome my red skin was in the glow of the setting sun. “And come on, Brooke. We both know you showered in the girls’ locker room after practice. Your skin looks great.”

               “Well, I have to pee.”

               “No, you don’t. Else, you’d have just said so instead of asking to shower.”

               “I only have to pee a little bit; cut a girl some slack!”

               “I am cutting you some slack, skinny-minnie. I shed most of that weight off of you, remember? Or do you want to find out if you can still do cartwheels with an extra few hundred pounds?”

               “Okay, I get it. I just can’t believe we’re doing this.”

               “A sleepover?”

               “Yeah – with a literal demon-girl who also happens to be one of the most awkward girls I’ve ever met. Honestly, it’s a good thing you stole my clothes. I’d hate to see whatever you were wearing before.”

               “Not much,” I replied with a slight flutter of my leathery wings. “Shirts don’t really fit over these things. And would you prefer I gave them back? I’ll strip right now.”

               “You should keep those on,” she wrinkled her nose. “Sorry, but I’m not gay.”

               “I’m gonna keep my clothes on too.”

               “I don’t care what you do with those; I got plenty more in the closet and it’s been two weeks since I bought a new outfit.”

               “Okay, but it might get a little warm.”

               “What will? The pits of hell?”

               “The bed.”

               Brooke’s mouth fell open as she stared at me like I was stupid. “What do you mean, ‘the bed?’”

               “Well, there’s only one.”

               “You can’t be serious right now… you can’t possibly be thinking we’re gonna share my bed.”

               “What else would I mean?”

               “I dunno, can’t you just… hang from the ceiling or something?”

               “Um, what?”

               “Well, you’ve got bat wings, so what am I supposed to know?”

               “These aren’t bat wings,” I stretched one wing. “Bat wings don’t look like a cape when they aren’t flexed.”

               “Oh, how stupid of me! Like, how could I possibly not realize! So how are we supposed to fit on the same bed?”


               “I told you. I’m not gay.”

               “Me neither. Well, I mean…”

               “You know what? Fine. Fine!” she slapped her thighs for emphasis and spread her arms. “Why am I being shy with a demoness? I got thin today, then I got fat again, then just a little chubby, and now I’ve made a deal with the demoness to get the body I want… fuck it! You wanna snuggle? We’re gonna snuggle.”

               At this time, Brooke started unbuttoning her onesie and slipping herself out.

               “W-what are you doing?” I asked nervously.

               “It’s what you want, right? Well?” naked, she spread her arms out and slapped her thighs again. “What do you think?”

               Her breasts were so fat, they were still wobbling softly against each other from the force of her arms hitting her thighs. Her thighs jiggled too, more from her adjusting her feet than anything else. Her whole soft, glorious body was on display before my eyes, and it shocked me senseless to realize that I was seeing sights I never imagined seeing.

               “I think it’s good,” I managed to say with a trembling jaw.

               “Well, you better. You made this body, didn’t you? These giant jug tits… this thick ass here… the stupid creases on my waist when I twist around…”

               “You’re way sexier than you think,” I couldn’t help but say.

               “Why? Cause all the sexy parts are bigger? Of course you’d say that. I bet you want them to get even bigger.”

               “What matters more is what you would like. What type of body do you want? I can sculpt you into whatever form you want.”


               “Good question. How about a tune-up after a certain number of victims? Every five victims, for example. What would you like first?”

               Brooke shrugged as she looked around her room, thoughtfully cupping her breasts as she did so. “I want bigger tits,” she replied. “Round, perky tits, with a bounce to them. They say it’s hard to run with big tits, but I call bullshit. It’s what sports bras are for – you’re wearing mine, after all.”

               “Right,” I chewed on my lip in an attempt to contain myself.

               “And a giant ass. Like, even bigger than right now. Like, influencer big, with a lot of jiggle, but also some muscle to keep it round. Ever seen Amirahdyme?”

               “One thing at a time,” I waved my hands. “We need to sleep on it. I’m tired.”

               “Then strip.”


               “It’s what you wanted, right?”

               “Okay. Okay fine. Let’s do this…”

               About thirty seconds later and I was completely naked. We stared at each other awkwardly for a moment, tits fluttering with every shallow breath.

               “So…” I stared at the floor, past my own stiff nipples. “Why did we strip again?”

               “Um, you said it would get to hot, remember? A shy devil. I can’t believe this.”

               “I mean, we could put the lingerie back on because it might be a little bit cold.”

               “Okay sure. It’s going back on. Not like I’m gay or anything.”

               “Me neither.”


               As if stripping weren’t awkward enough, finding the ideal sleeping position was even worse. Brooke had a twin size bed just like everyone else in Olds Dorm, so it could technically fit two people, but wings made all the difference. My wings draped over my back like a loose cape when they weren’t flapping, so they weren’t necessarily hogging space, but they were very sensitive. Several times, Brooke accidentally pinched them while adjusting her position under the covers, forcing an embarrassing yelp through my lips at least a couple times, until at last I’d had enough of the torture and wrapped us both into a makeshift cocoon.

               “What are you doing?” she asked as the wings wrapped us tight.

               “What’s it look like? You keep pinching me. Now you’ll be still.”

               “It’s your fault for sleeping with me!” she hissed. “And now you’re wrapping your arms and legs around me. Why are you wrapping your arms and legs around me, what the fuck…”

               “This is how we’re going to fit,” I stated flatly.

               “It’s good,” her back pressed against my chest as she sighed heavily. “This is fine. Totally fine. Nothing’s wrong.”

               Safely enveloped into the wing-cocoon, Brooke’s body was now wedged snugly against mine. Her hips were fairly wide, but I was still able to wrap my legs around them so that her warm ass was squishing into my pelvis. Meanwhile my arms were firmly wrapped across her torso and kept in place by round, fatty breasts and a bulging pooch. I now had my very own cheerleader body-pillow.

               “So is this comfortable to you?” Brooke asked, hair brushing against my face as she moved her head.

               “I haven’t been this comfortable in days,” I had my eyes closed and a smile on my face as I said it.

               “Of course it would be. I bet you like how all this new fat you put on my body feels.”




               “For someone with red skin, you really haven’t changed much since we met.”

               “Really?” I thoughtfully stroked a finger against her belly. “I’ve gone through so much in the last few days. It’s not just my body that’s changed; I feel like a completely different person. I’ve learned so much.”

               “Like what?”

               “Like… how women work. Or people in general. I used to cry in my room because I couldn’t get a functioning relationship. I beat myself up about it, wondering if I would ever even have the chance to kiss or make out. But this college… this island has taught me I had it all wrong. All the backstabbing, manipulating, and scheming, everyone plotting against everyone else, all anyone wants is to take as much as they can get away with… it’s just cutthroat, soulless business, like corporations trying to outdo each other for maximum profit.”

               “You’re an economy major, aren’t you? That would explain why you don’t make any sense.”

               “When I first came here, I was trying to offer my love to others without realizing that accepting someone else into one’s life is a liability and not an asset. I was trying to sell my love, when what I should’ve been trying to do was buy theirs.”

               “You sure you’re not gay? I get the feeling you’re just starting to figure things out –”

               We were interrupted by the sound of rushed footsteps in the hallway. My eyes flashed open with a start.

               “You hear that?”

               “Yeah, what about it? Christ, they know the walls are fucking thin; they better slow the fuck down… what the hell are they doing?”

               It was more than a couple people now, and the voices we could hear were as agitated as they were hushed. A door slammed shut, followed by another.

               “Okay, what the fuck?” Brooke whispered.

               Meanwhile, I was petrified with terror. Was it the police? Had they discovered my location in spite of everything? Were they setting to raid Brooke’s room as we lay in bed? I’d only just found a bed to sleep in!

               But as quickly as I began to panic, my fears were replaced by curiosity: I could hear Emily’s voice through the walls.

               “Just stay calm,” her light little voice was barely audible. “Tell me how it happened.”

               The voice that answered back was tense and anxious. “It just started growing.

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Hm, if I remember correctly, wasn’t Brook the one who called Emily a pig before changing her? Is this some of that foreshadowing you keep going on about?

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8 hours ago, Mr.Grignard said:

Hm, if I remember correctly, wasn’t Brook the one who called Emily a pig before changing her? Is this some of that foreshadowing you keep going on about?

Oh no, not at all. The planning and references to weight gain are definitely red flags though...

7 hours ago, Batman76 said:

Damn, Jane is one awkward succubus

One can’t realistically pretend to be intimidating for long, even if they look like the cursed spawn of the Deviled Ham mascot and batgirl

1 hour ago, bahbah said:

Another awesome chapter. I don’t know how you do it but please never stop.

I do it in three stages: take an insane, fun idea, write it as realistically as possible, and sprinkle some deep thoughts in.

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1 hour ago, >_< 0_0 said:

Oh no, not at all. The planning and references to weight gain are definitely red flags though...

One can’t realistically pretend to be intimidating for long, even if they look like the cursed spawn of the Deviled Ham mascot and batgirl

I do it in three stages: take an insane, fun idea, write it as realistically as possible, and sprinkle some deep thoughts in.

Easier said than done. I’m still trying to nail this villain introduction... 

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