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RIP tumblr

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Tumblr has become really bad! It's super ridiculous.

We have NEVER uploaded adult content of any kind to tumblr . Not even close!

Yet, we have been getting flooded with the following email


Hello curvage,

As outlined in our Community Guidelines, and effective as of December 17, 2018, adult content is no longer allowed on Tumblr.

You're receiving this email because you recently uploaded content onto your Tumblr, curvage, that has been flagged as adult content.

If you feel we have miscategorized your posts even after reviewing the Community Guidelines on adult content, please let us know by asking us to review this decision.

Don't worry, your flagged posts have not been deleted. They're hidden from public view and are only viewable to you. If we've made an error, your post will be reverted to its proper classification.

While we do not judge anyone for their desire to post, engage with, or view this kind of material on other platforms, it simply no longer belongs on this platform.

Please note replies to this email will not be seen. If you have questions, you can find answers immediately in our Help Center, or you can contact our Support team who will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Tumblr Trust & Safety



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On 12/19/2018 at 8:10 AM, crystalchub said:

So, can begin discussing some good alternatives to Tumblr?

Tumblr was a place of refuge for me when I was feeling sad, shitty, overwhelmed, (horny 😫)... What are some similar sites we can make the switch to? Maybe they aren't around yet...

How about Curvage!! ?? I hear it's a GREAT place for Curvy women!

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Just to give some examples of how utterly ridiculous this is,

Here are some things that were deemed inappropriate for tumblr

I can kind of understand getting rid of porn but look at this.... Give me a break!!


shes wearing shorts.JPG


  What on earth is going on Tumblr? Have you lost your minds?

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This thread is quite old. Please consider reviving this one only if you have new (value add) content to contribute!

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