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Dua Lipa

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2 hours ago, John Smith said:

Last time S77 predicted that a woman gonna turn fat, most everybody didn't believe him.

One and half year later, the then-trim British lady in question turned to become the top tier star of this website.

And who was that?

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Guest lucazz17
On 8/30/2018 at 8:55 PM, S77 said:

Dua Lipa, (the remarkably beautiful YouTube star gone pro) not only has a great voice but she has lusty lips and legs that won't quit.

For now she's quite slim but great curve potential. I predict a thicker Dua Lipa a few years down the road.




ok, she isn't fat actually, but she has potential to gain a bit (or more). i think we will see a softer belly and those legs getting bigger and bigger

Edited by lucazz17
Please don't quote all the pics, thank you.

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She was a model before becoming a singer, but I think these photos from January shows that her body is finally transforming. Cellulite on her booty, no more muscle tone and her abs finally gone ! She’s great potential to become a fatty !









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