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Hi, Im a 46 year old latina from Texas. Love to listen to music, mainly metal. I love tacos, beer and my belly. I really need someone to rub my belly while I eat. So damn sexy to see a man appreciate my curves. La gordita princesa..(the fat princess)20171003_172003.thumb.jpg.58826ac3118d2baa5588f78a93c221f4.jpgIMG_20180720_181405607.thumb.jpg.3bd87ed24b952e64a911bb5e9a0f94db.jpgIMG_20180720_195919282.thumb.jpg.b37691aac8d3d5f4fbf0a6bf0778ebac.jpgFB_IMG_1478573820734.thumb.jpg.277a19cf89bd6adbe58e7f7649a07dec.jpg20170724_173207.thumb.jpg.ee32921a6f982429a6f1bbc3074fa0b9.jpgFB_IMG_1532296833132.thumb.jpg.2dd7dad84689c53e27679f2cf7945e5c.jpgIMG_20180722_102134392.thumb.jpg.2f1f4ff5fec6639727a3207981002b70.jpgIMG_20180719_144944011.thumb.jpg.7682ea6f8808b1ada63cddd824e62472.jpgIMG_20180723_160440441.thumb.jpg.c4283932945ef1e07a0d822bba8f7e12.jpg1142661942_IMG_20180723_184434719_BURST000_COVER_TOP2.thumb.jpg.3a93e3d5749ce578b9c1c7cc99729f89.jpg

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