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For the Sake of Science

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Marisa felt like screaming.


She had worked hard her whole life to get where she was now. Developing an interest in biology at the young age of six, Marisa had always known she wanted to become a research scientist and had done everything in her power to ensure that she would one day become a respected member of her field.


‘And to think that’s all been destroyed by a couple of frat bros,’ she thought to herself.


Towards the beginning of her junior year, Marisa hypothesized that it would be possible to use the gaseous waste of genetically altered bacteria in place of natural gas. Most people doubted her at first, but after a demonstration where she used her creations to fuel a small toy car, suddenly every college with a half way decent masters program was already sending her scholarship offers. Hell, the EPA was willing to buy her patent if she could present it as a cheap alternative to traditional energy sources.


However, producing the bacteria in a lab was expensive and prone to error, and as she hadn’t sold the patent just yet, Marisa needed to find another path. She thought she had stumbled on pure gold when she realized the digestive tract of cows would work perfectly well and that she’d just have to “attached” the digestive track to a fuel tank and she could access the gas to run a motor in front of her class.


Unfortunately, some other less high achieving seniors, thought they’d spend their last semester pranking all of their fellow students and faculty members. Their latest escapade was too release all of the Agricultural Schools livestock, most of which was still missing.


The manager of the on campus farm had warned Marisa that they might not be found in time to meet her deadline for injecting the small sample of bacteria she did own.


Marisa leaned back and groaned, picking at her small lunch of chicken and vegetables, trying to think of any other solutions.


The slam of her front door interrupted her thought process.


“I’m home,” came a loud and slightly raspy voice. Amanda had lost it two weeks ago, and had yet to recover due to her insistence on going out no matter her condition. The party girl was prone to coming back home in the late hours if at all on nights she went out, making as much noise a construction crew as she drunkenly put herself to bed. Marisa is pretty sure Amanda has never once done anything to clean the apartment, rather, making and leaving a mess was more so her specialty. Shortly, Amanda hadn’t been Marisa’s first choice of roommate.


Due to her dedication to her studies, Marisa found herself with only a few, albeit very close, friends. They had all gotten an house together, which ended up flooding, and as Marisa couldn’t afford the rent at the new place, she was forced to turn to Craigslist.

“Your lunch is on the stove,” she told her roommate. Amanda beelined to the kitchen, apparently her walk of shame left her starved.


“Ew, next time could you at least make pasta with it,” Amanda said, wrinkling her nose at the small pot of brown rice that accompanied the well seasoned chicken and vegetables. No thank you, not even a grunt of approval as Amanda continued to shovel a healthy portion onto her plate despite her protests. Marisa liked cooking, but it irked her how her roommate never seemed to appreciate it. After all, Marisa was pretty sure her healthy meals were the only reason Amanda was as skinny as she was.


She turned her head to look at the blonde. Amanda was 5’ 4” with long, straight blonde hair. She went to a tanning salon semi regularly to keep her skin a golden shade that complimented her hazel eyes. She wasn’t particularly stunning, but definitely above average, a bit generic in the face department but with a stunning body. A natural pear shape, Amanda contained most of her weight in her tight bum, which she tried to show off every opportunity. By shoving her B-cups into a push up bra, she could get almost any man to buy her a drink or take her home. Marisa even knew her current weight, 115 lbs., which the blonde had proudly announced to Marisa, talking about how she had lost five pounds since las semester. Amanda seemed to think the twice a week Zumba classes were to thank, but Marisa knew her roommate’s switch from a diet of pure take out to home cooked meals had a big impact as well.


‘And she only started going to Zumba because she wanted to spend time with Patrick,’ Marisa thought as she rolled her eyes. Long time friends since freshman year, Patrick and Marisa were gym buddies, bonded by their academic competitiveness and love of exercise, and while Amanda couldn’t commit to going five days a week like Marisa, she made the Zumba class breaks were spent “spotting” Patrick. And while Marisa’s friend found the party girl dull, he didn’t mind the attention and sometimes encouraged it, seeing her as a possible hook up.


‘The worst is when he cracks jokes and they go straight over her head,’ Marisa sighed, feeling kind of bad for her doe eyed roommate.


Shaking her head, Marisa tried to dispel herself of the asinine thoughts and focus on her real problem. She didn’t know for certain any other mammal that could be used besides cows and humans, and she didn’t want to risk her last small sample of bacteria on an uncertainty. It was pure curiosity that sent Marisa looking to check if human digestive systems were viable, and now she wished she had looked into any other creature.


A human subject. Marisa frowned at the thought. Along with modifying the bacteria’s DNA to produce useable gas, she had also made some modification to the current batch to make them viable to use on cows. As the bacteria consumed carbs as food, she had them begin ejecting a horomone to slow down their hosts metabolism so the cows wouldn’t waste away. That balanced out nicely with the fact the bovine’s grazed all day and the grass they consumed was unprocessed and thus more difficult to break down. But on a human…


On a human, those effects were uncalculated, but Marisa guessed they’d need to eat a high carb diet and quite a bit of food as they’d be eating for two. However, the hormone the bacteria released was quite powerful, it could lead to some weight gain and most definitely bloating at the very least, Marisa wasn’t sure how the that would balance out, though she figured it wouldn’t be too bad. The worst side effect would be the person would become excessively gassy, but to what extent was also a mystery to Marisa.


She once again eyed her roommate, this time with more malice intent. Amanda had started eating her food, deciding to supplement the meal with a diet coke. How she could drink garbage Marisa would never know. Sensing her gaze, Amanda looked up and smiled, making Marisa decide against her plan, it was just too mean. Her roommate could be thoughtless and self centered, but she wasn’t a bad person, she didn’t deserve that.


“Oh hey Marisa, you’ll never believe what happened last night, omg you should have been there,” Amanda started suddenly, throwing Marisa out of her thoughts.


“So for once I got people to go along with MY prank idea this time, I can’t believe I got Josh and Kyle to let all the farm animals out, like lol, so we almost got caught too when…”


The blonde continued speaking, but Marisa couldn’t hear the rest over the sound of her blood pressure rising. To think this girl was the roadblock to her future plans, this mrs degree earning, future soccor mom would be what stole her patent and future from under her. There was no way in hell Marisa would let that slide.


Amanda finished talking and with her food and retreated to the couch to watch TV and check her phone, not noticing her roommate’s sudden mood swing. She had picked up a bag of pretzels, the only snack food Marisa bought, to supplement her dinner.


Watching Amanda chow down, Marisa gave herself a small, bitter smile, who would have thought she’d find revenge and a test subject in one person?

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On 5/13/2018 at 9:34 PM, fbuucgk said:

Is there still hope for the next part?

Yes! I'm really close to finishing it, I just dealt with some unexpected health issues, combines with taking summer classes and a full time job kind eliminated all my free time. Going to post either tonight or tomorrow.

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Nervously, Marisa went over her plan in her head once again. She had replaced all the diet sodas with regular, after all she didn’t want the chemicals messing with the bacteria, and was fully stocked with pastas, doughs, and frozen carb bombs of all sorts. Marisa had calculated that a larger food budget was still much cheaper than using her lab so she gladly made the sacrifice in order to keep her bacteria and roommate well fed.


The bacteria had been stealthily hidden in the large glass of milk Marisa had prepared to go with Amanda’s lunch of penne and alfredo sauce. All she needed to do was get Amanda to sign the release form. The blonde was supposed to be home any minute from class.


Amanda did walk into the living room, but she came through her bedroom door instead of the front one.


“Didn’t you have biology this morning,” Marisa asked, she was pretty sure she had her roommate’s schedule down.


Amanda shrugged, “Yeah, wasn’t really feeling it today.”


She still wore her pajamas, which was just a tight crop top and loose gym shorts. They showed off her flat, but untoned stomach. Despite not ‘feeling’ class, she sure was feeling the lunch Marisa made, but before Amanda could dig in her roommate cleared her throat to get her attention.


“Oh yeah I talked to the building super this morning, you need to sign this paper. Its kind of a liability agreement,” Maris tried to say as casually as possible. She had carefully rehearsed her request so none of it was technically a lie, in case of future legal action.


“Huh, yeah sure,” Amanda said, scribbling her signature at the bottom without sparing a glance at the wall of text.


Marisa felt the tension leave her shoulders. The form was signed and her subject was chugging the spiked glass of milk. Polishing off the rest of the creamy pasta, Amanda let out a small burp, something she would only dream of doing around Marisa.


Amanda took her empty dish to the sink to “let it soak” aka “leave it for Marisa to wash” and opened the fridge. Surprised, she took out a regular coke instead of the usual diet and asked, “Why the switch?”


“They were out of the zero calorie ones, hope you don’t mind,” Marisa said, already washing and cleaning the kitchen.


Amanda shrugged, “I mean they taste better lol, but yeah I should probably get to some of that homework that’s due Monday, bleh, I’ll be in my room.”


Marisa appreciated the slight food baby Amanda had after the large, fatty meal, and even though she knew it was way too early, she liked to imagine that her bacteria were already taking root.


“They’re kind of like my b**s now,” Marisa mused, and snickered a bit at the thought of Amanda being her “baby momma” as the garbage TV the roommate watched called it.


Finishing the kitchen, Marisa sighed and sat down to continue working on her thesis, only to be interrupted by a text from her best friend, Liz.


“Guess who got that job in New York!”


“Congrats girl!”


“Hey want to go out and celebrate? Patrick knows a huge party happening tonight”


“idk, I have a lot of work to get done”


“Come on Marisa, you haven’t had a drink in ages, please?”


“Alright, so long as you promise not to get so trashed Patrick and I have to carry you home”


“Ugh freshman year was rough, but I pinky promise, be over to pregame at nine ;p”


Marisa put down her phone and continued working on her paper with increased vigor, more she got done, the more she could enjoy her night out.


Amanda studied her reflection in the mirror.


“Nice,” she thought to herself. The blonde was wearing, tight, high waisted jeans and a top that was more so a glorified bra. She ran her hand up and down her curves, feeling like quite the sex bomb, after all she had worked pretty hard for this body if she did say so herself. Now it was time to put it to use.


“omw,” she texted her groupchat before throwing back a shot of vodka.


She gave herself one last glance before she left and room and gave her reflection a smug smile. Amanda loved being hot.


Marisa had to admit, it had been a pretty fun night. She was solidly tipsy, had won a round of flip cup, and all of her friends had made it out for once. Tyler and Ruby were currently engaged in a round of beer pong, while Liz, Patrick, and Marisa were taking a breather in the vacant kitchen, it was towards the end of the night and people had started leaving with their newly found hook ups or on a quest for drunk food, not that Marisa minded the quieter atmosphere.


“So I saw a certain someone get that hot guy’s number,” Liz started, nudging Marisa.


Marisa blushed, “Yeah we’ll see if he texts me in the morning after the beer googles have worn off.”


“You didn’t want to go home with him?” Patrick questioned, “He seemed really into you.”


“Nah, that’s not really my thing,” Marisa shrugged, “But I wouldn’t mind meeting up with him for some coffee sometime.”


Patrick snorted, “You’re never going to get laid with that kind of attitude.”


“Who said I wanted to,” Marisa shot back, eyebrows raised. She never really had an issue with other people hooking up, it just didn’t really appeal to the micro major.


“Eh, he was kind of short for you anyways, lighthouse,” Patrick grinned.


“Hey he was a solid two in-“Marisa started only to get interrupted by another shout.


“OMG! Marisa, Patrick, what are you guys doing here?”


Amanda had to admit it was a wild party, for most of the night the house was a sea of people, many of which Amanda deemed cute enough to flirt with her. The night was drawing to a close and she had picked her partner of the night, Steven, a blonde, handsome, albeit short, guy.


But right before she was about to leave with him, Amanda had felt her stomach growl, and as Steven’s place was down the road, they wouldn’t be able to stop for food, so Amanda promised to come back and headed to the kitchen to try and find some snacks. The blonde party animal had managed to pilfer some Doritos and was happily munching on them. The more she ate the hungrier she felt and before she knew it the entire bag had disappeared.


Satisfied, Amanda leaned back against the counter and let out a sigh, not realizing her hand had instinctively moved to her now bloated to stomach. It had already been heavy with beer and mixed drinks and the doritos only added to the small food baby. If Amanda had been sober she would have felt uncomfortably full, but her buzzed mind blocked out the sensation.


She went to leave the kitchen and head back to her hook up when she spotted her roommate along with two of her friends. Amanda was pretty sure this was the first time she had seen Marisa go out all year. The tall brunette was extremely pretty, graced with a classically beautiful face and long, muscular limbs built from her time spent in the gym. Her curly hair was let down for once and her tight shirt showed off her ample chest and sculpted abs, much different than the usual baggy t-shirt or sweatshirt Amanda always saw her in. Honestly, if Marisa dressed up like this more rather than her normal unflattering style, Amanda decided she definitely would have been a lot more envious of her roommate.


As Amanda watched her, Marisa said something to her friends causing Patrick to smile, making him even more attractive than before. Okay, maybe Amanda was a little jealous. She had been flirting with Patrick all semester, but never really seemed to get anywhere since Marisa was always there and Amanda also never saw Patrick out. Mentally abandoning her original hook up, Amanda decided tonight she was making her move, Marisa or no Marisa and that’s when she called out to the group.


Entertaining Amanda wasn’t difficult, it was pretty obvious from the start she was more interested in talking to Patrick so it wasn’t hard for Marisa just to transfer all her attention over to Liz and let her friend flirt with her drunk roommate. What did annoy Marisa was when Ruby and Tyler came over and asked if they want to grab food before going home, Amanda was the first to jump on the invitation.


“OMG, yeeeees, I’m starved,” Amanda moaned, her face lighting up at the prospect of food.

“OMG, yeeees, guys when gotta go,” Patrick jokingly imitated the blonde, earning him a couple chuckles and snorts from the other group members.


“Lol, you get me Patrick,” Amanda beamed. Marisa couldn’t help but feel a pity for the airhead, whenever Patrick pulled that on Marisa, she usually gave him a well aimed punch on the shoulder, Amanda honestly thought he was agreeing with her.


They left for Tyler’s favorite drunk food place, JT’s, a small burger and fry place with honestly ridiculous portions and the best fries on campus. On the walk there, Marisa caught up with Ruby, the bubbly girl telling Marisa all about her latest development project. She was mostly paying attention, but every so often her gaze would slip to Amanda and Patrick.


Despite saying she was hungry, Amanda already had quite a distended gut. It wasn’t massive, considering how skinny the girl was, but it was noticeable to Marisa’s sharp eye.


The group finally made it to TJ’s and snagged a table for six.


“Hey Marisa, want to split an order of fires with me?” Liz asked.


“Hey the three of us can get a meal together to its cheaper, I’m not really in the mood for fries, so you can take those while I get the burger,” Ruby interjected.


Marisa agreed, she’s was hungry, but knew too much junk food this late couldn’t lead to good things in the morning.


“Hey Patrick, want to share the Fat Bitch?” Tyler said with a grin. The “Fat Bitch” was an ungodly sandwich containing mac and cheese, French fries, and a hot dog with all the fixings.


“Let’s see if we could actually finish it this time,” Patrick answered.


“I’m just going to get a normal burger and fries,” Amanda announced to no one in particular.


The sent in their orders and continued talking. Amanda was very obviously flirting with Patrick and the rest of the group decided to let them be. However, once the food arrived, Patrick was forced to turn back to his friends as Amanda was quite preoccupied with her burger. The look on the blonde’s face as she look her first bite was one of pure delight and quickly followed it up. Despite being the only one not sharing her plate, Amanda ended up being the first to finish her meal, popping her last fry into her mouth before Marisa was even half way done with her share.


“What a pig,” Marisa thought to herself, “Glad that getting her to eat enough will be easy.”


In fact, based on tonight’s performance, Marisa was quite sure so long as there was food present she wouldn’t have to push Amanda at all. Her theory already starting gathering evidence five minutes later when Patrick set down the last quarter of his half-sandwich, defeated by the calorie bomb of a snack.


“Are you going to finish that?” Amanda asked, eyeing the gooey mess like it was five star cuisine.


“Go for it,” Patrick shrugged, watching her shovel the remaining piece into her mouth in one bite. Her cheeks puffed up from all the food she gluttonousily tried to eat at once, causing Patrick to laugh.


He grinned, eyes slightly shining in admiration, “You can really eat for such a tiny girl.”


Amanda seemed to glow from being called small, and it took all of Marisa’s will power not to smirk, as she doubted that descriptor would last for very long. From her vantage point, Marisa was able to see the less than flattering state Amanda had eaten herself into. Sitting down probably made it worse than it actually was, but Amanda had a very visible food baby. Her stomach was stretched to the max, its convex surface taunt and hard.


Even as everyone stood up, Amanda’s belly protruded, her still being too drunk to notice. They all walked outside and were about to head in opposite directions, but Marisa noticed Patrick was hesitating, trying to think of some excuse to walk home with Amanda rather than his roommates.


“Hey Patrick, do mind walking us home? I’m a little worried about how late it is,” Marisa politely asked, giving her friend a less than subtle smirk.


“Oh yeah of course.”


They said their good byes and began their trek home, Marisa leading the way and drifting off as Patrick continued to flirt with Amanda, god she was going to tease him about this in the morning.

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Authors Notes: Sorry about the long wait, as I mentioned above, life got hectic, plus I got a little excited about future chapters worked on those instead this one, just a warning this is going to be a bit of a slow burn, but that's just how I like my weight gain stories personally.

Also, question for veteran members, how descriptive are we allowed to get with explicit content? I have some scenes visualized, but can omit details if its not site appropriate.

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18 hours ago, kirsch said:

This is a wonderful story, one of the best weight-gain stories I've read in a long time!

Thank you so much!

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7 hours ago, Steel Metal said:

Any more of this?

Last I heard from her, she asked the mods to delete all pics from her thread cause she was applying for work? That was a year ago; I think this story isn’t gonna be finished 😑 a shame too; I wanted to read more of this too

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