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Hi Curvage!

I wanted to share some art links of mine if that's okay. I've been cartooning stuck scenarios privately for a long time, but decided to take it public, see if there's any interest in it. I have comics planned as well. Not sure if I keep everything contained to this thread or start one in the comics board when the time comes. 

If you like round women in tight squeezes, enjoy!





Edit: I've got a twitter now too! https://twitter.com/squeezymcsquash

Edit: And now an Amazon Kindle author page! https://www.amazon.com/author/squeezymcsquashins

Edit: And a Gumroad for comics! https://gumroad.com/squeezymcsquashins

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I've got a new prose stuck story (my first since I wrote Slumber Party and A Plane Too Small 20 years ago!) that I've been publishing on **, you can read a free preview here (it's where that window drawing above came from)

And my latest drawing: Treehouse, with a serendipitous good samaritan passing by.


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My latest BBW weight gain/stuck story A Round Peg wraps up tomorrow! Here's an illustration from Chapter 2: Dressed for Success.

Peg tries on her old Donut Hole uniform from college and takes a picture in the mirror, amused by how ridiculously small it is for her now. 

I'm working on more Round Peg illustrations so if you have any requests from the story, let me know!


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Here's the cover art for my latest (and longest!) BBW weight gain/stuck story, A Round Peg, now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Peg has been tasked by her family to reopen her grandma’s old donut shop. But a lot of things have changed in the ten years since Peg last worked at The Donut Hole, notably: her weight. From finding her old uniform laughably small to navigating the cramped confines of the donut kiosk, Peg’s accumulated fatness provides never-ending challenges. But, in a round about series of events, Peg’s fatness also reunites her with her old college flame, Jaye. Jaye is excited to find her college sweetheart enjoying the free donuts and is more than happy to help the increasingly round Peg through the square holes they encounter along the way to rekindling their relationship.

Read chapter 1 for free here (or the entire thing if you join up!)


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18 hours ago, KFD said:

If you look at your link, you will see that it has been censored. We do not allow posting from a certain website, FYI.

I noticed the ** auto-replace, but didn't give it much thought as the links still appeared to work.

I'll try to remember to link my other social media sites from now on then!

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My 5th weight gain/stuck story is now on Amazon! Read it free with Kindle Unlimited or purchase it for $2.99. Of course $5 patrons get it and everything else I draw or write!
15 Chapters and 78 pages of feeding, weight gain, squeezes and stucks!
Marion has thought up the perfect gift for Roger's 40th birthday. She's going to gain 40 pounds. After resisting her husband's fat fetishes for a decade, she's decided to indulge his weirdo fantasies for one time only. Fatness comes on effortlessly and more enjoyably than Marion anticipated, and she's surprised to discover that as she grows bigger and the world around her feels smaller... she likes it.
Like with past books, for the next few months I'll be doing some illustrations and if time (and patronage) permits, an animation of key moments! Like with A Round Peg I'll post some highlights here as I go. 


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Just to update people here on what I'm working on lately. The last few months I've been working on a BBW weight gain stuck graphic novel of sorts: "In Which Wendy Goes Visiting and Gets Into a Tight Spot."

The first 30 pages of which have been collected on Gumroad: 

It will probably be around 90 pages when I finish. 

$5+ patrons get to read it all and everything else I post. 

I've also started an Instagram: @squeezymcsquashins 




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