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37 minutes ago, I Claudius said:

'Brainless' coming from the guy who created an Amanda Bynes thread to celebrate the impact of mental illness on her body.

Agreed with Oscar on this being an Abyss level thread.

Have a big 'FUCK YOU', buddy.....when I posted those pictures, I hadn't a clue of her purported mental illnesses - so don't you dare try to pin such an absurd accusation me.  Let's go by your fucked logic and Abyss all women(especially the non-celebs) whose gains might've been attributed to personal hardships, medications, or PCOS.   A good handful of female contributors here have spoken candidly about their PCOS diagnoses....I guess we're not really jacking it to curves, but rather hormonal imbalances, excessive hair growth, and the high probability of remaining infertile for life.

If I need to spell everything out for you(irony, huh?), 'brainless' is in reference to the toxic political climate my nation has apparently adopted, run by a self-absorbed, overgrown 'Cheato' who (prepare for another layer of irony)doesn't give a fuck about the treatment or prevention of mental illnesses in our society, and wouldn't have a goddamn clue how to tackle the epidemic if he even did care about anyone but himself and those who superfluously suck his anus.

Eleven people, including the site owner(who isn't exactly blindly enamored to yours truly, as he blocked my whiny ass on facebook for reasons relating to the above paragraph), appreciated my opening post, and the ensuing commentary was the typical sarcastic banter that at this point I feel almost obliged to provide.

In case any of this still is going over your malformed head, I'll state for the record right here and now that I despise of those who believe in stupid and non-factual occurences and hopelessly inaccurate versions of contemporary or historical events - and if I make a few light jabs here and there to draft a hyperbolic satire of how ridiculous some humans are, then kindly refrain from a bitch-fest.

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On 4/8/2018 at 12:50 AM, seamonky989 said:

This thread is showing the tragic epitome of wasted free time

As an intellectual-type(okay,  maybe 'wannabe') I actually appreciate a stimulating debate or rebuttal.  So even when I may seem irritated, I'm honestly quite pleased.

And I'm not the only one.


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Guest Vladimir Putin

It's a shame we don't share your enjoyment.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider reviving this one only if you have new (value add) content to contribute!

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