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New to Weight Gain - Needing Advice!

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If you've gained 15kg in 6 months, that's nothing short of monumental, especially considering you've probably lost muscle mass. It's just not practical or possible for most people's bodies to gain faster than that. 1-2kg per month is a good and commendable target.

Heavy cream does miracles, but it's very unhealthy in the long run (and I'm not talking about weight gain) along with anything else super high in trans fat, so you're fine to smash it for 3 months, 6 months, hell maybe even a year but I'd strongly advise against it in any great quantity beyond that.

You're doing a great job, keep it up. I'd recommend gradually increasing your stomach capacity. Don't let 6 waking hours pass without getting brim full, and after a month or two you'll realise not only that you can eat more, but you need to eat more. Your appetite will increase as your stomach stretches. This will make life easier. Obviously look at calorie-dense foods e.g. sugar and fat. You can try mixing the two - eat fatty savory until you're feeling sick of it, then switch to sweet foods. "Dessert tummy" is a thing for many people - you think you're full, but switching foods seems to make more room. Also, there are plenty of fatty sweets out there - cheesecake, chocolate, milkshakes with cream, icecream etc.

Now this one might work for you, it might not. When you start eating, start at a mile a minute and keep going until you have to slow down. The chemicals that tell your brain that you're full and should stop eating take a while to kick in - so the more food you've got down by then, the better. The converse of that is if you're not chewing your food enough, it takes up more room, gives indigestion and will make you feel full too early... so rush, but don't just gulp it whole. On that score, look for foods that are "easy to digest" - softer foods, stuff that's easy to chew. It'll not only go down quicker, but your stomach will break it down quicker, making room for more.

Just an experimental one, this might help or hinder... if you truly plateau, and you're eating way more calories than you need and not gaining weight, you could try hindering your metabolism... Pick a day and eat foods with no calories... Lots of them still, but empty food, like diet stuff, low fat, low sugar etc. The next day, make sure you're absolutely starving, then plow into fatty foods again. I have no idea on the science behind this - how long to "fast" etc, but it could be worth a shot if you get stuck. The fat burnt in a day will be nothing in the greater scheme of things.

Oh and avoid things known to boost metabolism or kill appetite - don't go too hard on antioxidants, don't smoke, don't have too much caffeine.

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