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The New Warden and Catwoman

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The new warden of Arkham Asylum looked at her new prisoner through the glass mirror.  Given the task to turn down the escapes from Arkham was her number one priority. Who more prefect to test the new process on then the master escape artist herself, Catwoman. The warden pressed on the button in front of her as she began to speak into the microphone. 

"Now Miss Kyle, you do know that this place is only for those with a mental illness?" 

"Oh yes I know that darling. You see, I just have this strange urge to take something to my liking. If it belongs to someone else or not doesn't seem to concern of me, I believe my lawyer described me as a kleptomaniac." The tone in Selina's voice caused the warden to tighten her grip until the pen snapped in frustration. Selina just sat alone in the room grinning at the mirror in front of her as the warden contained herself to finish the interview. 

"I see." Looking over to the assistants besides her, they seemingly gave her the okay. "Well I hope you enjoy your stay her in Arkham and live.... comfortably. "


Now dressed in the standard orange uniform, Selina tried to have some fun with the guard. "How long do you think you can keep me locked up this time? A week? A day?" The guard just ignored her taunting and continued walking her downstairs to her personal room. "Don't be like that big guy, I will be sure to say goodbye to you when I escape." Her taunting paused for a brief moment as they approached a door she was far to familiar with. "Solitary confinement already, you sure know how to treat a lady. At least let me say hello little old Harley and Ivy." 

Without a response the guard just shoved her into a surprisingly lit room and closed the door. In fact the whole room came to a surprise to Selina. It resembled a studio apartment more than a cell. It had everything; an actually bed, bathroom, couch, fridge, cabinets, TV, all crammed into a 20x20 space.
"I hope you like the adjustments I made." Selina looked around and found the Warden's voice coming from the speakers around the room. "I felt like the old one was to barbaric for proper rehabilitation. Let us know if anything is not to your liking, we can hear and see you if anything is needed."

'Meeeeeow' Selina quickly scooped out the room for any flaws or exploits for her escape and found many. 'This warden must be even more crazy than the rest us.' Extra sheets, bobby pins, easy access to electrical equipment, it was almost like they wanted her to escape. The only annoying part was the constant sound of the elevator like music playing in the room. 

"Your rehabilitation process will begin in two weeks." The voice from the speakers announced. "Until then make yourself at home. You are a patient in my care, not a criminal.  I will correct you into the image I see fit so you can adjust into society again."

"Whatever you say hun." She was eager to begin further scoping out the room, but didn't want to make it to obvious. "Hope you don't mind if do a couple stretches to feel more at home do." The agilely villain then proceeded to demonstrate her aerobic ability all over the room in her playful manor. She spotted only 3 cameras with what looks to be like 4 blind spots and a speaker at each corner. She became more and more suspicious throughout the day, looking for hidden cameras or wires. Nothing was found. The cabinets could have even been broken to form a weapon if she wanted to. This whole setup scream rookie warden all over it.

Wasting no time she then plopped onto the couch and turned on the TV. 'There ain't no rush to leave this time. Might as well enjoy this little vacation I have been given.'

Back in the office the Warden began scribbling notes in her journal. "Begin phase one of the plan. I want all of you to document any changes that you see through this phase precisely." The Warden then walked out leaving her assistants to monitor Catwoman.

4 weeks later

It didn't take long for the new inmate to fall into a routine of laziness. The joy of kicking back for once without a care in the world was nice. Although she began to get a little too carefree. Without a view into the outside world, night and day become irrelevant. Her sleep schedule was soon thrown out, and her track of time was soon lost as she began to fall deeper and deeper without realizing it.  

"Geesh Debbie, how can you be so *munch* dumb. He's clearly the killer." Although the idea of watching TV all day sounded horrible to her at first, she quickly came around to it thanks to the music playing in the background. "Don't say I didn't warn you *munch*." In fact this has pretty much became her daily life now, sitting on the couch talking to the TV with a snack in her hand. At first she began talking to the TV to mock the people watching her, but it soon become a habit of hers. The Warden watched with pleasure at her first test subject as everything was going according to plan. Selina found herself passing out on the couch more and more, rather than heading to the actually bed. The little cat naps become more frequent than getting a full nights sleep. Her energy and motivation to practice her acrobatic moves took a dive with her lack of rest. Now her gymnast like body was buried under her fat with the new life style. In her mind she was the still the same sly Catwoman that roamed the darker side of Gotham. She chuckled to herself as she thought about how easy it would be to take the actress' job on TV, before throwing another hand full of chips into her mouth. The background music in the room practically went by unnoticed by Selina now. It continued to help her relax and feel comfortable. Her mindset was set to let go and enjoy every bit of this little break. No worries every crossed her mind. She felt like she could escape at anytime she wanted, if she every wanted to.

*Hmpf* With a little extra effort she got off the couch, letting a bit of her love handles peek out from beneath her shirt. She quickly tossed her empty bag aside and headed off to fetch a new snack. No longer was her body that of a criminal able to run circles around the Gotham police force. Now what stood was a body that would jiggle at the slightest jog. Perhaps at one point a lean body of 140 pounds of muscle walked around this room, but now it was replaced with a pudgy body of 160 pounds of junk food. Almost by second nature she pulled down the orange shirt as it now hugged her body closely. All over, she devolved a new layer of fat to mark her stay here. Suddenly a voice from the speakers startled as she finally reached the cabinets for more snacks.

"Hello Miss Kyle, it has been so long since we last spoke. I hope you are enjoying your stay. Sorry to inform you, but we can't started your rehabilitation today. There has been an emergency that I must take care of."

It came as news to hear that 2 weeks have passed already but she just rolled with it. "Oooh, let me guess. A prison break?" A sly chuckle came from the newly soften face. "I'm telling you hun, you can't keep us down for long." She began to snack on a began of cookies she got from the cabinet."*munch* You should just keep us here for a week or whatever makes you feel good about yourself and let us free after." Selina continued lecturing the camera on her slow walk back to the couch. "Otherwise guards will get hurt and wardens will get fired. Speaking of which, will you be a good little warden and fetch me some more of the cheesecake I had earlier? Otherwise, I will go get it myself and you will have another prison break on your hands *munch*." She then plopped herself on the couch and flipped on the TV.

"Is she ready for phase 2 yet Warden? It seems like she hasn't even noticed that 4 weeks have passed instead of 2. I think we have made really good progress." The assistant then flinch as the Warden responded with snapping another one of her pens.

"No." A long pause filled the air as she muddled with her thoughts. "Keep her on phase one for two more weeks. Add this command with the current list of tracks we have playing for her. She seems to not understand the position I hold over her yet. It is time she realized where she stands."

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Feel free to let me know what you think. I wasn't sure if I went over stuff to fast or spent to much time on little details. I will try to take the feed back into the next parts, thanks.

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50 minutes ago, pillow said:

Feel free to let me know what you think. I wasn't sure if I went over stuff to fast or spent to much time on little details. I will try to take the feed back into the next parts, thanks.

I have to say, I lov'd the 1st part, and I can't wait to read more, especially about this "PHASE 2" :D 

If I can give you an opinion, you should slow down the pacing and add more description, physically of course but mentally too, it could be interesting

(my bad for the mistakes by the way , english isn't my 1st language :)  )

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Guest Oliveira108

Great Story!

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21 hours ago, pillow said:

Feel free to let me know what you think. I wasn't sure if I went over stuff to fast or spent to much time on little details. I will try to take the feed back into the next parts, thanks.

Nice work, and solid start. The only things I want to suggest if I could is to sprinkle in more detail to some of the parts, I know it's a matter of preference but I like the process of gaining weight more then stories of gained weight. And adding detail not just to the weight gain, but to to the more mundane parts might be cool to, like learning just what's in that music, and adding any other tricks (like the no mirrors) the warden has in mind to trick and fatten his prisoner.  Whatever you do, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading.


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The Warden alone sat in the room, embracing the sight of her prized test subject on the monitor. The world renowned thief now slept on the couch exposed for her true self. With her clothes thrown to the floor, she wore a black bra overflowing with her flesh and a matching pair of black underwear digging into her flabby body. In Selina's mind she was still the naught little vixen putting of a show for her watchers. In reality she was an out of shape porker pushing the scale into the mid 170s. No longer did she sit on the couch with her catty like pose and crossed legs. Instead, she would meet the couch with a slight thud, and then proceed readjusting her ill fitted underwear. 

The sandwiches, oatmeals, and chicken dinners were quickly rotated out for meals such as pancakes, pizza and tacos. Selina hardly noticed this as her attention was now glued to the TV all the time. Her eyes wouldn't leave the TV even during her meals, as she just shoveled it in till it was gone. This would always be meet with regret, as she sank into the couch feeling stuffed. That never stopped her from opening a bag of snacks soon after. It almost felt wrong to her if she wasn't eating something while watching TV. She would lay there slouched on the couch as she slowly starts munching away and as the pounds began to pile onto the poker.

The Warden eagerly awaited to wake the eating machine she created, but she had to be patience. Four to five hours was the target amount sleep for the subject to function properly but remain vulnerable to the subliminal messages. For today was a special day that the Warden wanted to witness herself. She left a little trigger in the fridge, hoping to see if extending phase 1 by two weeks would pay off.


"Hu h." A slumbering villain awoke with a startle. 'Ugh, I can't believe I feel asleep during the finale.' It took a while before Selina decided to actually get up, obeying the cries from her stomach. But eventually she found herself walking to the newly restocked fridge. Even her posture told the story of her newly acquired lifestyle, as she slouches forward let her stomach spill over her waistband more easily. A slight smile appeared on her face as she opened the fridge. 'Now lets see what do I want toda.....' Her eyes were quickly drawn to the white bakery box with a note on it. 'Oooh, come to mama.' She greedily grabbed the box and placed it on the counter.

Here is your cake.

'Well it is about damn time. I was getting ready to bust out of here any day now.' Within the moment she had a mouth full of the cheesecake, slowly enjoying the taste. It was hard for her to describe the feeling, it just simply satisfied her. It was like she had another stomach in her just for this cake, as she couldn't seem to get enough of it now. She savored the creamy texture in her mouth along with the overwhelming flavor. It seemed to taste even better now than what she remembered. 'You did well little miss warden, I need to find out where you buy these form. I'll be sure to pay you a visit on my way out.' She just stared at the note for a few seconds before it finally hit her. 'Huh, now the I think about I've never actually seen her.' She slowly shoved another fork full into her mouth as she tried to piece together the Warden. 'I wouldn't be surprised if she looked like that nut job Hugo Strange, that guy gave me the creeps.' Just thinking about him gave her the shutters. 'Still, I gotta teach this new girl a lesson for putting me in solitary confinement so soon. I will be sure to make it quick, it is not like she'll put up much of a fight for someone like me.' All of a sudden her heart began to beat faster as the idea of losing entered her head. 'Sure I just lost to that brat Robin, but that is because Nightwing and Batman trained him. Then there is the bitch Tali and even Harley got the best of me a couple of times....' Her confidence began to fade as she continued thinking of her failures. Her shoulders lowered and stance weaken, leaning more and more onto the counter, causing her belly to push against the surface. A sudden wave of heat seem to hit her. Sweat formed on her forehead and body, with heavy breathing right after. Her heart began to beat faster and faster as her doubt began to grow. Facing the Warden suddenly felt like taking on Superman himself. Her image of the Warden transformed into a black shadowy figure lurking over her. Another forkful of cake flew into mouth to try to break the image, but to no avail. Her nerves got to her as she quickly went in for another, stuffing her mouth and cheeks to the brim. She found the sensation of having her mouth full like that giving her great pleasure, letting out a drawn out moan and releasing her from the stress. Her heart began to settle and confidence returning as she headed back to the couch, cheesecake in hand. 'I mean the Warden can't put up a fight if she doesn't see it coming, I hope...'

The Warden's excitement grew as she just witnessed Catwoman's little episode. Maybe to anyone else it wouldn't of looked like much from the monitor, but that was because they didn't know what to look for. As it was the fear in Selina's eyes that told the whole story. It was now the Warden's job to continue growing that fear and break Selina's invincible mindset. Soon she wouldn't feel like she is above the law, and discover that the world is a harsh and dangerous place. The once feared villain of Gotham would soon feel her heart sink at just the sight of the Joker on TV. The adrenaline and rush when stealing a crown jewel would soon be a thing of the past. The only adrenaline and rush she would get is from sneaking out a donut or two during her diet, as shame and embarrassment would follow right after. All of this was in the Warden's grasp, she just had to be patience. 

"One more week..." She mumbled to herself as she got up. "One more week until phase 2."

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Hello everyone, I am glad you all like my story so far. Feel free to give advice to help better my writing. I tried to slow the pacing down a bit and went slightly deeper in the details. Let me know if I over did it, thank you.

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1 week later

The Warden watched her screen with great pleasure. Admiring the transformation of her little cat burglar. Oh how she longed for this very day to start phase two of her plan. Like a children waiting for Christmas morning to finally arrive, the Warden stood there with great anticipation. "My my, what a precious kitty. Look at how you've grown."

About four hours earlier Selena sat hunch on the couch slow munching  away at her bag of cheese puffs. Slowly dozing off in front of the TV before finally passing out with the bag at her side. The once seductive criminal was long gone as she snored through her gaping mouth. No longer one to enhance her beauty using make up and face wash. Instead the closes thing to that was the cheese powder across her chubby face. Laying there completely expose in her usual bra and underwear. Any trace of a threatening villain entirely erased by her newly developed body. The Warden look on with glee, trying to guess how much she weighed now. 180s most likely, but possibly already pushing into the 190s? A smile almost broke as she imagine the cat burglar trying the sneak around with her chunky thighs and massive ass. 

 Although the facilities have been supplied her with larger under garments, the Warden made sure to always have them a size smaller to test the limits of Selena's ignorance. Now her underwear squeezed tightly across her lower half. Letting her stomach fat ooze over the front and giving her healthy love handles on the side. Her arms were never huge, but they always did have muscle definition. Now all that that was gone, leaving behind a thick layer of fat. Leaping from building to building, performing extraordinary aerobics, and out running the police were a thing of the past. Her biggest struggles looking forward was using what little might she had left to open a jar of pickles or trying to squeeze her fat in her last pair of pants as her face flushes red.

The Warden took great pride in her work. Looking down at the defeated villain in her weaken state. Most would stop here and call it a victory. Not the Warden though, she knew better. 
"I've must finish what I started, and I know exactly how to finish this." The Warden quickly composed herself to the usual cold stone expression. She only had to wait a little while longer. "Get her ready for phase 2. I will be waiting for her down in the office in 30 minutes." The Warden then left the room leaving her assistance to the task at hand. One of the assistance then flipped a switch, triggering the end of the sleep period.

The porky test subject then began to groggily wake from her rest. "Oh Ms Kyle, I see you are awake. Please take a shower and get ready in 30 minutes. It is time to finally begin your rehabilitation."

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Selena eagerly awaited by her door, wearing the standard orange Arkham uniform. Although her room was amazing, it was still solitary confinement. It would be nice to get to walk around the yard seeing her old friends. Who knows, maybe she would choose to bust out of this place if the rehabilitation is taking to long. The door slowly opened to a somewhat familiar face.

"Oh, if it isn't tall, ugly and stupid. I haven't seen you since you threw my in this cell. How have you been." The guard continued to ignore her like before, pushing her out of the room and walking her towards the office. "No handcuffs this time? You really must be a bit slow there." She slowly began to stretch, trying to make it seem like she was about to get ready to take action. A slight chuckle came from the guard, as she unknowingly exposed her gut during the stretch. "While look at that, you do have a soul. Here I assume this place zaps there minions stupid. Tell you what. I let you walk away with all your teeth and you take me to the yard with everyone else up there. Deal?"  The guard just shoved her into the office and slammed the door behind her. "Your laugh is stupid anyways. Jerk..."
Selena look around the dimly lit room. Finding only some old chairs and a table under the light. "Now this is the Arkham charm that I came her for." She sat in the chair and spotted a surveillance camera pointing at her from the corner. *Sigh* " Look, can we hurry up and get this over with. You had me waiting long enough in that room. Now you're not even on time for your own meeting. What kind of circus are you clowns running here." The thought of escaping soon crossed her mind as she fiddled with the pen left on the table. 'Maybe I can still catch that guard if I leave right now.'

"Oh Ms. Kyle believe me, I am just as eager to start this process as you are." Selena froze as she heard the voice of the Warden come from behind her. All she can do was continue staring down as the Warden made her way around the table. For some reason so couldn't bring herself to look her face to face. The only thing she could make out was the white coat tightly wrapped around the Warden's slim body. "I don't believe we have properly meet in person. I am the Warden of Arkham now." A wave of panic continued to flow over her as she avoided the Warden's face. The extra two weeks had made it seem like she was some kind of monstrous being. She could still think of her usually sly remarks, but just couldn't find the voice to say them. All of a sudden she saw the Warden's hand approach her face slowly. "There now child, there is nothing to be worried about." The Warden can see the fear in her eyes as they stayed glue to the table. She then began stroking Selena's chin which strangely began calming her down. "I can be kind if you follow my orders. There is nothing to be afraid of if you just listen." She then began to tilt Selena's head up while stroking her chin. For a brief moment Selena felt like letting out a pur, but just then the Warden stop. Before she knew it she was looking directly into a cold, hard stare. The panic was now gone and her voice returned, but Selena still felt uncomfortable in the presence of the Warden. 

"So it seems like this rehabilitation was put off longer than we initial thought." 

"Yeah, it alm.." Selena's mumble was then cut off by the Warden's dominant voice.

"Exactly, lets not put this off any longer. Get up. We will get started with a physical. The first step is to get your weight." Suddenly it felt like gravity has turn on after the Warden mentioned weighing her. She felt the tightness of her clothes all over for the first time. The way her stomach spilled over her waistline as she sat. How her bra now pinch her back fat and breast began sagging a bit. She moved around awkwardly in the chair, finding her thighs constantly rubbing against each other. Her hands traveled to the bottom of her shirt sheepishly trying to hide her overweight body from the Warden and herself. 

"Why do you need my wei.. weight?" The words barely escaping her mouth.

"We need to make sure you are healthy enough to began the process." Selena reluctantly got up.

"I'm sure I am plenty healthy." 

"Great to hear, now take off that uniform and step on the scale." Selena's eye popped open at the thought of taking off her clothes in front of the Warden.

"Why do.." The Warden's patience was thin and she had enough of the back talk. She pull out Catwoman's own whip and made a loud snap into the air. This sent the former foe of the Batman in a panic, as she tried to get her clothes off in a frenzy. Normally she would just whip her shirt off with no problem. However, her now couch potato body made it a struggle. She quickly drew her shirt up towards her head only for her flabby arms to fail. There was a time for her arms when back flips came as second nature, but now her arms lacked the flexibility for this simple task. She struggle comical as she pulled the shirt up over her face, but not quite making it past her beefy shoulders. Leaving her spare tire in all its glory as she let it jiggle freely. She blindly wiggled back in forth in a desperate attempt to take it off. Her face continued to redden as she felt Warden's gaze upon her soften belly. She turned away quickly, leaving her thicken back and love handles facing the Warden, until finally bending over slightly to pull the shirt off. 

She then rushed to get her socks and shoes off as she sat back in the chair. Noticing it had been a mistake to start with her shirt as rolls of fat form from reaching down to her feet. She felt pathetic, barely being able to reach her shoes because of her stomach getting in the way. Once off she started on her pants, which luckily was far easier to do then put them on. She sat in the chair for a moment catching her breath. The look on the Warden's face was enough to signal her patience was running thin. She got up and walked towards the scale in nothing but her underwear and bra. Although she recently spent the majority of her new daily life like this, having the Warden their in person made her feel self concision as she compared their bodies.

She step on the scale as it let out a slight creaking sound. She was terrified to hear how much she actual weighs now as she shut her eyes. The Warden just stood behind her with the clipboard and pen in hand, closely studying her patience. "What does it say Ms Kyle?" 

A wave of horror hit her. It was bad enough to have to hear her weight, but having to read it herself somehow made it all the more worse. She peaked her eyes open as she began to look down. The thought of seeing the number terrified her. However she was soon meant with an even worse sight, her body. Stuck in her view as normal, was her generously size breast. Sadly beyond that was a doughy stomach. It didn't cover the numbers completely, but it was enough to not being able to read them clearly. "Uh, I can't read it." A loud crack from the whip came again, this time just centimeters from her ass. This whole process pained Selena, and having to struggle with her stomach just to  see it made it down right embarrassing.  


"Can you repeat that."

Selena took a deep gulp before repeating a number for a second time. "One hundred and ninety one."

"One hundred and ninety one what?"

Selena soon caught on to the answer the Warden was looking for as she stepped off the scale. "I weight one hundred and ninety one pounds." Her shoulders fell completely down along with her head in shame, brightly highlighting her double chin. She knew the Warden was trying to belittle her, and it was working as the words escaped her mouth. She has never felt so helpless. 

"Hmmm at 191 pounds.... and with you being five feet, seven inches hmmm.... that would put you at a BMI score of 29.9." The warden looked up with a smirk at the pathetic sight of a villain standing before her. Head still hanging in shame, taking it all in. "That puts you at the brink of the overweight range Ms Kyle. You do know a score of 30 puts you at the obese category?" Selena flinch at the words as she was lost in thought trying to figure out how this happen.

"You did this." A fiery tone suddenly erupted from her mouth. A somewhat last ditch effect to stand up to the Warden. "You used some kind of magic or power to turn me into this! There is no way this just happen naturally." Her mind began to race, looking for some kind of answer. "I don't know what you did, but you..." The Warden then reach up tightly squeezing both her cheeks together, stopping the little speech. Her eye's staring straight into Selena's. 

"No Ms. Kyle, You did this. I simply put you in a comfortable environment and took care of Your request. Who was it that started ordering soda instead juice, and decide to start requesting fast food to go along with her sugary beverage." Selena began to think back when she first arrived. Surprised to be served juice instead of water. Amazed at how relaxed and vulnerable this place seemed. Trying to push that boundary by asking for soda, which led her to ask fast food. The inmates never got anything like this from their lock ups and she was ready to abuse it. From there she was constantly chugging down a can of coke throughout the day without a second thought. Rotating from pizzas, to burgers, all the way to tacos and Chinese food, all delivered to her upon request. She remembers a time in when she still had some of her burger in hand, but still ordering some tacos just because they said it was time for dinner. How her then pudgy 150 pound body held a taco in one hand with a burger in the other just to shove it in the facilities face. Thinking she was taking advantage of them as she continued to gobble down bite after bite. 

Selena's memory was interrupted as she felt the Warden pulling her waistband back, letting going as it snapped her flesh with a sharp sting. She wanted to fight back, but her body felt like jello in the Warden's grip. "You can't lie and say you never noticed this. You must feel like a sausage stuff in it's casing." More and more memories began to flood her mind. It didn't take long for her clothes to start filling snugged upon arriving here. Her body was extremely slim and tone from all the death defying moves she did on her burglaries. Sitting on the couch on all day quickly soften her up, as her muscle quickly vanished. It was around when she hit 150's that it looked like she had a layer of baby fat and all of it took place. She was munching on a bad of pretzels when she first noticed the signs. The tightness around her waist leaving red marks, or how she felt the fabric stretch whenever she bent over. How her shirt keep riding up, letting the fat at her sides peek out from time to time. Arrogantly she ignore these signs and looked to shifted the blame else where. She found it as she began yelling at the person on the other side of the camera to do their job right. Blaming them for shrinking her uniform and demanding a new uniform. Time and time again she would get new uniforms only to continue feeling uncomfortable by the size. When she hit 165 she called it quits and stopped wearing it all together. She figured some perv was on the other end of the camera, and it was their goal to keep messing with her just to see this vixen's body. 

The signs didn't stop there, as her bra began to dig into her and underwear squeezed tighter and tighter. It was around the time she enter the 180s that she gave up on requesting new ones. She could remember the moment clearly. It was at the end of a marathon of her favorite show. A craving for some pie hit her as she plopped the last of the pizza into her mouth. She greedily tried to get up only to flop back down on the couch from sitting for so long. After putting some extra effort in her second attempt she was able to get up with her out of shape body. She felt her underwear slide down a bit, leaving a portion of her crack exposed. She lazily tried to pull it back up with one hand, only to have it slide back down after a step or two. By the time she got to the fridge though it didn't matter. All that was on her mind now was how big of a piece to get as she licked her lips. She ended up deciding on taking the whole pie to leave more room in the fridge for fresh food. She slowly hobbled back with the pie in one hand and a fork in another, shoveling the pie into her mouth. In her mind she was a goddess still, giving a little treat to the person behind the camera. In reality, she was fat pig trying to squeeze her deep breaths in between each bite. She didn't even have the decency to pull up and hide what could only be describe as a plumber's crack. Each step was meet with a heavy thud, making a slight jiggle throughout her body. The couch began to groan as she sat back down. She got comfortable as a new show came on, leaning back as far as she could with the pie inches from her face as she continued to eat. Slight moans escaped her mouth as they were stuff with pie. Not because of the taste, but at how stuff she was. Being to lazy to make the walk back to the fridge, the only option left was to eat. The saddest part is that she had many memories similar to this. Every now and then she would make a half-ass attempt to pulling her underwear back up only to be meet with failure. 

All these memories began to flood her mind as the Warden continued. "Have you ever once wondered how you would be in a normal life setting. Without Gotham breathing down you neck. Not having to fight to stay alive every single day. A life without the Batman around." Selena so desperately wanted to look away, but her eyes were locked with the Warden's. "Face it child, You did this to Yourself. This is the real You."

Her tight grip was let go of, as the Warden took a step back to examine the damage. Selena just stood there with a blank expression. All the memories coming in one after another, like long forgotten dreams. Life began to leave her eyes as she was completely defeated. The Warden knew she could stop now, that she had won. But she had to be one hundred percent certain her work was completed. This was her first test subject after all. If this failed who knows what would happen to her. Right now Selena may be depressed and broken, but what if something comes around to motivate her again. There can't be any chances left of Catwoman returning. She had to teach Catwoman that the world we live in is very cruel, and her committing crimes only makes it worse. 

Yes, she had to teach Catwoman. Not this sad shell of a person. She had to bring her back one last time. The Warden reached for her stomach and began to slowly scratch it with her nails. A sudden wave of pleasure soon overcame Selena as the Warden's nails sank into her fat. All the worries and thoughts soon left her mind as this blissful feeling took over. Slowly scratching her stomach up and down, digging her nails deep into her fat. The Warden leaned in closely and as she began to whisper in her ear.

"There there now my precious kitty. It is not the end of the world for you. Getting fat is a part of life, it happens to the majority of the population. Don't worry so much about this, you can still fight. You are Catwoman remember. Besides, you can still try exercising to work all this off, right?" Selena's eyes reminded shut as a stupid grin began to  spread across her face. This feeling was like ecstasy to her. A greater pleasure then sex or any dessert that she has experienced. The Warden soon backed away, leaving Selena to wake from her state of bliss. Once out of the trance she quickly tried to piece back what happen. She only remember the Warden's nails digging into her stomach and the great pleasure it brought. A worried look soon took the spot on her face.

"Get a way from me you sick freak." A fiery tone was once again lit. "What was that!"

"You looked like you needed to be calmed down, so I helped."

"Stopped that. You and your lying. You are not helping, this isn't the real me!" A small smile began to appear the Warden's face. "What did you expect to happen when you trap me in that room for 24/7. All there is to do is eat and sleep."

"What else could you want?"

"Some exercise equipment for starters. Maybe some..." Before she could say anymore the Warden cut her off.

"What a wonderful idea. My assistance should be redecorating your room as we speak. In fact I got you a gift to celebrate the start of the rehabilitation process." Selena looked confused as she was handed what looked to be a powdered pink jumpsuit. "Here is your new uniform." She was baffled at the gift. Looking close she saw the words FIT written along the backside of the pants.

"This has to be some kind of joke? The uniform before was bad, but you can't seriously expect me to wear this." Another loud snapped erupted inches away from her soft stomach. 

"Just because I am against violence, does not mean I won't punish you. Remember that."

"Oh, what are you going to do? Add sprinkles to my ice cream now too?" The cold lifeless expression told her that see was pushing the Warden a bit to far. She quickly put on the jump along with a white sweat band over her head. It seemed to have fit okay for now, but hugged all the curves in her body tightly. "How do you I look? Do I look like a trophy wife after her wedding or what." The Warden ignored her jokes as she pushed her towards the door. The cold expression still showing in her eyes. She then began tightly wrapping the whip up from Selena's elbows to her wrist, leaving her hands completely useless.

"All this for walking me back to my cell? What's a matter? Did Mr silently get his teeth kicked in by somebody else. I told him I will do that for him" The Warden pull on the last bit of the whip, tugged Selena forward. She was forced to walk with her arms awkwardly in front of her, as the Warden lead her outside.

"No." An unusual smile appeared on the Warden's face. "But he did tell me something interesting. He said you asked him to see your friends. How about we go say hello." 

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I just wanted to get this post so I don't delay any longer. Sorry if there is any major grammar issues. Will check it again tomorrow. But enjoy it for now everyone.

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Selina's uneasiness continue to grow as the Warden push her along to meet her friends. Thoughts began to buzz in one after the other. Will they be able to help her escape? Has the Warden already fatten them up to the point of no return? How many dumb jokes will Harley make once she sees her in the pink getup?

"Here is your surprise ladies." The hand cuffs were then wrapped around the guard rail in front of Harley and Ivy's jail cell. "This is the inmate that I was telling you about. She was talking so much about you 2. I thought a little reward was in order for how good she was doing." Selina looked up with a sigh of relief. She saw her two friends in there normal usually state. "I'm going to make a quick phone call. Play nice now." She stood there silently as the Warden walked away, not sure on how to break the ice. Should she start with what the Warden is doing, warning them, planning on an escape right away. She didn't know how much time she had. Before she could think of what to start with, she saw Harley's violent hand reaching just short of her.

"You asshole, who do you think you are!?" Harley continued furiously reached out from behind the bars to grab a hold of the handcuffed Selina. "Do you know how hard it is to find a hideout in this god dam city!"

"Hideout? You mean the hotel?" Selina was puzzled. Trying to play catch up on what was going on and how much has changed.

"Yes the stupid, abandoned hotel! How do you even know about it? Who are you working for dammit!?"

"Relax Harl, I doubt little spoiled princess over here has ever worked a day in her life." Selina then remember the pink sweat suit and ponytail she was in. Not only did she put on 50 pounds, but now she was in this god awful get up. How is she going to explain what is going on to them?

"Then what Red? You think tubs over here is banging someone important enough to get our info? I mean Two-face was hit with something ugly, but I'm sure even he has standards." Selina continued to stand there speechless, as her two best friends shot her death glares. She wasn't sure if they would even believe her if she told them everything.

"More like she is related to someone important."

"While it doesn't matter who you are related to. Now that I know what you look like you are as good as dead! Cause when I get my hands on you, you'll be eating your burgers from a tube you got it!" Before when they were all equal these threats were par for course, but now Selina felt so powerless. She remembered the countless times she saw Harley smack someone in the face with her over size mallet. Never thinking twice about the victims before. Now she shudder at the thought of becoming just another no name. No longer on the level of Gotham's top villains. Hell, even a henchmen could be enough to take her down in her current form. Confusion clouded her mind. Everything that has happen today was happening so fast, she struggle to come up with anything to say. It wasn't until the Warden showed up to diffuse the situation.

"What's a matter, cat caught you tongue?" The Warden let a smirk escape as the began to free Selina from the guard rail. "I thought you all would be more happy to see each other."

"We sure would be a hell of a lot happier if you let her in with us!"

"Now now Miss Quinzel, no need for all this shouting. You wouldn't want to be put in our new solitary confinement treatment would you?" The Warden then lead Selina back to her room as Harley continued to shouting at them from her cell. Her voice echoing throughout the hall.


This day has been to much. She wanted nothing more now to go back to her room try to process everything that is going on. She felt alone and lost in her thoughts on the walk back. No one was going to help her. Not Ivy, Harley or even Bruce, after the mishap from their last meeting. She continued to think of anyone else that might come and save the day. Before she knew it she was shoved back into her room by the Warden. Only now. it was different.

"How do you like the remodeling we did. We took your concerns to heart and are trying to make you as comfortable as possible." Everything in the front half of the room stood the same as before. However the back half was different. The bed and dresser was replaced with all sorts of exercise equipment. From dumbbells, a small bench, treadmill and an exercise bike. They even covered the whole back wall with mirrors to resemble a gym layout. "I hope this lets discover you true self now."

"Purrfect." Selina was excited to start her road to recovery. The Warden left her alone without another word. Eager to await the results from phase 2.


'Yes, this is exactly what I need! I got to save myself, of course.' Excitement and joy began to return to her as her spirit began to rise. 'If you need something done, then a girl has to do it herself. I'll be back to my old self in no time.' She immediately went for the dumbbells, as she wanted to punch the Warden as hard as she can once she escapes. She was not known for her strength like Wonder Woman, but boy did she used to pack a punch. Strong enough to take down goons with ease. Reaching for the 45 pound dumbbell, her delicate hands met the cold hard metal of the weights. Trembles went throughout her body as she struggled to lift them off the ground. Selina was shocked at much effort it took just to left them. They only stood by her side for around 5 seconds before her weak grip gave out. The weights nearly crushing her toes. Her palms now bright red and her forearms stinging in pain. She went to move to lighter weights, but winced in pain. Her sensitive hands were not meant for this right now as she walked past the bench and all the weights. The heaviest thing she was used to lifting from the last month was a jug of milk. Along with the brownies she last ate. 'Come on girl, it is to early to give up now. Focus.' She began to shake herself awake and try again.

Cardio was the answer. Catwoman was known for great agility and cat like reflexes. This should start everything off on the right foot. 'A quick mile should do the trick.' A pumped up Selina began adjusting the treadmill and getting ready to burn this fat away. But then she caught a glimpse of the mirror out in front of her. The pudgy reflection practically mocking her at the thought of a mile being easy. As much as she hated to admit it, she didn't have the slim figure she once had. 'Maybe a half a mile would be a good start.' The machine took life as it began to move. She didn't think the speed the selected would be as fast as it was. Right away it felt like Selina was running at full force as she struggled to keep up. She felt pathetic as her face heated up and already began to huff and puff. The mirror in front of her seemed to gladly show her how fall she has fallen. She couldn't believe the person in the mirror was her. The site of her overweight self jogging with her mouth gaped open desperately sucking down air was too much to look it. She even began to zone in on her chin from her constant gasping. 'Is that a second chin!' She couldn't tell now if the redness on her face was from embarrassment or how much she was struggling. The more she looked as the mirror the worse it became. She had to close her eyes to try and ease the pain.

That only made her more aware of everything else her body was doing though. The slight jiggle throughout her body with each step, as she began to sweat more and more. The grace from being a burglar long gone as her feet met the ground with a flat thump. Reaching out to the arms of the machine, looking for anything to help her finish this half mile. Her legs started to cry out in pain from her knees aching, to shin splints. She felt like she woke up in some bad dream, as she was still not used to carrying around all this weight. The last month and a half was spent happily sitting on a couch. It was what was left from her vanity and ego that she thought this would be easy. Her pain soon snapped her back to reality as she got off the the machine. She spend a good 5 minutes bent over her knees trying to catch her breath. She looked at the timer, only to see she was on it for just 52 seconds. She didn't dare to check have far she ran out of shear humiliation.

'What did they do to me.' Selina finally stood up after regaining her composure. 'You can't be this exhausted come on. A quick water break and back at it.' She slowly began to walk to the sink for a refreshing cup of water. It then crossed her mind that she should put it in the fridge a bit to taste even better. From there her thoughts drifted to the half liter soda she had, and how good it will good with the leftover hot-dogs. Before she knew it, she was rummaging inside fridge for a side dish to go along with the hot-dog and soda. Her old self cried out in protest. 'No! I can't let the Warden win.' It took everything she had to slam the fridge and walk back to the exercise equipment. It surprised her at how easy it was to get lost in thought thinking about food. Her knees and shins began to plead for mercy as she looked at the treadmill. 'Maybe we can try and come back to the treadmill after I lose a few more.' Selina pinch a bit of her own belly fat. The reality began to sink in at her fat she has gotten. She lifted up her shirt in hopes of this being some long drawn out prank. Instead she was met with the spare tire she was caring around now. Her dark tan skin now began to turn pale with lack of sun light. She was caught staring at her exposed gut in the mirror for longer than expected. She was baffled thinking back at how she easily ate all that junk food, plumping herself to this porker looking back at her in the mirror. She touch stomach again, and was caught off guard at how much it resembled the saying "belly full of jelly." She then began to lick her lips at the thought of jelly. Debating if maybe a quick jelly donut will be okay right now. 'I'm not that fat right?' She continued to adjust the angles in the mirror to lie to herself that her stomach wasn't that big. 'I have definitely seen people bigger...' Her belly button looked so deep now. '...It shouldn't be too bad if I stay at this size...' A bear claw, with that jelly dount sounded like it would sure hit the spot. 'As long as I don't go over 200 pounds I am good...right...' She won't doing any major heist anymore, but that doesn't sound to bad if she gets all you can get donuts every morning. She might have to ask the Warden for some...

"No! Screw that Warden for messing with me.' Her old self began to crawl back out. Hiding her gut of shame back under the shirt. She is not sure what that Warden changed in her, but she won't let her get away with embarrassing herself like this. With her back against the wall, she hopped onto the exercise bike as a last resort. Eyes shut tight from the beginning, as her reflection still haunted her mind. 'You got this. 10 minutes on here before the next break.' Her legs began to pedal at a decent pace. No pain to begin with other than the burning sensation from her thighs, with steady breathing. '1 minutes down. This will be easy.' Her breathing began to pick up slightly as her legs continued to burn. She had to put up with this much if she wanted to lose any weight. Motivation helped her so far as she was finally making some progress. '2 minutes completed, don't give up now.' Trying to stay positive was becoming harder the longer she pedaled. It was like her own body was against her. She wasn't going to go down without a fight. '3 minutes completed, just like that.' Her butt began to protest in pain to stop the pedaling, as it looked for any excuse to stop. The seat went from feeling like a normal cushioned bike seat, to one being made out of sharp plastic. Her chunky ass engulfed the tiny seat with ease. It felt like she had been sitting on a thorn now. The thought of the nice comfy couch seemed heavenly. She started to lose focus as her thoughts become clouded with doubt. Her desperate gasp for airs returning as she struggled to pedal, slowing her pace. '4 minutes... better stop at 8... forgot water...' Her body cheered with glee at the thought, as her determination began to crumble. It didn't take long for laziness to take over once she started to crack. Her strong posture was next to fall as she began to slouch forward. Her sweat pants were already struggling to contain her, but now with the slouching caused them to slide down. Her ass all to happy to make her aware of the discomfort. Her mind now overcome with pain and humiliation of anyone watching her in this sorry state. Her legs felt like they were filled with sand as she tried her best to pedal. '5.' Any clear thoughts were now gone. The 3 more minutes of this seemed impossible. The collapse of her spirit came down all to swiftly for her to counter. She began to bargain with herself to stop. She could cut it early today since it is the first day and go harder tomorrow. 'I'll stop...at 6.' As hard as she tried, she found that legs have already stopped moving before she even finished that thought. She avoided looking at the time to grasp to any small victory she had left. In her mind she lasted to 6 minutes and can't be proven wrong if she didn't look. She quickly threw her shirt and sweatpants to the floor, ready to hop into a shower.

Instead she found herself wobbling to the fridge with what little energy she had. She has to start her diet today, she can't cave now after the intense workout she just did. Another voice chirped in, saying she does deserve a small reward for positive reinforcement on meeting her goal. Her internal debate continued back and forth. She held strong not letting herself open the fridge until she decided on the small reward. 'Maybe I can get some grapes, or strawberries...' A quick lapse of judgement struck as she opened to freezer to just a cool off a little. Her whole body was burning up from the workout still. The cold air hit her body with a refreshing breeze and help relaxed her mind. She knew of the mistake she made when she laid eyes of all the ice cream inside. Butter pecan, cookie dough, neapolitan, rocky road. All calling out to hear as began to bite her lip in protest. She was unable to look away now as all the choices stared back at her. Any will power she had left melted away once she went from biting her lip to licking them. The perfect snack after that sweaty workout was of course ice cream. What better snack to help cool her off. She decided to go with vanilla since she was starting her diet soon. She happily grabbed her prize and headed towards her throne in front of the TV. Anyone else might think that her throne was just a couch surround be empty junk food wrappers, but to Selina it was perfection. How it hugged her with care when she plopped down, adjusting to her growing body's needs. Able to easily relief any pain her legs were facing from the gauntlet they just been through, like a superhero taking a bullet for her. She rewarded her flabby thighs for their efforts as she buried the carton of ice cream between them like buried treasure. Helping sooth any burning left from the monstrous bike she just encountered. The AC hit her perfectly from the center seat, cooling her off the rest of her body in no time. A new miracle was perform by the couch as she uncovered an unopened bag of cookies when searching for the remote. It didn't take her long to trick herself that eating them wasn't against her diet. As they should have been eaten earlier, but got they got lost in the other empty wrappers by fate. This was simply a gift from her past self. She was shocked at how everything came together when she used the cookies to make mini ice cream sandwiches. Taking a deeper and deeper step into denial. Her old self barely hanging on deep down, as she continued to munch on junk food.

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I was able to make some changes to the initial post, but wasn't able to edit any others. I made a couple of quick edits and fixes to the story, so this version might seem a bit off compared to the other versions around.

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"Go over the report one more time."

The confused expression on the poor assistant's face said it all. It felt like he was reading the same story to his children on repeat. Hesitantly, he began to cover the report yet again. "The requested workout equipment has only been touched during the first week by the test subject. Since then, the subject has fallen back into her same daily routine as before. For the past month she has not showed any signs of returning to her old self." The warden continued to fiddle with the pen she held. It became a new challenge she found herself in. Trying keep the excitement she felt hidden under her usually emotionless face.

"Tell me again, why did she stop working out after the first week?"

"It was because she injured herself..." It was plain to see that the warden already knew the answer, and would only continue to prompt him to tell the report in full depth. Reluctantly, the tired assistant began to dive into all the details of what happened for a fifth time this week. "During a session of her cardio workout, the test subject suddenly collapsed on the floor. She reported a sharp pain in her right leg, and was certain that she tore something."

"That sounds serious. We had her checked on her correct?" The warden motioned swiftly to a computer. Hiding the joyful expression that start to spread across her face. "We can't have our precious test subject injured."

"Of course. Our doctors did a full examination on her leg. It was as good as it could be, with someone her size. They concluded that the sharp pain was due to a muscle cramp." The warden didn't know why, but she got so much pleasure out of that statement. The Queen of Burglars herself, sidelined for a month due to a simple cramp. "She did not believe our doctors. Instead she self diagnosed herself to take a 1 week break from anymore intense workouts. Which now has extended to a 1 month long break and counting."

"And her diet?" A quiet sigh was let out by the assistant before he continued on.

"From what we gathered, it has been up and down. The subject started off with the intent to go on a full blown nutritious meal plan. However, that soon fell through within the first day. She began rewarding herself with cheat foods for any mundane task. A symptom of the subliminal messages we have been using. Her motivation picked up for a brief moment after her injury. The subject's thought process was that if she wasn't working out for a week, then least she could do is diet instead. That lasted all but a day. Afterwards she transitioned to the mindset that it would be best to start her diet and workout routine at the same time. She planed to enjoy her current diet until she is fit to workout again." The warden's entire team was hoping that they can call an end to this. They grew bored and wished to move along with expanding the program to not just one subject. "It seems like our experiment has been a success. All the data points to her mind set to sabotage any effort she puts into returning to her delinquent self. I believe with the information at hand, we are good to report this to the board." He braced himself after making that statement. The assistant knew how easy it was to get on the warden's bad side. Trying to make the call like that in any project the warden was in could spell disaster. Luckily for him, she was in an usually good mood today. Surprised to she the warden with a non angry look on her face as she got lost in her thoughts.

Taking in the rush of power has been building up inside of her. This was different from previous times, it was practically overwhelming. All the other criminals she dealt with before were just petty thugs compared to Catwoman. And yet there the thief sat on screen, helpless and weak. The warden had orchestrated this all with no super powers at all. With a bigger budget there is no telling what she can accomplished. If the board deemed this a success she could start doing this on all Gotham's villains. They would be quick work too as she had a majority already locked up. Hell, once they have all been dealt with there would be no need for superheroes at all. There is no doubt the board will want any heroes that don't fall in line to be gone next. The power continued to build inside her as she continued to dream forward. Soon only the Warden would be standing on top. Villians and heroes alike will be trembling before her. She could already see the great and mighty Wonder Woman fall before her. Stripped of her golden tiara and warrior prowess. Transforming her into pathetic 275 pound mess, that would be in a constant state of sweat. No longer an amazon in her people's eyes, and being stuck to work at a gym. Wobbling around to make sure each machine was wiped down for others to workout in, while she spends her down time munching on cookies. Staring at everyone at gym, hoping one day she would have the confidence to workout again.

Not even the rouge heroes will be spared from her conquest. She could already imagine scenario's for the likes of Zatanna quiver in her presence. Forcing the 250 pound pear-shaped woman into her signature fishnet stocking, as her creamy thighs ooze through the material. Instead of the matching magician uniform though, she would be given a show girl bunny outfit to squeeze into. The times of her being a headliner would be long gone, as she would be reduced to a simple busboy. Quietly hiding her behind in the corner as the white bunny tail was the only thing covering her massive ass. As the rest of the material was gobbled up entirely by the cellulite ridden butt. Wishing she could just make herself disappear from the crowded Vegas theater. Unfortunately for her, the only disappearing act she is doing now as making the leftovers vanish before the plates reach the kitchen. Yes no one would be able to stand in her way. She could even get rid of the board members while-

"Did... did you want me to read it again?" The assistant's voice awoke the warden from her power trip. Quickly she save the file and back away from the computer as she tried to regain her composure.

"No. That will be all for today. Keep monitoring for now. Next week we will start phase 3."

"Phase 3? What does phase 3 consist of? We already meet all our goals with the current subject and -" A sharp glare from the warden was all that was needed to shut him up. He could tell he pushed his luck. The good mood she was in seemed to have passed.

"Statements like that is what keeps you some nameless assistant, and me being the Warden." The cold sternness of her voice pierced whatever thoughts he had of speaking up. "The board will examine her harsher than you or I have been so far with this being the first test subject. We have to make sure with absolute certainty that this works without any errors. We will not get another chance."

"Then what needs to be done for phase 3?"

"You worry about keeping the test subject happy for now. I will be back next week with everything we will need for this to work. It is not enough to simply have her lose all desire to workout. We got to make sure she dreads the very thought of it."

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Love that this is updated and ecstatic to see where it goes. the idea of the warden getting other heroes and anti heroes is great too. I wonder is she already starting on harley and ivy? All she needs to do from there is to start lacing heroines houses with subliminal speakers...love the idea of wonder woman being a timid gym employee.

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