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Gaining the Weight for Saving the World

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I imagine that if they were all at their normal weights, they would be swimming in their up-sized costumes.  And I love the use of Diana's truth lasso to call back to what she really wants in a relationship with Peej.  

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Getting the bulked out superheroines into the invisible plane was an issue in and of itself.

Karen had made modifications to it over the weeks, whenever Diana had fallen into a food assisted coma around 7 pm. She'd installed plenty of computers and drones for Barbara to use and jumbo sized seats with meal trays and cup holders in the crew compartment, but hadn't been able to change the doors.

Wonder Woman's magical jet had a cargo bay and a standard military door located about ten feet off the ground and reached via a ladder. Barbara hadn't been in enough shape to climb a ladder in months, even if she could her near quarter ton body was too wide to ever hope to get into it. She rolled her complaining motor scooter around the back, where a big array of computers and screens and drones had been and immediately set up shop.

Cassie squatted her immense thighs and jumped herself up, gracefully passing through. Her girlfriend was a different story: the toneless Supergirl, her boots never more or less than a few inches above the ground, furrowed her brow and focused on flying. She rose slowly through the air, breathing becoming increasingly heavy as sweat poured over her brow. By the time she was a foot beneath the door she was red faced and gasping, her progress slid to a halt and she started quivering in the air as she tried to stay up. Cassie had to give the two hundred and seventy pounder a hand up and then once she was plopped in a chair a glass of water and a basket of Star's muffins.

Raven, her shapeless blob of a body stretching out a size twenty eight tent of a black dress, took a bite of a candy bar and opened an XXL portal to the inside of the jet.

The near naked Starfire was the first one to get stuck. She had at least fifty, maybe even seventy five pounds on the big gutted Kara, but her natural talent for flight let her easily rise up to the ladder. She was taking the weight gain better than anyone and while her progress had none of her own fierce zip it was smooth and easy. What wasn't was getting her child bearing hips through the door way. Orange tan fat jammed against the metal , filling every available inch with squish that jiggled and wobbled as Star tried to get free, her thong going deeper and deeper into her fat as she struggled.

'If I didn't like fat girls before I would now,' Karen whispered to Diana, who was dreading her own attempt.

'Why are you wearing jeans and a hoodie?' Wonder Woman asked her lover, rather than admit that yes, the sheer bountiful amount of tamaranian ass on display was making the softer side of life seem more and more delectable, 'Did you have some wardrobe issues?'

'A little,' Karen blushed, 'just uh...it didn't fit.'

'You haven't been cheating have you?' Wonder Woman asked.

'I wish I had been, no,' the Kryptonian revealed, lifting up her shirt to show a gaunt waist, 'your stupid rabbit food combined with waiting on you hand and foot made my muscles vanish!'

There was still a hint of abs visible, but Karen's steely midsection was looking incredibly thin.

'I guess I over did it with the lasso,' Diana admitted.

'I'll say,' Karen rubbed in, 'when this raid is done, I'm camping my ass in a thong on the beach and you're going to be bringing me all the doughnuts I can eat. While wearing a french maid costume four sizes too small!'

Diana rolled her eyes, 'If we get a cure from this I'll help you eat as much as you want, I promise. Now go help Star before she dents my plane.'

With Cassie pulling from inside and a loving push from Karen on her doughy backside, the alien red head was soon inside the plane. Which meant it was Diana's turn to get into her own craft. The obese Amazon swallowed nervously as she looked at it.

'Are you gonna fly up there?' Karen asked.

'I...I don't know...,' Diana gulped in fear.

'Because I haven't seen you fly since we got here and you were having problems about two hundred pounds ago. So I'm wondering if you even can...,' Karen said, putting a hand on Diana's bulging apron gut, 'or if this has you weighed down too much.'

'I can get up there fine,' Wonder Woman huffed, but didn't make a move to approach the plane.

'Bet you a dozen triple fudge XXL milk shakes you can't make it,' Karen teased, 'I think you've let yourself go...'

'I wouldn't have eaten a third of what I did without you,' Diana harumphed, 'but deal...'

The tall, morbidly obese brunette bent her knees (which popped loudly) and jumped forwards to fly. For a moment Diana felt herself soar...and then gravity pulled her down towards the rough, unforgiving ground. Fortunately Karen caught her in a burst of super speed, setting her back on her chubby feet.

'I'm wondering if the shakes will go to your boobs first or finally fill out those hips,' Karen told the J cup heroine.

'I haven't failed yet,' Diana told her through heavy breathe.

The Amazon focused hard, the rusty gears of her mind slowly turning as she attuned to the Gods of olympus once again. She repledged herself to the Athena's wisdom, Zeus' power, Aphrodites love, Hera's nurturing and Mercury's speed. Toneless thighs bent and she jumped forwards, rising through the air with the wind rustling her hair until her gut jammed in the door way. Cassie, Kara, Starfire and Raven stared at her, muffins in their hands as the world's most beautiful woman was jammed, gut first in the plane's door way.

'Are you okay, Aunt Di?' Cassie asked through her muffin.

'I'm...just a little over fed,' the Amazon grunted, failing to get inside.

'A little?' Raven sneered, 'did you used to have abs?'

'Oh, what I'd do if we were alone,' Karen mused, flying easily up and pushing her lover in with a hand on each lumpy cheek.

Once the red faced Wonder Woman was inside, there was a much worse problem: the pilot's seat. Getting the immense Amazon into it was hard enough, Karen had to rip the arm rests off to make room for Diana's love handles but when Diana put her hands on the yoke it was clear she couldn't fly it. The giant sprawl of her gut, half full of hand fed junk, sloshed and complained as she tried to pull back the stick which went directly into her lowest roll of lard after less than an inch.

'Without the yoke I can't control the engines,' Diana whined.

'Are you too fat to fly this?' Karen asked from besides her, tapping her fat roll.

'I...shut up,' Diana said darkly, crossing her waist thick arms under her basketball sized breasts, 'um...do you know how to fly?'

'Myself? Yes,' Karen said, hovering up to demonstrate, 'a plane? No. I guess we could spend a couple months here while I get a license... wonder how many of us will be able to walk by then? Cassie for sure, but you? What do you think? Do you have the will power to hold back from eating for those weeks?'

A cold sweat broke out over Diana's expanse of lardy flesh, 'Can you pick up the plane and get us to thirty thousand feet? I'll set the auto pilot after that but...

'Sure,' the skinny blonde laughed, 'oh this will make a great story for the kids. Back when mommy was still thin enough to get into a plane.'

'I'm not pregnant,' Diana objected.

'Could have fooled me,' Karen laughed, floating up and kissing Diana passionately, her bony body pressing into Wonder Woman's feminine immensity, 'but I'll figure something out so you can be my stay at home baby momma.'

Once the doors were locked up, Karen got herself under the plane and pushed. Given its experimental infinity engine, powerful thrusters and load of lardy ladies, it weighed over seventy thousand pounds, which should have been nothing for the Kryptonian to push off the ground. But she found that while it rose on its tires a bit, her arms wouldn't push up anymore.

'Gonna need to lay on the beach, the gaunt heroine muttered, flexing her slim thighs and pushing up with a roar.

Using her whole body Karen managed to get the plane airborne. In the cold of near space she was sweating and puffing, pressed to the limit already by something that shouldn't have bothered her two months earlier.

'Gonna need to lay on the beach naked,' Karen groaned as the plane's engines finally kicked in.

It jetted off towards Metropolis, with Karen lagging in its wake.

* The heroines go in immediately

*Meanwhile, Harley is getting ready.

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"Get it...huff...be...careful...,' Harley wheezed, not that the plant monster crew could hear her over the whirr of machinery.

The complete saturation of anonymous addiction meant a lot of problems. For one, almost no one was available to do manual labor anymore. Fortunately Anonymous' plant robots were on hand to handle any work she needed, there was on in every house operating as a 'helper' ensuring that the increasingly housebound families didn't need to burn one calorie to take care of themselves. Harley was supervising an ever shrinking number of workers as their mobility dropped and dropped and the number of superheroines to brain wash fell as well. Almost every heroine was taken care of, except for Power Girl's posse but the clown hoped to take care of them soon.

To that end, thirty gorilla like plant monsters were carefully hauling what looked like a blob of cottage cheese into the metropolis distribution center's main room. If one could tear their eyes from the endless bulges and deep canyons of fat cleavage, from the car sized breasts to the truck sized ass, they'd have recognized the wizard Zatanna. If Zatanna had been inflated beyond all recognition into a one ton blob of blubber.

'She's delicate!' Harley yelled as they sat the obscene woman down, earth quakes of fat ripples rolling through her body.

Zatanna defined belief, she was so big the brain couldn't comprehend her. Physics said she shouldn't exist but the unique qualities of Ivy's addictive food meant Zatanna was healthy as a horse. An immobile horse that was also brain washed by one of the mad hatter's hats, but a horse.

Harley moved forwards to make sure that the huge Z's hat hadn't come loose, her own mobility scooter's engine whining under her own pale blubber. Zatanna might be the fattest woman in the city but Harley wasn't exactly slim. Once Barbara gordon's gymnastic rival, Quinn had pulled well ahead of Babs in the weight department. A promise to herself to get Z to make her thin again had failed, Harley was too busy stress eating, fear eating, panic eating and work eating from Anonymous' vending machines and assembly lines to worry about that.

Clad in a tent like business suit that earned new rips with every breath, the more than quarter ton Harley moved forwards at a snail's pace on her near capacity scooter. Couch cushion arms pressed a jacket fit for a gorilla tight, while her garbage bag tits jiggled endlessly in a custom built sports bra. All of her chins had merged into one enormously round jowl that turned her face almost completely round, while her now piggish eyes had to squint past drooping brows and pudgy cheeks. A strange bean bag sized hybrid of hip, ass and thigh over ran the seat and had already ripped plentiful tears in her circus tent pencil skirt. A mind bogglingly large apron gut slumped down from what had been a skinny waist, hanging over her swallowed knees and brushing against her puffy feet

'Looking...good...,' Harley wheezed, pausing to take a puff of an inhaler then a bite of a candy bar.

A beaten child hood asthma had returned in full force to bedevil Harley, who had problems enough. She was barely counting as mobile anymore, a woman who could fight Batman one on one now couldn't get up without assistance! But despite being fully aware of this, Harley's acerbic personality hadn't changed.

'Okay fatties, get...get into position...,' Harley whined to her security crew as she pulled another melted candy bar from a sticky breast pocket.

The cowed security crew from gotham slowly obeyed, their own motor scooters groaning. Since being assigned them the already fat women had continued gaining rapidly: Sheva needed to use hand controls because her gut kept hitting the pedals and 7 foot, 650 pound Giganta's scooter moved only in fits and starts. None of them understood why'd they been forced into bizarre costumes that seemed vaguely familiar or why they'd been brought to a new city or what the hell the blob their boss had ordered in was, but they all obeyed.

'All...alright Z,' Harley gasped as she flopped from her scooter onto the mountainous bulk of Zatanna, 'time...time...to make...me...skinny...'

It took nearly an hour for the obese Harley to haul her own bulk up the brobdinagian slopes of the brain washed magician, who was being fed a constant stream of goodies to stay placid. But at last, drenched in sweat and out of inhaler, the clown got to the hat and with a trembling finger punched in the code.

'Make Harley...thin!' the clown panted.

'Nith Yelrah Ekam!' the magician repeated and light flashed.

'Did it...woah!' Quinn yelled as she shot down the side of Zatanna's slopes.

She landed in a heap of sweaty clothes fit for an elephant and sprang up at a 120 lbs. Harley looked down in glee at her pert C cups, her corded arms, her taught abs and her slim, strong legs. Turning around, the bubble butted clown grinned to see her perfect 38 inch ass once more.

'Fuck yes!' she cackled and pulled a small bag from the now unneeded mobility scooter, quickly sliding into her classic costume which fit like a glove.

'So frcken glad I don't need this again,' the agile vilainess grinned, giving the scooter a kick, 'I'm never getting fat again after having to haul that bulk of a body around!'

She sashayed past a conveyor belt of chocolate chip muffins and thoughtlessly ate at least three by the time she got back to Zatanna, skin tight costume bulging around 1800 calories worth of crap.

'Alright fatty, time to whip my other fatties into shape,' Harley mused as she scrambled back up the peak of lard.

A short climb (worsened by an upset stomach) and a few carefully chosen words later and Harley slid down the fat slopes like a kid on a carnival ride. Her team of obese mall cops waited for her at the bottom, slightly confused looking but back to being hardened, fit killers.

Giganta was in the center, a seven foot giant red head of a woman who made Diana of Themyscira look like a shrimp. She could grow into a massive giantess capable of punching out half the justice league and her curvy form was barely constrained by her leopard print dress.

On each side of her was an elemental super villainess: Livewire and Volcana.

Volcana was another red head, a gorgeous 6' pyromancer wearing essentially a bikini that showed her curvy fit frame to the max. Her red hair fell to the floor and fire already burned in each fist.

Live-Wire was the shortest, a 5' former shock jock with slight pear shape on a not quite thin body. Her hair was a mess of sparks and her skin was blue, evidence of her immense electrical powers. She could shoot lightning bolts with a thought and become an electric signal with another.

In the middle was Sheva and just being close made Harley's back quiver in fear. She'd had enough thrashings from Sheva's daughter, one of the Batgirls to know she had no chance against her. Sheva was just a lithe looking Asian woman in tights and a tight sweater, her age hidden by excellent genetics, diet and exercise but a close look showed the steely definition of her muscles and how her breathing was totally inaudible. She was the first to shake off the confusion, eyes locking onto Harley's.

'Quinn,' the assassin rasped and Harley had to force herself not to shit her pants, 'Quinn...thank you for saving us.

Harley smiled, glad that Zatanna's programming had been enough to wipe their memories of getting fat...from Anonymous.

'How could I not, babe?' Harleyquin laughed nervously, 'after those heroines fattened up everyone on earth to make their idea of peace I knew I had to save ya...'

Her stomach churned nervously and Harley immediately started eating a fourth muffin, 'and get some payback! They'll be here any minute...so uh, get ready!'

'What about her?' Giganta asked, pointing at the massive bulk of Zatanna, 'shouldn't we save her too? She'll be pissed her own side did this too her!'

'Nah, once a hero always a hero,' Harley saved, 'they'll have numbers on us but they've let themselves go. Almost all of them are fat and barely powered, you can handle them easy peasy.'

'You said most,' Sheva pointed out, 'who's not fat?'

'Just Power Girl...,' Harley admitted.

'Just a full powered Kryptonian?' Live Wire laughed, 'Oh, fucking easy.'

'Hey, don't worry about the blonde titty monster,' Harley reassured them, drawing a pistol from her belt, 'I've got something for her...'

*The raid commences!

*the villains engage in snack time

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Two new additions in one day?  Must be Christmas in July!  Love the gang struggling to get into the jet, as well as Karen realizing just how screwed she is after taking it easy these last few weeks.  Great to see the villains again, as well as checking in on the mountain of meat that is Zatanna.  I'm curious to see what Harley has in mind for Peej--if it's something that's meant to fatten the Earth-2 native, that might actually be a good thing in this scenario.

And as far as a vote goes, I'd kinda like to see the villains engage in snack time.  It's clear that even though they've shrunk back down to fighting size, there's still some addiction to Anonymous goodies...

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10 minutes ago, CyrilFiggus2 said:

Two new additions in one day?  Must be Christmas in July!  Love the gang struggling to get into the jet, as well as Karen realizing just how screwed she is after taking it easy these last few weeks.  Great to see the villains again, as well as checking in on the mountain of meat that is Zatanna.  I'm curious to see what Harley has in mind for Peej--if it's something that's meant to fatten the Earth-2 native, that might actually be a good thing in this scenario.

And as far as a vote goes, I'd kinda like to see the villains engage in snack time.  It's clear that even though they've shrunk back down to fighting size, there's still some addiction to Anonymous goodies...

Ha, thanks! I had some free time today although my hands will kill me tomorrow. We're near the climax so to speak of things. I'll probably do some other DC one shots soon, both here and on my now posting things kind of Deviantart account.

This pic gave me some ideas...



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1 hour ago, Batman76 said:

Ha, thanks! I had some free time today although my hands will kill me tomorrow. We're near the climax so to speak of things. I'll probably do some other DC one shots soon, both here and on my now posting things kind of Deviantart account.

This pic gave me some ideas...



I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out for our hefty heroines, as well as any other DC sets you do down the line!

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*The Raid Commences

With a soft thump, the invisible jet released its load of drones.

Thirty bat shaped pieces of metal and plastic whizzed down, surrounding the sprawling 100 acre Anonymous compound and taking pictures. Guard stations, patrol routes of Ivy's bio robots, security cameras, silent alarms and the entire layout of the building were soon bouncing around inside Barbara's computer. The computer was in easy reach...for most people.

'Come on,' the quarter ton Batgirl grunted, trying to move her mountain of a body forwards enough to click on the notification buttons.

Several baskets of Starfire's amazing baked goods had swelled the pear shaped heroine's gut to an impressive level and lacking almost any muscle mass, the quasi immobile woman was essentially unable to get out of her scooter. The groan of metal and the jiggle of her fat alerted Power Girl's super sensitive hearing up in the crew compartment, as the gaunt blonde watched the others chow down on he rapidly dwindling pile of muffins and cookies. Unhappy at how she'd had to struggle to catch up to the plane and sour at not even wanting to pig out thanks to Diana's lasso, Karen's mood was turning pissy.

'Kara can you go down stairs and help Babs with the hacking,' Karen asked dryly from her own chair, trying and failing to get comfy on her board flat ass.

'Um, I guess,' her big bellied, spectacled counter part agreed, hovering up unsteadily, '...can I bring this snack basket?'

'Of course you can bring the snack basket,' the older kryptonian sighed, watching the apple shaped blob of a superheroine carefully navigate the narrow chute to the cargo hold.

Alarm bells were ringing in Karen's head that this was a bad idea. The last time around had seen their group subdued by their appetites and almost captured by plant monsters, and then Diana and Cassie had been in fighting shape if a little squishy. Now Diana was essentially powerless save for short bursts, Kara was barely fit for the reserves she was so big and short sighted, K'ori had gone from chubby warrior princess to a parade float of herself and Karen herself was thirty pounds under her fighting weight, weaker than she'd been in years. Calling it off so she could soak up sun for a month would be a better solution...for her. Every moment that passed made her compatriots get weaker and fatter...deliciously, gorgeously fatter. The pile of overfed curves in front of her made her mouth water and her head swim, inner FA going crazy even with the creme de la creme of fatness Wonder Woman jammed into the cockpit. Even at full tilt she'd need some help and Barbara had warned that another month of anonymous' crap going into the population would make them sterile, lobotomized plant people. Karen wanted a world where she could put on a few...hundred pounds and keep Diana as her enormously fat trophy wife, but couldn't take the extinction of humanity as part of the deal.

It was do or die, now or never.

'We've got all the info on the plant,' Kara's voice shot up to Karen's ear piece, 'there's only a few obese rentacops and some plant monsters in the lower levels, we're good to go.'

At last, good news!

'Are we sure there's no problems?' Power Girl asked, standing up and hiking up her oversized jeans to prevent them sliding off her bony hips.

Karen missed the days of having muscular but round hips and a large, firm badonkadonk. Her dream of getting fat had never been farther away...

'Just one,' Kara said with a slight whine in her voice, 'my wrists are hurting from all this typing...I think I'm getting carpal tunnel...'

That her teeny little invincible cheer leader of an alternate self was a short sighted, 270 lb nerd with carpal tunnel and a fifty inch waist would usually be invigorating but Karen couldn't help but feel annoyed.

'Put some ice on it and stay on the line, we'll be back soon,' Karen promised with a sigh before turning to her strike team:

Starfire, a 340 lb extreme hour glass pouring out of a bikini from ten sizes ago and emptying a Tupperware of cookies while making recipe notes. Her maternal nature was evident, although her old free wheeling self was still there given how she didn't care about a tea saucer sized nipple having slid free from the tiny purple cup.

Raven, a 400 lb goth blob watching Pony cartoons on her phone and eating brownies while the front seam of her blue black dress started giving way just above a belt of gold links and red jewels that could have girthed a horse.

Wonder Girl, 240 lbs of mixed muscle and fat that at least looked strong as she snapped a muscle-fat selfie for her obese girl friend down in the cargo hold.

'Girls...get ready and do some stretches or something,' the willowy Karen sighed, going to kiss her own lover good bye.

She found Diana in the cockpit, trying to extricate herself from her chair without hitting any of the auto pilot controls with her gut. Given the size of that cauldron belly stretching her new costume to the max, this was pretty difficult. Wonder Woman was giving soft grunts and covered in a sheen of sweat, which distracted Karen even further. Diana had been so strong, so fast, so powerful...and now she was so weak, so low, so helpless. Without her encouragement, without her hand feeding, without the 16 Lulu's milkshake records made and broken, without all the massages and make out sessions and petting mixed with erotic eating, would Diana have been this big?

Certainly not and the little spark of guilt was buried under how horny PG felt looking at her.

'We're heading out,' Karen told her, 'I'll bring you back some snacks.'

'No, just give me a minute,' Diana wheezed, face straining as she made herself hover out of the seat and squeeze between the chair and the roof before slumping to the floor on her hands and knees, 'there...ready ...ready to go...'

The thin alien rubbed her eyes, 'Di...you're part of the reserves this mission. If there's an emergency, I'll radio in and you can drop down like the cavalry.'

Or more likely an atomic bomb given her size...

'The reserves? What?' Diana asked from the floor, 'No, I'm Wonder Woman, princess of the Amazons. Being on the leading edge is where I belong!'

Was she still clinging to that? Was she still trying to claim she was an Amazon? The guilt grew a little bigger inside Karen's heart.

'Then do a push up,' Power Girl said, thin arms folding under her reduced chest.

'What?' Diana asked.

'Do one push up, one real push up and you can come,' her girlfriend said, 'otherwise...otherwise you're too weak for the front lines. The others are weak enough as it is, I can't have any liabilities down there.'

The brunette bit her pouty lip with her still shining teeth, shame and anger filling her. A few months ago she'd been perfect, a beacon of strength and will but now? Diana looked down at the quivering bulk of herself, the helpless lard of a notably fat housewife. She barely recognized the drooping breasts and beer keg gut nor the weak, swollen arms.

But still she tried, slumping all the way to the ground, belly hitting marginally ahead of her chest. In the push up position, Di's toneless arms quivered and fresh sweat broke out over her forehead. She rose up, slowly oh so slowly, and for a moment felt she was doing it...but her gut and chest were still on the floor. A spasm of pain hit her back and she collapsed, breathing heavily and defeated.

'I...I can't even...,' the pathetically out of shape Diana wheezed.

'Hey, its okay,' Karen said softly, kneeling next to her, 'you tried your best. Its just...your not built for battle anymore. We knew this would happen when we made our deal, alright? I'll go down there, bust some heads and loot some gizmos and in a while you'll be back on your way to being an Amazon...although I'd prefer you stay like this. Seeing you struggle and grunt...we'll have to do that once a year, try and fit into our old costumes...'

Karen kissed her, deep and passionate, tongue darting out to taste Diana's mouth.

'I don't want to influence you too much,' she told the prone Amazon, gaunt cheeks burning red, 'but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you and if you want to lose weight I'm okay with that...but I think you look great.'

Power Girl hurried out before she could say anything else, too afraid of what Diana might say in response. Down in the crew compartment, the bulbous strike team was ready, with Raven having opened a portal into the immense distribution center.

'We ready?' Karen asked them, 'then let's go!'

* Immediate defeat...

*A tough battle...

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Good on Karen for finally putting her foot down on this.  As tempting as it is to have a world full of fatties, there are more important things at stake, Peej.  Loved the little scene with her and Diana at the end.

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*A tough battle

The nasty thing about teleporting into a battle is that you can't approach slowly.

You can't say, find out that your expensive drone swarm's thermal vision didn't spot the thermally cloaked super villains hiding in the main building until they jump out at you. Nor can you realize that the camera feeds your ally had hacked were just the same tapes running on a ten hour loop until its too late to pull back. All of this has to be experienced first hand.

Power Girl, Starfire, Wonder Girl and Raven dropped out of one of the goth psychic's black portals and into the well let expanse of the main distribution hall. It was similar to the first location they'd raided: a mess of conveyor belts laden with food and packaging, divided by robot arms moving the first to the later. For a moment everything seemed clear, until Karen's super hearing picked up half a dozen heart beats.

'Hold on, some one's here,' Power Girl said with a raised hand, only for a tall, red haired woman to step out from behind a pillar.

For a second it looked like a skinny starfire and it was enough to confuse Karen for just a second. Fast as a bullet she might be, but the Kryptonian's reflexes were dulled by weeks spent in doors and she took the burst of fire that shot from Volcana's hands to the front. Heat rolled over her, scorching away her civvies to reveal her loose uniform and making her break out into a sweat, while temporarily blinding her.

'Peej!' Starfire yelped, lumbering forwards to loose a star bolt only to be hit with a great gout of electricity as Livewire lit her up, the fat tamaranian sreaming as the pear shaped woman cackled.

'Hard to miss a target that fat!' the pear shaped shock jock laughed, until Cassie jumped in front of her, bracers crossed to absorb the lightning.

Peej took that opportunity to exhale, a great gout of frost shooting out to neutralize the flames and leave a shining layer of ice on the ground. She jumped to deliver a heat vision blast alongside it, only for a hand the size of a semi truck to swat her down into the ground with a loud thump, the blast flying up into the air and punching a large hole through the roof. Deprived of yellow sunlight as she was, Karen took the blow hard, the wind driven from her as Giganta stepped into the field of battle.

Simultaneously, Sheva dropped down from the rafters onto Cassie. Wonder Girl was a well trained combatant but she never saw the kick to her jaw coming. No less than thirty punches followed afterwards, blackening her eyes and knocking the wind out of her, while redirecting every punch the strong fat girl threw. If she hadn't had a good measure of invulnerability Cassie would have been dead thirty times over, even with it she hit the ground bruised and coughing.

'Azaroth Metreon Zinthos!' Raven yelled, throwing a dome of black energy over herself and the other brutalized heroines, just in time to absorb more electricity, fire and a round house kick from Giganta's immense foot.

'Karen! What's going on in there!?' Barbara's voice came in over Karen's ear piece.

'We *cough* are getting our asses kicked,' Power Girl groaned, sitting up and cracking her neck, 'We've got oh let's see, Volcana, Livewire, Giganta and fucking Lady Sheva wailing on us and they all look like they just got done teaching an aerobics class. Get your drones in here and take a look.'

Back in the plane, Kara clicked a button (then massaged her wrist) causing one of the drones to hover in through a skylight. Babs, Supergirl and a recently arrived, sweaty, huffing Diana watched in shock at the scene.

'Karen, listen to me,' the apron gutted Diana rasped, grabbing Kara's head set, 'Giganta hits hard but she has a glass jaw. If you give her an upper cut at about half your total power you'll knock her out for sure.'

'Not exactly capable of half power,' Karen grunted, standing up and looking around.

While Sheva was holding off, perched on a massive cookie dough tank, the rest of their enemies were pounding on the shield. Raven was shivering, sweat pouring off her at the effort of keeping the shield up, while  Cassie had just helped Starfire to her pudgy feet. A plan started up in Karen's head, interrupted by the sound of a rolling door opening on one of the upper levels several hundred feet away.

'Apologies if I get the English wrong, but what in the fuck is that?' K'ori asked as the olive skinned blob appeared.

A multi ton mountain of beached blubber was in view. After a second of viewing, it was apparent that it was a woman. A woman with breasts the size of cars and nipples like tires, so immense as to defy rational belief in a world of flying aliens and intelligent apes. A long drip feed of anonymous brand butter led right to her mouth, while a tiny top hat sat on her head. Perched on her gut, wearing a red/black skin tight jester's outfit stretched to the limit by a giant food belly was Harley Quinn, with a pistol on her strained belt and a mallet at her feet, hands busy shoving cake batter into her mouth.

'I think that's Zatanna,' Karen answered, looking at the hat on Zatanna's head with her x-ray vision, 'and she's mind controlled.'

'Well, well, well,' Quinn laughed, making the strained zipper press down pass her modest breasts to her bloated belly, 'look what we've caught here? Three super powered blobs and  Peej! But what happened to the queen of the chubby chasers? Your looking a little gaunt there Peej, want some cake batter? Might help reinflate those tatas!'

Karen felt herself turn red with anger... and a little bit of shame.

'What's a matter Peej? Thought you'd be in heaven with all these fat girls around you!' Quinn laughed, 'were you hand feeding all of them? Where's Wonder Woman and Super Girl? So fat they couldn't get up after you got through with them?'

Embarassment flared through the skinny Kryptonian. It was all out in the open, her fetish on hand for everyone to see. Rao if anyone wasn't so busy eating as to read the papers...

'Who cares!?' Cassie yelled over at Quinn, 'She's a chubby chaser, I'm a chubby chaser, my girl friend is a chubby chaser, like anyone gives a shit what a scrawny little bitch like you thinks!'

'Karen,' Diana's voice came in through the intercoms, 'if that's Zatanna and she's under their control, she can rewrite reality in a line of sight at whim. The right wording and your suddenly a four hundred pound, 45 year old single mom with five kids from New Jersey. You've got to take her down quick.'

Power Girl's blue eyes flashed around. The enemy significantly out gunned them. Raven was already on her last legs and their enemy had the edge in stamina. And even if she managed to down all four attacking villains, a word from Quinn and she'd be down. She had to do something.

She had to do something unexpected...

*Raven, drop the shield on 3!

*Raven, port us out of here!

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Nice work with the action.  The team is definitely getting their (mostly) fat asses handed to them, but they've all taken tons of beatings in the past--what's one more?  I'll be curious to see what Peej manages to come up with.  On the plus side, once the team is able to free Zatanna, they'll be able to undo all this damage in a heartbeat.  The end is in sight!

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Running would have been smart.

Power Girl was herself at barely a third her normal strength. Hits that shouldn't have registered with her were leaving bad bruises and if she threw herself all into the fight she'd soon wind up even weaker. Her compatriots were even worse:

Starfire's fighting style had depended on dexterity, firepower and aggression, dodging enemy fire as she shot forwards under a barrage of her own star bolts and then finished the fight with her super strength. But the bundle of soft curves she'd become was a gigantic, ungainly target that moved like a parade float.

Wonder Girl might be stronger than ever but she hadn't sparred once since beginning to gain. Her movements were telegraphed and clumsy, her body could maneuver at this size but it wasn't used to it and given how she panted as she got up it was was clear cardio had never been a part of her workouts.

Raven's psychic powers were still intact but it was clear the four hundred pounder's physical stamina couldn't support them for that long. PG had rarely interacted with her in the past but surely her barriers wouldn't crumble so quickly.

Their enemies were strong, fit, had deep reserves of stamina the blimped out/starved heroines lacked and in instant I win button. Running away was the smartest option available.

'We're not running,' Karen ordered.

The past few months had been a relaxing vacation that had left her severely out of shape, but she was still Power Girl damn it. Lounging around feeding up Wonder Woman was nirvana but nothing felt quite as good as punching a super villain right in the jaw. Tickling a bulging Amazon paunch was delightful but delivering a drop kick to an alien robot's midsection was really what made her feel alive. And with the chips down like this...an almost sexual thrill shot through the gaunt Kryptonian.

'Cass, when I say one, toss me the other end of your rope,' Karen ordered, 'Star, when I say two, grab hold of Raven and get ready to fly off and play keep away. Raven, when I say three drop the shield. Cass, follow me straight up.'

'No problem,' the sweating psychic hissed, steam coming off her overheated body.

'One,' Karen whispered, easily catching the other end of Cassie's lasso, not as strong as Diana's but good enough, even as Giganta raised up a massive foot to drive onto the flickering barrier.

'Two,' Power Girl said, turning her head to look at Sheva perched on the dough vat as K'ori bumped into Raven, fat rolls making a 'puff' sound as the tall alien got her still somewhat strong arms around Raven's bloated body.

'And three!' PG yelled, eyes glowing red with heat vision as the shield dropped.

Twin laser beams fired out from Karen's eyes as the barrier fell. Warned by some sixth sense, Sheva jumped off her perch and somehow dodged the light beams but she'd never been the real target. Steel melted and burst as five hundred thousand gallons of cookie dough burst into the room, a tsunami of sugar and shortening that swallowed both the leaping assassin and made the panicking Livewire flee into an electrical circuit, while knocking Giganta off balance.

The heroines were already moving. K'ori shot upwards with Raven in tow, breathing heavily at the exertion but hauling her dumpy friend out of Volcana's fire and making the pyromancer chase after them. Power Girl and Wonder Girl flew as fast as they could, the taut rope between them catching hold of Giganta's foot and hauling it upwards. The giant woman's arms pinwheeled but with her other foot sliding in dough she had no chance, she toppled back with a thud, collapsing catwalks and pipes as she went, molten chocolate and caramel and marshmallow fudge raining down below into a sea of fattening goodness.

'Hog tie her and then help Starfire!' Karen shouted, tossing Cassie back her rope and flying toward's a no longer so confident Harley Quinn.

Rocketing like a white clad missile, the blonde was mere feet from her goal when a burst of electricity knocked her out of the air. She hit the ground, bounced off an I beam and came to a halt as Livewire strutted up, lightning shooting from her hands into the twitching heroine.

'You know, used to be I was always the chunky meta human,' the thick hipped woman laughed as she walked closer, 'its pretty nice to be around women fatter than me now. But I never liked how you flaunted that hot body of yours and it being even thinner? I like that even less!'

Karen gave a scream of pain that blew out a speaker back on the jet, but the scream kept going. The air around her yell turned first chilly, then cold, then frigid and then immediately freezing. Water vapor condensed into ice crystals that flew straight at the electric villain and when they hit her fan of lightning, melted into water. In a heartbeat the blue skinned woman was drenched, her lightning turning on her in a shower of sparks that soon left her twitching on the ground.

'And I hate when people monologue,' Karen muttered, standing up and turning toward's Quinn only to find a dough covered Shiva in her path.

The assassin stared at her in mute hatred and although she had quite the starter gut of swallowed dough bulging out of her pants, didn't seem harmed.

'I know you don't have any real powers,' Power Girl told her, 'but if you don't move I'll...*urg*'

The short asian woman moved quicker than Karen could comprehend, driving a kick into her solar plexus. A non-powered human doing that shouldn't do anything but break their foot yet the air was driven right out of Karen's mouth. She doubled over and took the palm of Sheva's left fist to her nose, sending her stumbling back into a rail. Karen tasted blood dribbling down her lip.

'You'll what? Die?' the assassin laughed, licking dough off her own lips and shooting forwards.

Power Girl was no mean martial artist herself, she'd earned black belts in two different human martial arts when just starting out and knew several Kryptonian ones. But Shiva was on an entirely different level. Every punch the blonde threw was dodged before she even made it, countered with a kick or a slap. At full power, the alien would have been immune to everything thrown at her but she was weak enough that the blows were beginning to draw blood.

She risked a desperate kick, something that should have broken a tank, but the petite woman caught her leg, drove one hard fist into her thigh and then spun her, throwing her through the air to dent another storage tank. Half stunned, Power Girl felt a sticky golden substance drip onto her face from a connecting pipe and unconsciously licked it. Sweet, sugary and strong: caramel. Shiva stalked forwards, dangerous as a cobra, pausing only to adjust her pants under her small paunch.

'You'll pay for every inch of this,' the assassin purred as she felt the little layer of fat, 'and every inch of the first gain too. Maybe if Quinn hadn't saved us you'd have won but now that I'm free and thin again? All of you annoying supers are going to die.'

Karen drew in a deep breath, 'I don't know what Quinn told you lady, but when I fatten someone up, they stay fat...observe.'

Power Girl's hand punched into the storage tank, ripping steel and letting a long stream of warm caramel shoot out. Shiva might have perfect knowledge of human body language but apparently that didn't extend to predicting Caramel. She stood still and was hit right in the face, blown back against the far wall as gallon after gallon of the golden sugar liquid hit her. As Karen managed to stand up, she could see that the assassin's cheeks were bulging with the caramel and she was sucking it down like a pig at the trough.

'Any other tricks Quinn?' Karen gasped as she walked forwards, leg refusing to perfectly bend and instead limping slightly.

Bloody, beaten and weary she might be, but Power Girl pressed on, towards Harley who stood on a platform with a pistol drawn and aimed at the brainwashed Zatanna's head.

'From me?' Harley laughed, 'Nah but from...'

Giganta loomed up behind Karen, covered in dough, decidedly plump and with Cassie and her lasso hanging from one chubby fist and the other raised to pulverize the Kryptonian. Power Girl turned her head slightly and her heat vision shot out, causing an I beam to fall and thump the giant woman on her head. Her eyes rolled back and she collapsed with a thud.

'Okay, I guess not. Good help is so hard to brainwash,' the clown woman sighed, then remembered her gun, cocking it at Zatanna, 'stop right there! Or I'll shoot her!'

'Don't you need her?' Karen asked, still walking forwards.

'Not anymore, we've already won!' Harley laughed, forgetting to point the gun, 'the whole damn planet is addicted, we've got all the manufacturing base and hybrid plants we need! Ivy's gonna have a green world of plants and I'm gonna rule over her little cult, even though she's so damn big she's been in a food coma for two months, which means at last that I'm going to be in charge of a beautiful world! Our food's packed with enough retroviruses and power suppressors and synthetic kryptonite to take out any hero who tries to stop us! All I need her for is to take care of my vanity weight!'

'But it didn't work on me, did it?' Power Girl asked, keeping the clown talking, 'your little snacks tasted plenty good but you never found the right mix, did you?'

'Nah, I never could get big Z here to wish Dimension 2 pink kryptonite into existence, something to do with all the Ks in it,' Harley admitted with a shrug, blinking and having the bruised, battered and very pissed Karen hovering right in front of her, 'Meep.'

'Did you really think this was going to work Harley?' Karen lectured, 'that you, a psychotic clown was really going to be able to beat me? I put up with your shit for months when you were trying to go straight but now that your crazy you'll need firmer correction I see.'

Seemingly on reflex, the former psychiatrist pointed the gun at Karen and pulled the trigger. Instead of a bullet, a flag saying 'BANG!' stuck out.

'Wrong pistol,' the well fed clown said sheepishly as the floating Power Girl snatched the gun out of her hand, its surface crumpling under her fist.

'So help me Rao Quinn, I'm...I'm...,I'm...gonna...' Karen said, suddenly feeling woozy, the world in front of her spinning.

'Lay down and have a nap?' Harley laughed, suddenly confident.

Power Girl fell out of the air like a puppet with its strings cut, landing with a painful thump on the floor. A shiver went through her thin body, along with a wave of nausea. The pain of her small injuries was suddenly magnified, even as sounds seemed to fade and the world's colors went dull. Karen tried to stand up but her body felt as if it were made of lead, the muscles weaker than a kitten's and she had to pull herself to her shaking legs with both hands on a rail. She looked down at the gun by her feet, which had been scuffed by the fall to reveal a shining gold crystal beneath its paint.

'So, dimension 2 pink kryptonite? Turns out you can't wish that into being, which is  shame as it would have fattened you up real good,' the stuffed but otherwise athletic Harley laughed, tumbling down the stairs and somersaulting over the prone Karen, 'but dimension 2 gold Kryptonite? The stuff that takes away your powers forever? Turns out Zatanna can make that!'

Power Girl turned, trembling to look at her tormentor who cackled madly at her. Up in the air, she dimly saw K'ori struggling to keep ahead of Volcana's fire bursts.

'Di, Kara we need,' Karen began, only for Quinn's foot to drive its way into her gut.

She doubled over with a grunt and Harley pulled the ear piece out of her ear, raising it to her mouth.

'We need ya to come down and have some snacks! We've got plenty!' the clown laughed, before crushing the communicator.

*Harley has some fun

*Diana to the rescue


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Great, classic superhero vs. supervillain action!  Love Karen's quick thinking throughout, and that perseverance with the bad leg was awesome.  And a brilliant little twist with Harley's Gold-K gun!

As for what comes next, I don't think Diana's going to take this lying down.  Harley's about to get an Amazon-sized ass-whupping, I hope. 

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Diana will get there...eventually...


*Harley has some fun

'What's a matter Peej?' Harley laughed darting forwards, flicking Karen in the nose and jumping back before the tall blonde could respond, 'you skip breakfast?'

Gasping in air, the depowered heroine tried to stand. Panic was rising up inside her: she was powerless, vulnerable, weak. She could die from an untied shoe lace now! Her breathing rose, approaching hyper ventilating as Harley circled her with a cackling laugh.

'Come on, use that super speed to knock me out before I know what's happening!' Quinn taunted, closing her eyes leaving herself wide open right on the edge of Karen's longer reach, her stuffed gut bulging out.

Power Girl snapped a kick at her. Even depowered she should have been immensely strong, but all that muscle had wasted, never to return. Her kick as slow and sloppy, Harley caught it easily and jerked Karen's blue booted foot up into the air, sending her head over heels to land on her back.

'Oh, guess your slow now! Why don't you use your flight powers to fly up!' Harley teased, clearly having the time of her life.

'When I get ahold of you,' Karen promised with a confidence she didn't feel, trying to stand only to get a boot in the gut, hard enough to flip her over.

Harley pounced on top of her, pinning her arms with extremely strong legs despite the well fed tummy resting on Karen's shoulder blades.

'Well you've got a hold of me? Now what?' The clown laughed, 'Come on PG, do a push up with me on your back! I'm a measly 120, maybe 130 with all the junk I snacked on waiting for you. But your what, the second strongest woman on earth? Should be easy.'

Power Girl tried to push herself up with one trembling arm, but couldn't manage, collapsing with a grunt. She'd started tonight's raid exhausted and under nourished, taken out three high class super villains essentially on her own while burning through most of her reserves and then gotten depowered...she was depowered...powerless forever.

'Your breathing a little hard there PG,' Harley observed, 'sounds like your having an anxiety attack. You, all mighty power girl having a panic attack? Wow, never thought I'd see the day. But then, I'd never thought I'd see you so damn weak you couldn't do a push up either!'

Harley sprang off her acrobatically, then grabbed hold of Karen's short cape. With apparent ease, the muscular clown dragged her across the grating, which pinched and poked at her exposed legs.

'I almost shit myself when you showed up, you know that?' the super villain monologues as she dragged Karen over to another tank of confection arise, past the rapidly ballooning form of the once more addicted lady Shiva, 'We'd never been able to get kryptonite from your dimension and when I saw you and Wonder Woman and Starfire and Raven on camera together I thought we were totally screwed. But then I realized you were a godsend!'

She tied Karen's cape around a railing, then grabbed a hose with a mask attached to it, fitting it over Power Girl's mouth. The powerless blonde tried to struggle, but Harley slapped her hands away, then tied them to the rail with her own belt.

'Your not gonna need that belt again toots. I'm guessing that you set up a secret base somewhere with a lot of fattening food and helped all those heroines indulge, guessing you could handle the heavy lifting when it came to the big fight,' Harley continued, 'I expected that. I remember all those alien samples you made me try on our little space adventure a couple years ago, even thought I kept ripping out of my space suit. It took me months to look presentable again, months. And you didn't disappoint! Without you, all those heroines would still be rather capable if a little fat, but now they're so damn big that they can't even fight and fly at the same time! Look at Starfire over there, used to be she'd have flown rings around Volcana and blown her out of the sky but now she can barely hover!'

Star drifted by carrying Raven, quivering flight path barely above the cookie dough sea. Giganta slowly rose up, dropping a bound Cassie and rubbing her scalp.

'If it had been Wonder Woman instead of you in here...I'd have been screwed. She doesn't have any weaknesses, you know that? Almost cheating really,' Harley went on, 'but with you here in all your chubby chasing glory...well I didn't need to see the footage of you two smooching to know you'd turn the world's most overrated brunette into the world's fattest Amazon, you skinny little pervert you. I knew I just had to set up some lackeys for any of your still kinda able to fight allies to deal with, then wait with my little ace in the hole next to Zatanna for you to dart in and bam, it'd be Womano e Womano with the fight in my advantage.'

'Quinn...don't do this...,' Power Girl wheezed as Harley walked over to a switch.

'My ass had stretch marks all over it until I got Z to undo them,' Harley told her, turning around and slapping her round booty to demonstrate, 'stretch marks because of you! Stretch marks like you're gonna have, all over!'

The switch was thrown, a pump began and a thick stream of alternating hot fudge and cold milkshake began pouring into Karen's mouth. It was eat or drown and the powerless alien had to suck it down as quick as possible. Fear was still fighting for control of her but as the cold ice cream went in she began to feel increasingly sedate, even as her flat stomach began to inflate.

'I didn't even count on you getting so out of shape either. I figured I'd still be going up against a pissed mini-giantess but you're so skinny it was like fighting an anorexic model Guessing you were trying to avoid getting infected huh? Fat lot of good it did you,!' Harley laughed, then poked Karen's not so flat stomach, swelling with ice cream, 'You're gonna get fat Karen, fat. Fat. Fat!'

The jester was eating another muffin, even as her stomach pushed her zipper down to her navel, 'Don't worry though, you won't die! Once I get you nice and full I'll have Z hit you with some whammies. You're gonna be my sexy little secretary, my sexy little ditz that can't tell inbox from outbox and who I'll fatten into a 550 pound tub of lard that can't figure out why your skirts keep bursting as you munch down on more doughnuts!'

Power Girl struggled in her bonds, desperate to get out...and do what? Harley had kicked her ass and disabled her communications. She was pathetic, weak, helpless...her whole superhero career was over.

'Oh! Maybe this time around I'll set it up so you're all in a sorority! You're the butch jock hiding being bi, Wonder Woman is the ice queen president you've got a crush on, Supergirl's your little sister that gets a beer habit, I'm part of the rival sorority house that's secretly fattening you up so much you lose your scholarship, it'll be fun!' Harley cooed as Karen's gurgling waist shot past her breasts, the buttons gapping on the sides.

'Hey, stop squirming! You're wasting calories!' Harley laughed, 'although I got a give you credit, you did get pretty far this time.'

PG's eyes narrowed, even as she sucked down more ice cream, this time?

Harley seemed to read her thoughts as the snaps popped off, 'Oh yeah, with Z on our side we just reset things if someone tries to stop us. Men are more resistant than female supers, it's why we just kinda pop them out of the timeline. Didn't you think it's weird that Superman or Batman never tried to stop us after their family members started putting on weight?'

Power Girl tried to break free as pain shot up her belly. In minutes she'd gone from starved to stuffed, her enormous belly groaning and grumbling, pinning her to the floor. The panties of her costume ripped apart, leaving her almost naked, floppy, reduced tits hanging to the side.

'Your getting pretty big there Peej!' Harley cackled, slapping the somewhat tan dome painfully, 'But your not quite the woman you were so I'll turn it off. This is the first time  you showed up, so I don't wanna waste ya!'

Harley hopped up, doing a back spring just to show she could and turning off the feed of chocolate and cream to Karen's relief. The depowered woman slumped against her bonds, completely spent and near asleep yet anxious and tormented by her defeat as well.

'Last time round it was you and the same bunch minus Raven but plus Zatanna and we tricked ya into fattening yourselves up, although Cale and Circe were with us too,' Harley laughed, crouching over Karen, 'time before that you weren't even there, while Wonder Woman and Starfire were too fat to even move by the time Batgirl organized a resistance. They all really didn't even get close that time, but I was getting bored and decided to reset everything. Every time it's something a little different, feels like I've been doing it for years. Ivy gets fat, then I get fat, then other villains and then heroines and it's always a blast. Of course at the end it gets boring, Ivy's already reached the stage where she gets so big she starts communing with the green 24/7 and stops talking while Selina and Tahlia are just lardasses who stopped trying to move months ago. Wonder what'll happen when I do it again?'

The fit, if over stuffed, harlequin pranced over to Zatanna, beginning to climb the mountain of flab.

[X] Harley resets the story, we're back to the old diner

[X] Wonder Woman arrives

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God, I love me some alternate timeline shenanigans.  That was a fantastic twist, and a great way to tie in both GtW4StW and the original interactive.  And those are two very tempting choices.  Much as I'm looking forward to seeing the girls come out on top, I'm also curious to see what Harley's twisted little mind can cook up.  She's becoming a regular Luthor Jr, minus the amazing afro.

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Okay, bad ending first. Had a good idea, if very long, for a bad ending:

*things reset:

"I was thinking maybe a fantasy retelling, where Wonderbra is a barbarian princess, Batbutt is a thief, Superbutt is a naive cleric and you're a slightly past your prime mercenary that all wind up in a weight gain themed dungeon,' Harley said as she sloshed toward's Zatanna, her protruding gut at odds with her muscular limbs and flawless ass, 'but that's a little nerdy for right now.'

Karen tried to struggle, tried to free herself for all the good it would do. Gallons of ice cream and fudge jostled in her stomach, pinning her weak body to floor. Pain radiated through her after that beating, mixing with the perverse sexual thrill that came at being humiliated, helpless and above all very full. She was going to get fat now, she didn't even have a choice of getting fat, so long world of dynamic heroism, hello world of gorging on fried food until she broke the couch! Too much of her was ecstatic at that, even as part of her wailed at the loss of her powers and wanted to huddle in a corner and cry and the sane, rational part of her mind kept reminding her: 'Quinn is about to delete the world!'

'What I really want is some domestic drama,' Harley kept talking, clambering up the rolls of wizard, 'I'll have you as the mother figure to superbutt, trying to juggle heroism and career and a bratty teen.Yeah, let's get rid of her sugary personality and let that little anger issue shine bright, we'll do the same with that anxiety you try to hide!'

Diana would save her, Diana would have to save her. Right? But she was so fat, so weak...if she made it in time could she even beat Quinn?

'And instead of getting fat last, you'll get fat first! Lots of nice drama there and less focus on the heroics as you stress and eat and stress and eat and then get guilty because you've still got that hidden fat fetish going crazy,' Harley giggled, drawing her self atop Zatana's couch sized shoulder and rubbing her gut, 'man, I've gotta watch what I eat next go around...or not!'

'Harley, don't,' Karen tried to say through the sticky mass but a stream of backwards jibberish came out of Zatanna's mouth and the world spun and she...

was walking through the hall way of her Brooklyn Brownstone, carrying a basket packed with laundry on a warm Monday morning at the start of August. Karen felt a small stab of confusion and looked down to see her body in all of its curvaceously muscular glory, not a curve, ab or cupsize out of place or position. She was wearing her near uniform off duty clothes: a pair of tiny blue athletic shorts and a sleeveless white t, both perfectly fitting size 8s. Her earth shaking super powers were coiled and ready beneath the surface as always. Shaking off the vertigo, she pushed open the door with the laundry to her little sisters room, finding Kara preening in front of a vanity mirror in a thong.

'You aren't wearing that to school,' Power Girl sighed, knowing an argument was coming, 'I don't care what it's under.'

'Why not? You wear less fighting crime,' her little sister, just at the start of her senior year and going on thirty sniped back, 'and have you heard of knocking?'

'Have you heard of folding the laundry like I asked you too?' Karen said, trying not to get angry as she put the basket of socks down on Kara's bed, 'Three times?'

'Ugh, fine,' the younger kryptonian, an equally blonde but much lighter hundred pound 5'4 twig sighed and in a blur of super speed had the socks neatly folded and put away before a human could blink, 'don't see why you couldn't do it.'

Because I was working late last night even though it was a Sunday. Because after that I had a League leadership meeting because for some of us super heroing isn't just a way to party with our friends. Because I thought I forgot to file a patent and had to rush back to the office and had a nasty, crying panic attack when I couldn't find my key and it turned out I took care of it a week ago and I binge ate half a pig and twenty eggs at a diner to get over it. Because I haven't gotten laid since I adopted you ten years ago when you showed up and I was only 22 but you were a scared 9 year old who needed a home and I still don't know how to be a Mom, even though you've gone from a sweet as sugar, straight A nerd cheer leader into a nasty little lying bitch over the summer.

'Because I'm trying to teach you responsibility,' the older Kryptonian sighed, going to get ready for work.

A minute later she was in her loose, well designed business casual designed to downplay her one of a kind curves, with a red wig onto hide her short blonde hair, a holographic watch to make her golden tan skin look pale and had one green contact in when Kara yelled from down stairs, 'Hey, did you go to the grocery store like you said? We're out of cereal.'


'Just, grab a twenty from my purse and grab something from the corner store,' Karen yelled down, trying to get her contact back out of the sink, which despite superhuman strength and speed was a challenge for anyone, 'like some bananas or apples or something.'

The door opened and shut, Kara using her speed to be there and back in seconds even though it risked their secret identities. Power Girl came down the stairs, finding her sister browsing her phone, wearing hip hugging skinny jeans that showed she was still wearing a thong and finishing a glazed doughnut from a box with a red A on it.

'Those aren't banannas,' the exhausted heroine observed.

'You said or something, besides maybe if I eat like you I'll look like you,' Kara tittered, standing up and going out the door, snagging another doughnut on the way, 'anyway, rides here, gotta go.'

Karen counted to ten at the disrespect to keep herself from going to work too angry. She knew her protege was going through some things, finding her place and testing boundaries but it was driving her nuts. Especially as she had a point: PG had awful eating habits and despite them had always been tall, muscular and well...big. Weight only ever settled on her breasts, which had gone from DD to G over the last decade and her sister, who remained short/slight and flat as a board seemed extra furious over it after finding her last boyfriend had had a Power Girl poster in his room.

She ate one of the doughnuts because she really did need to go to work. Ate a second because the first was good and ate a third because the box claimed they were low calorie. Karen had, in the ancient days when she'd had time to date, a fascination with softness, gained from a fling with a college athlete who'd let their abs grow into a beer belly in the off season. For a while she'd been considering finding a way to gain a bit herself but becoming essentially a Mom meant she had to be a good example, which meant worrying about sugar and carbs and transfats, even if your little sister was immune to them all.

PG walked out of the house with the fourth and last doughnut in hand, not realizing that Kara had taken at least three hundred dollars from her purse and that she didn't have the super metabolism she'd woken up with.

Two weeks passed, featuring a few super hero brawls and lots of patrols for both of them, plenty of long business meetings and a panic attack for Karen, while Kara had a lot of skipped homework, three underage drinking sessions, cheer leading practices used as a bitch session with her besties Cassandra Sandsmark and Stephanie Brown and her first detention. The doughnut box became a permanent fixture of the kitchen counter, while supergirl's school lunches grew to cover her tray and Karen's lunch break stretched to fill an hour.

While doing laundry again, Karen's eyes crossed to find a fake ID that claimed Kara was at least five years older. Furiously floating upstairs, the Kryptonian was halted by some soft grunts from Kara's room, interspersed with some 'Come on, damn it!'

'There's no way she's...she couldn't have a boy in there could she?' Karen asked herself and then pushed the door open.

She'd expected something illicit but instead found Kara floating above her bed, hovering on her back. She was wearing a thong, as customary now, and trying to button her size zero skinny jeans. Surprised, PG stood there watching for a moment, fake ID forgotten, before the bitchy senior noticed her.

'Do you fucking mind?' Kara snapped, inadvertently relaxing her stomach to reveal that instead of a washboard midsection, she had a little bulge of tummy fluff, 'someone shrank these in the wash...'

Karen calmly dropped the laundry, fake ID in it, and made her own way to the bathroom, stepping into the shower and muttering to herself.

'She disobeys, she's not doing her school work, she steals money from my purse, she's clearly drinking and now she's getting fat!' PG near sobbed to herself over the roar of the shower, 'I'm a terrible fucking parent, who lets a daughter with a super metabolism get fat! Rao, if we were interfertile with humans she'd probably be knocked up...'

As she tried not to have a panic attack over it, Karen rhythmically rubbed soap over herself. She felt the familiar bulges of her thigh muscles and biceps used to scare off several of Kara's boyfriends she'd disliked, her disgracefully rarely used pussy, her constantly growing G cups wobbling on her chest, the firm four pack that was not there...

'What?' the blonde said, looking down and pushing apart her immense wrack to confirm what her fingers felt.

Soap ran away in the shower to reveal that instead of a chiseled set of abs, Karen's stomach was soft to the touch. She flexed in confusion, a few muscles popping right under her rib cage but that the new flesh between belly button and naval just sort of bulged. Eyes widening and fingers pinching on their own, she found an extra inch stretching from hip to hip, a nondeniable FUPA. She was so focused on it she had to shampoo her hair with cold water and spent so much time in the mirror sucking her stomach in and out that Kara, clad in unfashionable non skinny jeans that still pinched, was long gone when she came down stairs in a conservative pant suit that didn't even pinch.

'She only left me two?' Karen asked with disgust, picking up both doughnuts out of the box.

Excitement was spinning around inside Power Girl all day long, through a demonstration of a cold fusion scooter to punching out a giant gorilla. She'd put on weight. She'd put on weight. It wasn't possible, she should be able to chug gravy 24/7 and have a four pack but some how she'd put on weight? How? How was it possible? She was so focused she didn't even have an anxiety attack when the product nearly exploded. Being a super powered alien didn't come with a handbook, her powers and metabolism and body just did what they did, but something had changed. Was it her age? She still looked like she was in her early twenties ten years later, was middle age knocking on her door in the form of an unearned mom bod? No, her face was still unlined and her breasts perfect and it wouldn't explain why Kara now boasted a little tummy.

Amazement still filling her, Karen decided to wait and see. But when she went shopping that night, her cart had a notable lack of fruit and vegetables in it and a twelve box of doughnuts.

Another two weeks passed: meetings, patrols, fights with supervillains and each other, a failed test, a successful product launch and increasingly tight clothes. Kara asked for money to go shopping, insisting that Karen had shrunk all of her pants. Karen agreed, watching the inch of muffin top between Kara's sweats and t-shirt and feeling how her own waistline had begun to pinch.

Power Girl was at the store, an errand she never missed. Her cart was piled with soda, chips, soy bacon, pancake mix, butter, lucky charms, bratwursts and candy that a normal woman would have struggled to push it and a non-CEO wouldn't have been able to afford it. In the cookie section, Karen bent down to pick up a box of her favorite mint oreos and heard a not unexpected but still surprising little pop. Hand on her destroyed button, she hauled the cart carefully to the clothing section, face going red in excitement and shame as she grabbed a pair of medium sweats.

That the sweats were tight didn't surprise her, Karen was 6' and had big muscles and hips. That they were skin tight and that her toneless belly pooched over them made her eyes light up and her face turn red. She licked her lips and dropped the pants, feeling what two weeks of bad diet had done to her. Instead of a small FUPA with an inch to pinch, she'd grown an actual belly. Fingers traced over the slope, meeting not a trace of muscle all along it and both hands pinched, finding not just a little belly but a belly belly.

It wasn't the only thing either: embryonic love handles had colonized her obliques, while her business like panties bit into hips that were looking wider despite her no doubt thickened waistline. Muscular thighs had grown a layer of pudge up top, their definition fading all over, while her but had the slightest degree of sag on it. Previously visible ribs stayed hidden even if she sucked in.

'I'm chubby,' Karen gasped to herself in joy.

Mouth dry, breath heaving, she bought a large pair of sweats, as well as three bags of porkrinds, the most disgusting thing she could find and a scale. She spent the check out line on her phone, ordering upsized versions of her work wardrobe before the rest could fail. The pork rinds were gone by the time she got home, while Karen's stomach pressed against the useless seat belt as the grocery filled roadster pulled into the garage.

'...bitch doesn't know what she's talking about,' Kara was huffing from the couch onto her cell, bag of chips resting on her no longer pencil thin thighs, 'body fat percentage warning my ass. If she needed to be worried about body fat, she should have looked at her own gut. Hold on, foods here.'

'Can you help me put these up?' Power Girl asked, twenty reusable bags bulging with food laid out on the counter with twice that back in the car, as Supergirl walked in.

Her little sister wasn't fat, but she was certainly no longer skinny. She was wearing only panties and an old cheerleading t, the muffin top now two toneless bulge between the fabrics. Healthy looking thighs jiggled and the Xs t's sleeves bit into no longer tooth pick arms. Clearly she didn't have a bra on, possibly because her old A cups wouldn't have fit her new Bs. When she looked down into a freezer bag, new flesh bulged beneath her chin.

'No I'm not worried, you know I can't gain weight like you can Steph. Anyway, I think its just an excuse for the coach to get the callipers out, I always knew she was a perv,' Kara went on, pulling out a quart of rocky road, a pint of real whipped cream and a pint of chocolate sauce, she walked right by her guardian, stopping only to grab a spoon and head upstairs, 'are you going to that kegger in smallville friday?'

What had been a flat butt a month ago, now hung out of her thong, soft and supple with a dot of cellulite on the left cheek. Karen didn't need to have super vision to see how the underwear's seams were fraying or how it left red marks. Both fuming and amazed, PG put up the groceries on her own.

What did she need to do to get that little bitch to do chores? How could Kara not notice how much weight she'd put on? How had she not noticed herself for that matter? Why the sudden change in previous invincible metabolisms? Blue eyes cast around the room, noticing the counters were still covered in crackers, chips and cookies, while another quarter of ice cream, a liter of cream and a frozen pizza was out because there was no room in the freezer. Had she always bought so much food? The receipt showed a $600 dollar expense for the two of them, was that normal? She couldn't quite remember...

An hour later she was upstairs, stomach sloshing with ice cream, pizza and cream, with a scale under her arm. The woman in the mirror looked pregnant, with tomato sauce and ice cream around her full pink lips.Carefully setting the scale down, Karen stepped onto it, seeing the numbers slide far past the 180 she was used to to settle onto 210 pounds.

'Thirty pounds,' she squealed to herself, blushing from vulva to forehead, 'I've gained thirty pounds....even if some of it is food weight...holy shit!'

She was at last getting chubby, no not getting chubby, just chubby. A bmi app confirmed it, at her height she was officially overweight. Not even borderline! Sweet Rao, YES. She needed release, she needed to go on cruise and have sweaty, anonymous sex as she over ate, she needed to get Kara out of the house to properly explore this new addition.

A small click of a window sounded and Karen realized it was her sister flying out through the window. She thought about going after her but stopped. Kara could look after herself tonight, Karen needed me time at last.

Another month passed and problems arose.

Power Girl's costume had to keep up with Karen's appetite. The kevlar white one piece was thick enough to hide a lack of definition but as her gut rounded out, it became noticable. For a while her super strength went towards sucking in whenever around her slim, fit peers but as PGs ass began to spread and her thighs touched she came out with a new costume that had a skirt to hide her ass, leggings to cover her thighs and then eventually a skirt to cover both. She wasn't sure why she was ashamed of losing her super heroine figure only as a superheroine, she didn't mind it otherwise, but seeing Wonder Woman's wasp waist and Vixen's smooth ass and Starfire's firm legs and Hawkgirl's guns she couldn't help but feel anxious again. When a snap ripped open in the middle of a fight against a robot octopus called 'Ovo the destroyer' she had to admit that things were getting out of hand and resolved a diet.

It lasted until Kara's parent teacher conferences the next day, at an upscale private school.

'All Fs! All Fs!' the older Kryptonian exclaimed as she hauled herself into the car, the roadster groaning as she and Kara got in, 'how could you get all Fs! You knew math more complicated than honors trig when you were 9 and your being moved to remedial classes!'

'Because I don't care,' Kara huffed, settling in on the passenger seat.

'And sixteen detentions for sleeping in or texting in class, when you bothered to show up!' the taller woman exclaimed, 'how did I not know about this until your principle told me you were an expulsion risk! Kara you were a shoe in for valedictorian last year!'

'Because I hacked the system to send all the calls to a bot I made with samples of your voice,'  Kara said, crossing her thighs.

'And you got cut from cheer leading!' Karen went on, 'I thought you loved cheer leading!'

'...I did love cheer leading,' Kara admitted, something besides teen age spite coming from her.

'Then why did she cut you?' Karen asked, near tears of rage and frustration.

'...because I was over the BMI limit, didn't do the exercise plan in the probation period and at my final weigh in had gained another twenty pounds,' the shorter alien admitted.

Kara was no longer the rail thin beauty she had been at the start of the school year, she wasn't even the overfed whiner she'd been a month earlier. The young woman sitting next to Karen was inarguably heavy set and looked prone to gaining more in the years to come. Slender thighs had grown thick, soft and beefy, the skin tight size fourteen cut offs was inadvisable given the cellulite running up their back. An undeniable beer gut spilled across her lap, bursting into rolls as she the largest sized cheer sweater the team's fundraiser sold rose up past her belly button., the fat oozing out over her shorts. Sagging C cups strained against it, Kara's lack of a bra already hurting their long term perk. The girl's narrow face had broadened, with a thick double chin and apple cheeks, while there was the start of her first acne outbreak above her upper lip.

'How much do you weigh?' Karen asked calmly.

'A hundred and sixty two at the weigh in, but that was at the start of the week,' the chunky superheroine admitted, 'I'm probably one seventy by now.'

Karen didn't sigh, but she did put on her turn signal and make a sharp left into a drive through. Without saying anything to Kara she ordered a heart attacks worth of transfat and dairy, letting out a grunt as she reached through the window to pay for it with a card that had seen a mortgage worth of fast food in the last months. Power Girl stopped in the drive through, sucking down a forty ounce shake as she began pulling a full pound burger from the bag.

'Do I get anything?' Kara asked as her sister demolished the food.

'No, because you're obese,' Karen told her.

'Excuse me?' the in fact obese super girl repeated.

'Kara, five months ago you were the thinnest girl at that school and had a 4.0 GPA and the only disciplinary thing you'd ever had was a warning for talking in class about a pokemon you'd caught and you cried for three days about what a bad person you were,' Power Girl repeated, 'you have a flat zero in every class,  youre stealing money from me, you've got a fake ID and I know youre drinking, youre sneaking out at night and its okay if youre having sex but I don't even know who its with, you got cut from the sport you've loved for years and you've gained sixty pounds. I'm cutting your allowance until you get all As again and are in class every day and you're on a diet.'

'Like I'm the one who needs that,' Kara huffed, crossing her thick, toneless arms.

'Sixty pounds!' her sister repeated, for emphasis poking her finger deep into Kara's gut, 'this shouldn't even be possible. I know I've been busy the last few months but Kara, talk to me please. Let me try and help!'

Super girl responded by grabbing Karen's shake from her hand, opening the car door and getting up with a fat girl grunt.

'Where are you going?' the other blonde yelled, setting aside the fast food decorated her own body to try and follow.

'Gotham. Smallville. The Fortress of Solitude. The Moon. Away from you, fat ass,' the chunky blonde said, walking into an alley as Karen hauled herself out of the car.

There was a crunch, a moan and a woosh of air. When Power Girl got to where Kara had disappeared, she found only a concussed mugger thrown half way through a dumpster and no sign of her ward save for a distant whistle. She felt an urge to follow but had no idea what to say.

Karen didn't go to work that week, calling in sick for the first time. She had six panic attacks and plenty of nightmares. She emptied her over flowing kitchen twice. On friday morning, feeling like shit she made a phone call, knowing she needed a league ladies night.

League Ladies night was at a little cabin on a beach in Maine and the membership was strict. You had to be a league member and over thirty, preferably married and or having a kid. For the early twenties set superheroing work was a quest for justice and adventure mixed with romance and fun. Once you had a real job and family to juggle, you needed support. Counting her there were five : Wonder Woman, Starfire, hawkgirl and vixen.

There was bitching about kids, Starfire's toddler going through half-human teething troubles and Karen, drunk off her ass on amazonian wine, ranting about what the hell had happened. In the morning, after the already frigid waters got warm enough, there was a dip in the pool. And although all of them noticed, had noticed for months of declining performance, none of them wanted to be the first to mention how Power Girl was...huge.

If Kara had gained sixty pounds in two months, Karen had gained eighty. There was no hint of her powerful muscle tone and her tall frame had reached its limit to hide her weight. Stuffed into a size twenty white string  bikini were two hundred fifty plus pounds of Kryptonian pudge.

Always thick thighs sprawled, they over hung her knee and forced her into a waddle. Feminine hips had become a parody of middle age jiggle, while her muscular buns were sloppy pillows of cellulite swallowing her thong. Her gut was immense, the lower sprawl folding upwards like a grin to swallow her belly button and hide the front of her panties, if her waistline wasn't fifty it wasn't an inch. Flawless breasts had barely budged, being merely half way to H cups but had taken on a matron's sag. A sharp chin had a drooping jowl and her cheekbones were hidden. She'd gone from looking like a student at Kara's meetings to being the heaviest parent or guardian there.

'You should take some me time,' Diana, clad in a tight red bikini, 'suggested. When was the last time you took some time off to do something fun? Go dancing or hiking or take up a hobby like biking...'

'Go on a roller dance date!' Starfire suggested  ditzily, purple floss bikini struggling to contain her.

'Or take up a spin class,' Vixen brought up, wearing a sling shot one piece made to show off her abs.

'Or just exercise,' the angelic Hawkgirl suggested in her thong one piece, 'and maybe eat less.'

It was out there. Karen blushed under her tan.

'I know I've put on some weight...quite a bit of it,' the Kryptonian said, 'but it doesn't bother me beyond it rubbing off on Kara.'

'Are you sure? Because you've started grunting when you get out of your chair,' Hawkgirl brought up.

'And in the last alien invasion you didn't score a single punch,' Starfire brought up.

'And you were two hours late,' Vixen said.

'This isn't an intervention Karen, but we're worried about you,' Diana told her gently, 'would you like me to take you to paradise island, get you checked out by some Amazon healers?'

'Because you're on the front of tabloids now,' Hawkgirl said, 'they're calling you 'PufferGirl'.

'And you always have pizza stains on your uniform,' Vixen said, 'and you've had three wardrobe malfunctions this month.'

'And people have stopped asking if you're pregnant and started asking if everything is okay with you,' Starfire brought up.

'We're fairly certain that you and Kara both have an eating disorder,' Diana said very gently, 'and we want you to know that we still love you but we're very worried about you.'

'...No,' Karen said after a second, 'I think maybe I should take a leave of absence from the league though. Get myself back in shape.'

She didn't tell them that she liked the bulk, liked the softness, that she'd started masturbating more frequently as it piled on and apart from Kara's tantrum felt less anxious, that she was tempted to find some feeder dates to further bulk her up. And she didn't mention that Diana's wasp waist was now hidden under a tummy roll that bulged over her panties, that Hawkgirl's arms jiggled with softness as she rubbed sunscreen on her wider ass, that Starfire's perfect breasts were drooping towards a refilling mommy gut and her runners legs lacked any tone and that Vixen's was only displaying a soft layer of ebony fat in the front and mahogany stretch marks in the back. Karen hadn't been the only one eating a red anonymous doughnut that morning and it was clear that the other heroines hadn't noticed yet, each being at least twenty pounds heavier than they thought. Pure sexual thrill went through her at the thought and she had to hurriedly leave, saying she wanted to check and see if Kara had come home.

More time passed.

Kara's school called saying that the girl had signed the drop out paper work. An extended stay at Caesar's Palace got taken out using Kara's credit card, which was charged frequently with fast food and plus size boutiques in Las Vegas. Karen took an official medical leave of absence as CEO of Starware with no set return date, noting as she left that every woman there had at least a starter belly and red Anonymous boxes proliferated. Diana called every day for a week to see if she wanted to spar but as the Amazons own weight gain became tabloid fodder when her belt of might popped open mid battle and refused to close over thickening chub, Diana  soon had enough to worry about and stopped calling.

Karen kept eating, staying in save for when she needed more food. Her grocery bill skyrocketed along with her weight, even though only one person was eating at the house. She carefully observed her changing body, thrilled at every new inch and ounce. Scale and measuring tape were carefully used, until she outgrew them and ordered xtra large ones. A graph in the kitchen showed her weight going up and up and up. She had several in house dates with a feeder dominatrix but the increasingly plump woman was dissatisfied at how little her whip affected the Kryptonian.

Months passed, Power Girl lost track of time save that it was summer again and it was time for a grocery delivery. Apart from tanning on the roof she didn't leave the house anymore. Walking was exhausting and high distance flights were possible, but she was showing up on radar now. Her car was a no go as well, the roadster wasn't built for someone of her girth. The seat didn't go back far enough for her stomach not to hit the horn, she was too wide to close the door and she was too big for the shocks.

Karen still had her heat vision and invulnerability and some of her strength, although she was clumsy as all get out. She'd monitored her blood pressure and sugar, she was healthy as a horse in that regard although she'd developed sleep apnea.

Prepared for a knock at the door, Karen began the laborious task of bathing. A tent like pair of XXXL blue shorts waited on the sink to later slide up her cellulite and spider vein riddled legs, having to be jerked up over the lower hang of her stomach and ass, the draw string taut without being tied. She didn't have a shirt that fit her, her arms were thicker than her old hip measurements and seemed made out of dough. Her once ripped stomach was so enormously big that she had to guess she was wider than she was tall, made easier because she now only measured 5'9 due to pressure. The last scale had stopped working when she'd hit its limit of 550 pounds at least a month ago.

She stood in the bathroom, looking at the living wall of a woman that filled the mirror. Karen's face was so round it had merged with her under jowls to completely block her neck and so swollen it made her big blue eyes look piggish. Sausage fingers searched for any trace of firmness on her once rock hard body and couldn't find it, not one her breasts which looked like stockings stuffed with cottage cheese and tipped with tea cups or her waist which bulged over the counter into the sink nor her ass, which pressed hard against the back of the wall.

Getting into the shower was getting difficult, she was so wide she had to shuffle into it. Karen had considered mobility aids being installed, an increasingly lucrative business, but after many months of insane eating on no income she was no longer a rich CEO, the company like most of the economy bought out by anonymous. Online cam girl work, stuffing and fondling herself helped keep the mortgage and grocery bill paid, ish, although the credit card debt and mortgage were piling up. If she could get there, there was always her and Kara's fortress of solitude although no one delivered to the depths of the pacific. If she needed to go on a crash diet it would be a good place to start getting her life back on track, to stop being a recluse, get in shape, find her only relative and save the world.

'You look gorgeous,' the gigantic Karen told the mirror, awkwardly slapping her ass as she waddled forwards, forcing herself past sink and wall.

If she could have touched herself she would, but she was losing that ability and couldn't stand long enough anyway. A few minutes later she waddled out of the shower, who's door hadn't been able to close. By the time she'd shoved her legs into the fraying shorts and her tits into the old sports bra, she was sweating faintly and hungry again.

Hovering down stairs, feet beginning to brush the carpet, Karen sat her ass on three stools and awaited her delivery as she munched some pork rinds, her favorite daily snack. On the counter were a well thumbed stack of tabloids and gossip rags, charting the descent of the world's super heroines into super size: Hawkgirl's doomed struggle to stay small enough to fly, Vixen moving from Victoria's secret and sports illustrated to confidentally boasting about how good it was to be plus sized in Lane bryant and sports illustrated until she moved into new, super sized brands owned by anonymous shell companies after falling off a catwalk, Starfire moving from managing a Mom's fitness magazine to a cooking magazine to one aimed on helping quasi-mobile moms keep up with house work, Wonder Woman bursting out of her armor during a motivational speech and getting sued by some of the injured. Several showed a frequently drunk and increasingly rotund Super Girl living it up in Vegas until she was kicked out of Caesar's palace when her credit card finally failed on her 20th birthday, a three hundred and fifty pound blob.

Karen was thumbing her phone, calmly looking at weight gain sites showing the above until the phone unexpectedly went off. She looked at Diana's picture, hundreds of pounds out of date and decided to open it.

'Karen? Are you there?' Diana's voice said, sounding heavy and tired.

A brief spurt of love shot through her, confusingly to hear Wonder Woman's voice, 'Yeah, its me. What's up?'

'We've found out who's behind all this weight gain,' Diana told her, 'we're going to try and stop them. I don't know what kind of shape your in but...can you help?'

Karen thought for a moment, 'Sure, where are we meeting?'

'An old diner in gotham, can you get there?' Diana asked.

'Maybe, look I've got a delivery coming,' Power Girl said, 'is it really that important?'

'...Yes, yes it is,' Wonder Woman sighed, 'listen, Kara's here...'

Guilt shot through her.

'Fine, I'll come,' Power Girl told her exasperatedly, 'it might take a while though, my flight speed isn't what it was...'

The well over six hundred pound heroine hauled herself out of her seat, lumbering towards the stairs and the super sized Power Girl costume she'd kept matched to her size for some reason. Getting into it was difficult, not all the buttons could shut along her gut and the ass tore out when she had to squeeze through the door, breaking the frame. But she managed to rise into the air, soaring like a parade float.

Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't. But she'd at least have to try.



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