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Gaining the Weight for Saving the World

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5 hours ago, CyrilFiggus said:

Geez, poor Karen.  I dare say she's in a worse spot than Zatanna; I can't wait to see her get some of that spark back.  Interesting development with Kelly too, and I have to wonder what will become of her by the end.  Good to see the things are backfiring on Circe, even if it's only a little.  Something tells me she's going to be getting a taste of her own medicine by the end.

Well, Power girl is my favorite super hero...which unfortunately means she gets the most screen time in a WG story. 

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17 hours ago, Batman76 said:

Well, Power girl is my favorite super hero...which unfortunately means she gets the most screen time in a WG story. 

Ain't a thing wrong with that!  Honestly, Karen is a great character for WG and should definitely be used more often.

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7 hours ago, CyrilFiggus said:

Ain't a thing wrong with that!  Honestly, Karen is a great character for WG and should definitely be used more often.

Oh yes, I've had various ideas involving her

*PG mentors various newbie heroines, her poor habits rubbing off on their thickening waists.

*PGs company invents a superfood to solve world hunger. It has disastrous impacts on kryptonian physiques.

*after finding out her impossible figure caused eating disorders in other women, PG determines to bulk up for the good of others.

*Eris, Greek goddess of discord, manipulates a series of insults between PG and Wonder Woman over who would be higher status without being skinny, leading both to gain weight intentionally.

*PG spends several months depowered, getting a tan and a sloppy beer gut as she recovers at a resort. When her powers kick on, her new weight stays to her consternation.

*one branching from an excellent writing.com storyline where poison Ivy's baked goods cause every other heroine, and villain, to become immensely obese. Oracle sends out a call for the still mostly mobile heroines to save the day. In the one there, I didn't write it, PG wasn't present. In my version,  a still skinny PG recently returned from a space adventure is one of the heroine's who answers the call. With a powerful, unaddicted ally they soon make progress...but Unfortunately for the rest of them, she's a fat admirer with latent feeder tendencies who can't resist keeping the heroine's super sized.


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All wonderful ideas!  I really like the first idea, especially since the JSA started working with legacy heroes.  The second option could be a fun one too, especially if you rope in a few other Kryptonian ladies besides Karen and Kara.  I'm also loving the fifth option; the image of a bloated, lazy Karen Starr on the beach is such a tantalizing one.  And man, that would be a fun twist for the DC WG story: a still powerful PG making sure everyone from the Justice League to the Legion of Doom stays well-fed.

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The authors attempt to quickly get Supergirl to Vegas is derailed by an immense flashback sequence by a character he intended to be small. This story will never end.


"I'm not a pervert, I'm not a pervert, I'm not a pervert, I'm not a pervert," Cassandra Sandsmark repeated to herself as the span of middle America rushed by beneath her.

Cassie was many things. Brave and bold in the face of danger, while still being nervous when judged by more experienced supers. Steadfast and earnest to her team mates and friends, but capable of telling white lies to her professorial  mother when necessary. Near Worshipful of her idol Wonder Woman, but a bit envious of the Aphroditic blessings bouncing on the Amazon's chest and the atlas strong bulge of her thighs. Caring to her friends, but a stone cold bitch to her foes.
She was also an absolute liar because despite her protestations, her sopping panties told the truth: she was an absolute pervert.
"Remember Cassie, you're not a perv," the freshman lied to herself once more, adjusting the fit of Diana's discarded her red, white and blue cuirass as she flew.
Like the other heroine's, Cassie was at her all time highest weight and her clothes weren't fitting right. Unlike shelf assed Power girl, Apron gut Diana, hyper pear Zatanna, plus sized goddess Starfire or her sloppy, rolly Polly plump bestie Kara though, Wonder Girl's expansion was only twenty five pounds and the result of lunatic work out sessions with Diana's embassy staff combined with a diet of vegetarian protein.
months of exhaustive cardio and punishing weights that pressed even her Demi God strength made Cassie shine with lean muscular curves. Unlike the others and despite her powers, her metabolism was merely that of a lean, nineteen year old girl. Not long ago she'd just looked athletic, a girl who ran and did a cardio laden sport season once a year. Although half Olympian, Cassie looked like a hundred other hot,  sporty coeds who thanks to a combination of too much cheap beer, ten years or two kids would inevitably pad out into mediocre plumpness.
That was before getting up at four am every day for a forty mile high speed run, two thousand stair steps, lunges with a decommissioned tank on her shoulders, squats with three decommissioned tanks piled on each other and quad lifts with a twenty ton marble block hooked to the machine, before a gorge session breakfast of almond milk, whey protein, egg whites and whole wheat toast with a mountain of fresh blue berries. 
And that hadn't even been a dedicated leg day, but a morning warm up.
Now her flat belly was a hard six pack sharp enough to shred cheese, her skinny biceps rippled with a steely swell, her quads could literally cut steel, and her flat, white girl ass bulged into two symmetrical perfect circles. The baby fat had fled her face, giving her proud Amazonian features that complimented her tan skin, blue eyes and long blond hair. Through raw effort, she'd pushed her inherited traits to the max, while her born perfect idol had eaten herself into a doughy walrus of a woman with a creased belly to her knees and so many jewels she had no chin.
Thered been a few costs. Cassie's new muscle butt had its share of stretch marks, but pale silver ones unlike the violent red stripes all over the four hulks invited to Zatanna's buffet session. Healthy C cups had shrank down as her body fat percentage dropped, stopping at small A. Adjusting a cuirass that even taken in to the limit was still made for a big busted Diana, Cassie couldn't say why she'd made such a drastic change.
Perhaps it was because Wonder Woman had warned her not to lose weight just for modeling, to care about her health and she'd taken that too heart, practicing what the beluga sized Amazon used to preach. Possibly it was because the shapely  Modeling Agency head Lana Lang had warned her she had some fat potential if she didn't watch it, with the practiced eye of one who had seen many a lean nineteen year old grow a beer belly by twenty. Maybe it was to prevent herself from following in the tracks of her mother, a soft bodied, spectacled desk bound Classics professor who  was twice the weight of the slinky grad student that had caught Zeus eye twenty years earlier. Maybe it was because she was, all things considered, pretty darn low on the flying brick totem pole and was just getting in shape now that the top heroine's were beefing up.
But really, in Cassandra's efficient, ultra healthy, cholesterol free, vegetarian heart of hearts, it was to burn off the nervous energy from discovering she was incredibly into fat girls.
It had all started one late night studying at her Metropolis U apartment in early September, but the roots had been laid earlier. 
She wasn't cut like a diamond yet, just regularly thin and pretty. Wonder Woman's once dorky side kick blossomed into a gorgeous young woman and teen titans team leader. She had strong control over her powers and a bright career in superheroing ahead of her.
Or so it had seemed back in High school.
"Ugh, what's the point of studying Ovid when you're related to half the characters,' the frustrated girl sighed, tossing her textbook onto a pile of other textbooks, "Why bother when I could just fly to Olympus myself...if mom wasn't such a...bitch."
Doctor Sandsmark had once been a globe trotting tomb raider, at thirty a sexually adventurous and quite leggy brunette MILF who didn't look like she had two PhDs and a kid but definitely had a hot boy toy in each city she visited. However, becoming the youngest classics curator at the smithsonian saw her abandoning grueling excavations and harsh hikes in exotic locales for long meetings in an office down the hall from the break room had seen a denied middle age spread make up for lost time. She'd steadily ballooned out of denim short shorts into plus sized pant suits.
Despite vowing to get back in shape after her precocious daughter befriended an outrageously fit Amazon princess, Doctor Sandsmark hadn't been under two hundred fifty pounds of lazy fat in five years. Never exercising, she was always bitchily on a new diet, losing three pounds here and gaining back four there.  Her mom was still pretty in a heavy, frumpy way, but given that she refused to take into account her increasing bulk and age, claiming she'd be back in shape at some nebulous "soon", when setting up a dating profile had entered into a decade long dry spell. Men seeing a thin thirty year old on the profile didn't like a rotund forty five year old showing up.
"Why couldn't she just find a chubby chaser to get her on her back and off mine?' Cassie groaned, looking at how much class work she had left to do.
Her mom wanted to live vicariously through her half divine daughter. Most would have been happy she was a side kick to earths most powerful woman, a superhero team leader in sophomore year and capable of flight, but Doctor Sandsmark was particular. She wanted Cassie to replay her achievements...but faster. All through Cassie's  strict private catholic (which was annoying as fuck for a neo pagan) high school she'd pushed for straight As, a perfect resume of after school activities and absolutely no boys. She'd managed the first two, but had sneakily broken the third. 
Wonder Woman wasn't much help, Diana had responded with a speech about listening to one's elders for their wisdom. She gave a lot of speeches, about self control and respect. 
"Yes, your mother is heavy set and this is unhealthy," Diana had told her one night, "but she's trapped in a sedentary society fueled by food corporations that want people addicted. Many have fallen into that trap, falling away from the natural intent of the gods. Likely she feels inadequate due to sexist cultural mores favoring youth and thinness designed to make her feel inadequate by the same companies that make her comfort foods. Only by absolute discipline and communing with the gods can this be avoided..."
It didn't make her feel better but it made her grin and bear it through high school.
Cassandra had thought she'd escaped by getting into a school several states away, but her moms work was too well regarded. A few words with the registrar had seen Cassandra, who'd planned to be undeclared a semester,  arrive to find herself saddled with a double major and two minors. Flying back to DC in a rage had seen a nasty argument, ending with her moms use of a super weapon:
"Your power is revoked young lady," The professor had stated flatly, tapping Cassandras forehead, "for the semester. Get all As and maybe we'll talk about it."
And just like that, Wonder Girl was decommissioned.  It was a nasty little condition Zeus had added in when her half divine powers had kicked in, one that let her mom turn her powers off for a whole week. Cassie had been told it would end at adult hood only to glumly find on her eighteenth birthday that the Greeks had counted your first marriage as that. Her mother used it unstintingly, increasingly over her senior year at the slightest disagreement. It made Cassie feel like shit and worse, her powers atrophy from disuse. After her mother lifted the embargo, her powers would flicker in and out for days and like the muscles in an immobilized limb, be considerably weaker until well exercised. Her previously increasing super strength and flight speed had first plateaued and then dropped off a cliff after a report card with too many A-s. Cassie could easily lift a tank at the start of senior year, but struggled to pick up a pick up truck by graduation.
She'd had to resign period from the Titans. She hadn't fought crime with Wonder Woman for seemingly ever and the perfect Amazon just told her to listen to her mom!
"Maybe I should drop out," Cassie mused, picking up a sheaf of papers and munching on a handful of barbecue chips, "if I wasn't so...fat."
On the front page was Text stating "Ms. Sandsmark, you have a wonderful shape, high photogenic chemistry and excellent bone structure, but your body type and family history suggest a high tendency to gain weight in your early to mid twenties. You are already ten pounds over the maximum weight for freshman models and analysis of your provided medical records suggest your weight is on an upwards trajectory of at least four permanent pounds a year over the next five years minimum despite an active life style and normal diet. Given you are entering a strenuous college away from home and have no athletic scholarship, this is likely too low an estimate and you are likely to be over the maximum body fat percentage of a veteran model by spring term. However, we have faith in you. I was once a slightly too corn fed hopeful too. We are offering you a provisional contract contingent upon you losing five pounds in the next month and keeping it off. Contact us when you're ready for a nutritionist and personal trainer meeting,
Yours, Lana Lang, Editor in chief of Metropolis Models."
She'd secretly gone to the modeling call out the day before class rosters were handed out, egged on by Kara. If it worked, she'd get a good source of disposable income. She hadn't been expecting to be called fat.
And that had been a month ago.
Cassie looked in the dorms closet mirror, seeing a slightly tall, unquestionably pretty girl with a lean build in a black bra and panties. No one would call her fat...but well...Cassie hadn't exactly worked out in the past month since being stripped of her powers. She went to class, came home and studied, so overloaded she was treading water at a B- average. It would have been intolerable if Kara hadn't been there.
Kara was treating her really well. The zippy alien girl was like a fairytale princess, she kept their shared rental house spotless, cooked every meal (three courses and desert!, even if it was vegan), got groceries, made sure cassie had snacks...maybe a bit too well. She'd even offered to fly her to her classes. On top of that, her full ride scholarship came with three meals and a snack a day. And ultra chipper Kara, despite being from a species that never prepared its own food, had found that she liked to bake and would make the saddest eyes if Cassie didn't eat her most of her cookies.
"Gonna need to lose more than five pounds...," Cassie grunted, feeling herself.
Wonder woman's E cups were out of reach, but Cassie was a solid cup size fuller than she had been in May, easily a C. Those panties now left a little red line in the flesh that creased their top and showed too much cheek. Twisting around showed she had a bit of a butt coming in. The Demi goddess had had definition in her stomach, arms and thighs during the test photos, not a six pack or guns but she'd looked fit, but a month of inertia and stress eating had erased them. She pinched an idle inch on her belly, noticed her thigh gap wasn't so prominent now and that flexing her bicep did next to nothing. Most of her ribs weren't visible now either.
A Supergirl folded bin of laundry had a pair of her size two jeans at the top. Cassie gingerly pushed them away, which harder than she'd expected. Size two was a no go, they'd been snug before a week of leggings, sweats and Kara trying five cookie recipes. She  was at best a four going on six anymore, if not already a six. 
Two pant sizes in a month. Great. She could roll home at Christmas.
Aphrodite she was porking up..and feeling a little warm about it for some reason.
"Ugh, looks like Lang underestimated. I'm gonna need to drop at least fifteen pounds," Cassie sighed flopping on the couch and feeling disgusting, "maybe my mom will at least be satisfied I'm getting fat before her. I need to work out, but when? I've got twelve hours of class and six hours of homework a day!...Or maybe aunt Diana could help..."
The soft side kick patted her stomach, noticing it now bulged over her panties and looked at a poster of her mentor tacked to the wall of her room. Wonder woman's belly didn't bulge, her mentor had a teeny waistline and abs for days. There was no spare fat save her perfect breasts that Cassie knew she would never grow, half God or not. Surely the warrior princess of Themyscyra  knew a way to stay in shape and keep the pounds off!
A quick call to her mentor could help! One dial of her Waynephone later and the Amazon princess was on the line!
"Urgh...Urgk...hi Cassie," the perfect woman answered, sounding groggy. There was a crash in the background.
"Hey, aunt Di, is it a good time?" Cassie asked, free hand playing with her belly fat.
"I'm just...urp...in a small fight..." Diana groaned, munching sounds following.
"It sounds like...eating in the background?" Cassie asked.
"It's a friendly sparring contest, no that's mine you orange twit!, one second," the god blessed woman grunted and there was the sound of something heavy falling, "what's going on?"
"Just we'll...um, do you ever have trouble staying thin?"
"What? Why do you ask?" Diana asked a little aggressively.
"Well, with no powers I'm finding it hard to work out..." Cassie questioned, standing to see if her small belly or growing boobs were out in front, "and college has a lot of food..."
"Cassie, just focus on your health," Diana said, 'no sweets, lots of fruit, boiled eggs and veggies, meat rarely. And do cardio, leg, core, core, arm, leg, cardio. Never skip."
"But my classes...if I don't get all As, mom will kill me," Cassie whined, "and are you eating?"
"Umm carrots. Just um...focus on what's important and...no let go! They're not yours! Find your own...um dream!" Diana said too quickly, "we'll talk later."
The phone clicked off. Diana had been in the wreckage of a buffet, groggily fighting starfire for food scraps and shoving cake dipped in ranch in her mouth while half concentrating on the call. But her words had struck home.
"She's right, I'm gonna stand up for myself," Cassie said to her soft reflection, "I'm not going back for my powers to be turned off again tomorrow. I'm dropping half my classes. And I'm going to work out!"
But that was for tomorrow. It was movie night ! Several bags of chips, a tub of ice cream, a tray of cookies and a six pack of hard soda bought with a fake ID awaited Cassie and her alien best friend Kara when the later got home.
Thus fat was already on her mind  when a loud, insistent knock threatened to tear the rented houses door off. Springing lightlyto her  feet, the dejected model hopeful slid an oversize Tee over herself, opened the door and revealed a sweaty, food stained Power Girl with her abs stretched out a beach ball belly and enormous breasts stained with grease, holding in a bridal carry her roommate Kara Zor El.
The pencil thin alien girl was wearing a formerly loose skirt burst open by a third trimester with twins food baby so big it had pushed her peace sign t shirt up to her small, ice cream stained boobs. Her fake glasses were grease stained, there were cookie crumbs in her curly blonde hair and her delicate face had evidently been inside a lemon meringue pie at one point.
Immediately, the once arrow straight Cassandra felt herself moisten, the slight heat at her own softness a volcano. Thinking of how her ultra skinny, strictly vegan, adorably awkward friend had gotten into such a state...thinking of her glutting herself for hours, of that washboard belly bulging out till her skirt button failed...of her Kryptonian accented voice nervously asking if this mouthful was too much...of losing every ounce of control...of how some of it could stay...of getting her into that state again...
To top it off, Kara had pulled down her taller, buffer relatives sports bra and was happily sucking one pink nipple, explaining the flush on Power girl's face.
"This ...wow...yours?" the older heroine asked with a pant.
"Ummm...I guess...yes, that's my Kara. Not that were um...' Cassie stammered and blushed, feeling dizzy.
"Good, take her then," the swollen bellied JSA chairwoman grunted, detaching Kara with a slurp and a sigh, dropping her into Cassie's arms, "Careful, she's a bit...bitey."
Out of shape, Cassie's legs buckled. Her tiny friend was heavy. At that, Kara casually ripped Cassie's shirt and bra off, exposing her small belly and full 32 C cups to the humid August air. She nuzzled Cassie gently.
"What...what's happening?" Cassie asked, face beat red.
"She's a bit food drunk...it'll pass later," the tall but equally bloated power girl said, reaching into her bra and pulling out a pig fridge magnet, "put her to bed and put this on your fridge...but never eat anything from it while the magnet is on. Other wise...well..."
Karen tapped her mammoth gut.
"Wonder what this girl isnt eating?" The magnet gleamed at her.
"Did that talk?" Cassie asked.
"Listen, she's going to be putting on some weight...lots of it. Just pamper her, ok?" Power girl said, "I've got to go. Good luck!"
The Kryptonian soared away, leaving Cassie to wobble inside and gently place Kara in her bed.
"I honestly didn't expect this," Cassie sighed.

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While I like your enthusiasm for writing epic, I prefer this story, except I worry that you will throw more age progression into the mix.  I'm here more for the xwg you understand.

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So, we're you expecting an update to this? Because if so, this isn't it.


id mentioned wanting to write an option on the Writing.com DC weight gain story, which has a really good storyline where Harley Quinn and poison ivy gain some weight, create a hyper addictive bakery called anonymous, gain more weight, make other villainesses gain weight and make a lot of women gain weight, including a group of superheroines who want to stop them. They capture zatanna and things go more pear shaped for the good guys. Its Well written, the main author bobo the hobo did a great job and I felt like writing a chapter of it, where a different group of superheroines try to stop the bad guys.


im also putting what I write here, as that site is at best hard to navigate.


so here we go, new storyline, old thread. Will I ever finish the other? Maybe.

Alt storyline pt 1: the Heroes

Anonymous has to die,' a stern voice declared, slamming a fist into a large anonymous poster tacked to a wall.

It was an impressive display, causing cracks to run through the cinder blocks from the impact and small chips of stone to fly away. It also caused the faintest of jiggles to run down the attached arm, across a new layer of fat coating still mighty muscles. Princess Diana, Wonder Woman pulled her hand back a little too quickly in revulsion, making some cement chunks flick across the room and pop against the protruding gut of a blonde woman.
'Ouch! Watch it Di,' the blonde woman whined, massaging the small red mark over her pudgy waist, 'some of us aren't nigh invulnerable anymore.'
'And if we don't hurry, none of us will be,' Diana declared, breathing in and hearing her slightly too tight armor creak, while feeling it pinch across once flawless abs, 'if we'd acted when I first brought up this problem we might all still be normal! And are you drinking their soda?! By Hera, are you not plump enough!?"
"Well it's pretty good," Kara Zor L, super girl huffed, pausing to take another sip from a 72oz bottle of carbonated corn syrup bearing anonymous editor logo, "and you didnt seem to care that much about stuffing yourself until you started puffing up!"
Diana's tan cheeks colored at the unfortunately true accusation. While from a short distance the Amazon princess looked normal (if a 6'3 eternally youthful woman with graceful muscles, athletic curves, gravity defying breasts, perfect bronze skin and shimmery jet curls could be described as normal) a closer examination revealed some changes. The long thighs between her armored boots and blue plate skirt still looked strong, but they'd lost most of their muscle definition and were slightly thicker, a similar disappearance had occurred with Diana's rippling triceps and the flesh of her forearms seemed to mushroom ever so slightly around her bracers, while her literally perfect face had a slightly softer cast to her razor sharp cheek bones.
"That is...technically true, I thought it was at first just a new snack craze...," Wonder Woman offered testily.
A snack trend she and every other woman in America had soon been addicted to. Anonymous had sent out free samples in a brilliant marketing ploy and after one bite Diana had lost almost all restraint around the pastries, cakes, cookies, pies and bars of the food, gorging herself whenever she was in private. For several months her Amazon metabolism, Aphrodites gift of perfect beauty and her own athletic life style had rendered the Amazon immune to the weight gain that hit street level heroines by the bushel. It seemed alien's or those with super powers were immune, but slowly the weight gain epidemic had crept up the power levels until five days ago Diana had felt the first snug pinch of her armor. She'd gained ten pounds since and despairing, had gathered every heroine she could to stop the threat. The warrior princess still looked like an erotic dream, but one that needed to hit the gym after a tropical cruise.
"But now we need to do something about it!" The Amazon said, dramatically snapping a fist into her palm, "before it's too late! That's why I put out the call to every superheroine on earth!"
"And only five of us showed?" Kara squeaked, taking another slurp.
It already seemed too late for her companions, each of them an increasingly plump ghost of Christmas future for Diana.
The women were occupying an abandoned 'Eats' dinner in Gotham city, one of many eateries closed by the rapid expansion of Anonymous Bakeries that was both fueling and being fueled by the concurrent raise in the weight of the average woman. They were the only ones who had answered Dianas call to put an end to the stunning epidemic, which had put its stamp on each of them.
'The five of us can get to the bottom of this scheme and surely we can end it, by the grace of Hera,' Wonder Woman told her.
'Yeah but...what if we have to fight someone?' Supergirl squirmed.
Kara-Zor-El sat on one stool, chunky thighs flowing across the dusty vinyl and squirming as she sucked up the last of her immense soda. Once resembling a preppy cheer captain, the alien coed looked like she'd spent freshman year majoring in the freshman 15 and minoring in cheap beer. Kara's teeny figure had, despite an addiction to Anonymous ever increasing product line, remained thin, until two months earlier when they'd bought up Soder cola and added a new flavoring aimed squarely at Kryptonian women. Super girls humming bird metabolism had switched off at the first sip and she'd started expanding rapidly while slowly losing her powers.
Her invulnerability was fading fast by the red ring her too tight skirt left on vulnerable gut flesh and her super speed was already defunct going by her inability to dodge. In no way was the weight suiting her: While her arms and legs were just soft, most of Karas weight was going to her belly. A freshly ripe Apple, the college freshman's tiny wasp waist had plumped up into a doughy muffin top with a fluffy soda belly that put a six inch gap of flab between her red skirt and blue top. Kara's narrow face now sported moon cheeks, a double chin and a few red spots from the start of an acne out break. The rest of her was soft and plush as well, apart from her small breasts which hadn't grown an inch, but the slightly overweight alien's gain was mostly focused on her gut. 
'Girls, we can't keep fighting like this,' Barbara Gordon cautioned from her seat, 'we've got to focus on our real enemies. There may be a way to reverse the effects but for that we need a sample."
"That should be easy," Raven huffed from where she floated nearby, "your purse is overflowing with their snacks."
With a wave of her hand, the goth girl levitated a wrapped candy bar from Barbaras purse and began munching with gusto, quickly polishing it off and stealing another. Like Kara she was a college freshman, but there resemblances ended. The grumpy half demon Titan had retained most of her power, but was at a glance an earlier victim of the epidemic than super girl. A little over two hundred equally distributed pounds, the short sorceress had developed the bulky build of a life long fat girl, her once slight curves buried by eighty plus pounds of cellulite coated blubber. Although the psychic had repeatedly updated her wardrobe, her cloak no longer closed over her expanded body, showing off pale dumpy legs and a sturdy gut straining an XL dress.
"No, a cooked bar is completely useless. We need a raw sample for analysis, one where we can figure out which raw ingredients are which. And those are mine!" Gordon snapped as Raven stole another candy bar, trying to get up and having a difficult time.
The former Batgirl was the heaviest woman in the room and also looked the oldest, pressing near or a little over three hundred pounds and looking older than her twenty six years. Once tall and superbly fit, the tech expert and gymnast had been a paragon of good health only to take a fateful bite of an Anonymous candy bar. Instantly addicted and with no magical defense or alien immunity, Babs had been in the first wave of victims. Swelling into an incredibly ripe pear with a shelf ass and thighs so round they pressed apart, her weakening muscles weren't able to keep up and her  mobility was fading. Suffering knee pain and constantly winded, the computer hacking red head was using a cane and starting to need more support as her ungainly thighs trembled under the weight of her hippo ass. Looking at her, with grey Gotham U Gymnastics leggings stretched near transparent by their sausage like contents and barely able to get up, Diana was aggrieved to see a once formidable warrior undone by obesity.
"No! Raven, do the apologize to Babs for that! Those are her snacks!" Another red head demanded, soft hands on over round hips, 'You should give her your own in recompense!'
Starfire, or Koriandr was another alien, unlike Kara though, who could easily pass as human, no one would mistake the Tamaranian with her faintly glowing orange skin, solid green eyes and ankle length fire colored hair hair as an earth born. However, no one would care given the Titan leader's swimsuit model curves and outgoing personality, even before one counted her superhuman strength, flight and ability to shoot energy bolts from her hands. While not all of her powers weren't fading, save for her slightly decreased strength and slowing flight speed, her swimsuit curves were now a gloriously inflated hour glass stretching out a pair of plus size jean cut offs and a too tight crop top. Starfire had graduated to plus size model status after Anonymous' plethora of brands had taken her from 36X24X36 to 44X34X48 when she'd started gaining during the second wave of addictions. Her already large breasts were now immense head size knockers, her broad hips and pert rear fascinatingly round and broad, while her washboard belly was a plush gut dwarfed by the expansion above and beneath it. 
To Diana's eyes the alien represented the best case scenario for a gain. Her fat was well distributed, to a distracting degree for the bisexual Amazon, and her physical abilities barely impacted. She looked like the statues of maternal Hera or voluptuous Athena, deliciously plump  and well fed. But a careful examination showed the alien hovered a little lower these days and her enabling tendencies weren't helping anyone else, especially as she dumped an entire bag of candy bars and snack cakes into Babs' over broad lap.
'Can we focus please?' Diana asked, trying to ignore how her mouth moistened at the sight of the food, 'Barbara, have you found us a target site?'
It took a second for the obese hacker to finish her mouthful and nod, 'Yeah, I've got a couple. One of them is an automated distribution center, records on its server should point us in the right direction but I need physical access given its fire wall.'
'Fine then, that's our target,' Diana decided, 'as soon as the rest of us are here...'
The door opened, pushed by the slightly too round booty of her own protege Cassandra Sandsmark. Like Diana, the young woman had been resistant thanks to her half divine heritage until a week or so ago and the tan blonde could still barely fit into her tight jeans, even though she now had a little muffin top and the pant's seams were looking ready to snap off her growing curves. She turned around, showing that her untoned arms were carrying multiple drink containers heavy with cappuccinos and sodas, all bearing the anonymous brand.
'Sorry about the drinks taking so long, there was a big line,' the freshman heroine explained, distributing the fattening drinks to everyone.
Diana felt she should criticize her for not only feeding them the enemy's addictive food but paying for it, but she was sucking down the cream heavy drink in a moment. As it went down, the slightly flabby Amazon noted her side kick was doting on her college roommate Kara, having supplied her with two more immense soda cups and a large bag of chips. There was a gleam in her eye as the chunky Kryptonian started munching and drinking, a gleam that Diana recognized as flat out lust. She felt she should say something but before she could another voice cut her off.
'What the hell happened to you all?' A voice similar to Supergirl's but brimming with confidence and shock cut in.
Diana turned to the door, seeing another Kara hovering in the doorway. This one though, was about ten years older, several inches taller, from another dimension and went by the superheroine name of Power Girl.
She was also...

Choice A: fit as a fiddle (what I'm continuing writing)

choice B: heavier.



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I know that story!  Such a fun read, though I wish more attention would go to the other characters/options in the story.  This is a fun turn of events--can't wait to see what else you come up with!

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Pt 2: fit as a fiddle

Cut like a diamond.
For a second Diana's mouth dropped open in shock. 
The other heroine was completely pristine, the only woman in the room and perhaps the city not carrying at least a few extra pounds. Hyper-defined thighs showed perfect musculature as they led up to hard hips round with muscle and rock hard abdominals that strained against her white leotard beneath the heaving mounds of her famous chest. Power Girl, or Karen as she went by in civilian life, still had a slim neck and very buff arms with high cheekbones and a clean jaw line. 
Wonder Woman felt color tinge her cheeks, both at the reminder of what she'd looked like mere days ago and at the thrill her body got examining a perfect female specimen when everyone around her had been bloated for months.
'You're all...fat!,' the Kryptonian exclaimed.
'I'm not fat, I'm only slightly heavier than normal,' Diana tried to deny automatically, before sucking down a few more ounces of coffee milkshake by reflex, 'and why aren't you?'
'I've been off planet for a few months and then on a wilderness retreat for a few weeks, didn't you check the roster in the watch tower?' Karen stated, staring in amazement at the various stages of weight gain in front of her, 'what happened to you all?'
Her blue eyes flashed over Diana's body, X-Ray vision cutting through enchanted bronze and steel to see Wonder Woman's distinct lack of muscle definition and how her slightly curved belly was pinched by her cuirass. Blinking, Karen took in her pot bellied other self, not able to believe the inflated gut the girl she'd nick named 'Tinkerbell' was now sporting, something not helped as the slightly soft Wonder girl handed her another soda to suck down.
 Starfire took in a lot of her attention, it wasn't every day she saw a woman with breasts larger than her own and the Tamaranian's curves attracted her attention like a magnet attracted iron shavings. The frumpy bulk of the psychic Raven wasn't quite as appealing, but Barbara's three hundred pound sprawl demanded appreciate just by pure size alone, to say nothing of how her gelatinous ass fat overhung her chair.
To them it had to be a nightmare, but Karen's heart pounded as she seemed to find herself in a perfect dream. Every super she knew, fat and flabby in various stages and styles? She blinked, trying to clear her mind and keep the dampness between her legs from spreading.
'We've been infected by some sort of scheme on the part of Anonymous Baking group,' Barbara informed her, plump fingers clicking on a keyboard and making a projector display the juggernaut company's logo, 'they appeared on the scene a few months ago and since then almost every woman in America has been addicted to them.'
'Anonymous? I knew they were too good to be true,' Karen sighed, 'I love their stuff. So how come it hasn't affected me?'
 'Super powers or being an alien give an immunity but those immunities have been eroding over the past months,' Barbara continued, 'Us normals went first, we didn't have any immunity.'
A picture of Stephanie Brown, Barbara's own protege flickered up with the date of March 2nd next to her face. The athletic blonde rapidly inflated as the calendars continued, face expanding out into meaty jowls by late April before a "Missing" title appeared on her forehead.
'then the magic users,' the hacker said, showing Zatanna looking flawless on April 3rd, plump on April 30th and flat out lardy on May 10th when another missing sign appeared over her face.
 'then the aliens over the past two months, starting out with tamaranian's, then Martians and then Kryptonians,' Barbara informed her, showing a curvy but svelte Starfire on May 10th and Supergirl looking tiny on June 1st. Given the tubby state of the aliens now, there wasn't much need for progression.
 'and then the Demi-gods and Amazon's a week ago,' Babs finished, a picture of Diana looking perfect appearing next to her actual face, highlighting the slight softening of her jawline.
'Wait, you said the Kryptonians started in June?' Karen asked, one brow rising quizzically.
'Yeah, lucky you missing out on all this,' super girl sighed, pinching her own flabby midsection for emphasis as Cassandra handed her another bag of chips, 'although it will start on you soon enough I'm sure.'
'But I've been eating Anonymous stuff since June,' Karen revealed, 'not every meal, it's not that good. But pretty frequently and well...'
She waved a blue gloved hand over her stomach, intentionally flexing her immensely ripped abs.
'Of course the sex symbol stays hot,' Raven grumbled, the rotund goth glaring at Karen's perfect midsection while munching another candy bar, 'because the universe is unfair.'
'There's nothing wrong with being bigger,' Starfire reprimanded her, settling her too tight shorts against her soft hips.
'Depends on how big you are,' the chair bound Barbara reminded her romantic rival, 'but if you're immune...well, we have at least one member who will always be able to carry their own weight.'
'And you haven't mentioned its sucking away our abilities,' Diana told her, not able to fully tear her eyes away from the busty kryptonian, 'which is why we're going to stop them.'
Power Girl blinked, looking away from the display of excess before her, 'Sure, we should get right on that. What's our first step?'
'An automated facility needs hacking,' Barbara said, the display showing the building, 'we were just about to move in before you got here.'


Karen goes alone.

the whole team goes


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Pt 3: the whole team goes

With Barbara's bulky ass safe inside a custom SUV kitted out with bleeding edge hacking tools, Internet access and a large amount of snacks for her expanded stomach, the powered members of the team set out to attack the anonymous factory.
Wonder Woman, a keen tactician despite her recent loss of muscle definition, developed an intricate plan: Power girl and Supergirl would do reconnaissance with their enhanced senses. Once they had a lay out of the building, Raven would teleport herself in and plant a bug on the main server. If all went to plan, no one would ever need to swing a punch.
Of course, it didn't quite go to plan.
Karen and Kara set off first, zooming up ten thousand feet into Gotham's perpetually dark sky where they couldn't be seen. The two Kryptonians hovered there, eyes aimed at the ground.
'So, how've you been?' Karen asked the alternate version of herself, not mentioning how Kara had lagged notably behind her.
'Fat,' Kara responded, still breathing heavy, 'can't you tell?'
'Besides that,' Karen shrugged, 'your weight isn't everything. Busted any big crimes lately?'
'Not since this started,' Supergirl muttered, patting her flabby belly, 'my powers have been going since my abs disappeared. I've lost most of my invulnerability and my senses are going too.'
'I noticed you squinting a little,' Karen said, 'you should probably take it easy tonight.'
'Take it easy?' Kara asked, 'shouldn't I try and use what powers I have left?'
'Yeah, but that won't happen if you get hurt,' the older kryptonian told her, 'just hang back a little, let me do the heavy lifting and take the big hits. Alright? You wouldn't want to get hurt would you?'
For emphasis, Karen reached out a blue gloved hand and pinched Kara's buttery love handle hard enough to make the coed squeal in shock and pain.
'Ow! That hurt,' Kara whimpered.
'Yeah and a bullet would hurt worse,' Power girl told her, 'so stay back. But don't worry, as long as I'm around, I'l make sure you don't get hurt.'
Once the schematics were sent down from the two flyers, Barbara hacked the buildings security systems and disabled them. She was slowed only by her need to munch on a bag of peanut butter candies, made more pathetic because she had to reach up to the front seat with one beefy arm to get more and found it a task difficult as besting the Joker's gang.
'We're good, security system is down,' Babs said over her munching.
'Raven, your good to go,' Wonder Woman told the psychic, who waved a hand and made a narrow portal of midnight energy appear before her.
Raven floated towards it, paunch passing into it but finding her meaty hips and love handles got stuck. With a sigh, the Goth widened it substantially and glided through. Diana waited, her concentration broken only by the sound of Cassandra popping open a soda and Starfire munching on a long submarine sandwich.
'Could you stop that please?' The Amazon princess asked, 'this is a serious mission.'
'But I'm hungry,' Starfire complained, taking another bite.
'We ate before the meeting!' Diana hissed.
'That was two hours ago,' Cassandra sighed, 'I should probably go get Kara a snack or two.'
'No snack runs,' Wonder Woman told her, 'this is a dangerous mission. Hera, no wonder we're getting fat.'
They waited for several minutes. During that time Diana's stomach started to complain of hunger, then started hurting and then started cramping. Visions of ice cream drowning in chocolate sauce, burgers piled high with onion rings and dripping with grease and fried fish piled into orbit filled Diana's thoughts increasingly. There was the sound of an angry hydra and the still mostly thin Amazon looked around for its source, before finding it was her own protesting stomach.
'Okay, a small snack break,' Diana sighed, 'a small bag of carrots maybe.'
'Cool, I was thinking burgers?' Cassandra agreed, 'do you want onion rings on yours?'
'With fries,' Wonder Woman said immediately.
'Chocolate or vanilla shake?'
'Strawberry of course,' Diana said, 'now hurry, we need to focus.'
'Probably we should be getting the coffee too,' Starfire chimed in, 'the kind with the whipped cream and sprinkles.'
'Oh yeah, frappuchinos for everyone,' Cassandra agreed, 'do you have some extra money Aunt Di?'
'Sure, just make sure you get me a soda with my shake as well,' Diana told her, pulling a  slightly sweaty hundred from her armor's bosom, 'I'm thirsty.'
Cassandra shot off, belly slightly popping over the waistband of her pants as she raised her arm. Diana shook her head, putting her focus back on the warehouse where Raven should have exfiltrated minutes earlier. What was it with everyone's focus?
Time passed, long enough for Cassandra to return with burgers, shakes and frappes for everyone. The afflicted heroines munched down quickly, no matter their weight they all had the fully developed appetites of born fatties. Diana gorged herself, the burger rapidly disappearing. She dipped the fries into the shake to dispose of both faster and then slurped down strawberry shake and coffee drink at the same time. The Amazon' felt disgusted with herself for doing this and felt the pinch of her cuirass even more, but couldn't deny the joy a delicious bellyful of grease, meat and dairy gave her. It equaled the Ares sent thrill of battle and almost the joy of ograsm, nearly worth the shame of having to loosen the strap on her cuirass a notch.
'Have we heard anything from Raven?' Power girl asked, breaking her reprieve.
The Kryptonian landed easily, followed a moment later by Supergirl who's belly bulged out even further, to the point the top two buttons on her skirt had come undone. Diana could hear faint groaning coming from the blonde alien's overloaded gut and she looked sick, while Karen's abs remained flawless against her tight leotard.
'No, I don't think so,' Diana said, swallowing her last mouthful and feeling shame at seeing how Karen must not have eaten a bite and because a warning of a nuclear attack could have come through her radio without her noticing as she ate, 'can you see anything?'
'No, basement is lead lined,' the Kryptonian told her, 'remember?'
'Yes...,' Diana nodded, mentally kicking herself for missing that while paying too much attention to her hunger pangs, 'Babs, anything on the cameras?'
'Umm, looks like the cameras went dark,' the massive vigilante admitted, 'I'm not exactly sure when that happened...'
It was incredibly sloppy and Wonder Woman's face turned red with shame. This was her crusade to stop her own impending weight gain, a mission so poorly organized she and everyone else had missed Raven vanishing during a snack break?
'I guess we have to go get her then,' Power Girl said, popping her knuckles, 'right?'
'You're right,' Diana nodded, 'pincer formation then. Cassandra and I will go through the front door, you and Supergirl through the roof. Star will be on reserve.'
'Good idea, although,' Power Girl nodded, leaning in very close and leading the dark haired woman to the other side of the SUV before whispering into Diana's ear, 'maybe put Star with me and Kara on reserve. Poor kid is a bit strung out from losing the invulnerability, it could impact her performance and we want to keep them safe.'
'Right,' Diana agreed a bit too quickly, finding that Karen leaning in was a strange mix of arousing and intimidating.
'Good, but you need to watch it Di,' Karen said, tapping a finger against Wonder Woman's snug cleavage, 'you're getting a little sloppy.'
The Amazon wanted to protest, only to find that the Kryptonian's gloved index finger had come up with a dollop of whipped cream fallen from her gorge session onto her breasts. She put it to Diana's mouth and before she could think, the Greek Demi-goddess' tongue dashed out and licked it off. Karen winked at her and the Amazon felt her thighs grow weak  while her mouth went dry.
Power Girl was all business when they went back around the car, but Diana stammered when she gave her orders at least twice. Karen and Koriand'r took off into the air, while she and Cassandra walked towards the building's main door. Wonder Woman's palms were sweaty and her heart was racing; what had just happened? Had Karen just tried to seduce her?
Had it worked?
Shaking her head, the superheroine put a hand on the handle of the heavy rolling door. The thick padlock broke with a twist of her wrist, although there was no apparent effort in the action, Diana could swear it took a little more force than it would have just a week ago. Shaking her head, she let the door roll up and saw...
An ambush.


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These are great!  I love the interactions you come up with for the heroines, from Cassie feeding Kara to Karen and Diana checking each other out--and that little bit at the end of the last chapter was delightful.  Good stuff!

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You really are a great writer, innovator and creator. I just wish I knew who all these damn superheroes were! Wonder woman, yeah sure, I've heard of you. But, as a non-comic reader, I get so easily lost with your impressive ensemble

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7 hours ago, CyrilFiggus2 said:

These are great!  I love the interactions you come up with for the heroines, from Cassie feeding Kara to Karen and Diana checking each other out--and that little bit at the end of the last chapter was delightful.  Good stuff!

Thanks! I wanted to have the little variances to make them different, making them start at different weights, gain in different ways and act differently. Raven the grouch, Babs frustrated over declining mobility, Starfire enjoying her soft curves, Cassandra feeding the increasingly meek Supergirl while ignoring her own gut, Diana getting freaked out at losing her figure as she goes down the same path and Karen cackling as it happens.

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10 minutes ago, Batman76 said:

Thanks! I wanted to have the little variances to make them different, making them start at different weights, gain in different ways and act differently. Raven the grouch, Babs frustrated over declining mobility, Starfire enjoying her soft curves, Cassandra feeding the increasingly meek Supergirl while ignoring her own gut, Diana getting freaked out at losing her figure as she goes down the same path and Karen cackling as it happens.

All of which make for excellent reading material!  Karen might want to be careful though--if even Wonder Woman can't stop eating herself into obesity, no one is safe...

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I really enjoy your stories and I'm eager to see what happens next. Cassie and Supergirl are going to wind up bigger than the others if they keep indulging.I wonder what happened to everyone who went missing though.

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Pt 4: House of carbs


There was nothing out of the ordinary inside the warehouse. It was just a long display of robotic arms and conveyor belts of pre packed snack foods stretching into the dark distance, the robotic limbs picking up snack cakes or cookies and putting them in boxes that hummed along onto robotic golf carts piled high with the hyper addictive food.

But the Amazon couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her...

'Not too much to see here,' Karen announced, hovering down from the hole she'd quietly cut in the ceiling with heat vision, 'she's not on the main floor.'

The Kryptonian's muscular frame seemed beautifully menacing and her blue eyes still glowed a faint red in the half dark. Diana felt them pierce her to her very soul, like she was face to face with a dragon. Starfire floated up behind Diana before she could speak, munching from a bag of muffins she'd pulled off a conveyor belt.

'Weren't you supposed to fly in?' Diana asked, shaken from the odd feeling.

'I had too much of the booty for that hole,' the over curvaceous Tamaranian giggled, wiggling her lusciously wide hips and slapping the orange-tan cheeks spilling from her cut offs for emphasis, 'I didn't want to get stuck.'

'Sorry, I'm not used to working with...,' Karen started but caught herself before she could say fat girls and motioned to her wide, if muscular hips, 'I'm used to being the biggest woman in the room.'

She'd always been heavier than others due to her density of muscle, wide hips and heavy chest. But even then she'd always been intimidatingly fit, not like the three superheroines in front of her who were fat though. Starfire was the biggest, the plus sized hotty's short shorts were on their last legs both at the thigh and at the fraying button hole and her free hanging breasts pressed tight against the thin fabric of her shirt. Diana and Cassandra could still pass for thin, but they were stuffed enough to need to upsize. Oh to peel uptight Diana out of that armor and teach the softening Amazon a lesson on where she stood now...

'Well, let's hope we can reverse that,' Wonder Woman said dryly, before her eyes caught her side kick munching from a stolen package of cookies, 'we just ate!'

'But their chocolate marshmallow fudge!' Cassandra whined, 'Oh there's some of Kara's favorite raspberry ones, I should bring her the box.'

'Kara is chunky enough she doesn't need...did you say raspberry?' Diana began to lecture but was immediately distracted at the word 'raspberry.'

Karen snorted and tossed a package of cookies from the conveyor belt to Diana. The Amazon caught it and was on her second cookie before she realized she was eating again. Power Girl gave another wink to her and picked up a box of coconut cream filled breakfast bars, without breaking eye contact she picked one up and placed it in her mouth, slowly putting the little sandwich between her lips. She closed her mouth, smiled and then pulled the slightly soggy crackers out, no trace of filling on them.

'I hate the crackers, I only like the filling. I need to just get some tubs of it,' she winked, 'Now let's get to the basement, we can eat and walk.'

The four heroines moved warily through the warehouse, eyes open for an ambush that didn't come and leaving a trail of empty wrappers. What did come was the release of first Koriandr and then Cassandra's pants buttons, Diana refused to loosen her armor another notch and suffered for it as her bloated stomach pressed against the metal of her armor, although she didn't stop eating from the box of cookies Karen had handed her nor its successor. Karen ate more of the sweets than any of them, but her washboard stomach didn't have the slightest bulge to it. Diana caught her brazenly staring at her as she ate, each time their blue eyes met and the alien winked until the Amazon blushed and looked away.

Before long, they came to freight elevator doors were set into an interior wall, a door like a bank vault with no apparent lock or handle beyond a small digital display. Karen walked behind Diana, passing so close the Amazon could feel the warmth of her skin, and looked at the display, letting out a whistle.

'Lead lined doors and a finger print scanner,' the ripped woman whistled, 'someone really doesn't want us to get in.'

'I'll take the doors,' Dianna told her, finishing her last cookie and hastily sucking raspberry jelly off her fingers, 'everyone else should follow me.'

The Amazon set her feet and took a deep breath, feeling her tight armor pinch all along her stomach. There was the pop of a seam somewhere, but no plate fell to the ground thank the Gods. Diana punched the seam of the door, her god's given strength letting her put a fist through an inch of lead, half a foot of steel and another inch of lead. Leaning back, she ripped the door off of its hinges, pulling the thousands of pounds of steel over her head and tossing it aside as if it was a small handbell. There was the faintest sheen of sweat on the warrior princess' tan brow from the exertion.

Starfire and Wonder Girl moved first, diving down the elevator shaft. Power Girl paused as Diana wiped her hands clean, leaning in close.

'Nice work,' Karen complimented her as she walked by, 'but you should watch your form. Don't try and suck in your stomach while you're lifting, you'll hurt your back...'

'How could you tell?' Wonder Woman asked before she could remember to deny it.

The Kryptonian tapped the Amazon's waist, where a the tiniest sliver of engorged stomach showed between cuirass and belt.

'The new weight shows when you're not trying to hide it,' the so far immune Kryptonian smiled, then hovering up a little to be at Diana's exact height, she leaned in very close, her breasts pressing into Diana's and face suddenly very close, 'and I think...'

Diana was more than decently busty, despite her still mostly fit build Aphrodite had been generous to her in the chest department and when she wore a mortal bra she commonly fit into either DDs or E cups. Karen's were significantly larger though by at least two cup sizes and they mushroomed up out of her tit window, the soft warm flesh spilling against Diana's own breasts and heaving towards her face. The sensation of tit on tit contact sent a shiver down Diana's back, fear and desire rising as a single feeling and they rose higher when the other heroine's hand rose with a three cookie stack of raspberry cream cookies and placed them in Amazon's open mouth.

'I think it looks damn good on you,' she smiled, and then jumped backwards into the elevator shaft, leaving the Amazon standing stunned.

Sweat coated Diana and her heart hammered against her ribs as she swallowed another few hundred calories. All of her muscles shivered in anticipation and she felt an overwhelming tingle of pleasure between her legs. She shook her head, black hair shaking as she tried to clear her mind of the insane interaction. Several thousand years on an island of sexually open, intensely beautiful warrior women meant she hadn't been a blushing virgin when coming to man's world. But never had she felt so enthralled by such attention, attention that power girl had never showed her before. After a moment she felt ready to move on, only then realizing that the pain at her waist was gone.

Looking down, the warrior woman realized that Karen's other hand had loosened her belt another notch and that the leather had a crease from where it had strained, the previous hole looking stretched out by the pressure. She usually wore her belt on the tenth notch comfortably, but now it was on the eighth and not exactly loose. So ashamed was the Amazon that she didn't even notice her golden lasso wasn't on her hip.

'Am I turned on by this?' She whispered to herself and then rather than answer, jumped down the elevator shaft, finding at its bottom...

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4 hours ago, xXWWhiteXx said:

Excellent work, it is great to see this story continued by writer of your caliber. But please do not abandon your previous stories, they are great.

Thanks, I'd love to finish every story before I start another but except for small shorts like Deja Fat I write whatever pops into my head. Usually there's a big burst when I have some free time, and I can put out a ton when I do. I'd love to finish the 'other' DC storyline, its not far from its end actually, but well, its not what's in my head now.

2 hours ago, CyrilFiggus2 said:

All of which make for excellent reading material!  Karen might want to be careful though--if even Wonder Woman can't stop eating herself into obesity, no one is safe...

She just might....

As I said further back on the page, PG is my favorite super heroine. This time around she gets a more...dominant role though, compared to the humiliation of before.

8 hours ago, swahilimonkfish said:

You really are a great writer, innovator and creator. I just wish I knew who all these damn superheroes were! Wonder woman, yeah sure, I've heard of you. But, as a non-comic reader, I get so easily lost with your impressive ensemble

Not a comic nerd heh? I'll do a short synopsis of a few for now, synopsis are more my ideas of the characters, but try and make sure the rest are in the story, what with show don't tell:

Wonder Woman: Diana (secret identity name, Diana Prince) immortal Amazon princess, sent from paradise island of themyscira (canonically a kinky as fuck place) to teach the mortal world the way of peace as an ambassador. Blessed by the greek gods with super strength, speed, durability, flight etc. Has a golden lasso, bullet proof bracers (even though bullets are just an annoyance to her most of the time) and sometimes a sword and shield. Has a big sense of justice, a lot of empathy and remains a dangerous fighter/tactician. Has black hair, blue eyes, is very tall (i'm having her at 6'3), ripped like a runner and has the 2nd biggest bust of a DC heroine.


Wonder Girl: Cassandra Sandsmark Diana's side kick, a museum curator's daughter who grew up to be a super heroine after finding out she was Zeus' daughter and thus half a god. Pushes hard to prove herself as not just a side kick, in comics often a team leader of the teen titans depending on what reboot is happening now and can be a bitch, but at one point had a close relationship with Kara that i'm deeply over exaggerating here. College age, slightly above normal height, blonde haired and blue eyed, a fit, lean figure to start.


Supergirl: Kara Zor-el, Superman's cousin, like him a refuge from krypton but her rocketship was crappier and thus she took decades longer to land. Typically has a sugar sweet personality that clashes with resentment over her planet blowing up and anger issues that she could have prevented it with the power she has now. At one point in the comics had a close relationship with Cassandra I'm exaggerating here. Has the whole kryptonian super power package, invulnerability, super strength, heat vision, super senses, flight all powered by the sun somehow.Typically normal height, blonde hair, blue eyes, very thin build, college aged.



Power Girl: Kara, Zor-El Superman's cousin, like him a refuge from krypton but her rocketship was crappier and thus she took decades longer to land...wait a minute. Okay, this is the complicated one. Back in ye olden early 80s, DC had multiple continuities being published at once, called earth 1, earth 2 etc. On earth 2, Kara didn't land as a teenager but as an adult who forged her own identity as Power Girl instead of super girl, being very self confident in her powers, head strong and not taking any shit from anyone. She became popular because of that and for being drawn what 2019 would call 'thick' (which varied but she always was drawn with very impressive breasts) compared to other superheroines. Then that reality got destroyed in a dumb event because DC wasn't selling enough comics but Power Girl was popular enough to get kicked into main continuity, her powers mostly stayed the same (although they oscilated in level) but what the hell she was exactly shifted around a lot from Atlantean wizard's daughter to who the hell knew. Both of these also gave her crippling insecurity beneath the veneer of self confidence. Eventually revealed to be the sole survivor of Earth 2, she stayed in earth 1 and became both the CEO of tech company and leader of a super team. Typically is tall (about 6') and is always very busty while usually is musclar, short blonde hair, blue eyes, typical kryptonian super power package but is immune to kryptonite from main earth.


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And accidentally quoted myself, oops. I'll fill this in later.

Pt 5: Forest of Delights

Diana fell for quite some time, the elevator shaft was immensely deep. Her long hair stood out behind her as she fell but at last, surely a skyscraper's heights beneath the earth, the Amazon saw a spot of light beneath her spilling from an open door. With a thought she activated her ability to fly and her eyes widened when for one terrifying moment it refused her command and she continued falling. But then it kicked in and her descent slowed until she was hovering a foot above the exit.

'By the depths of tartarus,' Diana whispered, 'what was that?'

Her powers had been granted by the Gods of Greece, never had they failed her before. Were they doing so now after only a week of growing fat? She'd hoped to defeat this enemy before that but were her own piggish habits preventing that hope? She'd prayed to Athena and Hera that if it came to it, she'd fade like Starfire, getting slightly weaker in each field instead of like Supergirl who was losing her powers slowly one at at time but what if it was worse than either? She should retreat, seek safety and let someone else handle it...

No! She was the ambassador of Themiscyra, princess of the Amazons and champion of the 12 Olympians. As long as she could crawl she would fight! She had to find her allies, defeat her enemies and figure out exactly why her mouth was watering.

'And Gods on Olympus, what is that smell?' the Amazon asked, stepping through the open double door and into the last thing she'd expected.

Instead of a dry computer server room or some sort of nefarious laboratory of bubbling beakers and crackling electricity, Diana found herself in an idyllic orchard of fruit trees and a field of crops lit by powerful ceiling lights. Birds chirped happily, some where a stream burbled and a beautiful smell permeated the air, a smell that mixed the soft growth of spring and the delicious scents of a gourmet bakery.

'Not quite what I expected either,' Power Girl said from her right, white clad arms crossed beneath her impressive chest and giving a soft whistle, 'it gives a new meeting to 'growing food'.

'What do you mean...by Demeter's mercy!' the Amazon exclaimed as she realized what she was looking at.

Despite the plethera of plants, there were no fruits or grains. Flowers aplenty yes, but in the place of fruit or grain was junk food: instead of ears of corn there were twinkies, instead of apples there were snack cakes, instead of pears cinnamon rolls, instead of grain peanut butter cups. There were cherries yes, but chocolate covered ones and in a fashion there were apples, whole apple pies popping from the ground as steaming hot as if they'd just come out of an oven.

Off in the distance she could see her companions:

She caught sight of Wonder Girl hovering above a tree groaning beneath the weight of chocolate marshmellow cookies. One hand held a wicker basket and the coed superhuman alternated, putting one handful of cookies into the container and then stuffing the other in her mouth. Cassie's jeans had started the day out a little snug but her stomach had been mostly flat, but after the fast food run and all the snacking on the way to the elevator she'd undone her button out of necessity as she bloated. After only a few minutes of gorging though, Diana's side kick sported a belly so big it had completely unzipped her pants and easily surpassed her breasts. Only their extreme tightness kept them on and if the girl wasn't flying their seams would surely rip wide open.
Starfire was likewise hovering, but along a tree covered in chocolate covered cherries. The sex bomb alien's shorts had suffered a total collapse along the back seam, showing off a two sizes too small thong and even more soft crack. Her matronly breasts bounced as her smiling face bobbed from mouthful to mouthful and beneath them her relatively narrow stomach was only a few minutes of eating away from catching the slightly saggy bosom. The tree's upper branches were already bare and With each bite she was starting to sag just a little bit lower.
Raven was collapsed fully on her back on the ground beneath two trees that were even now growing cinnamon rolls, deep in the throws of a food coma. The fat goth was so immensely bloated she resembled a gorged tick, her already substantial gut having ripped a horizontal tear on her blue-black dress all the way form navel to breast. Milk pale flesh stood drum tight and gurgling painfully, while her icing smeared face had a look of beautific peace.

'This is a perversion of Demeter's gifts to us!' the devout pagan stammered again, stopped only when she heard her companion moan in pleasure.

Turning, Diana saw the muscular Karen shoving a twinkie into her mouth about fifteen feet away. Eyes rolling back into her head as she smiled and chewed, the slightly shorter heroine's back arched in pleasure, pushing her breasts so far against her costume they threatened to burst free. Swallowing the mouthful of empty calories with a grin, Karen patted her hard stomach.

'These are delicious are what they are,' Power Girl chuckled, unbuckling the rather useless red belt that bisected her white leotard and putting it over her shoulders, while taking off her blue gloves, 'I always thought of twinkies as tasting like shit but daaaang they're good fresh.'

'But...but, you could get fat!,' Diana hissed, even though the twinkies did smell heavenly, 'your immunity could turn off at any bite!'

'I might, but I might not,' Karen shrugged and ate another twinkie, 'the world can be unfair, we both know that but lucks been with me so far. I'm not from this dimension, whatever worked on Supergirl won't work on me. I know that's what you thought of course, when everyone else was getting fat but you were eating to your hearts content with a six pack. But I'm as addicted as any of you really even if it doesn't show on me. It was hell walking through that factory and only eating a few boxes, when I was off in space there wasn't any junk food at all and I've been in withdrawal. I'm gonna glut myself and not care about what might happen. But if it did...how do you think it would sit on me?'

Wonder Woman stared at the other super in shock, 'How would it sit?'

'Yeah, how would I get fat? Would I get super curvy with floppy MILF tits and a great big ass framing a paunchy belly like Starfire?,' Karen described as she kept eating, cheeks filling with dissolving confections,'Do you think I'd be like Raven? Or become a pear with thighs so thick I could barely walk and an ass that gets lodged in the car like Batgir? Maybe I'd get a big carb gut like Supergirl?'

Diana heard herself pant and felt herself sweat as the bustier woman walked forwards, snatching handful after handful of piping fresh snack cakes with each step. Cream was on her lips, half of a bisected twinkie had plopped onto her breasts and her washboard abs had the small bulge of a food baby. Not much compared to the flabby lap fillers almost all American women sported anymore, but compared to the studded muscles she'd had it was a big change and Diana was both saddened to see it and intrigued to see how big it might get.

'No way to know on me of course,' Karen smiled, swallowing with a happy sigh, 'but we'll figure it out before too long on you, heh? Do you think you'll have a big set of birthin hips in a month?'

'No, we'll stop them before that happens,' Diana told her, wanting to take a step back and flee while at the same time take a step forwards and embrace the suddenly erotic blonde,  when she spoke again her voice quivered, 'I won't get fat.'

'We'll just have to see about that,' Power Girl winked, picking the twinkie out of her breasts and plopping it into Diana's mouth.

It tasted like heaven.

'Let's eat while we walk girl,' her ally suggested, floating a foot or so above the ground and pulling the twinkies off one by one.

She went slowly, finishing each one before she moved on. Diana was already shaken to the core: by her weight gain, her momentary loss of flight, by her addiction, by the strange comments of the Kryptonian who seemed completely blase to over eating despite seeing the disastrous effects. Seeing the twinkies beginning to sprout again a moment after they were plucked from the stem wasn't something she needed to see.

Swift as Hermes Diana ran, soft dirt flying from her red boots. It took only a few heartbeats for her to reach the end of the snack cake field and the start of the forest and she was relieved to find her gift of speed from the messenger god was still intact. But she couldn't help but notice how her carefully practiced breathing was off, her chest was tighter against her armor and she couldn't breathe quite as deep.

'You know the doctor's say we can't out run our forks,' Karen said when Diana caught up, finishing off the last twinkie and rubbing a large food baby, 'but good for you trying to stay in shape as you get bigger.'

'I'm not going to get bigger,' Wonder Woman huffed, then realized a vast raspberry bush was in front of her and that every berry was a steaming hot raspberry cookie.

Diana froze stock still, a mouse in front of a lion. If lions were eaten by mice who found all that predator meat going right to their thighs. Her mouth hung open and she drooled, remember the cookies the cooks on paradise island had snuck her when her overweening mother had been focusing on affairs of state rather than her daughter's tummy.

'You know, I'm really too full to eat anymore,' Power Girl informed her, undoing a series of hidden snaps along the side of her costume and letting her tan, swollen belly be partly free, 'but these smell even better than the twinkies.'

Diana resists

Diana gives in

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1 hour ago, Batman76 said:

She just might....

As I said further back on the page, PG is my favorite super heroine. This time around she gets a more...dominant role though, compared to the humiliation of before.

Which is a lovely turn of events, I must say.  Seeing Diana bashful and submissive to PG is wonderful, no pun intended.

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Missed the update earlier!  The play on Wonka's candy forest was fantastic, and the play between Diana and Karen is excellent.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how this adventure goes for the both of them.

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Diana was at this point a full blown confectionary addict. Over the last months as Anonymous' chemical compounds filled up her body the warrior princess had slowly lost all restraint around the fattening goodies. For months she'd been trained far past the point of eating only when hungry, casually snacking whenever she could and when the first extra pound from the constantly improving Anonymous formula found its home on Wonder Woman's abs she had begun to eat well past the point of snacking and occasionally even to pain. The heavy fast food meal and all the cookies inside the factory couldn't have been that filling surely...

'These are sooo goood,' Power Girl said from beside her, popping cookies off the vine and into her own mouth, 'I don't even like raspberries and I like these.'

Maybe it had been Karen's odd words earlier about not caring if she gained weight or not or the way the Kryptonian's waistline, flat as a ruler at the abandoned diner, was now a food baby testing the limits of her costume. But Diana paused and watched the blonde gorge herself on her favorite snacks instead of digging in herself.She saw a woman famed and praised for her figure, a combination of muscle and curve unattainable to almost anyone actively eating herself out of her costume. Diana felt disgusted, shocked and frozen in place due to astonishment. It was absolutely not because her thighs were trembling so badly watching Karen glut herself that the slightest motion might make her orgasm.

'Really, are you sure you don't want one?' Power Girl asked, turning around with her cheeks bulging with cookies, 'these have to be the best cookies I've ever had. Just a few won't hurt you I'm sure...duck!'

So wrapped up in watching was Diana that she didn't move quickly enough. Something hit her from behind with the force of a rhino and sent her flying forwards through the raspberry bush. Thorns did nothing to her skin and she was up in a flash, finding that her mouth had gotten several of her favorite cookies inside it somehow during the brief trip. Diana's jaw worked furiously as she saw a blast of Karen's heat vision and heard a steaming hiss, swallowing she went to jump into the air and get a better view of the battle that didn't involve her going through the cookie patch again but once more her gift of flight failed to start on time. Gravity pulled her down at the apex of her short hop and she landed awkwardly and stumbled as a broad shouldered shape barreled through the trees at her.

For a moment Diana had the impression of a gorilla, if a gorilla was carved from wood and had a huge flower writhing with tentacles on its back. The beast swung a post thick arm at her face but despite the bulge at her belly Wonder Woman was still a canny combatant. She blocked the attack on her forearm bracer, ignore the ripple that went across her body, and grabbed the plant creature's wrist. Diana stepped in and turned to throw the thing over her hip but to her surprise the monster's arm ripped off its socket with a gush of a thick, sticky red substance that shot right into Diana's snarling mouth. Her eyes widened as raspberry filling took up every free millimeter in her mouth, she dropped the limp wooden arm and felt a whole body shiver run from her slightly thicker ankles over her lack of quad definition through the slightly lower slopes of her ass, up a not quite visible backbone and into the back of her blanking mind. Unphased by the loss of its arm, the beast's tentacles wrapped around the Amazon and pulled her straight up over its humped back, forcing her head straight down into the opening flower.

Immediately Diana found her face engulfed into the same sticky substance, which closed in from all sides. A mortal would be at risk of drowning but her enchanted ear rings gave her the ability to survive some time in vacuum. What they didn't give her was the ability to resist realizing she was head first in a tank of raspberry filling and to stop her self from drinking it while doing an impromptu headstand. The heroine opened her mouth and sucked in mouthful after mouthful of the delicious stuff, the rush of eating overcoming the struggle. She forgot the urgency of her mission, she forgot the panic of faltering powers, the shame of losing her perfection, the apprehension of a world of obese slobs without heroines. Diana felt peaceful relaxation, the kind one only got after a week of vacationing or post orgasm bliss. Only a slight pressure interrupted her perfect pleasure, it turned then a building pain that turned into a painful stab  felt her gut pinch against her armor and the Amazon snapped out of it upon hearing her armor groan from the pressure of her body.

Awakening from the ensnaring food with all the rage of the slighted Olympian she was, Diana took her revenge. Snarling at having failed to resist yet again, Diana spun in the air with the force of a tornado. This time her gift of flight activated and she popped free like a wine cork, but trailing shattered vines, petals and sticky filling instead from the maimed tree beast. Before it could act again the Amazon lashed out with her lasso, the perfect weapon catching the monster around the shoulders. With one mighty tug Diana ripped it to pieces, which became just dead wood on the ground. Another jam bearing foe leapt at her but the Amazon spun to the side, her boot kicking into the back of the creature's head and shattering it.

For a moment she hung in the air panting, each exhalation jamming her painfully full gut into the unforgiving metal of her armor. The Amazon felt sick, ready to vomit from the sudden exertion when her body wanted nothing more but to recline and digest its mountain of carbohydrates. But two laser beams flashed by, a flare of heat vision alerting her to Power Girl. Breathing heavily, snorting raspberry jams out of her nose, imagining the nightmare of getting it out of her hair and trying her best to only lick her lips clean, she dashed over to find her cohort floating heavily in the air: her short blonde hair a mess of icing, her face utterly relaxed and scooping thick white cream out of her cleavage. Beneath her six of the gorilla beasts lay in burning ruins as testament to her frightening combat prowess.

'This place is heaven. A good fight that brings snacks to you?,' Karen smiled up at her, 'And all of mine had coconut cream in them.'

The superheroine's arms, legs, shoulders and hips were still as perfectly toned and corded with muscle as before. Her enormous breasts were still gravity defying perky and her strong jaw and sharp cheek bones radiated strength. But the Kryptonian's stomach on the other hand was now a beach ball sized sphere packed tight with force fed coconut filling. Strange growls eminated from its depths and tan skin was starting to show through minute rips along fabric proof against tank fire as the relentless pressure made the seams fail. The once invisible snaps were now quivering with metal fatigue, diamonds of tan flesh showing. Karen's keyhole cleavage window was stretched so low Diana could see her pink bra, as well as the bowl worth of filling resting between the quivering breasts.

'I fucking love coconut cream,' the sticky woman sighed, scooping a handful out of her tits and plopping it into her mouth, 'want any?'

Diana realized that she was drooling as she watched. She closed her mouth and looked away, trying to come up with an excuse. Coconut wasn't as good as raspberry but it was creamy and delicious and would surely be warm and melty from where it sat in that perfect canyon of cleavage above that groaning testament to gluttony...

'I'm allergic actually,' the champion of truth lied, 'can't take a bite of it.'

'Why? Will you swell up?' Karen asked, rising up to her feet via her flight ability, 'I think you might have eaten some already.'

'I, I, we, we should make sure the others are safe, then get the data,' Diana stammered

'Yeah, I can hear Starfire's ass ripping its way out of her jeans now,' Power Girl yawned, stretching in a way that made Diana feel a spasm of joy, 'but first, well this costume isn't built for a girl with a gut like this. Hold on, I want to try something.'

Karen arched her back, sticking her arms back while exhaling. Her already bulbous stomach surged, seams popped and the snaps groaned before suddenly releasing in a staccato burst. Her tan gut broke free, so round and hard, her abdominals stretched on its turgid surface, that Diana would have assumed her in an advanced pregnancy had she not seen Karen's appetite that day. So consumed was she at seeing the white fabric fail across the tan skin that she missed a button flying through the air and bouncing off her tiara.

'I have always wanted to know what that felt like,' the kryptonian giggled, ripping away the remnants of her costume to show the sports bra and lacy blue panties she wore beneath it, 'this costumes too ruined to use again, but I needed a new look anyway.'

She stood, watching Diana drink her in, angling her hip so the Amazon could see both the front and side of her gut. Lightly, she ran her nails over the hot surface of her now spherical midsection and sighed at the tingle of pleasure. Karen could feel the pleasurable gurgle of her stomach as it sat about digesting the several gallons of pure sugar and fat she'd sucked down. If she was lucky she'd finally wake up with some fluff in the morning, but in all likelihood she'd just have her customary four pack despite her eating.

Diana though was clearly lucky enough to be putting on weight, even if she didn't see it that way. Karen's enhanced vision could see the slight widening to her face, the barest sign of puffiness beneath her drool slick jaw, the way her breasts were beginning to overflow the bronze eagle at the top of her armor and how her thighs were heart beat by heartbeat creeping towards each other, to say nothing of her own plush food baby surging around her enchanted belt. That trade mark wasp waist wasn't going to last long if Karen had a guess. The Amazon looked to have only been force fed a single tree monster's worth of filling (Karen had upon destroying the first and realizing what it held, let herself be forced fed the five) but that belt looked ready to go at a heart beat.

Damn, she should have kept her own belt on and seen if it could pop off as well. Well, the way things were going she'd have a chance, but for now she should focus on the actively gaining heroines. She was lucky to have caught Wonder Woman right at the start, now she could enjoy the whole ride if she did it right.

'I always knew you were a good grappler, but not that good,' Karen said to the shell shocked Diana, strutting closer to the taller woman and getting slightly into her personal space, 'looks like you escaped more quickly than me. Later do you think you could give me some lessons?'

'Sure!,' Diana said with virginial eagerness before suddenly coming back to her senses, 'I mean, of course. I need to focus harder on staying in shape and sparing with someone of your weight, um, weight class, um power level would be a big help.'

'I'll hold you to that,' Power Girl smiled, stepping forwards until her gurgling gut was almost touching Diana's own stretched out belt buckle, 'but for now, don't you think that's a little too tight?'

'No, its just a little snug,' Wonder Woman denied as Karen tapped the belt buckle, 'I'll be fine.'

'That armor's cutting into you girl. Its a nice suit, but we've got to dress for the body we have, not the one we want,' Karen told her, 'a strong enough punch' and here she jammed a finger into the armor, making the bronze dent and Diana wince, 'and you could get hurt.'

'I can't just fly around in my underwear!' Diana protested, 'what would the others think? I've got to get them to work together and follow orders!'

'Don't worry, I know how it is,' the blonde nodded, 'you've got to be stern and fearless to be the leader, you can't show fear. I've been there but as I have, know you can relax around me some. Why don't you let me help loosen that armor up though? Can't command if you're distracted by pain.'

Diana bit her lip. She'd already been forced to loosen the armor once already tonight and was loathe to do it again. But Karen was right, she risked injury as even her mighty flesh could be hurt by her enchanted armor.

So why don't I help you at least loosen it up?'

Diana let's her loosen the armor

Diana keeps her armor on tight.

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