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Bebe Rexha

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“3 words to describe my EMA performance with David Guetta is: futuristic, sexy, blue”

“My little moment is definitely my outfit, I’m really excited, I worked with a new designer, and it’s something I haven’t seen onstage before, so I’m really really excited”

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2 hours ago, thadrou90 said:

this feels like the most honest account of how she feels about all of this. she'd rather be smaller, but she knows it's not in the cards, so she can accept the thickness

true hopefully  this means she will also slowly stop hiding her actual size in pictures  with photoshop 

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2 hours ago, Lex123 said:


I love how much of the outline and detail of her belly you can see in this dress. It's almost sheer in the beige parts!

EDIT: First, another great photo from last night


Also, even more Bebe? At some other award show (NMA awards)?? With at least two more public performances to come this year??? 2022 is a Bebe gold rush!


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