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Guest Leeds

I write from time to time specializing in female WG with a bit of male sprinkled in here and there. I just wanted to share some ideas I have as far as stories go. I've been suffering from writers block for quite some time so maybe sharing some ideas could help me get out of this funk. And if any of you want to take some of these and turn them into legit pieces, be my guest. Most of em are based off of real-life characters

-King of Queens weight gain.

Leah Remini gained weight during some of the latter seasons due to a pregnancy. Ironically, Kevin James lost weight for about one or two of those seasons where Remini was fat. Yet if you go back and watch the seasons, you'll see that the writers hadn't updated the script. The usual fat joke(s) Remini's character would say to James were still being said. Except Remini had probably gained a good 40-50 lbs.

I'm not sure if I'd want the story to primarily be about Remini and James or their tv characters, Carrie Heffernan and Doug Heffernan. But I do know that Carrie was a bitch( Remini probably is too..) and one thing's for certain, a fat bitch in denial makes for great literature lol. 

-Biggest Loser weight gain. 

I made a thread about Rebecca Meyer, a season eight contestant on the Biggest Loser, about two years ago. But it wasn't until recently that an idea appeared thanks to a recent video showing Meyer as a 250+ lbs fitness instructor. The backstory for her is that she started out at roughly 280 lbs on the show, got down to 140 lbs and ultimately finished 4th in the rankings but won the at home prize of $100 000. She somehow went from 200 lbs to 140 lbs in roughly 2.5 to 3 months(can you say starvation diet...). Now on the flip side, Rebecca's partner and seemingly good friend, Amanda Arlauskas, started out at 250 lbs and got down to 163. Even though she finished third in the rankings, Amanda didn't receive any prizes. She however didn't sell her soul(or metabolism) to some money as well.

Flash-forward to 2016 and Meyer has gained more than 100 lbs in the 7 years. On the other hand, Arlauskas has maintained her weight loss, and then some making for some hilarious comparisions. Meyer has turned into an out of shape fitness instructor..half in denial and half just being ditsy. While Amanda is a Biggest Loser ambassador with countless weight loss promotions.

The story here is that Amanda was slightly bitter at the final weigh in, coming ahead of Rebecca but not collecting any monetary reward. However, she somewhat accepts it and moves on with her life. We see Amanda struggle but persevere and maintain her weight loss over the years. Parallel to this, Rebecca basks in her glory with a TV appearance on Jay Leno shortly after.  She mentions that she wants to run 50 marathons before she is 30. A year passes and Rebecca has gained about 20 lbs and begins her marathon journey. For whatever reasons( I'm gunna guess marathoner's appetite and being around her glut of a husband), she absolutely balloons while being a full-time marathoner. By the end of her marathoner career in 2013, she looks to have gained 60-80 lbs. 

This all leads up to this video in which they show Rebecca Meyer, two years after her marathons had ended, looking even bigger. She is now a obese fitness instructor who appears to be at her original weight if not higher. In the video, she makes some statements that kinda confirm my initial thoughts on her ditsy and in denial attitude such as

" We've never stopped being healthy"(1 minute later, she is buying a chocolate bar AFTER A WORKOUT!!)

" We've put some weight back on"

Ending is her and Arlauskas meeting up at the end of the NHS study that the NYT video was based on. Arlauskas sees what has happened to Meyer and can't help but smile. Not in a "sweet evil revenge *rubs hands*" type of way but more of a "justice was done" type.



Why It's Hard 8.png

Why It's Hard 9.png






And then.........





Why It’s Hard.png

Why It’s Hard 3.png

Why It’s Hard 4.png

Why It’s Hard 5.png

Why It's Hard 6.png

Why It's Hard 7.png(yes that's a chocolate bar in her hand)

Fat Rebecca and thin Amanda


I have a Kardashian one that involves the entire family with Blac Chyna and Rob at the forefront but I've fleshed that out quite a bit probably twice as long as this post. And this post was kinda longer than I expected my bad lol. Hopefully, maybe one of y'all get inspired. Comments would be great






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