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**Author's Note: This is a teaser to a story I posted on Deviantart! If y'all want to check it out it's under the same name for the story and my profile name is the same like here as well!**

Description: Alison works at a gym near where she goes to school. Due to an accident she has to leave. Alison gets hired at Jack in the Box and the pounds begin to pile on...


Diary Entry 07/22/17

Today Roy and I said our goodbyes. We figured we would simply text each other, or rather he would text me once he left. I mentioned this before in a previous diary entry, but Roy had been accepted into this college across the country. We ended our year long relationship just like that, in a peaceful yet mutual agreement. I never thought I would be in this position with him after meeting him at the gym where I work at about a year ago. I think it's been a great, crazy year though. I had a lot of fun with him, sex was amazing. He even encouraged me sometimes to cheat my diet and gorge a bit. I'm really going to miss Roy, but I know that this the best for the both of us. I guess in the end he's just going to be another ex boyfriend or girlfriend that wasn't the one. 

sincerely, Alison

Alison closed the Day One app on her phone and grabbed her things to go to work. Alison had been working at her local gym to help support her tuition at USC in California. She worked part time there as to keep her sanity between balancing work and school. Getting into her cute little Honda Civic, she started her car and headed to work. Arriving through the front sliding doors she waved 'Hi' to her coworker Betty. Alison made her way to the counter to check in for work. 

"So how are you hun?" asked Betty, with concern on her face.

"Eh I've been better. I think I need some distraction from all of this," Alison said as she signed her name on the check in sheet."Girl, if I were you I wouldn't worry for finding another man! I mean look at yourself, your literally one hot Mexican Momma! You seriously got ass for days!" 

Alison couldn't deny it she did have a spectacular ass, and working at the gym helped a ton to keep her physique in check. She took the compliment and smiled at Betty in a thankful look to her. Alison headed her way to go to her morning trainer area where she was scheduled to train someone. Alison arrived and to her trainee and began her morning program. Five minutes into the program Alison did a very wrong movement on the treadmill, tripped, bent her her ankle in an awkward position and fell off the treadmill machine.

"OOWWW," she yelled. People around her, including her trainee tried help her get up, but to no avail. "Please, just put me down. It hurts to much keep standing on it."

Alison was sent to the emergency room and was released later that day. Only she had a severely broken ankle and crutches to go with it. The next morning she got a call from work.

"Hello?" answered Alison, wondering who was on the other line. "Ali, it's me Troy. I heard what happened yesterday. I'm really sorry, and it's unfortunate that it happened to you. I was calling to see if you're doing any better?" asked Troy, her boss, also the owner of the establishment. 

"I'm doing a bit better, but Troy I wanted to talk to you about something. Well concerning my job," said Alison hesitantly. "I'm really sorry but I don't think I can come back. I got hurt pretty bad, and the doctor said I'll be out for at least a month." 

"Damn, that's really a shame," said Troy with great sorrow. "I guess we'll have to mail you your last check. Seeing of course that you can't come down here with out tiring yourself out."

"Yeah I think that'll be the best thing to do I'm really sorry it had to come to this Troy. You know me, I loved it there," Alison replied.

After talking everything over from her having to quit her job at the gym, Alison hung up the phone and lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. In just twenty four hours she broke up with her boyfriend, broke her ankle severely, and to top it off she had no other choice but to leave her job. Which she very much enjoyed. Suddenly her belly started to protest in hunger. She grabbed her crutches that were set on her nightstand and struggled her way to the kitchen. Alison lived on her campus at USC and got along very well with her roommate. 

Both Alison and her roommate Vanessa shared a lot of things, even food. Despite Alison's gym addiction, she was opened up by her ex, Roy, that she should indulge in fattening delicacies every now and then. That was the case for her breakfast. Even though she just wanted some fruit she only found things like left over meals from previous nights. Such as pizza, cookies, chicken wings, you name it. Alison settled for some donuts, she then rested herself down on her couch and began eating.

Diary Entry 08/17/17

It's been almost a month since everything that happened. I started looking for a job last week, but no call backs yet. My ankle has gotten better, but I feel like I've gotten pretty lazy. I think I'm eating more now than before, I noticed my clothes are getting a little snug. I don't think I'll ever say this out loud to anyone but, I kinda like it. I've always been so uptight with my body, but now I like indulging with extra foods. I like eating more than I usually do, and I'm kinda aroused by it sometimes. The feeling of having my belly full, and tight over my shirt feels sexy to me. Like I said though, I would never say this to anyone. Besides I'm pretty sure it only a few pounds, like 3 or 5 at the most.

sincerely, Alison

Alison was actually very, very wrong. This last month she has eaten more and more everyday. Her once toned abs and arms were now shapeless and getting flabby. But the one thing that was a positive, at least to her. It was her ass that grew even more. Alison's butt was already nice, round and large, due to her Mexican genes. Now however, it was growing at quite the alarming rate. Since Alison had become accustomed to wearing sports attire. She would always wear joggers, shorts, or leggings to be comfortable. With her ass growing rounder, jigglier by the day. Her clothes looked fantastic on her now, to say the least.

Toward the end of the month Alison had gotten her cast off and was completely healed. Her eating however, well let's just say it grew along with her waistline. On a random mid afternoon, Alison got a call from an unknown source. Cleaning her fingers from the great, greasy chicken she was eating she answered the phone.

"Hello?" answered the little blimp. "Hi is the Alison Perez? I'm calling from Jack in the Box, and wanted to know if you wanted to set up an interview?"

"Yeah sure, when can I come in?" asked Alison struggling to get up from the couch to sit upright. "Does next Wednesday work for you?" asked the young woman on the other side of the line.

"Wednesday works for me. What time should I arrive?" Alison asked, without realizing her belly was poking out of her gray tank top. 

"Get here before 10 in the morning and we'll get started," said the woman on the phone.

Hanging up the phone excited, Alison got up from the couch and went to her room. Entering her room she saw herself in her mirror. She saw her belly coming out from beneath her tank top. Alison came over closer to her mirror and surveyed herself. Since she was home alone Alison lifted her tank top over her modest gut. She rubbed her hand in a circular motion just once over her flabby belly. Alison pinched and grabbed her belly, and shook it. Surprisingly she was not mad, shocked or even worried of her newly formed belly. In fact she kind of liked it, just a little. Alison bit her lip as she shook her belly and held it with both hands. She felt pleasure build from near the top of her vagina and she shook it more. 

"Uggh," moaned Alison softly as she grabbed her gut and jiggled it in front of her mirror. 

Alison was really getting horny now and proceeded to her bed. She plopped down onto her small twin bed. Alison rather ravenously took off her black shorts and matching panties. Immediately going for her pussy, Alison instantly felt that it was drenched. Growing even more turned on, Alison reached over to her nightstand drawer and grabbed her vibrator. Before going back and pressing it on her wet, almost squirting vagina, she saw a pack of Oreos on her roommates nightstand. "She won't mind," thought Alison going over to get the cookies. Laying back down she multitasked between stuffing herself with the delicious, fattening Oreos, and rubbing her clit with her vibrator. 

"Mmmph fuck this is so hot, I feel so fwucking fwat," Alison said while chewing with her mouth stuffed. She pressed harder on to her wet pussy and felt another wave of ecstasy crawl up her whole body.

Reaching her point of no return Alison orgasmed hard as she soaked her bedsheets and finished her pack of Oreos. Dropping both her vibrator and empty pack of Oreos she laid in her bed for a moment with her eyes closed. After a second or two Alison ran her hands over her stuffed mountainous gut while looking at it smiling slightly. 

"I think I can get used to this sort of lifestyle. But it'll be our little secret, right tummy?" she asked as she patted and slapped her engorged belly.

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**Author's Note: Go check out the rest on Deviantart!**


Diary Entry 01/15/18

    Oh boy! The holiday’s did a number on me! I’m sure Tiffany is the same or around the same weight as I am now. I’ve managed to put on 10 pounds from New Years till now. I fucking love it, my belly wobbles so much when I walk now. Even when I’m not walking fast in the slightest. I love having 245 pounds of pure, sexy fat on my lazy body. It’s such an erotic feeling when I have my tummy stuffed to the max or beyond that point. It turns me on just seeing my mountain of a belly rise up and down when I lay in bed. I’ve noticed Vanessa put on some holiday pounds as well. It looks cute on her! She either somehow hasn’t noticed or does not care that she’s getting fatter. I constantly see her nibbling on something, especially when she’s studying she eats a lot of sugary snacks. Now a day I’ve noticed she wears a lot of stretchy clothes. This one time actually wearing gym clothes she said she was going to the gym. About have an hour later she came back with a bag from Burger King, claiming the gym was closed for the night. 

                                sincerely, Alison

    As Alison slipped on her work shirt she stuffed a donut into her pie hole. Arriving at work, getting out of her car and releasing it from all her weight she walked into the lonely restaurant as usual. She had to go in earlier than Tiffany today because their manager made the schedule for this week. As Alison was getting everything ready a very fat woman walked in. She had brownish blackish hair, and a witch’s pot for a belly. Walking up to the counter the young plumper said, “Hello? Iiisss there anyone here?”

Alison popped her head from the back and made her way to this woman, “Hi, sorry I was getting everything ready in the back, just opened up! Can I take your order?”

As the busty plump woman began to answer Alison. Alison couldn’t help but stare, she found her familiar. After the woman finished ordering a massive order as to her stature Alison asked, “Do I know you from somewhere? I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before? I’m probably confusing you with someone else aren’t I?” 

The woman giggling replied, “Probably, I wouldn’t know!” Alison took a wild guess and asked, “I think I’ve seen you like at Disneyland when I’ve gone, yeah I think I have actually. Don’t you work there?”

“I do actually! Good guess!” answered the fat woman. “Oh wow that’s awesome, I gotta admit though, and I don’t mean to be rude but you look different from the last time I saw you,” said Alison looking her up and down. 

“Yeah well I’ve put on a lil bit a weight from the holiday’s,” said the woman patting the top of her belly. 

“Oh ok, so I’m Alison by the way,” replied Alison in a slight nervous tone.

“I’m Ariel, so how long will it be for everything? Also how much for everything?” asked Ariel. 

“Oh it’s on the house, a Disney princess like you deserves it,” said Alison giving Ariel a quick wink. 

    Alison went in the back and started to get everything ready for Ariel’s feast. She came back up front because she saw someone else was waiting there for her. As she neared closer she noticed that it was a cop, a rather chubby cop. Alison saw how tight his uniform was around his belly. It sort of added to it that he had it tucked in, and she saw a glimpse of a nearly bursting button from the bottom. 

“Hi what can I get for ya?” inquired Alison. 

“Hmmm could you get me three Breakfast Jacks, a medium soda aaand. Gimme two hash-browns,” said the fatty policeman. Alison giving a sly smile informed and asked the cop, “You know all our drinks are a dollar, you wanna upgrade to a large?”

“Heh, you’re trying to pork me up huh doll?” replied the police officer. 

Blushing Alison answered, “Not…on…purpose?” 

The policeman laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s early and I’m already starving. You just let me worry about the pounds that pile on afterward.”

“Alrighty then, anything else big boy?” said Alison with a slight flirtatious tone.

The cop leaned over onto the counter and said kind of intimate tone, “Surprise me.” 
With that he winked, paid and went to sit down in one of the booths.

    As Alison went back to finish on Ariel’s order she saw Tiffany come in with her shirt tied in a knot. Alison growing wide eyed, both in gratitude to her girlfriends choice of attire, she rushed over putting both hands around her waist and said, “We’re not alone dumb dumb.”

“Oh shit!” giggled Tiffany pulling her leggings over her belly and her work shirt down her belly.
    Alison taking notice immediately she saw Tiffany’s shirt didn’t quite cover her tummy all the way. In fact it the combination of her leggings and shirt barely only covered up to her belly button. Imagine this, her shirt coming over her stomach and stopping above her belly button. Same with the leggings, only coming up just below to her belly button. Just a perfect line of flesh created to be shown off like it deserves. 

“You still need to cover up,” said Alison, pointing at Tiffany’s exposed gut.

Tiffany whom was distracted looking at who was there, she just simply answered, “Well from the look’s of it chief, doesn’t seem like these chubsters would mind.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right but help me here though! These fatties ordered a lot, especially the girl!” said Alison. 

“Fine, but I’m gonna munch on something while I make the stuff. I’m hungry too,” said Tiffany looking over to Alison. 

Smacking Tiffany’s ass causing Tiffany to yelp Alison said, “Get to work fatso!”

    After the oddly random morning rush the two girls back to their usual state and got on their phones. It was a slow day as usual, cold from the looks of it. Alison and Tiffany were inside though so they were quite warm. Surprisingly both of them weren’t stuffing themselves as per usual. Neither were they feeding each other, to the contrary they just lounged around.

    Tonight Alison spent the night with Tiffany. Finally arriving to Tiffany’s apartment the two of them stumbled in. Tiffany taking off her jacket threw it on her couch and went to her bathroom to start a shower. Going to her bedroom she came back out with some pajama’s.

“I’ll be out in a bit, there’s some Cheetos on the coffee table I think. If not just look somewhere in the kitchen,” said Tiffany as she went back into the restroom.

    Looking over the couch the chips weren’t there so Alison put her bag and jacket down, and set her phone on the table. Waddling to the kitchen she looked in the pantry and found the Cheetos. The gluttonous fatty also saw some Nutella next to them. Raising an eyebrow she grabbed both and made her way to the couch. As she made her way to the couch she heard her phone buzz. She looked over, confused to see who it was. To her surprise she saw that it was from Roy. Putting down the food she was carrying, Alison opened up her phone to see what he had messaged her.

“Ali, it’s me. I know it’s been a long time but I just heard what happened to you at the gym. Are you doing any better?”                                                                                Shocked Alison put down her phone and went to sit down on the couch. Thoughts racing about Roy now as she stuffed her face with Nutella and Cheetos.

Edited by chubby-goku

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