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Big Brother weight gain

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Guys, this might be the best season of BB for weight gain ever. We have Kat, Christie, and now Analyse gaining weight. Plus, we have a real BBW. I really wish I had the live feeds to see these girls stuff themselves. 3 different girls gaining weight is insane! Also, I linked the clip of of Analyse with her bigger belly.



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Jess, Christie, Kat, and Sis were voted out. So hopefully now that they're in Jury with less to do and no need to stay fit for physical comps there will be some developments. 

The other day my train stalled so I was super bored for a while. I took a deeeep dive on Jess' Instagram and it is all gold. She's incredible. My favorite part is how as you scroll back she is currently saying she's a size 36 but a short while ago she was saying she's a size 34. Hopefully there will be BIG things in her future. 

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This was posted 3 days ago. Jessica looking super wide as usual. Her boobs really stand out in this dress, you can see the imprint on her dress as well as on the side of her dress. There were also NUMEROUS times where she would adjust her dress whether it was around her belly or nears her breasts, she would adjust adjust and adjust. Also notice how big she is compared to the other woman interviewing her. Some grabs below:


















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