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Hüftgold Fest - Historical/fantasy story

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This is a story originally  by "mc67kenzie" a German writer who wrote some great stories about 10 years ago.  It's my favorite by this author who is great at coming up with scenarios for his stories.  Somehow, they're always right up my alley.

It's historical of nature, although the time period is ambiguous.  Seems kind of like Medieval times if you had to guess, though.

I did my best to translate and know that I don't speak German, but rewrote the best I could with the little free time I have.  I have also heavily embellished this already great story with some what nice,new touches, if I do say so myself.

JimkerryPI of DeviantArt has provided a link to the original German website of this author:


Also check out JimkerryPI's DA page with great translations of other  mc67kenzie stories.


The Hüftgold Fest

"It is precisely one year from now in the kingdom the great "Hüftgold" Fest will be held," King Jacob said, his deep bass voice booming. Prince Bernhard was sitting on the other side of the long table where the royal family took up a community dinner. Beside Bernhard sat his 15 year old sister Waltraud and his 12 year old brother Engelbert followed by his mother,  Annelind.  She scooped a huge portion of roast goose in her round face and seemed oblivious to the conversation between her husband and eldest son. "Have you already decided which particular young lady you are supporting?" Said Bernard's father, in a haughty tone.  This was a question he had asked more and more frequently in recent months.  But Bernhard had no better answer to this question now than the first time his father had asked it.

In one year's time, the great Hüftgold Festival would be held. "Hüftgold" roughly translated from it's low German origins, means the well-blossomed, well-ripened form of young, marriageable aged women.  It refers to plump, ample hips and "love handles" to put it into modern terms.    The woman who had achieved the most well rounded and plump form has traditionally been rewarded with honor of becoming the wife of the eldest son of the Regent. This tradition went back to events long ago and is based allegedly on a particularly tragic year in the history of the Principality. One growing season, long ago, there befell a terrible famine in the land. Many, especially poorer people, starved to death.  Most left the country and tried their luck elsewhere where life was easier and the fields fertile.  So when it came time for the young prince to be married,  he was left with few options.  All the young women had succumbed to famine or had left the Principality with their families,  or were too thin and too weak to give to the Prince an offspring.

After a long search the king's soldiers finally found a young woman who was a worthy bride of the Prince.   The young women was the beautiful 19 year old daughter of the master of one of the largest, yet relatively unknown, farms in the Principality.  It seems that the master, with his vast resources,  had had available hundreds and hundreds of pounds of rich foods available.  His daughter, therefore, was free to indulge to extravagance and legend has it she was one of the most well fed women anyone had ever seen.  So not surprisingly, upon the outset of the lean year and after months of famine, she still appeared lush and healthy. The prince was delighted and they were soon married.  Only a short time later, as the famine continued,  his new wife held a smiling, well nursed,  baby in her arms.  The lush princess had delivered a perfect and healthy child into the world and could - so the legend - thank her large fat reserves for this good fortune.

So this was the reason why the roundest young lady was chosen as the wife of the heir to the throne. For generations, the royal house summoned women who were appropriately plump or had had the wherewithal to add the desired extra pounds to their frames by the end of the year long competition.  The heaviest of these young women, generation after generation, was chosen to be the bride of the prince.  This continued long after the famine had ended.  Even in flush times, it happened again and again, the girl who had achieved the fattest form was chosen as the future wife of the prince.  Bernhard, however,  did not think much of this tradition.  He thought it silly.   Still, he knew he could not break with hundreds of years of precedent.  He knew whether he approved or not, the great golden scales in the courtyard of the castle would crown a young maiden his wife in one short year.  Bernhard also knew that the wealthy families of the Principality, would leverage their resources and attempt to turn the most slender, delicate girl into a greedy and over-fed lush beauty. The young women of the land knew they would be expected to concentrate all their efforts to increasing their weight over the next year.    Bernard knew from the lore that all the rich families would do everything they could to marry their daughters to the young prince.  Before long, things would spiral into a real contest between the families. Bernhard could not be certain which young girl would be his bride, but he could count on the fact she would be of the finest stock and be quite plump by the time she was named his bride to be.

Though Bernhard did think the tradition a bit odd, he knew he would receive a wife tremendous beauty.  Most of the wealthy young daughters he had met at the Grand Ball each year were without a doubt quite pretty and a wife of expanded proportions did not worry him either. This, as he had been raised in the land of the Hüftgold Fest, and had not known any other taste in feminine beauty since he was a boy.  The problem was the principality was small, the upper class still much smaller - so only about five to ten young women would likely be in the competition. Unfortunately for Bernhard, most of the young girls were quite selfish and arrogant, the two most attractive young ladies the most exceptionally so. He could not imagine having to spend a lifetime with one of these girls.  The tradition did not dictate the class of the winner, however.  Technically, it was indeed possible for the prince to marry a girl from the middle or lower classes. But, in these circles, no one had the means to give their daughters the luxurious and indulgent lifestyle required to give them a chance to seriously compete in the Hüftgold Fest. To make this even more unlikely, his father would never think of helping a lower class girl enter the competition, should Bernhard fall in love with such a person.  Lavish wealth from the King or some rich benefactor would be a peasant girl's only chance to grow large enough to win the competition.  And when came to finding a middle or lower class girl that was already fat enough to compete, Bernhard knew that in such a poor region it was a total impossibility.  He had seen hundreds of these girls, some ugly and some quite beautiful, but one thing they all had in common was they were all scrawny, small-framed and firm muscled little things with no hope of being in contention. 

Alternatively, if Bernard found himself in love with one of the rich, upper class girls, he knew the royal family would do everything in their power to maker her the fattest girl in the whole principality and thus his wife.  Bernhard pondered over this for days and weeks and came to no conclusion.  To commit to marrying one of the wealthy girls, beautiful as they were, was just something he could not stomach.

Rumors of Bernhard's indecision spread throughout the land. The unrest in the Principality that resulted was more considerable than most could remember.  In past generations that saw royal marriages, the prince had chosen a bride by now.  In ordinary years, the royal family would certainly have unleashed their immense wealth to make certain the prince's bride to be was the fattest in the land and thus the undeniable winner of the Hüftgold Fest.  But in this year, due to the indecision of the Prince, all the young, wealthy daughters were suddenly very much in the running. Rumors spread about the amazing proportions that these wealthy girls would grow to in desperate hope of marrying the prince.  This would be a Hüftgold Fest  to remember!

Bernhard was a little perplexed. The impatience of his parents and the prestigious families in the Principality grew with each passing day.  In frustration, Bernhard sought advice from his teacher, Frederick.  Frederick was a quite elderly man who Bernhard had grown especially fond. He had been Bernhard's mentor and teacher since Bernhard was a young boy.  For decades Bernhard had visited Frederick in the small rooms in a side wing of the castle. These rooms were filled with countless books and strange scientific paraphernalia.  Bernhard was an inquisitive type and spent countless afternoons asking and learning with old Frederick.

That evening, however, Bernhard did not waste time with subjects of scholarly learning. He wanted Frederick's ear and some advice.  Fredrick seemed to know a way out of even the most difficult situations.

"The agony of the situation has blackened my days, sir.  What should I do?" Bernhard asked his teacher, after pouring out his heart. Wrapped, he watched the lined face of the old man, as shadows flickered in the light of the candle. Friedrich leaned back comfortably in his rocking chair. As he listened to the remarks of his student, he had closed his eyes, but now he sat up a little in his chair and looked at Bernhard. "I can't give you any advice!" But then paused and said,  "I would like to present to you with what happened to one of your predecessors. This situation in which you now find yourself has happened before, but in much worse circumstances. Maybe this is indeed a small consolation," Friedrich said. 

"What happened to this ancestor?" The young man asked,  curiosity growing.

"Well," began the old man, "He was in love with a beautiful young woman. But she was a simple girl, a daughter of poor parents would could not afford to provide her the conditions that would have been necessary in order to to round the hips of the young woman sufficiently. Instead, the young man finally settled on a rich, incredibly thick and attractive girl who's family was friends of the king.  Although he had settled on a mate, she was an extremely unkind and selfish women and the marriage was never happy. " 

Bernhard did not understand what lesson Fredrick was trying to give him with this story, but almost on cue, the old teacher continued.

"What I want to tell you is you should be happy you have not fallen in love with a women that cannot be your wife.  Make the most of your situation, even if you are not in love with one of these women at first site, give it time. You just have to open your eyes...you may not know yet what, deep down in your heart, you really want in a bride!"

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Bernhard was not the only person in the Principality who was stumped on this evening. Within short distance to the Royal Castle, in a large mansion on the market square of the capital, was the young beauty Cordula Thorstein .  She sat in front of the mirror in her room.  A few months ago, her parents had decided to let her participate in the Hüftgold Festival. Since she was a little girl, she dreamed of marrying a young and handsome prince.  She knew about the tradition of Hüftgold, and of course she knew she would have anything but a easy time considering the slim and lean figure she had grown up with.  To be the most abundant young woman of the Principality and thus the wife of the prince seemed a long way off.  Gazing again in to the mirror she sadly observed her petite and delicate figure.  The beautiful dark-haired girl doubted whether she really had a chance to be the most important woman in the Principality.

But even though on this night when she found herself facing a seemingly hopeless situation, she was not seeing things as they existed.  She was the daughter one of the wealthiest citizens of the empire. Although her family did not belong to the nobility, they belonged in the highest class because of her father's great wealth.  He was thus also now one of the Principality's most powerful men.   Even the royal family was dependent on the economic power of their family. The family lived in great luxury and enjoyed numerous privileges. Not only that, but those in The house of Thorstein flaunted their overpriviledged life for all to see and as a result they became rather despised by the common people.  Needless to say, Cordula always grew up taking for granted she was a Thorstein and belonged to a family of privilege .   She was used to getting everything she wanted, and now she wanted marry the young prince. Her parents were eager to fulfill this request and were prepared to do whatever it took to transform their slim daughter into the fattest young woman in the Principality. In particular,  Cordula's father could not resist the  advancement for his business and his prestige that would come should pretty his daughter become the wife of the young prince.  Few knew it, but quixotic dreams filled his head.  He had a secret plan that he should be the right-hand man to the king someday and thus the second most powerful man in the region.

Cordula's father, not sparing any expense, hired a chef with an excellent reputation. He brought him from one of his trading journeys to Italy. Word of his irresistible creations was had spread far and wide.  From that point on, he was to be the house chef or the House of Thorstein and their young daughter was encouraged to deeply indulge in his delights. 

On arrival, the chef, Giovanni was his name... thought Cordula a bit too thin. In his opinion, a real woman should show pronounced curves if she wanted to be considered attractive.  Cordula was anything but curvy, and this served as a source for inspiration.  He would work hard in service of Cordula's father's wishes and no doubts as to his sucess.  He confidently boasted they would be able to see the first fruits of his cooking skills on Cordula's trim body. 

Giovanni had heard of this strange tradition of the Hüftgold that persisted in this tiny principality.  He didn't bat an eye at it's oddness, however,  and was certain that on the day of the weighing on the golden scales, Cordula would be by far the most impressive young lady in the whole principality. Those around him soon realized modesty was not his virtue. 

Although he soon realized the young lady was quite arrogant and cocky, this motivated Giovanni even more. He wanted to help the beautiful Cordula achieve healthy round and lush curves of course, but had set his sights higher.  He imagined her so well-fed that her lovely form was unrecognizable, with thick rolls of fat budging out everywhere.  He knew he could make her totally dependent on his culinary creations.  The thought made Giovanni rub his hands with delight as he thought of the other rewards he was promised...for every pound young beauty increased, Mr. Thorstein promised him a considerable sum. The fatter the girl was, the richer he would become. And if he actually managed to make Cordula wife of the prince, this attracted a huge success bonus.  Giovanni had no doubt he would be leaving the principality an extremely rich man, never having to work another day in his life.

The young prince knew nothing of the plans being made in the House of Thorstein. Although he knew Cordula from receptions, balls and other events, he did not particularly like Cordula. She seemed arrogant and condescending, and her father seemed sour and aloof. Cordula could never be his wife, he thought, even if she was quite attractive. The fact that Cordula was hopelessly slim did not calm Bernhard's nerves.  The Thorstein family was used to getting what it wanted, it would not surprise him if Cordula would be awarded the prize as heaviest girl in the principality after a year's time and become his wife.  Feeling depressed, he did his best to think of other things.

To forget his worries a little, Bernhard decided to take a long ride with his sister and his best friend Nicholas.  Bernhard's mother did not always approve of her children roaming outside the royal walls.  But because the prince wasn't in regular contact with ordinary people, she acquiesced. She felt it was benevolent for him to spend time getting to know the lower classes and more importantly, good public relations for the throne. 

This time, they traveled southeast. Once outside the city, they crossed the great river, then rode for a while along the main trade route.  Making their way along a badly paved road, they entered a small forest. They were now in one of the most sparsely populated and remote areas of the Principality. Bernhard was not familiar with this area of the kingdom, but could easily see that the fields he gazed out upon were barely fertile and quite dry.  Nothing like the green fields he was used to near the castle. The people who farmed these fields had long days and uncertain harvests for sure.

The three young riders had ridden all day and were in need of refreshment.  They knew of a small hamlet called Falkenstein Horst, and chose it to take their needed break.  One thing they had heard of Falkenstein Horst was that it was the home of an old, former soldier known for his fabulous stories. He must have been a very daring and feared warrior in his younger years, for the stories he told of his exploits were quite outrageous.  Whatever his true experiences, he was knighted, and the kingdom transferred him to become the manager of this poor and insignificant province. He was given security in the form of a steady income that was to last to the end of his days. The old soldier was always a bit uncomfortable to have to live amongst the people of his province and also collect  taxes of the poor, hard-working farmers.  Although he collected taxes diligently,  he lived in very modest circumstances and held make-shift school for the boys and girls around.   His “school” was only open in the cold winter months, as the young people worked dawn until dusk in the fields from April until October.   The  farmers were ever grateful for his commitment to getting the children some schooling. For financial reasons none of them would have had hope of an education otherwise.

Shortly before reaching Falkenstein Horst, however,  Bernhard and his companions were surprised by a thunderstorm. In no time the road turned into a muddy trough and the horses were slowed to a crawl. Soon the three lost their orientation in the mist and were unsure if they had ventured off the main road.   Bernard, Nicholas and Waltraud had just stopped to discuss which direction to proceed when they caught sight of another rider.  All three were amazed that anyone else was out in this in this weather on such a remote road. Still greater was the surprise when they realized that it was a young girl upon the house. She was soaking wet, dressed in the old, partially torn clothing of a field hand.  Bernhard was immediately fascinated by the sight of her. The rain soaked clothes clung to the body of the young woman, her legs rippled slightly with well conditioned muscles.  Her thighs were bare as she sat upon the house, clothing soaked with rain. Her skin was tanned, a hallmark of a humble, working class background.  In addition, Bernhard noticed how expertly she road, effortlessly guiding her horse through the deep mud. Small but, toned muscles and tendons flexed powerfully under the skin of her lean body.   Bernhard liked everything about this young woman. Her wild, reddish brown hair fell over her shoulders displaying curls and framing her attentive, blue eyes.

"What brings you out in this weather,  fine gentlemen?" Asked the young woman, smiling and looking at the three travelers curiously. 

"In this weather, your spoiled horses don't do very well I see...am I right?" She said grinning.  She was showing a a tad of disrespect, a tone of which he and his companions were not accustomed. 

"We wanted to visit Falkenstein Horst, but then the storm surprised us and now we are not sure where we are!”  Said Bernhard, mirroring the essence of the cheerful young woman. 

 "How could the heir to the throne not be familiar with his own kingdom?" Asked the young woman.

Bernhard grinned, shaking his head, thinking he must have misheard. 

"How does one from this poor country region recognize my face so easily?" Bernard asked. 

"I am poor, but that does not make stupid! " The girl told him. "Now come on! I'm also heading to Falkenberg Horst, it's not far off!"

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Their group, now made up of four,  arrived at Falkenstein Horst a short time later. It was a small, old castle and without any luxuries. Once their horses had been accommodated in the stable, they were provided with the essentials of water and grain. The girl then led them across the grounds and into the old castle. Bernard wondered why a simple peasant girl could move with such comfort in a castle like this.  “Obviously, she was not a stranger to the building.”  He thought.

"So how do you know the castle so well?" Bernard asked curiously, while the four entered a dark hall. 

"I get my lessons from old Edmund of course!" Said the girl, who's name Bernhard realized he did not know. 

"What does he teach you? " He asked. "Everything! Reading, writing, geography, history, music. I just want to know everything!"

She laughed as she knocked on a heavy wooden door in front of them. After some time the door opened, displaying an man of about 60 years old.  Bernhard had expected an older man, but nevertheless, Bernhard was sure that it could only be old Edmund. 

"What have you brought me, today?" He asked, looking surprised as peered out at the three richly dressed people standing in the hall.

"I'm Bernhard, the son of Prince James, this is my sister Waltraud and this is Nicholas, a close friend of our family," Bernhard said in an official tone. "I see," Edmund muttered, "then, please come in," he added, turned and dragged himself limping back into the room.

Once inside, the four young people were given a simple bean soup and stale bread. From there the five launched into a long conversation.  First, Bernhard, Waltraud and Nicholas told of their trip. Then Christina, that was the name of the strange and pretty rider,  told of how she was taught since childhood by Edmund. While all the other students had ceased their schooling with Edmund around sixteen years old, having got married or moved away, Christina had stayed on.  Edmund boasted that Christina was the smartest and most talented student he ever had. Therefore, he insisted on schooling her further.  He chuckled as he admitted that she may have absorbed everything he had to give at this point.   Although Christiana tried to assure the three guests to the  contrary, Bernhard suspected that Edmund probably was right. Edmund's slow and confident manner gave one a sense of sincerity. 

"Christina should be in a school in the city," he lamented. "But who will pay for this!"  

"I don't hold out much hope, to make things worse,  her family has long been urging that Christina get married!" 

In fact, it was extremely unusual in this rural area that a young, pretty woman was not married by the time of 19th birthday. 

"But I will not be a farmer,"  Christina said softly. 

Edmund nodded. "It would really be a shame if such a talented person would have to spend the rest of their lives in these fields!"

Bernhard felt a little uncomfortable. He realized how privileged he was and how easy his life had been for him. 

"Maybe I can put in a good word with my father!" He said, quickly embarrassed.  He felt the astonished look of his sister off to the side. Her father was indeed a popular and good-hearted Regent, but it was unlikely that he would do anything for Christina.  Since neither Christina nor Edmund responded to this, he knew they did not believe him.

After a short awkward, silence, Christina charmingly began to question the three young nobles about their life as royalty.  With shining eyes, she listened to the stories of the three. Edmund discussed recent news, but soon moved to policy and trade issues, which greatly interested him. Eventually the conversation turned to the upcoming Hüftgold Festival.   Bernard told of his unfortunate situation. 

"It's strange," finally said Edmund, who had been listening in silence. "Your situations are similar." He turned to face Bernhard and his student, Christina.  "You see, you are both victims of your birthright.  Now so you see, Christina?  I've always told you,  even the wealthy do not have complete freedom!" 

Christina was a bit embarrased. She had always imagined the lives of the nobility to be as carefree and happy and now she realized that her teacher was right.  Her rosy picture of the life of nobility was not quite accurate.

Another storm had moved in over Falkenhorst and rather than travel anymore that day, Christina decided to stay at the castle for the night. In winter, she did this quite often, so no one at her home would likely worry. For Bernard, Nicholas and Waltraud a trip home in this weather was out of the question, so they settled in for a night at Falkenstein Horst as well.

That evening, Edmund spent hours spinning tales of his military adventures.  Although he politely laughed with the other, Bernhard was in his own world. Again and again he gazed at Christina. She was so pretty, so enthusiastic, so funny and clever - he had never met another girl with so much to offer.  All other young women he knew were boring and uninteresting.   Just then, the words of his teacher, old Frederick, came into his mind.  It was that he should be happy and attracted to a woman before he should consider marriage.  Now that he had met Christina, he knew exactly what Friedrich meant.

The next day, early in the morning, Bernhard and his two companions set out on the journey home. Christina accompanied them a bit and then took leave as they found their way . Bernhard found the farewell not at all easy and he had the impression that it was hard for Christina as well. He hoped it was not purely wishful thinking.

During the long journey back to the capital,  Bernhard thought of onthing but this fascinating girl named Christina.  Even as Falkenwalt Horst became more and more distant, he could not forget about her.  By the time he arrived at home, he had come to the conclusion that he would marry Christina and that none of the boring aristocratic daughters would do.

A week had passed since Giovanni, the Italian chef, had taken command in the kitchen of the house of Thorstein. He was in high spirits. To his delight, the usually very difficult Miss Cordula was wildly determined to be the wife of the prince. She ate with great Zeal as Giovanni offered her delight after delight from his long list of delicious recipes.   It amazed him how much this girl could eat and how self-disciplined she was.  Despite being clearly uncomfortable, with a full, bloated stomach, she still ate a little more, then a little more.  Whether it was morning, noon or in the evening - Cordula stuffed herself with the richest meals.  While it was true her small stomach could be stuffed to the maximum after a relatively moderate meal, Giovanni did not worry, he knew this would soon change. Because she pushed herself to over eat past the point of fullness, her stomach would soon expand in size and Cordula would be able to eat larger and larger amounts. So far, Cordula had seemed to enjoy everything Giovanni had served her, sometimes smiling with delight.  He figured he would have to outdo himself in coming up with more and more delicious recipes than he had ever before.  He knew if he could make his food irresistible, her appetite for the perfect creations would soon overcome even her feeling of being full and she would soon be under the spell of his culinary mastery.  Mr. Thorstein was certainly extremely pleased with his first week of work, anyone could see Giovanni was brilliant as he busily turned out dish after dish,  delicious pastas, heavy meat entrees, and creamy sweet desserts.  Giovanni beamed with confidence as things were progressing just as planned.  As long as Cordula's strong appetite and her deep yearning to be the wife of the prince persisted, he was home free.

Bernard sat comfortably in old Frederick's living room, recounting the events of his recent trip to the country. His teacher listened and could only shake his head. He did not envy the situation in which his student found himself in.   Bernhard finished by telling him of his meeting of the lovely girl Christina and his strong feelings for her.  Frederick only sat in silence.  After a few minutes of rocking back and forth in his chair,  suddenly said:

 "I'm going to do a research trip to Falkenhorst!" He said with a strange glint in his eyes. 

"A research trip?" Asked Bernhard, surprised. 

Although Frederick in the past had kept busy collecting plants, insects and other scientific research, in recent years he seemed to have scaled back his schedule significantly. "I'd like to meet this young woman. That is, if she will allow it and if the good Edmund does not mind, of course. Perhaps I may even be able to give her a small lesson during my visit, maybe I can teach her something new, perhaps there are one or two things I know that Edmund does not? I shall leave tomorrow!” He announced flatly.

Bernhard was worried his old teacher would admonish him for his lovesick laments, but instead he seemed determined to help his cause.   Maybe there was still a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation?  Despite the benevolence of Frederick, Bernhard's heart yearned for Christina's company so he decided to write her a letter.  He would address the letter to Edmund, and then hope it would find its way to Christina from there. In this letter he mentioned how much he enjoyed his trip to Falkenhorst was how glad he was to have met her.  He told her how he admired her ethic for hard work and how he wished there a way she could attend school in the city.   Lastly, he told her straight out that she was the girl he hoped would win the Hüftgold Fest competition and that he hoped she felt the same way.  At the moment of writing those words he was not thinking clearly of  the difficult reality of the situation, but such was a lovesick heart.

Over the next week, there was little to do but wait for a reply.  Quite often Bernhard dreamed of Christina and hoped old Friedrich, and Edmund could concoct a plan out in Falkenstein Horst. 

About two and a half weeks later, just when he was on the verge of breaking with anticipation, he received a letter.  But it was not from Friedrich, as the sender's name on the outside indicated, it was written indeed from Christina!   She was very straight forward in her response, a contrast to his bashful and yearning pros. She stated she enthusiastically hoped to compete in the Hüftgold Fest and defeat all the competitors!  She told him of her childhood where as a little girl she would do nothing but think and yearn that someday she would be judged the most abundant young lady in the Principality.  To someday be wife of the Prince was something out of her wildest dreams!  Now that she had actually met the prince, this dream was more enchanting than ever.   But she also sadly expressed how poor she was and how impossible it would be for to acquire the elegant, expanded form of a wealthy girl. 

"I would have to eat twice all the food in our province to even stand a chance against the rich daughters of the nobility!”  She stated, in her typically down to earth style.  “They have unlimited abundance at their fingertips day and night! Perhaps with help from my principality, I could fill out my slim frame to a certain extent, but I would look ridiculous compared to the certainly glorious abundance of noble women! " Christina wrote. Bernhard could almost hear her merry laughter and see her smiling face. 

Berhhard put the letter down, his mind turning to daydreams.  He imagined himself at the final day of the Hüftgold Fest competition.  All the noble daughters had already presented themselves and been weighed. Each one was more round and lush than the previous, but then Christina would enter the room.  Her tummy, hips, butt and thighs would be so voluminous and glorious, that it would not be necessary to place her on the scales. Everyone in the room would instantly know that Christina was the woman that would be his bride and no other.  He sighed and looked out the window, listlessly, as he knew how unlikely it was his dream would come true.

Back in the house of Thorstein, Giovanni the chef had just received his first payment. As per his contract with Cordula's father, he would be paid for each pound that was added to her frame.  Not wanting there to be any mistake, he assigned one of the servant girls, Alke to take an accurate weight measurement of Cordula at the end of every two weeks.  The day of the first measurement, Alke was sure Giovanni would be getting some shiny gold coins as she watched Cordula undress and step upon the balance.  Her ribs had disappeared under a small layer of fat and her stomach was now looking softer and had lost it's firmness. She also was beginning to get softer, rounder hips. 

The servings Cordula was able to devour rose slowly, but steadily. In an effort to push things along as fast as possible, Giovanni contemplated pushing extra meals of heavy snacks, one in the mid-morning and one in mid-afternoon. With some experimenting, he figured he could introduce them slowly , small at first, and then slowing growing to the point that Cordula would be eating essentially two extra meals each day. 

 Cordula observed all these exciting changes with great curiosity. At first she had doubted that her body would change at all.  Before the Hüftgold Fest competition, she had never been particularly interested in food, other than to survive and as a result ate very little. As a child, the servants always had to coax her to eat.  Not surprisingly, her body had always been quite slim, with little softness to be had.   But now things had changed.  Each day she now excitedly inspected herself in the mirror.  The first week was discouraging, she had stuffed herself to the point of discomfort for many days straight, but only saw a little softening of her body. 

“At this rate, it's hopeless!” she thought.   But Cordula re-doubled her resolve to eat. It was not always easy as the pain of a stuffed stomach was not a pleasant feeling. But she could not be self-pitying, she thought. You had to learn to endure some hardship to get what you want. 

Then at three weeks in, Cordula began to see changes that turned her mood upside down.  Around her navel,  a soft, healthiness began to show itself, and was clearly spreading around her abdomen as the fat cells began to grow.  A slight dimpling of the once perfectly smooth and pampered flesh could be see in the candlelight as she turned her body in the mirror.  She was still quite thin, but Cordula knew that she had crossed the first hurdle. Soon, tender love handles would blossom in the coming weeks and within months all kinds of new rolls of fat would appear!  She excitedly pictured her body expanding to voluptuous proportions, soft fat seemingly overflowing around her. Soon the flab would spread to her hips, her butt and her thighs. Her breasts would be rounder and heavier thanks to her gluttonous diet. Cordula smiled happily as a burst of confidence filled her.  She would win the Hüftgold Fest with no problem, leaving the others in the shade!

The next day, Bernhard made his way to the castle's library.  His father had summoned to discuss some sort of issue that was pressing.  Bernhard could not guess what it was.

Bernhard entered the library and found his father sitting by the fire.   There was a letter in his hand as he waved him over. He seemed happy and relaxed. "Good old Friedrich told me about his research trip!" He said, waving the letter in the air. "What a strange trip for such an old man, yes?" The prince laughed sympathetically. "So, my son, let me get right to it.  Frederick has proposed to appoint you as his assistant! What do you think?" His father made his way to window to a desk and sat down, all the while looking expectantly at Bernhard. 

"I would love to do!" Said Bernhard, trying not to sound too excited, for he knew a trip to Falkenhorst would certainly mean a reunion with Christina! Wise old Friedrich!  Thought Bernhard.  There was no business there for Frederick, this was just an excuse to get Berhnard some time time in Falkenhorst!

The king looked at his son carefully. "You can travel to Falkenhorst, and stay for the next four weeks. But only on one condition! After your return you must share with your family your choice for your future wife! I hope you're not abusing my trust!" He said sternly, but then began laughing in the same moment. "You need to make a choice soon...there are so many pretty ladies in this principality!" He grinned. "But all these girls are desperate to be your wife and they are eating everything in site to prove it!" He said, laughing at the oddness of the situation. "A bit of extra fat on the ribs never hurt anyone, yes?. But we do not want them to overdo it! You will end up with a wife twice your size!" The king laughed again, this time from the gut. "So make up your mind soon, my son.  I know the wealthy nobleman of this land, they will stuff their daughters until bursting each and every day for the next year if you do not!"

Overjoyed by the news,  Bernhard hurried away and grabbed his things. He wanted to leave so badly, he would even ride through the night to reach Falkenhorst if it meant seeing Christina sooner.

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Frederick's Plan

Bernhard of course did not know what awaited him in Falkenhorst. His teacher Friedrich certainly was not on one of his scientific crusades, that much was clear. Bernhard would soon learn the details of what Frederick was up to.

Edmund was completely surprised when the old Friedrich knocked at the castle gate, but was pleased to welcome the wise man into his castle. He could not guess what had induced him to make such along journey. 

"You old romantic! You hope to be able to do something for Christina and Bernard!" He laughed as Friedrich took off his coat and sat down. 

"Do you have a plan?" Edmund was anxious to know. 

Friedrich took a sip of soup from the bowl that Edmund had served. "That's just it, I have no idea what to do," he said sadly. "What can an old, lame soldier and an even older teacher do!" He complained. 

Edmund protested. "We're no longer the youngest, but that does not diminish our wisdom or desire to provide for the Principality." He said. 

"Okay, but what shall we do?" Asked his friend Friedrich. 

"First we eat properly, and then we forge our plans," said Edmund.

After Edmund had snacked, the two men were seated with a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace.  The two began to discuss their plan. 

 "Tomorrow I will introduce you to Miss Christina. You'll see that the young lady is worthy of our efforts," said Edmund. 

"I trust you, my friend!" Friedrich said. 

"Believe me, you can." Replied Edmund. "She is not only very pretty, but smart and ambitious. I understand why Bernard has fallen in love with this young lady."

And what about her? Does Christina have any interest to find a solution?" Frederick asked.

"But of course! There is no doubt!" Edmund replied with conviction. " She speaks only of Bernhard these days, she has no energy left for her lessons.  But she's growing depressed, because the situation is so hopeless! "

Both men were silent for a while.  "Bernhard could step down as prince." Friedrich suggested. "And what?  Be a farmer? "Edmund asked incredulously. "And what of his family? They wil be furious.  And what about Christina? She dreams of a better life and wants to attend school in the city. Both deserve better than to eke out a meager life on this barren land. “

“It is at the least an option."  Said Edmund. Again, both were silent for a while as darkness crept into the castle.

"Well, the easiest solution would be for Christina to win the Hüftgold Fest competition!" Friedrich stated, talking more to himself than to Edmund.

 "Okay...well...so, what is this girl's build like?" He asked Edmund. 

"As thin as a walking stick!" He answered. 

"I was afraid of that! As the daughter of a poor farmer one can not expect her to be glowing and plump!" Friedrich admitted. "But still our best bet is for the competition to declare Christina Berhnard's wife. It would be unusual to choose a farmer's daughter as a bride for  the Prince, but it would be legal. No one could argue any objection!" Said Friedrich. 

"But how is this possible? The wealthy women in the city are fattened with the richest delicacies for months and months, not needing to lift a finger.  They just have to sit and wait as they blossom into lush beauties, any one of them could son be a hair away from being large enough to win the competition! Christina on the other hand works every day on her parents' farm.  They barely have enough food for their large family. How could this girl develop even a millimeter of extra fat? "said Edmund, knowing he was making a legitimate point. 

"If I were wealthy, I would take care of Christina and her needs to compete!" Friedrich whispered.

 "Oh,  of course! But we are not!" Edmund stated. "Besides - even if we had the resources to do – I don't know if we would have a real chance to bring Christina to such an impressive size as to compete with the rich, aristocratic daughters," Edmund said. 

"We have a whole year. If our girl could get exceptionally rich and plentiful food and no longer have to work in the fields, I would be confident," Friedrich said after a moment.

"I would love to see the faces of the fine ladies and gentlemen of the nobility and the rich bourgeoisie if Christina is crowned winner!" Said Edmund.  "Imagine their expressions when suddenly an unknown farmer's daughter from the poorest province is set to marry the Prince!" Edmund dreamed. 

Frederick could well understand what Edmund spoke of. "That would certainly cause a stir in the kingdom!”

“But it looks like young Cordula Thorstein will be the biggest competitor this year, from what I hear." Friedrich said. 

Edmund was horrified. "The arrogant Thorstein family, married into our royal circles?" He exclaimed, slamming his fist on the table.  He paused.  “But should we really worry? She is as thin as a rail as I remember!” 

"Your memory is correct.  But Lord Thorstein has allegedly signed up a fabulous chef from abroad, who cooks for young Miss Thorstein around the clock. His recipes are supposedly irresistible, and the young lady will be quite fat in no time.  These are rumors around town." said Frederick. 

The spirit of the old fighter in him awoke and Edmond said, "We can not let that happen! Christina has to has to defeat young Cordula!"

Frederick sat back and thought. He realized he had awakened passion in Edmund. He felt with this determination in the old soldier now active, now it was only a matter of time before they came up with a solution.

The next day, Friedrich and Christina finally met.  He soon knew why Bernhard had fallen head over heals for this girl. He also realized that Edmund was right about other things, this young woman was worth the effort that faced them. The only thing that caused Frederick pains of anxiety, was Christina's figure. She was even more slim and lean than he feared.  Her skin, while soft and wonderfully complected, was clearly hiding a body of almost no fat.  Working in the fields from dawn until dusk for years had hardened her body into a well toned machine. Was it really conceivable to turn this thin, narrow waisted, petite girl into a girl with the opulent figure that would be required?  A girl with  plump, wide hips, spilling fat rolls and large breasts?  It had to be possible, he thought.  As hard as it was to believe, he owed it to Berhnard to make it so.

"How would you like to participate in the Hüftgold Fest?" Frederick asked the young woman. Christina looked at him as if he were daft. 

"What young woman would not? But have they taken a look at me? I probably lack the prerequisites to be a competitor, Don't you think?" She said, grinning. "I could grow quite plump and then have a chance, but how on earth would this be possible? she asked of Frederick, a little frustrated. 

"If we somehow were to provide the necessary food, you'd at least try to become big enough to compete in the Fest, wouldn't you?" Asked Edmund. 

"Of course I would!" She laughed, almost insulted at being asked such an easy question.  “Where is my table of food?" Said Christina and looked searchingly. 

"We're not there yet!" Said Edmund, smiling. "But I have an idea!"

Frederick was as surprised to hear this as Christina. 

“Okay....what is it?" Asked Christina, taking the words out of Frederick's mouth. 

"You will soon see! You'll excuse me, for now. I have to put  out a decree!"

The next day, Governor Edmund of Falkenhorst proclaimed a degree throughout the province.  There has come to light a possibility, he said in the decree, to make a farmer's daughter from our own poor province the wife of his majesty, the Prince! This, as the Prince has chosen Christina to be his favorite. Unfortunately, due to the long tradition of the kingdom, she does not have a fair chance to be married to her love.  However, the famous Hutgold Fest may hold hope for our young Christina, but it is only a dream at this point.  He explained how such a poor, working girl would not stand a chance, but there may be a way.   Edmund proposed to his subjects, from now on, every Monday you are to bring everything you can spare in terms of meat, eggs, flour, sweet things, etc.  for collection at the Castle.  I make this decree as the Governor of Falkenstein Horst. In the final section of the decree, he hailed the benefits that would abound should young Christina be the bride of the Prince Bernhard.  Edmund had always trusted in his subjects, he had always treated them fairly and in return, they were loyal to him. He knew the residents of the province would do their best to realize Edmund's plan.   It also didn't hurt that it was a nice chance to stick a finger in the eye of the nobility.

Friedrich was impressed with Edmund's plan. To leverage the pride of the subjects really was an excellent idea. Although many of the farmers could spare very little, when combined with all that was gathered from across the province, it would be more than enough to help Christina grow with many new pounds.  “Besides,” he thought.  “perhaps many families will do with less themselves in order to insure Christina is fattened quickly?”  He considered it not out of the realms of possibility.

When he first began to digest this good news, Friedrich still struggled to imagine this young, thin farmer girl as an overflowing goddess, radiating the beauty of her extreme abundance. But as two more days passed,  the image of a girl who was blessed with soft, rounded legs, jiggling buttocks, huge fat rolls and an impressive breasts started to appear in his mind.  And this girl was Christina.  Bernhard would be thrilled when he learned of Edmunds plan. But before he told him, Frederick wanted to make sure Edmund's idea would actually have a chance of working.

Early on the following Monday, Friedrich was awakened by a strange commotion in front of the castle walls. When he looked out the small gap of his modest chamber, he had to shut his eyes and open them again to make sure he was not seeing things.  An excited crowd of simple men, women and children were standing in front of the gate. They all had hauled with them something to eat. There was an old woman with a basket full of eggs, two children dragging two large wheels of cheese. Another man had a sack of flour hoisted over his shoulder. Two young women brought large cakes and jugs of milk.  While two young men led a plump cow up the path to the castle. The amounts of food he saw before him would offer a wonderful start for Christina's challenge. Excitedly, he quickly got dressed and hurried down.

In the meantime, the crowd started to be admitted with their gifts. Edmund thanked each of his subjects who had come to show their support for Christina. He realized how admired Christina must be among her countrymen. They appreciated her hard work, her sense of family, her wisdom, and last but not least her beauty.   They all stood behind her, doing all they good to make her dream come true because they knew that is what she wanted.

 After all food was stored in the storage chambers of the castle and the peasants went back home to the fields, Edmund and Friedrich fell exhausted, yet confident, into their easy chairs.

"What will Christina probably say when she sees all this in our pantry?" Edmund asked, smiling.

Christina stood bright-eyed and open-mouthed in the large storeroom.  Delicacies were stacked up to the ceiling of the room. Christina had never seen such abundance in her life. She could barely believe this was not a dream. 

"This is all for me?" She said incredulously. 

"Yes, my child.  The size of your appetite is something the good citizens have placed their hopes." Said Edmund. 

"I guess your lean days are numbered!" Friedrich said cheerfully. "The first table is already ready for you in the dining room. Remember, you have a long road ahead, you'll have to eat more than you ever could have imagined! The rich young girls in our town already know this, and they have a jump on you!" he added.

Edmund and Friedrich accompanied the young woman to the dining room. The table was festively set with an immense amount and variety of delicacies.

"Here we go!" Laughed Christina as she grabbed a, juicy piece of roast. "You will be my salvation for the next year!" She announced, looking lovingly at the succulent morsel on her fork.  She began to eat. 

"Let us pray all this hard work results in many new rolls of fat!" Friedrich said and toasted his glass with Edmund's. 

"To the future wife of the Prince!" Edmund replied.

Christina ate with gusto and enthusiasm. But soon she realized that a feeling of fullness overcame her. She was a little ashamed, as she had hoped to polish off a lot more in her first feeding. But her body just was not accustomed to such abundant meals. 

"Do not be discouraged!"  Friedrich said, cheering her on. "Your stomach will soon get used to increasing amounts, then it will expand faster and faster.  In a few weeks, you will not believe the amounts you are able to eat!" he said confidently. 

Edmund seemed to be a little less sure. "I will send for old Mary!" He said thoughtfully. 

"Who is Mary?" Friedrich asked.


"Well...some would call her a 'witch' ” said Edmund. "But she is only called this name by those who don't know her. She is an old women who is an expert on herbs, fungi, roots and the like, not to mention other arts of healing. I think perhaps she may be able to help Christina ease that uncomfortable feeling of fullness.  If I know her well, she will be able to remove the pain of overeating, thereby allowing our Christina to eat and eat without discomfort!  Besides, we will need all the help we can get as the other spoiled and wealthy girls have a head start on Christina!" he mused. 

"Excellent, we cannot refuse anyone or anything that will help!" Frederick said in agreement.

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By the end of the first day, Christina realized that she had never eaten so much in her life. At times she felt painful bloating, and in response laid down and dutifully fed herself another bite.  This went on for hours and was very exhausting. The next few weeks and months would be anything but easy, she thought to herself. But she did not despair.  A fresh feeling of confidence was only a thought away, she only had to imagine her future life with the prince, living a privileged life of nobility in her large castle.

Meanwhile, in the House of Thorstein, another young woman was also diligently working to add as much weight to her small frame as she could. Unlike Christina, however,  Cordula had already been working for some time on her little project and the results were becoming more and more visible. 

Giovanni was quite pleased by this point.  He was discovering that he needed to cook Cordula larger and larger amounts as the days went by. Part of this was because he had since discovered her culinary preferences and adapted his menu accordingly. 

Meanwhile, Cordula's hips had grown enough that no one call into question her commitment. One of her personal servants, Alke, noticed while dressing Cordula that her lady was well on her way to becoming plump.  She noted, with some enviousness,  how Cordula's butt was becoming round and full and had acquired a hint of jiggle.  Helping her with her undergarments, she was also surprised to find that her legs were no longer sinewy.  The fat was accumulating nicely around her tummy and a gentle curves now were replacing her banal, slim abdomen. She might have been imagining it, but even after this short time, she noticed even her chin and cheeks had a slight new softness to them. 

Cordula herself observed the changes her body with great satisfaction. This budding success had occurred in only a short time.   “I still have eleven more months with Giovanni!”  she said to herself  “How is it possible anyone but me will be crowned the prince's wife?”

Back at Falkenstein Horst, Frederick had just returned to the castle with old Mary.  It had taken a week of travel to find her, but he had finally been tipped off she lived in an old windmill, down in a narrow valley.  Once he had explained the importance of the situation, she agreed to help.  They spent an hour packing up her stockpiles of herbs and other substances, and then started on the homeward journey.

 Where's the girl?" Mary asked bluntly, no sooner had they entered the castle.  She had always been a very practical and hard working person, and wanted to waste no time in getting started. 

Frederick and Edmund then led her to meet the young women.  Christina had now moved into a separate chamber, so everything could be set up to make her comfortable. The large dining hall Christina had first eaten in was a little too impersonal.   The spacious room, with it's luxurious bed and sitting furniture was a far cry from the cramped, dirty quarters she had lived in most of her life.

When they entered, Christina was lying comfortably on a bed reading and nibbling on a piece of cheese. 

"This the Mary of whom I have told you about!" Said Edmund, clearly pleased with himself.

 Christina looked up from her book. "So it must be!", She said, smiling. 

Mary walked over to the bed, expressionless.  "So how can I help you?" She asked.

Christina sat up and looked a little perplexed. "Well, I can not say for sure...” She paused.  “I guess anything you can do to make sure I am gaining as much fat as possible would be welcomed!" She said. 

Mary looked at the young woman carefully. "I will need to watch while you eat" she said. 

"That's no problem, for I eat practically from sunrise to sunset!" Christina laughed. 

She had now spent a whole week feeding herself in hopes of becoming the future wife of the Prince. Although it was difficult and grueling to eat so much, Christina found she enjoyed the situation. She thought about how many times as a child she had dreamed of participating in the Hutgold Fest! Now it was no longer a dream! For a simple, peasant girl like Christina, it was truly amazing.  Any the eating was sublime.  To think what delicacies she had already enjoyed in the first week.  She had tried more new and delicious foods in the past few days than she had in her entire life!   With each course she marveled anew at what richly scrumptious foods the poor farmers of the province and the castle cooks had provided.  Christina knew all too well the great sacrifice the families of the region had made in providing this great bounty. She felt a huge responsibility not to disappoint these people. She was, after all, not just lavishly eating for herself,but for the entire population who had put their faith in her. 

"Mary, please stay right here, for it is already time for my next meal!" Said Christina as she rose.

Edmund stared at Cristina.  Could it be that her hips were a little less lean than a week ago? Or were his eyes fooling him and his imagination running wild?

The next course was served, a thick soup with plenty of meat, all in a creamy sauce.  A large piece of cake awaited as well. Everything smelled fantastic and Christina began to eat with great appetite. She was really trying hard, Edmund had noticed, Christina always ate with great self-discipline. It occurred to him she probably was used to hard work and the ethic it required. It was clear overeating was fun at times, but when you had a challenge like the one that lay ahead of Christina, it was also hard work.  As Christina was finishing her second course, Mary could see her slowing as her stomach filled.  Most would throw in the towel and cease eating, but not Christina.  Instead, she tried to repress the feeling of fullness and shoveled bite after bite into her mouth. Sweat formed on her forehead as she massaged her stuffed belly.   Soon, however, she could not go on and dragged herself to her bed.  She did not move and just tried to breathe calmly and wait until the bloating passed. If anyone had a chance in this competition, it was Christina, Edmund realized. She had one advantage at least over the wealth noble women, she knew how to work tirelessly for her goal.

Because of all these efforts, the amount of food she could devour was now fairly big, especially when considering her small and slim body type. As promising as things looked however,  the cruel reality was that much, much larger meals would be necessary to achieve results needed to compete against the other girls. It also occurred to Edmond that soon the rumor would make the rounds that a group of peasants were bankrolling the expanding form of a farm girl, hoping to compete in the Huftgold Fest.  He knew they would probably be laughed at, a thought that only warmed his heart.  How sweet it would be to savor the victory by gazing at the surprised faces of the aristocracy!

Mary now watched Christina closely. She looked into her eyes and examined the insides of her hands. She put her ear to her full belly, as Christina reclined on her bed and moaned softly. 

Mary then turned to Frederick and Edmund. "There are three things I can suggest.  One, I could like to try a little hypnosis. That might help to repress the feeling of fullness, to soothe her consciousness allowing her to eat a little more when her stomach feels it's at its maximum.  This should also ease the unpleasant feeling she experiences after huge meals. Two, I'll begin treatment with my special herbs and fungi that have been proven to increase appetite.  I have used these methods in nursing poor, malnourished peasants  back to heath.  I'll also administer oils and ointments that prepare the skin for the upcoming physical changes.  And three, I would suggest you to bring her future groom here to be by her side as much as possible. This will keep her spirits up and remind her for what she is so over indulging. "

Frederick looks confused. "Is Hypnosis is not magic?" he asked uncertainly. 

Mary said nothing. "I can assure you - it is not a dangerous spell," Edmund said, jumping in. "I trust Mary," he added. 

Frederick had heard of this strange art of hypnosis – he not believe in magic and other such strange arts.  For Friedrich everything could be explained by reason, he held superstitions and the like in low regard.  Even with all this,  Edmund seemed to trust her and that was enough him. 

"All right, we will follow your suggestions!" Frederick said,  clearing his throat. "But it will be difficult to get Bernhard here for long periods of time.  In the next few weeks, for example, Bernhard's obligations are on the farm.  But I think in three to four weeks, we shall be able to bring him here.  That is, of course, if we can formulate an excuse! "

During dinner that evening, Mary was able to test her hypnosis technique. Friedrich, in particular, was curious whether this strange technique could actually speed Christina's progress.  As Mary began, he could not see how such a simple slew of words and a few waves of a medallion on a string could possibly have an affect.  But very soon he could see a difference.  Almost immediately Christina's discomfort seemed to disappear - wow this girl could eat!  Christina stuffed amazing amounts into her mouth, all the while grinning with the apparent absence of pain.  Mary smiled when she saw the affects of the hypnosis. 

"Her feelings of fullness shall be reduced!" she said proudly.  “With this hypnosis administered properly, we will be able to increase her stomach size and thus her capacity for food much more quickly than without it.  That's the most important thing, training her body to become addicted to large quantities of rich food.  After all, she is from poor roots and her body is used to surviving on almost nothing.  Those wealthy girls are already used to richer, heartier foods all their lives, and we will need to catch up!”

Frederick now had no doubt it was worth it to hire the old woman.

After a few weeks,  Christina was almost giddy as she observed the changes to her body. Fascinated, she touched her now softer tummy. Bulges were starting to appear on the sides above her hips as budding love handles formed. 

“Your dream is coming true.”  She told herself, smiling.  “The most difficult first step is done!”  she thought, rejoicing. 

Christina loved every minute of what was now happening. She could not wait until these first small beginnings of softness turned into juicy rolls of fat!  The affects of hypnoses probably contributed to her airy mood.  Ever since Mary's session, she felt strangely light and carefree, not to mention hungry. For the first time in days her appetite was pure and strong and she no longer feared the pressure of fullness in her belly.  Now she could enjoy every bite of the delicacies that were served to her.  This was a benefit she had not considered.  Being able to overeat like this meant extended enjoyment, as she could devour much more rich, delicious food!

Edmund and Friedrich sat, each with a mug of beer, before a roaring fire in the great hall. 

"Our plan is working!" Edmund said happily.

 "Well if you're right," Frederick replied.  "This girl is now on her way to getting properly fat! In three or four months, no one will even recognize her if she continues to eat at this rate!

" Indeed, I think her healthy eating will result in generous curves.” Said Edmund.   "Her whole life, day after day, she worked hard, always on her feet. Now she has nothing to do but lay around all day and read her books and of course eat without a break. I think we have set up a luxurious life for our young Christina.  She cannot help but to grow quite fat!" He added.

"You know, my friend...”  Frederick said, thinking.  “If progress continues at this rate, Christina should show off her progress to her many supporters at some point. How it would raise the morale of the peasants to see, that after a relatively short time, we can present a visibly more rounded Christina waving from the balcony!" 

Frederick and Edmund and took another sip from her mugs "And in ten days Bernhard comes to visit! If Mary is right, that should further increase her appetite." said Friedrich.

“Is such a thing possible?”  said, Edmund, laughing.

"But, my good man, let us also remember we need Bernhard to move quickly after his return in choosing one of the official candidates for the Hutgold Fest.” Said Frederick.  “Usually, this takes a little wind out of sails of the contest. The Court supports the chosen one and all the others usually only put forth a half-hearted effort, slowing the race to become fat considerably.

“Well, I suppose the thinner Christina's rival, the better, right? "said Edmund. 

"Absolutely right! I pray this young women will be one of the lightest and thinnest girls we have ever seen! " Frederick agreed.

Unbeknownst to Friedrich, Edmund and Christina, there was great cause for worry at the House of Thorstein. Cordula's formerly trim body was filling out at an accelerating rate. In the last two weeks alone, she noticed a satisfying increase in the thickness of her new layers of fat.   It was no wonder, even she was even taken aback at how big her meals were getting.  Large quantities of food that would have gone half uneaten at the beginning, no longer posed her any trouble.  She greedily ate all that was served her and even asked for extra sweet cream desserts.  

Things were going so well, Giovanni was ready to continue his plan of adding additional meals to her diet. He had been serving generous snacks at 10:30am and at 3:00pm, which she ate willingly.   Cordula's body seemed to have now become dependent on Giovanni's creations, her taste buds now completely in love with his exotic cuisine.  Abundant multi-course meals disappeared quickly as Cordula now seemed to eat for pleasure rather than duty.  What really excited Giovanni was that now only an hour or two after a large meal, her stomach was again empty and growing, yearning for more.  He began to increase her morning and afternoon stacks to include extra sweets, pastries and as things progressed even rich pasta dishes. Cordula, delighted, ate and ate and watched her hips, tummy, buttocks and breasts grow in volume. Her pampered life and days filled with lounging and lazy naps had also caused her body to become quite out of shape and soft with very little trace of the slim and petite person she had used to be.  She embraced this feeling with joy, for this was a sure sign that she was on the right track.

Cordula and Gionvanni were not the only ones who were allowed to enjoy this exciting progress.  Alke quietly knocked on Cordula's door.  “My lady, shall we do your bathing?”  She asked, shyly.

Cordula agreed and ordered young Alke in.  Alke was willowy girl of about 16, quite pretty, with big blue eyes.  Cordula had already stripped to her undergarments, wearing white pantaloons and a thin lacy top.  “Oh my, how fat my mistress is becoming!”  She thought, resisting the urge to cover her mouth in surprise.  It had been several weeks since Alke had been the servant assigned to her bathing.  Cordula's rear had expanded voluptuously and pressed the limits of her pantaloons, allowing one to see every exotic jiggle as she moved.  Alke also noticed that her bare upper arms were much fleshier, wiggling as she pulled off her top. As she let her arms fall back to her sides,  the flesh on her upper arms spread flabbily as it met her torso.  Cordula stared expectantly at Alke as if to say “Well?”  Alke was entranced by Cordula's plump body and gaped for a moment.  “Silly girl, I'll have my bath now!”  Cordula scolded, watching her blank stare.  Cordula, now virtually naked, stood in the dim lantern light.  As a girl from a meager background, Alke marveled at how well rounded she had become, this goddess had acquired more abundant fat then anyone she could remember seeing.  To her, the extravagance of this over-fed girl was captivating.  Her mistress's breasts, formerly perky and moderate in size, had ripened into fleshy round masses that slightly drooped.  Immediately below her breasts, where Alke remembered seeing only skin over rib bones, a layer of fat had now taken over.  It was thick and plush, giving her upper abdomen a soft, slightly dimpled look.  Below that her rounding belly bulged out lazily, forming the beginnings of an inverted heart shape at its bottom.  Her navel had become sunken in fat. Her tummy looked as if it could droop and sag under its growing weight with just a few more weeks of eating.  Soft hips and love handles hugged each side of her plump belly, abundantly rounding out, then meeting the sides of her back,  a fold of fat forming atop.  These nascent fat layers above her love handles along with her broad and round butt, gave her a decadent, wed-fed look from behind.  As Alke helped her step into the tub, she noticed how meaty and thick her thighs were, the fat jiggled healthily, seemingly celebrating its victory over these once sinewy thighs. “This girl is amazing.” She thought to herself, “I could only dream of being so beautiful and so rich.” 

It was late at night when Bernard arrived at Castle Falkenstein. Wearily, he dismounted his horse. Not wishing to wake anyone, he decided to sleep in the barn for this first night. His mother would have found this absolutely unbefitting, but Bernhard but did not care in the least.  To do without luxury once in while was good for everyone, he believed. 

he next day he was awakened by the sound of a noisy crowd, which seemed to come from inside the castle. Still a little sleepy, he stood up and stepped out into the hallway adjoining the main courtyard. A large crowd, of mostly peasants, stood in the courtyard.  Each seemed to be presenting some type of food.  Bernhard was immediately confused by this, for while the generosity of the poor subjects from across the region was well known, he could not think of why this great bounty would be presented.   

Amidst the hustle and bustle, Edmund and Frederick suddenly appeared on a balcony.  Bernhard mingled with the townsfolk as to to not be seen by his friends.

"Dear Friends" began Edmund in a jovial tone.  

Bernhard had not often heard Edmund so animated and wondered what on earth could be going on. 

 "A few weeks ago I issued a decree in which I asked you to help me with a very unusual task. It was about our dear Christina. Oh how much she wanted to participate in the Hutgold Fest!" 

Bernhard listened in to Edmunds words and began slowing to pieces things together. 

"I knew I could rely on my loyal friends! We asked you for the finest provisions to help add fat to Christina's ribs. Today I come here to tell you your efforts have not been in vain! "

At that moment Christina stepped onto the balcony.   All who watched, including Bernhard, knew Christina only as a thin, muscular girl. Now,  a different sort of girl stepped onto the balcony. Her hips had become much wider, legs slightly fleshy, with even a little tummy bulged beneath her simple dress.  She looked radiant, her dark brown hair resting seductively upon her shoulders. Her face having lost the sun soaked look of a working girl, was smooth and doll-like with a peaches and cream complexion.  

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Bernhard was taken aback by her beauty, but he was not alone.  After they had had time to soak in what they were seeing, the crowd surged with great applause. Bernhard applauded as well, albeit with mild astonishment. The extra weight suited her extremely well, he was intoxicated by her intense, new femininity.  Granted, she was not yet fat or even plump, but she was clearly getting a little chubby and Bernhard was astonished at what Fredrick and Edmond had accomplished. 

Bernhard immediately rushed to greet Christina, Friedrich and Edmund. He would never be able to thank his teacher Friedrich enough.  Should Cristina be the winner of the Hutgold Fest or not,  he would always owe him thanks.

Christina's welcome was more than he had hoped.  Christina fell into him, her hands around his neck, her newly round breasts pressed against his body.  He wrapped his hands around her midsection that was beginning to become soft. Friedrich and Edmund had done a good job, Bernhard thought, thrilled with the situation. He then shared a warm hug with his old teacher,  Frederick, whom he congratulated and thanked tenderly.   Frederick then turned to Mary and introduced the old women to Bernhard.  He was told of the miracles she performed in helping Christina blossom. Bernhard nodded approvingly. 

Following this warm welcome, Bernhard was shown the huge storeroom that was crammed with food.  “The cooks have what they need to create a seemingly unlimited amount of rich meals and desserts!” He realized to himself.   If the townspeople kept up this kind of stockpile, it would surely be enough to turn Christina into a impressively fat woman, one who would make all her competitors look like skinny ballet dancers!

Then lunch was served. Bernhard was excited to witness Christina's new appetite. Christina was given priority and naturally was served first.  He sat fascinated as the cheerful young girl eagerly shoveled one delicacy after another into her mouth.  Once the others received their portions, none of the men seated at the table could keep up with her as she lustily savored bite after bite. 


"Each pound of new fat is for you!" Christina whispered to Bernhard as grabbed the fattest piece of meat from the huge platter in the middle of the table.  Smiling gayly, she bit aggressively into the large juicy hunk of meat, throwing her head back in enjoyment.

As Christina started in on her third helping of sweet chocolate cream cake, Frederick and Edmund discussed how to proceed.


"The farmers were extremely impressed with Christina's progress!" Said Edmund.

 "It looks like they are behind our project 100%! Everyone is committed to making sure Christina is the winner of the Hutgold Fest!”  Edmond exclaimed.  “Christina's weight will grow and grow, I cannot wait until we may show them her further progress! "


Frederick smiled politely, but was not so sure.  He did not want to spoil Edmund's optimism, but one thing worried him: The Lords of the upper class would not easily accept a poor farmer's daughter winning the contest to be the prince's bride and would do anything to stop it.

In the four weeks Bernhard spent at Falkenstein Horst, supposedly studying with his teacher, he found he could only think of Christina.  Constantly he chatted with Christina over her ever growing meals.  Christina willingly accepted his company.  Sometimes Bernhard even brought her snacks from the castle kitchen, should it be in between mealtime.   She had already been enjoying huge portions of edible delights at her main meals, yet she welcomed these extra calories with vigor.   Soon, each minute of her day seemed to revolve around overeating.  If she wasn't munching through one of her meals or a snack, Mary was administering ointments, making her teas, herbs and fungi, or giving massages to spur her nascent body into expanding even further.   The efforts were now showing great results.  Her hips had grown again in width and her small, firm buttocks were a thing of the past.  In its place grew a round and soft curving butt, growing more gorgeous with each passing day.  Above her hips, pretty love handles became to form and the sight of these buttery rolls left no doubt she was growing. The gentle curve of her stomach slowly developed into a soft and supple belly. Christina had never felt such exciting changes in her body.  One day sitting in a chair, she became mesmerized at how her thighs now deformed when they sat down.  All her life, her legs had been so muscular and tight that they remained strong and firm as she sat on the seat of chair.  Now she could feel the new fat on her thighs settle under the pressure of its own weight, spreading out softly to each side.  Christina loved this feeling and could almost feel a tickle as her thighs formed to the chair.  She showed Bernhard and he was impressed as well.  Her belly was also becoming a source of fun.  While the rolls of fat were barely visible while standing, while seated, her tummy compressed neatly into flabby roles. Christina was so excited...she looked forward to every new change in her beautiful body!  Bernhard, ever faithful in his support,  assured her she was even prettier with each new pound.  Christina was flattered with every compliment, always smiled shyly.

Two weeks after Bernhard's arrival, the castle taylor had to be called in.  Christina had slowly grown out of most of her clothes. Edmund was elated, but Friedrich, could not help but be nervous as he watched the rapid expansion of the young woman. Although he was glad that she was progressing so fast, he was worried she would not be able to keep up the astounding pace she had set for herself.

Edmund, however, was full of optimism and did not share the skepticism of his old friend. When he saw Christina's legs becoming full and plump, her plump tummy and especially wide rump.  He rubbed his hands together, giddily. “This year's festival will be a spectacle that will go down in the history books of the Principality!”

Christina shared Edmunds happiness and confidence.  She loved her new life.  While at first the constant overeating and stuffing seemed unnatural and unusual, but now she thought it perfectly normal.  To be constantly snacking and never feel hunger for more than a few minutes at a time was sublime.  There was no more backbreaking work in the fields, no cramped and cold lodging.  At first, she admitted she didn't know how to handle being idle all day, everyday.  But now she had fallen in love with the lifestyle. Spending most of the day in bed, eating, reading, eating again, only breaking to receive her treatments from Mary, was the most wonderful experience of her life.

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The New Rival

By the time Bernhard had to depart Falkenstein Horst, Christina had become plump. Given her rapid weight gain and her fierce determination to win the Hutgold Fest competition, Bernhard was extremely confident that Frederick's plan would work out.

But his easy life at Falkenstein Horst could not continue, for now.  Upon returning home, his father,the King, immediately put to him the question he had be expecting to hear. 

"So, my son, now that you have returned, I have to ask you.  What woman do you choose?  Who shall the court rally behind?"

 Before leaving them, Bernhard had had a meeting with Frederick and Edmond and they had settled on young Sabine von Vogelsang as the best candidate.  Frederick had done his research and she was the thinnest girl in the circles of nobility and the bourgeoisie.

 "Sabine von Vogelsang?" The King thought, astonished. 

She was very pretty, but other than Cordula Thorstein, she was the most arrogant and conceited creature that one could imagine. But he kept his concerns to himself. His son Bernhard had finally made a choice and for this he was grateful.

The following day, they invited Sabine's father to the residence and informed him of Bernhard's decision. He was naturally delighted by this. It meant that the Court would make every effort to make his daughter the winner of the competition and thus to the wife of the prince.

Rumors about the decision of the Prince spread rapidly in the capital. The occupants of the House of Thorstein were not pleased with the latest developments, but still Cordula's father saw no reason why his daughter would not be the future princess.   His grand confidence was not unfounded, for  Cordula had grown quite fat in recent weeks. The investment he had made in the Italian chef was paying off in spades. Although very expensive, his cooking was fantastic. His exotic cuisine was clearly putting his beautiful daughter into a state of bliss, eating to her heart's content, her curves expanding by the day.

Giovanni was taking the news in stride as well.  He had just received another healthy bonus, due to Cordula's latest successful weigh in.  This lusty girl was making him a rich man.   He knew his cuisine was the best in the world, but he also smiled to himself as he considered how he had had turned this finicky, rich girl into a wanton, greedy goddess.  The decision of the Prince actually gave him reason for optimism as he considered his own welfare.  He had heard it was customary for the court to make sure the "official" candidate was plump enough to be the heaviest at the Fest.  Sabine von Vogelsang was about Cordula's age and even prettier.  He figured they would pull out all the stops to fatten her up, possibly challenging Cordula's now plump figure.  As a result, to have any hope of winning the contest, Cordula would have to eat and eat right up until the day of the Hutgold Fest. Giovanni tried to extrapolate how much Cordula's weight would have climbed by the end of the year term.  After he had made these calculations, he could almost hear the many gold coins jingle and drop into his purse.  Soon he would be rich!  He rubbed his hands together as he already was foreseeing the court's success in transforming young Sabine von Vogelsang into a fat and heavy goddess.

Cordula was last in the house to hear about the decision of the Prince.   She pouted indignantly, “How could the prince not have chosen her, the prettiest girl in the principality?”

Her confidence was still high, however.  “In the end, Cordula Thorstein is the only one who is worthy of being the princess!”  She thought.

There was one kernel of anxiety that now resided in her, however. Although she enjoyed her days with Giovanni, eating boundlessly and growing fatter and fatter, she realized this would now have to go on for many more months. If she did not keep up her eating pace and grow even heavier, Sabine von Vogelsang could possibly step into her place beside the prince!   Cordula wasn't sure if she wanted such an expansive and lush figure as this would require, but she had no choice.  She wanted to be the wife of the Prince more than anything she had ever wanted before.  If this meant she would have to grow exceptionally fat, then so be it.

Back at Falkenstein Horst,  Friedrich, Edmund and Mary continued to cater to Christina. The young beauty had settled into a blissful routine and pampered herself with tasty delicacies constantly.  As the great stores of food slowly disappeared into Christina's willing mouth, they were no sooner restocked by the generous citizens.


As Christina now was quite sedentary, spending most days in her room, Frederick proposed the idea that she spend at least a little time taking lessons.  This would give her perhaps another perspective to Edmond's teachings.  Christina agreed.  From then on, the interesting conversations about history, art and literature, were a welcome change. While she sat idly with Friedrich in the library, the many calories she was constantly eating found their way onto her plump body.  At times, she felt guilty about the easy life of convenience she now lived.  Through her life, she had sometimes been spiteful toward the rich daughters of the nobility and the bourgeoisie, accustomed only to luxury and not a drop of work.  But now she realized that perhaps it was just jealously.  Now that Christina was living a similar pampered life with everyone working hard around her to turn her skinny body into that of a round, extravagant women of wealth, it didn't seem so bad at all. 

The size of her form were not the only changes she felt.  A few days ago, she had first realized much she had gotten out of shape. After walking with Bernhard around the courtyard and back up the stairs to her room one morning, she was surprised to find herself red-faced and panting. At first she was a little worried, she could not ever remember a time when physical exertion made her the slightest bit out of breath.  All those days on the farm kept her perpetually in terrific shape.  Now, since she had only been plump a short time, this was a new experience.  But the feeling did not last.  Within a half an hour she had received her hypnotherapy from Mary and was seated comfortably, eating an enormous lunch. The delicious food soothed her like a drug and before long her nerves were as calm as a glassy sea.

This great high she now got from constantly overeating, along with her determination to win the Hutgold Fest, allowed her to look even more fondly on her expanding body.  The lack of food and hard work that characterized much of her previous life had left her body strong and thin, devoid of desirable, feminine curves.  Now her body seemed to be making up for lost time.  Fascinated, and often with disbelief, she watched her body blossom. Her overindulgence showed in her heavier bust, round, voluptuous hips, wide butt and shapely legs.  She was particularly excited by the spread of healthy fat across her body. Christina considered soft, cushy tummies and wide hips the ultimate in decadence. In her poor province, no one was wealthy enough to be able to display such opulent excess.  The sight of her new, soft flab never failed to fill her with pride.  Having grown up with nothing but poor, hungry peasants, she had never even imagined one could develop such expansive fat rolls as to actually be visible through a person's clothing. But now the thought dawned on her that this was likely her future.  She eagerly looked forward to the day when her already moderate fat would grow to the point that she could feel the the soft, excess flesh spilling out all around her.  This would feel magnificent and look very impressive to others.  Her eyes sparkled with delight as she imagined slowly walking through the town, her abundance now at the point of nimiety, with generous fat rolls conspicuously jiggling beneath her dress.  With one glance, everyone in the principality would take her for a rich young lady from the city, for surely no one but a wealthy noble girl could display such an impressive, well fed figure at such a young age!

Friedrich and Edmund continued to monitor the progress of their beautiful young princess to be. Since she was progressing so fast, their latest idea was that Christina should be taken for a short walk out in front of the castle each week.  This would allow the farmers and citizens around Falkenstein Horst to view Christina's impressive progress.  They hope it would also counter the increasing dent Christina was putting in the food stores.

“How could even the most skeptical of the our citizens not be convinced of Christina's chances at the Hutgold Fest after we show her off a few times more!”  Said Edmond.

Frederick agreed. He had experiences that could do nothing but give him confidence.  Just the day before he had peeked into her room to say hello.  For several minutes she didn't notice him, she was so enraptured in her eating.  He paused, and watched her for a moment.  Her face looked radiant, its glow reminding him of some pregnant women he had seen.  She now had a small, but adorable double chin that melted into her cheeks near her softening jawline, giving her face a healthy and well-fed look.  Her hips spread out extravagantly as she sat on her large padded chair.  She held a huge juicy turkey leg in her tiny hand and bit into it aggressively.  Within a minute or two, she had made quick work of it, leaving only bones.  Then, seemingly without a breath, she greedily grabbed another fat drumstick from the platter of food in front of her and began to devour it enthusiastically.    “What a sight she will be by the time of the fest!”  he thought.

Perhaps as a ying to a yang, it was new Edmund's turn to feel doubts about the Fest.  He had been full of confidence until now, but he had heard some rumors that made him worry that the competition would too great.  Frederick tried to calm him, reminding him of Christina's amazing talents for gaining weight. 

“I do not doubt her ability to become quite fat.”  Said Edmund.  “My worry is this: will she be fat enough?  I have just heard bits and pieces of rumors lately that the competition from the wealthy city girls will be immense this year!  It has me worried.”

Despite more reassurance from his friend,  Edmund brooded in the coming days. A few days later, he could no longer sit in his quarters, depressed.  He made the decision to act. 

"I will ride into town and try to get information about Christina's adversaries.”  he announced.  “I want to walk the streets and get a feel for the word around town. I want to talk with people and even see some of her competitors with my own eyes if possible." Said Edmund. 

Friedrich thought this was not a bad idea and gave his blessing.  He even asked if Edmund could bring addition books back for Christina's lessons.  The young lady seemed to be at least as curious as hungry, Frederick had found.    

Following his injury as a soldier, Edmund had not left Falkenstein Horst.  These years were more limiting than one would expect because due to the extreme poverty, very little changed in the province. Even in twenty years, one could notice very little difference.  Therefore as Edmond entered the city, he was taken aback at the wealth and development.  The neighborhoods were clean, with well maintained roads, and the houses were in prime condition. Trade and commerce seemed to flourish, most people were bustling about, transporting goods, and always seemed to buying or selling something.  He also observed, somewhat sullenly, that many of the wealthy, well appointed people were very well fed.   Even some of the common folk looked plump and healthy.  To investigate things deeper, he even befriended three chubby young women.  They were all in their early twenties, apparently all belonged to a moderately wealthy merchant family.  All three were surprisingly plump for their age.  After some discussion, he was able to steer the conversation toward food.  Once this was brought up, their eyes lit up and they unabashedly spoke of how much they loved to eat and described the favorite foods they insisted their house cooks make for them.  As he studied them, he noticed how their extra flab was not displayed on their bodies as elegantly as his own Christina, but he was troubled nonetheless by the shear abundance they were used to. 

Edmund had sent word to young Bernard to come and meet him in the city.  Bernhard came at once and soon arrived at the family home of his friend Nicholas, the agreed meeting point.  As they caught up, Edmund reported the considerable progress Christina had made and he could see the delight in Bernard's eyes.  The conversation then turned to Christina's competitors. 

"The official candidate is Sabine von Vogelsang. Very pretty, arrogant and quite thin!" Grinned Bernhard. "At least she was thin a few weeks ago, I am sure the fattening process has probably already begun!" Then his eyes narrowed a bit.  "I chose in order to keep the competition to be my wife under control.  You see I learned that Sabine loves her slender body and therefore I am certain will resist becoming fat!" 

Edmund was thrilled by the news. "That's perfect!" He exclaimed, delighted. 

"Unfortunately, it will not be so simple!" Bernhard cut in,  "In the House Thorstein word has it that they have pulled out all the stops to insure Cordula will be my wife. And she is herself determined to make it so. Apparently her father has hired a foreign chef who prepares dishes so delicious that cannot be refused. It is even rumored that this exotic cuisine has already made Cordula quite fat!” said Bernard. 

This news let the air out of Edmund's good mood.  The head of the House of Thorstein got what he wanted and if he had decided that his daughter would win the Hutgold Fest, then it would be so. One could safely assume Cordula would get as fat she needed to win the prize. 

"Oh my, this development does not please me," muttered Edmund.

In the House of Vogelsang, the master of the house was angry with his daughter. The spoiled young lady refused to eat the large portions that were served her.  As Bernard's preferred candidate for the nomination, she was offered every delicious dish available.  But Sabine did not understand the shame that would be placed on her family should she emerge at the Hutgold Fest a thin women.  Her attitude was unacceptable.  Her father could not believe how little respect she had for his rule. If she carried on this way, his reputation would be ruined! 

After a few more days, young Sabine had not changed her mind in spite of much cajoling. On the contrary, she had become even more stubborn. Her father tried removing all the luxuries. There were no more new clothes, no jewelry, no trips to the theater, and no other amusements. But Sabine was unmoved. The anger of her father grew with each frustrating day.   Finally, in a show of obstinance,  Sabine began to lose weight and after a week had already lost five pounds. This was the last straw.   Vogelsang had no choice but to take drastic action.

He sat next to the spoiled girl while she was sitting in front of her untouched dinner.  "We have decided to send you to relax in the country. You will stay with a poor peasant family and work for them. While you toil in the fields, you can decide if you want to be disinherited and do such work all your life or if you want to become Bernard's wife and live the rest of your life in affluent luxury!” 

The old Vogelsang grabbed Sabine roughly by the arm and dragged away. On the table was a large serving of chicken, a large dessert and side dishes, none of which had been touched. Sabine was as dumbfounded. She could not believe what her father had just said.   She was to live with poor, dirty simple-minded, ordinary people and work in the field? How could her father do something like this to her? She was ultimately a member of the Vogelsang family and had a prior right to live in wealth and luxury, how could she do this undignified work? How could her parents do this to her? 

"I'll eat all you want!" Sabine cried out in despair, and pleaded with her father.  Sabine was still hoping to escape the fattening treatment, but in the moment she had to stop her father's plan short. Sabine would have thought he was bluffing,  but outside the house she noticed a coach, waiting to go. 

Her father did not respond to the desperate pleas. "You've had a few week's time to prove it to me! Now it's too late!", He said, and pressed a small bag into the coachman's hand. "This is everything you need." 

Sabine was horrified.The bag could not hold much at all, where were all her things!  She worried she couldn't even make it through the first day. "You can't do this! You can't do this!" Sabine screamed angrily as she was hoisted into the carriage. Her father was appalled by the disrespect of his daughter, and stood, stern faced.   "In three weeks we will come to see you.”  he said.  “Maybe you will change your mind!"  He turned gruffly around and walked away as the carriage drove off.

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It was quite a different situation at the House of Thorstein. Cordula had reached the threshold where all who saw her would consider her fat.  New, thick fat layers on her thighs now meant her legs rubbed together as she moved. Under her heavy breasts, a soft, flabby tummy had grown large and now sagged bulkily over her waistline, even while standing.  It quivered and jiggle at the slightest touch.   As she sat down to her huge meals, impressive fat rolls now spilled out on all sides.  Recently she noticed she could even feel the fat bulging out in several folds between her shoulders and hips.  She felt these new rolls sitting atop her now substantial love handles.  Her arms had also become doughy and supple.  The softness continued all the way from her elbows to her shoulders. When she gazed at her pretty face in the mirror, there was no doubt she now had a double chin. 

Cordula considered the possibility that she was already fat enough to win the competition. She looked down at her now expansive body.  On her belly, hips and butt she could see dimpling, a sign of the massive fat that had accumulated beneath her once smooth and taught skin.  Her breasts, although still shapely,  drooped a little more under their weight.  They had grown big and round.   Cordula was not sure she wanted to become fatter, but the reality was that the irresistible dishes of her Italian chef now proved to be totally addictive.  As she smelled the steaming plates of pasta, garlic roast meats, sausages, cheeses and creamy, sweet puddings and pastries being prepared in the kitchen, she set out to eat less. She wanted to control her appetite and eat only a little of the exotic delicacies. But as soon as the first of many courses were placed in front of her, all this was forgotten. Wonderful smells filled her nose, and her mouth watered expectantly. Cordula completely lost control from the first bite and then ate and ate and ate.   Things were working in the opposite of how she hoped. Not only was she not eating less, but Giovanni found that her appetite was even bigger than it ever had been.  She ate until her tummy bulged to the point bursting.   He couldn't believe how much food she could now devour.  Cordula found it hard to imagine her self even more plump than she already was.  But unless she was able to reel in her voracious appetite, she realized she would be the fattest bride of a prince in the history of the Principality without a doubt.  At the moment of peak fullness and bliss after finishing one of her massive meals, that didn't seem such a bad thing.

Edmund conferenced with Bernhard and Nicholas.  The group was planning how they might manage to get a look at the beautiful Cordula Thorstein. Edmund wanted to get a clear idea of the the young Thorstein's current progress as to know once and for all where Christina stood.   Nicholas had an idea.  He thought he could remember that the young women took a music lesson each week. If he were be able to find out the location and time his took place, they should be able to discretely observe Cordula as she went to and from her lesson.  Of course, it was possible that the wealthy Thorstein's paid a music teacher to come to their home, giving Cordula a private lesson.   Nicholas would talk to some of his contacts and find out....

Sabine von Vogelsang could be found the next morning on an uncomfortable sleeping matte on the floor of the small farm shed.  She shared the small shack with a a peasant maid, who awoke at dawn, causing Sabine much distress.   Before Sabine had even worked her first hour, she sat, sore and stiff from her night sleeping on the ground. It was dawn and the sun had just poked above the horizon.  This was earlier than Sabine had ever gotten up in her life. Breakfast was meager, the bread hard, the tea watery and bitter.  The small piece of cheese she was given was moldy and dry. There was no butter, sausage, jam or honey. Sabine now began regret her stubbornness, yet she had no idea what awaited her her first morning in the fields. She was sent to pull weeds around the crops with the other farm workers. Her back ached after only an hour and a half.  The sun beat down on her pale skin, already stinging with sunburn. In the afternoon, the farmer's wife freed Sabine from her duties, as her skin was red as a lobster, she had blisters on her feet and the young girl could barely stand upright. "In a few days you will be accustomed hard work!" The woman said encouragingly. But Sabine could not imagine being able to survive another day in the fields.

Meanwhile at Falkenstein Horst, Mary and Frederick continued to care for Christina. But now something was different, she had noticed. Edmund  had been nervous in the last days before his departure and she still did not know the reason for his trip to the capital. Christina feared something was not going according to plan. But she tried not to be discouraged. She had a thick skin toward life's problems, something she appropriated in her years of poor farm life. Therefore, in typical fashion, she strengthened her will to do whatever it would take to win the competition.  If it was necessary to eat even more and to gain weight even faster, she would find a way to do it. 

Perhaps as a result of this new determination, Christina suggested a slight change to the routine.  She asked that the castle kitchen be opened once in the middle of the night.  She would be woken up and fed an additional meal in order to maximize her body's potential to store more fat.  Mary listened intently to Christina's plan and immediately agreed and made the necessary arrangements.  Mary was very impressed by Christina's dedication to pursuing her goal.

Starting the next night, Christina was indeed served another meal at night between two and three clock in the morning. It turned out that Christina's stomach was ready for the extra calories, because now in its stretched state, it desired to be refilled after just a few hours.  But huge portions were served, even for this overnight meal, and to her disappointment, Christina could not finish it.   She did not know why, it must have been something to do with her body being half asleep or perhaps it just was not used to digesting food at this hour.  But Christina persisted, eating a little more each night, and by the fourth night she found her capacity had grown quite nicely.  She couldn't help but grin as she excitedly forked the last of her dessert into her mouth, finishing the last of the enormous feast she had been served.  In the coming days, she grew to be quite fond of these overnight feedings, it was a relaxing and contented feeling to be able to fall comfortably back to sleep feeling the pleasure of a satiated appetite and full stomach.

Christina immediately had the feeling that these extra calories consumed at night were turning to fat very quickly, perhaps it was her deep slumber afterwards.   Sometimes she thought she could literally see her already lush hips and butt growing by the day, her tummy rolls getting thicker by the minute.  Mary beamed with delight and praised Christina for her amazing results.

Over the coming days, Christina was increasingly captivated by her blossoming fat.  Her muscular stomach she had woken up to everyday on the farm was just a distant memory.  The thick, new layer of fat under her skin had become so well developed that her entire abdominal area was soft as a pillow. The fat would quiver and wiggle, even with a tiny pat.  The new changes thrilled Christina immensely and the curiosity built up in her in anticipation of what other new changes would occur with each precious pound she added.  How lucky she as to be able to have such fun!  Completely absorbed, Christina examined herself each morning.  It was quite interesting to see how her hipbone was now well buried in fat layers and had slowly disappeared under her growing hips and love handles.  The hard, angular bones had been replaced by soft, excessively wide hips.  Christina marveled over her thighs.  Just a short time ago, it seemed, she could see the play and flex of every muscle and tendon below her skin without difficulty. But now things had changed.  One morning, experimenting a bit as she sat eating her breakfast, she pulled up her dress a little to take in the lovely site of one of her fattened thighs.  She attempted to tense her thigh muscles to see what would happen.  She giggled, seeing there was barely a stir visible, just a slight trembling of her luxuriant flesh as her muscles weakly contracted far beneath.  Christina was particularly proud of her abundant thighs and expansive hips as they spread over the seat of her chair.   “I'm getting the body of a spoiled noble girl!” Christina thought excitedly as she finished her gluttonous breakfast .   “And soon I will be the richest noble girl in the Principality.”   Christina said,  looking forward now to the day of the Hutgold Festival.

Back in the city, Nicholas had done some detective work and learned when and where Cordula took her music lessons.  Anxious,  Edmund, Bernard and Nicholas made there way to the address one sunny morning. The small and somewhat nondescript house was in a small alley, not far from the city center. It was not easy to find a viewing location where they could discreetly see the entrance of the house, but they soon located themselves near an old stable.  It was only two alley widths away and a good view could be had from behind the slotted horse dividers. Soon, a luxury coach turned into the narrow alley, briefly stopped, and then slowly eased its right wheels up onto the cobblestone walkway and stopped, leaving only about a dozen feet to the front door. Then a richly dressed young woman with thick, wavy light brown hair emerged from the coach, the coachman straining to help her down.  As the women looked up briefly,  Bernhard saw with some horror that it was none other than the beautiful young face of Cordula Thorstein! He thought his eyes had fooled him as this young girl was extravagantly fat.  With disbelief,  Edmund looked to Bernard and Nicholas. They both nodded, as if knowing his thoughts,  there was no doubt that this was Cordula Thorstein. As the coachman led her to the door, Cordula looked to have not gotten used to her enlarged from, as her walk was somewhat awkward.  She moved along lazily to the door.  Even though her thick robes, a wobbling butt and impressive fat rolls in the form of big love handles and a substantial sagging tummy could be detected.  Her still gorgeous face was now framed with a nice double chin, hinting further of the abundant fat hidden beneath her robes.  

After Cordula had entered the house and the carriage had disappeared, the three observers withdrew from their hiding place and went quietly on their way. No one said a word for a while as they went to pick up the books they had promised Christina.   As the shock of seeing the beautiful Cordula wore off,  Edmund was surprised he now actually felt better, in a way. At least the uncertainty of the last few days were gone and they could figure out how to proceed.

The mood was light as Edmund and Bernhard discussed things before parting ways.   “Cordula is extremely well fed already and will bring a record weight to the Hutgold Fest, in my estimation.” said Edmund. 

“Yes, but my Christina can work hard, I know she can develop a similar amount of fat in the remaining 6 months.”  Responded Bernhard.  Edmund was also not unconfident.  Indeed Christina had the motivation and work ethic to leave Cordula Thorstein in the shade.

Once back at Falkenstein Horst, Edmund told his friend Friedrich of the news.  Frederick listened with interest and reported what Christina had also made good progress. With glee, he told them of Christina's new habit of nocturnal feasting.   They decided as long as Christina continued to quickly gain weight, there was no need to inform her of the greedy Cordula Thorstein's impressive body.   They did decide to tell Mary, who was now crucial to Christina's success.  “I remember this girl as slim and petite, I was a shocked to see that she had grown quite heavy!”  Said Edmond.  “In only roughly the last six months, her chef has broken her metabolism, and she has expanded wonderfully, it is quite amazing!  And this without the help of herbs or hypnosis!”  Edmund continued, perplexed.

Mary looked thoughtful. “Mmmm, yes.”  She said calmly. “Definitely a different approach.  Never underestimate the power of the female appetite, though.  If one finds the proper key to the taste buds, a young slim girl can grow immensely plump in a very short time!  Although I have never heard of a girl growing as fat as the Cordula you describe!”  She admitted, amused by the news.

The next day, the excitement of Cordula's gain had died down and it was time to focus again on Christina.  Mary, hoping to push her pretty, young mistress to grow even more quickly,  now began to reduce the time intervals between Christina's four big meals. The aim was to accommodate a fifth and then hopefully a sixth meal in the span of each twenty-four hour day. The first extra meal would be brought out around midnight and then a second meal at half past four. Mary was growing excited about her plan.  She figured that not only would the extra calories help Christina's progress, but the lack of sleep at night would need to made up during the day in the form of cat naps after her meals.  This increased laziness would do nothing but expand the size of her plump Christina even further!

After two weeks, Mary had achieved her goal. Christina now was eating a fattening feast every four hours, up to six meals in one day!  It now seemed a servant could always been seen carrying in a big platter full of sausages, roasted duck, ham, eggs, cheeses, bread pudding, and sweet cakes at all hours of the day.  Mary had succeeded in insuring Christina's stomach worked around the clock to turn these copious, rich meals into new, soft fat.  Christina was thrilled with her new accomplishment and was enjoying things more than ever.  Her hips were wider with each passing day, she found she sat higher in her chair as a result of of the new fat on her rear.  She realized at some point her thighs would be as big as her waist once was! That was very exciting to her.  Subtle dimples formed on her buttocks, thighs and belly, highlighting her curves were undeniably made up of nothing but fat.  One morning, while dressing, she sat in the morning sunlight and curiously felt the new fat folds on her back which had recently formed.  It excited her to think how the fat was growing so quickly and in places she had never knew people got fat!  “Have I ever met a woman so opulent as to have fat rolls on her back?”  She thought.  Of course she hadn't and she grinned contentedly with what was happening.  Some days she could hardly imagine being any fatter. She had become as fat as the fattest person she had ever seen, and joy filled her body whenever she thought of it.  

Although Christina did not have a problem with motivation, Mary subtly, put persistently reminded her of the reality of her competition.  

“As you take your weekly walks out into the courtyard, keep in mind news of your excellent progress will soon make its way to the city.  There are some very wealthy and ambitious girls there who have access to every luxury and so they think the means to become Bernhard's wife.  Do not despair, but the competition will be fierce!  The winner of the Hutgold Fest may be decided by a mere five pounds of fat!”  warned Mary.  Christina knew that Mary was right and she resolved to grow as fat as she could right up until the dat of the fest.

Sabine von Vogelsang was completely exhausted after the first week. The sun beat down on her every day, her sunburn hurt terribly. On the fourth day, exhausted,  she refused to continue working.  But to her horror, as punishment, she was deprived the lunch and dinner. Never before had she gone a day without eating, the hunger pains were incredible. She longed for the delights she had been enjoying a short week before. Slowly she began to look at the whole situation from a different perspective. Perhaps she should give in and at least to try to win the Hutgold Fest?  In that case, she could again live her comfortable life. This hard work was simply inhumane, she had no idea other humans had to live this way.

In the second week, Sabine began to get used to the hard conditions. She learned to ignore the pain caused by her blistered feet and her skin was now brown and used to the sun. Moreover, her muscles grown accustomed to the hard work and grew stronger.  But even so, as she sat, body aching from head to toe at night in her hard bed, she longed for the luxurious life she knew back home. She kept in her mind that in only a week, her father would come to visit.  Sabine had already made up her mind to acquiesce to his desire and do her best to compete in the Hutgold Fest competition.

Just a few weeks later, after things had just hit their peak and everything was progressing wonderfully with Christina, her appetite inexplicably to decrease.  Although she still ate large amounts compared to a normal girl, Mary noticed her weight gain had slowed. She brought out every trick she knew of to try to reverse the trend. Frederick and Edmund tried to make sure she was happy, continuing her lessons and giving her variety, but it seemed as if Christina had hit some kind of glass ceiling.   Mary feared her body had somehow reached it's maximum possible weight. Christina also noticed that her appetite had subsided, or at least not increased. She tried and tried to overcome the affect, but without much success.  She was dismayed to realize her weight was no longer increasing much at all. 

Edmund was nervous again. He had seen how plump Cordula Thorstein had become. Although Christina probably managed to weigh in near her weight, if her progress subsided now, Cordula would again be ahead, leaving Christina to play catch up once again.  Frederick tried to calm Edmund. He explained that it was probably normal after such a long and intensive run of weight gain, for things to stagnate a bit.  Friedrich was confident that in a few days or weeks Christina's appetite would return and she would again begin adding fat as before.

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"Patience!" Friedrich warned his friend. "There are four months left! Two or three bad weeks does not mean Christina has lost," Friedrich said.

But Friedrich also noted in his daily lessons that Christina's appetite had diminished. She had been constantly snacking as she sat in class a few weeks ago, but now he had to remind the young lady of the delicacies that laid beside the books.  He also now did not notice changes in Christina as had before. Her face was soft, and her tummy substantial, but he stopped noticing any growth. Her legs, pudgy and voluptuous, did not show progress either.  It was clear that Christina's weight had stagnated.

As another two weeks went by, Frederick noticed that Christina was still restless. She really tried to eat a lots of rich meals and tons of sweets, it seemed her self-discipline seemed to be failing.  Mary and Frederick knew her stomach was not being pushed as it once was to increase in capacity.  This left them bewildered and worried.

With the mood still low, some good news finally came.  Edmund received a message that reassured him: Nicholas had some news regarding Cordula Thorstein.  Her father had apparently gone into a wild rage as he had caught his daughter and her Italian chef in bed together!  He fired Giovanni on the spot, apparently with no regard for her chances at the Hutgold Fest!  He could not imagine this man in the same house with Cordula, not matter how well he cooked.  His face was red with anger as he imagined how long the affair might have been going on.

In fact, Giovanni and Cordula had just become intimate only a few weeks earlier.   He had been increasingly complimenting Cordula on how beautiful she looked, heaping praise daily. He often said how proud he was to share with her the experience of her burgeoning form.  He read in Cordula's eyes her wildest culinary dreams and cooked more and more amazing dishes to win her favor. Finally, one day Cordula and Giovanni met by chance in the middle of the night in the pantry of the house. Giovanni could not sleep and he remembered that he forgotten to put away some of his ingredients. Giovanni therefore made his way into the kitchen and came suddenly upon something very soft and warm - it was Cordula, creeping into the pantry in the dark.   A look of shock flashed on  Cordula's face, but Giovanni quickly lit a candle which seemed to calm them both.  Cordula looked deliciously plump.  She wore a lightweight nightgown that had become a little too tight. Soft and  shapely fat rolls bulged from under the fabric.  Ripe breasts fought to escape, looking particularly abundant in the soft candlelight. Cordula giggled shyly as she explained what she was doing in the kitchen at this crazy hour.  It turned out she had been doing this for weeks, sneaking extra dates, figs and chocolate.   Giovanni could not believe that this girl could possible be still hungry after eating all day.   Excited by her passion, he immediately offered to prepare a particularly rich meal for her on the spot.  Cordula of course accepted the offer, despite some embarrassment at being caught midnight snacking.  So Giovanni began to boil some water and fry some garlic and spices.  He even let Cordula help with a few simple steps. Fascinated, with mouth watering,  she watched this Italian magician juggle the ingredients expertly. Again and again Giovanni felt her soft, recently expanded hips brushing against him as they cooked together.  Finally, he lifted a spoon of thick cream sauce to her mouth and his attraction burned even higher.

Giovanni began to feed Cordula.   A little reluctant at first, but she soon gave into the intense feelings that excited in her.   Cordula's mind whirled, not knowing what was happening. This was the sexiest thing she had ever experienced!  Naturally Giovanni's creations were irresistible, but there was something else was getting Cordula so excited: it was being hand fed, like the pampered princess she was! Giovanni  attended to Cordula's hunger for the next hour.  She tasted and devoured a plethora of rich delicacies.  Cordula could not help but to always have her mouth open, yearning for more. She let Giovanni control things and continued to eat and eat.  It was clear he enjoyed feeding her as much as she loved to eat!  Soon the fat Cordula was finally satiated and Giovanni gently took her by the hand and led her to his chamber.

In the coming weeks, such erotic culinary encounters continued.  Cordula's hips and belly expanded with gathering speed from these midnight feasts.  She found she no longer felt too fat, the anxiety seemed to have melted away as fast as the dollops of butter in Giovanni's cooking pans.  Her increased flab must have released extra hormones, she felt tingly and happy all over.  Both food and sex had made her blood run hot and she never wanted to lose the feeling.  “One can never be too fat!” she said happily as she decadently overfed herself one evening.


But soon Cordula would be pulled out from her dream... one night after a particularly lusty feeding, her father was suddenly in the room.  Horrified, Giovanni jumped out of bed and dashed out of the house.

Within the few seconds it tooks for Giovanni to run away, Cordula's appetite was gone.  Without her Giovanni, her appetite for food had all but dried up.  When her father reminded her of her planned marriage to Bernhard, she said she did not care...she was in love with Giovanni!   With this development, months of fattening treatment had come to an end, at least so it stood at the moment.

“How did you find out all this!”  Berhard asked, clearly pleased with what he had heard.  Apparently Nicholas had run into Giovanni in a pub, simply by chance. He was drowning his heartache in booze and recounted the events of his firing in detail to a curious Nicholas.  He listened with wide eyes as he heard of the drama that had occurred in the House of Thorstein.   Heading out the next morning, he could not wait to recount what had occurred to Edmund and Frederick.

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The Decision

The three weeks on the farm were now over for the beautiful and petite Sabine von Vogelsang. When her parents arrived, their faces stern,  Sabine cried with relief.  She promised to do anything they wished and if it was the wish of her parents that she should place first in the Hutgold Fest, then so be it.  Sabine would have do anything to get away from this dirty, depressing place. Of course, in the back of her head, she knew what was in store for her.  Both her parents and the great traditions of the kingdom absolutely demanded the new bride be the heaviest young woman in the province. Since the other girls had already been growing fatter for months, there was a large gap to be filled.  She was expecting a huge fattening treatment, and knew there was now nothing to do but to comply. 

When they returned home, pungent, sweet smelling odors were already wafting through the house.  Seizing the moment, her father had smartly hired Giovanni, the chef who had helped Cordula Thorstein grow so fat.  Having been banned from the house of Thorstein, he jumped at the chance for new employment.   Sabine was a little anxious as she entered the dining room which was filled with numerous delicacies flowing over the long table's surface. Wistfully, she ran her hand over her slender torso.  Sabine didn't need to  be clairvoyant to know that her thin days were over.  She did not feel particularly hungry, but the thought of the brutal work on the farm, the burning sun, and the dirty, smelling people back on the farm motivated her to begin eating.  Upon completing her first course,  she had to admit that the pasta dish served was quite delicious.

Back at Falkenstein Horst, the mood had not improved.  For the last ten days Christina had not been her old self.  Friedrich and Edmund had tried to contract the legendary chef Giovanni, but had been out-bid by the wealthy Vogelsang.  Although Frederick did not believe that Sabine von Vogelsang could possibly catch up to the size of Christina in only four months, disappointing rumors concerning Cordula Thorstein had reached his ears.  

Her heartbroken hunger strike had only lasted a few weeks and now she was supposedly comforting herself with food and sweets.  Nicholas had gone to view her again and reported that he thought her figure had grown even more extravagant than before.

It was, in fact, true that Cordula's appetite had returned.  However, the love struck bliss she felt when she was with Giovanni had not.  She no longer wanted to continue to grow fatter, she no longer was particularly proud of the vast amounts she could eat. Without Giovanni there to appreciate her, it was not the same.  She would constantly get lost in thoughts of sweet Giovanni and would become ravenous with hunger.  Soon, she began to put on weight once more.  She had now cooled to the idea of becoming Bernard's wife, as Giovanni was the only thing she could think of.  She was cross with the idea that her continued gluttony played into her the plans of her father, whom she was furious with for removing her precious Giovanni.  He now was getting everything he wanted including his foremost wish of seeing his daughter continue to eat her way to the winner's circle of the Hutgold Fest.   Everyday she was confronted with the contented face of her father, who watched his daughter become fatter and fatter . Although Cordula made half-hearted attempts to limit her gluttony, her will was as weak as her idle and fat covered muscles.

At Falkenstein Horst,  everyone was slowly losing their composure.   They did not know what to think other than that Christina had apparently reached her maximum achievable weight.  Even the brilliant Mary was stumped, she often paced the castle racking her brain for ideas.  Rumors also spread among the common people that Christina had stopped gaining weight.  The food deliveries, which were brought every week, still were generous, but the enthusiasm among the people was no longer that of the first months.

Frederick and Edmund talked for hours about what to do.  Finally, Friedrich slapped his hands on the table, he seemed to have made a decision and had an idea . Edmund looked up curiously. 

"One possibility would be is," he began cautiously.  Edmund looked at his friend anxiously.

 "Love makes you hungry!" Friedrich grinned. "We will have to bring Bernhard to Christina!" Friedrich began. "The two will spend as much time with each other as possible!

Edmund began to have hope again: "Haha, yes, the heart is connected to the stomach in some way!," he said cheerfully. "But do you think that we can take Bernhard away from home again?" Friedrich looked confident. "That should be no great problem," he said simply.

Sure enough, Bernhard left for Falkenstein Horst within a few days.  A letter from his teacher had informed him about the current situation: Christina had indeed rapidly expanded in width since he had last seen her, but now had stagnated.  In addition, Cordula Thorstein was again growing, and faster than ever.  Frederick explained he hoped Bernard's presence would encourage Christina's appetite to return as before. 

Bernhard was disappointed to hear that Christina's journey to the Hüftgold Fest had become so difficult, but pleased at the idea of being able to see her again.  There was not a day that passed that he had not thought of her and imagined what she now looked like.   If one good thing would come out of this crisis, it would be his reunion with the lovely Christina.

After a long ride and a fitful night's sleep, the moment Bernhard was waiting for had come. He had arrived at the castle.  He had come up with the idea that he would hide in Christina's room and wait for her to return. Christina of course did not know of this as she sat with Frederick in the library.  Bernhard waited and waited...but then perked up as he heard someone approaching the door. Excited, Bernhard rose from his chair.   The door opened and Christina entered the room.  Bernhard felt a tremendous surge of pleasant feelings grip his body as he gazed at her. Christina had changed enormously since his last visit to Falkenstein Horst. At that time, she had already grown moderately plump, the soft curves and flabbiness already showing on her body.  But compared to the fat, opulent young girl before him now, she would have appeared petite and skinny. 

Bernhard was dazzled by Christina's radiant smile, sparkle in her eyes, thick hair and angelic face - these things had not changed. But what had changed were her hips.  Although the dress Christina wore had just been taylored and was rather loose, one could easily see the enormous width of her fat hips.  In his mind, Bernhard thought back to the first time he had seen Christina.   How those narrow hips and muscular legs clamped over her horse, athletically guiding the horse through the thick mud.   Bernhard couldn't even fathom the enormous stores of fat that had made those narrow hips so voluptuous!  Bernard felt a sense of excitement as he absorbed each physical changed that had manifested itself on her beautiful form.  Christina's tummy was becoming cutely plump.   The fabric of her dress delicately rested on her wide, curving love handles and her belly's pudgy roundness.   Her breasts had finally become ripe and round. Christina legs had become quite impressive too. Her once taut, muscular thighs were now buttery, soft and flabby.   Even her arms had become nice and chubby, exuding a perfect softness that he never could have imagined. Bernhard was overjoyed and could not believe how gorgeous she had become.  She seemed to have retained every ounce of beauty that he remembered, her angelic face, sparkling eyes and joyful and carefree personality. She retained all this and more even as her body had filled out to amazing size.  Bernard almost could not fathom how she had managed to get so incredibly fat, yet remain so sexy and perfectly proportioned.

Christina could not read Bernard's face at first. She thought she could see joy in his face, but also bewilderment and uncertainty. For a time the two stared at each other. These short moments of uncertainty seemed to drag on forever for Christina.  Had she really eaten those endless stocks of food over the last few months? Had all this been just a long, beautiful dream?  A few feelings of uncertainty crept in.  How could she, a poor, lean peasant girl win the Hüftgoldfest?  It seemed to her at that split second an impossibility that she would be the wife of the heir to the throne. But no sooner had her mind pondered this, when Bernard began laughing with delight and began hugging her warmly.  Then those feelings were gone in an instant as she felt his warm embrace around her newly fattened body.  She closed her eyes and felt his hands become enveloped in her ample fat layers and realized this was no dream.  She indeed was now amazingly fat and had a real shot at becoming Berhnard's wife!

The pangs of joy ran through Bernard's head as he held Christina in his arms. He could feel the soft fat that now covered her body deforming in his hands.  Her prodigious tummy pressed against his body, and almost seemed to hug him on it's own as it squished and contorted around his lean torso. 

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"Have you eaten today?" Asked Bernhard, mischievously.  "Of course!” She replied. “ I have been doing nothing else for months! Or have you not seen this?" Christina asked, smirking and grabbing a large, pillowy roll of tummy fat in her dainty hand.  "Oh yes!" Bernhard said, laughing. "But you look kind of hungry," he said, feigning seriousness.  Christina grinned.  "Well, if you think I'm hungry, you should get me some food!" She said and laughed. Bernhard didn't need to be told twice, he withdrew from Christina's soft embrace and went on his way to get a snack for Christina.

In the next few hours, Bernhard spoiled Christina with culinary delights and warm affection. For the first time in weeks, Christina felt satisfied with the size of her appetite.  She enjoyed every bite. Combined with Bernard's caresses, the taste of the rich food sparked magic in her mouth that had been dormant for weeks.  As she eagerly fed herself juicy bits of sausage and soft cheeses, she could see how fascinated Bernard was with her voluptuous body.  Christina felt this was the ultimate decadence.  She just sat and ate and ate, feeling her newly plump body spill out grandly around her.

From Bernhard's point of view, it was amazing to observe how much Christina could now eat.  Since the last time he had seen her, she had certainly perfected her abilities.  She now also seemed to blissfully enjoy every bit of the fine food put in front of her, it was as if the desires of this poor country girl had been unleashed.  She seemed to have fallen in love with constant overeating.  And now Bernhard had gotten the chance to help her overindulge her way to the Hutgold Fest.   He could not imagine anything more exciting! 

Meanwhile, he had every occasion to explore every inch of her body and would get carried away by it's incredible softness and luxury.   Bernhard had never seen a young girl with so much excess fat, and he was amazed at how much more beautiful it made Christina.  It excited him to think Christina was to add even more pounds in the coming months.  This looked sure to happen, as Christina's resistance to constant eating disappeared.   After just a few more days of Bernhard's help, Christina had somehow expanded her stomach to a new capacity not yet seen. Frederick and Mary stood amazed at her endless appetite . It seemed with Bernhard at Christina's side, there would be no doubt who the new first lady of the Principality would be!

Meanwhile, at the House of Thorstein, Cordula continued to develop lavishly as well.  Recently, even her father had considered that she had now gained enough weight to win the competition.  Greedy desires for rich food deep within Cordula, however, were not listening to any analytic argument.   She had no self control at this point and had become truly addicted to overeating, unable to stop her weight gain.  As another week went by, Cordula found that once more her dresses and robes no longer buttoned.  Alke stood looking at her mistress, with disbelief. The two women stood in Cordula's chambers, preparing for the wealthy girl's morning dressing.  Alke was wide-eyed. This once petite young women, was now ostentatiously fat.  From her double chin, down to her knees, there did not seem to be an inch of flesh not enhanced by her uncontrolled eating.  As she stood in nothing but pantaloons, her large breasts hung ripely outward, swaying lustily.  Her tummy no longer fit underneath the waist of her pantaloons, so it hung heavily over the top, drooping roundly.  Fat love handles oozed over the sides.  Alka was fascinated as she watched Cordula's belly sway as she reached for a plate of figs, almost falling over due to her new, unfamiliar center of gravity.  And as she straightened up once more,  her belly seemed to resist due to its large inertia, finally jiggling and quivering into place.  Alka was amazed and a little envious, “Oh to be as elegant and attractively full in form as lovely Cordula, no one would ever mistake her for anything but a queen or fantastically wealthy women!”  Alke's request for an entire new wardrobe was not taken with any joy by Cordula's father this time.  The last set of tailored clothes had been barely worn a month.  “Our tailor's bank account is growing as fast as Cordula's width!”  Thought her father. 

The last minute efforts at the house of Vogelsang continued to push forward. Sabine von Vogelsang was resigned to her fate and now ate around the clock to catch up with the others striving to grow fat for the Hüftgoldfest. Although it was starting to be clear that Sabine could not become fat enough to win the Hüftgoldfest - the rumors about the enormous preponderance of Cordula Thorstein had made it even to her ears - but no one wanted her to be the laughing stock of the whole principality should a meager and thin daughter arrive at the court.

Bernhard continued to accomplish his task to the utmost satisfaction of Edmund and Friedrich. Now you could almost see Christina getting wider.  Daily, delightful physical changes overtook her as the kilos piled on.  Frederick had hoped that his action to summon Bernhard would bring Christina a few extra kilos, but the massive weight gain that Christina was undergoing was beyond his wildest dreams.  Mary suggested to Bernhard that they try to increase her meals to seven per day since she had noticed her hungrily snacks between meals.  She had figured it may take a few weeks, since this was a very large amount of food...each meal in itself had grown to the point that it was more than most whole poor families ate in 3 days. Once the seventh meal was introduced, she quickly got into the habit of sleeping between most meals, only rousing when she heard the sound of plate after plate of steaming delicacies being unloaded onto the table at her bedside. 

One night, Bernhard awoke to the sound of  the cooks rolling their meal carts toward Christina's room. 

Groggily, he realized it was the middle of the night, but must be time for one of Christina's meals. After a few minutes of laying awake, he realized he could not go back to sleep and decided to visit his dear Christina.  When he entered her quarters, he saw the plump girl sitting up in her bed, rolls spilling out around her.  With a look of ravenous hunger on her face, she was just starting in on a delicious looking roast turkey stuffed with a rich filling of figs and sweet berries.  A servant was doing his best to carve the bird, but Christina greedily pulled glistening pieces meat off herself and popped them into her mouth.  In her other hand, she held a fork that speared a buttered potato, which she bit into in between mouthfuls of turkey. Bernhard marveled at the feast that was before her, in addition to the turkey, there was fried fish, potatoes, a platter of sweet glazed ham, a huge plate of sweet cream cakes, and several bowls of nuts and figs.  About twenty minutes later, she was still eating aggressively.  She had the look of a woman who hadn't eaten in days.  After devouring most of the savory platters, she clasped her hands in excitement before reaching for one of the rich cream cakes.  Taking a huge bite, she threw her head back in ecstasy.  Seconds later, she was stuffing the rest into her greedy mouth, licking her fingers hungrily.  So it happened that within only a week's time, Christiana was devouring seven meals a day as if they were light snacks!

In the weeks that followed, it was clear something had snapped in Christina.  Her appetite now surged unimaginably.  She was now overeating to the point that it even astonished Mary and Bernhard.  “She has somehow found the key to stretching that already large stomach capacity to even greater limits!”  Proclaimed Mary, proudly.  “It's clear her body has now become addicted to all the rich food.  It's beyond her control, now, Bernhard.  Those deep, burning desires will fire her lust for more and more food.”  She paused, smiling. “Bernhard, my good man, I think we have done it!” 

Between all this extra food and her frequent napping, she rarely rose from her bed.  When she did move about, Frederick noticed she had developed a slower, more cautious gait.  Surely this was the result of her weak and idle muscles and her new, unwieldy and heavy body.  Some days it looked as if she struggled to get used to her new center of gravity and balance the load of carrying all her new fat.  As she walked about, her tummy and love handles now wobbled at the slightest movement.  Her cute double chin bulged.  She now prided herself that there was hardly a moment something edible didn't fill her mouth. 

Christina was becoming firmly convinced that she would win the Hüftgoldfest.  Given the new fat that had settled over every inch of her body since Bernhard's arrival, this hope was more than justified, Friedrich thought.   For him, the anticipation of an upset at the Hüftgoldfest was too good to be true .   He could not wait for the flabbergasted looks as his inexplicably fat peasant girl proudly hauled her enormous body into the hall.

Finally, the week of the decision had come. For days before the festivities began in the capital, the citizens of the principality were excitedly making bets on who would be the future wife of the prince and how much she would weigh. The odds were favoring a victory for Cordula Thorstein.  This confidence was also shared at the House of Thorstein, for they were already planning a lavish party to celebrate the marriage of their daughter to the Prince. Cordula's appetite had waned a bit in recent days - the nervousness of the impending Hüftgoldfest was the reason. In the house of Vogelsang, the young and previously delicate daughter was developing nicely, so the rumors were. The Italian chef had actually managed to make a pretty chubby girl from the thin Sabine in just a few short months.

At Falkenstein Horst,  a great party prepared to depart. Frederick and Edmund smiled at each other, barely containing their excitement as they watched two servants helping Christina into her carriage.  Even with help, it  looked as if her idle muscles were struggling under the weight of her pillowy fat rolls.  She smiled radiantly, despite her helplessness, looking almost amused at how fat she had become.  She was now a picture of such plump opulence that no one doubted she would win the Hüftgoldfest.  Before long it was time to leave.  With ample supplies on board, the convoy of several coaches started its long journey to the capital.

On the day of Hüftgold fest, Edmund registered Christina, the unknown farmer's daughter from a poor province in the beautifully bound book that held the official Hüftgoldfest contestant records. The officials recorded the data dutifully, but looked a little surprised and amused at the proposition.  Did Edmund really think a poor farmer's daughter could tip the grand scale with enough weight in order to win the competition?

Meanwhile, Christina prepared for her big day in the dressing room she had been assigned.  Mary spent close to an hour carefully applying makeup to Christina's now porcelain complexion.  She now spent most of her time indoors, her working girl tan long faded.  With subtle sweeps of color on her cheeks,  darkened eyelashes, and ruby lips, Christina looked radiant.  Mary had tailored her a simple, yet elegant dress. While they could not match the magnificent clothing of the rich girls in attendance, they knew it was not the quality of the fabric but the weight of the young girl who wore dress that mattered.

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At ten clock morning, the competition commenced. The great hall in the castle had been elaborately decorated with flowers, banners and tapestries. Outside the castle, a number of soldiers were stationed to keep order - the number of onlookers great. Everywhere there was a lively atmosphere, especially in the ballroom where the guests could be heard murmuring about who would be the lucky winner.  There was talk the beautiful Sabine Von Vogelsang, the girl favored by the Court, would probably be too low in weight to be Bernard's wife.  This was exciting and unprecedented.  Going back 100 years, no one could remember a contest where the Court's nominee was not the likely winner.  The guests knew this meant the competition was fierce to see which girl was truly the most well-fed and abundant in the principality.  It was truly going to be a day to remember!

In the middle of the hall a giant beam balance had been set up. The time-honored design has been used for generations for the Hüftgoldfest. In recent weeks, the mechanics had been revamped, oiled, cleaned and polished - now the scales glowed magnificently. In addition to the balance stood a small desk, were seated together representatives of the highest court of the Principality, and a secretary.  This to make sure everything was run strictly according to the rules of the protocol.

Bernard sat at the front of the room next to his father. His mother flanked him on the other side. The rest of the family, all the high nobility, representatives of the clergy and the most important members of the bourgeoisie sat in the seats just behind the king.   Bernhard looked over at Edmund. He looked a little nervous.  Friedrich stayed in the group of the closest confidants of the prince who had gathered near the archway.

The monotonous murmur that filled the hall faded instantly as a fanfare sounded and a spokesman for the court began to welcome all guests. The importance and tradition of the Hüftgoldfest was orated by the chief judge of the principality.  This was followed by the presentation of the official the rules of the competition. After a few more welcome speeches, the administrator announced the ceremony was to begin!  “Without further adieu, I give you our first contestant!”  he bellowed.  Just then, one of the two side doors of the ballroom opened and a pretty, dark-haired, tall young woman entered the room.  Bernhard let out a deep breath of relief.  This young woman, previously unknown to him,  had dark eyes and ravishing dark, luxurious hair that fell around her shoulders in flow of curls. She was certainly not slim, quite the contrary, yet, she did not carry enough weight to be a threat to his Christina.  As she was led to the large scale, the thin material of her dress showed the erotic jiggle of her plump backside.  Two servants, who had been assigned to the task, took the scales out of balance, lowering the padded, gold leafed chair so that the young woman could take her seat comfortably.  She smiled, showing white teeth and a glowing complexion.

No sooner had the guests finished feasting their eyes on the striking girl sitting up on the balance, when on the other side of the ballroom, a second gate opened.  A short young woman with rather heavy, yet intricately sewn robes  entered the room.  She had a cheerful smile, yet was not as pretty as the previous contestant. She was cute, nonetheless, with round cheeks and a fair sized double chin. She made her way up to the front and the balance has tilted to the other side to allow her to take her seat.   Bernhard guessed the second girl may have the upper hand.  While short, she looked to have eaten quite well, and sported a respectable belly, the outline of which could be detected even beneath her robes.  But he was to be incorrect...The balance swung back and forth briefly and then tilted in favor of brunette on the left side. Apparently this dark-haired beauty concealed her substantial fat reserves very well.  “Perhaps it is her tall frame that plays tricks!” Thought Bernhard.

Applause filled the room, the dark-haired woman beamed and waved, her hips spreading modestly over the over-sized chair she sat in.  The loser looked not to have taken the defeat too much to heart and left the room, smiling shyly.  

Once the excited murmur had died down once more, the next young women was called.  The beautiful brunette nervously craned her elegant neck for a better view as she sat upon her perch on the giant scale.  If the rumors around the great hall were true,  the next contestant was the daughter of the governor of the richest province in the principality, so expectations were high.  The first thing Bernard noticed as a head of flowing, beautiful blonde hair.  Once the woman had fully stepped in to the chamber, an appreciative gasp went through the hall.  This girl put her two predecessors to shame with respect to plumpness.  As she sauntered in, smiling proudly with complexion glowing,  all one could focus on were her big, round hips swinging and jiggling and big, ripe breasts swaying underneath her gown.  Her soft tummy bulged decadently. She had perfect cheekbones and a radian smile, her golden hair tumbled down the back of her white gown. Admittedly this girl would probably pose no threat to Christina, but sweat formed on Bernhard's forehead, as it began to sink in just how intense the competition would be this year.   Just then he overheard some of the elderly ladies behind him gossiping. “Oh my!  How plump this one is!  In any other year, that blonde beauty would likely win the competition hands down! Yet this year, the way things are going,  she is sure to be overshadowed by several even more well-fed young girls to come!”  said the old woman, gleefully watching the blonde make her way toward the balance.    She elegantly took her seat on the empty chair, her fat backside spreading generously across the chair.  When the scales were released, they immediately swayed to her side. The difference in weight as compared to the dark-haired woman was considerable.  The pretty blonde beamed with satisfaction and pride and waved victoriously to the crowd. The guests in the hall looked approvingly at each other.  It was likely this blonde girl would probably keep her place on the scale for a long time, they thought. 

This was a year with unprecedented interest in the Huttgoldfest, as such, the hearsay surrounding each of the contestants was copious. Not surprisingly, as the speaker began to announce the next young woman, soft whispers could be heard throughout the great hall, for the next contestant was rumored to be a girl of barely nineteen years old.  She was  the youngest daughter of the Chief of Staff and the youngest of all the entries, so it had been learned.  Many remembered her as a somewhat slight, yet pretty and elegant young girl they had seen at various events at the Chief Of Staff's residence. The guests craned their heads to get a better view of the doorway to which the speaker had gestured.  As the young girl entered, the murmur in hall heightened and changed to cries of surprise and admiration.  For to everyone's surprise, it was obvious this new contestant may challenge the fat blonde who already sat upon the golden scales!  As she slowly and confidently sauntered up the aisle, she smiled, hearing the sounds of encouragement from the crowd.  The young girl had reddish brown hair, thick and beautifully tied in braids that hung over the front of her dress.  She had a remarkably thin and beautiful face, not altogether different from that known by the townspeople who had seen her before her intensive fattening treatment. But below that she had expanded hugely, her ass was so big it seemed to be in constant motion, with an erotic plop with each step followed by pronounced jiggling as each well padded cheek came to rest.  It looked as if she had not always sashayed this slowly, but now all the new fat around her hips and buttocks seemed to be dictating her pace.  She was developing substantial paunch as well, by the plump tummy had a ways to go to catch up to the size of her big butt. “She's been over-fed brilliantly!”  Thought Bernhard.  From her body shape, he surmised that her belly had only recently started to become substantial as her hips and ass began to plateau in growth. “I bet her backside could not take anymore fattening!” He thought, laughing to himself.  The guests in the hall looked at each other, smiling approvingly, some even broke into light applause for the over-fed teenage beauty as she passed.  For without a doubt, no one had ever seen a girl so young as this become so fat.  The lush, plump girl continued her trip up the aisle.  When she reached the stairs, she paused briefly.  On cue,  two servants, rushed to take her hands and help her up the steps. The girl continued to smile proudly, but looked relieved for the assistance, as she didn't seem thrilled about climbing the stairs unaided.  From the look of her flushed cheeks and heavy breathing by the time she had reached the steps, it seemed she was rather winded.  “She must have been spoiled rotten! She's probably grown used to being constantly fed without ever having to move from her soft bed!”  Thought Bernard, watching the ridiculously out of shape teen heave herself into the balance chair.

 Many had now sat up in their chairs and trying to get a better view of the scales.   Everyone wanted to see which way the scales would rule. As Bernard watched the two beauties, he noted there was some rivalry between these two girls.  They barely glanced at each other, keeping their chins high as they waved to the crowd.   The blonde goddess looked over at the other side of the scale with a look of disbelief on her face. She was astonished that such a young girl could have grown so fat.

The servants then released hold of the balance. At first nothing seemed to move. Then, Bernhard detected the balance tipping toward the fat blonde, who began to smile broadly, her modest double chin bulging cutely.  But the look on her face turned to horror within another instant as the scale moved back slowly in favor of  the fat bottomed 19 year old!   After a few moments of absolute silence, there surged a great applause for the daughter of the chief of staff as the balance came to rest.   The girl, so thrilled, she seemed to try to leap out of her chair with excitement, only to rise about an inch and fall back again, her thighs and breasts jiggling.  From the look of surprise on her face, it was clear she had not completely  gotten used to her newly acquired mass of yet. Then, still smiling broadly, she held out her hands,  letting the servants help her to her feet.  She then began to acknowledge the crowd, looking back and forth,  enthusiastically waving, a look of utter pride on her face.  The applause surged.  Meanwhile,  blonde women,  now wore a look of intense disappointment.  She bustled back down the aisle, her ridiculous curves bouncing erotically.

The next two opponents, both quite plump and well padded as they were, could not compete with the daughter of the chief of staff either in beauty or weight.  They were quickly sent on their way as they failed to move the mighty balance, now anchored by the fat teenager. 

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Then came the gorgeous Sabine von Vogelsang.  There was considerable fanfare, as she was the court's chosen bride, even though many had heard she would be significantly outweighed this year.   Bernhard was quite surprised when he she appeared through the side door.  He had  heard that she had started very, very late in preparing for the Hüftgoldfest and the picture in his mind was of a thin, skinny girl. Therefore, he was surprised by the magnificent, opulently fat beauty Sabine von Vogelsang had become.  She was inexplicably in about the same weight class as the leader,  Bernard estimated. He could barely believe his eyes!  She entered the hall with a look of confidence in her pretty blue eyes.  She managed a nice smile, showing off perfect teeth. She had always been quite striking, Bernhard thought.  She wore an expensive looking silk gown that looked a little snug and perhaps was fitted before the last few weeks of  of her fattening treatment.  The material hugged what had become a quite fat, sagging tummy, which jiggled with each elegant step she took.  The outline of her navel was visible, looking as if was now buried in inches of fat.  Soft love handles curved out, ending in broad hips and soft and healthy thighs.    She smiled broadly as the crowd applauded her unexpectedly rapid weight gain.  Her cute double chin bulged. The Italian miracle chef had done an amazing job, Bernard thought.  His mood darkened, though, as he remembered with growing concern  that Cordula Thorstein had enjoyed his fine cuisine for much longer than Sabine.  When she took her seat on the balance, she gave a look to the young girl on the other side and quickly snapped her chin upward.  “That's the Sabine I remember!” thought Bernhard. “Very snotty and arrogant.”  He chuckled. 

Then it was time for the balance to be released. The servant slowly raised his hand away, and there was a creaking sound, but to the surprise of some in the crowd who had figured Sabine to be heavy enough to take the lead, the scale did not move.  The young, broad rumped girl beamed.  Sabine looked down with disappointment, then perked up, maintaining her external composure.  However, some sitting closer noticed a little tear in her eye.  It was rumored that Sabine had grown fond of stuffing herself at the hands of Giovanni. And now, unless she could convince her father otherwise,  this treatment would end.  At that moment, she realized she couldn't go on unless Giovanni was hired as permanent chef at the House Von Vogelsang.  She resolved to tell her father if he was to give her anything in her life, it should be the gift of allowing Giovanni to cook for her from now on.  The Court's chosen beauty then waddled away down the aisle,  some polite applause seeing her out.

The Huttgoldfest had moved into rare territory indeed.  The declared favorite of the court had not been the heaviest.  Bernhard could now almost feel the tension in the room.  They were nearing the end, only three candidates were left, Christina, the wealthy Cordula Thorstein, and another girl, the daughter of a respected physician.  Bernard was growing weary of all the tension of the days proceedings and was day dreaming a bit when the large door opened. But when he heard a loud stirring from the crowd, he snapped awake, his eyes moving toward the newest contestant.  What he saw made his brow sweat once more: a red-haired young woman approached slowly.  He was jolted at first at how exceptionally pretty she was - but even more special were the dimensions of her body.  Her fat was exquisite.  Even from his long vantage point and in spite of the heavy material of her dress, he could clearly see huge amounts soft belly flab trembling with every step. Instead of two buttocks this girl had two enormous masses, with every step causing excessive jiggling as they tried to keep up with the movement of her legs. Bernhard was immediately aware that his dream of being with Christina forever could quickly be dashed by this overfed beauty.  This physician's daughter very well could be fat enough to overtake his Christina in weight!

Bernhard looked over at Edmund. He, too, was pale at the sight of the red-haired heavyweight. Bernhard's father muttered excitedly that the Court had never in its history seen such a lavish candidate.

Soon the new contestant sat atop her side of the gleaming balance and it was time for the judgement. Upon release, the balance rushed noisily toward the the redhead and her impressive fat rolls, leaving the currently reigning young girl on the losing end.  The girl and her fat and wide hips were hoisted in to the air with ease as the red-haired beauty's massive weight brought the scale to rest.  The losing girl began to weep as the servants led her away, her prematurely fat bottom jiggling sensuously.  

Bernard's body grew tense, for Christina was to be next. The announcement was made and what Bernhard saw in the doorway, sprouted a little hope in him.  Bernhard chuckled to himself as she saw that Christina was still chewing and then swallowing a morsel of food she had been given before the great doors had opened for her. If she was at all nervous, it hadn't reduced her incredible appetite.  He gazed at her overflowing curves and once again imagined the scene, not that long ago, when a spry and lean peasant girl, athletically maneuvered her horse along the muddy trail where they had met.  He recalled the tan and willowy young women, who bounded effortlessly off her horse, lean leg muscles flexing as she acutely touched down on the dirt path in front of him.  What progress she had made since then!  No one would ever guess she was anything but the daughter of one of the richest men in the province!   Christina confidently strode up the aisle, smiling proudly at the amazed faces of the guests.  It was a good guess that no one in the hall had ever seen a women so enormously fat in their lives, let alone someone as young and beautiful as Christina.  The fact that she had been a poor peasant girl made her lavish appearance all the more shocking.  Her wavy reddish brown hair flowed down her shoulders, framing a face of utter beauty.  Her eyes sparkled and her complexion glowed with health and prosperity.  Her perfect face was different now only in that she had an adorable double chin and some softening of her cheeks.  The fat, pillowy rolls of her massive tummy swayed and jiggled as she made her way slowly up the aisle.  Though clearly struggling a bit under her new weight, she somehow maintained a graceful saunter, holding her soft, yet still delicate shoulders back confidently.  Her poise was erect and proper, despite the unbelievable amount of new fat she now carried.  This self-assured posture made her protruding belly even more impressive, as she made no attempt to suck it in or stoop to hide it.  Its flabby, remarkably round rolls sagged proudly out in front of her.  The bottom and clearly biggest roll, which showed unmistakably through her clothes, was truly an amazing site.  It was becoming so healthily fat and thick, it was starting to bounce and sway as it kissed against the front of her upper thighs, deforming tenderly with each step.  Her dress was  simple, yet elegantly embroidered and draped snugly around the massive girth of her wide hips.  Her impressive fat folds were clearly detectable through the fabric.  The garment was sleeveless and showed her soft, supple upper arms. The flesh there had even begun to hang and wobble a bit, it looked as if a few more months of eating and the fat would have no choice but to sag into a fold near her elbow.  Her entire body looked lush.  Plump rolls were visible from under her armpits, around her back, all the way down to the tremendous widening at her hips.  From behind, the guests were treated to a view of her huge, round backside.  It still had a luxurious, womanly shape, despite its huge size and many layers of soft fat.  The guests could do nothing but stare wide-eyed and open-mouthed as she passed.   

Soon, Christina reached the balance.  With great effort and the help of two servants, she heaved her gorgeous curves up the few steps leading to the great scales.  She beamed with delight.  Bernhard smiled as well, thinking of how Christina loved the fact that her growing weight had vastly outpaced what her idle muscles could carry.  He replayed a scene from his mind that had happened a month or so earlier.  Bernard had just suggested that she move from her bed over to her day lounging area across the room, in front of the window.  She had become extremely sedentary by this point and hated to so much as get out of bed without help.  As she  lazily motioned with a dainty hand for help, Bernhard couldn't resist teasing her on this morning.  “You shall have to get up by yourself, my darling, my back has grown too sore to lift but a feather!”  Bernhard teased.  Christina looked up at him, her lower lip curling cutely.  “Awwwwwh, please?  I need my prince's strong arms to lift me!” She said, feigning a pout and speaking in a mock child's voice. “I've grown too weak and pampered to rise from my bed without help!”  With that Bernhard broke into a grin and laughed.  Christina beamed and purred with delight as she sunk back comfortably into the soft pillows setup around her.  Her excessive fat spread out decadently over the bed.    “Ah Ah Ah!” She said, with glee.  “Oh I've never been so happy as I am today!”  Her petite hand absent mindedly came to rest on one of her huge fat rolls.  “When I was a poor, pathetic peasant girl, I never knew life could be as sweet as this! Oh Bernhard, I feel as if I could be the richest and most worshiped woman in the land!”

Bernhard snapped back to reality and realized the hall was now literally buzzing with tension. The intensity of the competition was completely unprecedented, no one had ever seen so many pretty and ambitious participants gathered together as in this banner year.  It was clear now, though, that the unknown peasant girl's  striking beauty and astonishing size were the topics of their whispers.

Bernhard watched as the soft fat on Christina's rear spread abundantly over the chair as she was slowly helped to her seat.  There was not so much as a murmur or cough in the hall, one could literally hear a pin drop.  When released, the scales groaned under the immense weight.  With a loud creak, the balance began to shift.  Bernard knew right away in which direction it was moving. Christina's expression of enthusiasm resolutely told him the good news.  The movement began to accelerate as the doctor's plump daughter rose into the air.   The balance then came to a halt with a “clunk” as stopper underneath the weighty Christina banged to the end of its range.  Each guest at the banquet hall took pity on the virtually equally enormous girl who sat on the losing end of the scale.  All could see that the poor girl had not expected to lose.  She had obviously worked very hard to become so lavishly fat. In any other year, she would have been the guaranteed winner.

Bernhard was relieved.  So far, everything was going according to plan.  However, the final hurdle gave him the most heartburn, the wealthy beauty Cordula Thorstein.  Curiously, Bernard looked over at Mr. Thorstein.  Could it be that his trademark vain complacency and self-confidence had disappeared from his face? It seemed so. He chewed nervously on his lower lip.  It gave Bernhard some Solace to know that even the great Thorstein  was not entirely sure his daughter was fat enough to win the Hüftgoldfest! 

This was it, time for the last contestant to enter the hall.  The crowd had had the time of their lives, and this would be the culmination of their day. In a few minutes, they would have a new princess!  For the last weighing of the day, trumpets sounded and the officiator announced Cordula as the final contestant.  As the doors slowly opened, out stepped Cordula.  She was almost unrecognizable to Bernhard.  She had expanded tremendously even since the day Bernhard had watched her entering her music lesson, all those months ago.  She had finally lost a bit of her radiant beauty and her shape was not as perfectly womanly as Christina.  It seemed she wore a massive corset  under her gown that attempted to mold the thick fat around her waist into an hourglass shape. She had become so fat, however, that it did not have the desired affect. Nonetheless, she certainly was still an attractive girl.  Her dark, curly hair framed her now quite round, but still pretty face.  Her enormous breasts looked ready to burst with ripe healthfulness.  The fact that this overfed rich girl was not as beautiful as Christina did not give Bernhard much reassurance. He looked uncertainly at his teacher Friedrich. To his surprise, he was smiling - he was sure of victory already! 

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Cordula was red-faced and panting by time she was hoisted up onto the stage by the two strong servants.  Once she had been comfortably lifted onto her balance chair, the trumpets sounded again.  The officiator reminded the guests that this was the deciding contest and they should prepare for the announcement of their new princess.  When the scales were released, absolutely nothing happened.  That balanced groaned, but did not seem to move an inch.  The two fat woman looked at each other blankly.  Then there was a little squeak and the scale ever so slowly moved....and moved in Christina's favor!  It took almost 2 minutes for the balance to come to rest, but the result was official.  Christina squealed with delight and her perfect smile lit up the room.  She heaved herself to a standing position and became waving!  Great cheers went up for her. 

Meanwhile, Cordula looked stunned.  She just sat looking at the ground, her huge body still.  Her fat double chin bulged.   Her father, clearly disgusted, got up and left the building in a huff.

The jubilation in the festival hall grew even more merry as the spokesperson appointed Christina the official winner of the Hüftgoldfest. Bernhard was overjoyed and Christina was positively beaming with happiness. Edmund was ecstatic and even Friedrich, one who rarely showed any emotion, was grinning from ear to ear. 

The Fest protocol demanded that Bernhard lead the winner of the Hüftgoldfestes up to the palace balcony in order to officially appear before the public for the first time.  Hundreds of people anxiously waited below for the opportunity to get their first glimpse of the young girl.  Christina requested she be carried up the three stories in a litter, with four strong servants manning the carrying handles.  After all, she had already done more walking today than she had in months, she figured it probably wasn't healthy to over-exert herself.  After the three long flights of stairs, the servants' faces were bright red and sweat poured off their backs.  Christina smiled contentedly, oblivious, and sat lounging comfortably with pillows surrounding her.  Once at the balcony, she was helped out of the litter and led to the balcony's edge.  She looked out at the sea of people and began waving and smiling.  The crowd erupted with cheers!  Some grasped their heads with amazement, for she was the fattest person they had ever seen.  She was the perfect princess, after all, so radiantly beautiful, but just as importantly, so excessively fat.  With her immense, bulging fat rolls and enormous hips and butt, she could not be mistaken for anyone but royalty.  The yelling and hollering went on for almost fifteen minutes as Christina drank in every moment.  When it was finally time for Bernhard and Christina to leave the balcony, Bernhard suddenly heard Christina's growling stomach.  She looked up at him inquisitively.  “My love, when do you think the royal celebration banquet will begin?”


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Any recommendation from my favorite writer is worth a read and it's definitely very good. I'm really digging the gourmet roundtable though I wish it had continued. Love a story about a conflicted gainer who starts to second guess her weight gain journey and the pounds really start to pile on

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