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It is time to revive this society.And I just have a new article.

It will be about the recent met Gala event.It appeared a lot of famous stars,including Kim.She appeared in several dresses,but personally I liked the dress ochre.Especially the view from behind-her butt is especially elastic.According to star, she specially wore a corset to create a similar look(narrow waist).
In addition to Kim, this event was attended by another owner of the legendary priests-Jennifer Lopez.There is a good topic for conversation-who has the ass more?
Just j-Lo recently added volume at the bottom,but Kim was a little less(although this can not agree-her ass is constantly changing in size in the photos).

ким и ло.jpg

ким и ло2.jpg





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It is time for a little update this community)Here is a new photo of Kim)
I have to say-Kim's ass is very strange, it is huge like a hippopotamus(here I compare Kim with Gloria-for me it is very beautiful,or is on the contrary very small.But in this photo its main advantage is extremely huge)).I hope so it will remain and will continue to grow,to gain volumes)).



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Most recently, journalists photographed the famous star Kim Kardashian with her sister and daughter on vacation on one of the beaches of Costa Rica.On Kim was only a very small black bikini that exposed her gorgeous shape,especially the legendary ass.And that ass is really big and sexy right now.This is a must see)!


коста рика.jpg

коста рика2.jpg

коста рика3.jpg

коста рика4.jpg

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