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Hello Thank you for your interest in advertising with Curvage.

It is our goal to help you be successful. We want Curvage to be a world class destination when it comes to advertising your Curvy girl material or related website. Reading this simple guide will help you.

Why you should advertise with Curvage

Curvage is a very popular website with an extremely targeted audience. You will be able to have many impressions and the right campaign can provide lots of traffic to your site or product.


Advertising Options

There are 2 ways to advertise on Curvage.


  • METHOD 1: Purchase banner space
  • METHOD 2: Purchase access to advertise in paysite forums

METHOD 1 - About purchasing banner space

IF you are interested in purchasing banner space you can check which packages are available by clicking the advertise tab above or by clicking this http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/store/category/1-banner-advertisements/

Rotating banner space is on a limited first come first serve basis. There is no timeline for when available packages will be restocked.

Banner space is advantageous for you as there is unlimited impressions available during your allocated time that you retain with your purchase.

What to do after payment

Wait for your ad to be approved. Once approved it will go into full rotation.

Quality matters

Remember Curvage can provide lots of impressions but the click troughs will depend on the quality of your ad. 

Tips for making an effective banner ad

  •   Post banner ads on pages with related Web content -- the more related, the better.
  •   Advertise a particular product or service in your banner, rather than your site generally.
  •   If you do advertise a particular product or service, link the banner ad to that part of your Web site, rather than your home page.
  •   Use simple messages rather than complicated ones.
  •   Use animated ads rather than static ones.
  •   Your graphic content should pique visitor curiosity, without being too obscure.
  •   Keep banner ad size small. If the page takes too long to load, a lot of visitors will go on to another page.


METHOD 2 - How to advertise in the paysite forums.

Another method of getting the word out is to make posts about your site or product in the Curvage forums. We have 2 forums where we permit this sort of activity.

You must purchase access to post in either one of these forums. Your account will be upgraded to paysite publisher status.


This is what you should get if you are looking to get the most out of Curvage. We focus all of our efforts toward making the Premium Paysite publisher successful. Some advantages include being published to the home page, being listed in the picture tab, having a recent image listing in the paysite promotions forum and being viewable to guests. The premium charge keeps the competition low and allows a place for serious publishers to get attention directed to their site.

You will even get special listing on the Premium Publisher list http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/members/1-premium-publishers/


This is what you should get if you are on a tight budget or just want to test the waters. It's designed to be nearly free and allows almost anyone to have the opportunity to advertise on Curvage.


If you are interested in advertising your site or product by way of posting in either of the aforementioned forums please see this thread HERE for details on how to gain access.

Also be sure to read THIS THREAD especially if paypal doesn't supply you with instant access.

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