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Stuffer For Your Love


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A very sexy impromptu video where I shovel two chicken sandwiches and three doughnuts into my greedy mouth. I start drooling right before I'm about to take my first bite... a very raw, sexy yet embarrassing unplanned moment. I talk the entire time about my fattening frame and tease you with my softened body. Both before and after the stuffing, I model how my belly looks standing.

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@goodgirlgrowis someone who's been on my periphery for a while, but it was only today that I bought my first batch of her videos. She's recently got to the size that gets my antenna twitching.


So this video was the first one I watched and all I can say is: WOW. This lady is the real thing. The sight of her in her tiny bikini literally made my mouth drop open. She has the PERFECT body for gaining. You can just tell that, as she continues to pile on the pounds, her body will distribute the weight beautifully: just look at those thickening legs, the already plump arms, the lovely belly, those big juicy breasts, and that gorgeous face!


What shines through in this video is GGG's sense of joy. She clearly LOVES to eat, LOVES her body, and LOVES the idea that she's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Not too far under the surface, it's also very clear that she's extremely turned on by her gain. Her personality is super cute and super fun. She's giggly and happy, and therefore deeply, deeply sexy.


Things I loved about this video:


-GGG being distracted by her own body and unable to focus on eating.


-GGG authentically salivating at the sight of her sandwich.


-Her first bite of the sandwich (she absolutely tears into it, eyes rolling in ecstasy) and her overall desperation to pack the food into her pretty mouth.


-Her fantastically sexy moans, giggles, and fat chat (some of the best I've EVER heard).


-The way she holds the sandwich in two chubby hands, meaning her luscious cleavage gets massively emphasised.


-The way that she clearly LOVES the changes to her body, and LOVES showing herself off.


-This is a minor detail (but it's often the detail that elevates a video from a mere good buy to a classic). At 5 mins 27 secs, I loved the way she just unthinkingly drops the sandwich wrapper onto the floor, before taking another huge, desperate bite. Like I say, it's a tiny detail, but I loved the way she didn't put the wrapper back in the box or in a bin. It seemed like nothing else mattered to her but her body and the food she's stuffing into her beautiful face.


-The way that the combination of eating, looking at herself, jiggling, and (I'm guessing) thinking about her gain obviously turns her on MASSIVELY.


At the end, she proudly stands up and shows herself off. Her body is an amazing achievement and I cannot imagine how awesomely beautiful she'll look at, say, 350 pounds.


A truly excellent video. 10/10.

Response from the author:

Uhhh, I think I need a cold shower after reading that. Every once in a while someone will leave a review where it seems like they could read my mind during the video. You have my very turned on now. Your pleasure brings me pleasure.

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This video is incredible!!! I didn’t make it a minute in, and took me like 5 or 6 time to get through it.  And I’m still going back to rewatch it.  Love the outfit

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I can't tell what's best about GGG. her ample tits, her plump belly, her perfect booty, the way her enchanting eyes roll back from pleasure at eating and stuffing herself until she moans like a fucking cow! It's top tier stuff.  she has the most infectious energy describing her gluttony, the eye contact and fat talk got you locked in with her like she's in your room.  this vid has all that at a very modest price. buy it, simply because this one has a pure insatiable urge to gorge and grow 

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Jesus Christ I leave for 2 months and this is what you do to yourself? I sat in awe watching this video. You are insatiable. I love how you behave, how much the pleasure of eating has shaped you into this model of gluttony. I seriously can't get enough. I want to feel the softness of your belly, the plushness of your thighs. I want to feel your weight on me as you sit on my lap. I want to feed you, I don't want you to stop - and I don't think you want to stop either. What a good girl.

Buy this file, it is incredible.

Response from the author:

Wow. This is intoxicating to read. I’m a little embarrassed that this is what you’ve come back to find 😅 but it’s just so hot

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I'd say, at this point , I've probably pitched in for a couple bags of groceries for GGG. It's been one of the best investments I've made this year. 2020 has been a shit sandwich for most of us and GGG remains a hungry, horny, voracious bright spot. Thank you dear, stay safe, get bigger and enjoy.

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Guest brcyllr

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Wow, GGG!  What can I say, this video is beyond hot 😍.  Your boobs are getting totally out of control huge.  I love seeing your ravenous appetite as you devour those burgers and donuts, all the while fat-chatting yourself into orgasm after orgasm as you lust after your own body!  You're addicted to being a gluttonous sex pig, and that means you will never stop growing.  Your already obscenely curvy, overfed body will continue to expand all over until you are a caricature of the venus fertility goddess... huge boobs, huge belly, huge thighs, huge ass... and men will go out of their minds with desire when they look at you!  😲🥰

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