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Jais family keep nagging her to do some exercise and go for a walk.. So she tricks them into believing she has drove to her local nature spot for a walk but what actually happens is very different! 

She stuffs some food into her mouth and chugs a 1.5ltr of Pepsi! 

You can hear her moan, groan and burp loudly in painful pleasure, while she jiggles her soft belly and she talks about her family reactions and a little bit about her background.. This stuffing was a struggle for Jai because it was her first real stuffing in this way, she wishes she had someone to stuff the food into her mouth against her will and promises herself she will do better next time! You can hear her car seat creaking underneath her weight as she moves around and shows you her body at every angle! People were driving and walking past the car while she did this, probably disgusted at her big fat gut! 

Id really appreciate it if you left a review or let me know what you think of this so I know what I can improve on! 





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Absolutely amazing! Jai is a natural, she has that little secret that she wants to share with us all... which isin the form of an amazingly stuffed round belly.

Loved the 2 part vid, hope to see more of you :)

A must buy in support her :)

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We get to hear a little bit about what Jai's family thinks of her growing body while watching her stuff herself with donuts, cake and pepsi.

Crazy to think that she used to have rock hard abs! Her belly is so soft and shakes at even the slightest movements.

Going to be fantastic watching her grow!

Response from the author:

Thank you 😘🙏🏻🥰

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That was an excellent first full stuffing video! Jai is so beautifully soft and has such a pleasant demeanor in addition to a lovely voice. I really appreciated that it was filmed in horizontal landscape as well. While she admitted to being nervous initially, I feel like she settled in very well. This is a wonderful first step on a bountiful journey and I look forward to where this journey takes her. Thank you Jai! 

Response from the author:

Thanks so much 🥰

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looking great - can't wait for more! perhaps a workout fail in your old workout clothes?

Response from the author:

Good idea! 

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Muted Decor


Both files are great!!! Your tummy looks so doughy and jiggly! Very hot to see your bounce it and play with it. And describing how it jiggles when you're driving on the road was so good. There's some great burps in here as well! Cannot wait to see more content from you!!! You've got such a great bod that can only get jigglier and fatter on here !!

Response from the author:

Thank you so much!!! 🥰

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