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There are no words to describe Casey's fatness anymore. She is fattening up at a more rapid rate than ever and is now, officially, at her biggest yet. You have been begging her an outgrown clothes update, so she made it happen for you guys. Lord knows, this fat ass has plenty of outgrown clothes laying around. She spends most days naked now, like a true hog now that nothing really fits her anymore. Anyway - Casey tries on some old clothes from her skinny college days. She then tries on a pair of shorts from LAST SUMMER. One would think they're maybe still fit, at least a little bit, but they didn't stand a chance against Casey's massive gut. She was so out of breath trying to get them on, that she actually became lightheaded. Casey then tries on one of her old work button up tops. Casey is forever wishing she would finally pop a button on camera, but will never force it (genuine content guaranteed ALWAYS). It's still fun to watch her struggle to pull the buttons closer. She goes to take it off, leans forward, and RIP!!! Casey ripped the shirt open!!! ON VIDEO!! The shock on her face is priceless. This hog can't be stopped. She's destroying the grocery store aisles AND her clothes. I guess that's what happens when you gain this much weight.... Naturally, this turned her on like crazy and Casey gets all hot and bothered. Enjoy ❤️ 


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If you are ever dealing with technical difficulties - please never hesitate to reach out to me via DM! If you are having difficulty streaming the video, I highly suggest downloading it to your computer. 

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Hank Scorpio

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

“Feedee gold”!!! 

It really does not get better than this. This video perfectly emphasises how much weight Casey has put on and how much of a fat pig she has become. 

She’s trying on old clothes, which of course don’t fit her, but the best thing is - the clothes are in fact not really that old at all! Except from one garment, they’re about a year old at most. It’s hot and exciting seeing how much Casey has outgrown clothes that legit fit her in such a short period of time. 

She starts with a top from her college years that would now be best used as a bra. She attempts to pull it down her gargantuan belly to the effect that it becomes skin tight (“a second skin”) and see through. You should definitely go out with it on Casey. You should with all these clothes you try on in fact ;) 


Next she tries on a pair of shorts. This one really emphasises how big and round that globe of a gut has gotten. It’s a proper workout for Casey to get it on. The only workout Casey has been doing recently anyway. She gets so breathless and light-headed she actually has to stop talking to regain her composure. Such a turn on!! Casey in turn talks throughout the video about how turned on she is, which is another turn on for myself and anyone who’s watching. 

Her amazement and amusement about how much the clothes don’t fit her anymore is endearing. 

She then tries on another top which REALLY doesn’t go over her belly and doesn’t even attempt to. Again, you should definitely wear this out Casey ;) 


The next garment to be tried on (emphasis on tried) is a top Casey used to wear to work. It used to cover all of Casey’s body. Now it does not. 

She saves the best to last when she attempts to put on a button-up shirt. Casey’s arms don’t even fit in it which bodes well for her belly. She kinda gets it on, although it has become totally skin tight and translucent. No spoilers from me but - then something ‘bad’ but arousing!! happens. 

Casey is so turned on by this and it would be impossible for you not to be too. The idea of Casey living in a state of nakedness these days is enough to pull anyone off (if you know what I mean ;) ). 

Buy this now because it is “feedee gold”!! ❤️❤️

Response from the author:

Your review alone has me soaking wet right now. WOW. Thank you love for taking the time to make me feel so good ❤️ I'm so happy you enjoyed it ❤️ 

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I've have bought and watched several of Casey's videos. This is by far her best video to date. She is NOTICEABLY heavier and fatter, than even her PREVIOUS video. Honestly, she has blown up as she has packed on the pounds. 

Here are some observations I have made throughout her massive weight gain: most notable her beach ball of a gut. Her once trim waistline with firm abs are long gone. She has had this monstrous bowling ball of a gut for a while now, but it is growing and morphing to a more sophisticated form. It is looking much softer and flabbier now-a-days. Her front doesn't only stick out firm but is hanging well below her waistline, a sign of the increasing morbid obesity to come.

Second, her back. You will get a great view from the side and behind of her back fat. One of the things I personally find very attractive in a gain is the development of back rolls and how it widens. Casey is easily TWICE as wide as her crossfit days. Her back has several rolls (even more than I was expecting). A true sine of laziness.

Finally, her face. No doubt about it, she is a beautiful woman. As she gets fatter her face has softened, from angular "hot chick" to beautiful and comforting. Her double chin is more noticeable than ever. No doubt, it is a permanent fixture on her dissappear neck.

I cant wait for a future video, where we can see Casey from a distance, moving around, and jiggling all the while. Honestly, she has one of the most accretive belly gains ever. That gut might as well have its own orbit.

In this video Casey tries on clothes from when she was LITTERALY HALF of her current size (i.e. loose fitting tops are now tight bras or shape wear at best). She has also outgrown clothes she wore when she was already obese, they might as well be a size 2 on her now.

Casey is also a master of belly play and the fat chat. She could honestly give a master class on how to slap a gut and talk dirty. She is clearly, turned on by how fat she has gotten.

100% buy. This. Video. It is a MUST have in the Casey collection. 10/10.

Response from the author:

Favorite review I've ever received. I'm genuinely speechless. THANK YOU ❤️ 

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Good lord your gut is so huge in the video. I was waiting on you to pop those jeans. Insane how huge your fat gut is. Ripping through a shirt.l now. Just wait and you’ll be able to pop all those buttons off that shirt you fat hog

Response from the author:

Omg love thank you so much for taking the time to review this clip!! ❤️ Your kind words mean so much to me

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Yet another AMAZING video here. If you have been watching Casey through this journey you can truly understand how crazy this is. She is getting sooo fat! Unbelievable video. The way Casey gets so horny just talking about outgrown clothes is incredible. It is really mind blowing to see how big she has gotten 😍😍

Response from the author:

Omg thank you SO MUCH  love ❤️ you are the best!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The incredible Casey continues to gain in weight AND beauty! Her double chin has become noticeably round and permanent now! Her belly just spills out everywhere! Come watch her try on all these clothes which simply DO NOT fit, especially her white button-up shirt! I also love Casey's infectious enthusiasm, such a joy and turn-on to watch! Casey, you are truly and beautifully special! 🥰😍 Also, DAMN sexy! Never stop never-stopping!!!!!

Response from the author:

Awwww thank you so much love! Your kindness always means the entire world to me ❤️ 

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I feel like all I can say is wow! If you want to see how much bigger Casey is becoming buy this video! She tries on several different clothing items around a year old and best case scenario is she gets them on with her luscious belly still poking out. Just thinking about how much bigger and sexier Casey will become as time moves on is so hot. 

i think Casey could save some of these items and turn this video into a series to show off how much bigger she is next months or years, if she wants to of course.

Bottom line, get this video if you’re craving a beautiful woman showing off her bigger, rounder curves and rolls. 😍👍

Response from the author:

Thank you so much love ❤️ glad you enjoyed ❤️ 

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