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Its Weigh In time!

It's been a little longer than usual but after so many comments on how much bigger she looks, Kitty has decided to once again step on those scales to get the latest numbers!

Come find out just where Kitty has gotten to as well as enjoy Kitty's weigh in tradition of her post-weigh stuffing!

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   10 of 10 members found this review helpful 10 / 10 members

Best. Weigh in clip. I may have ever seen. There are no words to do justice to how hot and must see this masterpiece of a clip is, but I will surely try. This video opens with Kitty wearing an extremely outgrown red bra and thong combo that allow all of her juicy curves to be admired. As it has become a recurring theme for these weigh in videos, she is going to stuff herself with one of her faves. This time, it's KFC and she definitely has enough to feed a whole family or one KittyPiggy ;). I swear KFC must stand for Keep the Fat Coming because this girl can't stop inflating at a rapid weight. Even as she is sick, she continues to pile on the pounds. I gotta say she is without doubt the most dedicated feedee here and is slowly approaching SSBBW status as that 400 lb milestone gets closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Watch as she sits down on her infamous too small stool from such videos like the Insatiable series and notice how her balloon boobs are overflowing the cups of her bra, her big jelly belly sits between her chunky thighs and later on see how her wideload bum hangs off the edges deliciously. That is one lucky stool that is surely on it's last legs literally as Kitty continues to balloon nonstop 🐷🐷🐷. Next to her, is her massive spread of a feast; a bowl of fries, a box of popcorn chicken, a bucket of chicken tenders, a 2 liter of pepsi and last but certainly not least, a whole blender filled with homemade gravy. Yes that's right. Listen to how she tells you that KFC ran out of gravy, so she made her own. If you think that them being out of gravy is going to put a dent in her gluttonous plans, you are sadly mistaken, but I do hope that all this gravy is going to leave some new dents in that dent-filled jiggly plump rump 😉🍑🍑🍑🤣.

There's too many awesome moments in this video to even give it justice, but I'll give some highlights: shoving popcorn chicken in her mouth until its full, having a chicken tender in each hand as she stuffs her face with a look of pure pleasure, playing with and jiggling her fat belly with her hands between pigging out, taking big swigs of her soda and letting out big belches, dousing and dipping everything in gravy to add more calories to her already fattening meal, and FINALLY, the moment I have waited for for a long time, which is her chugging pure gravy out of the blender. And its not just a little bit. She chugs atleast half a blender full of gravy alone. Moments like these ensure that Kitty's crown as the undisputed queen of gluttony will remain firmly intact. This video is worthy of being in the "Insatiable" series. If you love greedy girls, this is must buy.

After she is done being a total fat ass, she turns around and you get to watch her fat ass bounce and wobble about deliciously. You get to see her ass hanging off her tiny stool in all directions and her big bum swallowing up her thong as she shakes those well fed cheeks like her ass was a jello mold, and the stool was the plate it balances on like a delicious dessert. She ends the clip giving you a great view of her full moon and all its sexy craters 😉🍑🤤

Kitty continues to outdo herself and because of her dedication to gluttony and putting on an absolute clinic in sexy weight gain content with every vid, I will always support her and leave reviews like this. Hope you enjoy reading this Kitty and I have no doubt youll be 350 in no time and on the way to SSBBW-hood at 400 and beyond

P.s. Drink more gravy in future vids 🐷🐷🐷😋











Response from the author:

Wow wow wow, to say this is my best weigh in is truly a huge compliment! 😯

I think this is my favourite review of yours, you keep outdoing yourself! 😂 I absolutely loved reading this! 

I actually didn’t buy this underwear set too long ago 😉 but I will certainly be drinking gravy in future clips 🤤


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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

If you've ever wondered how beautiful "fat gain" can cause someone to become, look no further than Kitty Piggy. I've never seen a more beautiful lady. She continues to become more gorgeous as she gains. You will immediately notice how wide she is now. Also her thigh creases have grown longer and deeper. Her hair has grown longer and just makes her that much more pretty. When she eats chicken, she stuffs it in deep and REALLY enjoys it! She DRINKS pure gravy, which I don't know if there's anything more erotic than being below the giant gorgeous growing Kitty, massive double chin above and huge fluffy arms pouring in pure gravy as she moans....That was just pure delight! She is getting closer to 350 and will be there before we know it! 500 STARS, Kitty!

Response from the author:

Wow, thank you Marshall! I think this could be my favourite review of yours ever! 😱♥️ So glad you enjoyed the video! 🥰

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

It really is a delight to see Kittypiggy grow from a BBW to an SSBBW.

Her videos are always fantastic quality and well lit, there are plenty of camera angles and jiggling to help you appreciate just how beautiful & soft she is 😊

I would recommend watching this to see how much bigger she is now compared to her first videos from just over a year ago, it's a stunning transformation!

Keep up the good work Kitty!

Untitled-3 (2).jpg

Response from the author:

Wow thank you so much for this, James! A review from you really means a lot 🥰

So happy to hear that my videos are maybejames approved 😄❤️

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Like everyone has said you definitely need to drink gravy more often kitty 😮😍 and Pepsi max too because if you love burping you will love this clip. Join kitty for another weigh in her 12th. Watch kitty eat kfc like she hasn’t eaten in days, sorry hours 😂 how is that little stool still holding you and your 🍑 I will never know 🥵. Talking about your 🍑 there is a closer look at it, at the end of the vid and wow 🤩. 5 stars kitty.


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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Her heaviest weigh in ever, and not to be missed! Although I say that everytime, let’s be fair, each weigh in will always be her heaviest yet... 😉 

watch as Kitty checks in with her poor scales, that are taking on more and more of a challenge each month to present her with her current digits... A post weigh in stuffing is then long overdue, and KFC is her choice! Watch as she chugs down calorie laden GRAVY to add to her oversized Mountains of KFC.

Continue to support her gain but buying this clip, all proceeds go to a VERY good and unique cause... 😉 


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Here you get to see the effects of Kitty's insatiable appetite and her growing body.... Those poor scales.... Gosh Kitty is packing it on consistently and quickly.....

My review is short and sweet and may not be up to the standard of others before me... However, I am only in awe of Kitty's little site and passion... Truly amazing and truly amazing young woman and quality of content.... 5 stars as usual....

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Amazing. Would love to see more intense mouth shoveling and eating rapidly with those huge bites where it’s almost too much and you have to cut the camera for a second. There was some of that in this video and I loved it !

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