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Kitty has just received the best news, UK McDonald's are now selling Grand Big Macs. At 731 calories per burger, you know Kitty could not wait to try one. 

She warms up with large fries, large coke, 6 nuggets... oh, and a sharer box of mozzarella dippers...

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Wow talk about dinner and a show!! Imagine that you are on a date with Kitty in an extremely short red dress (from her Weigh in 10) with her big juicy thighs out for you to stare at and her soft massive gut hanging between her legs and her big boobs and hard nipples present with no bra as she stuffs herself full of thousands of greasy fast food calories. This is the kind of gluttonous good time you will be witnessing as Kitty teases and stuffs herself for almost 30 mins. This is a steal of a clip and you should definitely get it!

Watch as Kitty stuffs fries in her mouth, along with drinking soda that gives her some big burps. Also, watch as she eats a whole mozzarella stick pack meant for atleast 3 people with ease. One of the hottest moments is seeing her stuff 4 mozzarella sticks in her mouth at once. This is the type of gluttony I love to see in stuffing clips. 

Besides showing off her greed, she puts on quite the show firstly removing her growing gut and untucking it from her panties. Then, she turns around and shows off why she couldnt wear this dress in public as her ass immediately pops out like dough out of a can of biscuits 🤤. She gets on all fours and shows off her wideload jiggly bum. Then she turns around and show off her tits and tummy, which both make quite the sexy imprint on her dress as she tighten the fabric around her. 

Finally, to finish things off, she tackles the huge Grand Mac Burger. Its so big that she seems to be having some actual difficulty with it, which is truly saying something for as greedy as she is. Its so hot to see her take these huge bites and see the rolls on her neck and her double chin touching. She finally finishes the burger, and she shows off her bloated tummy with some heavy breathing. A job well done indeed. I have a feeling Grand macs are going to make for a more grand Kitty ;)















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Wow kitty time for another McDonald’s already 🐷😂, join kitty in this vid for another McDonald’s stuffing. Even after stuffing 50 or was that 60 nuggets last time 😏 kitty is ready to eat another big pile of McDonald’s goodies. Obviously this vid has plenty of burping and one full kitty. She looks bigger than ever in this and you can tell is loving every minute of it. 5 stars

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Watch the "Grand Big Mac Kitty" tear into this giant meal. She stuffs so much food, in the end, her belly and tits protrude further than ever before! If you want to see a huge girl breathing hard while showing off her ever growing body whilst stuffing her fat face, then this is the film for you! Buy this super sexy vid and continue to support this beauty's goals of expansion! 5 stars as always, Kitty! Keeps stuffing!!! 🥰

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Outstanding. This is probably KP’s most amazing McDonald’s stuffing since her Mukbang challenge in her car!

What I love about KP, and most people do too, is how visibly turned on she becomes with every single bite, with every single touch of her growing body, you can really feel just how in love she is with herself. Throughout this entire video she gives off this amazing aura.

This girl hasn’t gotten this big with half arsed stuffings! No, she not only stuffs her weighty belly, but also her mouth, devouring 4 mozzarella sticks at once... unbelievable.

This truly is a very personal, intimate stuffing session with Kitty, and it feels so natural too.

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The anticipation of absorbing thousands of calories sends the pulse racing in this video... 

Kitty is looking plush and lush as she gorges her way through several thousand calories on her way to increasing her hip and belly girth some... 😍

Kitty's performance is breath taking as all her fattening food is consumed with such passion and love whilst gently unveiling her growing gut and gently rubbing her tummy to soothe its inevitable expansion... ☺️

This may become the new norm for Kitty as her scales and lard laden body expand on the way up to 400lbs....

Top drawer content and theme - As always...


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