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Kitty has a day job!

Everyday she goes to her clients house to scrub the floors, make sure the sides are clean and many other manner of chores. But one perk of the job seems to be having an effect ...

Kitty breaks into the party leftovers to try and satiate her unstoppable hunger. But before long, she finds herself in her bosses fridge, getting her greedy little hands all the sweet treats.

It's time to settle in and watch the gluttony unfold in this french maid edition of Insatiable 🐷 

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Would you like to watch a fat maid clean on all fours while huffing and puffing? Do you wanna see said maid stuff her face with all kinds of food while slowly stripping off her uniform as she makes more room for said food? Do you want to watch natural lighting on a round beautiful face with gorgeous ocean-blue eyes? Would you like it if she had a soft British accent on top of it all....and an ass for the ages? If the answer to all or some of these questions is yes, then this is the film for you. Always 5 stars, Kitty. Always 5 stars. 😘

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KP smashes it again!!!!! I literally lose my shit when she releases an Insatiable clip (or any stuffing clip for that matter) but Insatiable's are literally the ultimate, the pinnacle, the got damn holy grail of stuffing clips.

This luscious lady proves to us yet again that eating and gaining is as natural to her as breathing. This time we even get some costume play involved. More eating, more fantasy, more weight!!!

A sexy maid outfit, a stool at least half the width of her rapidly expanding booty and natural lighting that transform her eyes into great sapphire-esque pools that even white walkers couldn't contend with. I just want to dive right in!

Take these 5 stars, KP. You have more than earned them. Heck, have all the stars. Literally all of them. 

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

Doing another insatiable vid was a great move, and an even better decision for us because it’s always great to compare to her previous versions! The changes here compared to number 2 are spectacular, and even better compared to number 1! Kitty has REALLY supercharged her gaining this past month, and it SHOWS.

If it wasn’t enough to see her in a maids outfit, you also get to watch her eat her way through some amazingly fatty food, AND witness her enormous ass on a tiny stool, overflowing it as it wobbles and struggles to support her.

This girl simply doesn’t stop, and it’s videos like this that make me thankful we have someone so dedicated in the community. 
This video is worth every penny. 🔥🔥🔥

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Calling it now; this is the best running video series on this site and I hope it never ends!! Every one of the videos in this series, which is 4 if you include the Thanksgiving one and I certainly do, have been a masterpiece and a master class in sheer gluttony that must be seen to believe. Kitty continues to top herself as she gets bigger and bigger at such an alarming rate. In fact, if she was an actual maid pigging out on her client's leftovers, Id be inclined to believe that could be the cause of her ever expanding waistline, ballooning behind and thighs and fat filled face. She definitely makes stuffing herself as fat as possible a daily job. This girl is a testament that there is no such thing as weight plateauing if you really put your mind and stomach to it 🐷🐷🐷😉.

The video starts with Kitty coming into a house that is an absolute mess and littered with tons of tasty morsels. Rather than let all that food go to waste and throw it away like a normal maid would probably do, she decides she has a better way to clean up by stuffing her face like there is no tomorrow.

Watch as Kitty chugs sodas from the can and even from some of the cups left over from the party and lets out sexy belches that give her more room to stuff herself. If you have seen the other 3 installments of this series, you know that there is no stopping this greedy piggy. Eventually, she takes off her maid costume and you are greeted with a wonderful sight of Kitty's huge jiggly bum overfilling a lucky stool as her garter belt and stockings are holding on for dear life against her growing gut and thunderous thighs. The sight of her bending over in front of the fridge and her butt like a big full moon is so amazing. You'll be entranced with her enticing curves just as much as her unbridled gluttony in this one for sure.

So many epic moments in this video, including her eating another super calorie bomb of a dessert with her hands, smothering it in whipped cream and pouring cream in her mouth as well, to her chugging wine straight out of the bottle. By the end, she is stuffed beyond full and she makes a comment that she is going to have to finish the rest before her boss gets home. I'd like to imagine that she gets caught too full to put back on her outfit and surrounded by a huge mess with a whole lot to explain ;) 


So glad you had liked the idea enough to do it. Was hoping you would start by going up the stairs, but I guess you wasn't feeling that part lol. Either way, as always a phenomenal job and here's to the next installment in this series whenever that may be :)











Response from the author:

Wow, wow, WOW!

”Calling it now; this is the best running video series on this site and I hope it never ends!“ - This is honestly the best compliment ever! This whole review made me smile ear to ear as I was reading it. Thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️

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Losing restraint, losing clothes, and losing all inhibition over twenty hot and heavy minutes of gluttony and gorgeousness, Kitty raises her own bar on the stuffing clip yet again. 

 She’s cemented ‘Insatiable’ as a brand in itself - decadence, luxury, überindulgence and beauty wrapped in a package that’s bursting at the seams. I struggle to type at the thought of how much she could be packing into the next instalment. 

Her stool is on the verge - but it sure coped better than I ever could 😅 Five stars. 


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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Wow totally love the way this insatiable starts kitty 🍑😍 join kitty has a maid cleaning a clients house which doesn’t last to long before she starts tucking into all the left over food, how did that stool not collapse under you weight 🥵. The maids outfit is taken off bit by bit so kitty can make more room for her expanding belly for all the food she is about to eat, not only the food on the counter but also from the fridge. Kitty really looks huge in this clip plenty of burping also features and wow I have to mention it again your 🍑 is bigger than ever. Insatiable 3 is a must have if you haven’t checked out the other 2 you really should and if you still want more don’t forget kitty’s insatiable thanksgiving, 5 stars.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Aha! I am the owner of the Apartment...... I employed KP about fifteen months ago to help keep it tidy while I am working away...

If I remember rightly she was a lot smaller than she is now perhaps even less than 250lbs and she used to fit into her outfits comfortably although they seemed a lot lot smaller than they do now... I always noticed that I had to restock my fridge and pantry when I got back from working away... Never really understood why until now...

Well KP has answered that question, look at the size of her ass, thighs, belly hang and huge gut girth, its amazing....:wub: The way that KP fills her tummy and the way that her belly shelf forms - nice and big and heavy is a real thrill... KP as always is well turned out and is sporting huge curves in this latest video... Long may the fridge stay well stocked to encourage KPs belly growth down her thighs and allow her girth to substantially increase... Love the pose that suggests that KPs perfect ass is as big as the fridge and the groaning of the stool under her weight when she carefully perches herself to stuff relentlessly...

Great video... Looks like KPs contract shall be renewed after all...:)

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French maid Kitty is down on her hands and knees, cleaning the kitchen floor – but, before long, she's distracted by the leftovers lying around and gives in to her insatiable desires for food.

In a forum post, Kitty said she wanted to know what our favourite parts were, so here goes:

(I should just add before diving in, that throughout the whole video, Kitty's face is an absolute picture of beautiful perfection. Goshdarn it, this woman is so crazily pretty!)

-0 minutes, 12 seconds: ass. Assity-assity ass ass. The biggest, juiciest, pertest loveliest ass around.

-0 minutes, 33 seconds: cleavage. Oh my goodness. Cleavage.

-3 minutes, 27 seconds: thick, curvy legs and belly reveal. HELLO!

-4 minutes, 6 seconds: stuffing so much food into her pretty face, that she has to eat with her mouth open. LOVE IT!

-8 minutes, 28 seconds: bending down to retrieve more food from the fridge. God bless ground-level fridges.

-9 minutes, 24 seconds: eating the little pot of custard/caramelly stuff. Beautiful soft little whimpers of ecstasy, and I love how the camera backs away so we see some panoramic views of KP in all her glory.

-12 minutes, 19 seconds: removing garters. Sexaaay.

-13 minutes, 39 seconds: stool in danger of being eaten by KP's delectable rear-end.

-13 minutes, 56 seconds: milkshake guzzling emphasises arms that NEED to be worshipped.

-15 minutes, 45 seconds: MESSY!!

-17 minutes, 11 seconds: hair tied up. Leaning forward onto counter-top. YES, YES, and more YES.

-17 minutes, 54 seconds: evidence that jiggling her belly has a knock-on effect on another (very important) part of her body??

-18 minutes, 11 seconds: screw spoons. Screw forks. Let's eat messy trifle with hands!

Another fantastic video from the galaxy's greatest BBW!

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