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Its Weigh In time! 

Kitty wants to make sure that she goes into the New Year knowing that she gained as much as she could this past year. After weighing in, Kitty indulges in one of her favourites; pizza!

Tater Tots, BBQ Wings and stuffed crust pizza with extra cheese to really amp up the calorie count. 2019 has been fattening and Kitty wants 2020 to be just as, if not more, of a development on her growing figure.


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If you're hesitating about this one, don't. Buy it NOW. This is ANOTHER truly AMAZING video with the stunningly beautiful KittyPiggy!


We start off with the absolutely breath-taking view of KP in a tiny red dress which barely covers her incredible body. I really hope Kitty is super-proud of her achievements, because she looks genuinely magnificent, a true vision of dazzling beauty. As always, the first thing I was stunned by was her face. Her make-up is PERFECTION, and she's an astonishingly pretty lass. As it gets rounder and fuller, her face is becoming more and more beautiful. Her double-chin is mind-blowingly lovely. (I'd pay DOUBLE to see a future video focused solely on the changes in her face, neck, and chin!) My mouth also dropped open at the sight of her gigantic ass and her thick, chunky legs.


This absolutely incredible lady really is showing other BBWs how to do it!


Needless to say: KP's super-cute personality really does add another layer of perfection to everything. She's a truly wonderful mixture of adorable sweetness and hot flirtiness.


After the weigh-in, we're treated to a fantastic eating session. Kitty is sitting cross-legged, which makes her look beautifully spherical and curvy. Her big, jiggly breasts are just about to burst out of her tiny dress.


Said it before and I'll say it again: Kitty is one of the absolute best stuffers I've ever had the privilege to watch. She piles the food into her face in an impressively voracious manner and the sounds she makes have to be some of the sexiest I've ever heard. But somehow there's a lovely lady-like, elegant quality to it as well. I can't explain it. (Perhaps it's simply because she's so fucking gorgeous.) You'll just have to buy it and see what I mean.


Things get even more impressive when KP ties her hair back and flips her dress up to unleash her huge, beautiful belly. I LOVE the sight of Kitty swigging from a big bottle of pop – please, Kitty, never EVER drink from a silly little cup – the sight of her thickening arms and those luscious lips working away at the bottle-rim is incredible.


Well, I've already written enough – nobody'll read this far. Oh, one more thing: is there really a better sight in the world than this stunningly beautiful woman, half-naked, shoving giant pieces of pizza into her pretty mouth, as she looks seductively into the camera? At a couple of points, her amazing appetite is almost defeated by the space-restrictions in her mouth, so bits of pizza have to stick out as she continues chewing away determinedly.


Breath-taking, mind-blowing, perfect. Support and encourage this STUNNING lady.

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Can Kitty get much more beautiful, fat or lovely? The answer is ALWAYS a resounding YES! This year has been so great for her gain and this vid shows everything about that as she is barely contained in this vibrant red dress! Keep, eating and drinking, Kitty! 😚

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It’s too easy to say this everytime, as this is what she does. But this is Kitty’s BIGGEST weigh in yet! She’s a gainer after all, but what a great job she consistently does!! Unstoppable.

Watch as she devours a serious amount of food after weighing herself, absolutely stuffing herself to the LIMIT. 
I just want to say as this is probably her last weigh in of 2019 and the decade, that what an absolute privilege it’s been to watch this girl gain so so much in such a short amount of time. She’s a true credit to the community and I have extremely high hopes for her in 2020, as it’s obvious she’s got a long way to go yet....

Great work Kitty. 

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