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Pasta Stuffing


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Molly stuffs herself with loads of pasta and cheese for about 13 mins.

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Monty Hall

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As the saying goes, all big things have small beginnings!


This model is going to be a BIG hit. No doubt.  She looks great in this clip as she powers through all of that pasta.

Then she admires her full, but still "just starting" belly.   Amazing first clip.

Big things are around the corner, we are sure!

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Personally I really enjoyed the clip, and I think your one of the most promising new models I’ve seen here in quite some years. I can’t wait to see how you progress. 

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Great first clip Molly! As you kept shoveling fork after forkful I kept asking "where is that tiny little thing putting it all?!"  The few spoken lines were by far my favorite part... especially about being full but wanting to stretch. More spoken parts, bringing the viewer more into your thoughts and feelings, will be well received I assure you! You have potential and I can't wait to see where the journey takes you!

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Guest Hush

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Ok, I've hesitated a long time before posting cause I've been a bit disapointed by this vid and I really don't want to hurt any feelings, especially since it takes a lot courage to expose themselves liks this, and I don't want chubbygirl6 thinks she's not welcome here or we are a bit of assholes.
I don't know how much she knows about feederism but she seems very motivated and to have a lot of potential so I'm gonna give my honest opinion about things I liked and things I didn't hoping this can be helpful at any level.
Well first, the vid is 13 minutes long and non stopping, no editing and that's a very good point cause you can really see her through the whole process of eating her meal and she already has a nice appetite, so I really apreciate this real-time thing! But the thing is...it gets kinda repetitive and a bit boring. There's almost no talking, this is practilcally silent which could be very fine if there was some action. I can see the hint of a sparkle in her very beautiful eyes, so I can tell this is very pleasurable to her but I think she's still very shy about a lot of things, I'd love to see her allowing to herself to have more fun, try things, talking about it if she feels like it (that's ok if she's not the talkative part even though she has a really beautiful voice but I just want things to happen when looking at a video).
Also, one thing that made me cringe (but that may be just the way I am, I just wanna say in case others people also don't like that) is the noise she does when swallowing the pastas. Don't get me wrong, I love eating noises like mastication etc, but the way she slurps the pasta really make me cringe especially as she does that at EVERY mouthful. I suppose that must be a kink for her, and maybe a lot of people will love that but I think it was worth to be mentionned (so if you love slurping: go for this vid! but if you're like me, this could not be the best).
Other than that I would say that she already has very cute burps and I can't wait to see her growing shameless about them! She has an angel face, and a body full of promise, I'm still pretty excited about her joining the feederism world and hope we'll have a lot of varied content during this wonderful journey!

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