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60mins Raw, almost uncut, extreme

I ordered:

1 XXL Pizza with heavy creme on top + extra cheese - around 2.500 kcal /2 =1.225 kcal

6 Mozarella Sticks - 560 kcal

6 Onion Rings with Cheese Filling - 550 kcal

6 Spring Rolls - 320 kcal, 1 Donut with chocolate filling - 461 kcal, 1 Chocolate Mousse - 523 kcal, 500-600 ml Coke Light 

=3.639 kcal


I wanted to test my limits for the first time - how much food does it take for me to puke? 
I push piece after piece down my throat, I try to squeeze the greasy pizza down into my gut.. sadly I fail on this one. After eating half of the pizza, I don’t want to give up.. for desert is always room, right? Struggling with every bite I take I can feel how my body has enough. It wants to push all the gas and food out.

But I need my kcal! So I swallow..

I swallow every bit of food coming up again down and shower it with coke. My body gagging but my sadistic feedee mind just wants to gain. 
I struggle to breathe, I get dizzy, every movement hurts and I just want to get fucked so hard that my painfully swollen belly makes me cry. 



This video doesn’t contain vomiting, as I swallowed it all down. 
Stuffing, close up, burping, heavy breathing 

Had to cut my cats out two times - but that doesn’t affect the food. You will clearly see what I ate and what I didn’t. 

Edited by Baby Yaga

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This Video is so crazy. They way how she keeps stuffing food in that massive belly, the moaning, the pain. Everything is so sexy in this Video and its so cool to see how close you were to puking at the end 🤭

Response from the author:

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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10 out of 10 Video! 🥵 You really pushed your limits and ate so many calories. I am very impressed. 😮

Your arms look so fat and your double chin is just so big. 😍 And your burps made it even hotter. 🥵 You really are a good gas factory. You ate so much and we could clearly see how full you were, especially when you laid down. Your belly just looked so bloated. 😍 And hearing you being out of breath and moaning because you were so full just turns me on so much. 💦 We could clearly see how much pain you had. I would have loved to help you push your limits even further. 🥰 It would have been nice though if you stood up at the end to show us your bloated belly, but probably you were too full to do that. 🤣

I could watch you sit there for hours, being out of breath and moaning about how full you are and how much pain you have. The fact that the food comes up at the end really proves that you were pushing your limits to the max. But you are a good girl and swallowed it back down. You've probably never been so full in your life. Thank you so much for this Video. You are just the best feedee. 🥰

Response from the author:

Oh wow ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you!

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I have no words. Baby Yaga is really exploring all the edges of the feederism universe, and she's the biggest star. 

Its so unbelievably hot seeing her test her limit to the max... I want to be there soooo bad, to maybe help with the final push, the final bites, but as it looks, Baby Yaga doesnt need any help to compleeeetely fill herself up. The almost puking proves it. Amazing.❤️

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What should I say 😍

Wow wow wow! I loved watching Baby Yaga struggling 💦. I hope this stretched her gut even more so she can stuff even more next time 😍 watching her stretchmark getting more visible and her struggling to even change positions! Thank you 💦 I loved it!

Response from the author:

Thank you ❤️

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