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Its time for cake!

Kitty has been having some mad cravings for chocolate and cake. So why not satiate both in one hit?

Come watch Kitty absolutely destroy a 24 serving chocolate monster accompanied by milk, double cream and coke - You will NOT be disappointed.



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Kitty really enjoyed filming this you can tell, the poor cake did not stand a chance against kitty’s gluttony 🐷 kitty’s starts by taking little bits of the cake before taking much larger pieces. You will not believe how much larger she looks in this had to include a couple of gifs 😍 she has plenty to drink in this vid coke and milk plus some spray cream. She burps a lot and the moans are amazing 🥵 as she starts to get full, you simply have to buy this must have vid.



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This video is a cross between Kitty's Insatiable video series and the continuing Cake Addict series with an additional menu inclusion of thick double cream, milk and coke to enjoy.

The first think that you notice is the sheer size of Kitty's ever increasing frame, her gorgeous round face with an ever protruding double chin that moves so eloquently as she eats and progresses to satisfy her cravings :wub:.... Loving Kitty's fuller arms - so strong now to lift even larger amounts and quantities of high calorie rich treats....:P

I think that I commented on a earlier measurements video of an estimate of how much new fat Kitty has put on around her belly and hip girth recently. I think that I may have seriously underestimated this as Kitty's belly girth is looking massive and super thick to boot. As Kitty gently slaps her belly fat the sexy ripples and jiggle moves across her frame which is just so, so hot... Clearly there is now no bone in Kitty's body that does not now have an ample covering of sexy generous lush fat to wrap onto...

As Kitty struggles onto her knees and leans over to take larger mouthfuls of cake you can now see her wondrous curvaceous hips and inner thigh rolls wobble sexily as her belly falls lower than ever closer to the floor (not long now :wub:).....

For the vivacious sustained dedicated consumption of an extremely large and rich cake topped with double cream and washed down with copious amounts of milk and coke to checking out Kitty's ever increasing frame size and heavy girth of her belly and hips :) To noticing an increased appetite and ability to gorge quicker than ever to satisfy her very strong cravings and desires to grow larger that surely will see her climb the 300lb scale strongly in the coming weeks / months...

Got to be one of the top 5 videos posted to date....

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Believe it or not, this was the first stuffing video I've ever properly watched - I didn't think they were for me, but I'm hooked on Kitty and so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm glad I did. You can tell she genuinely enjoys eating like this, and watching and hearing the effort required, the milk dribbling down her chin and chest is just delicious. A highlight has to be her drinking double cream, too. I'll definitely be watching more stuffing videos as a result of seeing this one.

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Kitty's burps right at the beginning set the tone for this masterpiece as she not only devours a giant cake, but horks down milk, double cream AND some coke! Her belly is rounder than ever and also extends down further than ever before! She is also as beautiful as ever! Buy this vid, you will never regret it! Keep devouring, Kitty! 😍

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