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As many of us know, Casey used to be quite the athlete. She went from tiny, fit, little competitive athlete to a gigantic fat cow that can't stop eating. Damn, she let herself go. Casey was reminiscing on the old days (after devouring a huge pizza) and decided to stuff herself into her old little workout clothes and attempt a workout (comparison attached). She does maybe 4 pushups, barely 5 sit ups, and a couple jumping jacks before her fat ass can't take it anymore. She's sweating and can barely breathe. Casey is so fucking out of shape and she realizes it. FUCK, it turns her on. She loves to think about what a pig she's become and how much harder this will be down the road as she gets fatter. She shows off her jiggly gut for you from a few different angles and chats with you about how much she loves her fat body. Casey never wants to work out again, and she has a feeling you'll be just fine with that ;) 


Gif & preview have large watermark, video does not. 

All Rights Reserved. 


Customer Challenge - FREE Video Giveaway

My favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ Promotion resets after next video is uploaded.

Congrats to the winner of the previous challenge, @Matthew Malacara and @Grandfeeder - i loved your kind words. Enjoy ❤️ 

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7 hours ago, goblin said:

I also still cant get the dl to work

Hi I appreciate your review and I can certainly understand why you would be frustrated by this as a new customer. Please know that I am committed to making my customers happy. I’ve uploaded a new version that is further optimized for streaming. You see it’ a bit tricky trying to find the right balance of quality verses file size for compression. Your feed back is helpful. I think you will find that the clip is now working well for you. Please know that I work extremely hard on my videos and reviews matter a lot on Curvage. I hope you will reconsider your rating and base your new review on the quality of the content now that we’ve addressed the technology. Thank you

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It worked this time!  I think I may need better internet.  It's a beast of a file though, half a gig is actually pretty big compared to most vid files.  Beast of a file made by a beast of a woman I guess.  Took me like 5 attempts to finally DL it.

Seeing you doing jumping jacks was totally worth the effort.

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