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I was already stuffed from the day (2nd speed gain week day):

What did I have, from breakfast till beer time: 10 toasts with 1 spoon of butter on each, 1 L strawberry yogurt, 2 cups chocolate milk, weight gain shake with 10 servings of powder, 1L grape juice, 4 cups of rice with 4 servings of beans (around 2 cans?) 3 fried eggs and 2 sausages, 2 bags of chips, 4 puddings, cookies (lost count... sorry :( ), chocolate bars 2 of them, fries with cheese and bacon, deep fried quail eggs (with corn dog dough I guess, then breaded). 

In other words, I was absolutely stuffed! My jeans cutting my belly and I could swear there was no button... I was already so full and round... then I saw the beers. My belly was telling me "please have mercy", but I was really up to push myself a little bit further. I chug 2 big bottles of beer feeling the pressure and pain for being so bloated and full! I will tell you a secret: that turns me on.



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Thatfatguineapig looks completely enormous in this video 😍 She is already stuffed, and then she starts gulping down beers to bloat her belly even more! She feels so full and reveals that she is really turned on by the feeling. She shows off her belly from many different angles. There's blubber everywhere! She lets out some huge burps in this video too. If you like to see a fat girl burping, check out 04:15, 05:23, 06:09, 08:34, 15:06, 15:36 and 16:36 🙂 Amazing video! 

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This video is all about the belly! (although I kind of wish there was some booty included too like bending over from behind or turning all the way behind for future vids would be nice). Firstly, I will say that I do like the beginning clip showing off how you end up stuffed full of beer before the clip actually starts. (Perhaps you could start making preview trailers for clips feauturing key moments in the video before they play more often. Even include it in the clip description.)

As I mentioned, this video features lots of her already heavy and huge belly being forced to get even bigger as she chugs beer after beer. She has 3, but as big as they are, they might as well be six and she is up to the task of getting each of them inside her super stuffed gut. Watch as she chugs beer that she pours into a mug as her belly expands against her pants, which are buttoned but not zipped to give an awesome belly look. It's not long before she has to undo her incredibly tight pants button, and when she does it, the button actually rips off the pants (I feel like if you held out just a bit longer, it would have popped on its own and been 10x hotter). 

With more room to drink beer now with her big belly spilling into her lap completely covering her jean front, watch  her as she fills her mug over and over until she can't anymore. All this beer causes her to produce some pretty big burps and belches as it seems everytimes she jiggles her gut, it causes her to have to burp. She also ends up sneezing a bit too if thats one of your things. By the end of the clip, her belly is huge and hard from all the beer. Some nice angles at the end of her sitting, standing and also a seated position from an above view so you can see how her beer belly sticks out in front of her.

A really nice video with something for everyone, including some fat talk sprinkled in toward the end. Hope you take my feedback in consideration for future vids and I just wanna say I appreciate your determination to gluttony and I cant wait to see how your hard work leads to a softer you 🐷🐷🐷

Response from the author:

I love it!! These critics are so welcome! And I am here to improve so stay tuned!

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