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Lauren is convinced she wants a body like Kim Kardashians

When she finds the trick to getting a better hourglass figure, she takes it! A magic potion that puts fat in all of the right places? SCORE!

Right before bed she grinds up the potion and takes the amount she believed she was supposed to take… SHE WAS COMPLETELY OFF.😱

Lauren awakes to find that her body has grown significantly in size… EVERYWHERE… and it gets worse… it won’t stop growing!

Lauren has a hot date with a sexy fit athlete and she is so nervous to see what he thinks of this new SSBBW body that keeps getting fatter!
What happens when he sees what she’s been hiding… and watch’s been brewing! Lol


Edited by LaurenLush

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I'm a sucker for the fake weight gain clips  and Lauren does a great job in this one. She stays covered up and works camera angles well enough that it really looks like she put on 100 lbs overnight. 

Another bonus is that she works in every possible reaction from shocked and apalled to cautiously into it to intentional feedee by the end. There's a little something for everyone.

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Another amazing role play, which is part of the course for the amazing Laurenlush. Incredibly sexy as always 

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Thank you for always making me smile

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Guest Concreteseconds


If you’re a fan of woke up fat videos definitely get this because this probably the best one! She literally looks like she doubled in size in the after

Response from the author:

😍 thank you!!!

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That Lauren Lush is truly the absolute best! What a show and omg the views!!! 🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🤤🤤🤤

She always grows and develops in all ways! What a dreamboat!

Forever a supporter. Grab this one! Absolutely amazing!

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Thank you for always being amazing!😍

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Guest terranceandphillip


A stellar performance by Curvage's most beautiful and talented model and actress, Lauren Lush!!  The premise is unique and imaginative, and Lauren's roleplay allows you to effortlessly enter into the story from both Lauren's perspective and from that of her upcoming date.

Lauren's bright and lively outfit choice and charming hairstyle for this clip are adorable, and she's wonderfully endearing and cute in a playful, down-to-earth, but also super-sexy way!!  And as always, her acting is inspired; her reactions to her sudden epic expansion - the disbelief, confusion, frustration, and embarrassment - are superbly performed, as is her joy, excitement, and anticipation after receiving the much needed affirmation and encouragement that her new abundantly plump body is in fact insanely hot!!

In addition to her marvelous drama skills, Lauren also does a fantastic job of using camera angles and other visual effects to bring to life and convincingly show off her explosive overnight weight gain!!  There are several moments when you can literally see her swelling right in front of you!!

Also gotta give credit to Lauren's roleplay tinder date for making the right choice here.  Whether you're talking about the thick, curvaceous Lauren with an enticingly voluptuous hourglass figure or the "enhanced edition" with rolls of delicious chub spilling out over her shorts and an enormous and delightfully doughy belly that overflows across her entire lap, you're dealing with a severe hottie!!!  Whatever her size, Lauren Lush is definitely a swipe right kind of gal!!! 😍

All in all, an exceptionally hot video!!!  Just one more quick thing - I feel like it maybe would have made more since if Kim Kardashian would have been the one taking pills so she could be as hot as Lauren Lush!!! 😉

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Thank you for taking the time to review this!😍

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“Woke Up Fat” has been done over and over, but Lauren makes that easy to forget. She plays the part and her beautiful body does the rest. Her belly is the star of the show. She’s dipping her toe in the expansion pool.. fingers crossed she falls in the deep end 🫐 

Response from the author:

This is an awesome review! Thank you and I just might ;)

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Such a hot fun sexy role play! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Rapid weight gain is one ifvthe hottest fantasies, and Lauren knows how to make magic cum to life! 😉💦💦💦 I’m not even huge into morphing, but she truly pulls it off and makes it look so realistic with AMAZING angles! 😍😍😍 It probably also helps that she already has a huge gut. 😉😂😂 And of course, plenty of sexy fat chatting throughout as she grows and grows and grows 🥵🥵🥵

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Thank you for the amazing review!😍

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Always love these “enhanced” role plays. Lauren does not disappoint!

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THANK YOU! Thank you for being so awesome and supportive!

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