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****custom vid, Buyers description****If mean girls and pretend fatshaming isnt your thing just move alongggg****


In the fantasy, I am taking her out for dinner at a restaurant. I am a feeder, and she weighs 440lbs as a result of me constantly encouraging her to eat.


When we turn up at the restaurant (her waddling along in an overtight dress ready to split at seams, already covered in food stains from her piggy lunch.) You are the head waitress, and you let us know we are banned from your restaurant because of what happened last time.


Somethings to mention:


- Other diners complained about the sight of my girlfriend making them feel sick.

- She burps so much, it makes the room stink

- She also broke a chain under her weight last time, which we still owe you for

- There isn’t enough food in the kitchen to satisfy her appetite 

- You think it’s disgusting what I’ve done, turning her from a beautiful thin woman (like you) into this big fat pig. Last time you could see my boner in my pants while she stuffed her fat face, and you don’t want to enable my gross behaviour.


As you go on, you really lay into my fat girlfriend, absolutely humiliating her for what she has turned into - and me for being so aroused by it.


Finally, as she starts to cry and waddles to leave - she gets her fat ass stuck in the door! You roll your eyes and say you’ll get the chef to fetch some butter so we can lubricate her hips and get this fat pig out of your site.


Then you give me one last disgusted look…

“I bet you’re loving this, aren’t you?”




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